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Best Shoe Design Colleges in USA

Shoes were invented to protect the feet only. Our distant ancestors living in cold regions wore animal skin shoes that also covered the calves. And those who live in warmer regions rolled palm leaves under their feet. Like most things, shoe design has come a long way since then. We wear dress shoes or oxfords for formal events, boots or stilettos for less formal occasions, sneakers for exercise, and pumps or sneakers for casual gatherings. So we have a shoe for every occasion.
Although shoe designers are in high demand, it is difficult to break into the industry without formal education. This is why, as an aspiring shoe designer, you should enroll in a formal shoe design program. Very few colleges or universities offer full-fledged shoe design programs. You can consider clothing design or fashion design programs that cover shoe design in depth.

The best shoe design colleges in the USA are:

  1. The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising
    FIDM’s Footwear Design program is part of the Fashion Design program. You will learn everything you need to know about the shoe industry, from shoe design and manufacturing to business strategy, during the year you invest in the program. You will learn how to integrate creativity with technical skills to create shoe collections that will become a trend in national and global markets. You can easily grasp the vast knowledge that the program instructors share with you. You also have the opportunity to learn and network with geniuses from top fashion brands such as Just Fab, Sam Edelman, Seychelles, Skechers, Sbicca, Steve Madden and TOMS. Many graduates have been hired by these companies while others have launched their own shoe collections.
  2. Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA)
    PNCA has partnered with PENSOLE Footwear Design Academy to launch its first program focused on shoemaking called Design Intensive. You can take one of three tracks in this intensive program: Color and Materials Design, Footwear Design, and Functional Clothing and Accessories Design. You will learn the complete design process from conceptualization to development as part of shoe design. Thus, you will gain in-depth knowledge of the entire shoe design process through the hands-on program. Experts from some of the best shoe brands will be part of the process to guide and mentor you on your journey to creating extraordinary shoe designs. You will be delighted to know that the founder of PENSOLE, D’Wayne Edwards, is one of these experts!
  3. Woodbury University
    Woodbury University is one of the universities on this list that does not offer a program solely dedicated to shoe design. But you will learn a lot about shoe design by pursuing its fashion design program. In this program, you will be able to explore niche segments of the apparel industry, including women’s denim, footwear, lingerie, and hats. Woodbury University has strong ties with several top brands such as BCBG, Kenneth Cole, Komarov and Max Mara. Through these associations, you can intern at some of the most prestigious fashion brands in the United States. Woodbury students designed outfits for members of the Burbank Philharmonic Orchestra. The university has established many such links with neighboring businesses, making it easier for students to find jobs. This alone makes Woodburn University an excellent choice for an aspiring shoe design professional. This further adds to the reputation of the university’s fashion design program.
  4. The Institute of Fashion Technology
    FIT offers a bachelor’s degree in prop design and related programs that last a year or two. Although these programs don’t focus on shoe design, you can learn a lot while earning a degree. As part of the program, you will be able to visit design studios and production facilities in one of the world’s leading fashion destination hubs, New York City. You can intern at top brands such as Brown Show, Kenneth Cole, and Nine West. You can also work on group projects and enter contests. Its certificate program in Performance Sports Shoes relates only to the design of shoes, although of a sports type. You will be able to learn in detail the four essential components of shoe design, namely ergonomics, materials, sketches and drafting.

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Runway of Dreams Launches Adaptive Fashion Show in Los Angeles – Footwear News

The Runway of Dreams Foundation is heading west.

The non-profit organization working for inclusion, acceptance and opportunity in the fashion industry for people with disabilities will hold its first show in Los Angeles next month. The one-of-a-kind adaptive fashion show, aptly titled “A Fashion Revolution” is presented by Kohl’s and will take place at NeueHouse Studios in Hollywood on March 8.

According to the organization, the evening will feature adaptive clothing and footwear from top brands such as main sponsor Kohl’s and other sponsors such as Target, Zappos, JCPenney, Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive, No Limbits and Stride Rite. This will be the first time these brands have showcased their responsive designs on the same runway in Los Angeles. Notably, LVMH provided support with platinum sponsorship of the fashion show event, the nonprofit organization said.

“Hollywood is all about making dreams come true, and it felt fitting that we were bringing Runway of Dreams to Los Angeles,” said Mindy Scheier, Founder and CEO of Runway of Dreams Foundation and Gamut Management. “As with all of our events, I hope this show shines a light on this underserved population, calls for critical change in the fashion industry, and reveals that inclusivity doesn’t stop at size or shape. Everyone deserves the right to look good and feel good about themselves, and consumers deserve that access.

Influencer Grace Strobel walks the runway for the Runway Of Dreams Foundation Fashion Show on September 9, 2021 in New York City.

CREDIT: Monica Schipper of Getty Images

The show will feature over 60 models with varying disabilities and differences, ethnicities and backgrounds to showcase mainstream adaptive clothing and footwear options and highlight the necessary changes needed in the fashion industry. .

Runway of Dreams was founded in 2014 by Scheier – a fashion designer and mother of a disabled child – who envisioned a world where disability-friendly clothing would be common.

Scheier launched its charity shows with Zappos Adaptive as its main sponsor in 2019. The online shoe retailer is among the industry pioneers in creating footwear for people with disabilities. Zappos’ adaptive shopping platform launched in April 2017 – three years after a customer, in a phone call with an employee, asked if she could trade in a pair of shoes for her granddaughter. son, who was autistic and needed help tying shoelaces on his own. .

Since then, the retailer has launched the Single and Different Size Shoes program – through which customers can purchase a single shoe or two shoes of different sizes and widths to create a pair – as well as Ugg Universal, a collection in partnership with the shoemaker. sheepskin that offers functional iterations of two iconic styles: the Classic Short and the Neumel.

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The MN brand unveils its first runway collection at New York Fashion Week

Designer Andre Sackman says Love Disorder is about loving your disorders and learning to live with them.

NEW YORK CITY, NY – Minnesota fashion designer Andre Sackman says his brand, Love Disorder, is about “loving your troubles and learning to live with them” and, obviously, some big names in the industry fashion designers love the message behind the brand.

First, about eight months ago, the Mall of America welcomed Love Disorder to its new Community Commons space intended to help minority-owned businesses impacted by the pandemic and civil unrest.

“It’s about mental health and awareness,” Sackman said of his label. “All the pieces I make are meant to carry on the conversation. »

Not even a year later, Sackman had more good news. This time it was an invitation to participate in New York Fashion Week.

“They contacted me,” Sackman said. “Emailed me and said, ‘We love your brand and we love everything you do.'”

At Break Free NYFW Fashion Show, the models wore eight exclusive pieces designed by Sackman. He describes the collection as avant-garde and medical. During the design and production process, he had to overcome a challenge, just like his brand message.

“I actually had some very difficult personal issues with my family, so I had a deadline to build my collection,” he said on Zoom Tuesday while waiting for a return flight from JFK to MSP. “It was literally eight days but it went very well and a lot of people enjoyed it and I’m happy with the result.”

love disorder currently offers exclusive Love Disorder Runway 2022 hoodies at its Mall of America store.

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Street Style NYFW Fall-Winter 2022

Tyler Joe

No matter how dazzling the looks to the track might be, we’re partial to what happens off the catwalk. Thanks to SHE’s resident photographer Tyler Joe, we got a glimpse of what style looks like on the streets of New York City during fashion week. From editors to influencers to celebrities, including Katie Holmes spotted outside Khaite, fashion week goers brought out the best in their closets. It features vintage pieces, independent designers, Gucci x North Face, and even a shearling coat from Prada’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection, a piece that remains a fashion collector’s holy grail. In short, NYFW street style is a masterclass in curating a wardrobe of high and low, old and new.

Check out the best of the best below and check back as Tyler continues to hit the streets throughout fashion month.

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After cries for help, Bronx Fire Building tenants get cash assistance

Every household in the Bronx skyscraper, where a smoky blaze killed 17 people last weekend, is set to get $2,250 in immediate financial relief, Mayor Eric Adams said Friday.

The money will be distributed directly to residents of the building’s 118 apartments in the form of prepaid debit cards starting Saturday, officials said. A fund overseen by the mayor’s office has so far raised more than $2 million to support tenants.

“The team is working 24/7 to distribute the remaining funds, but we wanted to provide immediate relief,” said Kate Smart, spokeswoman for Mr Adams.

Mr Adams’ announcement came a day after a group of tenants, joined by community activists and religious leaders, held a press conference to complain that financial aid had been slow to arrive and that some of them were encouraged to return to the building too soon.

Speaking at the press conference, Souleiman Konaté, a local imam, said the city’s relief efforts had been disorganized and diverted and had complicated tenants’ efforts to regroup in the wake of the fire. . He called for direct cash assistance so people can make their own decisions about how to meet their needs.

“Keep your pledge or your promise,” Konaté said. “We need you more than anything. In a few days, you will disappear. We will be here, we will not go anywhere, because there are people in our community – Muslims, Latinos, African Americans – we are in the same boat.

The financial assistance announced by Mr. Adams on Friday includes $1,000 per household of Mayor’s Fund to Move New York City Forward, $1,050 each from Bank of America and $200 from the Met Council on Jewish Poverty. The mayor’s fund will also cover the cost of domestic burials for those who died in the fire as well as the repatriation of those who will be buried overseas.

Dozens of unofficial relief efforts sprung up in the days following the fire, whose victims included eight children.

Neighborhood gardens and political parties, breweries and cafes, celebrities and activists all raised money as well as clothing, diapers, formula and other items including building tenants might need. The artists raffled off their work; public defenders provided free legal services. More than one Real Housewife of New York participated. Over $1.5 million was raised through GoFundMe alone.

Bronx native rappers Fat Joe and Peter Gunz have harnessed their star power to help relief efforts. Fat Joe, who worked with City Hall to raise funds, said in an interview that he went through his entire “Rolodex” in his search for donations. Mr. Gunz, a Bronx bodega owner, handed out hot meals.

The scale of the relief efforts has both impressed and overwhelmed organizers, many of whom hope support will continue.

“People will need help not just for the first week, but for months and even years to come,” Ariana Collado, executive director of the Bronx Democratic Party, said in an interview.

Contributions of items like food, clothing and even pet supplies flooded local organizers, so much so that some fundraising sites began to refuse donors. The Anthony Avenue Community Garden posted several messages on its Instagram page asking donors to stop depositing physical goods as there was no more space for them. The Red Cross said it would now only accept cash donations.

While organizers of the relief effort had hoped the donations were made in the best of spirits, some non-monetary donations were below average, creating even more tension.

While most of the donations “are brand new, many people took the opportunity to clean out their closets and basically donate trash,” one person posted on Instagram. “We only accept NEW ITEMS and NO clothing.”

The Gambian Youth Organization, a local nonprofit, launched a GoFundMe campaign immediately after the fire. Many residents of the building are of Gambian origin, as are many of those who have died.

After raising over $1 million, the group has stopped receiving additional donations for the time being and is instead directing donors to other efforts, many of which are aimed at helping specific families.

Mamadou Sawaneh, one of the group’s founders, said he was still working out how best to allocate the money he raised and expected to have more information for the families of the victims and other residents on Monday.

Others looking to help the residents of the building are also trying to figure out how to get help for those who need it.

Some organizations, like the Bronx Democratic Party, are working with city officials to restock service centers set up in places like Monroe College and Bronx Community College.

Some people have complained that their efforts to help have been hampered by a lack of clarity about where supplies are going.

Leah McSweeney, a fashion designer who appears on ‘The Real Housewives of New York’ TV show, posted a message on social media asking for donations and was shocked by the huge response. Now, however, she said she doesn’t know what to do with the supplies since so many organizations have started to refuse donations.

“Obviously it’s going to go to people in need, but obviously people donated with those families in mind, and we just want to get it to them directly,” Ms McSweeney said in an interview. “It’s not the easiest thing. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of infrastructure around this stuff.

Despite the confusion, Sheikh Musa Drammeh, a community organizer, said in a video posted to Facebook on Friday that the victims of the fire were grateful for the outpouring of support.

“It was a heartwarming experience. As painful as it was, New Yorkers came,” he said. ” They passed. They made a donation. They volunteered. They gave their all. They prayed. Because New York is where this thing can be toned down.

Kimiko of Freytas-Tamura contributed report.

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Designer clothes that only exist online and sold for thousands of people in a mind-boggling trend


Dolce and Gabbana, Nike and Adidas are among the brands that design clothing for the virtual world, with each piece being sold as a non-fungible token (NFT), but critics say the prices are “out of proportion.”

People spend thousands of virtual designer equipment

Fashion fans pay thousands of dollars… for clothes that only exist online.

Digital togs can be used to dress up cartoon versions of participants in virtual worlds.

A £ 9,000 golf outfit is just one of the items available online, and a matching Tam O’Shanter hat will set you back another £ 2,300.

For £ 9,000 you can also get a tracksuit covered with the Decentraland Games logo, which can be worn in Decentraland – one of the most developed virtual worlds on the internet.

Designer brands are also jumping into the mind-boggling new trend, with Dolce & Gabbana, Nike and Adidas all producing clobber for the virtual world.

Each item of clothing is sold as an NFT – or non-fungible token – which can be bought and sold in real life like a painting or other valuable item.

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This DG tracksuit will set you back £ 9,000

An industry source said, “Real-world fashion can seem crazy at times with some of the outfits going for ridiculous money, but it’s a whole new realm.

“We’re talking about people paying thousands of dollars for something that only exists as pixels on a screen. It’s incredible.”

So far, D&G has auctioned off nine digital designer pieces for a tantalizing total of £ 4.2million.

The lots included The Glass Suit – a green and silver outfit that sold for £ 740,000, as well as an actual version of the costume.

In March, the first Virtual Fashion Week will take place – in the real world. And virtual sportswear is also expected to become a big business.

The Golfcraft cap is on sale for £ 2,300

Nike bought tech company RTFKT, recently valued at £ 25million, to help them create and sell virtual trainers.

And Adidas has partnered with two companies to bring their Originals line to cyberspace.

Technical consultant Grace Rachmany said, “Selling clothing in games is here to stay, but I think the prices are out of proportion right now.

Each piece of clobber is sold as an NFT – a non-fungible token

“A lot of people have money in cryptocurrencies that they won’t withdraw because they will have to pay taxes, so to them it’s like play money.”

The renewed interest in NFT comes after Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that his company’s future lay in the “metaverse” – a virtual 3D world.

There, users can play games, shop, interact with friends, and even hold business meetings while wearing virtual reality glasses, if they wish.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says the company’s future is a 3D metaverse


Getty Images)

Decentraland, which has its own cryptocurrency, recently made headlines when ‘real estate’ land sold for £ 1.7million.

But the real criminals also benefit. Todd Kramer, of the Ross + Kramer Gallery in New York City, spent £ 1.6million on NFT cartoon monkeys from the Bored Ape Yacht Club, only to have them stolen by a hacker.

AZ on digital NFTs

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are one of the world’s biggest internet follies.

While some pundits say they are the future of the art and fashion world, others believe investors will suffer the same fate as those who exploded during the dot-com boom 20 years ago. years – to lose heavily.

An NFT is a unique unit of computer data stored in a special piece of code called a blockchain. It can be associated with a digital asset such as a video, a photo, a quote or even an outfit.

The fact that they have a unique signature means that they are finished and can be bought and sold as works of art or real world collectibles.

A blockchain allows cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to exist because it records in a digital ledger proof that a token has changed hands.

While for cryptocurrencies each token has the same value as a £ 1 coin, NFTs all have different values ​​depending on how much people are willing to spend on them – like paintings or antiques.

The first known NFT was a digital graphic called Quantum designed in 2014 by artist Kevin McCoy and his wife Jennifer. He sold the artwork to entrepreneur Anil Dash at a presentation for just £ 2.95 but is now believed to be worth over £ 5million.

Niche technology only became mainstream in 2021 with a series of high-profile sales.

Artist Mike Winkelmann, known as Beeple, sold his piece Everydays: the First 5000 Days for $ 69.3 million in a sale that rocked the art world.

Since then, major artists such as David Hockney and Jeff Koons, and singer Grimes, have sold NFTs for colossal sums of money.

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Ten purple projects ranging from dark purple to light lilac

From a playful furniture collection to a foldable dress, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best mauve projects from Dezeen’s archives reminiscent of the last Pantone color of the year.

Last week, company of colors Pantone named Very Peri as its color of the year for 2022. Made from a combination of shades of purple red and undertones of blue, the color falls somewhere in the purple spectrum. However, the coloring company describes it as a “periwinkle blue.”

Purple is historically linked to royalty and creativity and its use in architecture and design often reflects these connotations.

“Color is always associated with royalty, extravagance, wealth and power,” Michelle Ogundehin wrote in an opinion piece on Dezeen.

“It was the color of the elite. An omen of vanity, greed and pride,” she added.

Read on for a selection of projects that make the most of this versatile color:

Photo is courtesy of Stiliyana Minkovska

Ultima Thule by Stiliyana Minkovska

London based architect Stiliyana Minkovska designed three undulating childbirth chairs collectively called Ultima Thule, which provide women with extra support during childbirth.

Each of the ergonomic chairs is available in a shade of light purple and is designed to help women position themselves for a more comfortable childbirth.

Learn more about Ultima Thulé ›

Purple trapeze dress from the In Between collection by Sun Woo
The photo is by Gang Dong Woo

In between by Sun Woo

south korean fashion designer Sun Woo ChangThe In Between collection aims to provide wearers with a “portable home” that can be easily folded up.

Other items in the 13-piece collection is this two-tone floor-length gown which is purple on the front and lilac on the back. Steel wire and PVC tubing were used to create rings around the dress, much like designing a pop-up tent.

Find out more about In Between ›

The Winton Gallery by Zaha Hadid Archtects
Photo is by Nick Guttridge

Mathematics: The Winton Gallery at the Science Museum by Zaha Hadid Architects

Huge translucent loops form a canopy over this gallery space designed by Zaha Hadid Architects inside the Science Museum in London.

The math gallery was modeled after a wind tunnel for a 1920s airplane, and the studio covered it in purple light to bring objects in the museum’s science, technology, engineering and math collections to life.

Find out more about mathematics: the Winton gallery ›

Legorreta Bridge Project
Photo is by David Harrison

Cross Border Xpress (CBX) by Legorreta

Instead of building a wall along the border between Mexico and the United States, as former US President Donald Trump wanted, the Mexican firm Legorreta built a terminal and a bridge to speed up crossings.

The 14,788 square foot (1,374 square meters) walkway connects the existing Tijuana International Airport in Mexico with an airport terminal in San Diego. It’s clad in bold purple paneling that sets it apart from the city’s airport surroundings.

Learn more about CBX ›

Feet walking on Yinka Ilori level crossings for Bring London Together
Photo courtesy of Yinka Ilori

Bringing London Together by Yinka Ilori

London-based designer Yinka Ilori temporarily transformed 18 crosswalks in central London, using its circles and colorful lines.

Ilori swapped the traditional black and white stripes for shades of blue, orange, pink, green and purple.

Find out more about Bring London Together ›

Operio Latex Clothing Collection by Dead Lotus Couture
Photo courtesy of Dead Lotus Couture

Operio by Dead Lotus Couture

London fashion brand Sewing dead lotus has created a collection of 12 vintage style women’s clothing made from natural latex and faux fur.

In the collection is this shiny purple two-piece that features flared pants reminiscent of the 1970s and oversized buttons, and that wouldn’t be out of place on a character from a Wes Anderson movie.

Find out more about Operio ›

Purple architectural columns in a Chinese park
The photo is by Xia Zhi

Penda’s sound wave

Visitors to a park in Xiangyang are greeted with more than 500 bright purple steel fins that are fitted with LED lights and internal speakers playing traditional Chinese tracks.

The facility is located inside Myrtle Tree Garden, a two-square-mile park inhabited by a collection of 1,000-year-old myrtles with vibrant purple foliage.

Beijing-based architecture studio Penda aimed to make the rows of metallic purple columns look like a miniature metropolis.

Learn more about The Soundwave ›

Purple furniture by Crosby Studios
Photo is by Mikhail Loskutov, courtesy of the opening ceremony

Furniture collection by Crosby Studios

Russian design company Crosby Studios did not hide his love for the color purple. He used color for a dining table that doubles as a merry-go-round as well as throughout the founder’s apartment in New York City.

