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This designer creates stunning face masks that show your personality


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Since she was young, Liza Heider has known that she loves design.

From crochet at 8 years old, the The Canadian-American designer opted for fashion accessories and handcrafted women’s clothing in her East Vancouver studio.

As part of our Made in Vancouver series highlighting local businesses, we spoke with Liza Heider, owner of Liza Heider Design, about her philosophy and creations.

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Liza Heider has four main goals in her business: create fashion that sparks joy, elegance, originality and playfulness in the world, transform second-hand and fast fashion clothing into new and quality clothing, support local businesses and ship its products in recycled packaging and boxes where possible.

Rather than considering his simple clothing designs, Heider creates unique wearable works of art.

She often collaborates with Canadian artisans, designers and manufacturers, and even signed a third party agreement with the Gord Downie and Chanie Wenjack Fund due to the latest findings of children found in anonymous graves across Canada. For each Canada Love t-shirt sold, a donation of $ 5 will go to the non-profit organization Gord Downie.

Unlike most designers these days, Heider didn’t make his debut in fashion school. Instead, he came through an act of kindness.

“I decided to start creating clothes when I was called to call on a sewing group called YVMERS, an emergency response group to make PPE for healthcare workers during the pandemic of COVID, ”she told Daily Hive.

“I never thought I would sew again because I worked as a photographer for many years. Once I started sewing I decided to make masks and clothes. One thing led to the next and now I do craft fairs and have an online store.

In order to keep up with the ever-changing fashion world, Heider uses social media and magazines. She follows a lot of creators on Instagram and is even member of Business of Fashion, an organization that keeps her informed about working conditions of clothing, sustainability and waste in fashion.

What she currently prefers to produce are high quality three-layer face masks that meet both CDC and Health Canada guidelines.

“As we go into hiding again, I am happy to provide a product that is not only necessary, but fashionable and safe. I am so disappointed with the lack of understanding that non-medical paper disposable masks not only destroy the environment as these masks flood our oceans and strangle birds and wildlife, but these disposable masks do not keep people safer by compared to a reusable 3-layer cloth mask.

She told Daily Hive that a three-layer fabric mask with a non-woven filter “does the job and can be washed and reused dozens of times.”

Follow Liza Heider Design on Instagram to follow her latest work. His designs, including face masks and Canada Love T-shirt, can be purchased on its website

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