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Best Shoe Design Colleges in USA

Shoes were invented to protect the feet only. Our distant ancestors living in cold regions wore animal skin shoes that also covered the calves. And those who live in warmer regions rolled palm leaves under their feet. Like most things, shoe design has come a long way since then. We wear dress shoes or oxfords for formal events, boots or stilettos for less formal occasions, sneakers for exercise, and pumps or sneakers for casual gatherings. So we have a shoe for every occasion.
Although shoe designers are in high demand, it is difficult to break into the industry without formal education. This is why, as an aspiring shoe designer, you should enroll in a formal shoe design program. Very few colleges or universities offer full-fledged shoe design programs. You can consider clothing design or fashion design programs that cover shoe design in depth.

The best shoe design colleges in the USA are:

  1. The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising
    FIDM’s Footwear Design program is part of the Fashion Design program. You will learn everything you need to know about the shoe industry, from shoe design and manufacturing to business strategy, during the year you invest in the program. You will learn how to integrate creativity with technical skills to create shoe collections that will become a trend in national and global markets. You can easily grasp the vast knowledge that the program instructors share with you. You also have the opportunity to learn and network with geniuses from top fashion brands such as Just Fab, Sam Edelman, Seychelles, Skechers, Sbicca, Steve Madden and TOMS. Many graduates have been hired by these companies while others have launched their own shoe collections.
  2. Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA)
    PNCA has partnered with PENSOLE Footwear Design Academy to launch its first program focused on shoemaking called Design Intensive. You can take one of three tracks in this intensive program: Color and Materials Design, Footwear Design, and Functional Clothing and Accessories Design. You will learn the complete design process from conceptualization to development as part of shoe design. Thus, you will gain in-depth knowledge of the entire shoe design process through the hands-on program. Experts from some of the best shoe brands will be part of the process to guide and mentor you on your journey to creating extraordinary shoe designs. You will be delighted to know that the founder of PENSOLE, D’Wayne Edwards, is one of these experts!
  3. Woodbury University
    Woodbury University is one of the universities on this list that does not offer a program solely dedicated to shoe design. But you will learn a lot about shoe design by pursuing its fashion design program. In this program, you will be able to explore niche segments of the apparel industry, including women’s denim, footwear, lingerie, and hats. Woodbury University has strong ties with several top brands such as BCBG, Kenneth Cole, Komarov and Max Mara. Through these associations, you can intern at some of the most prestigious fashion brands in the United States. Woodbury students designed outfits for members of the Burbank Philharmonic Orchestra. The university has established many such links with neighboring businesses, making it easier for students to find jobs. This alone makes Woodburn University an excellent choice for an aspiring shoe design professional. This further adds to the reputation of the university’s fashion design program.
  4. The Institute of Fashion Technology
    FIT offers a bachelor’s degree in prop design and related programs that last a year or two. Although these programs don’t focus on shoe design, you can learn a lot while earning a degree. As part of the program, you will be able to visit design studios and production facilities in one of the world’s leading fashion destination hubs, New York City. You can intern at top brands such as Brown Show, Kenneth Cole, and Nine West. You can also work on group projects and enter contests. Its certificate program in Performance Sports Shoes relates only to the design of shoes, although of a sports type. You will be able to learn in detail the four essential components of shoe design, namely ergonomics, materials, sketches and drafting.

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Repossi pays tribute to Robert Mapplethorpe in fine jewelry

As one of the great studio photographers of the 20th century, Robert Mapplethorpe saw his life stretched out to the point of nausea. And yet, despite Mapplethorpe’s notoriety, his jewelry designs – a significant part of his creative output prior to his photography – remain criminally ignored.

“He was fascinated by finery, especially jewelry, which he made from an early age,” says Michael Stout, former Mapplethorpe attorney and chairman of the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation. “And he’s always been very interested in expanding his artistic footprint in the fashion world.”

The new Americana Eagle necklace.

The photographer in 1971.

Mapplethorpe, who died of AIDS in 1989, could finally get his wish. Next month, at the request of the foundation, Gaia Repossi, the third-generation creative director of the eponymous company, unveils 10 new high jewelry pieces inspired by Mapplethorpe originals from the early 1970s. two-pronged offer was launched last year.) “They were perfect,” Repossi says of the trinkets Mapplethorpe made for friends and acquaintances, including Halston, Marisa Berenson and Yves Saint Laurent (who Mapplethorpe claimed to have snatched her dice jewelry and domino handcuffs). “But I really wanted to elevate them using noble materials.”

While Mapplethorpe’s long chains and fetish necklaces were made from found objects such as skulls, rabbit’s feet, beads, feathers and even the occasional crustacean, Repossi’s updates are rendered in golds and exquisite diamonds, and their price ranges from $2,050 for a ring to $197,000 for an Americana Eagle necklace. “It’s impossible to collaborate with someone who isn’t there,” Repossi explains, “so I was very careful not to violate their vision.”

His concern has already won the admiration of influential fans. “She really captured the essence and spirit of her designs,” says Frances Terpak, Senior Curator and Head of Photographs at the Getty Research Institute and co-author of Robert Mapplethorpe: The Archives, a book that pays particular attention to the artist’s early Polaroids, sculptures and jewelry. “There is a collector’s bias in favor of his black and white photographs, and the Repossi collaboration will go a long way to remedying that.”

Repossi examines some of Mapplethorpe’s original creations.

Relic necklace by Gaia Repossi, inspired by one of Mapplethorpe’s pieces, with her 1981 Ajitto photograph.

No one would have been happier than Mapplethorpe himself. “He absolutely would have loved the Repossi collection,” says Stout. “As he got richer, the level of jewelry he bought for himself increased. He certainly wasn’t going to Harry Winston, but he wasn’t just into cheap pearls anymore, nuts and skulls.

There will be no shortage of Mapplethorpe-related events to wear the pieces. Triptych (Eyes on each other)a musical composed by Bryce Dessner about the life and photography of Mapplethorpe, is scheduled for an extensive international tour, after a run in the United States which was interrupted by Covid; Hadrian, an opera composed by Rufus Wainwright, is revived in Madrid and Barcelona this summer, with artwork by Mapplethorpe as part of the scenography. And in July in London, Alison Jacques, the British gallery that has represented Mapplethorpe since 1999, will present her works, including jewelry, curated by fashion designer Jonathan Anderson.

“Robert sought ultimate perfection and exquisite beauty, often in controversial subjects that were far removed from the art world, with all its polite or seemingly sophisticated inhabitants,” says Jacques. “It is this rapprochement between opposite, often conflicting worlds that has made him the emblematic artist that he is and will be for many generations to come.”

Robert Mapplethorpe and Patti Smith, wearing his jewelry designs, in 1969.

©Norman Seeff; Valerie Santagto; © Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation, under license Artestar, New York; ©Jeremy Everett; Photo courtesy of Repossi.

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It’s time for micro fashion trends to fall – Massachusetts Daily Collegian

This is how fashion is rapidly changing our climate

Social media apps like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook have exploded to new heights. Social media has provided fame and high status to social media influencers. This status offers endless possibilities in the world of marketing and advertising. For example, big TikTok influencers can post Shein races, sometimes worth well over $800. Almost immediately after, the influencer’s fans flocked to Shein to buy, buy and buy again in hopes of being like their idol. Because the phrase “Shein Haul” has become so common in society, we need to investigate consumerism as a global community.

Fast fashion is cheap, accessible and consistent with current clothing trends. Companies like Amazon and Shein have exploded due to its wide range of styles and trends at skeptical prices. Fast fashion often has negative results for our environment. The fast fashion industry is experiencing quiet and rapid changes due to the phenomenon of micro-trends. Micro fashion trends are distinct low-end clothing designs that quickly become unpopular in a short period of time. Ads on social networks are punctuated by sharp marketing strategies aimed at attracting a large audience.

The global fast fashion market has grown due to advancements in marketing, media, and technological developments. Garment companies thrive financially while profiting from the woes of our society. Factory workers internationally and in the United States work in inhumane conditions and experience wage theft. The fashion industry has relied on the exploitation of underpaid workers, many of whom work unreasonably long hours. Many fast fashion brands are also notorious for unethical tactics used in clothing development, such as the use of harmful plastics.

Sixty percent of fabric fibers are now made of synthetics derived from fossil fuels, so when clothes end up in a landfill (about 85% of textile waste in the United States is landfilled or incinerated), they won’t end up in a landfill. will not break down. Several other materials that risk harming the environment include fabrics like nylon, an all-synthetic material. Rayon is another cheap material that you see everywhere; its toxic chemicals harm the environment and factory workers who take precautions before using them. Viscose rayon is the least environmentally friendly type of rayon, but the most widely used because it is the cheapest. According to an article in the New York Times, “the viscose process is the most harmful to the environment due to toxic chemicals and inefficient recycling of said components”.

Consuming our clothes ethically is an immediate way to counter the fast fashion industry and the problems that come with it. From an environmental point of view, a more expensive shirt can save the costs of several cheap shirts. Another way to combat fast fashion is to shop for clothes. Apps like Depop, ThredUp and ASOS Marketplace are great places to start if you prefer online savings.

Buying upcycled or upcycled clothing is also ethical because clothing is created from unwanted clothing or scraps. Although recycled or upcycled clothing tends to be more expensive, it saves the costs of buying more clothing in the future. It also prevents more clothes from being thrown away and collected in our landfills. Sustainability efforts have obviously increased over the past decade since news about our climate has become much more dire.

While many recognize the critical impacts of micro-trends in fast fashion, many are not changing their shopping habits as many may believe they are a minor attribution to our global effects. However, the false reality of this is revealed as our world continually consumes unethical clothing to the detriment of mother nature. Ultimately, we can see that our consumption habits need to change.

Amy Aguayo can be contacted at [email protected]

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French fashion

The world’s biggest luxury brands suspend operations in Russia

  • The French group Hermès has three stores in Moscow
  • Hermès “deeply concerned about the situation in Europe”
  • Russians spend $9 billion a year on luxury goods -Jefferies

PARIS, March 4 (Reuters) – The world’s biggest luxury brands said on Friday they planned to temporarily close stores and suspend business operations in Russia.

Bag maker Birkin Hermes and owner of Cartier Richemont were the first companies to announce such measures, followed by LVMH (LVMH.PA), Kering (PRTP.PA) and Chanel.

Doing business in Russia has become complex since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which prompted the United States, Britain and the European Union to impose sweeping sanctions.

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“Given our growing concerns about the current situation, the increasing uncertainty and the complexity to operate, Chanel has decided to temporarily suspend its activities in Russia,” the French luxury fashion house said in a post on LinkedIn.

Luxury giant LVMH, which owns brands such as Christian Dior, Givenchy, Kenzo, TAG Heuer and Bulgari, among others, will close its 124 stores in Russia from Sunday but will continue to pay the salaries of its 3,500 employees in the country. , said a spokesperson. Reuters.

French multinational Kering, whose brands include brands such as Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta and Boucheron, among others, has two stores and 180 employees, which the company will continue to support.

While affluent Russians are big consumers of luxury goods, analysts say the proportion of luxury sales generated by Russian nationals is low compared to the industry’s main growth drivers, China and the United States. .

Richemont, which also owns Dunhill, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Montblanc, Piaget and Van Cleef & Arpels among others, has a dozen stores of its own, mainly in Moscow. He said in a statement that he suspended business activities in Russia on March 3 after halting operations in Ukraine on February 24, the day Russia launched its invasion.

Hermes, which has three stores in Moscow, had planned to open an outlet in St. Petersburg later this year.

Investment bank Jefferies estimates that Russians account for about $9 billion in annual luxury goods sales, or about 6% of Chinese spending and 14% of US luxury goods spending.

Swiss watchmaker Swatch Group (UHR.S), which owns high-end watch and jewelry brands including Harry Winston, said it would continue operations in Russia but was suspending exports “due to the current situation. overall difficult.

L’Oreal (OREP.PA), LVMH (LVMH.PA) and Kering (PRTP.PA) have all pledged financial support to help Ukrainian refugees and Richemont announced on Friday that it was launching a “significant donation” to Doctors Without Borders.

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Reporting by Mimosa Spencer, Silvia Aloisi and Layli Foroudi; Editing by Tassilo Hummel, Jon Boyle, Susan Fenton, Alexander Smith and Sandra Maler

Our standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Relations with Russia could harm thousands of European companies

PARIS — French energy companies operating in the Russian Arctic Sea. Italian luxury shops near Red Square. German car factories in southern Russia.

As the United States and the European Union apply sanctions to penalize Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, European companies are preparing for the possibility that the punishment aimed at Moscow could hurt them as well.

The sanctions, which include preventing the government and banks from borrowing in global financial markets, blocking technology imports and freezing the assets of influential Russians, were designed to maximize the pain of the Russian economy while by inflicting as little damage as possible within the European Union, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Friday.

But thousands of foreign companies that have been doing business in Russia for years are preparing for an inevitable economic comeback, and the war in Ukraine threatens to disrupt supply chains and bring down the European economy just as it was beginning to recover from the Covid blockade blows.

“The attack on Ukraine represents a turning point in Europe,” Christian Bruch, chief executive of Siemens Energy, a major turbine and generator producer based in Germany, said this week. “As a business, we now need to analyze exactly what this situation means for our business.”

The European Union is Russia’s largest trading partner, accounting for 37% of Russia’s global trade in 2020. Much of that is energy: around 70% of Russia’s gas exports and half of its oil exports are destined for Europe.

And while sales to Russia represent only around 5% of Europe’s total trade with the world, it has for decades been a key destination for European companies in a range of industries, including finance. , agriculture and food, energy, automotive, aerospace and luxury goods. .

Some European companies, especially in Germany, have had commercial ties with Russia for centuries. Deutsche Bank and Siemens, the huge conglomerate that is the parent company of Siemens Energy, have been doing business there since the late 19th century. During the Cold War, economic ties were seen as a means of maintaining relations across the Iron Curtain.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, Western companies came to Russia for different reasons, whether to sell Renaults or Volkswagens to the country’s growing urban middle class, or to meet the needs of a growing group of wealthy elites in search of Italian and French luxury. Others wanted to sell German tractors to Russian farmers or acquire Russian titanium for aircraft.

While some multinationals, such as Deutsche Bank, reduced their relations with Russia after its annexation of Crimea in a military operation in 2014, others have worked diligently to increase their market share in recent years and have boldly sought to expand their business in Russia. even as President Vladimir V. Putin prepared to invade neighboring Ukraine.

Last month, 20 of Italy’s top leaders held a video call with Mr Putin to talk about strengthening economic ties as Russian troops massed on the Ukrainian border and European leaders discussed sanctions.

Executives from UniCredit bank, tire company Pirelli, utility Enel and others listened for more than half an hour to Putin talking about Italian business investments and opportunities in Russia.

The call, held on January 25, angered European politicians and underscored the conflicting economic interests Europe faces as it prepares to punish Moscow with a barrage of sanctions for attacking Ukraine. A similar call scheduled for next week with German business leaders, including those from energy firm Uniper and supermarket chain Metro, was only canceled on Thursday.

But with huge economic assets at stake, European Union leaders have in recent days sought to live up to the reach of the sanctions, which have fallen short of the more sweeping economic repression some supporters of the Ukraine demanded.

At one point during frantic negotiations this week, Italy’s officials sought to have goods produced by its luxury industry excluded from any sanctions package. They also advocated for tougher sanctions that omit major crackdowns on Russian banks, much like Austria, whose Raiffeisen Bank International has hundreds of branches in Russia, diplomats said.

More notable is the omission of sanctions that would harm Russian energy imports into Europe, in which a phalanx of influential energy companies from Paris to Berlin hold major interests. Nor did the allies shut down the Russian economy to the global payments system known as SWIFT, which is used by banks in 200 countries, drawing condemnation from critics who said European leaders were placing interest economic above Ukraine’s human toll.

This is a comfort for European countries whose companies have a strong presence in Russia.

In France alone, 35 of the 40 largest French companies listed on the country’s CAC 40 stock exchange have significant Russian investments, from Auchan supermarkets on the streets of Moscow to the liquefied natural gas operations of French energy giant TotalEnergies in the Yamal Peninsula, above the Arctic Circle. All but two of the 40 companies listed on the Frankfurt DAX index have investments in Russia.

About 700 French subsidiaries operate in Russia in a variety of industries employing more than 200,000 workers, according to the French finance ministry.

While Mr Le Maire promised that the impact of the sanctions on the French economy would be minimal, the blow to some French businesses was far from clear.

Among the most exposed is the French carmaker Renault, which has two factories in Russia and is the first carmaker there thanks to a partnership with Avtovaz, which makes the Lada the most popular car in Russia. Russia is Renault’s second largest market after France.

Last week Luca de Meo, the company’s chief executive, warned that escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine could lead to “another supply chain crisis” for the company.

The problem has already hit Volkswagen, which said on Friday it would suspend operations for several days next week at two electric vehicle manufacturing plants in eastern Germany as deliveries of crucial parts from the west of Ukraine were interrupted by the fighting.

Volkswagen could also be hit by sanctions against Russia, where since 2009 it has had a plant in Kaluga that employs around 4,000 people producing its Tiguan and Polo models, as well as the Audi Q8 and Q9, and the Skoda Rapid. Mercedes-Benz has a plant outside Moscow, while BMW works with a local partner. All three have invested in the Russian market and a growing group of consumers who can afford their cars.

This week, however, as Russia strafed Ukrainian cities and world leaders moved to impose sanctions, Volkswagen said the impact on its business in Russia would be “continually determined by a crisis team.”

BMW said “the policy sets out the rules under which we operate as a business” and that “if the framework conditions change, we will assess them and decide how to deal with them.”

And then there are the banks.

Raiffeisen Bank from Austria, UniCredit from Italy and Société Générale from France are among the banks that have substantial ties to Russia. Italian and French banks had bad debts of about $25 billion in Russia at the end of last year, according to data from the Bank for International Settlements.

France, Italy and Germany were the main European powers urging not to cut Russia off from the SWIFT global payment system. Eliminating Russia would make it difficult for European creditors to receive money from Russian sources – or to pay for Russian gas, on which these countries have come to depend, especially in Europe’s current energy crisis.

Despite efforts to downplay their own countries’ pain, European officials have acknowledged that the situation is likely to get worse before it gets better.

“It will not be possible to prevent sectors of the German economy from being affected,” German Economy Minister Robert Habeck said on Thursday.

“The price of making peace possible, or getting back to the diplomatic table,” he said, “is that we at least get the economic sanctions bitten.”

Liz Alderman reported from Paris and Melissa Eddy from Berlin.

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As Ukraine-Russia war escalates, designers seek safety and resolution – WWD

Faced with the onset of war and a large-scale invasion by Russia, Ukrainian designers and other fashion executives offered a stark view of their experience on Thursday.

In retaliation for the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the US administration, 27 members of the European Union, Australia and other countries announced plans Thursday afternoon to hamper the Russian economy.

President Joe Biden has revealed new sanctions against Russia. Addressing how Putin’s military efforts threaten freedom everywhere, Biden said, “Aggression cannot go unaddressed, if it did, the consequences for America would be far worse. America stands up to bullies. We stand up to bullies. We defend freedom. It’s who we are.

As Russian tanks continue to roll into Ukraine and bombs are dropped in various cities, traffic has intensified in Kyiv, with many residents seeking refuge in neighboring countries.