This collection of furniture and accessories, which was unveiled at the 2018 NYCxDesign festival, includes designs in a wide variation of purple hues.

Find out more about the furniture collection ›

Melbourne by Tom Blachford
Photo is by Tom Blachford

Centro Verso by Tom Blachford

The purple and blue images of Melbourne’s night skyline make up the photographer’s images Tom blachfordexperimental series of.

The photographer used extended exposure times and lens rotation to create images reminiscent of the holograms of ethereal buildings seen in Ridley Scott’s 1982 sci-fi film Blade Runner.

Find out more about Centro Verso ›

Purple Rain Room tribute to Prince at LACMA
The photo is from Photospice

Rain room by Random International

After the sudden death of beloved musician Prince in 2016, the Rain Room at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art was transformed into a tribute to the famous piece by artist Purple Rain. Visitors could play in the purple rain facility without getting wet.

After the song’s release, color became synonymous with the artist, and many works created after his death were based on hue.

Find out more about Rain Room ›

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The celebrity red carpet trends that defined 2021

Written by Megan C. Hills

After a year of awkward Zoomed-in awards speeches and tie-dye hoodies, it was a relief to see the stars return to the red carpet. Glamor is back in full force, filling our streams with color, sparkle and flashes of nostalgia.
With highlights like Billie Eilish’s frothy Met Gala ball gown and Lady Gaga’s alien microrobe Valentino, 2021 was the year celebs got to redefine their wardrobe – and many have delivered. Below are some notable trends.

Dopamine dressing

Bright colors, sparkling dresses and playful looks brought joy to celebrity wardrobes this year, as stars gleefully dressed in the midst of the ongoing pandemic. At the Emmys, Michaela Coel was stunned in a yellow highlighter Christopher John Rogers outfit, while Anya Taylor-Joy was pictured of a retro Barbie in a fascinating hot pink dress at the Venice Film Festival. Others channeled their inner disco ball: Dakota Johnson’s fringed Gucci creation stood out at the Venice Film Festival, and most recently, Olivia Rodrigo’s periwinkle dress at the American Music Awards sparkled as she stood out. slipped under her feathered hem.

Archive mode

Cardi B attends the “Thierry Mugler: Couturissime” photocall as part of Paris Fashion Week at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs on September 28, 2021 in Paris, France. Credit: Richard Bord / WireImage / Getty Images

Fashion history became this year’s biggest red carpet flex, as stylists and celebrities searched for rare archival pieces from decades past. Growing interest in upcycling and vintage undoubtedly played a major role in the trend, which included Rodrigo donning a 2001 Versace ruched dress at the MTV VMA Awards and archival queen Bella Hadid seen in vintage Gucci, Stella McCartney. for Chloe and more on the street snaps. And who could forget the olive green Jean Paul Gaultier dress worn by Kylie Jenner?

Dare to get naked

Zoë Kravitz attends the 2021 Met Gala Celebrating In America: A Lexicon Of Fashion at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on September 13, 2021 in New York City.

Zoë Kravitz attends the 2021 Met Gala Celebrating In America: A Lexicon Of Fashion at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on September 13, 2021 in New York City. Credit: Theo Wargo / Getty Images

Post-lockdown red carpets were sexier than ever as some pandemic restrictions relaxed and celebrities returned to the public eye. See-through dresses, such as Zoe Kravitz’s Saint Laurent Met Gala look and Megan Fox’s Thierry Mugler dress (paired with a nude thong) at the MTV VMAs, have been seen at many major events, while other celebrities like Zendaya, Kendall Jenner and Halle Bailey went for cuckoo cutouts.

Carey Mulligan, Rina Sawayama and Alicia Keys wore sophisticated bellyless sets throughout the year, while Lil Nas X, Kim Kardashian and Hailey Bieber were among those who covered themselves in bodycon jumpsuits that left little in the way. imagination.

Fluid men’s clothing

Troye Sivan attends the 2021 Met Gala Celebrating In America: A Lexicon Of Fashion at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on September 13, 2021 in New York City.

Troye Sivan attends the 2021 Met Gala Celebrating In America: A Lexicon Of Fashion at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on September 13, 2021 in New York City. Credit: Theo Wargo / Getty Images

With Gen Z defying gender binaries on TikTok and talk of fluidity reverberating through the fashion industry, celebrities didn’t hesitate to push the boundaries. With LGBTQ + stars in the lead – including Billy Porter in a pale pink suit and designer Harris Reed launching their first flowy fashion collection – others followed suit: Troye Sivan wore a minimal dress to the Met Gala and Kid Cudi wore a Floral dress inspired by Kurt Cobain for his Saturday Night Live performance, followed by a wedding dress at the CFDA Awards.

Some have taken more subtle approaches, most notably Bowen Yang, with his Syro wedge heels coming out of the hem of a pointy Emmy suit. Nail polish has also been widely adopted by stars such as Lil Yachty and Tyler the Creator, and Styles and Machine Gun Kelly have even launched their own nail polishes.

Fashion as an art of clothing

Bella Hadid poses as she arrives for the film screening "Tre Piani" (Three floors) at the 74th Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, southern France on July 11, 2021.

Bella Hadid poses as she arrives for the screening of the film “Tre Piani” (Three Floors) at the 74th Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, southern France, July 11, 2021. Credit: Valery Hache / AFP / Getty Images

The sight of Bella Hadid at the Cannes Film Festival this summer, wearing a Schiaparelli brass necklace designed to resemble a pair of lungs, stopped the internet in its tracks. This surreal artistic approach to fashion continued throughout the second half of the year.
Di Petsa’s wet look dresses, created by self-proclaimed interdisciplinary artist Dimetra Petsa and meticulously layered with tulle, have transformed stars such as sisters Hadid, SZA, Chloe Bailey and Megan Thee Stallion into water nymphs who seemed just emerging from the sea. Zendaya opted for a similar style, crafted in nude leather by Balmain, for the Venice premiere of “Dune.” Her look was counterbalanced by that of her co-star Timothée Chalamet, who was dressed in a glittering Haider Ackermann outfit that appeared to have been taken out of the night sky. Of course, who could forget Kim Kardashian’s dramatic look at the Met Gala – a faceless custom Balenciaga outfit that sparked questions about the celebrity’s nature while generating endless memes on Twitter.

Celebrity Returns

Gemma Chan paid tribute to Anna May Wong at the Met Gala.  Wong is considered the first Chinese-American Hollywood star.

Gemma Chan paid tribute to Anna May Wong at the Met Gala. Wong is considered the first Chinese-American Hollywood star. Credit: Getty Images

While many stars have gone all out with their post-containment wardrobes, others have stepped back to pause and pay tribute to those who led the way before them. Feedback on specific celebrity and model outfits was seen throughout the year.

At the Met Gala, for example, Gemma Chan paid homage to Chinese-American movie star Anna May Wong in a minidress adorned with Prabal Gurung dragons and curled braids, and Jaeger’s YouTuber Nikkie stepped out in a floral dress. with a ribbon that says “Pay it no spirit” pinned to its hem – a reference to Stonewall transgender activist Marsha P. Johnson. Kendall Jenner, meanwhile, channeled Audrey Hepburn with a see-through dress covered in crystals. The dress was a contemporary take on the one worn by Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle in “My Fair Lady”.
Zendaya has made a number of iconic nods, wearing a long version of Beyonce’s 2003 BET Awards Versace dress for the same event this year and a cutout yellow dress to the Oscars, modeled on one previously worn by Cher on “The Sonny & Cher Show.”
And Angelina Jolie kept returning references close to home at the London premiere of “The Eternals,” with girls Zahara and Shiloh wearing some of Jolie’s red carpet dresses as they accompanied her. Jolie wore a 2018 Valentino dress.

Year 2000

Avril Lavigne attends the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards at Barclays Center on September 12, 2021 in the Brooklyn neighborhood of New York City.

Avril Lavigne attends the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards at Barclays Center on September 12, 2021 in the Brooklyn neighborhood of New York City. Credit: Astrid Stawiarz / WireImage / Getty Images

Championed by Gen Z stars like Dua Lipa and Addison Rae, the 2000s obsession continued through 2021. All the old trends were back in full force, spotted in Beyonce’s pink Versace wedge heels and Lipa wearing different butterfly outfits à la Mariah Carey – even a Von Dutch-esque cap was featured by Rihanna and Miley Cyrus.

Surprising brands like Ed Hardy and Juicy Couture have made a celebrity comeback, and retro basics like printed mesh tops, monogram prints and corsets have become staple pieces.

Other maligned Y2K styles, including hipster jeans and baby t-shirts, have also found their way into the closets of Lipa, Hadid and Kaia Gerber. This love for the 2000s shows no signs of abating, and it’s likely we’ll continue to see celebrities championing the decade until 2022, with Versace, Fendi and others all leading the movement.

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Fashion style

Gigi and Bella Hadid’s tributes to close friend and fashion maverick Virgil Abloh

Gigi Hadid and Virgil Abloh attend the 2019 CFDA Fashion Awards in New York City. Photo by Michael Stewart / WireImage

The founder of Off-White and Creative Director of Louis Vuitton, Virgil Abloh, has made a lasting impact in the lives of many people. Gigi and Bella Hadid were among those people and became his muses on the track. Both models are said to be seen with him very often on red carpets and at social events.

Virgil recently passed away after battling cancer after being diagnosed in 2019. A heartbroken Gigi shared a heartfelt post after losing her friend.

READ MORE | Off-White founder and director of Louis Vuitton, Virgil Abloh, was a master of authentic expression

“His kindness and energetic generosity left a lasting impression on every life he touched – he made everyone feel seen and special. He will be deeply missed, cherished and celebrated by me and all people and industries. who were lucky enough to work around him and know the real supernova behind this man, ”she wrote.

Gigi added that Virgil would always be adored and magical.

“You will continue to inspire me every day, V. I feel blessed and honored every moment. Rest easy, my friend. You are so loved. You have made the difference. As we have always said,” Gigi continued.

READ MORE | Gigi Hadid marks her return to the catwalks for Versace 5 months after welcoming her daughter

Bella was also one of the celebrity models frequently seen with Virgil. She says the fashion maverick broke boundaries and made everything his own. “You shared your love endlessly. The way your brain functioned was above all else, and the way you did everything in life for your family, friends and for the better,” says Bella. .

READ MORE | Shake up the status quo: meet Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, the first black woman to style a Vogue cover

She went on to say that he was someone for everyone, which was the magical power he held.

“He made everyone he met feel special in every way he could. Even when the world was sad he brought laughter, color and beauty. The way he made an impact positive about everything he touched and always pushed for his culture / world is why he was an angel on earth and an angel among many. The most beautiful of warrior souls. I cannot not believe it, “wrote Bella.

Virgil was laid to rest in Chicago on December 7.

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French fashion

Historic Long Island mansion lists $ 12.5 million – Robb Report

Looking to get rid of New York City? Maybe now is the perfect time to pull the trigger and get away from the metropolis, as a house in one of Long Island’s most expensive neighborhoods has just been marketed for 12.5 million. of dollars.

The approximately 11,000 square foot mansion was originally built in 1928 by architect Benjamin Wistar Morris of the LaFarge & Morris company. Morris has designed many homes in the New York City area, and his resume also includes notable structures such as the Wells Fargo Building in Portland (where he was born), which was the city’s first skyscraper. This particular Long Island house was built for Fremont C. Peck, who at the time was the editor of The Brooklyn Daily Times newspaper.

The living room

Courtesy of Douglas Elliman

The residence is located in Old Brookville, a small village in the large town of Oyster Bay. It spans approximately 12.5 acres, and the exterior amenities include a three-car garage, saltwater pool and pool house, tennis court, and three-bedroom guesthouse. Essentially, you’ll have everything you need to enjoy New York summers right in your own backyard.

Long Island House

The dining room

Courtesy of Douglas Elliman

In total, the property has eight beds, eight bathrooms, and four half baths. It was built in a French chateau style – ideal for those fed up with more sleek and contemporary architectures – and has a games room, wine cellar, and gym.

Long Island House

The entrance

Courtesy of Douglas Elliman

According to Dirt, the residence is owned by Remy Trafelet and his wife, Lady Melissa Jane Percy Trafelet, fashion designer and former professional tennis player. His title comes from his father, the 12th Duke of Northumberland. She grew up in Alnwick Castle, where scenes from the Harry Potter films were filmed.

Long Island House

The kitchen

Courtesy of Douglas Elliman

Remy Trafelet reportedly paid $ 15 million for the Long Island home in 2005. The reduced price the mansion is now carrying will appeal to Manhattan residents who want a second, more secluded mansion with additional garden space for outdoor entertaining. If this sounds like you, you better take this historic offer now while it’s still on the market.

Check out more photos from the list below:

Long Island House

The game room

Courtesy of Douglas Elliman

Long Island House

The swimming pool

Courtesy of Douglas Elliman

Long Island House

The living room

Courtesy of Douglas Elliman

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French fashion

Sold (Bought): Kits Spacious Townhouse Showcases New York Brownstone Style

The interior has Brazilian cherry hardwood floors throughout, a focal point fireplace in the living room, and patio doors leading to a west facing patio

Content of the article

Weekly roundup of three recently sold properties in Metro Vancouver.


Content of the article

1729 Maple Street, Vancouver

Type: Three bedroom, two bathroom townhouse

Cut: 1,854 square feet

British Columbia Rating: $ 1,732,000

Listed for: $ 1,998,000

Sold for: $ 2,230,000

Sold on: 12 october

Market days in this listing: Seven

Listing Agent: Faith Wilson of the Faith Wilson group

Buyers Agent: Robin Bardon at Oakwyn Realty Downtown

Patio doors lead outside to a west facing patio.
Patio doors lead outside to a west facing patio. PNG

The big sale: The distinctive brick exterior of the three-story, six-unit Georgia award-winning townhouses on Maple development is reminiscent of the popular brown stone townhouses in New York City. The interior of this townhouse has Brazilian cherry wood floors throughout, a central fireplace in the living room, patio doors leading to a west facing patio, and an elegant kitchen with Shaker style cabinetry, Stainless steel appliances and an island with breakfast bar seating. The second level offers two spacious bedrooms served by a family bathroom while the top floor has a boudoir and a private master suite with a luxurious en-suite bathroom, a walk-in closet and a balcony with mountain views and the neighborhood. The house comes with two underground parking spaces, a monthly fee of $ 632.13, and pets and rentals are allowed.


Content of the article

This two bedroom condo in downtown Vancouver was listed for $ 668,000 and sold for $ 665,000.
This two bedroom condo in downtown Vancouver was listed for $ 668,000 and sold for $ 665,000. Photo by FLORIOS DEMOSTEN /PNG

215 – 1080 Pacific Street, Vancouver

Type: Two bedroom, one bathroom apartment

Cut: 788 square feet

British Columbia Rating: $ 566,000

Listed for: $ 668,000

Sold for: $ 665,000

Sold on: August 29

Market days in this listing: 19

Listing Agent: Owen Bigland at Macdonald Realty Westmar

Buyers Agent: Cory Mitton at ReMax Saber Realty Group

The big sale: This completely remodeled two bedroom condo is part of the Californian, a concrete building on the south side of Pacific Street in downtown Vancouver with the Aquatic Center and Sunset Beach just one block away. Built in 1981, the building has 84 units with free shared laundry facilities, rentals capped at 33 units, and pets allowed with restrictions. This particular unit benefits from many upgrades including laminate floors, crisp white kitchen offset by stainless steel appliances, modern bathroom, and updated closets, blinds, and paint. The outdoor space was also approached with the installation of patio floors, artificial turf and privacy panels. The house comes with a parking spot and storage locker and a monthly maintenance fee of $ 497.83.


Content of the article

407 – 30515 Cardinal Avenue, Abbotsford

Type: Apartment 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom

Cut: 627 square feet

British Columbia Rating: $ 270,000

Listed for: $ 349,999

Sold for: $ 332,750

Sold on: October 8

Market days in this listing: 25

Listing Agent: Anil Mann at ReMax Dream Home Realty and Sunny Sharma at Sutton Group – West Coast Realty (Abbotsford)

Buyers Agent: Adam Chahl at Oakwyn Realty

The big sale: This single storey home is located in the Tamarind Westside complex of Abbotsford West, a low rise 188 unit building that has four levels. Due to its position at the corner of Cardinal Avenue and Mount Lehman Road, residents enjoy the convenience of a myriad of local amenities (including the Highstreet Mall) and direct freeway access. This one bedroom unit has a westerly exposure with a balcony, 12 foot high vaulted ceilings in the master bedroom as well as double wardrobes and a four piece en-suite bathroom, open plan living room with an electric fireplace and a kitchen that has been finished with a double height counter to accommodate bar seating. A bonus factor is two parking spaces and a stratum that allows rentals and pets. The monthly maintenance fee for this home is $ 221.00.

These transactions have been compiled by Nicola Way of

Please note that sales can only be published after their completion date.

Real estate agents – send your recent sales to [email protected]

  1. This home on Lost Lake Drive in Coquitlam was listed at $ 1,288,900 and sold for $ 1,465,000.

    Sold (Purchased): Ample Living Space, Upgrades Bring Deals on Coquitlam Home

  2. This East Vancouver home was listed for $ 3,598,000 and sold for $ 3,300,000.

    Sold (bought): The house near Main Street has a contemporary look



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French fashion

Clothing retailer OVS to manage 11 Gap stores in Italy

A Gap store sign can be seen on 5th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan in New York City on June 16, 2015. REUTERS / Brendan McDermid / File Photo

MILAN, Nov. 3 (Reuters) – Italian clothing retailer OVS (OVS.MI) has agreed with Gap Inc (GPS.N) to take over and manage the US clothing group’s 11 stores in Italy, adding that it plans to expand the network to 20 in a few years.

The deal follows Gap’s strategic review last year of its European operations to reduce costs, while maintaining a presence.

In September, Gap struck a deal with UK clothing retailer Next (NXT.L), which will lead the US group’s activities in the UK and Ireland. Read more

The retailer has also reached an agreement for Hermione People & Brands to manage its stores in France. Read more

“The transfer of all 11 Gap stores in Italy to OVS will allow Gap to operate through a more capital efficient partnership model and benefit from the expertise of OVS,” said the companies. in a joint press release.

They added that the deal is expected to be concluded in February.

OVS plans to expand GAP’s network to 20 stores over the next 3-4 years, OVS CFO Nicola Perin said on a conference call.

“The decision to transfer our Gap business is an example of how we are teaming up to amplify and develop our brand in international markets,” said Mark Breitbard, President and CEO of Gap Global, in the statement.

OVS began selling Gap’s clothing in some of its stores and online in 2020.

The franchise agreement announced Wednesday is for seven years and will not require any investment from OVS, Stefano Beraldo, CEO of the Italian distributor, said on the conference call.

Reporting by Elisa Anzolin; Editing by Barbara Lewis and Alexander Smith

Our standards: Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Fashion style

Royal Style Watch: From Meghan Markle’s Casual Denim Look To Queen Letizia’s Fishnet Dress

Grace Lindsay

Our favorite royals have been busy this week before Halloween, sporting a wide range of different looks. Queen letizia brought glamor in her semi-sheer fishnet dress, while Meghan markle showcased her casual style in a relaxed shirt and pair of denim jeans.

READ: Meghan Markle looks laid back in denim jeans for her latest appearance

The Duchess of Cornwall looked as stylish as ever in a black long sleeve dress for the ‘Shameless! hosting the Festival, while Princess Anne donned his official military uniform for an investiture ceremony at Windsor Castle.

We’ve rounded up our favorite outfits of the week, so you can get inspired by the winter fashion of the royals themselves …

The Duchess of Sussex

Loading the player …

VIDEO: Meghan Markle looks radiant in new video since trip to New York

Meghan markle looked relaxed as she made her first public appearance since visiting New York City with Prince harry last month. Team up with brilliantly read her first children’s book, The bench, the Duchess wore the ‘Mika’ low hem shirt Anine Bing. She accessorized with gold jewelry, including her Cartier ‘Love’ bracelet in 18 karat gold.

