The first reveals of what we’ll be wearing in 2022 have fallen and it’s an understatement to say we’re excited. The fashion calendar has been a bit confused lately (thanks Panny-D) but it’s June that the designers share their recourse, cruise or pre-spring collections.

Not as vibrant as the traditional February and September Fashion Week shows, the resort collections are full of really useful bullion coins that will truly be worthy purchases for your wardrobe. Originally, these collections – which hit stores in November and remain on sale until the following June – were designed for the super rich to wear on their winter vacation in the sun (hence, “resort Or ‘cruise’), but now they’re a convenient way to get a fix for next season, right now. And at this point of the corona roller coaster, we are all to look forward.

12 epic summer fashion trends to swap your trusty loungewear for this season

In keeping with the vibe where normative trends are finished, there is a good sprinkle of ongoing trends in all of the collections, which means you can make sustainable choices when shopping (this is our kind of consumerism. .)

So what are the great moods that we spotted in the 2022 resort collections?

1: Body con

Did you think Hervé Léger’s iconic bandage dresses and ’90s cropped bodycon silhouette were gone for good? Like all fashion classics, they are ripe for a revival. The resort’s boldest trend continues the summer vibe for sexy dressing. Body-hugging cuts that hug your figure come in juicy colors, with cutout details or gathered details perfect for going out.
Spotted at David Koma, Balmain and Versace

2: designer denim

Another trend with the feeling of a throwback, in a good way, is the resurgence of denim that’s showing up on everything – not just jeans. Stylish dresses, suits, skirts and jackets all get the true blue treatment. What about your jeans? For the station, the flagship silhouette is the wide leg, high waist and low to the ground. They contrast happily with our loungewear and locked tracksuits.
Spotted at Alberta Ferretti, Carolina Herrera and Chloé

3: Social benefits

Adding a whimsical new detail to your outfits, without having to change your entire wardrobe, this is what the best trends are. For the resort, the fringe is that thing. Add edging to a skirt, dresses or sleeve and feel the rustle of the fabric lift your spirits – fashion should always be fun!
Spotted at Chloé, Dior and Chanel

4: Goddess dress

Sometimes trends are a slow development… changing with each season… and sometimes a full curve disrupts the status quo. You can’t go further with a tracksuit than a divine chiffon dress, complete with a Greek-inspired drape (literally, at Dior, they put on their show at the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens.)
Spotted at Dior, Alberta Ferretti and Huishan Zhang

5: Bold Shoulder

We’ve spotted oversized collars in resort collections, but the focus of the attire shifts to your shoulders. Whether it’s a sleek curve, a sweet puff, or a sci-fi costume statement, adding a bold shoulder detail to any outfit will add an update. instant day to your look.
Spotted at Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini

6: Sports day

Designers are savvy enough to know that some of us will need to take small steps to move away from our athletic addiction. So the inclusion of bombers, sweatpants, hoodies, down jackets, and drawstrings was an expected feature of the resort’s shows. But these are not your average heather gray joggers. Ever bolder colors, slogans and neon tones were splashed onto classic athletic silhouettes as well as designer sneakers to drool over.
Spotted at Dior, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini and Versace

7: suits you

In a world where WFH is the new normal, one would think that pantsuits would slowly become obsolete. But the absence made the heart more affectionate, and tailoring has been a key aspect of street style for attendees of recent IRL shows. For the seaside resort, the pantsuit is looser or shorter. The colors are more offbeat and the details more surprising. These are suits to be worn with sneakers and a t-shirt rather than with strong heels and a briefcase.
Spotted at Alberta Ferretti, Lanvin and Nina Ricci

At least we’re ready for 2022 in terms of fashion … Go for it!

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