As more US military troops were deployed to Germany in response to the invasion of Ukraine, major retailers like H&M and Adidas were watching the situation closely. H&M has closed its nine stores in Ukraine until further notice, according to a company spokesperson.

Traffic jams are seen as people leave the city of Kiev, Ukraine, February 24, 2022.
Emilio Morenatti/AP

Some fashion designers based in the capital Kiev, such as Alina Kachorovska, had taken refuge in underground metro stations to avoid airstrikes. Other designers, like Ivan Frolov, the creative force behind the Frolov label, had evacuated Kyiv en route to Poland. But that didn’t happen due to mandates put in place Thursday night that prevent Ukrainian men between the ages of 18 and 60 from leaving the country. Only women and children are currently allowed there.

Jen Sidary, a global fashion brand strategist who is showcasing six Ukrainian brands in New York this week, said she has been in “constant contact” with Frolov and other designers since the airstrikes began. Besides Kachorovska and Frolov, Elena Burenina, Chereshnivska, Paskal and 91 Lab are the brands that Sidary works with.

Burenina and her team were sheltering in place in Kiev. Frolov, her boyfriend and a few friends had packed their bags and were driving on back roads to avoid major cities in an attempt to get to Poland. “There is some pretty horrific coverage right now that the Kremlin will target members of the LGBQT community. Hopefully Ivan will reach the border at 2:30 am Kyiv time. I text him every hour,” Sidary said.

However, this hope has disappeared, due to the new mandates.

Ivan Frolov evacuated Kiev on Thursday en route to Poland.

Ivan Frolov evacuated Kiev on Thursday en route to Poland, but new warrants prevented that from happening.

Eponymous shoe designer Alina Kachorovska, whose grandmother started making shoes in Ukraine in 1957, had just returned to the land of Lineapelle in Milan. “She was very happy about it because she has three children,” Sidary said. “At 4am EST, Alina was in her design studio right after the bombing. These Ukrainians can’t stop working. I’m in awe.

Noting that Kachorovska’s design studio is not located in a secure building, Sidary said she moved to take shelter but “stays strong with her family.” Acknowledging reports that Putin plans to repeatedly hit Kiev and overtake the capital, Sidary said, “I think we have to be prepared for what is to come.

In an email Thursday afternoon, Public Kitchen founder Anastasia Ivchenko said she and her business partner Eugenia Skibina and most of their team members remain in Kyiv. The PR company works with Ukrainian fashion brands such as Ienki Ienki, Katimo, Anna October, Jul and Oberig. Some Public Kitchen employees have decided to relocate to the west of the country for security reasons. When military sirens signal potential airstrikes in Kyiv, public kitchen workers go to the nearest underground bomb shelters, Ivchenko said.

Awakened at 5 a.m. by the sound of explosions, Ivchenko said it was very difficult to speak of any calm. “Ukraine is the geographical center of Europe, a country with an extremely rich history and culture with a surprisingly strong spirit and a creative economy that breaks all the patterns of ideas about Eastern Europe”, she said. “The war in eastern Ukraine has been going on for eight years, but today Russia attacked us on a large scale, including in Kiev, where our team, most of our customers and our friends live.”

As recently as Wednesday, despite the threat of military action at the time, Ienki Ienki employees were eager to discuss how the brand had spent six months designing parkas for scientists at the research base Vernadsky working at the National Antarctic Science Center of Ukraine. Ienki Ienki presented his collection in Milan on Wednesday as planned.

Anastasia Ivchenko and Eugenia Skibina plan to stay in Kyiv.

Anastasia Ivchenko and Eugenia Skibina plan to stay in Kyiv.

Skibina said they are keeping “cool heads and fiery hearts” and staying in touch with family and friends as a show of support. “We support each other. That’s all we can do now. We don’t give up and we do what we have to do – we tell the world about Ukraine, all its diversity of talent, its rich culture and its amazing people. she says. “There are many of us here. And we need the support of the world, while our country is on the front line.

After being in touch with her family in Kyiv on Thursday, Ukrainian-born fashion designer Nataliya Ivantsova, who runs her iconic Miami company, said they were hiding bombs in underground subway stations and old buildings, including those that had been used as shelter. during the Second World War. Noting how the airstrikes were happening from east to west in Ukraine, Ivantsova said Ukraine “can be attacked from all sides from land, sea and air.”

Some of his relatives, who live in Kharkiv, suffered an explosion right next to their house, forcing them “to take the children and flee to nowhere”. Located in the northeast of Ukraine, the city has more than 1.4 million inhabitants. They also say that Kharkiv is “so blocked that it is difficult for them to even get out of the city”, she said.

Having heard from friends in Ukraine who are actively involved in charity, Ivantsova tries to figure out how to get Ukrainian residents what they need through other friends, who work in diplomatic relations. “I was told today that even the hot water was not working. We have to figure out how things can be shipped to Ukraine because now they say a lot of airports [there] will be bombarded. Some of them have already been bombed,” she said. “We just need to figure out what we can do.”

Although the designer does some manufacturing in Kyiv, now is not the time to think about changing operations there in any way, she said. Many stocks are available in the United States and the company uses other factories, including one in Mongolia, so as not to be dependent on any factory.

“My family is fine but you don’t know what might happen next,” Ivantsova said. “The whole country could easily be on fire.”

As of Wednesday, the founders of the Gunia project, Natalia Kamenska and Maria Gavrilyuk, planned to stay in Kiev. A spokeswoman for them said on Thursday that communication in Kyiv is periodically lost due to airstrikes. She said Kamenska and Gavrilyuk would comment on Friday, adding that “today is so emotional and now the main thing for us is to survive the night.”

Sidary was among more than 100 people who attended a rally in Times Square on Thursday to protest the war in Ukraine. “After that, everyone headed to the Russian consulate,” she said. “We came back to the showroom. We still have retailers placing orders.

Recalling a call with Burenina on Thursday, Sidary said she advised the company’s employees were all safe. “She wanted to tell me that if I take orders for her brand, she will produce them and make sure retailers get their orders. It’s amazing how hard these people work. That wasn’t really why I called them.

Noting how Russia clearly wants to overtake Ukraine and harm the country’s economy, as evidenced by frozen assets and banks, Sidary said she has brands trying – so far without success – to send money to Ukrainians to donate. “They can’t even access their money,” Sidary said. “I think supporting Ukraine in every way possible is what we should be doing.”

Across the Ukrainian border in Russia, a spokesperson for the fashion-oriented department store Tsum said on Thursday that “so far nothing has changed in terms of business operations” at its Moscow and St. -Petersburg. The company also has multiple pick-up points in six cities across Russia as well as in Belarus, which also borders Ukraine. Personally, the spokesperson said: “This is a very worrying situation. We are all surprised. We watch, of course, all the meetings and check all the situations. People don’t agree. Of course, it’s not our decision. We want to live in peace and live in love.

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French fashion

Nigerian bronzes looted from Benin return, more than a century later

Written by Story by Reuters

Two bronzes from Benin were returned to a traditional palace in Nigeria on Saturday, more than a century after they were looted by British troops, raising hopes that thousands more artefacts may finally be returned to their ancestral homes.
The artifacts, mostly in Europe, were stolen by explorers and colonizers from the ancient kingdom of Benin, now in southwestern Nigeria, and are among Africa’s most important heritage items. They were created as early as the 16th century, according to the British Museum.

In a colorful ceremony to mark the return of a rooster sculpture and the head of an Oba or a king, spokesman Charles Edosonmwan of the Oba Palace in Benin City noted that some of the bronzes were kept to New Zealand, the United States and Japan. .

One of the repatriated artifacts that were looted from Nigeria over 125 years ago by British military force sits on a table inside the Oba Palace in Benin. Credit: Kola Sulaimon/AFP/Getty Images

The two artifacts were handed over to the Nigerian High Commission in October by the University of Aberdeen and Jesus College, University of Cambridge, but had not yet been returned to their ancestral home.

“It’s not just art, but it’s things that highlight the importance of our spirituality,” Edosonmwan said in an interview on the sidelines of a ceremony attended by traditional leaders.

The return is another milestone in the years-long struggle of African countries to recover looted works, as many European institutions grapple with the cultural legacy of colonialism.

About 90% of African cultural heritage is in Europe, estimate French art historians. The musée du quai Branly — Jacques-Chirac in Paris alone holds around 70,000 African objects and the British Museum in London tens of thousands more.

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Fashion brand

Luxury fashion brand Balenciaga to open a Tysons Galleria store

Tysons shoppers will soon be able to dress like Justin Bieber — provided they have an extra $1,000 to spend on a pair of sneakers.

Luxury fashion house Balenciaga will open a boutique at Tysons Galleria tomorrow (Thursday), its first in Virginia and the DC area, a spokesperson confirmed to Tysons Reporter.

The store measures 133 square meters (or 1,431 square feet) and will sell the brand’s ready-to-wear clothing as well as bags, shoes, eyewear and accessories.

A press release highlights the store’s “intentionally eroded concrete facade” and “deconstructed” architecture, which Balenciaga says make it a more environmentally friendly design.

“The resulting structures inherently require less virgin material,” the press release reads. “In line with Balenciaga policies, new stores and renovations aim to achieve the highest standards of sustainable practices.”

Balenciaga was founded by Spanish designer Cristóbal Balenciaga, who opened the house’s first official boutique in Paris, France, in 1937. His work was notable for its clean lines and full silhouettes, serving as inspiration for the film “Phantom Thread” by Paul Thomas Anderson.

The company now operates more than 100 stores worldwide, including 30 in the United States.

Balenciaga joins New Zealand clothing store Rodd & Gunn, which now appears to be open next to Kate Spade, and restaurant Empanadas De Mendoza as the latest additions to Tysons Galleria.

The mall also plans to add furniture store CB2, a CinéBistro movie theater, Crate & Barrel, a Yard House sports bar, and more. Many newcomers will occupy the space of the old Macy’s, which has been remodeled and divided into smaller units.

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Could Detroit be the next fashion city?

“I think our landlord is like, ‘What are you guys doing?'” Cassidy Tucker said, sitting alongside her sister Kelsey on a Zoom call from their Detroit studio last week. . Around them was a stack of 50 original artworks, with several 8ft by 4ft wall sculptures meant to resemble the pages of a giant storybook. The art was to be pressed into the 26-foot truck they had rented to transport the lot from Detroit to New York for an exhibit called “Don’t Sleep on Detroit.”

Cassidy, 27, and Kelsey, 25, are the founders of Deviate, a playful, unisex line of street and workwear that launched in late 2018 and is produced entirely in Detroit. The sisters love and believe in their hometown’s creative energy so much that their entire business model is built around nurturing and sharing it.

They have recruited more than 50 local artists – fashion and textile designers, muralists, painters, graphic designers and ceramicists – to contribute to the work of the “Don’t Sleep on Detroit” showcase, which will also serve as a fashion presentation for the Fall 2022 from Deviate.

The idea behind the exhibition, which will be held in New York on February 2 and 3 as a press and industry event, is a core conceit of Mohammed/Mountain: Bringing the creative world of Detroit into the court of the big ones. The showcase will return to Detroit and open to the public later this year.

Detroit has long been in the fashion orbit. Highly influential retailer Linda Dresner, credited with bringing Jil Sander, Martin Margiela and Comme des Garçons to the United States, ran stores in New York and Birmingham, Michigan, about half an hour from Detroit, for decades. One of the few black designers to be a mainstay on the New York scene, Tracy Reese returned to Detroit in 2019 to launch her enduring collection, Hope for Flowers. Carhartt, the workwear brand that is increasingly linked to street fashion and hype, was founded in Detroit in 1889.

Over the past year or so, interest in Detroit has been reignited by global players: Gucci launched a collaboration with local brand Detroit Vs. Everybody, founded by Tommey Walker Jr., for a capsule collection of T-shirts and announced the opening of a new store in downtown Detroit; Hermès opened a store in the city; and in October, Bottega Veneta hosted what would be creative director Daniel Lee’s final fashion show for the Detroit house.

In March, Michigan’s first historically black college, the former Lewis College of Business, will reopen as the design-focused Pensole Lewis College of Business & Design.

“When people think of Detroit, they don’t think much of the positivity the city has to offer,” Cassidy Tucker said. “It’s often overshadowed by some of the most sensational elements in its history – the struggle, the triumph, the struggle.”

The New York showcase is set up like a storybook written by Kesley Tucker, creative director of Deviate, titled “A Bird Trusts Its Wings.” A metaphor for non-traditional creative careers, the story follows the main character who, mired in self-doubt, wakes up in a bustling world in which all of his ideas have been exiled to live out the rest of his days.

By revisiting them and interacting with them, she realizes that she wants to share them with the world. If the story provides a dreamy backdrop for the showcase, the subtext for it is the tenacity of rambling DIY.

“There’s always a lot of pressure, like, ‘You should be there. You should be doing this,’ Ms Tucker said of her decision to choose to carve her way off the well-trodden roads to the capitals of the fashion like New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris.” The showcase is really us putting the foot down and saying, ‘We can do this from Detroit and bring it to you.'”

Ms. Tucker studied fashion design at Wayne State University in downtown Detroit. After an internship with Vera Wang in Los Angeles, she realized she wasn’t interested in big brand work. “What I’ve learned the most is that fashion is a chore,” she said. “Everything you do in this life is drudgery, but you have to choose your path.”

Hers was driving home and teaming up with her sister who, after graduating from Princeton, had been involved in a ride-sharing startup called Splt and wanted to get involved in social entrepreneurship.

“We were on a mission to put Detroit on the fashion map,” Cassidy said.

How to do that? They had no idea.

They started by reaching out to people in the community, bringing together mentors including Ms. Reese. There’s also Christina Chen, who does public relations for Deviate and has fashion experience at Saint Laurent, Alexander Wang, Shinola and StockX, and Ben Ewy, the vice president of design, research and development at Carhartt.

“People here create their own scenes and have done so for a long time, whether it’s automotive, Detroit techno or workwear,” Ewy said. “People here think differently and create unique products.”

An eco-consciousness is built into Deviate’s ethos – the Tuckers produce almost everything locally and use scrap fabric to cut their clothes when they can – but the social impact is greater. Kelsey mentioned the Antwerp Six, Motown and the Wu-Tang Clan as collectives who started in neglected places and amplified their talents through the power of numbers.

Deviate has also partnered with the Industry Club of Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeast Michigan to offer paid internships. And last year, the company launched the Lost Artists Collective: a series of house parties requiring artists to bring some of their work to enter (they could walk away with someone else’s) which is became a community resource and was the starting point for “Don’t Sleep in Detroit.

Marlo Broughton, 34, a painter and illustrator who helped introduce Detroit Vs. Everyone with his cousin Walker, first heard from Kelsey and Cassidy via direct message, inviting him to one of the parties at the house of the collective of artists, then to participate in the showcase. “They showed me everything and had a full plan,” he said.

The sisters also reached out to Sydney James, 42, a fine muralist and artist, who contributed a photo of her 8,000-square-foot mural, “Girl With the D Earring,” a reinterpretation of Vermeer’s painting “Girl With a Pearl Earring”. featuring a black woman wearing an Old English D.

“I didn’t necessarily understand what it was, but I liked the ‘why’,” Ms James said after being approached for the showcase. “It’s like, ‘We’re going to make them look at us.'”

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9 American clothing brands to shop right now

You might think American clothing brands are already on your radar, but there are plenty of lesser-known brands worthy of your attention.

While we love British clothing brands, there’s no denying that our friends across the pond have an eclectic mix of styles and influences that aren’t easy to emulate. And a look at American clothing brands proves just how varied the options really are. You’ll probably recognize denim legends Levi’s and sports giant Nike as hailing from the United States. And as one of the major fashion hubs, many big names are also featured at New York Fashion Week, such as Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren, to name just two. But American clothing brands offer much more than denim, sneakers and polo shirts.

Unlike the chic appeal of French clothing brands, the glamor of Italian clothing brands, and the minimal and maximum aesthetics of Scandinavian clothing brands, these American fashion brands each have their own unique identity. Whether you’re looking for quality basics to add to your capsule wardrobe, bohemian dresses for summer vacation, or statement pieces for special occasions, American clothing brands truly offer something for everyone.

The best American clothing brands to browse

The best American clothing brands chosen by our fashion editors

Whether you’re shopping for an outfit for a big event or looking to stock up on basics, here are some of the best American clothing brands that ship to the US and UK.

1. Good American

Models of different sizes wear Good American products

(Image credit: Good American)

If you’re looking for a confidence boost, look no further than Good American. Founded in 2016 by Emma Grede and reality TV royalty Khloe Kardashian, body acceptance is at the heart of this label. Offering a brilliant size range from 00 to 32 which means they have some of the best jeans for curvy women, he even launched a mid size 15 after noticing the majority of the feedback he got was sizes 14 and 16. Awesome! Each item is photographed on different sized models so you can get a good idea of ​​how it looks on different body types as well. If you really want to keep up with the Kardashians, it’s worth updating your best jeans. Denim is at the heart of Good American, so whether you’re looking for slim, straight or wide legs, there’s a pair for you. Without forgetting the timeless tops and tight dresses that will accentuate your silhouette. It’s one of the best American fashion brands we’ve seen, so bookmark it now.

The fashion editor’s favourites…

2. Reform

Models wear clothes by American fashion brand Reformation

(Image credit: Reform)

Cool, feminine and edgy, Reformation is our go-to sustainable clothing brand that also feels sexy. Originally a vintage store in Los Angeles, the brand has grown and now focuses on its own designs, made with love and affection. If you’re looking for a dress to die for, Reformation gets our vote. Its sleek styling often comes with subtle slits, quirky necklines, or multiple colors, and everything is made from low-impact materials, unused fabrics, or repurposed garments. The best piece? It starts small to keep production more exclusive and only makes more if there’s demand, meaning you’re less likely to have that cringe-worthy moment to see someone in the same outfit you. Its bridal and bridesmaids section is particularly impressive, and it also offers extended sizes.

The fashion editor’s favourites…

3. Anthropology

Models wear clothes by American clothing brand Anthropologie

(Image credit: Anthropology)

If you consider yourself to have a more bohemian approach to life, then it’s worth browsing through the treasure trove that is Anthropologie. Since its launch in Pennsylvania in the early 90s, it has expanded to over 200 stores across North America and Europe and inhabits a lifestyle for the creative woman looking for a little adventure. . In addition to selling its own designer clothes, there are pieces from other brands that share the same free-spirited ethos so you can expand your fashion credentials as well. Plus, the homeware section is gorgeous if you’re looking to match your wardrobe to your kitchen. Think contrasting prints, crocheted separates and floaty maxi dresses that are especially worth looking into during the summer months.

The fashion editor’s favourites…

4. Everlane

Models wear clothes from American clothing brand Everlane

(Image credit: Everlane)

This ethical brand will be the centerpieces of your wardrobe. The San Francisco-based label has transparency at its heart, revealing the estimated cost it takes to make each item on its site so you can see the markups. It has a minimal, fuss-free aesthetic so you can fit its quality basics into your capsule wardrobe. Whether square t-shirts, the best cashmere sweaters, or tailored pants, you can rest assured that these pieces are made to last. While there’s something for every occasion, it’s especially useful for workwear and everyday separates, as well as great accessories.