Queen Letizia of Spain


Queen Letizia attended the Francisco Cerecedo Journalism Awards in Madrid on Tuesday

Queen letizia wowed royal fans when she attended the Francisco Cerecedo Journalism Awards in Madrid on Tuesday. The royal recycled a semi-sheer fringed dress from CHIEF, and finished the striking look with a Nina Ricci leather clutch and black snakeskin embossed pumps by Manolo Blahnik.


The monarch then recycled a powder pink costume for her visit to a school in Tui

She then swapped her monochrome dress for a powder pink suit, also in CHIEF, during a visit to a school in Tui. She made sure to match her shoes with her outfit, sporting the brand’s pink ‘Mayfair’ pumps.

READ: Queen Letizia wows royal fans in semi-sheer fishnet dress

MORE: Kate Middleton’s Christmas Party Outfit Revealed? And it’s a special glitter

Dame Amélie Windsor


Lady Amelia Windsor was pictured at the British Vogue and Self Portrait event in London

Prince williamS’s cousin looked stunning in an ornate black dress when she attended the British Vogue x Self-Portrait event this week. The elegant royal paired the dress with chunky black boots and a black bag with bow detailing, still as cool as she posed for the camera.

Duchess of Cornwall


Duchess Camilla donned an elegant black dress to attend a reception alongside Carrie Johnson

The Duchess of Cornwall also donned a black dress for the ‘Shameless! Reception of the festival on Wednesday, which was a collaboration between Women of the World (WOW) and Birkbeck’s SHaME project. The elegant dress featured long sleeves and it sported a red “WOW” brooch to add a pop of color to the look.

Sarah, Duchess of York

Sarah the Duchess of York looked stunning in green as she made a special Instagram announcement

Sarah ferguson looked gorgeous in green as she took to social media to announce the launch of her historic new book club in partnership with Mills and Boon. The Duchess wore a green velvet blazer with a matching headband, and we’re obsessed!

The mum-of-two unleashed royal fans as she posed in a black mini dress and trendy emerald jacket

It seems the royal is more into green right now, as earlier in the week she unleashed fans as she posed for a photo in a black minidress and a trendy emerald jacket. She finished the look with black pumps, looking so sophisticated.

Princess Anne


Princess Anne looked so chic in her military uniform on Tuesday

Princess Anne swapped her brightly colored outfits and patterned pieces on Tuesday for her official military uniform – and wow. The royal sported a chic navy skirt and a coordinating blazer with gold cuffs. She opted for a moment of color contrast, wearing her navy jacket over a white blouse.

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands

Queen Maxima rocked a statement print dress from Rixo in a new photo shared by the Royal House of the Netherlands

Queen maxima always knows how to make a fashion statement, and this week was no different. The royal wore the ‘Billy’ dress de Rixo, which featured ruffle detailing and a stunning floral print. She paired the dress with basic black leather high boots by Gianvito Rossi.

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

Crown Princess Victoria loves to experiment with bright colors

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden made a serious statement during a visit to the Swedish Public Health Agency. She rocked a bold red and blue jacket from Redo Stockholms Stadsmission with a simple black turtleneck and sleek black pants. The royal finished off the look with a blue clutch bag from Stella mccartney – superb!

The selection of HELLO! is editorial and independently chosen – we only feature articles that our editors like and approve. HELLO! may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. To find out more visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

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Fashion designer

What to know, date, appointments, host – WWD

The 2021 CFDA Fashion Awards are approaching.

The event marks a return to an in-person format after 2020 CFDA The Fashion Awards were held online through the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s Platform Piste360.

This year’s ceremony will see a competitive roster of contenders vying for some of the most coveted awards, including Gabriela Hearst, Thom Browne, Christopher John Rogers and Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen for The Row, among many others.

Honorary prizes will also be awarded this year, including the CFDA Fashion Icon Award, which will go to Zendaya for her daring and timeless style. This makes the actress the youngest recipient of the award in her history.

From the full list of nominees to the organizers of this year’s event, here’s everything you need to know about the 2021 CFDA Fashion Awards. Scroll down for more.

Where and when are the 2021 CFDA Fashion Awards held?

The ceremony will take place at The Pool + The Grill, which is located in the iconic Seagram Building on Park Avenue in New York City. The event will take place on November 10.

Who is hosting the 2021 CFDA Fashion Awards?

It was announced on Tuesday that Emily Blunt will host this year’s awards ceremony.

“Emily is one of the most talented actresses in the world,” Tom Ford, president of CFDA, said in a statement. “Its timeless style and elegance brightens up any room. I have great admiration for her and am so happy to have her as the host of this year’s CFDA awards.

Who is nominated for Women’s, Men’s, and Accessories Designer of the Year?

This year’s nominees for the American Womenswear Designer of the Year award are Catherine Holstein for Khaite, Christopher John Rogers, Gabriela Hearst, Marc Jacobs and Peter Do.

The nominees for American Menswear Designer of the Year are Emily Adams Bode for Bode, Jerry Lorenzo for Fear of God, Mike Amiri for Amiri, Telfar Clemens for Telfar and Thom Browne.

For American Accessories Designer of the Year, the contenders are Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen for The Row, Aurora James for Brother Vellies, Gabriela Hearst, Stuart Vevers for Coach and Telfar Clemens for Telfar.

Who is nominated for Emerging Designer of the Year?

The nominees for American Emerging Designer of the Year are Edvin Thompson for Theophilio, Eli Russell Linnetz for ERL, Jameel Mohammed for Khiry, Kenneth Nicholson and Maisie Schloss for Maisie Wilen.

Check out the full list of nominees and winners here.

Will there be honorary awards?

Several big names are recognized this year, including Zendaya, who will receive the Fashion Icon Award from the CFDA. Anya Taylor-Joy, best known for her role as Beth Harmon in Netflix’s “The Queen’s Gambit”, will receive Face of the Year, a new award. The Model Alliance will receive the Positive Social Influence Award.

Other special prizes to be presented that evening will be the Founder’s Award to Aurora James, the Environmental Sustainability Award to Patagonia, the Media Award to Nina Garcia, the Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award to Dapper Dan and the Board’s Tribute to administration to Yeohlee. Teng.


Emily Blunt to host CFDA Fashion Awards

2021 CFDA Fashion Awards nominees and winners unveiled

CFDA, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue give emerging designers a boost

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Fashion designer

Events are back in full force in New York, according to the fashion designer

Erica Cohen is getting married in November 2022. Planning her big day took a lot of flexibility. She was so worried about having to cancel her marriage due to the COVID-19 pandemic that she chose two possible dates.

“There were no vaccines at that time. We didn’t know what next year would be like, well this year so we booked a second date,” Cohen said, adding: “ It was really stressful. “

What would you like to know

  • Erica Cohen visited Randi Rahm Couture’s showroom to find a wedding dress
  • She is getting married in November 2022
  • Fashion designer Randi Rahm said her sales were back to 75% of what they were before the pandemic
  • A report from TripleSeat, a software that tracks room bookings, found a 98% increase in bookings at New York’s event spaces from June 2020 to June 2021

We NY1 interviewed Erica, she needed to pick out a dress. His twin sister Niki, who is also getting married next year, and their mother Meryl were there to support him.

“To be able to have two upcoming weddings is so exciting. It’s been a really sad year and a half,” said mother of the brides Meryl Cohen.

But that is changing. A report from TripleSeat, a software company that tracks room bookings, found a 98% increase in bookings at New York City event spaces from June 2020 to June 2021.

Fashion designer Randi Rahm says she saw a spike in activity once people started getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

“After the summer, I think by September and October we were back at almost 75%,” Rahm said. “It went from 0% to 75%. Some of that 75% was made up of orders we had waiting to have their wedding.”

And Rahm said seeing clients like the Cohens again is a huge boost to the mind.

“It’s so wonderful to handle such happiness. What could be happier than a marriage?” Rahm said.

Much like her dress search, Erica also takes the same vigilant approach to planning her big day.

“I just hope everything continues to improve so that everything goes as planned for next year. I’m really excited about everything,” Cohen told NY1.

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French fashion

Picasso’s works sold for nearly $ 110 million at auction in Las Vegas

Written by By Jeevan RavindranJacqui Palumbo, CNN

A selection of 11 works by Pablo Picasso has been auctioned for a collective total of over $ 110 million, after being exhibited for years in a restaurant in Las Vegas.
Part of the MGM Resorts collection, the pieces were the hallmark of the Bellagio Hotel’s Michelin-starred French and Spanish restaurant, “Picasso,” which is inspired by the artist’s life and work.

Coinciding with the artist’s 140th birthday, MGM said the auction was the “biggest and biggest” sale of art ever to be held in Las Vegas. Organized by Sotheby’s, it was the auction house’s first evening marquee sale to take place outside of New York City.

The star attraction of Saturday’s auction was “Woman with a Red-Orange Beret,” or “Woman with a Red-Orange Hat,” a 1938 portrait of Picasso’s lover and muse, Marie-Thérèse Walter.

Pablo Picasso, “Woman with a red-orange beret” credit”>Credit: Courtesy of Sotheby’s and MGM Resorts

The Spanish artist’s affair with Walter lasted from the late 1920s to the 1930s, and she gave birth to their daughter Maya in 1935. Picasso’s portraits of Walter are characterized by vivid color and a sense of privacy.

Initially estimated at between $ 20 million and $ 30 million by Sotheby’s, it was ultimately sold at auction for over $ 40 million.

Picasso, who lived from 1881 to 1973 and spent much of his adult life in France, is often referred to as the founding father of the Cubist style of painting – and “Woman with an orange-red beret” bears some similarities to his famous later portraits of his lover Dora Maar.

The auction also featured two Cubist-inspired still lifes from the early 1940s during WWII – with “Still Life with Fruit Basket and Flowers” ​​selling for $ 16.6 million, while “Still Life aux fleurs et au compotier “sold for $ 8.3 million.

Pablo Picasso, "Still life with fruit basket and flowers"

Pablo Picasso, “Still life with a basket of fruits and flowers” Credit: Courtesy of Sotheby’s and MGM Resorts

Meanwhile, “Man and Child,” or “Man and Child,” which Sotheby’s said reflected his later spontaneous style and role as a father, sold for just over $ 24 million.

However, it was the less publicized works that far exceeded their estimates, with the painted terracotta “Le Déjeuner surherbe” from 1962 – inspired by the painting of the same name by Edouard Manet from 1863 – selling for more than four times its highest price. Evaluation.

The auction also featured a white carved pitcher with three faces etched into its surface. The work, produced by Picasso in 1954, was valued between $ 60,000 and $ 80,000 but sold for $ 315,000.

Some works have also revealed intimate details of Picasso’s life and work – with a ceramic tile showing the window of his studio “La Californie”, which overlooked the sea in the city of Cannes, in southern France. .

Pablo Picasso, "Ewer - Face"

Pablo Picasso, “Ewer – Face” Credit: Courtesy of Sotheby’s and MGM Resorts

In an August press release, MGM said the auction would help “deepen diversity and inclusion” within its art collection. Part of the profits will be reinvested in the art market, according to Sotheby’s.

An MGM spokesperson said via Sotheby’s that the group’s collection contains a further 12 other works by Picasso that will replace items auctioned at the Bellagio’s “Picasso” restaurant.

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Fashion brand

Gigi Hadid seen wearing Genie Jean Shadow Black by Australian denim label Rolla’s Jeans

Your Next Wardrobe Basic: How To Get Your Hands On Gigi Hadid’s Favorite Jeans From An Australian Fashion Brand

  • Gigi Hadid was spotted wearing black jeans from an Australian fashion label
  • The 26-year-old wore the $ 139.95 Genie Jean in Shadow Black by Rolla’s Jeans
  • The stunned mother in the cuffed jeans as she strolled through New York City

Model Gigi Hadid was spotted wearing black jeans from an Australian fashion label.

The 26-year-old cut a nice figure in the $ 139.95 Genie Jean in Shadow Black from Rolla’s Jeans, a denim clothing brand known for its retro style.

The mother, who shares her one-year-old daughter Khai with boyfriend Zayn Malik, stunned in the cuffed jeans as she strolled through New York City on October 15.

Model Gigi Hadid was spotted wearing a pair of black cuffed jeans from Australian fashion label Rolla’s Jeans

The stunned mother in the cuffed jeans as she strolled through New York City on October 15

The stunned mother in the cuffed jeans as she strolled through New York City on October 15

Made with stiff denim, the jeans – which are available in sizes 5-14 on the website – sit high on the waist, hugging the back perfectly to create a “really peachy butt.”

Offering a flattering shape, the versatile jeans can be dressed up or down with different accessories, equally stylish paired with white sneakers for a casual outfit and strappy heels for a glamorous night out.

The balloon-leg pants quickly garnered praise from fans on social media, with many insisting that they are “the most comfortable jeans ever.”

Made with stiff denim, the jeans - which are available in sizes 5 to 14 - are worn high on the waist

It perfectly hugs the butt to create a

Made with stiff denim, the jeans – which are available in sizes 5-14 – sit high on the waist, carefully hugging the behind to create a “really peachy butt.”

Many buyers said they were eager to emulate Gigi's all-black look after styling the jeans with a leather blazer and a fitted crop top showing off her belly

Many buyers said they were eager to emulate Gigi’s all-black look after styling the jeans with a leather blazer and a fitted crop top showing off her belly

Other buyers said they were eager to emulate Gigi’s all-black look after styling the jeans with a leather blazer and a fitted crop top. his stomach.

“I need this outfit,” wrote one.

Adored by celebrities and models around the world, Australian denim label Rolla’s takes inspiration from the 1970s and vintage aesthetics.

Sarah Gilsenan and Andy Paltos’ brand offers a range of stylish and modern clothing for men and women, including jeans, denim shorts, pants, dresses, skirts, tops, knitwear, jackets and sweaters. .


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Fashion designer

Givner and Siciliano vie for seat of Quarter 4 of Holyoke City Council

HOLYOKE – On November 2, city residents will vote for seven city council seats, five of which are contested races. The parish seats are in addition to the six individual council seats.

Ward 4 covers parts of the Churchill and Downtown neighborhoods, as well as smaller chunks of the Oakdale and Highlands neighborhoods. Two candidates are vying for the position and are presented in the order in which they appear on the ballot, which was determined at random.

Kocayne Givner

A homeowner who has lived intermittently in the city since the 90s, Kocayne Givner is a fashion designer who worked in New York City, Houston and Philadelphia before returning to Holyoke in 2015. She has said that she is was running for office to do what she has. has been doing in his neighborhood for a long time: advocating for improvements.

“I’ve always been a squeaky wheel in my neighborhood,” she said. “I noticed when I came back last time that there were the same issues here as the time I left before.”

Givner said that garbage collection, keeping parks clean, improving sidewalks and dealing with speeding tickets are all areas of focus in his neighborhood. She said there had been improvements under the tenure of current Ward Councilor Libby Hernandez, who supported Givner, and previous Councilor Jossie Valentin. Givner hopes to continue this work.

“I think the most important things in the neighborhood… are public safety things,” she said. “I really think it would be great to do traffic studies. “

If elected, Givner said she would also work to support the city’s public schools where possible, and that she wants to work with the city’s new mayor to get things done.

Givner also spoke about the importance of local government being accessible to all residents, which she said is currently not the case, and the importance of increasing voter turnout in the city. She said Ward 7 tends to dominate city politics and that she hopes to increase interest in municipal government among her constituents by being there for them.

“Help people understand that they can be heard if they show their voting strength and realize that there are people who want to work for them,” she said. “But they have to vote them.”

Givner said she was the most accessible candidate in the race. And she is committed to bringing change to city council.

“I haven’t seen anything like it,” she said. “There are a lot of people running so there’s a lot of chance for a change. “

Michael Thomas Siciliano

A Holyoker for the past two decades, Michael Thomas Siciliano has described the city as the most family-friendly community he has ever known. He got involved in schools and youth sports when his children were young and volunteered for organizations like the Holyoke Safe Neighborhood Initiative.

“Holyoke is a city with significant problems,” he said. “But when you spend so much time here and it becomes your home, you just see past these big issues and come to appreciate all the great things about it.”

Siciliano said his priorities include protecting homeowners from higher taxes, defending public schools and ending state receivership, and holding public officials accountable. He also said he would work to put an end to “mismanagement” in municipal agencies such as the Ministry of Public Works, which he said has “gone through difficult times” due to mismanagement. from the city.

“Holyoke has a tremendous amount of resources and has had them for a long time,” he said. “They were misappropriated, not wisely spent.”

Improving pedestrian safety is another important goal for Siciliano, who said the speed of cars and motorcycles made families and children unsafe when walking around town. He said this was in part due to “law enforcement issues” and that he would endeavor to hold the Holyoke Police Department accountable for that enforcement.

Siciliano spoke at length about his work helping the development of the Chestnut Community Alliance, a neighborhood association. He said he learned a lot from volunteering with the South Holyoke Neighborhood Association, as well as participating in the resident leadership program run by the Wayfinders organization.

“I am a very big supporter of neighborhood associations,” he said.

Siciliano said what separates him from his opponent is his background in community development.

“This speaks for itself,” he said. “It’s in depth, it’s diverse. He comes out of a love story (for Holyoke). I just love him, I love him so much.

Dusty Christensen can be contacted at [email protected]

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French fashion

Bridal Fashion Week: Andrew Kwon Bridal Collection

Korean-American designer Andrew Kwon had always imagined dressing women for the red carpet. The pandemic prompted him to change direction and focus on bridal fashion.

“I knew I would have a bride someday,” said Mr. Kwon, 25, who grew up in Colorado Springs and came to New York City in 2014. “I also knew I couldn’t stay home in waiting for Covid to go away. The brides were going to get married again. Weddings could be smaller or they would be postponed, but they needed their moment on the red carpet, which is walking down the aisle.

Mr. Kwon spent months reflecting on life and his career, and then he got creative. As of December 2020, he had six dresses and two veils. Her first bridal collection, Reminiscence, debuted at the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s Runway360, a digital platform for designers to publish their collections through videos and lookbooks anchored around Fashion Week and Fashion Week. married in New York.

This fall, he returns with his second collection, Dreamer. “I am a dreamer and everyone deserves the chance to believe in themselves,” he said.

In preparation for his release, Mr. Kwon conducted an outdoor photo and video shoot showcasing his 11-piece collection at Untermyer Gardens in Yonkers, NY, which will again be featured on Runway360 on October 6. Private appointments in his studio in the clothing district. will follow.

What motivated your passion for bridal design?

In 2016, my mother remarried my stepfather. I remember the emotions I felt during the day and the emotions my mother felt when walking down the aisle. The trials she went through, the new chapter she was entering, the light at the end of the tunnel for her – it was an incredibly inspiring experience for me. I wanted to create that strength and resilience for other women.

What makes your wedding creations different from others?

I create a visual story. There is a story in the dress and the story the bride tells. When these two stories come together, that’s when the magic happens. My designs are modern, sleek and chic with a twist – interesting cuts, dramatic drapes in the back, and layering of different silk fabrics, such as crepe de chine, chiffon and tulle. I’m interested in movement, how the dress follows the bride and how she moves with her as she walks. The exciting moment is when nature organically moves the dress and you see it blowing and scooping up on the fabrics, especially if the room has floral embroidery or metallic lace. You can see and experience the opulence of highlights and colors.

Where does your inspiration come from?

I always start with a memory, an emotion, something that I saw of a performance that marked me, like Sophia Lucia, who is this incredible dancer from San Diego; or music like Abel Korzeniowski, Andrea Bocelli and Katherine Jenkins. These set a certain tone. It encourages reflection, inspiration and gives me strength when drawing or designing.

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What’s your process?

Once I’m inspired, I start drawing, which I do at my dining room table in my apartment, which is near Bryant Park. An image appears in my head when I am in this place that I am able to descend. I love to create moments, proportions and placement of embroidery in the dress. Next, I explore the fabric choices. The development takes place in my studio. I have a team of six people, including a seamstress, a cutter, a pattern maker and a workshop manager. We discuss the sketch and its meaning. The patterns are created digitally; draping occurs on the mannequins. It may take two to four months for a full collection to run.

You did your first series of trunk shows this year; how have they helped your career?

Hair salons are wonderful because you interact with the brides and the shopper in the store. My first was for 10 days in Bergdorf, Manhattan, right after Bridal Fashion Week in April, then Neiman Marcus, in Dallas, for five days. It allowed people to see my work for the first time. It gave me strength and confidence, and an impetus to continue. I had heard a lot of nays from retailers and other stores, who during Covid weren’t saying yes to new designers like me. Both department stores asked me to be part of their bridal salon, which prompted other bridal shops to be interested in me. It was also a great education to see what brides gravitate towards and what they don’t like.

