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what the cast of Grange Hill did next

Grange Hill had passed its heyday in the ’90s, but limped in the’ 90s, when it moved to Phil Redmond’s native Liverpool, where the setting is now used for Hollyoaks High in his other youth soap opera. The BBC finally admitted defeat and pulled the plug in 2008.

Tucker Jenkins (played by Todd Carty) returned for the final episode, persuading his nephew Togger to stay in school for another year. “If it hadn’t been for this place, I would have been written off,” Tucker said. “You can be whatever you want to be. Every year is a new beginning. Grange Hill is for everyone.

Now, 44 years since the bell first rang in February 1978, it is returning to our screens. The original show provided early television exposure to some future stars, while others fell into obscurity – or, in some sad cases, tragedy. Here is a school reunion …


Has been: Rules-breaking rebel Suzanne Ross left school early and memorably dressed up as Boy George for the school nightclub.

Now: Tully moved across London to become one of the original EastEnders cast, playing Michelle Fowler – who married Lofty and had Dirty Den’s darling. She has since moved behind the camera, becoming a respected television director in Line Of Duty, Strike, Silent Witness, The A Word, Britannia, Too Close and Tin Star.


Has been: Zammo McGuire, whose descent into heroin addiction strained his relationship with his loyal girlfriend Jackie and inspired the famous ‘Just Say No’ drug campaign.

Now: Macdonald appeared in The Bill and Birds Of A Feather, before becoming an amateur boxing champion. He now runs a locksmith in Surrey, but in 2019, now 50, he appeared on EastEnders as a bus driver called Terry who had an argument with Queen Vic owner Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) at About tickets to the Spice Girls. Like you do.

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