The fashion editor’s favourites…

5. J.Crew

Models wear J.Crew clothes

(Image credit: J.Crew)

When we think of American clothing brands, we often think of that preppy college vibe seen in movies. If you’re drawn to collared shirts layered under v-neck sweaters, varsity logo tops or blazers, then J.Crew should be added to your shopping list. With a penchant for color, these stores are a breath of fresh air. You can even search for key articles online via the print you are looking for. Our advice, get your stripes right here, because J.Crew really knows how to do a classic pattern. Loved by stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Michelle Obama, you can buy A-list pieces without a celebrity budget.

The fashion editor’s favourites…

6. Girlfriend Collective

Models wear sportswear from Girlfriend Collective

(Image credit: Girlfriend Collective)

Less of a trend and more of a movement, Girlfriend Collective is changing the way activewear is made and marketed. Not only does he have one of the most sustainable approaches to making his clothes, he says he uses 25 recycled plastic bottles to make every pair of leggings and 11 for every sports bra. Plus, it’s one of the most inclusive American fashion brands we’ve seen. Shaped by a range of sizes and ages, it also features body hair, stretch marks and skin blemishes. Because every body is beautiful and deserves good quality gym equipment and loungewear. Period.

The fashion editor’s favourites…

7. Banana Republic

The models are wearing clothes from the American clothing brand Banana Republic

(Image credit: Banana Republic)

You’ve probably heard of American fashion brand Gap, but did you know that the company also owns Banana Republic? If a utilitarian style is more your thing, then it’s worth a look. Originally launched to sell “safari style” in the late 70s, it didn’t stray too far from the genre. Expect an understated color palette of khakis, beiges, and tans that fit easily into any closet. With a little animal print for good measure, because it’s impossible not to be drawn to leopard spots, Banana Republic is expert in adult adventure. Mix smart jackets with loose pants or silk scarves with shirts for safari chic 22.

The fashion editor’s favourites…

8. Kate Spade in New York

Models wear styles from American clothing brand Kate Spade

(Image credit: Kate Spade New York)

If it’s good enough for royalty, it’s good enough for us, and Kate Spade is Duchess-approved. Kate Middleleton’s dresses have topped best-dressed lists for years and although she’s worn American clothing brands on several occasions, this brand is one of her favorites. Founded by couple Kate and Andy Spade, it first sold brightly colored bags before expanding into clothing and accessories. It’s fun and feminine, often adorned with quirky slogans and designs. From classic florals to cheeky lips, this is a brand that embraces all things feminine. While founder Kate sadly took her own life in 2018, her vision, playfulness and creativity lives on.

The fashion editor’s favourites…

9. Rag & Bone

Models wear clothes from Rag & Bone

(Image credit: Rag & Bone)

Sitting at the pinnacle of American fashion brands, Rag & Bone has all the elements that make up an urban New York brand. Baggy t-shirts and ripped jeans are the mainstays of the brand, with many products still being made in factories in the United States. British-born Marcus Wainwright is at the helm and it’s clear there’s a British influence as the label mixes heavily cut pieces with an understated twist. A shout must also go to its quality leather parts. They cost more but will last for years, especially since leather looks better when aged a bit. The American-made clothes at Rag & Bone are loved by the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Katie Holmes, so it’s worth investing in casual looks to show you the streets of New York.

The fashion editor’s favourites…

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Natalie Portman, a French company brings home the fake bacon – Life & Style

PARIS: Vegan bacon sizzles on a frying pan in the office of a French startup whose quest to produce the ‘holy grail’ of the growing plant-based meat industry has won financial backing from Hollywood star Natalie Portman .

Paris-based company La Vie recently raised 25 million euros ($28.3 million) from investment funds and climate-conscious celebrities like Portman, an avowed vegan.

While they weren’t the first to market vegetable bacon, the founders of La Vie bet their success on mastering the imitation of pork fat, which sets it apart from other brands.

“We are today the only ones in the world to have succeeded in developing a vegetable fat that cooks, fries, infuses and browns” like animal fat, enthused the CEO and co-founder of the company, Nicolas Schweitzer.

After several minutes on the pan, the slices of La Vie’s imitation smoked bacon were golden brown, crunchy, and tasted similar to the real McCoy.

Then come the bacon bits. Cuts of meat and fat also brown well, but are a little salty.

“We also have a reduced-salt version,” said Vincent Poulichet, 32, the company’s scientific expert and fellow co-founder.

The bacon bits received a C rating on the French “Nutri-Score” food health assessment scale – an average rating on the A to E classification.

“Worse than broccoli, but better than pork lardons,” the company ironically notes on its website.

Startups and established food manufacturers have rolled out a variety of products aimed at replacing beef, chicken, and pork with plant-based ingredients.

But getting the fake bacon to taste like the real thing is another challenge.

Ethan Brown, the chef of industry leader Beyond Meat, told the Wall Street Journal last year that making raw bacon, steak and chicken was the “holy grail”.

Princess Diana ‘immersive’ documentary opens Sundance

A growing number of consumers are looking to reduce or eliminate meat from their diet due to concerns such as animal rights and the industry’s impact on the environment.

According to a 2021 report by market research firm Euromonitor International, more than one in four consumers worldwide say they try to limit their meat intake, in addition to the 10% of people who are vegetarian or vegan.

London-based market research firm Fairfield expects the plant-based meat market to grow nearly 19% annually between 2021 and 2026, to reach $13 billion.

5,000 trials

The founders of La Vie, who started their company in 2019, believe that winning over consumers on taste is the real key to success.

“After three years of research and 5,000 trials, we succeeded in the somewhat crazy challenge of replicating the taste of pork,” said Schweitzer, 34.

The fat in La Vie imitation bacon and lardons is made primarily from sunflower oil and specially treated water.

The meat part contains soy protein, salt, natural colorings derived from radish and tomato skins and natural flavorings.

It was after testing La Vie products at his home in the United States that Portman joined the company’s backers.

“Right away investors were like, ‘Oh, yeah!'”

Venture capitalists like Oyster Bay, Seventure and Partech have joined the funding round, as have the owners of several successful European startups such as Oatly, Vinted, Back Market and BlaBlaCar.

UK and US markets

In addition to taste, La Vie believes its bacon is healthier for people, the planet and of course pigs.

The company claims that its products contain less than one-tenth the saturated fat of real bacon, and that producing them emits less carbon and uses less water.

2022: Dubai tops Tripadvisor’s list of top destinations; London in 2nd place

The bacon imitations of La Vie are already on sale in Carrefour stores, and it aims to put them on the shelves of all major supermarkets in France in 2022.

She also sees vegan and vegetarian restaurants as key to bringing more potential customers to try her products.

La Vie aims to have its products on UK shelves by April and then quickly enter the key US market as well.

La Vie, which has partnered with an established maker of deli meats and ready meals, plans to quickly double its workforce to 60 employees.

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What will €199,000 buy in South Africa, France, Cyprus, Thailand and Limerick?


Located in the historic heart of the city, this three-bedroom house on Church Street in King’s Island is nestled next to King John’s Castle and a short walk from the city center. The property has a rear courtyard, a large garage and a terrace with stunning views of the chateau.
Price: €199,000

This Church Street home is a short walk from the town center and has stunning views of the castle


Situated with magnificent views of Table Mountain, this bright two-bedroom apartment is in a corner unit with two balconies, offering 100m² of outdoor living space. Only four years old, this property is located close to town and has 24 hour security.
Price: $221,360/€194,730

This Cape Town corner apartment has two balconies, offering 100m² of outdoor living space

This Cape Town property is close to town and has 24-hour security.


Although not large at 31m², this one bedroom apartment in a prime four star residence in the much sought after location of Les Menuires-Les Bruyères has the advantage of being ski in ski out. With 39 lifts and 62 runs, the resort, which hosted the 1992 Winter Olympics, is part of the largest ski area in the world.
Price: €200,000

Les Menuires is part of the largest ski area in the world

Les Menuires is part of the largest ski area in the world


Located on the waterfront, these two-bedroom apartments, some of which are still under construction, extend over 85 m² with a 46 m² terrace. Set in a complex with a large communal swimming pool and landscaped gardens, the development also has 24 three-bedroom houses and apartments.
Price: £179,950/€215,809

These two bedroom apartments in Bahceli have a large communal swimming pool and landscaped gardens

These two bedroom apartments in Bahceli have a large communal swimming pool and landscaped gardens


This one bedroom apartment is in a new low rise condominium project in the trendy Thonglor area. The architecture is said to be a balance between lifestyle, natural beauty, and Thai and Japanese arts. Covering 32m², facilities include a swimming pool, hot tub and rooftop facilities with 24-hour security.
Price: $232,816/€204,808

This Bangkok apartment offers a rooftop pool, hot tub and facilities with 24-hour security

This Bangkok apartment offers a rooftop pool, hot tub and facilities with 24-hour security

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Novak Djokovic could now only be limited to playing Grand Slams at Wimbledon

Wimbledon is starting to look like Novak Djokovic’s ONLY Grand Slam hope in 2022, with US Open set to follow Roland Garros in banning unvaccinated players

  • Novak Djokovic was unable to obtain an exemption to participate in the Australian Open
  • The world No. 1 could now face similar difficulties at the French Open and the US Open
  • Wimbledon could turn out to be the only Grand Slam the Serbian can play in

Wimbledon is starting to look like Novak Djokovic’s last refuge after the French government suggested he would be kicked out of Roland Garros.

The Sports Ministry in Paris said hardcore elite athletes would not be exempt from needing a vaccination pass to attend Roland Garros in May and other sporting events in the country.

If that holds, it further narrows the options for the world No. 1, 34, who also risks being left out of the United States. Spring events in Indian Wells and Miami should make the shot mandatory, and the US Open would likely follow.

Wimbledon may now be the only Grand Slam where Novak Djokovic can add to his 20 titles

Djokovic could face problems at the French Open and the US Open, which, like the Australian Open, are considering preventing athletes from competing without being bitten against Covid

Djokovic could face problems at the French Open and the US Open, which, like the Australian Open, are considering preventing athletes from competing without being bitten against Covid

Wimbledon could therefore become Djokovic’s only chance to add 20 points to his Grand Slam tally. The All England Club said it was too early to take a position and would adhere to government policy. It also raises the possibility of Djokovic playing at Queen’s this summer.

Djokovic returned to Belgrade on Monday and, worryingly for him, his clothing sponsor Lacoste said they would talk to him.

“We will be in contact with Novak to review the events that accompanied his presence in Australia,” a statement read.


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Lead generator who deceptively solicits loan applications from millions of consumers and indiscriminately shared sensitive information agrees to pay $ 1.5 million FTC penalty

A lead generation company that has collected sensitive information from millions of consumers under the guise of putting them in contact with lenders will pay $ 1.5 million in civil penalties and face restrictions on its operations as a result of ‘a Federal Trade Commission lawsuit.

The FTC complaint alleges that since at least 2012 ITMedia Solutions LLC, a number of affiliates and their owners and officers have operated hundreds of websites designed to trick consumers into sharing their most sensitive financial information, including their social security numbers and their bank account information. The defendants sold this information to marketing companies and others regardless of how the information would be used, according to the complaint.

“ITMedia tricked millions of people into divulging sensitive financial information and then sold it to companies that weren’t lending,” said Samuel Levine, director of the FTC’s Office of Consumer Protection. “The company’s extraction and misuse of this data has violated the law in a number of ways. “

The lawsuit alleges that the defendants – who have used,, and websites with similar names – promised consumers that their information would be shared with “… our network of trusted lenders. … ”Or“… would only be shared with qualified lenders. ”Some sites have promised that loans are available for people with bad credit history without credit score requirements.

In its complaint, the FTC alleges that 84% of loan applications collected through these websites since January 2016 have not been sold to lenders, but rather disseminated to a range of merchants, debt relief vendors and retailers. credit repair, and businesses that would sell back to consumers. regardless of how that information would be used. According to the complaint, in many cases ITMedia was not even aware of the purpose for which a company was purchasing consumer data, or sometimes even the physical location of the company.

ITMedia sold the consumer information to a group of companies that were sued by the FTC last year for marketing payday loan products that overcharged consumers by tens of millions of dollars.

The complaint notes that the harm to consumers caused by ITMedia’s “indiscriminate” sale of consumer data was substantial, putting them at risk of identity theft and scams.

In addition to misleading consumers and selling their data without authorization, the complaint alleges that ITMedia violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) by illegally obtaining and reselling the credit scores of consumers who submitted information. . The FCRA limits the purposes for which businesses can obtain credit scores, and the use of scores to market leads is not an authorized purpose.

The defendants have agreed to settle the charges against them by the FTC and, in addition to the civil penalty, the proposed settlement order will prohibit defendants from making misleading representations to consumers, including about how their personal information will be. used. The order will also prohibit defendants from selling consumers’ personal information outside of a limited set of circumstances, and the order requires them to screen the recipients of that information.

The complaint alleges that ITMedia Solutions LLC and a number of related companies, as well as Michael Ambrose, Daniel Negari, Jason Ramin, Grant Carpenter, Anisha Hancock, and Sione Kaufusi violated FTC and FCRA law.

The Commission’s vote allowing staff to file the complaint and stipulated the final order was 4-0. Commissioner Christine S. Wilson made a concurring statement. FTC filed complaint and final order / injunction in the United States District Court for the Central District of California.

REMARK: The Commission files a complaint when it has “reason to believe” that the named defendants are violating or are about to violate the law and it appears to the Commission that a proceeding is in the public interest. The final stipulated orders have the force of law when approved and signed by the judge of the district court.

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The world’s most exciting exhibitions in 2022

Written by The arts journal

This article was originally published by The arts journal, an editorial partner of CNN Style. You can read their full articles on the coming year 2022. here.

This year’s must-see exhibits include the return of the Venice Biennale and Documenta, hit shows by Donatello and Cézanne, and a Qatar World Cup sculpture festival. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, please verify exhibits are held prior to travel.

“Yves Saint Laurent at the Museums”

Or: Museum of Modern Art in Paris, Center Pompidou, Musée d’Orsay, Musée National Picasso Paris, Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris, Musée du Louvre

When: January 29-May 15 (closed April 15 at the Picasso Museum)

Six decades ago, the first fashion show under the name of Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) paraded. To celebrate this important milestone, six Parisian museums where the French designer sought inspiration have collaborated on a city-wide exhibition. Each will combine YSL creations with works by artists such as Mondrian, Picasso, Matisse, Bonnard and Dufy. For example, at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, next to “La Fée Électricité” by Dufy (“La Fée Électricité”, 1937) will stand three spectacular silk dresses, while the Musée d’Orsay will focus on its fascination with Marcel Proust, who probably inspired Le Smoking de Saint Laurent, the first tuxedo for women. During this time, the National Picasso Museum will explain the influence of the Spanish master on Saint Laurent, from the couturier’s tribute to the sets and costumes of Picasso’s “Ballets Russes” (1976) to his Cubist collection from 1988. –Sarah belmont

“The World of Stonehenge”

Or: British Museum, London

When: February 17-July 17

This solar pendant from the Bronze Age, from 1000 to 800 BC. AD, will be part of the great Stonehenge exhibition at the British Museum. Credit: © The administrators of the British Museum

Built over four millennia ago, Stonehenge is one of the world’s most famous and mysterious monuments. Who were the people who built it and inhabited prehistoric Britain? “The world of Stonehenge” will show that they were more developed than is generally believed, with established trade links with mainland Europe. One of the undisputed highlights of the show will be the 3,600-year-old Nebra Sky Disc, the oldest extant representation of the cosmos, which was discovered in present-day Germany and will be on display for the first time in the UK. -José de Silva

“Faith Ringgold: The American People”

Or: New Museum, New York

When: February 17-June 5

Ringgold created the United States of "Attica" (1972) to honor the men who died in the Attica prison protest.

Ringgold created the United States of “Attica” (1972) to honor the men who died during the Attica prison protest. Credit: © Faith Ringgold / ARS, NY and DACS, London / Courtesy ACA Galleries, New York

This is the first retrospective of pioneering American artist Faith Ringgold in her hometown of New York. The exhibition will cover six decades of the 91-year-old artist’s prolific career, from works created in response to the civil rights era, to autobiographical pieces that tell stories of the Harlem Renaissance. -Gabriella Angeleti

“Donatello: the Renaissance”

Or: Palazzo Strozzi and Museo del Bargello, Florence; Gemäldegalerie, Berlin

When: March 19-July 31 (Florence); September 2 January 8 2023 (Berlin)

Donatello marble bas relief "Virgin and Child (1420-25)."

Marble bas-relief by Donatello “Madonna and Child (1420-25).” Credit: © Antje Voigt / SMB Sculpturensammlung

In his day, the 15th-century Florentine sculptor Donatello was considered “the master of masters”. Despite this, there has not been a major exhibition dedicated to the sculptor’s work for nearly 40 years. That is set to change in March when a vast investigation into Donatello’s work opens in Florence at Palazzo Strozzi and the nearby Museo Nazionale del Bargello, which houses the sculptor’s most important collection of works, including “David” (c. 1440). Smaller incarnations of the show will be seen at the Gemäldegalerie in Berlin in September and at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London next year. – Cristina Ruiz

“150 years of Mondrian”

Or: Kunstmuseum den Haag, The Hague, The Netherlands; Fondation Beyeler, Riehen, Switzerland; K20, Düsseldorf

When: April 2 September 25 (The Hague); June 5 October 9 (Riehen); October 29-February 10, 2023 (Düsseldorf)

Piet Mondrian, "Rhombus composition with eight lines and red (photo n ° III)," 1938.

Piet Mondrian, “Rhombus composition with eight lines and red (Photo n ° III)”, 1938. Credit: © Mondrian / Holtzman Trust c / o UNHCR International Warrenton, VA USA

With only three primary colors (plus black and white) and two ordinal directions, Piet Mondrian took painting to new levels of abstraction. His influence on modernism was immense – in the visual arts as well as in design, architecture and fashion. To mark the 150th anniversary of his birth in the Dutch city of Amersfoot, several museums are organizing major surveys of his work. An exhibition at the Fondation Beyeler in Switzerland and at the K20 in Düsseldorf will begin with his early paintings, which were influenced by Dutch landscape painting and post-impressionism. He will then retrace his evolution while he completely abandoned the representation to achieve his wonders at right angles. -Lee Cheshire

Venice Biennale

Or: Venice

When: April 23-November 27

The Venice Biennale will return this spring.

The Venice Biennale will return this spring. Credit: Andrea Avezzù / The Venice Biennale

A global pandemic, the catastrophic effects of climate change and developments in artificial intelligence are just a few of the main threats to the future of humanity that artists will tackle for this year’s main exhibition at the 59th Venice Biennale. “Despite the climate that has forged (the exhibition), it aspires to be an optimistic exhibition,” its curator, Cecilia Alemani, said in a statement. For all the news of the national pavilions, see Venice Biennale 2022: All national pavilions, artists and curators. -José de Silva

World Cup Sculpture Festival

Or: Qatar

When: Throughout the year

that of Tom Classen "Falcon," 2021.

“Falcon” by Tom Classen, 2021. Credit: Courtesy of Qatar Museums

Football fans heading to Doha for this year’s controversial World Cup (which begins on November 21) will be greeted by this monumental gold sculpture of Qatar’s national bird, the falcon. Created by Dutch artist Tom Claassen, it is one of more than 40 new public works to emerge in the small state of the peninsula. The “open-air museum” program is overseen by Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the sister of the ruling Emir and the spending chief of Qatar museums. Other works include pieces by Bruce Nauman, Isa Genzken, Subodh Gupta, Mark Handforth, and Katharina Fritsch. -Lee Cheshire


Or: Chicago Institute of the Arts; Tate Modern, London

When: May 15-September 5 (Chicago); October 6-March 12, 2023 (London)

"Still life with apples" (1893-94) will be one of 90 Cézanne oils exhibited in Chicago.