What was the motivation behind Dreamer?

Mythology occupies a large place in my work. I wanted to create modern day goddesses and sartorial art. Each of the 11 dresses is named after a goddess. The collection features various weights of silk, metallic brocades, and white and metallic lace, some of which feature beautiful, intricate artwork. Eight dresses are white; three are colored. These were inspired by a trip I took in July to Provence, France. It was my first time there. The soft blue reminded me of the sky. A soft but bold green was reminiscent of the hills. A pastel yellow tulle ball gown reminded me of the sun shining on them.

Why did you decide to shoot your collection at Untermyer Gardens in Yonkers?

It is the most beautiful place. It’s as mythological as the collection. And both have a touch of modernism. The place is transcendent and peaceful and open to the public. It was founded in the early 1900s by Samuel J. Untermyer, and it has a fascinating history. There is music when you enter, there are extraordinary flowers and plants, trees, stones, sculptures, columns and waterfalls. I wanted to capture nature and how it plays a role in the movement of dresses and be able to capture sunlight on fabrics.

As an Asian-American, have you felt embraced by the industry?

I have always felt supported by the fashion industry. But being an Asian American during Covid and watching all the Asian hatred happen was very difficult and sad to see. The world needed beauty. This is partly why I made my collection. I couldn’t stop the Asian hate, but I could put something beautiful in the world and let people feel there was hope, and let the Asian community know that they could still achieve their goals. and find inspiration from others, like me, who were contributing, and follow their dreams during this time.

What is your favorite moment?

When a bride puts on the dress for the first time and sees herself in the mirror and puts her hand over her mouth and a sound escapes, and then nothing. There is just this silence, which you can feel. Their eyes widen and their expression changes and then freezes. When they are silent, all these thoughts go through their heads. It is a very strong moment, of which I am a part and which I witness at the same time.

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Fashion style

Harry Styles steps out in fashion’s favorite hoodie

Harry Styles may be known for his theatrical stage outfits – his current tour has already delivered many striking looks, including a sequined Gucci vest – but the singer’s casual outfits are often just as intriguing. Case in point: In New York City this week, Styles was spotted having dinner with friends in one of fashion’s favorite – and hard to get – hoodies. (Like the aforementioned Gucci vest, it was hot pink. Of course.)

Photo: Bottom grid

The Styles hoodie is made by Pangaia, a coveted loungewear brand that creates all of its hoodies, sweatpants, t-shirts and more using recycled or organic materials. The brand continually sells its drops, but it looks like Styles was lucky enough to have scored a piece. He styled the neon knit with shorts – maybe with a 5 inch crotch, a TikTok favorite! – white Nike Cortez sneakers and a bright yellow tote bag for a touch of color blocking.

But there is one element of Styles’ look that you definitely can’t mark off. He completed his outfit with a dad cap that read, “Katie and Conor are my friends.” According to a fan account, this is from a wedding (of Katie and Conor) that he attended. A trendy hoodie and a sentimental hat? Of course, beats our day off look.

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Fashion brand

21 Latinx-owned beauty and fashion brands to have on your radar

Latinx Heritage Month kicked off on September 15. While it is important to always support the brands owned by Latinx, it is especially crucial to stand up for them during a month that celebrates their many accomplishments, influences and cultural contributions. Latinx-owned beauty and fashion brands in particular – and there are a lot good ones around the world – could especially use support during this time, as they are often not equally represented and can sometimes be overlooked in the beauty and fashion industries, respectively.

That said, a number of Latinx entrepreneurs and celebrities have launched their own beauty lines (or collaborated with existing brands for capsule collections) and have helped put Latinx beauty on the map. On the fashion front, designers like Farm Rio, Johanna Ortiz and Maria Cornejo are shaking up the industry with their new perspectives and approaches to clothing design.

Still, there is an exciting plethora of promising new beauty and fashion brands that should be on your radar, if not already. From a skincare line that helps improve biodiversity in Costa Rica, to a CBD-infused brand that aims to cure sore feet, to a Brooklyn-based apothecary that sells the most dreamlike gifts, discover 21 beauty companies. and Latinx-owned fashion to explore, support, and keep tabs on, even beyond Latinx Heritage Month.


Marine + Vine

Founded by Evelyn Ginossi, a former lawyer and first-generation Chilean American from California, Marine + Vine is a natural herbal body care line created in Los Angeles. The brand’s flagship product, Tahitian oil, includes a blend of Tahitian monoi (a scented elixir made from coconut oil and Tahitian gardenia petals), passion fruit oil and macadamia oil.

Unfortunately, this skin-soothing body oil is out of stock (yes, it’s that good), but the latest launch of the brand – a luxury hand cream made from rose oil, monoi, of seaweed extract and tons of vitamins – will definitely hold you back.


Beauty of spices

Inspired by the all-too-well-known pain that comes with a night out in heels (ugh), Mexican entrepreneur Brenda Sandoval Zorkin launched the CBD-centric skincare brand Spice Beauty. Its inaugural product? The Heel Stick, a clever solution for sore feet. Infused with 500 milligrams of CBD derived from Colorado-grown hemp, along with coconut and peppermint oil to calm inflamed skin, the formula gives you quick relief in the blink of an eye without staining your shoes. .

Spice Beauty’s second product, a bath and body oil, contains the same amount of CBD, as well as avocado, grapeseed and sweet almond oil for a luxurious (and super calming).


Lacquer Lights

You might recognize Kathleen Fuentes aka KathleenLights on her popular YouTube channel, where the Miami-born Cuban beauty vlogger and influencer regularly posts unboxes, reviews, and essays. In 2019, she launched her own line of nail polish called Lights Lacquer – and it’s definitely one to keep on your radar. In addition to cute nail stickers, she often launches fun seasonal collections. The latest, titled “Who Did It ?!


Natural Care Thrive

Thrive Natural Care offers essential herbal skin care products like shaving oil, face wash, face scrub and its flagship product, Daily Defense Sunscreen Balm SPF 30. Thrive infuses its products with traditional plants rich in antioxidants from regenerative farms in Costa Rica. , such as juanilama (a mint-scented vegetable oil that has antibacterial properties) and fierrillo (a rainforest vine with healing properties).

Sustainability is key to this brand, as these farms use native plants to improve biodiversity on degraded land while supporting local farmers.


Beauty Treslúce

Treslúce Beauty has just been launched this year, and the colorful make-up line is already causing a sensation in the beauty space. Created by Mexican-American singer and actress Becky G, Treslúce offers makeup brushes, eyeliner, false eyelashes (as well as eyelash applicator tools and glue) and highly pigmented eyeshadow palettes with names such as “I Am Siempre Divina Palette” and “I Am Palette d’Alma.”


Dezi skin

Another Latinx newcomer to watch out for is Dezi Skin. Founded by Mexican-American influencer, makeup artist and YouTube star Desi Perkins, the skincare brand launched in April with its vitamin C glow serum Claro Que C, and released a hydrating mist last month. for the face with a nourishing blend of vitamin C, AHA, and hyaluronic acid.

Being a Latina in the beauty space is clearly important to Perkins; as she told Bustle in 2018, “When you find someone you can admire who has the same characteristics as you, and they make you proud to have [those features], that’s all. This is my favorite part of being a Latina in the beauty community: being able to [inspire] young Latinas to be proud of themselves. This makes [my hard work] worth it. “


Rëzo hair care

Nubia Rëzo is a curly hair expert with over four decades in the business. Not only does she have a salon on the Upper East Side of New York City (ask for her signature “Rezo Cut” if you have curly locks) and her own training academy for aspiring hairdressers, she recently launched her own line of hair. vegan hair care.

Targeting curly hair (natch), Rëzo Haircare contains nourishing and anti-hair loss black tea in its shampoo, conditioner, hair serum and popular Curl Define hair gel. It keeps the spirals hydrated, soft and frizz-free.



In October 2020, Swedish Latina Babba C. Rivera took her experience as a marketing expert for companies like Uber, Away and her own agency, By.Babba, and launched Ceremonia, a line of hair care products. with ingredients from Latin America. . The brand is proud to merge modern hair rituals with Latinx culture to promote “hair wellness”.

Its products – which include a milky weightless serum with castor oil, whisper butter and a Brazilian super fruit called pequi; a witch hazel and yucca shampoo; and Bustle’s Approved Guava Rescue Spray – already have a cult following.



Camila Coelho’s Brazilian heritage permeates Elaluz, the beauty line recently launched by the influencer and model that spans a trio of categories: hair, skin care and makeup. The brand’s name translates to “it’s light” in Portuguese, so naturally there are a lot of products that aim to give you a glow, like the new bronzer stick (great for a glow on the go), the face palette that includes an iridescent blush, a highlighter and a bronzer, as well as an innovative night tanning cream.

The healthy Brazilian superfoods and plant extracts – think starfruit, papaya and guarana – can be found across Elaluz’s diverse yet forward-thinking range.


Kura skin

If you’re struggling to navigate the sometimes intimidating and overwhelming world of skin care, consider checking out Kura Skin. The data-driven platform and subscription service founded by Latinx entrepreneur Katrina Moreno Lewis matches you to your ideal routine based on factors like your skin, environment, skin goals, and (maybe most importantly) your budget.

After taking a survey, Kura uses an algorithm to analyze product combinations specially designed for you, and then a box arrives at your doorstep. The best part? Your personalized routine can change as often as you need to based on your own feedback and, say, the seasons. PSA: Kura offers beloved brands like Osea, Pai, and Alder New York.



If you live in New York, it’s worth checking out Marianella, a new apothecary with two branches in Brooklyn. (Not in the Big Apple? Don’t worry, there’s an ecommerce site, but you’ll miss the neon lights and Instagram-worthy bathroom.)

Owned by a Venezuelan mother-son duo, the market offers a wide range of bath, home and skin care products from Marianella’s own in-house line and trendy brands like The Butcher’s Daughter and R + Co. Think artistic candles with humorous silhouettes, charcoal “body caviar” and Hawaiian black lava, and fruit-themed tea towels. Essentially, it’s a gift giver’s paradise.


Flor de Maria

Flor de María Rivera loves shoes even before she is old enough to set foot in a kindergarten class. After working as a sports journalist for 12 years, she started a bilingual style blog to share her love of fashion. And in 2019, she launched her eponymous shoe brand Flor de María, which includes just about any style you can imagine: sandals, pumps, mules and boots. Good luck in selecting just one pair.


Maygel Coronel

These swimsuits from the Colombian brand Maygel Coronel are true trendsetters. Between the dreamy color palettes, dramatic textures and timeless patterns and prints, even if you haven’t been planning a tropical vacation anytime soon, you’ll be ready to hit the beach once you get one of these beauties in your possession.


Rio Farm

Nobody makes ultra bright, ultra vibrant prints like Farm Rio. Founded by Katia Barros and Marcello Bastos in Brazil almost 25 years ago, the brand is the embodiment of good vibes and sunny optimism. From whimsical floral dresses to playful jumpsuits, Farm Rio has something for everyone.


El Cholo’s child

Shiny pearl tote bags will instantly enhance just about any ensemble, incorporating color and texture with just one simple item. We love these eye-catching color combinations and the fact that these pieces are made with recycled plastics. Durable and stylish? This is the winning pair there.



The viral “Latina Power” t-shirt is a staple in any Latina’s closet. The pink and red palette is both playful and chic. This will be the perfect t-shirt to keep it both cute and casual while doing everyday errands.


Blush and happiness

Because you can never have too many gold rings, why not buy a few more from the Blush and Bliss online store, owned by Latina? They just add a touch of glamor to any look, and you can stack them up depending on what kind of vibe you’re looking for.


Hija de tu Madre

There is no doubt that gold hoops are a standard in jewelry. They make most sets ten times more dressy and help put together even the most casual looks. These gold hoops are so versatile; they are perfect for formal events, but also perfect for a classic outfit in jeans and white t-shirts.


Lights label

When you want everyday staples that you can practically live in, this is where you should start your search. With super comfy shorts, worn tees and practical tote bags that can carry everything from your weekly run to the market, this Miami-based brand has you covered for any occasion.

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Fashion designer

The Malagon group goes global and extends beyond Latinx fashion brands

Camila Malagon lost both parents at the age of twenty-one. While coping with her tragic loss, she launched her fashion consulting agency representing small Latinx fashion designers and helped them enter the US retail market. Camila has a laser sense for spotting new and hot brands; she quickly built a successful business in the United States and is now making a bold decision in the global marketplace.

Chan: When did you create Malagon Group?

Malagon: The Malagon Group was created in 2017. I returned to Colombia after my parents passed away, intending to reconnect with my roots after growing up in the United States all my life. It was supposed to be a quick trip with plans to return to New York City, but the local designers suddenly started contacting me and asking me to help them get into American retailers. Suddenly – and unwittingly – I found myself as a consultant in Colombia. Through years of working in wholesale, public relations and my retail experience in New York City, I was fluent in the language of the industry and had relationships with many key players. It has been four years since I first moved to Colombia. I have cultivated great relationships with retail partners like Net-A-Porter, Intermix, Saks and Bloomingdales, on a professional level but more importantly, on a personal level. It was at these retailers that I presented most of the brands that I have now.

Chan: What is the Malagon Group today?

Malagon: Today, Malagon Group is a fashion consulting agency representing various emerging fashion brands around the world. We now have an incredible turnaround time for new clients as we are seeing results in the first half of the year. We focused on a six to eight month period of perfecting the brand and the collections before they were ready to market. When we start with a client or a new campaign, I work hand in hand with the brand, I revise the fabrics, I revise the designs with the business strategy in mind, and then my team follows up on the execution. I trust every member of our team to divide and conquer. Whether it’s in the design or even in the analysis of technology and data, everyone is together to meet the schedule we have set for ourselves.

Chan: What was your first big break?

Malagon: My first “big” break was to integrate three brands (Waimari, Juan De Dios & Verdelimon) into Intermix in one season, during my first year of activity.

Chan: Do you have extension projects?

Malagon: Yes! We are currently focused on expansion targeting Europe and West Coast markets. In October, we meet with UK’s biggest retailers such as Net-A-Porter, Matches, Selfridges, Liberty London, Browns, Harrods and many more to expand overseas distribution. And at the end of November, we are opening offices in Los Angeles to support more brands beyond Latin America from 2022. We want to have a smart approach to the fashion-tech side of the industry, by focusing on data-driven markets and trends that will ultimately enable more growth at all levels. I am constantly thinking about how to maximize creative initiatives in the fashion world. I work closely with Net Sustain, Net-A-Porter’s organized platform, to ensure that each of my brands gives back in one way or another, socially or environmentally. For example, one brand guaranteed that every swimsuit sold would result in a planted tree, or MUV’s label initiative, where the labels themselves are made from carrot seeds, so if you drop them don’t no matter where – even in New York – they will sprout. The brands I started with are very resort and swimming focused, but in a way that reflects Colombia’s strength in this category. Last February, I signed on to my first athleisure brand called MUV Active, which I’m personally very excited about. In our first season together, we asked Bandier to take over the brand with Dallas, Los Angeles and online. We will launch in mid-October. We also have Agnes glasses, which have caught the attention of major publishers and buyers around the world in a very short period of time. I hope to expand the bi-coastal offices, maintaining our Latin American brands while simultaneously developing brands from France, Dubai, the Middle East and Asian countries.

Chan: Who are your favorite Latinx fashion designers?

Malagon: In my world, that’s a bit of a trick question – but Carolina Herrera has always been a favorite. My mom always wore Carolina, which was my first introduction to the iconic brand. Also – I love a shirt dress, and it does the best.

Chan: What is your philosophy for spotting new designers who will be successful? Malagon: My philosophy is to trust my instincts. I know when I see something special about the brand, even if the product isn’t something I would wear myself. I think I have a particular strength in having a very clear vision of the capabilities of each designer, and when I take on new brands within a pre-existing client category, they are unique. I don’t want to expand too much, and I hate making excessive promises, so I’m very picky about how much we take and how fast. Originally, I wanted to oversee every step of every project I’m involved in, which is, in fact, not possible for a human. In all aspects of my life, including business, I have – for better or for worse – the spirit of a perfectionist, and I love to be thoughtful. Another business philosophy is to prioritize customer and buyer relationships in a detail-oriented, organized and intimate way that makes customers feel heard and prioritized. Whether it’s meeting buyers one-on-one or with my clients at their homes, I’m not your typical CEO and you won’t see me at trade shows. I am incredibly proud of our team, our company and the progress we have made with the majority of the brands we currently represent at Malagon Group and it has been mind-blowing. I think my relationship with buyers is something that is my most valuable asset.

Chan: How fast can a brand grow?

Malagon: The best example I can give you is that I signed with a swimwear brand called Baobab in August 2020. They were selling to Victoria’s Secret, an account the brand got by attending a trade show, but not at other large retailers. In the past 12 months, the brand has already launched in stores like Intermix, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Revolve and most recently Shopbop resulting in 260% growth and we are expanding the international distribution of the Mark. It’s that kind of growth that nourishes me and keeps me going. We have settled our turnaround time. I don’t mean to sound naive, but it’s so gratifying to see the results of our hard work. The hardest part is that I’m about to venture into uncharted territory that I don’t know as well, especially Europe. Not to mention the fact that I am now completely moving my headquarters to the West Coast. My biggest challenge right now is making sure my brands don’t feel the consequences of my move and keep growing. I want to look to the future as I start to focus on new territories. But I have to stay innovative and maintain our current success. Overall, that means my role is to change gears. It will be a challenge, but I’m excited for myself – and terrified, but I’m so happy for Malagon Group.

Chan: What motivates you personally?

Malagon: I always juggle responsibilities and priorities, but I also remember being grateful and celebrating every win and the team. I am also a very intuitive person and I have to remember to keep driving this boat and to keep us going.

Chan: How did your parents influence you?

Malagon: I inherited my dad’s work ethic, not to mention he taught me the importance of keeping my word. My mother was a strong woman who was also a role model – as far back as I can remember; I was surrounded by friends of hers – designers, models, photographers – who had a huge influence on my tastes. She was bold, elegant and not afraid to be herself. She gave me the confidence to stay true to my beliefs and not be afraid to use my voice or own my opinions. The fact that I work in fashion, especially in business, is certainly no accident. But the strength of my voice and my belief that I can do it? I owe them that.

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Fashion designer

The year of tribute is dedicated to the transmission and creation of isothermal bags

Courtesy of the brand

Antoine Manning is the 22-year-old fashion designer who founded Tribute Year, an emerging brand that was established in 2014. Manning, originally from the Bronx, NY, now resides in Atlanta, GA, where several young black entrepreneurs are making their mark. Being raised by two Jamaican immigrants made Antoine the first generation American in his family. After his father passed away, Manning realized that life was too short to live someone else’s dream, so he pursued his own and dove into fashion design.

The emerging designer’s passion for design stems from his love for fashion. “I’ve always loved fashion, but I couldn’t always afford it,” says Manning. The possibility of being told that something is inaccessible prompts him to refute this account, which has led him to design his own outfits. “I like being the underdog,” he added.

Homage Year is currently an accessories brand known for its egg-shaped handbags which come in a range of colors. While Manning manages to sell himself quickly every time he restarts the website, his followers flood the brand’s Instagram comments anticipating the next drop. The young designer is about to create the next “it bag” for fashion lovers and creatives. I remember walking the streets of New York City and seeing the bag twice in one day – the distinct design and bright colors are hard to ignore.

Now that Manning runs a business in demand, he has been fortunate to work with a team of equally talented individuals. “I was solo until this year, and now I work with a small team of consultants who help me cultivate the best brand experience,” he shares.

Along with the brand’s beloved bag design, supporters also relate to it on an emotional level. “The Year of Honor was created to honor my people,” Manning said. Behind each bag, which is frequently presented in a new colourway, is a message promoting a chosen virtue. For example, the two-tone green bag represents tranquility and the brown bag represents solidarity. Manning intentionally uses the brand to spark conversation and as a tool to advance his followers. “We are what we want to see in the world,” he says. “And I hope that the people who receive the love and the care will do the same in the future.”

