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This Hyderabad house marries French-style architecture with vernacular interiors

Naina Reddy and Rajat Sanghvi, founders and principal designers of MakeSpace Architects, decided to furnish their own home in Hyderabad in a way that showcased their personal style. The couple who recently became parents moved into a three-bedroom, 3,000-square-foot apartment in a swanky spot in town and managed to decorate their home in the space of two and a half months.

Named Stonebridge Abode, the house architecturally follows the French style with beautiful arched windows bringing in lots of light and opening up to endless views of the cityscape. “We imagined the apartment as a blank canvas, which led us to decorate it with different colors through the art we collected during our travels. The space not only reflects our personality, but expresses our dynamic yet simple way of life,” says Reddy.

The spacious living room has two sitting areas with a large open space with marble flooring further enhancing this visual.

Sankeerth Jonnada

Monochromatic Wonder

The main door is painted in a dark hue, but once inside the walls are a wave of white, complemented by a mirror-polished Vietnamese marble floor and sheer curtains against the large French windows that filter in a natural light abundant. “We really don’t use artificial lighting until the evening because there is enough sunlight during the day,” Sanghvi reveals. The use of white was a conscious decision in order to enhance the sense of space and draw attention to architectural features, especially arches. “The white base helps define the contemporary clean lines and simple geometry of the space. We kept the palette neutral and splashed as many colors throughout the home in the form of artwork and wallpaper” , he adds.

Greys, browns and greens fill the entrance to the house, melting it against the white canvas.

Sankeerth Jonnada
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