“Still Life with Apples” (1893-94) will be one of 90 Cézanne oil paintings exhibited in Chicago. Credit: Courtesy of J Paul Getty Museum

The Art Institute of Chicago and Tate Modern in London have organized the largest Paul Cézanne exhibition in a generation. Simply baptized “Cézanne”, it will cover the artist’s entire career. In Chicago, where the exhibition opens, it will include 90 oil paintings, 40 works on paper and two sketchbooks, although it will be slightly reduced in London (70 oils and 18 on paper). Cézanne (1839-1906) has always been considered an “artist artist” and exerted a great influence on later painters, including Monet, Pissarro, Matisse and Picasso. He remains a source of inspiration, and among the lenders of the exhibition will be Jasper Johns, the American Abstract Expressionist, who will send three key watercolors (plus an oil painting of a nude in Chicago only) from his collection. personal. Technical analysis of the artist’s palette, construction of composition, and mark-making will deepen our understanding of how Cézanne created his paintings. Chicago promises that the show will “reframe Cézanne, a giant in the history of art, for our time.” –Martin bailey

Documenta Fifteen

Or: Kassel, Germany

When: June 18-September 25

Indonesian artistic collective Ruangrupa with members of the Documenta team.

Indonesian artistic collective Ruangrupa with members of the Documenta team. Credit: Nicolas wefers

Organizing the world’s largest and most influential contemporary art exhibition in the midst of a pandemic has been difficult, but after some doubts as to whether it could go as planned, Documenta Fifteen must have take place in Kassel this summer. Organized by the Indonesian artistic collective Ruangrupa, it promises to be as much a reflection of our time as the previous editions of this sprawling spectacle which takes place every five years. The artists who have been invited to participate are mostly from southern countries and many of them are activist collectives rather than individuals. They include The Nest Collective from Kenya, La Intermundial Holobiente from Argentina, Keleketla! Library of South Africa and Sa Sa Art Projects of Cambodia. The sites will include a former department store and a former wine depot, as well as more traditional places such as the town’s Fridericianum museum. -Catherine Hickley

“The space between: the modern in Korean art”

Or: Los Angeles County Museum of Art

When: September 11-February 19, 2023

The painting "Family" was established by Pai Unsung between 1930 and 1935 when Korea was under Japanese rule.

The “Family” painting was created by Pai Unsung between 1930 and 1935 when Korea was under Japanese rule. Credit: Courtesy of Daejeon City

Over the past year, there has been a resurgence of interest in South Korean film and television, and Western art galleries are rushing to open in Seoul. But the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Lacma) has been exploring Korean art for several years now, with a series of major exhibitions. “The Space Between” covers the critical but often overlooked period of 1897-1964, ranging from the end of the Joseon period, the last Korean dynasty, to the colonial period (1910-45) when Korea was under Japanese rule, and the Korean War. (1950-53), who brought strong American cultural influences, especially abstract expressionism in the visual arts. Artists of this latter period were also influenced by the European informal art movement. The exhibition concludes with a look at modern art and early contemporary art, including artists such as Youn Myeong-Ro, Lee Sangbeom, and Park Rehyun. It’s a great story, told through the work of 90 artists and 140 paintings, photographs and sculptures. – Scarlet Cheng

Read more stories from The Art Newspaper here.

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Fashion designer

Obituary Annemarie Bucher (1933 – 2021) – Windsor, CA

Born November 3, 1933 in the small town of Inwil, Switzerland, Annemarie Stuber-Bucher grew up enjoying cycling, ice skating, sewing, singing, playing the guitar and mandolin, and performing in the theater. . Her father was the area’s postmaster, so she grew up knowing everyone in town and beyond, even helping deliver mail on his bike when her father needed extra help. Her heart has always held a special place for the country and the mountains that she first called home.
She immigrated from Switzerland to the United States in 1956 at the age of 23 after completing her studies as a fashion designer / dressmaker in Lucerne, Switzerland. As her first job in the US, she worked as an au pair in San Francisco for the Bullis family looking after their 6 young children. While taking care of the children, her future husband worked as a driver and gardener for the same family. Ultimately, she married Josef Bucher, also from Inwil, Switzerland, in San Francisco on December 27, 1958, at the Sainte-Cécile Catholic Church located on 17th Avenue in San Francisco near the family home. Bullis Sea Cliff where the reception was held in their ballroom. In January 1959, they moved to Healdsburg, California, and had 3 children whom they raised on a dairy farm just outside of town which they built together and grew into a successful business.
While holding many positions including that of the farm’s chief accountant for many decades, Annemarie also sewed beautiful clothes for many clients. She will always be known for her incredible dressmaking skills which she used to dress her children during their younger years. She even made special dresses and wedding attire for her children and friends, as well as for her grandchildren’s school plays and special events such as First Communion. She was an excellent cook and baker and always loved to party with others, especially the family.
Annemarie was very proud of her Swiss heritage, always making traditional Swiss treats and making special Swiss dishes that many of her grandchildren still ask for today on their birthdays. However, Annemarie was also proud to obtain her U.S. citizenship later in her life. She was a strong woman with a deeply rooted faith who was always extremely generous with her time and resources to anyone in need.
Annemarie is survived by her 3 children, Heidi (Guy) Benjamin, John (Diane) Bucher and Tim (Mary Louise) Bucher, as well as her 8 grandchildren: Elizabeth, Hannah, Jack, Steven, Jenna and Mikayla, Hannah Klisura , and Tony Klisura. She adored her grandchildren more than anything in life and never stopped saying how proud she was of all of her children and grandchildren. She passed away peacefully at her Healdsburg home on December 5, 2021, while keeping an amazing spirit until the very end.
The funeral will be on Thursday, December 16, 2021 at 11 a.m. at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Healdsburg, Calif., Immediately followed by a luncheon reception in the school gymnasium. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made on his behalf to St. John’s School (217 Fitch Street, Healdsburg, CA 95448) or St John the Baptist Catholic Church (208 Matheson Street, Healdsburg, CA 95448) .

Posted by Windsor & Healdsburg Mortuary / Crematorium on January 4, 2022.

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Fashion designer

5 fashion and beauty women we loved in 2021, Lifestyle News

These women, from generation to generation and from different parts of the world, have captured our attention in 2021.

From the founder of a start-up celebrating the legacy of jade jewelry to an acclaimed British fashion designer who seems destined for even bigger things, read on to find inspiring stories from five inspiring women of substance.

Jade jewelry for the 21st century: The story of the start-up Ren

Crystal Ung knew the history of her grandfather’s lucky jade ring and was drawn to jewelry made with this gemstone, but found it old-fashioned. The successful entrepreneur founded Ren to make jade jewelry with contemporary appeal. The anti-Asian racism unleashed by Covid-19 made it personal. Read more.

The British designer worn by Meghan Markle, supervised by LVMH

Grace Wales Bonner graduated from Central Saint Martins in London and founded her namesake menswear brand in 2014. When she won the LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers a year later, Delphine Arnault of Louis Vuitton said that “the jury thinks she has great potential in women’s fashion.” .

The Londoner dove into women’s fashion in 2018, and a year later Meghan Markle wore Wales Bonner for baby Archie’s debut. Subtle and timeless are the words used to describe her designs, and Wales Bonner says: “Working with tailoring is like having a conversation with history. ”

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Traditional Chinese medicine brought the healer closer to her culture

Taiwan-born Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner Debbie Kung spent her childhood in the United States trying to fit in with her friends and “didn’t think much about being Asian.”

She discovered Chinese medicine while working with fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg – acupuncture made her glow and put her on a different path in life. She received a Masters Degree in Acupuncture in Austin, Texas, where she has a thriving TCM practice.

Fashion legend Mimi Tang on Gucci’s success story in Asia

In addition to the murder, House of Gucci, Ridley Scott’s opera flick about the Gucci family and his fashion brand depicts the ousting of legendary designer Tom Ford and CEO Domenico De Sole after their successful turnaround from the luxury brand Italian in the 1990s. They couldn’t have done it without Mimi Tang, who joined Gucci in 1998 and became its Asia-Pacific manager.

Fashion legend Tang recalled in an interview with the Post that Ford has an irresistible charm and that De Sole is a rare CEO who respects local management. And she revealed that one particular scene in House of Gucci rings very true to her.

Why Susie Bubble only dresses for herself, never for boys

In her secondary school yearbook in London, Susanna Lau was voted “more likely to be… the next Donna Karan”. As a teenager, she admits that she “never really had the idea of ​​dressing to attract the opposite sex”. She always saw fashion as a hobby, even after starting her blog, Style Bubble, which introduced her to fashion journalism.

Against all odds, the mother-of-one, better known as Susie Bubble, recently opened a bubble tea café in London with a friend from Hong Kong.

This article first appeared in South China Morning Post.

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Fashion industry

Bank of America Balance Assist Lender Review

Bank of America’s Balance Assistance program can provide short-term, low-value loans to bank customers for a fixed amount. The program, created in part to help clients avoid high-interest payday loans, is expected to be available nationwide by early 2022.

  • Access the money almost instantly if you are approved.
  • Pay a single fee of $ 5 for your loan, at no additional cost.
  • Build a credit history with on-time payments.

  • You can only borrow up to $ 500, in $ 100 increments.
  • You should be able to repay the money and the $ 5 fee in three equal installments.
  • You must have had a qualified Bank of America checking account for at least one year.

Balance Assist was designed to help Bank of America clients manage their short-term cash flow needs at low cost. Customers who meet the bank’s criteria can apply for a loan of up to $ 500 and only pay a $ 5 fee.

The program could be used to cover debt or unforeseen expense. This type of short term loan can be an alternative to payday loan.

Balance Assist allows eligible Bank of America customers to borrow in $ 100 increments, up to $ 500. You will complete an online loan application, and if approved, you should receive your funds within minutes.

Every time you borrow money, you pay a flat fee of $ 5. You then pay off your loan and fees in three equal installments over three months.

Bank of America offers this example of repayment: If you took out a $ 100 balance assistance loan, you owe a total of $ 105 and will pay $ 35 at 30, 60, and 90 days.

You will pay a $ 5 fee each time you borrow through Balance Assist and no other interest or finance charges. Bank of America says these fees translate to an annual percentage rate of between 5.99% and 29.76%, depending on how much you borrow.

Bank of America does not charge overdraft or insufficient funds fees for returned balance assistance payments, and borrowers will not be charged late fees.

Note: Overdraft protection will be disabled for the account receiving Balance Assistance funds, and this setting cannot be changed while you have an active loan. However, your account may still be overdrawn and you may owe a returned item fee of $ 35 for each declined or unpaid transaction.

Bank of America performs a credit check, but also considers your banking relationship if you have a poor credit history. You will also need to meet the program criteria:

  • You must be a resident of the United States or the United States territories.
  • You must have a qualified Bank of America checking account with regular monthly deposits for at least one year. A SafeBalance account is not eligible.
  • You must maintain a positive balance in your Bank of America checking account.
  • You cannot have a Balance Assist loan open or one within the past 30 days.

Bank of America does not mention a minimum credit score to be eligible for balance assistance, but a credit check is part of the assessment of eligibility. If your credit history is limited, your relationship with Bank of America will be considered in the approval decision.

Balance Assist is available in select states and is expected to roll out nationwide by early 2022.

Bank of America, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, is one of the largest banks in the United States and receives an A-plus rating from the Better Business Bureau. Trustpilot rates Bank of America 1.3 out of 5 stars.

Customers who have questions or concerns about Balance Assist can call the bank at 800-432-1000.

Balance Assist is an online program. Once you have logged into your Bank of America account, you begin the application process from the website. If your application is approved, the loan funds can be advanced to your account within minutes.

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Fashion industry

Why Payday Loans Are Not Dangerous

business Finance
(© fizkes –

Payday loans help poor people feel better. Therefore, in developed countries, the government does not restrict lenders by regulation and introduces social programs for borrowers.

Loans for the poor

Low income citizens are not interested in banks because of their low income or bad credit history. Hence, they take out short term payday loans online from non-bank institutions at interest rates that notorious lenders of the past never dreamed of. We are talking about developed countries like the USA, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, where the interest rates on the loans of the big banks have been very low during the last decade.

A hallmark of “payday loans” is a short term ranging from one day to one month, small volume, and high interest rates of 1.5-2% per day. For example, in the UK they received the official name high value short term loans HCSTC, Australia – loan contracts with small amounts of SACCs. Recipients of such loans often underestimate their costs and overestimate their own financial capabilities. As the repayment day approaches, they are forced to renew the personal loan, especially the one to, or take a new one. Thus, they fall into a vicious cycle of debt dependency.

How to quench the greed of lenders?

Regulators in some countries have realized it’s time to protect negligent borrowers online:

  • Australia: Legislative legislation banning loan contracts for up to 15 days in 2012. In 2015, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), after reviewing documents from 13 lenders, concluded that loan contracts were concluded with those who could not afford it. After that, ASIC banned charging fees for the repayment of payday loans;
  • United Kingdom: the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in 2014 initiated restrictions on the cost of short-term loans (the loan commission cannot exceed 100% of its amount);
  • United States: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) proposed new rules for online payday loan providers in 2016, although in February 2019 an initiative was taken to rescind them. The office made lenders check borrowers’ incomes and make sure they have enough both to pay off the loan and to live on. They also banned the granting of payday loans to those who already have several unpaid debts. Such moves have chilled short-term lending in the countries that have introduced them and prompted lenders offering payday loans online to look to less regulated markets.

Why Trust Payday Loans Online?

However, despite the restrictions and an active information campaign, online payday loans remain very popular. Commenting on HCSTC market trends, the UK FCA noted that more than 5.4 million loans were issued from August 2017 to July 2018. At the same time, borrowers had to pay on average 1.65 times more than what they received. Therefore, the regulator has decided to maintain the price cap until at least 2020. The terms and conditions of online payday loans emphasize the reliability and confidentiality of borrowers who deal with verified MFIs.

Should I rush to pay off the debt?

It is certainly not worth doing it. Although debt growth is limited by law, the consequences of non-payment will always be there. Here is what it can be loaded with:

Bad credit history

The microcredit information is transferred to the credit bureau. If you don’t pay the money back on time, it will be reflected in it. Thus, you will not be able to get bank loans at a low interest rate. At least 10 years after debt repayment until data is archived.

Meet the bailiffs

An MFI can try to collect debts through the courts. If the decision is made in his favor, then the bailiffs will close the accounts, describe and sell the property. In addition, you will not be able to travel abroad.

Communication with collectors

Microfinance organizations actively use the services of collectors to such an extent that online payday loan debtors have been protected from intrusive calls and visits by special law.

Collectors are allowed to:

  • communicate with the debtor with his consent;
  • recall the debt and talk about the consequences of non-payment;
  • call the debtor no more than once a day, twice a week, eight times a month;
  • meet in person no more than once a week.

In reality, the requirements of the law are not always met. Collectors often terrorize both debtors and their relatives.

When are loans paid off online?

Can a payday loan be profitable at all if the real interest rate is high? It can, but under certain conditions. First of all, as a new customer, you can choose between interest free loans. Second, it’s best to partner with a company that has attractive as well as permanent loyalty programs: it rewards interest-free loans, discounts, or ranks among the cheapest lenders.

The most profitable are the interest free payday loans when the customer does not incur any expenses. But the condition for using the stock is prompt debt repayment. Otherwise, it is not enough to charge standard fees as well as penalties and fees. Before taking out a payday loan online, make sure that it is secure.

Payday Loans: Pros And Cons – Why Is It Safe To Take Them Online?

In the financial market, you can find cheap payday loans online and expensive loans that fluctuate in cost within maximum limits. It is worth using comparison sites that make decision making easier. A personal loan will not be profitable if it is used to repay a previous loan. The best solution would be to look for savings, additional work or a loan consolidation. Instant payday loans can be cheaper than the bank loans offered. However, one should never forget that this is always a short term loan.

In general, the idea of ​​online payday loans is not that bad. This is the way out for those who are in dire need of money and are ready to return it quickly. For example, you need expensive medicine, but your salary is only two days. You take out payday loans online and return them the day after tomorrow. The overpayment is moderate even with high interest rates.

Microcredit is fair and the consequences depend on how you use it. The problems start when microloans are misused. Common situations are:

  • A person does not have to pay anything for a mortgage and takes a microcredit to take this money to the bank. As a result, a borrower will then have to pay both the mortgage and the microcredit. The chances that a borrower will have the funds for both contributions are greatly reduced. A person will not have enough money for two payments next month. A person will choose to deposit money for the apartment so as not to lose it or bring it to the MFI. Whatever decision a borrower makes, the situation is already getting out of hand.
  • A person needs a large sum, but the banks refuse the request. You take out a loan from a microfinance organization, regardless of the actual cost of the loan.

As a result, the microcredit debt increases and it becomes first difficult and then impossible. One of the main reasons for this is the low financial literacy of the population.

Frank Glemstone story. Frank graduated from the Masters program in Economics. He has written extensively on personal finance and wealth. As the principal author of MoneyZap, he now connects with clients across the country, helping them achieve their financial and life goals.

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French fashion

Leena Nair chosen as new CEO of French fashion brand Chanel

Leena Nair has been chosen CEO of Chanel, a French fashion brand

Chanel on Tuesday named Leena Nair, a former Unilever executive, as the next global CEO, hiring a consumer goods veteran to run one of the world’s most prestigious luxury brands.

Leena Nair’s background-

Leena Nair (born 1969) is the CEO of Chanel and a British Indian businesswoman. Nair previously worked for Unilever as the Company’s Director of Human Resources and a member of the Unilever Board of Directors. Nair was in charge of human resources at Unilever, covering 190 countries and various regulatory and labor contexts. Unilever was named the # 1 Employer of Choice for FMCG Graduates in 54 countries under his leadership. She was in charge of the organization’s Diversity and Inclusion program, ensuring that its staff was diverse and inclusive. Nair is a supporter of compassionate leadership and people-centered workplaces.

Kolhapur, Maharashtra, is his hometown. She attended Holy Cross Convent High School in Kolhapur. She studied electrical engineering at the Walchand College of Engineering in Sangli before obtaining a gold medal from XLRI in 1990-1992. (Maharashtra). After working in Jamshedpur, she moved to three different factories in Kolkata, Ambattur, Tamil Nadu and Taloja, Maharashtra.

Nair, 52, began his career at Unilever in 1992 as a management trainee. She rose steadily through the ranks of Unilever, eventually becoming the company’s “first woman, first Asian and youngest” Human Resources Director (CHRO) in 2016. She also served on the executive committee of Unilever (ULE).

Previously, she worked for the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy as a non-executive director.

“Throughout her career at Unilever, Leena has been a trailblazer, but no more so than in her role as HRD, where she has been a driving force behind our equity, diversity and inclusion agenda, of transformation. our leadership development, and our preparation for the future of work, ”Unilever CEO Alan Jope said in a statement announcing his departure.

Nair, a British national named to Fortune magazine’s list of the world’s most powerful women in 2021, is known for her people-centered approach to business. “If you take care of your people, they will take care of the business,” she told the publication.

After the former CEO of Pepsico, Indra Nooyi – who also happens to be his mentor – Nair is the second female CEO of the Indian-born company.