Being the CEO of a rapidly growing company at the age of 22 can be intimidating, but Manning handles it well as he has noted that his work style aligns with trusting his intuition. His ideas go far beyond the simple sale of clothes, he is very attached to the community. and pay it in advance. Over the next few months, Manning will launch a Year of Honor initiative that will fund at least five entrepreneurs who have great ideas and need financial support. He hopes they will continue the movement and give it to the next entrepreneur in need.

Coming up, Manning connects with ESSENCE for a conversation about her journey so far and what to expect from the Year of Tributes in the near future.

ESSENCE: How does it feel to have a team now and see your business grow?

Manning: It feels really good. I almost feel validated if you know what I mean. There are people who take it seriously enough to invest their time in the brand. Like Antoine [Gregory], and Black Fashion Fair.

ESSENCE: It’s a “reap what you sow” moment, because you have invested your personal time and your vision in the brand. And now other people can see the value of vision as well.

Manning: Yeah, exactly.

ESSENCE: As a brand engaging in a deeper conversation through fashion, what is one of the main messages that you are promoting through Homage right now?

Manning: One of the main messages right now is selflessness. Especially considering the time we are in and everyone is super sensitive. My goal for those who are part of the brand and the community we build is to be more open and understanding towards everyone. Like “yes I count, but someone else matters too”.

ESSENCE: Where do you see your brand in five years?

Manning: Growing in RTW fashion. I would love to grow what we have with the bag with RTW. And also continue to support our community with creative funding and humanity issues like homelessness. And all in all just being a change in the world, not just a brand and clothes, but let’s create things that matter that will last beyond my life.

ESSENCE: Where do you tend to get inspiration from for campaign photos?

Manning: We try to fully understand the meaning of the product. I am very intuitive with my work process and I just trust my team and the people around me.

ESSENCE: I think it shines through in your business by promoting virtues such as abundance and tranquility and incorporating it into your business model by trusting your intuition – it literally indicates how your success has manifested itself . Anything you can share about future projects or versions of the Tribute Year for our readers?

Manning: Our short term goals are to create ready-to-wear, give back to our community, and do what feels good.

SUBJECTS: Year tribute to fashion Antoine Manning

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Fashion designer

Fashion designers on the rise worn by Rege-Jean Page, Charlize Theron – The Hollywood Reporter


Dzojchen’s big moment came in 2018 when Chadwick Boseman, styled by Ashley Weston, wore a spectacular black and white patterned ensemble to the Asian premiere of Black Panther in Seoul. “It was literally a turning point for us,” said founder Chelsea Scott-Blackhall. “The brand was born out of paradox and duality. I like this synergy between East and West – and not going too far – but also just having nuances. And [Boseman] I get it. ”The Singapore-based brand, which also has offices in New York City, started out as a denim brand in 2009 before showcasing its now iconic kimono suit in 2014. It has started to gain the attention of Hollywood with its distinct bespoke tailoring. More recent celebrity moments include Regé-Jean Page on Saturday Night Live, Maluma at last year’s AMAs and silky pajamas for Michael B. Jordan (seen in viral vacation photos).


Before launching his brand in 2009, self-taught designer Nguyen Cong Tri was already one of the darlings of Vietnamese celebrities. His entry into the United States came when Rihanna and Katy Perry embraced his inventive silhouettes, dramatic drapes, and intricate cutouts, with Perry enlisting Nguyen to design costumes for his Witness 2017 tour. In January 2019, Cong Tri did. her debut at New York Fashion Week. A month later, Kate Bosworth wore a ripped canary yellow dress embellished with crystals at the Vanity Show Oscar party. Over the past couple of years, Cong Tri’s A-list moments have grown exponentially to include Beyoncé, styled by Zerina Akers, in gold ruched velvet at the Lion King premiere and Charlize Theron, with Leslie Fremar, in an ornate sheer blouse on Tonight’s Show with Jimmy Fallon. Working regularly with the stylist duo Wayman + Micah, Nguyen felt particularly moved by Kelly Marie Tran wearing Cong Tri twice during her Raya and the last dragon promotional tour. “The designs reveal the beauty of modern and powerful women. [Her] The ethereal pleated beige silk dress is powerful and luxurious, ”said Nguyen, who plans to open flagship stores overseas. “Kelly Marie Tran is an excellent actress and the pride of Asia. Its strength inspires me and embodies the spirit of my creations.


With roots in the Nigerian entertainment and fashion industries, former Marketing Director Mai Atafo has grown his brand into full collections of luxury menswear, womenswear and bridal wear over the past 15 years – and has become himself. – even an icon of the local style. Nigerian stars flock to her custom designs for tailoring expertise, a bold color scheme, and exquisite embellishments. During Arise Fashion Week in 2019, model Naomi Campbell closed her show. After South African actress Thuso Mbedu, dressed by Wayman + Micah, accepted her Hollywood Critics Association award for The Underground Railroad in her red tulle dress, the designer decided to expand his exposure to Hollywood, especially with bespoke men’s clothing. “When we get the chance, we’ll kill him,” Atafo says, adding, “We’re working on a fully hand-beaded velvet tuxedo, and it’s unlike anything I’ve seen there. “- FSH

This story first appeared in the September 22 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. Click here to subscribe.

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An immersive and absurd spectacle to remember

From the start it was clear that this Marni show was not going to be like the others. Each guest was invited to wear some sort of Marni uniform – a recycled garment from an old collection that designer Francesco Risso and his team had hand painted with wide washes of stripes – and stop first at Marni’s headquarters for a fitting. Whether they’re the kind of person who generally feels drawn to the magpie, the high school art aesthetic that Mr. Risso brought home – or not.

I was given a navy blue dress with a large portrait taffeta / nylon neckline that rustled when I moved, and speckled with chartreuse stripes. The paint and fabric made it a bit stiff, so it tended to move on its own. When I tried it in the studio, I felt relatively ambivalent: as a reviewer, I found it pretty and interesting; as a wearer I felt like I was pretending and therefore a bit resentful about putting it on in the first place.

But when I got to the show on Saturday night, staged like a round theater, and there were stripes, stripes, everywhere you turned – in oversized shirts and pants and jackets and skirts, each one. with a white canvas patch framed in red reading “Marniphernalia: Miscellaneous Handpainted Treasures” and numbered (mine was 300/800) – I started to feel something different.

Then a conductor walked to the center of the stage. A Marni-clad choir spread throughout the space and began to hum a song composed for the show by Dev Hynes, the multi-hynes musical, titled “Guide You Home”. Models of all shapes, sizes and kinds and ideas of beauty descended from the top row of the arena, wearing ragged Aran knits and striped dresses taped around their bodies, as if cans of paint had been spilled. on their hair. Rapper Mykki Blanco emerged from the backstage, reciting a sort of spoken word that included the phrase “I am the primitive ejaculation of the mountains”.

A horde of fashion students who had been invited to attend emerged from the audience in the striped recycled clothes and began to ooze in and out as if being pulled by invisible strings. Singer Zsela, wearing a sky blue bra and long garland skirt, took the stage and sang. Other models appeared, in stripes and knits and daisy prints and daisy appliques. Mr Risso, the brand’s creative director, was among them, wearing a giant knit yellow and blue striped scarf draped over his shoulders and dragging to the floor, and yellow and white striped pants. He took his walk and then sat in the front row to watch the ebb and flow of the show. At the end, there were a lot of hugs.

Half the time, I felt like I was in a fashion substitute for the musical “Hair”. Half the time I thought I was on an events and performance art show with Wes Anderson. Most of the time, I didn’t know exactly what was going on and what role each one was supposed to play. Sometimes I just wanted to put my pen down, scratch my head and laugh.

It was ridiculous, rather charming, and totally devoid of irony. Also a subtly pointed retort to those who would say the clothes looked weird on the track, as much of the audience seemed comfortable in their gear. And quite impossible to escape the feeling that, like it or not, you had just been a part of something.

It could have gone wrong; fell into the category of exaggerated shows like the Moncler MondoGenius’ world event ‘, stretching from Milan to Shanghai and hosted by Alicia Keys (in Milan) and Victoria Song (in Shanghai) chanting lines like’ What only the truth?” while being accompanied by meaningful breaks and videos created by the brand’s 11 collaborators, including JW Anderson, DingYun Zhang and Gentle Monster, to showcase their artistic talent.

It would have been easy to play her calm and intimate, like Giorgio Armani with his Sunset-by-the-Med collection of liquid seaside costumes and nymph tulle dresses.

Or keep the old rules of the basic track like Salvatore Ferragamo (and, indeed, most designers so far this season) – although even the basic track is not without its risks, as it makes clunkers difficult. to hide. Like, for example, the totally mistaken idea that any adult woman might want to wear a diaper dress. Already. Ferragamo has been without a womenswear designer since Paul Andrew left in April, and it shows.

Instead, Mr. Risso de Marni did something else: he took the idea of ​​performance and in-person experience, which started in New York City with designers like Rachel Comey and Thom Browne, and took shattered the fourth wall between audience and performance – not just pretending to support the idea of ​​community or produce a fancy dress-up meditation on the idea of ​​the uniform, but to push “inclusiveness” to its natural conclusion and to remind everyone that dressing is a universal imperative.

This meant that whether or not you wanted to wear your outfit again (or like me, you had to return it according to the New York Times ethics policy), it made sense. Which is, and always should be, the goal.

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Heather Locklear turns 60 – Her craziest retro fashion and beauty moments | Gallery

3:20 p.m. PDT, Sep 25, 2021

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Remembering Richard Buckley – The New York Times

It was no secret that Mr. Buckley had been ill, on and off, for a long time. If friends managed to be surprised by his death, despite ample evidence of its inevitability, it was in large part thanks to the calm manner in which Mr Buckley dealt with him. Making tough things look easy was and is a trait of the Buckley-Ford family.

Mr. Buckley was born in Binghamton, NY, in 1948. His father was in the military; his mother, Mr Buckley said, was something of a narcissist and the “focus” was constantly changing. One year it was Germany, the next France, then back to the United States, where he was bullied at school because he was not, as he would later say, “athletic or athletic ”.

During his university studies and after his graduate studies, he dated women. Then, in the early 1970s, he accepted his homosexuality and left.

Mr. Ford first spotted Mr. Buckley while attending a David Cameron fashion show in the fall of 1986. Mr. Buckley was still working at Fairchild. Mr. Ford designed sportswear for Cathy Hardwick. Their eyes met on the other side of the track, but they failed to make a presentation, Ford said through a spokesperson. (Although he allowed friends to speak for this article, he did not speak personally.)

Shortly after, Mr. Buckley was on the roof of Fairchild’s New York City offices, preparing for a fashion shoot with his colleague Dennis Freedman. Mr Buckley spoke to Mr Freedman about this guy he had just seen, when the elevator opened and he got out, carrying samples of Cathy Hardwick for them to shoot.

‘It’s him,’ Mr Buckley said. “It’s the guy.”

They had their first date on Thanksgiving weekend. On New Year’s Eve, they had moved in together.

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The 2021 Met Gala stars who embodied American independence

Each year, some of the world’s biggest stars walk the grand steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the heart of New York City. Directory Met Gala is a fundraiser for The Costume Institute, one of the museum’s most distinguished collections.

This year’s Met Gala coincided with the opening of a two-part exhibition – In America: a fashion lexicon.

The dress code for the event was “American independence», To be interpreted in collaboration between the guests and the fashion designers who invited them. The looks that the guests and their designers brought to the event generated a lot of controversy and talk. Many critics called the looks boring and accused the stars of ignoring the theme, while others took issue with some of the political statements that were made.

Despite these claims, this year’s Met Gala brought a myriad of particularly diverse interpretations, in a wide range of categories such as classic Americana, bold political statements, and contemporary reflections on what it means to be American.

Some of the guests were bold and fearless with their attire, while others took a more subtle approach to the “American independence” theme. One of the most advanced examples was brought by New York Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Her presence at the event and her sartorial choice drew heated criticism from both sides of the aisle.

She was wearing a white dress designed by Aurora James with the words “TAX THE RICH” splashed across the back. The dress has been vilified for being “performative activism” with people pointing out the irony of wearing this statement at an event displaying overwhelming richness.

Others have called Ocasio-Cortez a hypocrite, citing that someone who espouses economic justice would never attend such a lavish and ostentatious event as the Met Gala.

While the dress itself was a performance, it’s not fair to call out an active performative MP, especially Ocasio-Cortez who has spent her time in Congress fighting tooth and nail for tangible change.

Additionally, criticizing her participation on the basis of the luxury of the event ignores the fact that as an elected official she expects to attend fundraising events for museums and other cultural institutions. It is also reducing enough for the arts to dilute the Met Gala to a simple show of wealth, when there is so much more to understand about its purpose, as well as the hard work and creativity that characterizes both the event and its fashion.

While Ocasio-Cortez stole the show with her dress, other guests made more subtle statements on U.S. politics and social issues, including several looks channeling the Statue of Liberty.

Poet laureate that of Amanda Gorman look was by far one of the most meaningful and complex.

She wore a magical blue beaded gown by Vera Wang and a crystal hairpiece, resembling Lady Liberty’s iconic crown, but modified to symbolize the story of her title as Poet laureate. She was also holding a blue pouch with the words “give us your fatigue” on it, a line from the poem engraved on the Statue of Liberty itself.

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The words are a poignant reminder of what America should to be, but often fails to live up to, a place of opportunity and refuge.

Along the same lines, Timothée Chalamet reminded people of some of America’s most negative contrasts today. When interviewed on the mat, he reminded viewers that it is important “not to get lost in the glamor because a lot of people are in pain”.

Chalamet wore a luxurious white tuxedo jacket by Haider Ackerman and vintage Cartier brooches, paired with white sweatpants and a classic white converse. Some people criticized her look for being too simple, but the inspiration had a lot of depth.

In an interview, Ackerman told Vogue “Whenever I visit America, I am always struck by the wonderful clash of upscale and downtown cultures, music and sports, and all that energy that just mixes together… I wanted to create something something inspired by that energy. “

Although many political statements were made, some took advantage of the event to enjoy the most nostalgic and beloved parts of America.

Barbie was an unmistakable inspiration to many guests, as touches of pink were visible all over the red carpet.

Barbie and the color pink are beautiful examples enough to “American independence ” can mean for young women. So many girls are dishonored by their female interests at a young age because they are demeaned and deemed inferior to more male interests. For many women, reaching adulthood means feeling free to take back the things they loved as girls.

Kate hudson wore a pink two piece Michael Kors with a pink fur coat, Lily-Rose Depp wore a pink Chanel set with a vintage look, Nicolas peltz looked like royalty in a hot pink Valentino ball gown with lighter pink gloves and Lili reinhart wore a fantastic pink Christian Siriano gown adorned with the state flower from each of the fifty states.

Youtube star Jackie Aina dazzled in a pink dress from designer Fe Noel, who explained that “Jackie’s dress is the perfect mix of glamor meet the girl next door.”

Billie Eilish, who partnered with Oscar De La Renta on the condition that they stop using fur in all of their work, wore a stunning Holiday Barbie-inspired ball gown.

Eilish usually goes for less lavish styles, so seeing her in a luxurious dress was surprising to many. She has said in the past that she wears looser clothes to hide her figure after growing up seeing hypersexualized and disgraceful pop stars in the media. Eilish used this event to reinvent her own fashion as she enters adulthood in the limelight.

The looks of many participants winked at old Hollywood, or the “golden age” of Hollywood, which laid the foundation for many of their careers. Some found the looks in the category boring and over the top, but old Hollywood is essential to understanding the key elements of “American independence.

In the early 1900s, we saw a shift to the five-day work week, and many Americans now had the means to relax. Hollywood was born out of this because Americans could use their time to go to the movies on weekends. Over time, movies have become a means of escape during tumultuous times like the Great Depression and the World Wars.

This golden age of Hollywood allowed Americans to take ownership of their time and imagine a new and more exciting world. It also paved the way for American fashion as we understand it today as people now had Hollywood starlets to mold their fashion sense.

So many of these looks were simple, but captured the glitz and glamor of that era beautifully.

Gigi hadid in Prada, Barbie ferriera to Johnathan Simkhai, Anok yai and Kaia Gerber both in Oscar De La Renta, Yara Shahidi at Dior, and Megan you stallion in Coach, all of them gave beautifully realized views of the Hollywood glamor of the Golden Age.

Kendall jenner, however, was the star of the evening in this category. She looked captivating and elegant in a gorgeous crystal-embroidered sheer dress by Matthew Williams for Givenchy. The look was a modern take on Aubrey Hepburn’s iconic look in “My beautiful lady”(1964).

Often referred to as the Super Bowl of fashion, the Met Gala is an important and highly anticipated event each year, playing a huge role in shaping fashion in the years to come and sparking a dialogue on the topics discussed each year.

This year’s guests and their designers did a fabulous job of thoughtfully responding to what it means to be American through the lens of costume. The looks are the culmination of thousands of hours in workshops and offices, planning, conceptualizing, designing and constructing every intricate detail of these looks.

This year’s gala was filled with dazzling displays of fashion and creativity, sparking conversations and controversy over competing ideas about how the theme should have been portrayed. The hundreds of guests went in many directions, but each was meaningful to the theme in a unique way as they all represented different aspects of what American independence means.

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Is Wario a fashion icon? We asked an expert

Here’s the thing with Wario’s style: Whether you like it or not, you have to respect it. The dude knows how to choose a signature look, and he’s dedicated his life to that look. His existence has always been in contrast to Mario, which is frankly unfair. Yes, her signature look is just a color variant of Mario’s plumber’s uniform, but the guy has passed the stage of inverted Mario and has become a style icon in his own right.

Over the years, Wario has become a fashion trendsetter for Nintendo franchises. People started to recognize Wario for his looks recently when he debuted his golf outfit in Mario golf, but he’s actually been bringing it for a while. To prove it, I asked a fashion expert to help me analyze Wario’s looks. Peter Nguyen is a private personal stylist in New York City who specializes in helping men with “really look good” tech, as he puts it on his website. He runs a blog and newsletter alongside his private styling department as a business called The Essential Man. Because Wario is, after all, an essential man, I thought there was no better expert to help break Wario’s fashion.

The original Wario

Image: Nintendo

You know Wario’s original outfit. This is the most iconic: purple overalls, a yellow t-shirt and hat, green shoes and white gloves. Of course, there’s also Wario’s purple W, which is a different shade than his overalls. Under his big red nose, Wario also sports a devious mustache. In this outfit we get the clearest representation of Wario’s personal style.

“Wario is only consistent, and that consistency is good for his fashion,” Nguyen said. “Choosing a signature color is a great way to bring consistency to looks. My signature color is brown, which I like to wear in the form of sweaters, socks and small things like bracelets.

However, Nguyen immediately noticed that Wario has some variation in his classic look: short sleeves, for example – a sign that, perhaps, Wario wants to look more intimidating by showing off those huge guns. One point for Wario. But where he loses that point is in his shoes.

“Mario and Luigi chose smarter shoes with brown,” Nguyen said. “Wario’s green shoes really compete with its intense signature colors. “

Golf Wario

Wario on a podium

Image: Nintendo

Wario’s outfit in Mario golf is one that you just can’t ignore. And no one did. This is one of the first major cases where people started to recognize Wario as a fashion icon. Building on his classic outfit, Wario wears a yellow polo shirt with purple accents, paired with a stunning pair of yellow and purple patterned golf pants. For accessories, he always has the green shoes, plus a cowboy hat.

That’s a lot, and it works. “I like that Wario dresses appropriately for the occasion,” said Nguyen. “Waluigi, on the other hand, is completely overdressed with a suit waistcoat and pants.”

He continued:

“Polo shirts are commonplace on the golf course, and Wario achieves this by wearing one in his iconic colors,” said Nguyen. “While diamond check pants are hilarious, there is actually a golf brand that makes diamond patterned golf pants. A hat is a great idea on the course for protection from the sun, and I appreciate it. the fact that Wario went strong with the western details with the hat and the buckle. And if you look closely you will notice that Wario’s shoes have spikes! which means they are designed for the golf course!

Wario man

wario man holding garlic and wearing purple cape

Image: Nintendo

It’s almost unfair to me to put Wario Man on this list because he is Wario’s worst outfit. You can’t deny it. But, again, it’s iconic. And I needed to know what a pro mode expert thought.

“When I think of Wario, I think more of yellow than purple, the same way we identify Mario and Luigi by the colors of their hats,” Nguyen said. “Wario has the right idea when it comes to dressing monochromatically by varying shades of purple. But I think this costume is a bit flat and would be stronger with more yellow.

In Wario’s failure here, you can learn something about dressing in a more elegant way. Nguyen said that you can make your outfits less flat if you use pops of color, like yellow. As a non-expert currently wearing a stained NASA T-shirt, I have to say that I would like a (unstained) T-shirt with a yellow garlic pattern.

Biker Wario

an image of Wario in Super Smash Bros.  he stands and flashes a peace sign but with three fingers up?  I don't know, it's funny.

Image: Nintendo

I’ll start off by saying that I’ve absolutely worn this outfit before, probably without the helmet, gloves, and goggles. He’s totally my style, so I’m biased towards him. Here, Wario has a cropped denim vest, a darker purple t-shirt, and pink pants. It is, quite simply, very good. Nguyen thinks so too, which means that I can also be proud to be a fashion icon.

“The cut denim vest, hot pink jeans and orange belt are bold choices,” Nguyen said. “These are items that few people would wear, let alone pair. Wario isn’t someone who tries to keep a low profile, he wants to be seen.

Nguyen pointed out that Wario has kept his signature colors for the gloves and helmet, which is a far cry from his typical choices. “His gloves and helmet are the only pieces in his iconic color, but it really helps to understand that this is a Wario look without going overboard,” Nguyen said. “When it comes to your signature colors, less is more. You don’t need a full suit when a pair of socks (or gloves) will do.

Cowboy Wario

wario and his friends on a scooter

Image: Nintendo

by Wario Mario golf outfit has a nod to cowboy culture, but in Mario kart To visit, Wario relies on Western aesthetics. In my opinion, it would be easy for Wario to make it look like he’s wearing a suit with this look, but, because he’s a fashion icon, he pulls it off. It is a look that it is thought In regards to. As Nguyen said, it’s * the chef’s kiss *.

“The yellow plaid and the purple scarf,” Nguyen said. “The cowboy hat, the suede waistcoat, the denim jeans, the ankle boots with spurs!” Wario could have done too much by opting for a yellow hat and purple jeans, but he made a smart move by keeping the hat, vest, jeans and boots in classic colors.

Want to dress like Wario? Here is a tip.

“I always tell my clients to think of their outfit like pizza,” Nguyen said. “A classic outfit is your staple, like cheese pizza. Then you can add some “toppings”, ie trendy or signature pieces, to make it more personal. “

Hiker Wario

wario hiker wearing a beanie

Image: Nintendo

Again, Wario thought about his outfits in Mario Kart Tour. Like the biker outfit, I’ve worn it before. The good news for me is that Nguyen, our style expert, thinks it’s a good one. Two points for me!

“I think this is Wario’s most wearable and strongest look,” Nguyen said. “It is extremely functional with the hat, vest and lined hiking boots. I love the patterned sweater under the cardigan for extra warmth and a hint of its signature color. I literally have no rating on this one! “

Do you want to be cool like me and Wario? “Don’t think that you have to go for something boring like black or gray when looking for more functional clothes,” Nguyen suggested. “You can find functional pieces that match your personality. “

Wario at the Olympics

wario and waluigi in tennis outfit

Image: Sega Sports R & D / Sega

Wario has no nipples. We found out when he went shirtless in Mario and Sonic at the Tokyo Olympics. It was a shocking find, but it wasn’t the only information we could glean about Wario in this game. Wario has a number of different outfits during the Olympics, but the ones I chose for input from Nguyen are Wario’s equestrian suit and tennis cup. They’re pretty basic compared to the others on this list, which is surprising. But Nguyen said that these looks to do, indeed, say something about Wario.

“I would say these are the simplest and most anticipated outfits for Wario,” Nguyen said. “He wears appropriate golf and riding clothes. The equestrian outfit isn’t even in her signature colors (other than the addition of her hat), which can be a bit of a shock but illustrates a good point.

wario on a horse, celebrating

Image: Sega

He continued, “Sometimes the best style choice is not to try to stand out or be creative, but to stay classic. For example, black tie events where a black tuxedo is expected. I’m not a huge fan of the creative tuxedos you sometimes see at the Oscars. Wario donning these uniforms tells me that despite his quirky style, Wario knows when to stick to the rules of style and stay classic.

Unfortunately, I forgot to ask Nguyen if he had any thoughts about Wario’s lack of nipples.

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The stylist behind Grimes’ futuristic look

For last week’s Met Gala, Grimes wore a dune-inspired reptilian dress and carried a steel sword made from a melted AR-15 rifle. The woman who put the set together is a stylist named Turner, a former accessory editor at Jane magazine, who was Grimes stylist for six years.

Raised in Alexandria, Va., Turner (her last name) studied graphic design at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, where an instructor told her she was clearly a stylist. While her roster includes Kim Gordon, Kesha and other musicians, her most loyal client is also her first: Grimes. They met in 2015, days after Turner, 40, moved to Los Angeles and a Nylon magazine fashion editor asked her if she would style Grimes for a cover. The two hit it off and have worked together ever since. Turner shared a glimpse into Grimes’ style.

What was the idea of ​​the sword?

That’s still Grimes’ idea. But his manager was the person who brought in MSCHF [the Brooklyn artist collective that designed the sword]. We also knew that bringing a sword to the Met Gala was going to be tricky. I persisted in trying to get permission for this sword. When I brought her to the mat, there was a security guard who said, “I’m sorry, you can’t bring this.” And I had to say, “No, the sword has to come in. It has been cleaned up.

Grimes wore a futuristic silk dress from Iris van Herpen, who is Dutch. Did you intentionally sidestep this year’s theme of American independence?

No. I had a conversation with Grimes: What is American fashion? What does it mean? Is it a fence? Is it a horse? Is it the flag? She said: “I really identify with Dune, the American book, then the American film.” Iris submitted a sketch which was perfect – it looked like all the references Grimes had sent. There is no other designer who does what Iris does. She’s so technically brilliant: she had 3D printed silicone reptilian scales that were stuck on. Who else does this?

What about the boots?

It is in fact Marc Jacobs. I got them through an amazing collector named Johnny at Pechuga Vintage here in LA. The shoes must work. It must be something they can walk on. In the case of Grimes, you need a lot of height and a lot of ankle support. It lends itself to this warlike atmosphere.

And she wears metal elf ears.

These ears weren’t the ones she was supposed to wear. Originally we had elven ears custom made by Lillian Shalom, who spent 90 hours on them, but they weren’t sitting properly on the ear. And we were crushed, but we had a save, because Grimes pulled another pair out of his bag. It is just personal jewelry for her.

So why a sword?

Looks like it’s an extension of her. We have already seen it in videos. It’s a direct reference to everything she dreamed of in her next vision for her next cycle.

Its cycle?

His next cycle of records. In the months leading up to a record’s release, there is a bible that she created of what she imagines herself to be, where she will take her music, where her music will live, who she will go with. collaborate. She’s like the creative director. She has to put together a team, a squadron if you will, of people who are going to do the job.

And are you in uniform?

I wish that. I come from a military family. My father was a photographer on an air base. I watched my dad take some great pictures of people. Not celebrities. Just normal guys. He taught me how to style a portrait, like how to tuck the shirt in so that it was super tight and didn’t leave any creases around the waistline. He told me which colors went well with people’s skin tones.

Have you always been interested in fashion?

In high school, I saw this episode of MTV’s “House of Style” with Anne Christensen working in the Vogue fashion closet. I watched it over and over on VHS because we didn’t have cable. I saw a bunch of shoes and clothes shelves, and that’s when I realized there was a job where you can put clothes on people. When I arrived in New York, I got an assistant job at T: The New York Times Style Magazine under the direction of Anne Christensen. This is the most exciting thing that has happened to me.

What is the story behind this name: Turner?

When I was 10, my best friend Kristina Buddenhagen and I met in elementary school. Our two mothers are Vietnamese, and we had the same name but a different spelling: I’m Christina. She started calling me “Turner”, my last name, because our mothers were calling one of us and we were both running. And it followed me. It’s not like I’m trying to draw attention to myself, but it’s been a really good branding.

How has Grimes’ look evolved over the six years you’ve worked together?

When I first met Grimes, she was buying stuff on Depop and Etsy, and I think she still does. She was very used to dressing up, and over time there is a lot of confidence. She made me bring designers, like Iris. She is in her thirties now. It’s not a girl. She is a representation of a powerful woman.

Who else do you work with?

I worked with Kim Gordon for a long time. She’s a neighbor, and I go there every two weeks and we plan her wardrobe and it’s surreal. Kim has great relationship advice. I have also just started working with Kesha. I believe in her.

What attracts you to these strong women artists, and them to you?

I respect their vision. I hear them. I’m getting to know them. Also I am a nice guy. My core mission is to help my clients say what they want through the visual and tangible medium of what they wear. I would like to think that I give them armor to take over the world.

The interview has been modified.

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Rebecca Minkoff’s spring 2022 show sold NFTs for the first time

At the height of the coronavirus pandemic, questions about the future of New York Fashion Week – and the industry as a whole – were hard to evade. Some have wondered if Fashion Week could even maintain relevance in a landscape that changes so rapidly.

“I’m really annoyed when people say that,” Rebecca Minkoff told Bustle. “There is a whole industry and ecosystem whose livelihood depends on these fashion weeks. Nothing will ever go fully digital. “

Yet Minkoff sees value in the intersection of fashion and technology, recently becoming the first major American designer to enter the booming NFT space, according to WWD. NFTs, or “non-fungible tokens,” can be used to represent different types of art, such as photos, videos, audio and digital versions of fashion designs.

“I think the worlds are going to merge even more,” says Minkoff. “As we explore these NFTs, there is a world where you will have your avatar in the Metaverse. You’ll go shopping, play your video game in your new Rebecca Minkoff outfit, but then that same outfit will arrive at your house.

Investing in new types of technology allows Minkoff to reach an ever wider audience with his designs, which include wardrobe basics like leather jackets and little black dresses with cutting edge details, studs and from chunky chains to zippers and fringes.

Rebecca Minkoff

Even if you’ve never visited New York City to visit the Rebecca Minkoff store, you can still get an idea of ​​what it’s like to shop there, thanks to augmented reality.

“There are creative ways for these worlds to blend together more seamlessly and just create new retail experiences for customers,” Minkoff said. “This is where the real opportunity lies.

On September 10, the veteran designer presented “I love New York», A capsule collection inspired by the city that helped shape its eponymous brand.

Complete with punk combat boots, fitted jumpsuits and Rebecca Minkoff’s iconic leather jacket, her new “I Love New York” collection is both a tribute and a summary of everything she’s built over the years. Last 20 years. (The brand was officially established in 2005, but Minkoff began producing his own designs in 2001.)

“It takes a lot of classic items, makes them oversized, and embellishes them with things the brand is known for, be it stones, eyelets or zippers,” she says. “And although [my signature] Morning After Bag started 16 years ago, we thought, let’s bring it back in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Rebecca Minkoff

This season, she teamed up with Magnum Ice Cream to design a new accessory: A limited edition personalized cooler handbag that has all the classic Rebecca Minkoff touches – plus the ability to keep ice cream cool. “And when you have eaten it all, it will continue to contain things, but in a fashionable way,” says the designer.

An ice cream cart handed out frozen treats during the presentation, which functioned as a gallery-style event where various NFTs of designs were on display and sold.

“We wanted to be [among] the first American brands to sell NFTs, ”says Minkoff. “Each print is sold as NFT and the proceeds from its sales go to businesses founded by women affected by the pandemic in New York City. [I wanted to] support things that I am passionate about.

More than ever, says Minkoff, people want to know what you stand for as a brand. “I think of trying to approach everything we do through this lens. So when you close your eyes you know the aesthetics, values, and brand promise of what you get by supporting this designer.

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Fashion brand

Six must support Latinx-owned fashion brands

Awake NY pays homage to NYC while offering chic sportswear. (Photo courtesy of Awake NY)

Whether you’re looking for sporty hobbies, a glamorous new outfit, or a fun new pair of shoes, it’s time to turn to the world of Latinx fashion brands. From fashion to business, the community has a big influence on what we consume on a daily basis. The creators of Latinx draw on their culture, art, traditions and history, which paved the way for a powerful fashion world.

With the start of Latinx History Month, it’s time to leave Shein behind and begin the journey of lifelong support for Latinx fashion brands and the people who support them with these six companies.

Kiki the Mark by Kiana Davis

Miami-based designer Kiana Davis launched Kiki the Brand in 2017 to create swimwear that empower women of all shapes and sizes.

“I like to wear things that make me feel sexy and confident, and that allow me to show off my body, so I want to make girls feel the same,” Davis said.

The brand places a strong emphasis on sustainable fashion, while relying on vivid colors and patterns to make its swimwear, as well as its clothing, fun and unique. Davis sees fashion as a form of self-expression meant to flatter every individual. Fast forwarding several years, celebrities like Bella Hadid and Skai Jackson have shown love for the brand – it’s time you did too.

Kiki the Brand can be found on Instagram @kikithebrand or via their website.

Wake Up NY by Angelo Baque

Former Supreme Brand Director Angelo Baque founded Awake NY. Awake NY is a streetwear brand that uses a lot of logo-based pieces. It first saw the light of day in 2012 and has a serious focus on activism for social justice. The brand has partnered with many companies, from Montclair to Reebok, while still remaining rooted in its New York heritage. The brand has even partnered with MLB to create unique collections that appeal to a wider audience. Brand independent merchandise can be found online.

Awake NY reflects the diversity of New York City and is the place to look for menswear, streetwear, and ’90s athletic style.

Immigrant children of Daniel Buezo and Welleh Dennis

“For us, the mission is clear. Encourage the people you believe in, stimulate the minds you admire, energize the community you love.

Buezo and Dennis are both first-generation Americans, and the name was created to both honor their own heritage and recognize that many people, made from different fabrics, are united as a whole by their immigrant experience. .

The brand consists of cute hats, tote bags and athletic wear such as sweatshirts, shorts, t-shirts and sweatshirts, all branded with their uplifting messages. The brand is also working to create collaborations on socially pressing topics, such as voting, hunger, sexual orientation and love. Kids of Immigrants clothing can be purchased on the brand’s site, but their recent collaboration with Vans is featured on the Vans site.

GRL collective by Kristine Rodriguez

Grl Collective is a lifestyle brand founded by Latina, selling everything from prints to accessories, “for the grls who give f * ck”.

Twenty percent of the proceeds are donated to fund the Sambhali Trust, which supports girls’ education efforts in India. Donations are also made to Black Lives Matter and RAICES Texas. Their clothing places a strong emphasis on sustainable and ethical production, including environmentally friendly packaging.

On their website, you can find everything from designer clothes with good social messages to Topo-Chico themed candles and everything in between.

Stray Rats by Julian Consuegra

The Miami-based graphic and graphic streetwear brand is driven by a unique mentality. Rats are everywhere and also nowhere. They have been declared to be repugnant by society, and it takes a special kind of person to like what many don’t like.

Stray Rats is a leading hypebeast brand, sold in drops on their website and sought after by many. It reflects an appreciation for the music, skateboarding, culture and essence of Miami. The brand has connected with an incredibly diverse range of artists and is characterized by its amalgamation of credentials expressed through creative graphics.

Stray Rats pieces can be found at high end stores selling hypebeast pieces across the country, and are the perfect addition to your wardrobe for looking cool, supporting Latinxes, and making a statement.

Elaluz by Camila Coelho

Camila Coelho made her debut as a YouTuber and fashion and beauty entrepreneur. She has now amassed over 9.2 million followers on Instagram. She has now created a clean, cruelty-free makeup brand called Elaluz.

From oil infused lip glosses to bronzing powders to blemishes on the cheeks, Elaluz has it all. The products can be purchased anywhere from major makeup retailers, such as Ulta, Net-a-Porter, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

“No one-line beauty store, so I didn’t feel the need to build a full brand. Instead, I focused on my must-haves that I really believe in, the ones that help me bring out my beauty from within, ”Coelho said.

The brand is committed to inclusiveness, luxury and transparency.

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Fashion designer

These 2021 CFDA Award nominations continue to reflect greater fairness in the industry

Dapper Dan attends Manhattan Magazine to Celebrate New York's Men on the Move on April 03, 2019 in New York City.

Dapper Dan attends Manhattan Magazine to Celebrate New York’s Men on the Move on April 03, 2019 in New York City.
Photo: Marc Sagliocco (Getty Images)

It seems that we have very tastes great here at The Glow Up, although frankly we already knew that. After all, we honored legendary luxury streetwear pioneer Dapper Dan with our Lifetime Achievement Award. when we launched the TGU 50 in 2020, making it even more official by give his name to the prize for life. (The “Dap Award” sounds great, right?)

We also seem to be in very good company in our admiration for one of the best in Harlem. The winners and nominees for the 2021 CFDA Awards were announced this week, and like us, the Council of Fashion Designers of America believes Dap’s is a legacy worth celebrating. He will receive the Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s in-person ceremony on November 10. According to Vogue, the man born Daniel Day is the first designer without a fashion show to win this honor.

Another TGU50 winner will have a first at this year’s ceremony; designer-activist Aurora James was nominated for a CFDA Award over the years, but in addition to her 2021 nomination for American Accessory Designer of the Year for her stellar work at Brother Vellies, James will also be honored with the Founder’s Award in honor of Eleanor Lambert. for her revolutionary launch of the 15 percent pledgee. Launched last June, the initiative has been successful in lobbying a growing number of large retailers to allocate 15% or more of their inventory to black-owned products or designers, including Sephora, Macy’s and The Gap. James, who was also named one of the Time 2021100 this week and also designed the front page dress of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for Monday’s Met Gala, captioned an Instagram post:

Wow. Guys! What a week and what an incredible honor. I am so proud of the work we have done with 15% commitment. Big thanks to my amazing team of women who work tirelessly in this fight for economic justice and racial equity every day … I promise you the best is yet to come. The work has only just begun.

James is one of several black designers returning to the nominees list this year, including Virgil Abloh and 2020 CFDA Award Winners (and TGU50 winners) Telfar Clemens and Christophe john rogers, who have both previously won the CFDA / Vogue Fashion Fund Awards in 2017 and 2019, respectively. British Fashion Award 2020 winner Grace Wales Bonner also won a CFDA nomination for International Men’s Designer, while Fear of God’s Jerry Lorenzo landed a first-time nomination for American Menswear Designer of the Year. And the Emerging Designer of the Year category is particularly exciting for us, as three of its five nominees are black: Evdin Thompson for Theophilio, Jameel Mohammed for KHIRY and Kenneth Nicholson.

“American fashion is experiencing a resurgence of energy and these designers play an important role in the future trajectory of our industry,” Steven Kolb, CEO of CFDA, said in a statement to Vogue.

The 2021 CFDA Awards will be held in person on November 10 at The Pool Room in New York; the full list of nominees and winners is below (black talents highlighted in bold by us). The CFDA announces that more will be announced as the date of the ceremony approaches.

The Founder’s Prize in honor of Eleanor Lambert:

Aurora James for the 15 percent pledge

The price of environmental sustainability:


The Media Award in honor of Eugenia Sheppard:

Nina Garcia

The tribute of the board of directors:

Yeohlee Teng

The Geoffrey Beene Prize for all of his achievements:

Dapper Dan

Nominees for American Women’s Clothing Designer of the Year:

Catherine Holstein for Khaite

Christophe john rogers

Gabriela Hearst

Marc Jacobs

Pierre Do

Nominees for American Men’s Clothing Designer of the Year:

Emily Adams Bode for Bode

Jerry Lorenzo for Fear of God

Mike Amiri for Amiri

Telfar Clemens for Telfar

Thom browne

Nominated for American Accessories Designer of the Year:

Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen for The Row

Aurora James for Brother Vellies

Gabriela Hearst

Stuart Vevers for Coach

Telfar Clemens for Telfar

Nominees for American Emerging Designer of the Year:

Edvin Thompson for Theophilio

Eli Russell Linnetz for ERL

Jameel Mohammed for Khiry

Kenneth nicholson

Maisie Schloss for Maisie Wilen

Nominated for International Designer of the Year for Women:

Daniel Lee for Bottega Veneta

Demna Gvasalia for Balenciaga

Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons for Prada

Pierpaolo Piccioli for Valentino

Simon Porte Jacquemus for Jacquemus

Nominated for International Male Designer of the Year:

Daniel Lee for Bottega Veneta

Dries Van Noten

Grace Wales Bonner for Wales Bonner

Rick owens

Virgil Abloh for Louis Vuitton

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Fashion style

Gabrielle Union mixes fluffy fabrics, sequins and lace, plus other fashion hits for September 2021 | Gallery

8:20 p.m. PDT, September 16, 2021

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French fashion

Why AOC’s Met Gala Dress Drove People Crazy

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez arrived at the Met Gala on Monday night wearing an ivory Brother Vellies wool jacket personalized with an organza ruffle and the message “Tax the Rich” in red on her back.