Nair worked at Unilever for 30 years, most recently as Director of Human Resources and a member of the Executive Committee. She’s a rare outsider at the helm of the tightly controlled family-owned design company known for its tweed suits, quilted handbags, and No.5 fragrance.

The 52-year-old succeeds Maureen Chiquet, an American entrepreneur with a background in design who ran Chanel for nine years until early 2016.


Alain Wertheimer, a 73-year-old French billionaire who owned Chanel with his brother Gérard Wertheimer and who had been its temporary CEO, will now serve as global executive chairman.

Chanel was founded in 1910 as a rue Cambon hat boutique in Paris by fashion queen Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel and has been synonymous with French elegance ever since.

Chanel is an upscale fashion brand based in Paris, France, founded in 1910 by seamstress Coco Chanel. It specializes in women’s ready-to-wear and luxury products and accessories. Alain Wertheimer and Gérard Wertheimer, grandchildren of Pierre Wertheimer, one of Coco Chanel’s first business partners, currently own the company.

Gabrielle Chanel earned the nickname “Coco” as a singer as a teenager. Coco Chanel responded to women’s tastes for the sophistication of clothing as a fashion designer, with blouses, suits, pants, dresses, and simple jewelry (gems ​​and jewelry) that replaced rich clothing and accessories. 19th century over-designed constrictors. Models, performers and actresses such as Margot Robbie, Lily-Rose Depp, Nicole Kidman, Keira Knightley, Kristen Stewart, Pharrell Williams, Cara Delevingne Nana Komatsu, Jennie Kim and Marilyn Monroe have all been models for Chanel.

Chanel is famous for its Chanel No.5 perfume and the Chanel suit. Chanel used the Jersey fabric to create clothes that were both comfortable and inexpensive. Chanel changed both high and low couture (haute couture) and everyday fashion (ready-to-wear), replacing structural forms based on the corset and bodice with practical clothing that flattered the female figure.

The flat-chest garments made famous by Chanel couture in the 1920s were the opposite of the hourglass shape produced by late 19th-century fashion – the French Belle Époque (circa 1890-1914) and the era Edwardian United States Kingdom (circa 1901-1919). Chanel used hues generally associated with masculinity in Europe, such as gray and navy blue, to convey a sense of feminine confidence.

Quilted fabrics and leather trims were used in the clothes of the house of Chanel; the quilted construction reinforces the fabric, design and finish, resulting in a garment that retains its shape and function while being worn. The Chanel wool suit consists of a knee-length skirt and cardigan-style jacket trimmed with fur and black embroidery and gold buttons adorn the garment – is an example of such haute couture techniques. Two-tone pumps, jewelry, usually a pearl necklace and a leather handbag were the perfect complements.

Nair’s appointment comes at a time when the fashion industry is under pressure to be more inclusive. After starting out as an intern in the factory, he worked his way up the ranks at Unilever. Nair, who supervised 150,000 employees at Unilever, will join the company at the end of January and will be based in London, according to the company. The new hires will guarantee the company’s “long-term success as a private enterprise,” the statement said.


According to a Harper’s Bazaar article published last month, under his leadership, Unilever has achieved gender parity in global management, as well as a commitment to pay living wages throughout the supply chain.

Nair is a non-executive director of BT and previously served as the non-executive director of the UK government’s business, energy and industrial strategy department.

Chanel fought for self-reliance and only recently disclosed financial information. In July, he predicted sales would grow double digits this year, from $ 12.3 billion before the 2019 pandemic.

According to Luca Solca, luxury goods analyst at Bernstein, Chanel follows a model of attracting senior executives from the consumer packaged products industry.

“For the relatively young luxury goods sector, Unilever and Procter & Gamble are management reservoirs,” he added, citing Antonio Belloni, CEO of LVMH and former chairman of Procter & Gamble in Europe, and Estee Lauder CEO Fabrizio Freda, who is also a P&G veteran.

Emmanuel Lenain, the French Ambassador to India, also took the time to congratulate Nair on his busy schedule.

Rupa Dash, CEO of the World Woman Fund, thanked Nair and called Chanel’s selection “an incredible date”.

Edited and proofread by Ashlyn Joy

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Fashion style

Harry Styles has been named the best style icon of 2021

Harry Styles is the Fashion Icon of the Year 2021 and we’re not at all surprised.

British singer Harry Styles has come a long way since his debut in boy band One Direction – and not just in the music business. In just a few short years, the global star has also become a true fashion icon, with her flowy outfits inspiring millions of people around the world, a new study reveals.

Harry Styles has many talents, it seems. Whether in music, cinema or fashion, the world star seems to turn everything he touches into gold, and above all knows how to adapt brilliantly to the current – and numerous – changes underway in society. Not content with success on stage or in the theater, the former One Direction member has totally transformed himself, playing with fashion to serve a new vision of style – one that shuns convention, not to mention some of the standards and expectations imposed for decades. decades by an industry that is also changing.

Harry Styles inspires the toughest generation of all

The result is clear. Harry Styles now inspires a whole generation – and not just any generation – the one that is undoubtedly the most difficult to understand and conquer, Generation Z. The British singer is a style icon popular in no less than 27 countries around the world, where his outfits have been sought after more than any other celebrity in 2021, according to a study conducted by From the United Kingdom to the United States, via Spain, Canada, Finland, Iceland, Egypt, Sweden and the Netherlands… the world has fallen for his style to the point of relegating Billie Eilish in the second place of the most popular celebrity style icons this year.

But the American singer is not far in the ranking. Her outfits are top searches in 23 countries around the world – an excellent performance. After appearing on the cover of Vogue UK and being pictured in a breathtaking Oscar de la Renta gown at the MET gala, the singer has inspired fashion fans in Belgium, Brazil, Malaysia, Portugal, Switzerland, Turkey, Morocco, Senegal and India.

Is gender-fluid fashion the real style icon of 2021?

Between them, Billie Eilish and Harry Styles clearly seem to have dominated the fashion spotlight this year. And their taste for fluid looks between the sexes may have something to do with it. The two stars clearly stood out for their willingness to break codes and stereotypes, reflecting the broader changes underway in society. And although neither of the two stars completely ditch traditionally male or female clothing altogether, they both play with fashion as they see fit, dressing according to their personalities, whims and fancies, rather than follow suit. fashion dictates.

Whether it’s a suit or evening dress for Billie Eilish, or flared pants, an open shirt and shiny gold chain or a dress with a feather boa. for Harry Styles, both use fashion as a new form of self-expression. It’s like a new genre in its own right, and it’s a genre that appeals, especially to younger people. And that’s without counting the various clean and vegan commitments made by the two stars during the launch of their respective beauty products this year. This, again, is music to the ears of the fans.

Kim Kardashian: I’ve always understood

In the rest of the rankings, Ariana Grande takes third place, with her outfits being the most sought after in 14 countries around the world, including France. Next in line are Kim Kardashian – whose style dominates in Armenia, Botswana, Namibia and Australia – and her two sisters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, still as popular this year.

This year’s new entries include Rihanna, Cardi B, Justin Bieber, Addison Rae, Kate Middleton, Doja Cat, Selena Gomez, David Beckham and two Blackpink singers – Rosé and Jisoo – whose outfits will be closely watched throughout 2022. .

This article is published via AFP Relaxnews.

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French fashion

Carlos Marín, of the multinational Il Divo Quartet, dies at 53

Carlos Marín, a Spanish baritone who rose to international fame after impresario Simon Cowell chose him to be a member of Il Divo, the multinational quartet whose fluid pop music delivered in a lyrical style has sold millions of records and filled with arenas, died Sunday in Manchester, England. He was 53 years old.

Il Divo announced his death on social networks. “It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that our friend and partner, Carlos Marín, has passed away,” the group wrote in an article on Twitter.

The post did not specify a cause, but Mr Marín had been admitted to a Manchester hospital earlier this month with Covid-19, and on December 9 the group announced it was postponing the remaining dates of his 2021 tour of Britain “due to illness.” A recent post on Il Divo’s Facebook page asked fans to pray and wish Mr. Marín good wishes.

“I am devastated that Carlos Marín has passed away,” Cowell wrote on Twitter on Sunday. “He loved life. He loved to play and always had a lot of appreciation for the fans who supported the group from day one.

Mr. Marín was born on October 13, 1968 in Rüsselsheim, a German town southwest of Frankfurt, and was somewhat of a child prodigy. Nicknamed “the little Caruso”, he recorded his first album in the Netherlands under the name Carlito at the age of 8.

When he was 12, his family moved to Madrid, where he studied at the Royal Conservatory. He has also won several television talent contests.

He began to make a name for himself in opera and musical theater, appearing in productions of “Les Misérables”, “Homme de la Manche”, “La Traviata” and more. The opportunity to be part of Mr. Cowell’s group, however, changed the direction of his career.

“I had opera reservations until 2008,” Mr. Marín told the Sunday Herald Sun of Australia in 2005, “but decided the risk of getting involved in something like this was worth it. “

Around 2001, Mr. Cowell, who would soon become known to the American television audience as a judge on “American Idol”, began to think about forming a male vocal group modeled on the Three Tenors – José Carreras, Plácido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti – who fused opera and pop for a decade.

He began to look for singers, sending scouts to the opera stages of the world. But by the start of 2003, he was growing increasingly frustrated, unable to find the voices, looks, and personalities he felt he could work with in the genre sometimes referred to as popera. As Mr Cowell told the London Daily Mail in 2004, it was Mr Marín who was the game changer.

“A year and a half ago I thought this would never happen,” said Mr. Cowell. “I gave him three months, then I had a visit from Carlos Marín, a 35-year-old Spaniard. A star had entered my office. He was very charming and when he sang all the hair on my neck stood on end.

Soon he had paired Mr. Marín with Urs Bühler from Switzerland, David Miller from the United States and Sébastien Izambard from France. The group performed and recorded songs in several languages ​​- Spanish, English, Italian, French – and reached a large number of fans. Il Divo covered pop songs, musical theater songs, and classical and religious songs, all performed in a style that some found sighing but others, especially critics, found manipulative and cheesy.

“The singers looked in their brilliant designer costumes as they had burst from the cover of a Harlequin Romance novel,” Chris Lee wrote in The Los Angeles Times in 2006. He called the quartet “UN” virtual torrid hunkitude ”.

That same year, when Il Divo performed with Barbra Streisand at Madison Square Garden, Stephen Holden of the New York Times was unimpressed.

“While this multilingual, multinational quartet of model singers assembled by devilishly market-savvy impresario Simon Cowell rings true,” he writes, “they have the emotional spontaneity of robots in tuxedos.”

Mr. Marín, although he was an experienced opera singer when he joined Il Divo, came to prefer the band’s music to the opera stage.

“With opera you have to play,” he told Singapore’s Business Times in 2014, “but you can’t really whisper something beautiful.”

“Singing is my way of saying what I feel, my way of life,” he reportedly said on the band’s website.

In the mid-1990s, Mr. Marín played the Beast in a Spanish production of “Beauty and the Beast”. The role of the role of beauty was played by a French singer named Geraldine Larrosa. The two tied the knot in 2006, although the marriage ended in 2009.

Information on Mr. Marín’s survivors was not immediately available.

Livia Albeck-Ripka and Raphael Minder contributed reporting.

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Fashion designer

PopHorror interviews Agata Maszkiewicz, costume designer behind Netflix’s ‘Lucifer’

PopHorror recently had the opportunity to chat with Agata Maszkiewicz about her work as a costume designer on the hit Netflix series, Lucifer. It’s a show everyone is talking about and the costumes are to die for! In this interview, you will learn about her career, how she got involved in costume design, her inspiration behind Lucifer’s clothes / costumes, upcoming projects, and more!

PopHorror – Hi Agata. It’s great to chat with you! How has 2021 treated you so far?

Agata Maszkiewicz – Thank you for having me, so far everything is fine.

PopHorror – Glad to hear it! How long have you been a costume designer?

Agata Maszkiewicz – I have been a costume designer for 17 years.

PopHorror – Wow it’s been a long time! IIs this something you’ve always wanted to do?

Agata Maszkiewicz – Well I grew up in Poland and honestly it never occurred to me that costume design could be a real career. I studied in an artistic high school and started to learn different artistic techniques during these years, but I always had a passion and love for fashion. I also loved designing clothes and made most of my own clothes growing up. When I finished my studies, my dad was living in the United States and it was his idea that I joined him in Los Angeles to study fashion, and that’s how I ended up at the Fashion Institute for Design and Merchandising. While I was in school, I decided I wanted to become a costume designer.


PopHorror – It is impressive. How did you get involved with the hit Netflix series Lucifer?

Agata MaszkiewiczLucifer was stepping into Netflix and needed a costume designer. I had worked with producers Ildy Modrovich and Hilton Smith in the past on different projects and they called me and luckily I was available at that time. It was a happy time.

PopHorror – Can you tell us how you brought these characters to life with their incredible wardrobe?

Agata Maszkiewicz – When I joined the show, the characters were already very much alive and I helped them continue their journey. I joined the series after big upheavals for the characters: Chloe learns that Lucifer really is the devil, Eve arrives, Maze goes on a self-discovery mission in search of a soul, and Dr. Linda gets pregnant with a baby angel, so there was a lot going on for everyone. Inbar Lavi, who plays Eve, and I were both new to the show and both got a really warm hug from everyone. Eve being a new character, I had the opportunity to bring her to life. It was a very conscious decision to document the development of Eve’s character with the progression of the colors. It was actually Inbar’s idea that we should meet Eve for the first time in a white robe; she was new to the world and white symbolized a new beginning. From there, as we got to know the character better and she got to know herself better, we added more and more red tones. Guess I could tell we shadowed her character. Working with Tom was such a joy too, there is just something so wonderful about a good looking man in a nice suit; all of his suits and tuxedos were tailor-made for him. I also loved being there with Chloe when she was trying to find her place in the new reality where the real devil runs the nightclub. I showed her vulnerability by choosing softer hues and shapes at the start of Season 4. And sure enough, I really had fun dressing Maze; because she mainly wears black, i used a lot of interesting textures and silhouettes to give her look some dimension on camera. I don’t so secretly wish her closet was mine!


PopHorror – Thank you for all the insight into the series. What inspired this style of clothing?

Agata Maszkiewicz – Inspiration comes from everywhere for me, but I especially like checking out different street style Instagram accounts. It’s wonderful to see how people express their individuality through clothing and then try to bring elements of that authentic style to the characters we create.

PopHorror – Are you satisfied with the success of the show?

Agata Maszkiewicz – Of course, it’s always great when the shows I’m working on are popular, especially in this case. Lucifer It was a beautiful show to be a part of and it was a very special group of people, I miss them very much.

PopHorror – You should be proud and I bet! If you could work on any type of movie or show in the future, is there a type of wardrobe that you would love to do that you haven’t done yet?

Agata Maszkiewicz – I would love to do a show that takes place in the Victorian era. Age of innocence is one of my favorite movies of all time and every time I meet it I can’t help but stop it all and watch it. I would also like to do a show that takes place in the 1930s in Los Angeles and recreate that era of old Hollywood glamor.

PopHorror – It would be really good. I also like these times. Any upcoming projects you would like to talk about?

Agata Maszkiewicz – I just started working on a new show for Disney + called National treasure.

PopHorror – Thanks for your time, Agata. I look forward to all your upcoming projects!

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Fashion designer

Ten purple projects ranging from dark purple to light lilac

From a playful furniture collection to a foldable dress, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best mauve projects from Dezeen’s archives reminiscent of the last Pantone color of the year.

Last week, company of colors Pantone named Very Peri as its color of the year for 2022. Made from a combination of shades of purple red and undertones of blue, the color falls somewhere in the purple spectrum. However, the coloring company describes it as a “periwinkle blue.”

Purple is historically linked to royalty and creativity and its use in architecture and design often reflects these connotations.

“Color is always associated with royalty, extravagance, wealth and power,” Michelle Ogundehin wrote in an opinion piece on Dezeen.

“It was the color of the elite. An omen of vanity, greed and pride,” she added.

Read on for a selection of projects that make the most of this versatile color:

Photo is courtesy of Stiliyana Minkovska

Ultima Thule by Stiliyana Minkovska

London based architect Stiliyana Minkovska designed three undulating childbirth chairs collectively called Ultima Thule, which provide women with extra support during childbirth.

Each of the ergonomic chairs is available in a shade of light purple and is designed to help women position themselves for a more comfortable childbirth.

Learn more about Ultima Thulé ›

Purple trapeze dress from the In Between collection by Sun Woo
The photo is by Gang Dong Woo

In between by Sun Woo

south korean fashion designer Sun Woo ChangThe In Between collection aims to provide wearers with a “portable home” that can be easily folded up.

Other items in the 13-piece collection is this two-tone floor-length gown which is purple on the front and lilac on the back. Steel wire and PVC tubing were used to create rings around the dress, much like designing a pop-up tent.

Find out more about In Between ›

The Winton Gallery by Zaha Hadid Archtects
Photo is by Nick Guttridge

Mathematics: The Winton Gallery at the Science Museum by Zaha Hadid Architects

Huge translucent loops form a canopy over this gallery space designed by Zaha Hadid Architects inside the Science Museum in London.

The math gallery was modeled after a wind tunnel for a 1920s airplane, and the studio covered it in purple light to bring objects in the museum’s science, technology, engineering and math collections to life.

Find out more about mathematics: the Winton gallery ›

Legorreta Bridge Project
Photo is by David Harrison

Cross Border Xpress (CBX) by Legorreta

Instead of building a wall along the border between Mexico and the United States, as former US President Donald Trump wanted, the Mexican firm Legorreta built a terminal and a bridge to speed up crossings.

The 14,788 square foot (1,374 square meters) walkway connects the existing Tijuana International Airport in Mexico with an airport terminal in San Diego. It’s clad in bold purple paneling that sets it apart from the city’s airport surroundings.

Learn more about CBX ›

Feet walking on Yinka Ilori level crossings for Bring London Together
Photo courtesy of Yinka Ilori

Bringing London Together by Yinka Ilori

London-based designer Yinka Ilori temporarily transformed 18 crosswalks in central London, using its circles and colorful lines.

Ilori swapped the traditional black and white stripes for shades of blue, orange, pink, green and purple.

Find out more about Bring London Together ›

Operio Latex Clothing Collection by Dead Lotus Couture
Photo courtesy of Dead Lotus Couture

Operio by Dead Lotus Couture

London fashion brand Sewing dead lotus has created a collection of 12 vintage style women’s clothing made from natural latex and faux fur.

In the collection is this shiny purple two-piece that features flared pants reminiscent of the 1970s and oversized buttons, and that wouldn’t be out of place on a character from a Wes Anderson movie.

Find out more about Operio ›

Purple architectural columns in a Chinese park
The photo is by Xia Zhi

Penda’s sound wave

Visitors to a park in Xiangyang are greeted with more than 500 bright purple steel fins that are fitted with LED lights and internal speakers playing traditional Chinese tracks.

The facility is located inside Myrtle Tree Garden, a two-square-mile park inhabited by a collection of 1,000-year-old myrtles with vibrant purple foliage.

Beijing-based architecture studio Penda aimed to make the rows of metallic purple columns look like a miniature metropolis.

Learn more about The Soundwave ›

Purple furniture by Crosby Studios
Photo is by Mikhail Loskutov, courtesy of the opening ceremony

Furniture collection by Crosby Studios

Russian design company Crosby Studios did not hide his love for the color purple. He used color for a dining table that doubles as a merry-go-round as well as throughout the founder’s apartment in New York City.