In video footage shot before her arrival, she can be seen walking towards the vehicle that brought her to the gala, a masked assistant holding the train of her dress as she smiles brightly and waves to her fans.

Designers and corporate sponsors typically pay the hefty price of admission – $ 35,000 a ticket or $ 200,000 to $ 300,000 a table – for gala guests, which typically include a quorum of Hollywood star Kardashians. and mannequins. The star-studded event is often referred to as the Fashion Oscars.

Many New York City elected officials are also invited, as “museum guests” who do not pay to attend.

Regardless, the presence – and dress – of Rep. Ocasio-Cortez provided easy fodder for her most trusted critics. On Twitter, Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of the former president, called her a fraud for sending a message about taxing the rich “as she hangs out with a group of rich left elites.”

Rep. Jim Banks, Republican of Indiana, tweeted that Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is the “gift that keeps on giving.”

But more surprising than the rote judgments of her political opponents was the criticism Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, a Democrat, drew from the left – a chorus of dissatisfaction of progressives and self-proclaimed socialists disappointed with a gesture they were saying. caricaturing a progressive cause and stressed their feeling that it is not maximizing its ability to fight for congressional workers.

Briahna Gray, the former national press secretary for Senator Bernie Sanders’ 2020 campaign and co-host of the “Bad Faith” podcast, said Ms Ocasio-Cortez is “subject to a single standard exactly because people expect more. of her “. She said part of the gradual backlash for the dress resulted from a more general disappointment with some of her political positions.

“People are disappointed with his behavior outside of this context, and it seems to reflect a lack of commitment that has been shown in a purely political context,” said Ms Gray.

Ms Ocasio-Cortez was first invited to the Met Ball in 2019, the year after her victory over former Rep Joe Crowley – the most significant upset for a Democratic incumbent in more than a decade. She did not attend and the following year’s gala was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This year, Ms Ocasio-Cortez was seated at the table of Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue and artistic director of Condé Nast, who is the longtime co-host of the gala.

Some supporters had a simple and negative gut reaction to his decision to attend. “The Met Gala is an event to be avoided by sincere socialists”, wrote John Ganz, a columnist who described himself as a supporter who at other times viewed Ms. Ocasio-Cortez as a “light of hope.”

Danny Haiphong, a socialist activist and writer, said what had offended him was not the dissonance of a self-proclaimed democratic socialist hanging out with the elite, but that “AOC and the Squad are not taking advantage of their huge base. support for demanding the very thing that she put on her dress.

Many progressives still credit Ms. Ocasio-Cortez for being a consistent advocate for progressive causes. She was the only Democrat to oppose the $ 484 billion coronavirus relief program last year, saying she found it too generous to corporations without providing enough help to working class people.

Along with Mr Sanders, she lobbied to triple the amount of money President Biden is proposing to improve the country’s aging public housing system.

Recently, she joined the marathon protests on the Capitol steps against the expiration of a federal moratorium on pandemic-era evictions that neither the White House nor Congress had until then acted to stop.

“She’s generally happy to spark people’s enthusiasm for a different view of America,” said Faiz Shakir, director of Mr. Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign. “It’s an art: politics is theater. You are looking for ways to animate it.

Indeed, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez has already used the slogan “Tax the Rich”, on campaign products, which Republicans have criticized in the past.

But a group of more left-wing activists tried to push the party further and became increasingly critical of Ms Ocasio-Cortez.

Some had demanded that Ms Ocasio-Cortez and others withhold their votes for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi unless she agreed to put the Medicare for All bill to a floor vote. They also urged Ms Ocasio-Cortez to use her position to force a vote on a $ 15 minimum wage and to make sharper criticisms of the Biden administration for pushing back calls for blanket student debt cancellation. .

Ms Ocasio-Cortez is seen as a supposed stranger in Congress, Ms Gray said, but “doesn’t really do the kinds of things that might actually attract the real reactions and difficulties that some people expected her to do. do, given the way she presented herself. in. ” The image of her “rubbing shoulders with these people” on Monday evening angered some on the left, she said.

The slogan on the dress was also a problem, according to Ms Gray – not because it was too radical but because it was too innocuous; according to a 2020 Reuters / Ipsos poll, a majority of American voters support a wealth tax for the very rich.

“If she had chosen to highlight a message that had not already been so well received, then her act would have been seen as more subversive, as opposed to a pageantry comparable to Cara Delevingne’s ‘Peg the Patriarchy’ shirt.” , said Ms Gray. – another Met Gala outfit that caught attention for the message it carried.

Other New York politicians were at the gala this year, including Rep. Carolyn Maloney, who represents Manhattan’s former Silk Stocking neighborhood, and New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio jumped the ball for years before breaking his streak of absence on Monday night, in the final months of his mayoralty.

“It’s not my cup of tea,” de Blasio said during an appearance on NY1 in 2019 when asked about his absence. “It’s an elite rally, I’m not an elite guy. It really is – let’s simplify it, it’s just not my thing. It’s the kind of place where the elite go and like to be together, and I have a different approach.

Among Ms Ocasio-Cortez’s supporters was Maya Wiley, the former New York mayoral candidate whose campaign Ms Ocasio-Cortez supported earlier this year. Ms Wiley said the Met Gala is part of the fabric of New York City and identifying as a Democratic Socialist does not mean hating or avoiding the wealthy who show up.

“We are turning everything into a contest of purity,” Ms. Wiley said. “Politics shouldn’t be about purity. She did the right thing by not avoiding it, saying it’s part of who we are, and let’s have a conversation that includes the Met Gala.

“Enter a space devoted to art, fashion, luxury and wealth and say, ‘This is the conversation we have to face, but I will face it in the vernacular of the event”, c ‘is awesome, ”Ms. Wiley said.

Ms Ocasio-Cortez may have managed to highlight an issue at the heart of what Democrats are pushing for in the reconciliation bill they are trying to push through by the end of the month. Most importantly, the dress served as Rorschach’s final test on Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, and whether she is seen as fighting for the people or aligning with the elites.

“I don’t envy him,” said Sumathy Kumar, president of the New York branch of the Democratic Socialists of America. “When faced with this question, ‘Do I go to this event and use it as an opportunity to spread the message, or do I boycott it?’, She usually chooses to broadcast this message.”

Ms Kumar added, “Whether you agree with a tactic or not, more and more people are talking about taxes on the rich and at least this conversation is taking place. We’ll take what we can get.

On Tuesday, Ms Ocasio-Cortez, who declined to comment for this article, defended herself against criticism in a lengthy Instagram post. “Me and my body have been so heavily and relentlessly monitored politically from all sides since the moment I won my election,” she wrote.

In the end, she said, “we all had a conversation about taxing the rich in front of the same people who are pushing against it and broke through the 4th wall of excess and spectacle.” In a follow-up fundraising email, she asked supporters to purchase their own “Tax the Rich” outfit. A t-shirt costs $ 27 and the hoodie costs $ 58.

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Fashion brand

Former homeless fashion designers open clothing store in SoHo

They went from rags to loot.

A pair of former Manhattan homeless are back in the Big Apple during New York Fashion Week to celebrate their new clothing line – a favorite of high-profile celebrities including Rihanna, Post Malone, Bella Hadid and Jay Z .

It’s a far cry from their old days in New York.

“We were homeless for about two years,” Jimbo Williams, co-designer of LaRopa, told The Post, explaining that he and his business partner Aristotle Sanchez frequently spent the night in subways or parks.

“I never felt unsafe,” said Williams, now 28. “Maybe the only dangerous thing was the rats. If you sleep in the park, they will try to crawl on you.

He and Sanchez, 22, came from Toronto to New York in 2016, with $ 500 and the clothes on their backs, determined to make their way as designers. They started with a group of artists from Canada, but their friends all returned north of the border after deciding that life on the streets was not for them.

Williams and Sanchez started LaRopa while homeless in Manhattan.
Stephen Yang for NY Post

When they were lucky, Williams and Sanchez snuck into a quiet area of ​​the Pennsylvania Hotel. Unused conference rooms were ideal, except when Williams’ snore alerted people to his presence. Sometimes the men would throw parties and meet local college kids willing to give them a night of radical-chic entertainment on their parents’ credit card.

“We slept in NYU and the girls checked us in in the dorms,” recalls Williams, a college dropout. (Sanchez dropped out of high school at age 17.)

A jacket from LaRopa.
A jacket from LaRopa.
Stephen Yang for NY Post

The couple – who are self-taught in terms of sewing and design skills – have spent their waking hours jostling each other in thrift stores and repurposing used clothes for sale on Instagram. Eventually, they created their own website.

They missed a McDonald’s Wi-Fi near Astor Place, spending hours on social media building the brand.

“We used to sneak into NYU and use the film scanner in the Tisch building,” Sanchez recalls, saying the technology was invaluable in bringing out their early designs. “You ask someone to connect you and you polish it up a bit.”

Williams and Sanchez moved from Toronto to New York in 2016 to launch their brand.
Williams and Sanchez moved from Toronto to New York in 2016 to launch their brand.
Stephen Yang for NY Post

With their penchant for entrepreneurship, the couple said they had never shared much with other members of the city’s homeless population, many of whom either suffer from mental illness or “would just do heroin. “, as Williams said.

“Me and Jimbo were so determined. We felt deep in our hearts that we had to be in New York and stay no matter what, ”Sanchez said. “It takes a lot of courage to be broke and homeless and know it will be worth it one day. “

They named the brand LaRopa – in Spanish for “clothes -” because, said Sanchez, “we are the masters of the clothes.”

Bella Hadid wearing a LaRopa hat in New York City.
Bella Hadid wearing a LaRopa hat in New York City.
GC Images / Getty Images
Erika Jayne wearing a LaRopa shirt that says "P - builds strong bones."
Erika Jayne wearing a LaRopa shirt that says “P-sy Builds Strong Bones”.
Spartano / BACKGRID

Things took off around 2019 after rapper Playboi Carti started appearing on social media in their merch. A net of celebrities turned into a flood.

Eventually, there was enough stuff on the duo’s website to get them off the streets. But after an apartment in Brooklyn broke down, the designers took it as a sign and headed out west.

“We went to Los Angeles. The motels there are quite cheap and it was a big step in bringing us to a more stable way of life. And then we had a studio in LA, ”Sanchez told the Post.

Williams and Sanchez now employ 15 people and operate two stores in Los Angeles. They have a brand new store in Soho, which will open next month. Plans are underway for outposts in Las Vegas and Miami in 2022.

50 other stores around the world now carry their products, which are made in the United States. The line gained enough cult status in Los Angeles that someone spray-painted it outside the Chateau Marmont.

Jake Paul donned LaRopa during his brother’s infamous fight against Floyd Mayweather in June. Supermodel Hadid graces the company’s Instagram account in a LaRopa trucker hat and has also been pictured in her beanies.

Jake Paul wearing a LaRopa hat at a press conference ahead of his brother Logan Paul's boxing match with Floyd Mayweather.
Jake Paul wearing a LaRopa hat at a press conference ahead of his brother Logan Paul’s boxing match with Floyd Mayweather.
Larry Marano for NY Post

Incredibly, the designers did everything without outside investors. Williams credits “the power of people and the power of the Internet.” We had no dollars, but we had PhotoShop and Instagram and a website, and people were buying our products.

Many threads are adorned with eye-catching slogans like “P – sy Builds Strong Bones”, their most famous logo.

“It means empowering women. It’s the easiest way to look at it, ”said Williams. “Without p – sy, none of us would be here. It is our ode to women.

La Ropa trucker hats that sell for between $ 80 and $ 250.
La Ropa trucker hats that sell for between $ 80 and $ 250.
Stephen Yang for NY Post

Although their store’s smooth opening takes place during iconic New York Fashion Week, the couple said their clothes rejected the “pretense” of the event.

That doesn’t mean their business is cheap, however. A denim jacket with 15 pockets sells for $ 2,000. Trucker hats sell for between $ 80 and $ 250. A signature “P — y Builds Strong Bones” rhinestone tee costs $ 100, with a tank top version available for $ 60.

LaRopa's Soho boutique opens just before New York Fashion Week.
LaRopa’s Soho boutique opens just before New York Fashion Week.
Stephen Yang for NY Post

Williams said the ideal client is “young, free-spirited, stylish” and ready to “challenge authority.” New age punk kids.

He gives them a little advice on life: “Never give up. If you have a dream and you can see it, you can make it come true.

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Fashion style

I tried Claudia Schiffer’s 90s slip-on dresses collection x Realization By

Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the included links, we may earn a commission.

Schiffer was one of the original five members of The Supers, a model group that also included Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Helena Christiensen and Christy Turlington. Their fame and impact cannot be overstated, the concept of the mannequin coined to describe their unparalleled influence. Suffice to say that Schiffer’s partnership with Realization Par to relaunch the biggest trends of the time is a big problem.

Realization By, the Australian label behind massively viral products, including the original leopard-print skirt with its own Instagram account, brought in Schiffer to co-design a 13-piece collection called SUPER REAL. The line pays homage to the often worn styles of Schiffer’s youth, including slip-on dresses, off-the-shoulder maxi and bodycon skirts cut in bias, as well as a few cheeky t-shirts with iconic images of the model herself. of the decade.

The alluring clothes promise to bring the wearer back to 1995, at the Tunnel Club in New York City, where Boy George court and hits from Donna Summer and Madonna fill the air. Just slip into one of her sexy dresses and you’re practically kissing Karl Lagerfeld, champagne flute in one hand, unwanted Capri cigarette in the other.

But the question remained, could a ’90s baby like me (and I mean 0-10 over the decade) actually be able to experience the era through their outfits? I took the Clémentine, a floor-length babydoll dress covered in devoured velvet flowers, for a night out on the town to see if the textile time machine was everything I imagined it to be.

The short answer is just the cherub emoji followed by the heart eye emoji followed by the sweaty and overheated emoji.

Out of the box, I wondered if it would be too easy for me to muster the courage to leave the house. Transparency is kinda the point, so I was happy when I finally saw myself in the mirror that its transparency actually plays a big trick where it’s seemingly transparent in chunks – a flash of skin here, a blurry outline of a bra strap there – but impossible to really see anything you don’t want to see through the material.

If the fabric plays with its sophisticated illusions, the cut of the dress is just as clever. I usually wear between a US 2 and a 4, so I chose a size S. The diagonal drape allowed it to follow the lines of my body without being too tight in one place. Boxy isn’t a word in the vocabulary of this garment, but the drama is: I’m 5’5 “and the hem of the dress has tucked in slightly around my feet in one-inch heels.

Between the shiny fabric and the fit choices, my confidence was astronomical. I wore the Clementine to a pop-up dinner followed by a rooftop party, gently lifting a small handle of the dress by the thigh every time I moved (princess demeanor if there was any) for the keep off the ground. At the end of the night, if I had been a 90s model, I would have had my limo driver come and get me or at least call a cab. But it’s 2021, so I put on my mask and called an Uber.

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Fashion brand

Frank Ocean launches luxury fashion brand called Homer

Good news, you will soon have new Frank Ocean products to place next to your Boys don’t cry magazine and your “Dear April” vinyl. The enigmatic musician has announced the launch of Homer, an “American luxury company”, whose first collection includes fine and high-end jewelry pieces, as well as printed silk scarves.

According to the press release, the name Homer “represents the engraving of history in stone.” It may be a reference to the influential Greek writer Homer or, in a much less likely case, an episode of The simpsons where Homer gets involved in a secret society known as The Stonecutters. Either way, the coins are handcrafted with 18k gold, recycled sterling silver, hand painted enamel, and US lab-grown diamonds, which are a more alternative. ethics with mined diamonds. The intricate bracelets, chains, diamond encrusted rings and even tab rings are handcrafted in Italy.

As for the inspiration behind Homer’s first batch of creations, Frank cites “childhood obsessions” and “legacy as a fantasy,” which can be felt in the dice-shaped earrings, as well as whimsical cartoon pendants in colors like “soba”, “cadmium red” and “canary”. They come to life and are displayed in a colorful catalog photographed by Frank, himself and his frequent collaborator Tyrone Lebon. At 160 pages, the Homer catalog itself could just as easily be a collector’s item. In it, Frank even teases a future collaboration with Prada. More on this soon … we hope.

In the meantime, pieces from Frank’s first Homer collection can be purchased at their store, located at 70-74 Bowery in New York City. It opens August 9 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and appointments can be made online at

Check out a selection of our favorite images from the catalog and check out Frank Ocean’s new fashion project below.

homer catalog of the frank ocean
homer catalog of the frank ocean
homer catalog of the frank ocean
homer catalog of the frank ocean
homer catalog of the frank ocean
homer catalog of the frank ocean
homer catalog of the frank ocean
homer catalog of the frank ocean
homer catalog of the frank ocean
homer catalog of the frank ocean
homer catalog of the frank ocean
homer catalog of the frank ocean
homer catalog of the frank ocean
homer catalog of the frank ocean
homer catalog of the frank ocean
homer catalog of the frank ocean
homer catalog of the frank ocean
homer catalog of the frank ocean
homer catalog of the frank ocean
homer catalog of the frank ocean
homer catalog of the frank ocean
homer catalog of the frank ocean
homer catalog of the frank ocean
homer catalog of the frank ocean
homer catalog of the frank ocean
homer catalog of the frank ocean
homer catalog of the frank ocean
homer catalog of the frank ocean
homer catalog of the frank ocean

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Fashion brand

How to celebrate the 200th birthday of a man everyone knows and no one knows

There is one piece of art that has been on display in Faye McLeod’s studio for most of the past decade, representing what she considers her “mantra.”

In another corporate office, such art could be a portrait of an eagle, hovering over the word “perseverance” or a modern black and white typography poster with a phrase like “work hard and be kind to people” .

But in the office of Ms. McLeod, who is Louis Vuitton’s visual image director, the sign consists of a few lines of unpunctuated text in rainbow colors, inspired by the song’s lyrics. “Hypnotize” by Notorious BIG in 1997: “Louis Louis Louis can ‘you see how your world amazes me.

The phrase reminds Ms. McLeod, 49, that “whenever I’m sitting in the studio and we have no idea about something, go to the archives,” she said. “The ideas are still there.

About six months ago, the mantra inspired a new project to celebrate Louis Vuitton’s 200th anniversary: ​​filling the windows of the brand’s 460 stores with trunks designed by 200 people.

The trunks are the legacy of Mr. Vuitton, the pieces on which he founded the company in Paris in 1854. Using a water-repellent canvas material, he designed his trunks with flat tops (as opposed to trunks with topsides). more common rounds, which allowed water to roll around but were not as easily transportable).

His son, Georges Ferréol Vuitton, considerably enlarged the business and created the LV monogram. Today, the brand maintains a rich collection of drawings, advertisements and other historical documents of Georges.

“With Georges, we have so much,” Ms. McLeod said. “But with Louis, we kind of have trunks. This is why we have based a lot of the work around the trunks, because that is what we have in the archives. It was the right thing to do. “

So earlier this year, her team of showcase artists and technical assistants – perhaps best known for flooding stores with Yayoi Kusama’s chickenpox dots and tentacles in 2012 – began to think about a list of people to make or decorate trunks. Virgil Abloh, Louis Vuitton’s ever-well-connected menswear art director, was “very, very involved,” said Ansel Thompson, artistic director of the team.

Mr. Thompson and Mrs. McLeod not only wanted traditional visual artists, but an assortment of “visionaries” who could “capture the mind” of the mysterious Mr. Vuitton – such as poets, scientists, explorers and activists, they said. they declared. These people were invited to think of their trunks “like a container: for an object, a dream, a future, a reflection, a desire”. (In the document informing them of the project, the Louis Vuitton team included a copy of the “Louis Louis Louis” image.)

Contributors, which include Drake and Gloria Steinem, as well as LVMH designers like Marc Jacobs and Kim Jones, received boxes with common dimensions but said they could redefine the shape at will. They could paint or sculpt, for example, or use videos, photographs, sound, or augmented reality.

As a result, there are jelly trunks, mini-balloons and polished stainless steel. There are trunks covered with greenery (by Mr. Flower Fantastic) and tapestry (by Qualeasha Wood). There’s a flying trunk – made by a French aeronautical designer and recently tested inside the LV store in Place Vendôme in Paris, Ms McLeod said – and another on skateboard wheels.

At one point, Vuitton asked a mushroomist to turn a trunk into dust and then make mushrooms from the powder, but the collaboration ultimately fell through.

Members of K-pop group BTS covered their trunk in cartoonish scribbles of whales, stripes, arrows, hearts and a large carrot. While the trunks of a few late contributors have yet to be made to the mark, the BTS submission has arrived “very quickly,” Ms. McLeod said. “They obviously knew what they wanted to express.”

Some trunks were more of a collaboration. When fashion’s favorite astrologer, Susan Miller, created an astrological chart for Mr. Vuitton, Ms. McLeod and Mr. Thompson’s team built a diorama of the map using neon-colored planets. They placed the galaxy inside a trunk and pierced peepholes on the outside, painting a night sky on the outside.

Finally, Vuitton will publish a book chronicling the collaboration, exhibit the physical trunks and organize a charity auction with Sotheby’s. For each trunk, Louis Vuitton pledged 10,000 euros (approximately $ 11,800) to charity; contributors were given a list of 15 global arts education nonprofits to choose from to receive their donation.

Until then, images of the trunks will be displayed in Louis Vuitton store windows for 100 days, starting August 4 – the founder’s birthday, the impetus for the whole project.

Another aspect of the project, in New York City, the exterior of the Fifth Avenue store will feature a digital image the size of Mr. Vuitton’s Godzilla, rendered in checkered pixels, with the words “Happy Birthday Louis.”

The image – Mr Vuitton is standing with his hands in his pocket and gazing distant, more reminiscent of a young start-up founder posing in a men’s fashion magazine than a 19th-century trunk – is not based on a real photo. , but it’s not for lack of trying. There isn’t much left of the man behind the most famous name in fashion.

“We only have one image of him,” Mr. Thompson said. “We still wonder what he really looked like. “

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Fashion designer

New Zealand fashion designer creates travel coat for the ride home

Faced with the prospect of excess baggage fees, Kiwi fashion designer Bruno Harding came up with a sartorial solution.

Harding and his wife had been living in Berlin, Germany for a year and a half when Covid-19 prompted them to return to New Zealand in November.

While figuring out how they were going to get all their belongings on the plane, Harding created a special coat to store his clothes, giving himself an extra 7kg of baggage “to carry”.

“I always thought that would be a pretty interesting idea,” he said.

“I did some research on people who had failed to do similar things like wearing five coats and five pairs of jeans and looking a little silly.”

He went to a local flea market and picked up a few yards of nylon. Then he set out to create “something that sort of mimicked a puffer jacket”, using his own clothes instead of feathers to fill it.

He quickly realized that the key to the jacket’s success was in the folding of clothes, using a method inspired by Japanese organizing expert Marie Kondo.

“The first few times I did it, I just pushed him with clothes on, and it looked ridiculous. I looked like a suspicious human who had stolen a lot of goods and was trying to leaving a store. “

After mastering the folding technique, he managed to fit 29 items of clothing into the jacket, for a total weight of 6.8 kg.

“It was surprisingly heavy,” Harding said.

“It was like an anxiety blanket – you were pretty calm, which was good for this trip.”

Harding admitted he was nervous about whether or not his one-size-fits-all solution would fly to the airport. He had a back-up plan if the coat was not accepted by security, which involved leaving it in a storage locker at the airport and asking a friend in Germany to collect it for him.

But amid all the “weirdness” of traveling during a pandemic – like having to wear both a full face shield and a full face shield – in the end, no one flinched.

At one point, he got too hot and took off his coat, casually walking through the airport slung over his arm.

“I was like, I’m really cheating the system now – I’m basically carrying another bag, but it’s a jacket.”

While unpacking his jacket, Harding took hundreds of photos of the items extracted from it and created a stop motion video, which he recently posted on Instagram.

But while the travel coat has garnered a lot of interest, Harding said it’s never been designed just once.

“I was really hoping I wouldn’t get any messages asking if I was making them.”

In fact, every piece of clothing Harding makes under his label, Bruno’s Originals, is one of a kind, using recycled materials like old canvas tents and woolen blankets.

In 2019, he collaborated with outdoor gear brand Macpac, creating a capsule collection using damaged products like tents, sleeping bags and backpacks, with the proceeds going to the environmental charity of the brand, Fund For Good.

Currently based in Auckland, the designer is now preparing to move to New York City, but has acknowledged that he could try his luck using his travel coat for the move.

“Security at US airports is a little more terrifying… I don’t know if I would like it.”

Note: The traveler does not approve of passengers who violate carry-on baggage rules. Passengers should check their airline’s policy and obey any restrictions.

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Fashion brand

Victoria’s Secret angel Sara Sampaio wears lounge set from Australian fashion label Sabo Skirt

How to Get Your Hands on Victoria’s Secret Angel Sara Sampaio’s ‘Coziest Ever’ Living Room Set From Affordable Australian Fashion Brand

  • Sara Sampaio’s ‘Coziest’ Living Room Set Comes From Australian Fashion Brand
  • The 30-year-old model recently shared a two-piece photo of Sabo Skirt
  • Sara looked comfy in a $ 82 cable-knit sweater and matching shorts for $ 68

Victoria’s Secret Angel Sara Sampaio’s most comfy loungewear set is from an Australian fashion label – and it won’t break the bank.

The 30-year-old Portuguese model recently shared an Instagram photo posing in a cable-knit two-piece from Sabo Skirt, a clothing site founded in 2011 by Brisbane sisters-in-law Thessy Batsinilas and Yiota Kouzoukas.

The 5-foot-8 cover girl, who celebrated her birthday at the five-star Douro41 hotel and spa in Castelo de Paiva, northern Portugal on Sunday, said the $ 82 ‘Meli’ sweater and matching shorts at $ 68 were his most comfortable set.

Victoria’s Secret angel Sara Sampaio wears $ 82 Meli sweater and matching $ 68 shorts from Australian fashion label Sabo Skirt

Both pieces (pictured) are made from a high-quality cotton-acrylic blend, according to the Sabo Skirt website.

Both pieces (pictured) are made from a high-quality cotton-acrylic blend, according to the Sabo Skirt website.

Both pieces are made from a high-quality cotton-acrylic blend, according to the website.

The top has a high, rounded neckline, long sleeves and ribbed details along the hem and cuffs, while the shorts sit high on the waist for an ultra-flattering fit.

Sara’s photo from the set, which quickly racked up over 106,000 likes after being shared with her 7.7 million followers, drew rave responses with comments such as “divine,” “beautiful” and “you look amazing”.

Others begged her to reveal where her outfit came from, with the catwalk queen confirming it was from the Queensland-headquartered clothing brand.

Sara Sampaio walks the runway for the Victoria's Secret 2018 Fashion <a class=Show at Pier 94 on November 8 in New York City.” class=”blkBorder img-share” style=”max-width:100%” />

Sara Sampaio walks the runway for the Victoria’s Secret 2018 Fashion Show at Pier 94 on November 8 in New York City.

And Sara isn’t the only international celebrity with a fondness for Australian designs.

Earlier this year, Anglo-Kosovar popstar Rita Ora looked sensational in an affordable bikini from an Australian clothing brand as she posed for the camera outside her rental home in Sydney.

The 30-year-old singer wore a speckled two-piece from the fast fashion site White Fox Shop in two photos uploaded to Instagram on May 11.

Rita Ora poses in an Australian clothing brand two-piece bikini as she poses for the camera outside her rental home in Sydney

Rita Ora poses in an Australian clothing brand two-piece bikini as she poses for the camera outside her rental home in Sydney

The Anglo-Kosovar popstar, 30, wears a speckled two-piece from fast fashion site White Fox Boutique

The Anglo-Kosovar popstar, 30, wears a speckled two-piece from fast fashion site White Fox Boutique

The classic triangular top costs $ 49.95 while the matching bottom costs $ 39.95, for a total of just $ 89.90 – pocket change for the chart-topping artist who has temporarily moved to Australia to film. the 2021 season of The Voice.

The top is already sold out but the stockings are still available to order on the brand’s website in size XL.

Rita is the latest global celebrity to wear White Fox after Hailey Bieber, Khloe Kardashian and Paris Hilton posted photos in the brand last year.


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Fashion style

Fashion successes and failures for July 2021 | Gallery

5:21 am PDT, July 14, 2021

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French fashion

Pyer Moss impresses with fashion show in honor of black inventors Joshua Tree France Paris Brooklyn Manhattan

This time, the weather gods were smiling at Kerby Jean-Raymond and his label, Pyer Moss. The fashion gods were too.

Two days after torrential rains and lightning scared guests away and forced Jean-Raymond to postpone the unveiling of his long-awaited first couture collection, the sun rose on Saturday and the crowds returned. They were rewarded with an extremely imaginative and visually daring show that blurred the lines between fashion and art while paying homage to the ingenuity of black inventors often overlooked by history.

And so, there was the peanut butter dress – literally, a huge, sculpted, soft pot. There was a gorgeous hot roll wrapper – what it looked like, hot rolls from head to toe. There was an ice cream cone with leggings for the cone. There was an air conditioning unit, old fashioned cell phone, kitchen mop.

There was a dress with a pastel pink shade, with beaded fringes. There was a chess board, a white metal folding chair, and a bottle stopper – each costume was a sophisticated work of sculpture. There was also a refrigerator with colorful magnetic letters spelling out the phrase, “But who invented the dark trauma?”

There were also dancers, a rap musician, a string section and a history lesson from Elaine Brown – activist, writer and former leader of the Black Panther Party.

Jean-Raymond, whose shows always blend his ideas on fashion with those on culture, race and society, said in an interview after the show that his aim was to “highlight the inventions of blacks and show them in a non-traditional way “, involving 3D construction and sculpture.

All of Pyer Moss’s shows generate a great deal of interest, but this show got even more buzz because Jean-Raymond was the first black American designer invited by the Chambre Syndicale de France to show a collection during Couture Week. Paris – the event was broadcast live, with officials in Paris extending the length of Couture Week to accommodate the postponed parade.

And the setting was deeply meaningful: Villa Lewaro, an early 20th-century mansion in Irvington, New York, about 30 miles from New York City, built by Madame CJ Walker, the daughter of slave parents who became dressing table. self-made tycoon and millionaire.

“Madame CJ Walker’s wealth was more than money,” Jean-Raymond wrote in the show’s notes. “Black prosperity begins in the mind, in the mind and in each other. She knew that no dollar amount could ever satisfy the price of freedom – that green sheets of paper and copper coins could never mend souls, heal hearts, or mend the evil we have endured.

Charter shuttles carried guests from Manhattan and Brooklyn and the rescheduled show on Saturday included a contingent of the audience, adding to the excitement in the air.

It started with a speech by Brown, who gave a history lesson on some sort of black struggle for justice in America and asked the crowd, “Where do we go from here? Where does the freedom movement go from here? She urged the crowd to look past the differences and “get back on the freedom train”.

Then came the dancers – men in white, who slowly ditched their jackets and eventually their shirts as they accompanied rapper 22Gz performing several acts, including “Sniper Gang Freestyle” and “King of NY”, as the models roamed the runway. circular.

Jean-Raymond said he and his team went through a demanding and exhaustive process to meet the demands of a couture collection.

“We’ve gone through cycles and design cycles,” he said. “We started with a completely different concept. Then the team went to Joshua Tree and did ayahuasca together. And then we came back with this concept.

“So it wasn’t just sewing in the traditional sense where clothes were sewn,” he said. “There was fiberglass welding and molding. And we made shoes.

Holding the curler alone, he said, took months because “it was just people sitting there and winding real weaves onto curlers. You know, the bottle cap took two months. Every time we did something, we would sit down, we would think, ‘How can we improve it? And each time, the construction got complicated.

Jean-Raymond was relieved to no longer have to face the capricious weather on Saturday.

“It has been a long, long process to get to where we are now,” he said. “But I’m very happy with the results and that the public gave us a second chance, after Thursday’s monsoon almost wiped us out.”


Associated Press video reporter Ted Shaffrey contributed to this report.

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Fashion designer

Ashley Olsen goes for a hike with a machete

Louis Eisner shared a rare photo of his girlfriend Ashley Olsen as they walked together on Friday, with the fashion designer carrying a machete along the trail.

Olsen, 35, was photographed by her beau wearing a white sweatshirt layered over a black t-shirt, white linen pants and black YEEZY sneakers, as well as a black daddy’s hat and oversized sunglasses .

While the look works for a day out, the former child star also carried a large machete blade in her right hand during the ride, while sipping a drink in her left hand.

Eisner, 32, chose not to caption the film, but instead followed it with one of him standing on a log over a pond.

While the former “Full House” star and the artist have been linked since 2017, Olsen has yet to comment publicly on their relationship.

They were most recently seen publicly together in March, when they met on a double date with friends in New York City.

Ashley Olsen hiking with a machete in her right hand.
Ashley Olsen takes a machete for her hike with her boyfriend Louis Eisner.
knuckles.eisner / Instasgram

Ashley was also seen in New York in May, the same day news of her twin sister Mary-Kate Olsen and husband Olivier Sarkozy divorced after five years of marriage.

The Olsens are behind the luxury brand The Row and are said to be worth around $ 100 million. Actors Jonah Hill and Zoë Kravitz announced a collaboration with the label in April.

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French fashion

Chef Gravitas to open French-American restaurant All-Day Cafe Eaton DC Hotel

Gravitas Chef Matt Baker will be opening two new restaurants at the Eaton DC Hotel. Photograph by Leading DC

Gravitas boss Matt Baker is certainly not good at sitting idle. During the pandemic, he prepared take-out food and crafted vacation packages from his Michelin-starred Ivy City tasting room until prix fixe dinners could resume, and held virtual cooking classes then in person. In addition to welcoming a daughter, he has opened Baker’s Daughter, an all-day café-market across from Gravitas, and has planned another branch, which will open in Chinatown this summer. What now that the world is slowly returning to normal? Well, it’s time to really speed things up.

Baker is taking over the two main dining spaces of the trendy Eaton Hotel in downtown DC, a boutique property that opened in the summer of 2018 with Tim Ma as headlining chef. Ma is currently involved in other projects like Chinese-American restaurant Lucky Danger, which will soon open a second location in Arlington, and new nonprofit chefs Stopping AAPI Hate. The last of the development partners involved in Eaton, Ma says the start is a “natural progression.” The American Son Lobby Restaurant and Kintsugi Café will close in the coming weeks to make way for two Baker concepts: Michele’s, a chic French-American restaurant, and a third Baker’s Daughter location. The latter will open at the end of summer, while the redesigned full-service restaurant is slated for October.

Luxury riffs on the classics include a gruyere omelet with herbs and morels. Photograph by Leading DC

Michele is named after Baker’s mother, who died five years ago. Originally from New Orleans, she raised Baker in Houston, but the family returned to her hometown often.

“The two cities have made a big impact in terms of cuisine and culture,” says Baker. “In New Orleans, everything you eat is an eye opener. And Houston is such a diverse city – we would have Indians on Wednesdays, my dad would grill lamb at a halal market near us on Thursdays, then Creoles on Fridays, and dim sum for lunch. of Sunday. I loved it.

Baker plans to capture the eclecticism of the two cities at Michele’s, all against the backdrop of his classic French culinary training. The centerpiece of the restaurant, designed by Natalie Park, is a twelve-seat raw bar where Baker will serve an omakase-style tasting with 18 bites, somewhat similar to the chef’s counter at Gravitas, but with a seafood-centric approach. this will include raw and grilled oysters, caviar and more.

A raw sea bass will turn out to be a service of oysters and caviar. Photograph by Leading DC

The menus in the dining room and the 30-seat patio, equipped with separate and private seating areas similar to those of the Diplomate, will be à la carte. Raw sea bass will kick in with seafood tricks, caviar service, and dishes like Lagavulin 16 oysters, seaweed mignonette, and cucumber snow. All plates will be designed to be shared. Smaller items can include luxe riffs on French classics, like a gruyere omelet with herbs and morels, or cream united with Maryland crab and grapefruit sabayon. There will also be large-format dishes in all categories, such as whole Vietnamese fried fish or roast chicken with chicken fat Hollandaise sauce. Guests can pair food with new-style wines and modern French cocktails from Gravitas Beverage Manager, Judy Elahi.

Franco-American dishes with a gastronomic touch. Photograph by Leading DC

For more casual dining and take-out, Baker’s Daughter’s third location will offer a range similar to the other two: homemade coffees and pastries, breakfast tacos and cookies, bright salads, sandwiches and beer, wine and cocktails at carry. In addition to the lobby space, there will be a walk-in window for ordering food and drink on 12th Street, northwest.

While Ma was initially involved with food and drink for the Allegory Lobby Bar and Rooftop Bar, Wild Days, Baker says the only additional services he plans to provide are modified room service.

Michele and Baker’s daughter at Eaton DC. 1201 K St., NO

Food Editor

Anna Spiegel covers the restaurant and bar scene in her native DC. Prior to joining Washingtonian in 2010, she attended the French Culinary Institute and the Master of Fine Arts program at Columbia University in New York City, and held various cooking and writing positions in New York and St. John, in the US Virgin Islands.

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Fashion brand

Five brands supporting LGBTQIA + communities

In honor of the Stonewall Riots that took place in New York City on June 28, June is dedicated to celebrating the freedom, culture and rights of the LGBTQIA + community in society.

This pride month, Rich Mnisi got Twitter in a twist after posting high fashion photos of himself wearing a skirt as he showed his support for gender neutral fashion.

In line with support from the LGBTQIA + community, retail and luxury fashion brands have released Pride Month inspired campaigns. Here’s a quick look at five brands and their pride campaigns.

1. H&M

Retailer H&M has launched the Beyond The Rainbow campaign which aims to inspire individuals to share their personal values ​​and support the core values ​​of diversity, equality and transparency.

The campaign features South African activists Dolla Debbie, the alter ego of Siphesishle Duma and Lethabo Matseke.

“I hope this campaign goes beyond conversation and sparks real activism. We can all be advocates for equality and freedom in our spheres of influence and make sure the spaces we occupy are safe for all marginalized people, ”Debbie said according to IOL.


Sister of Versace founder Gianni Versace, Italian fashion designer Donatella Versace collaborated with Lady Gaga on a Born This way capsule in the form of a limited edition line to raise money for the singer’s charitable foundation.

“I am so excited to work with Lady Gaga on the tenth anniversary of Born This Way. It was a very exciting project for me, Born This Way celebrates individuality, inclusiveness and everything that needs to be done with pride, ”Donatella Versace said on Instagram.


The luxury fashion house that recently partnered with Crocs to launch the Stiletto Crocs, first released their Pride pieces during Demna Gvasalia’s pre-fall 21 collection.

The range includes hoodies, t-shirts, caps and sweaters, of which 15% of sales will be donated to the LGBTQIA + suicide prevention support service, the Trevor Project.


Popular for its line of denim jeans, American clothing company Levi’s raises funds for OutRight Action International, which fights for the rights of individuals in the LGBTQIA + community through its Pride collection.

The collection emphasizes the importance of using someone’s correct pronouns in a range of denim as well as bobs and fanny packs.


Rihanna’s lingerie brand Savage x fenty is known for its inclusiveness and this month the brand released their Savage x Pride collection which includes an assortment of mesh bras with rainbow embroidery and underpants. matching clothing, garter belts, boxers, knee-length stockings, tuxedo jackets and more.

The brand will donate to five organizations supporting LGBTQIA + communities, including GLAAD, Audre Lorde Project, TransLatin @ Coalition, Caribbean Equality Project and Trans Wellness Center.

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