This collection of furniture and accessories, which was unveiled at the 2018 NYCxDesign festival, includes designs in a wide variation of purple hues.

Find out more about the furniture collection ›

Melbourne by Tom Blachford
Photo is by Tom Blachford

Centro Verso by Tom Blachford

The purple and blue images of Melbourne’s night skyline make up the photographer’s images Tom blachfordexperimental series of.

The photographer used extended exposure times and lens rotation to create images reminiscent of the holograms of ethereal buildings seen in Ridley Scott’s 1982 sci-fi film Blade Runner.

Find out more about Centro Verso ›

Purple Rain Room tribute to Prince at LACMA
The photo is from Photospice

Rain room by Random International

After the sudden death of beloved musician Prince in 2016, the Rain Room at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art was transformed into a tribute to the famous piece by artist Purple Rain. Visitors could play in the purple rain facility without getting wet.

After the song’s release, color became synonymous with the artist, and many works created after his death were based on hue.

Find out more about Rain Room ›

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Fashion industry

Bad credits taken out by Americans for their cars

Thinking of buying a car but don’t have enough funds in your bank account? Well, there is a solution to your problem. AT can find a bunch of finance companies that issue bad credit loans with guaranteed approval on the same day. This is exactly what most Americans do in difficult financial situations. The federal government supports these online initiatives, although not all of them are on the client side.

Current situation of the loan market

Over the past decade, the purchase of cars using bad loans with guaranteed same day approval have become a real deal. More and more finance companies are choosing to take advantage of the situation by imposing high interest rates and service fees on clients. In Maryland, the purchase of a 2018 BMW was marked with a 20% rate and a monthly payment of $ 800. By 2025, the loan is intended for full coverage. The total expenses will be approximately $ 60,000, which is double the estimated value of the car. For that money, you could afford a different car of a higher class.

If a person borrowed funds from a private company in 2020, the APR rate was considerably lower. According to Santander Consumer USA, the borrowed funds represent about 15% of the person’s monthly salary. Within six months, the records would show that the interest rate happens to be delinquent.

Today, 80% of all Americans with bad loans with guaranteed same day approval make a monthly payment of around $ 600. Some borrowers make their payments easily, while others get caught in a financial trap after getting high interest rates. This leads to debt consolidation. Thus, a loan must be replaced by a new one.

The total amount of auto loans taken by US citizens has reached over $ 1.4 trillion. With the recent surge in prices for new and used vehicles, debt is poised to escalate further. Can private finance companies help average citizens by offering secured bad credit loans with drastic ratings? Does this kind of service make sense? Of course, there is always someone who will be willing to agree on seemingly crazy terms and conditions.

According to federal reports, interest rates charged to borrowers remain stratospheric with APRs often reaching 25%. However, financially stable borrowers can get these divergent interest rates.

Future prospects

Unfair doubtful credits with guaranteed same-day approval seems like an unfair deal. Well, they are. But some finance companies in the United States continue to offer crazy terms to desperate Americans. And a lot of Americans for it without checking the details eh. Ultimately, they don’t even know that they have the right to negotiate the policies with the funder. And this ignorance does them no good.

The auto credit industry remains a well regulated market. Nonetheless, some US states still have unclear regulations determining auto loan interest rates. In all 50 states, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau tries to monitor the auto lender’s operations. Is it successful? You can only guess.

Falling for auto loans without proper considerations can lead to repossession and increase a cascade of other problems. Many Americans are already experiencing similar problems with bad loans. By May 2021, 1 in 12 Americans had withdrawn money from their car from a private finance company.

A considerable number of bad loans with guaranteed same day approval come with negative equity in the environment. Almost 50% of American borrowers have motor vehicles. In other words, they took the money out to buy a car. As practice shows, only 25% will be able to properly follow the repayment plan.

A credit score does not always determine the terms and conditions of the amount of money borrowed. AT, borrowers can view loan offers. Their loan offers have different policies, which range from 0% to over 25%. Of course, there can be some exceptions.

Some high credit the scorers get some pretty expensive loans. In the United States, more than 20,000 citizens have first-rate and super-blue credit scores. Over 3% withdraw money with APRs of 10% or more. It is a crazy policy to follow.

Many Americans are going into debt that they cannot cover on time. As a result, they expose themselves to heavy penalties. Federal experts recommend that potential borrowers withdraw up to 10% of their monthly income on a car loan. Otherwise, they will put themselves in a situation where they will have to take out another loan to cover the previous one. Does that make any sense ? Barely.

No wonder American experts recommend average donors to keep a monthly budget organized. This will allow them to estimate their real chances of borrowing the money and paying it back on time.

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French fashion

What will € 80,000 buy in France, the West Indies, the United States, Greece and Ireland?


Situated on a 0.4 acre site in Eleven Ballyboes, this semi-abandoned property offers views of Lough Foyle and the Wild Atlantic Way. In need of restoration, interiors are amazing with old stone walls and the hearth of an original fireplace. It could become an exceptional residence or vacation home.
Price: 80,000 €

Although in need of restoration, the interiors of this Donegal home are amazing with old stone walls and the hearth of an original fireplace


Located in the village of Saint Julien le Chatel, this three bedroom house covers 130 m². It has retained much of its rustic charm with exposed beams, old wooden floors and has a courtyard with a separate garden which could be used to create a vegetable patch.
Price: € 82,125

This French property has retained much of its rustic charm with exposed beams and old wooden floors

This French property has retained much of its rustic charm with exposed beams and old wooden floors


Located in the Ritz Carlton Resort in Aspen, this fractional property will give you two weeks of skiing, one week in the summer – with fixed dates, and a “floating week” giving you a month in total on an annual basis. Timeshare includes facilities such as a spa, pool, concierge, and restaurants in one of the most expensive real estate markets in the United States.
Price: $ 94,250 / € 83,115

Timeshare at the Ritz Carlton Resort in Aspen will earn you a total of one month on an annual basis

Timeshare includes facilities such as spa, pool, concierge, and restaurants


This 128m² traditional village house, located an hour from Kalamata Airport, has two bedrooms and gardens filled with peaches, oranges, cherries and figs. A well and a traditional oven can also be found on the one-acre grounds, which includes olive groves overlooking the Ionian Sea.
Price: 79,000 €

This Greek village house has gardens filled with peaches, oranges, cherries and figs

This Greek village house has gardens full of peaches, oranges, cherries and figs


To many the ideal of a James Bond location, this site, although not large at 0.37 acres, in Eleuthera is an elevated waterfront lot with a paved road and has all the amenities ready to go. employment. Located in the desirable community of South Palmetto Point, the land is close to restaurants and amenities.
Price: $ 95,000 / € 83,777

Located in the desirable community of South Palmetto Point, this Bahamian land is close to restaurants and amenities

Located in the desirable community of South Palmetto Point, this Bahamian land is close to restaurants and amenities

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Fashion style

Cutting-edge trends that demand a place on your Christmas list

Cutting-edge trends that demand a place on your Christmas list

By Taylor Kamnetz

UNITED STATES – December is here, and the countdown to Christmas is on!

When thinking about what you might want for Christmas this year, think about some trendy items that you don’t have yet, but you could definitely use. © Collage: 123RF / atlasfoto & tepikina

It’s the season for shopping until you drop.

You may find yourself making outrageous Christmas lists filled with items that you might not want to treat yourself to, but wouldn’t mind others doing on your behalf.

If there’s ever been a moment to take your photo when it comes to your gift cravings, it’s good during the holiday season. After all, the answer is always no unless you ask!

As strange as it may sound, there are a lot of people who have a hard time identifying the items they want, which makes the idea of ​​sitting down to make a Christmas list seem like a battle without a win.

If you’re struggling to think of what you might want this Christmas and your list looks as bare as an undecorated tree, we’ve rounded up the season’s hottest trends and most popular items to add to your listing.

From platform slippers and gaming devices to shoulder bags and snap-in faux-leather jackets, here are several items that are calling for a place on your Christmas 2021 list.

Faux leather puffer jackets and buttons

Quilted coats and faux leather jackets are the perfect winter layering your wardrobe needs.

Quilted coats and faux leather jackets are the perfect winter layering your wardrobe needs. © Collage: Screenshot / Instagram / & kyliejenner

You’ve seen them all over your TikTok and Instagram feeds, but do you have a faux leather puffer or snaps jacket in your closet?

If the answer is no, it looks like you just found the first two items to add to your list.

It is true that down jackets of different lengths and colors are currently experiencing a moment of seriousness.

Like many trends that caught on in the ’90s, the puffer jacket reappeared in the focus group in 2021.

This staple serves as either a heartwarming blast from the past for older generations, or forward-thinking recycled inspiration for those who weren’t there in its glory days.

Stores like Zara, CottonOn and even Nordstrom Rack are offering a variety of down jackets this season to suit everyone’s unique style.

Let’s not forget the legendary long sleeve faux leather button down or button down jacket that also deserves a place in your starting wardrobe lineup, especially if someone is kind enough to give it to you this holiday season.

If you’ve ever dreamed of looking like a rescue dancer who just left filming an 80s or 90s boy group music video, then you owe it to yourself to add this iconic item to your list.

The added element of the snaps is the icing on the cake for this grungy yet chic winter basic.

Platform slippers and matching tracksuits

The on-trend UGG platform slipper is designed to be worn outside the home, making it the perfect crossover shoe.

The on-trend UGG platform slipper is designed to be worn outside the home, making it the perfect crossover shoe. © Collage: Screenshot / TikTok / taraelisadesign

No matter where you live, everyone needs a pair of sturdy slippers for those late night walks to the corner store or for that 8am walk in the kitchen for your first cup of coffee.

Fortunately, slippers are also very trendy right now, especially platform slippers like those from UGG.

If you think you can only wear them at home, you are wrong.

The soles of UGG slippers are durable, as if they were designed to step into the real world, whether it’s the grocery store or a lunch with friends. AKA the only thing stopping you from wearing this style of slippers in bars is you.

While not recommended, you will definitely be able to get by.

The same could be said for the matching tracksuits, although it might be harder to sell on a Saturday night at the hottest bar in town, unless you’re Kim Kardashian or Hailey Bieber.

Since oversized matching tracksuits are extremely trendy and often worn by celebrities like Justin Bieber and Billie Eilish, it wouldn’t hurt to have at least one matching pair in your wardrobe.

You can be candle or basic with this request, as a range of brands have matching tracksuit sets. From PacSun to Balenciaga, there is a tracksuit to suit every budget and taste.

Hoka and combat boots

Combat boots like Dr. Marten's can be worn with a variety of outfits and styles for any occasion.

Combat boots like Dr. Marten’s can be worn with a variety of outfits and styles for any occasion. © Collage: Screenshot / Instagram / kourtneykardash & oliviarodrigo

If you are a runner or just want to dress like you are, then adding a pair of Hoka running or walking shoes to your list would be a smart move.

These sneakers are perfect for a marathon, a 5k hobby or even a Sunday brunch with your team.

If the Hoka brand sounds familiar to you, it might be because many of the Bachelor Nation men, including Tyler Cameron and former Bachelor Manager Matt James, were seen wearing custom Hoka’s at the New York Marathon on November 7.

Not to mention celebrity podcaster Amanda Hirsch from Not Skinny But Not Fat has been raving about her Hokas on her Instagram Stories for nearly a month.

If sneakers aren’t your cup of tea, then why not add a pair of combat boots to your wardrobe?

You know what they’re saying: if you can’t beat them, join them. And that’s basically how the whole combat boot trend evolved to now include the everyday masses outside of Hollywood.

Considering the number of celebrities who have been spotted wearing Dr. Martens or Louboutin combat boots in recent months, this trend is unlikely to go away anytime soon. So you might as well pick your poison in terms of price and add one or the other to the old Christmas list.

Of course, there’s more to the vacation of giving – and receiving – that often comes with this time of year.

But if someone asks you what you might want, or if a friend needs help brainstorming their own list, now you know a few trending ideas to throw.

Cover photo: Collage: 123RF / atlasfoto & tepikina

More on the Fashion theme:

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Fashion designer

Top 5 Most Expensive Fashion Designers in USA

In today’s era, the economy of the whole world is overwhelmed by the projects of houses of different style. American modders have their different methods and ways of presenting their ideas to the public. Some fashion designers are landing out of pocket for a lot of people and even big brands. The total value and expense of these designers runs into the millions and has been in the market for a long time.

Here are some of the most expensive fashion designers in the United States:

    Tom Ford has received overwhelming responses since entering the industry. He is known for his unique style of a mix of both nice and fashionable clothes. His creations are suitable for all age groups and are loved by all. He led the industry and also gained popularity when he entered the industry. His most expensive items are diamond moccasins ($ 2 million) and a tuxedo ($ 5,540).

    Marc Jacobs has been in the industry since the late 1980s and has been very popular ever since. He’s popularly known for his regular style, a mix of grunge, preppy, and couture, all in one mashup. He’s been at the top of his game since joining the company and is doing well too. His designs are very popular and worn by many celebrities. Her most expensive products are the Carolyn Crocodile handbag ($ 38,000) and the Puffy Clouds embroidery dress ($ 28,000).

    Ralph Lauren started his global team in 1968 with a high-quality menswear line. Her image has grown from the incorporation of feminine style, aromas, home furnishings and also just about anything else you can imagine. He has a unique, new and personalized style, also entirely American, which is achieved with his branded polo shirt that speaks for Ralph Lauren. His brand offers a variety of luxury lines, among which the most expensive products are: Purple Label Crocodile Duffel Bag ($ 25,000) and Purple Label Gregory Handmade Tailcoat Tuxedo ($ 9,995).

    Michael Kors is one of the best fashion designers in the world, known for his planning style as well as the usual things. He is a self-proclaimed fashion designer who is well known in the industry and also very popular. Kors trusts a form that should go beyond typical cases and designs. Her work is seamless and effortless, which can be accomplished while wearing her dress and other outfits. Simplicity is implicit in his creations, whether they are sportswear or accessories. Her most expensive products are Julie Nile Crocodile Large Bag ($ 13,000) and Miranda Crocodile Large Tote ($ 8,000).

    Calvin Klein is known to be an organizer who holds the title of “American King of Clothing”. He started his career in the mid-1970s and has dominated the market since entering the industry. His original ideas were jeans and the business sector which are now extended to cosmetics, perfumes, menswear, womenswear, bed and bath linen. He has his unique style ideas and his designs are loved by everyone around the world. Its most expensive product is the slaughterhouse raincoat ($ 6,940).

Follow the latest news live on CEOWORLD magazine and get updates from the US and around the world. The opinions expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of CEOWORLD magazine. Follow CEOWORLD magazine on Twitter and
Facebook. For media inquiries, please contact: [email protected]

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French fashion

The best Black Friday French Skincare offers in 2021

Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the included links, we may earn a commission.

The French skin care industry has long been a legend. Chic Parisians and returning travelers came to the United States thinking how pharmacies and drugstores in France are unlike anywhere else thanks to their above average skin care offerings. Fortunately, many of these coveted beauty brands like Bioderma and Embriyolisse have become accessible and available in the United States in recent years, and right now a ton of these brands are seeing exceptional sales for Black Friday.

There is a ton of diversity between brands, but you’ll notice that French skincare staples tend to be relatively calming with clean formulas. Anti-aging has also long been a de facto aspect of these staples – common ingredients include hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, retinol or retinol alternatives, and more.

Dip your foot into the pool of discounted Parisian delights for Black Friday below.

Avène and Vichy eye creams focus on diffusing fine lines and wrinkles that we associate with aging. Klorane eye patches, on the other hand, are a great instant solution for treating signs of fatigue or morning bags.

Popular French moisturizers are, for the most part, creamy in texture with an initial refreshing touch and a nourishing finish. With the exception of Vichy Moisturizer, which has powerful anti-aging ingredients, these peaks are all quite gentle and shouldn’t cause any irritation regardless of skin type.

Serums and treatments tend to be the most effective skin care products when it comes to treating targeted issues like redness, signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, etc. This is where you’ll see the greatest use of active ingredients, including retinol and vitamin C, and our French favorites are no exception.

It is the French beauty industry to thank for the rise of micellar waters. These water-based cleansers gently remove debris and impurities without stripping the skin of moisture.

Once upon a time a legendary Dior lip balm which rose through the ranks to become a must-have item worthy of madness. It has since been abandoned, but you will find its spiritual parent in these lip balms from By Terry and La Roche-Posay.

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Fashion designer

Here are the top 12 things to do in Houston this weekend.

Thanksgiving weekend has arrived, Houston. Whether it means time with family and friends or time alone, look for plenty of events to burn that pumpkin pie and salad dressing.

Have a safe Happy Thanksgiving. Here are your best bets for the weekend.

Griff’s Thanksgiving Party
If you don’t have family and / or friends to hang out over Thanksgiving, Griff’s is here for you. The pub will have turkey and ham and all toppings, including Layne’s world-famous broccoli cheese casserole.

The best part about everything – other than being with your Griff’s family – is that it’s all free. It starts on time and ends when the food is gone. So come celebrate with the folks at Griff’s and have a great vacation. 12:30 p.m.

33rd Annual Uptown Holiday Lighting
Here’s another holiday light show happening. It will begin with the illumination of 300 custom 20-foot Uptown vacation trees along Post Oak Boulevard from the West Loop to Richmond Avenue.

The family event will feature holiday shopping and treats, unique street entertainment and the sights and sounds of the holiday season, as well as a special appearance from Santa Claus.

After the Uptown Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, the evening will end with a fireworks display, followed by a light show. 4 p.m.

The Riot Comedy Show presents Live LAUGH Love Thanksgiving special
It looks like this monthly tradition will have a Thanksgiving theme this time around.

The evening will feature stand-up comedies from some of Houston’s funniest comedians who will share their take on dating and vacation relationships.

Relationship questions will be answered by comics during the comic panel panel. If you’re looking to get away from family for a hot minute, these comics are here to release that tension for you. 8 p.m.

Friday November 26

TFTI – Houston Selfie Museum
This interactive selfie experience will grab the attention of Houston vacation shoppers with a limited-time experience opening at The Galleria. The original and fun activation will offer over 15 quaint themed studios designed specifically for Instagram feeds.

The exhibit features a range of ready-made rooms such as the seasonal Upside-Down X-Mas Tree Room, Pillow Fight Room, Infinity Mirror Room, DJ Confetti Room, Space Room and more. . Until Wednesday January 1 at 10 a.m. (11 a.m. Sunday).

Downtown District presents Thing-A-Ma-Jingle
On Friday, the Houston Downtown Management District (Downtown District) closes Main Street for the return of this night of festive fun. The giant block party will feature a night market, carol-oke, photo ops with hipster Santa, lighting projections and more.

Event enthusiasts will appreciate the special food and drink and live music at the bars and restaurants in the area. This event is recommended for ages 21 and over. 5 p.m.

The great Christmas show
Will hearn Great Christmas Show is a raucous, catchy, and one-of-a-kind musical starring the Americana Blue Water Highway. The retro radio show features Christmas comedy and classics on a traditional Christmas Eve show, conducted by the Radio Orchestra and Nick Brown’s Gospel Singers.

Designed for lovers of music and comedy, this homage to American Christmas traditions cleverly and progressively blurs the lines between heartfelt nostalgia and satire of contemporary pop-culture. 7:30 p.m.

saturday 27 november

Pop-up Trill Burgers
Bun B’s Trill Burgers will be hosting a pop-up at Sticky’s Chicken this weekend. The pop-up will include Trill Burgers’ new vegan smash burger – a 100 percent plant-based Beleaf burger made with Impossible Meat – plus the “OG Classic” burger and Grilled Onion Smashburger.

Burgers will be available on a first come, first served basis in the restaurant while supplies last. Vegan burgers should sell out quickly. 2 p.m.

Water parks in concert
On the back of their highly anticipated album The biggest hits, the pop-punk trio Waterparks bring their infectious energy to the road and they’re ready to rock in Houston, where it all began.

This group enthusiastically mixes genres – oscillating between outbursts of rock, alternative and electronics with pop ambition and hip-hop’s daring and blatant disregard for the rules. They have garnered huge cult following and amassed over 195 million streams and over 175,000 album sales in the United States to date. 6 p.m.

Unlimited meeting tour
No Limit Records was an American label founded by Master P. The label included artists such as Snoop Dogg, Silkk the Shocker, Mystikal, Mia X, C-Murder, Romeo Miller, and more.

The label is often considered the ancestor of the rise of southern hip-hop and the creation of a plan for independent ownership of rap music. And now they’re back on tour, with Master P, Mystikal, Slikk The Shocker, Mia X, Fiend, Mercedes and Mr Serv-On. 7:30 p.m.

Sunday November 28

Hanukkah Film Festival
The Hanukkah Film Festival will celebrate the Hanukkah season with eight nights of new, exclusive and award-winning films.

The Austin Jewish Film Festival joins film festivals, synagogues and Jewish organizations across the United States and Canada in partnership with Menemsha Films in this new virtual holiday celebration.

Opening night will feature the world premiere of the animated short Hanukkah The broken candle. Until Sunday December 5. 9 a.m.

Parkway to Regent Square Market Days
In partnership with The Art Cellar of Houston, the popular series of outdoor local artisans’ markets brings you gifts for the holidays.

Grab a bite from one of the on-site food trucks and a cocktail from Jo’s Mini Mobil Bar, while listening to the sounds of Keith Vivens Due and browse selected vendors selling specialty jewelry and accessories, artwork, candles , culinary treats and more.

It’s free, and the first 25 participants will have the opportunity to decorate a kite to fly in nearby Buffalo Bayou Park. 2 p.m.

Youth Soul Love presents Sounds of the city
This show is presented by Art of Soul and Wear Models and hosted by Houston hip-hop artist / fashion influencer Youth Soul Love.

Expect a vibrant cultural experience that revives the urban music scenes of the cities that gave birth to musical culture today and highlights the influence of music on the fashion and art created in the periods. respective.

Fashion designer Nicholas Phat Nguyen’s Mysterious line will be in the spotlight, while Love, Julian Caesar and other artists will perform. 6 p.m.

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French fashion

‘We are five to ten years behind’: a long way to go to solve Australia’s textile waste crisis | australian fashion

Last week, the Australian Fashion Council received a $ 1 million grant to start working with the industry to reduce the country’s mountain of textile waste. That’s a pittance compared to the money offered to recycle other products, however, and it has left some in the industry feeling disappointed.

Julie Boulton and Aleasha McCallion are project managers at the Monash Sustainable Development Institute and co-authors of a report on a circular T-shirt which was released in March of this year. McCallion says the $ 1 million subsidy, compared to other waste streams, is further proof that the fashion industry is “consistently overlooked and underestimated, both on economic value and how the system affects everyone ”.

The grant, which will help establish the country’s first national textile products stewardship program, is part of a $ 1 billion plan to transform Australia’s waste and recycling that was announced last year. At the time, $ 190 million has been allocated for new infrastructure to recycle plastic, paper, tires and glass, a figure that eclipses the amount so far allocated to fashion waste.

Fashion Council Interim CEO Kellie Hush said there was “a long way to go of course, but it’s a good start for the federal government to join us in realizing the problem.”

The problem being the 23kg of clothing the average Australian throws in landfills each year – placing Australians in the unenviable position of being the second largest consumers of textiles in the world, per capita, behind the United States. While it is possible to recycle clothing in Australia, the sector has very low adoption rates due to a lack of infrastructure to collect, sort and recycle textiles.

The council will use grant money to work with industry stakeholders – including designers, retailers, manufacturers, charities and textile recyclers – to create three reports by March 2023 The first will examine the data and material flow. The second will analyze global initiatives, policies and technologies promoting circularity in textiles. The third will make recommendations on how to move forward, including a roadmap to 2030 in accordance with Objectives of the National Waste Policy Action Plan.

Hush says the first step is to work with the industry to investigate what is realistic. She says that once the reports are written, “we will have recommendations and I can assure you that some of them, or most of them, will require investments with the federal government and private companies to help us. finance these programs ”.

Alice Payne is Associate Professor of Fashion Design at the Queensland University of Technology and one of the experts who will shape the program. She says, “This is just the start of what will actually be a longer journey… this amount of funds is a way to bring stakeholders together. She says they will build on existing work in scientific literature and reports from around the world and adapt it to the “Australian context in consultation with Australian stakeholders”.

These conversations will explore changes in design and manufacturing for sustainability, as well as charitable recycling and used business models, the need for innovation and investment in recycling technology, and consumer education. For now, the focus is on the industry and not on policy or legislative changes.

The principles of a circular fashion industry are well established, but have recently been popularized by international nonprofit organizations like the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which produces major research and reports on fashion circularity. According to the foundation, a circular fashion industry is one where clothing is designed to be recyclable and sustainable, so that it can be worn over and repaired, and shared and resold until end of life, when are collected to be recycled or returned to Earth.

McCallion and Boulton took inspiration from the foundation’s work to write their report on a circular t-shirt. “We should seek to adapt the great overseas examples to the Australian context and work together to move the agenda forward as quickly as possible,” says McCallion. “We are not reinventing the wheel.

They say there is evidence overseas that circularity works when you have a collaboration with industry alongside legislation and policy change.

Boulton says: “We are five to ten years behind what is happening in the EU, in France, in the Netherlands, in Germany. They’re having these debates right now on labeling and banning textile waste… that’s what we should be doing. It’s silly to focus on locally made products, it’s such a small part. We need to go beyond product stewardship and we need government regulation to look at what’s happening and stop the bad things. “

The European Union is currently working on legislation to manage and control textile waste. From 2023, all clothing and footwear sold in the EU will carry color-coded labels informing customers of the product’s environmental impact. Under the European Commission’s Waste Framework Directive, member states will have to set up separate collections for textiles by 2025. Payne says whether or not this model is followed will be determined by “conversations with councils as well as with state governments, etc. It can be part of it, but it is something that will have to be determined in the group.

BlockTexx founders Graham Ross and Adrian Jones present their fabric recycling process. Photograph: Supplied

Adrian Jones is the co-founder of BlockTexx, a technology company that is building Australia’s first large-scale textile recycling facility in Logan, Queensland. He also thinks the government needs to establish a legislative framework, because under voluntary codes companies don’t change.

“We only saw significant changes in France, the Netherlands and Denmark because governments said we were heading towards an export ban, or a system of remuneration for producers or consumers, or a combination of all of the above. Then we saw a significant growth in chemical recycling on land.

The BlockTexx factory uses chemical recycling technology, which is preferred over mechanics because it produces a higher quality material that can be recycled again. In three years, the plant is expected to process 10,000 tonnes of textile waste per year. Jones says, “If you want to solve the textile waste problem, you have to do it in volume, you cannot be artisanal. “

He says the infrastructure required for large-scale recycling would cost “tens of millions of dollars,” but it doesn’t all have to come from the government. To finance their new plant, BlockTexx raised $ 5.5 million: $ 1 million from the federal government, $ 1 million from the Queensland government and $ 3.5 million from private investment.

Despite this, it is fortunate that the $ 1 million grant has been awarded to the fashion council. “I just hope it’s well spent and doesn’t produce a lot of research that says ‘wouldn’t it be good if we did something about textile waste?’ We kind of know that.

Making carbon neutral clothes from seaweed: designers take on fast fashion - vidéo
Making carbon neutral clothes from seaweed: designers take on fast fashion Рvid̩o

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Fashion designer

Fashion designer Erdem and author Cressida Cowell to receive MBEs in Windsor

British fashion designer Erdem Moralioglu and How To Train Your Dragon author Cressida Cowell will receive royal honors on Wednesday at Windsor Castle.

They will be honored with a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) at the ceremony hosted by the Princess Royal, as well as sports stars and music legends who are also set to receive awards.

Born in Canada and based in London, designer M. Moralioglu counts the Duchess of Cambridge, former United States First Lady Michelle Obama, style dean Alexa Chung and actress Keira Knightley among his clients.

After a 15-year career in women’s fashion, creating stunning satin dresses and signature floral prints, the designer will receive an honor for Services to Fashion as he heads into men’s fashion.

PA Archive “data-copyright-notice =” PA Archive / PA Images “data-credit =” Isabel Infantes “data-usage-terms =” “srcset =” /production/bbb9ba10907784fd32b3ad725a4d041aY29udGVudHNlYXJjaGFwaSwxNjM3MTY4Nzk2/2.50390572.jpg?w=226 226W, 452W, https: // image. assets / v2 / image / production / bbb9ba10907784fd32b3ad725a4d041aY29udGVudHNlYXJjaGFwaSwxNjM3MTY4Nzk2 / 2.50390572.jpg? w = 905 905w “sizes =” (max -x) (widthp: 897px71) max 54px (max-widthp: 897px)Designer Erdem Moralioglu will receive an MBE at Windsor Castle on Wednesday (Isabel Infantes / PA).

The writer and illustrator of How To Train Your Dragon, which has sold 11 million copies and has become a DreamWorks film series, said she was “thrilled and proud” to be recognized for her services to children’s literature.

After being named the recipient of the 2020 Queen’s Birthday Honors List, Ms Cowell, 55, said on Twitter: ‘So thrilled and proud to have received an MBE yesterday, just wanted to thank all of the kind people who sent you their best wishes and congratulations. “

Sports stars including golfer Pamela Chugg and former British, Commonwealth and European welterweight boxing champion Colin Jones will also receive honors for services to women’s sport and services to boxing in the Country of. Wales respectively.

After performing at Windsor Castle for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding in 2018, cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason will return to the Royal Residence to collect an MBE for Services to Music.

London-born soul artist Mica Paris, who began singing in a local church gospel choir, will receive the same award.

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Fashion brand

Green Giant® Offers Bold Thanksgiving Fashion With Ugly Casserole Sweater Gift

From today until November 17, consumers can enter to win a free ugly Thanksgiving sweater from the Green Giant brand by visiting Winners will be randomly selected to win one of three stylish casserole designs, including green bean casserole and corn casserole themes. No purchase is necessary. For a full list of official rules and for more information, please visit

Green Giant Vegetables have been a staple casserole ingredient in American households for generations and for Thanksgiving we wanted to put beloved vegetarian side dishes center stage, ”said Jordan Greenberg, executive vice president and general manager. sales representative of B&G Foods. “We are literally giving Americans the opportunity to wear their love of the casserole dish on their sleeves and use this opportune moment, together at the table, to support the important work being done by No Kid Hungry.”

Departure November 18 to November 25, a vegetable casserole or Thanksgiving table scenes shared by consumers on social media via Thanksgiving using #PasstheCasserole and tagging @GreenGiant will result in a $ 1 donation by the Green Giant brand to No Kid Hungry with a minimum total donation of $ 25,000 and a maximum total donation of $ 50,000. To learn more about No Kid Hungry, please visit

How to participate to the contest
Enter for a chance to win the Green Giant raffle by visiting and follow the on-screen instructions to complete and submit an official entry. No purchase is necessary. A purchase will not increase anyone’s chances of winning. Legal residents of the 50 U.S. states and District of Colombia who are 18 years of age or older are eligible to participate. Limit of one (1) entry per participant. The competition starts on 11/10/21 and ends on 11/17/21. Winners will be notified by November 20.

About B&G Foods
Situated at Parsippany, New Jersey, B&G Foods, Inc. (NYSE: BGS) and its subsidiaries manufacture, sell and distribute high quality branded frozen and shelf-stable foods through United States, Canada and Porto Rico. With B&G Foods’ diverse portfolio of over 50 brands you know and love, including Back to nature, B&G, B&M, Bear Creek, Cream of wheat, Crisco, Hyphen, Green Giant, Las Palmas, Sweat, Mom mary, Maple Farms, New York style, Ortega, Polaner, Spice Islands and Victoria, There is something for every taste. For more information on B&G Foods and its brands, please visit

About No Kid Hungry
No child should go hungry in America. But as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, 1 in 6 children could face hunger. No Kid Hungry works to end childhood hunger by helping to launch and improve programs that give all children the healthy food they need to thrive. It is a problem that we know how to solve. No Kid Hungry is a campaign by Share Our Strength, an organization committed to ending hunger and poverty.

Media contact:
Lisa Marcellari
Gillian Small PR
[email protected]

SOURCE Green Giant

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Fashion style

Meet the woman responsible for making Amazon a fashion staple

Have you ever found yourself searching for a novel on Amazon, only to be sidetracked by its selection of moccasins? Neither do I. Ruth Diaz, her fashion manager in Europe, wants to change that.

Not that his numbers need to be increased. Amazon fashion is huge, although you might not know it because to find it you have to click on a drop-down menu to the left of the home screen. Then, in order not to be bombarded with millions of different shoes, most of which are not what you asked for, you need to familiarize yourself with your filters.

Once you do that, you are in the land of plenty, with great bargains and good quality merchandise galore. Find, one of Amazon’s brands, designed in-house in London, is a great source of thoughtful and affordable classics – think camel corduroy single-breasted coats, block heel ankle boots and loafers and unlike Zara, you won not find them on everyone.

Which is strange, as nearly 90% of UK consumers buy from Amazon, according to Mintel, the world’s leading retail analysts. In the United States, the site accounts for about 50 percent of all online clothing transactions. But so far, her reputation in Europe as a source of ambitious style as opposed to fleeces and functional sneakers (she sold 12.5 million pairs last year and five million pairs of leggings) is in the spotlight. dragged. “There is so much to do,” concedes Diaz, of Spanish origin, over the phone from his office in Madrid. “The good news is that this company is incredibly open to new ideas and very keen to be seen as a credible force in fashion.”

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Fashion style

The style of Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece in pictures

Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark is a 25-year-old model and the eldest child of Pavlos, Crown Prince of Greece, and his wife, Marie-Chantal Miller. The socialite was born in New York and spends time in the United States and London. She often returns home to her native Greece and shares her adventures with her 200,000+ Instagram followers.

Princess Maria-Olympia’s final message was to pay tribute to her uncle, Prince Philippos of Greece, and his new wife, Nina Flohr.

The couple got married in Athens last month in a religious ceremony at the Metropolitan Cathedral.

The couple had already celebrated their civil wedding a year before, but wanted to invite a bigger crowd this time around.

For the occasion, the bride, who is the daughter of Swiss billionaire Thomas Flohr, wore a traditional white passed by none other than French royalty in Chanel fashion.

READ MORE: Lawn: “Continue to maintain” the lawn during the winter

The dress had a square neckline, long sleeves and a tight bodice.

Her skirt was slightly puffed outward and was made of the same material as the bodice.

As for accessories, Maria-Olympia completed her look with a pair of shiny blue heels with large silver buckles and a unique blue clutch.

The bag was shaped like a book and included the cover of the book, which was titled Les Voyages de Barbar.

Kate’s dress also had long sleeves and a cut similar to Maria-Olympia’s garment.

This shade of blue has been seen on Kate and Maria-Olympia a number of times in the past.

Samantha said, “The dress is a very similar color. This blue is very popular right now – we’ve seen it everywhere this season.

The color is suitable for both women, even if they have different skin tones. Samantha said: “I think Maria-Olympia is a very sweet fall, while Kate is a summer.”

Although both Maria-Olympia and Kate are stylish, Samantha noted that Maria-Olympia is able to be a bit more experimental when it comes to fashion.

“Maria-Olympia is on Instagram and, unlike Kate, is able to have a public profile,” the fashion expert said.

“Her style is more daring and there is less pressure on her.”

Samantha added: “The roles of the two royal families are different – Kate’s goal is basically to be head of state while there is more freedom for Princess Maria-Olympia, and it’s interesting how it is played out in terms of style. “

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Fashion style

See all the best outfits at Mindy Kaling’s Diwali party

The stars shone brightly on November 3 and Mindy Kaling’s pre-Diwali dinner added to the sparkle, thanks to well-dressed guests who attended the celebrity-packed event on Wednesday. Prepared for an evening of all that is decadent and divine, Priyanka Chopra, Lilly Singh, Meena Harris, Deepica Mutyala and other incredible women were dressed in new outfits as they toasted to celebrate their accomplishments and friendships.

Held in honor of the Festival of Lights celebrated by the Hindu community, which took place on November 4, the joyful event was presented at the Bombay Palace in Los Angeles, where every corner of the room was lit up with ornate saris. , sparkling accessories and smiles. as bright as the lights on the ceiling. “Who am I, even? I couldn’t be more in love with my Diwali look, starting with my lehenga,” Mindy captioned an Instagram post.

“I am so proud of this room. This group of women. These pioneers who are blazing new trails for ALL of us through media, the arts and entertainment.”

As the host of the evening, Mindy dazzled in a custom Falguni Shane Peacock outfit. Priyanka Chopra was stunned in a set of floral-print georgette skirts from Arpita Mehta, and Meena Harris wore a custom paisley-print dress designed by South Asian fashion designer Nina Sarin Arias. As the party was filled with unforgettable looks, the wildly successful women were honored to celebrate friendship, representation and community.

“Last night I was so proud to have a Diwali party with my friends @meena at @phenomenal and @deepica at @livetinted,” Mindy wrote on Instagram. “We welcomed amazing women from our community and got to share stories and celebrate (with delicious food and major fashion moments). It couldn’t have happened when I moved to LA ago. over ten years, but now we are HERE! Next year will be even bigger. ” Grateful for the invitation, Richa wrote on her own Instagram account: “Thank you @meena @deepica @mindykaling for bringing us all together to enjoy each other’s brightness and to encourage solidarity and genuine connection in our community. which has historically been divided and where we have been pitted against each other by systems that are not for us (especially in industries like Hollywood). ”

Equally moved by the powerful women present, Deepica wrote, “I am so proud of this room. This group of women. These trailblazers who are blazing new trails for ALL of us through media, the arts and entertainment. What a dream. for ALL of us. have it all at one table to share a meaningful conversation about the power of the United States as a collective working together towards a common goal: representation.. Happy Diwali everyone. New beginnings, love and light. ”

Take a peek at the event and take a closer look at the glamorous Diwali outfit of each participating celebrity.

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Fashion designer

‘Last Night In Soho’ opens at $ 4.16 million on weekends – Specialized box office – Deadline

Edgar wright Last night in Soho is an arthouse film that has opened on 3,000 screens – a gamble in a cinema market where multiplex enthusiasts are primarily looking to big-budget, high-octane studio franchises. (Dune, Halloween kills and No time to Die took the top spots this weekend, an overall sweet where the Halloween parties may have heralded October’s stellar upturn.)

With the exception of Downton Abbey, Focus has hardly ever launched a movie on so many screens, period. Before Covid, he would surely have rolled out the 1960s-themed psychological thriller for weeks on end in a “platform” release starting with the artwork. But the pandemic has blurred the lines of what plays out where. (On the other hand, a lot of struggling arthouse has been welcomed Black Widow, Shang-Chi and Bond.)

Last night – about an aspiring fashion designer mysteriously able to step into the 1960s where she meets a dazzling aspiring singer and a very dark secret – has done best in arthouse theaters including the Alamo Drafthouse chain (run by Brooklyn) and 35mm print cinemas at the Music Box in Chicago, the Village East and BAM in New York, the Belcourt in Nashville, the Coolidge Corner in Boston and the New Beverly in THE. He also performed well in eight AMC cinemas in Dolby, all on the coasts, where Last night doing his best. This has skewed young people, mirroring the audience returning to theaters, with 68% of ticket buyers under 35. No time to die – may have been exaggerated.)

As Deadline reported, Last night grossed $ 4.16 million, which puts it in 6th place and well below the follow-up.

“I’m really happy this movie has hit theaters,” said Lisa Bunnell, Focus Distribution Manager. “We got what we wanted with the film and for Edgar.” The director, a strong supporter of cinema films, is now in the UK to promote Last night after a targeted marketing blitz in the United States.

Focus is not alone, other distributors have made a similar choice as the cinema market struggles to recover. There are several reasons why:

– TV Windows: Focus did not announce the paid video on demand window for Last night but he recently followed a 17-day pattern for his films. Assuming that’s the case here, some theaters would be less willing to show it after this time – so it needs to come out as wide as possible as quickly as possible. “There are different variables. If you’re going to PVOD or streaming for a relatively short period of time, you can’t roll it out on TV and hit theaters at the same time, ”one distributor said.

-Economics: Distributors may get a better return on their initial investment in marketing dollars with greater theatrical sweep, especially if PVOD is not far behind.

-Why not ? : Directors like it. And even the incremental and decreasing round-trip ticket sales of the suburban multiplexes are still in checkout. The wider the aperture, the more people might have heard about the film once it releases in PVOD.

The downside is that the industry thinks about it and says the film didn’t perform well, didn’t perform well and draw conclusions about it based on the opening number. But we live in such a strange time, Bunnell said, that “adult films are no longer traceable. It is no one’s fault. It’s the pandemic. All the means we have used to judge where the films are going, up or down, are less reliable. “

Distributor deadline is every week for Specialty Preview and usually fingers crossed and have no idea how their movies will perform.

“What really matters now is that things get better. Look at the whole month of October. The box office is growing, I think we’re going for a strong holiday season. This is good news, ”Bunnell said.

The specialty sector has released films at a rapidly accelerating pace, with many having taken place since 2020 and releasing strong festivals this year from Cannes to Venice, Telluride, Toronto, London and New York. “We are delighted that the content is on the air. If we don’t get the content, we’ll never get that audience back, ”a distribution manager said.

Other specialty openings: presentation by A24 of Joanna Hogg’s The Remembrance Part II, which posted the highest overall weekend average per screen of $ 26,485, albeit at three theaters in NY and LA. The 2019 drama sequel stars Honor Swinton Byrne and will open up other top markets this weekend ahead of a lengthy theatrical rollout.

(A24 recently had a hit specialty with genre film Lamb, which climbs to $ 2.766 million across 145 screens in week 3.)

The notable vestige was that of Wes Anderson The French dispatch. The Searchlight Pictures film, which posted a super per-screen average of $ 26,000 last weekend in 42 locations – expanded to 788 theaters for a gross amount of $ 2.8 million, gross over three days and an average per screen of over $ 3,500. Cumulative gross after 10 days of publication is $ 4.6 million.

Searchlight said the strongholds opened in week two include the Belcourt in Nashville, Avon in Stamford Ct., Cinema du Parc and the Forum in Montreal, Hillcrest in San Diego, Tower in Sacramento, Avon in Providence, Lagoon in Minneapolis, Piedmont in Oakland and the Pittsburgh Manor.

Next week, it will expand to 1,200 theaters in all remaining medium and small-sized markets, including art houses in New England, Western Massachusetts, and upstate New. York, Raleigh, North Carolina, and central Pennsylvania.

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French fashion

Jill Biden meets Brigitte Macron in navy animal-print suit and pumps – Footwear News

All products and services presented are independently selected by the editors. However, FN may receive a commission on orders placed through its retail links, and the retailer may receive certain verifiable data for accounting purposes.

Jill Biden’s new set is synonymous with class and elegance.

Dr Biden and French First Lady Brigitte Macron dressed alike in black and navy hues during a meeting at Il Marchese restaurant in Italy. Proving that you can never go wrong with dark pieces, the two ladies matched their respective outfits ahead of the G20 summit in Rome.

Biden opted for a pencil skirt suit with a black animal print. Her outfit was completed with a silver brooch, a navy silk scarf and a pair of navy pumps. Macron also chose a skirt for the occasion with pointed pumps.

US First Lady Jill Biden (right) and French First Lady Brigitte Macron speak outside a restaurant on the sidelines of an upcoming G20 summit in Rome.


One of Biden’s iconic accents involves skirts and dresses of varying lengths. On a recent trip, the first lady wore a flowing navy blue dress with a pair of similarly toned ankle boots. When it comes to his shoe repertoire, Dr. Biden keeps it traditional with basic pieces from high-end designers like Dior, Jimmy Choo and Stuart Weitzman and Prada. She can be spotted in well known labels like Brandon Maxwell and other emerging brands like Jonathan Cohen and Markarian.

US First Lady Jill Biden, center, arrives for a meeting with French First Lady Brigitte Macron on the sidelines of an upcoming G20 summit in Rome on Friday, October 29, 2021. A Group of 20 summit scheduled for this weekend in Rome is the first face-to-face gathering of leaders from the world's largest economies since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.  (AP Photo / Alessandra Tarantino)

The First Lady of the United States, Jill Biden.


French First Lady Brigitte Macron, center, arrives for a meeting with United States First Lady Jill Biden on the sidelines of an upcoming G20 summit in Rome on Friday, October 29, 2021. A Group of 20 summit scheduled this weekend in Rome is the first in-person gathering of leaders from the world's largest economies since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.  (AP Photo / Alessandra Tarantino)

The first lady of France Brigitte Macron.


It looks like Biden’s shoe preference is a classic pump. In another appearance at a local school in the Bronx, New York, the educator wore a fuchsia blazer and a knee-length skirt with a pair of nude pumps.

Discover Jill Biden’s style over the years.

Be chic with a pair of navy blue pumps for fall.

J. Renée

CREDIT: Courtesy of Nordstrom

Buy now: J. Renee Maressa Pointed Toe Pump, $ 69.89

Sam Edelman Navy Blue

Buy Now: Sam Edelman Hazel Pointed Heel, $ 140

Nina navy blue pumps

CREDIT: Courtesy of Nina

Buy Now: Nina 60 Skin New Navy, $ 89

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Fashion designer

Monique Lhuillier, Bridal Designer for Britney Spears, on 25 Years of Weddings

Written by Megan C. Hills, CNN

Filipino American fashion designer Monique Lhuillier wants to make your dreams come true. She wants you to imagine yourself dressed in cream silk, lace and verdant flowers, running through the gardens of Lake Como and toward the love of your life – a scene captured in one of her brand’s recent campaigns.
“People come to me for this fantasy,” explained Lhuillier, who is best known for designing wedding dresses for Britney Spears and Reese Witherspoon, via video call. “They want that over the top look.”

Even during the pandemic, when marriages were curtailed and brides around the world were forced to put their plans on hold, the fantasy “never went away,” she added.

A dress from Monique Lhuiller’s latest bridal collection. Credit: Monique Lhuillier / KT Merry

“(The brides) never wanted to compromise on the dress. Even though they were going to have a little ceremony, they still wanted the dream dress … (if there were) five people in the room with them , or 200. “

Lhuillier has been distributing fantasies – and fulfilling her own dreams of running a successful label – since 1996, when she set up her eponymous brand in the basement of her parents’ house in Malibu without even a business plan (” we don’t have I don’t know nothing. for ten years when they devoted “90% of their time” to the business.

A floral dress by Monique Lhuillier.

A floral dress by Monique Lhuillier. Credit: Monique Lhuillier / Rizzoli

At the time, Lhuillier, who was born and raised in the Philippines and then lived in Switzerland, was inspired by a sense of “Californian ease,” she writes in a new book retracing her 25-year career. Her early designs offered romantic, modern silhouettes that were close to the body and embellished with unexpected details, from colorful belts to blush veils.

However, the brand was not, Lhuillier recalled, an instant dazzling success. As she ran between bridal shows and catwalks, calling out whoever would sell her brand’s dresses – while also running a Beverly Hills store and developing new designs – there was no time to work with. Hollywood stylists. And anyway, the pair “didn’t realize the power of celebrity dressing,” she said.

Angelina Jolie wearing Monique Lhuillier at the 2002 Golden Globes, accompanied by Billy-Bob Thornton.

Angelina Jolie wearing Monique Lhuillier at the 2002 Golden Globes, accompanied by Billy-Bob Thornton. Credit: Gregg DeGuire / WireImage / Getty Images

But that all changed in 2002, when Angelina Jolie asked to wear one of her dresses for the Golden Globes. The elegant look was not a cream, beige or white, but rather a strapless black dress paired with a shawl and pearl necklace. Then, the following year, the brand was noticed when Lhuillier made for the first time a wedding dress for a “mega celebrity”: Britney Spears.

Big cut

Spears was splashed in every magazine back then. After kissing Madonna at the VMAs, then marrying Jason Allen Alexander – only to have the union called off 55 hours later – she went on to announce a surprise engagement to backup dancer Kevin Federline.

In search of a dress for the wedding, a friend and stylist of Spears contacted Lhuillier and arranged a series of dates in secret places to prevent the paparazzi from harassing the singer. It made it difficult to give Spears “the whole experience of a bride,” the designer recalled, as she couldn’t just show up to her studio.

Monique Lhuillier's ready-to-wear collection, presented during Spring-Summer Paris <a class=Fashion Week in 2017.”/>

Monique Lhuillier’s ready-to-wear collection, presented during Spring-Summer Paris Fashion Week in 2017. Credit: Monique Lhuillier / Rizzoli

“I didn’t just bring her two dresses, I showed her what I would show to (all) my brides, so that she could feel like she really had the (typical bridal) experience,” said said Lhuillier, explaining how the brand designed the bespoke lace, accessories and veil for Spears, as well as the dress.

Lhuillier was also commissioned to make a “fun and flirty” reception dress and dresses for the whole wedding party, in a strict color scheme. She was given six weeks to design and produce everything, a huge task considering she was also preparing to show off a ready-to-wear collection at New York Fashion Week.

When the press found out about the wedding, the pressure mounted.

“The day before my show, I got a phone call from his team,” she recalls. They said, ‘People are finding out, so we have to get the wedding to take place earlier, so now you will have three weeks. ”

“(I told them) ‘OK, we’ll do it. Don’t worry.’ But inside, I was dying. “

Designer Monique Lhuillier attends a 2018 gala.

Designer Monique Lhuillier attends a 2018 gala. Credit: Emma McIntyre / Getty Images

In a way, she succeeded. Photos of the nuptials have been splashed in magazines and on the internet, with Spears’ white silk gown, embroidered train, and floor-sweeping veil in the spotlight. Soon more and more of his ready-to-wear items were appearing on celebrity red carpets, and Lhuillier “could sense the momentum” when people finally began to fully understand his French surname – loo-lee. -ei.

“It helped people figure out how to pronounce our name; it helped hearing it a few times on the (red) carpet. It really cemented our name and the idea of ​​Monique Lhuillier and glamor.”

A quarter of a century later

Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, the brand remains proudly independent, with Lhuillier as Creative Director and Bugbee as CEO. Their dresses – and now the furniture and jewelry, among other things – are American made, so the designer can stay “on the go”. (“It’s not the cheapest way to do it, but that’s how I like to work,” she said.)

Taylor Swift wearing Monique Lhuillier in 2014.

Taylor Swift wearing Monique Lhuillier in 2014. Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

Lhuillier is now more aware of the power of celebrity and has an employee in charge of VIP requests. Celebrities like Taylor Swift, Kaley Cuoco, Heidi Klum and Elizabeth Banks have all turned to her for major events, while Carrie Underwood and Lea Michele have asked her for their dream wedding dresses. Reese Witherspoon, a close friend of Lhuillier’s, wore the designer’s white dress and blush satin belt for her second wedding, to Jim Toth, in 2011.
In the preface by Lhuillier new book, Witherspoon wrote, “(Monique) understands why women want to wear something that makes them beautiful and how her designs will become part of the fabric of their lives.”
Indeed, Lhuillier’s knack for figuring out what women want to wear during life-changing moments remains astute, with her self-proclaimed “whimsical” new collection focusing on floral prints, colors and shorter hems. But the pandemic has damaged her business, as brides around the world have turned to Zoom fittings and scaled back their plans. With more time for her during the lockdown, the designer has taken care of a new line of fine jewelry. Created in collaboration with the retailer Kay Jewelers, it is a project close to the heart of Lhuillier, his grandfather being a jeweler.
The cover of Monique Lhuillier's new book, a retrospective of her career published by Rizzoli.

The cover of Monique Lhuillier’s new book, a retrospective of her career published by Rizzoli. Credit: Monique Lhuillier / Rizzoli

“Jewelry, for me, was a natural (progression). It’s part of history. Without a ring, there is no dress,” she said, adding that each piece is engraved with a short message from him.

Figuring out what comes next is a tall order, especially since she has already been shown at Paris Fashion Week, received a Presidential Medal of Merit from former Philippine President Gloria Arroyo and she received the seal of approval from American first ladies Michelle Obama and Melania Trump. Lhuillier said that as an immigrant who had lived in the United States for almost 35 years, it was “an honor” to dress the women of the White House.

First Lady Michelle Obama wore Monique Lhuillier in 2014, alongside her husband President Barack Obama.

First Lady Michelle Obama wore Monique Lhuillier in 2014, alongside her husband President Barack Obama. Credit: Brendan Smialowski / AFP / Getty Images

The designer, who lived in the Philippines until the age of 14, said she still carries the country’s “kindness” and “traditions” to this day. Describing herself as a “citizen of the world” she said: “It was a gift to be raised in Asia… picking up all these cultures and bringing back family has always been the most important thing.”

Designer Monique Lhuillier (second from left) with models wearing her Spring 2019 bridal collection.

Designer Monique Lhuillier (second from left) with models wearing her Spring 2019 bridal collection. Credit: Monique Lhuillier / Rizzoli

Yet rather than creating designs inspired by the Philippines, she believes that “good design transcends so many different cultures.”

“I decided to create this brand so that women feel empowered and they feel beautiful.”

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French fashion

Unmatched: Fashion retailers band together to capitalize on booming sales

A customer looks at clothes on display in a store of a large second-hand clothes importer in Hungary, in Budapest, November 5, 2014. REUTERS / Bernadett Szabo / File Photo

October 28 (Reuters) – Second-hand clothing companies struggle to attract smaller competitors and lock in investment as demand for second-hand clothing soars thanks to an increase in the supply chain of traditional retailers before the peak holiday shopping season.

Newly listed companies such as Poshmark Inc (POSH.O) and ThredUp Inc (TDUP.O) are starting to take over small businesses to fend off competition from clothing brands with deep pockets such as Levi Strauss & Co (LEVI.N ) and Urban Outfitters Inc (URBN.O), which have started their own savings businesses.

Growth in volumes is essential for second-hand clothing companies to generate stable profits in an industry known for tight margins and inconsistent inventories, analysts say.

“Companies like ThredUp and Poshmark need to show growth, and one of the things they will probably do in the next few years is to acquire other players, possibly in foreign countries,” said Neil Saunders. , Managing Director of the research firm GlobalData.

The resale industry is expected to grow 11 times faster than the broader retail apparel industry by 2025, according to GlobalData, also driven by growing awareness of the environmental toll of fast fashion.

This could make the industry a magnet for transactions, as companies look to grow quickly to capitalize on a boom that is estimated to more than double the size of the US second-hand clothing market. reach $ 76.4 billion by 2025.

Reuters Charts

Poshmark, a peer-to-peer selling platform that slashes every transaction by 20%, made its first acquisition earlier this month, from a company that authenticates sneakers.

He is considering more buyout deals, especially in overseas markets, as he seeks to put more than $ 500 million in cash on his balance sheet to work.

“So far the four countries we have entered – the United States, Canada, Australia and India – have all been organic, but there are certainly opportunities for inorganic growth there as well.” CEO Manish Chandra told Reuters.

Rival ThredUp bought European savings site Remix Global in July with the aim of expanding beyond the US coast, an acquisition it said would “kick-start” further expansion in Europe. He declined to comment on the prospects for other deals.

Etsy Inc (ETSY.O) also bought the UK second-hand fashion app Depop for $ 1.6 billion. More consolidation, Julie Wainwright, CEO of luxury retailer The RealReal Inc (REAL.O) said earlier this year, “is going to happen.”

Reuters Charts


Supply chain disruptions making it difficult for retailers to have new styles on their shelves – clothing had the highest online out-of-stock levels among retail sectors in the United States at approaching the holiday season, said Adobe Analytics – second profit – sellers in hand. Read more

Tradesy, the Richard Branson-backed resale market, which raised $ 67 million in a funding round earlier this year, expects the shortage of new clothing to translate into strong sales for holidays.

CEO Tracy DiNunzio told Reuters the company promotes independent growth, but is open to “other possibilities.”

Other companies have found themselves ripe for investments from more established players. The high-end thrift store platform Vestiaire Collective raised $ 215 million this year in a funding round in which the French luxury group Kering (PRTP.PA) took a 5% stake in the company.

“I can’t imagine a major apparel or fashion player without partnering, investing or acquiring a successful (second-hand clothing) startup platform,” said Jon Copestake, senior analyst at of EY’s Global Consumer Group.

Levi Strauss launched his own “Levi’s Secondhand” thrift website last year where he sells authenticated used denim that he sources largely from his own customers.

Other clothing companies such as Urban Outfitters are moving to a peer-to-peer marketplace, where the company connects buyers and sellers of used clothing and earns a 20% commission on sales.

With slim margins, increased sales volume matters. Urban Outfitters says focusing on a peer-to-peer model, in which a company provides a platform for people-to-people transactions rather than getting directly involved in sales, is key to making its business model work.

“This is a volume game. In a peer-to-peer market model, scaling is a lot more possible and there is a lot more potential to do it quickly, because the platform doesn’t is not the supply arbiter, ”CTO David Hayne said. .

Uday Sampath report in Bangalore; Editing by Anil D’Silva and Jan Harvey

Our standards: Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Fashion brand

Meet Diotima, an emerging fashion brand steeped in Jamaican tradition

When Rachel Scott left her hometown of Kingston, Jamaica, to pursue her college education and internship at Vogue, she made a promise to a family friend that helped her land the role with the prestigious publication. “He was like, ‘You can’t just go away, you can’t take it all. You have to come back and contribute at some point, ”recalls the designer. “It has always marked me.” After 15 years in the industry, Scott says his new fashion line, Diotima, is the long-awaited result of his desire to give back to his origins.

Launched in May 2020, Diotima is a women’s ready-to-wear brand that mixes inspiration from all facets of Scott’s life and career. This includes his time studying French and art at Colgate University in upstate New York, followed by a stint at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan. “I took a roundabout path towards this career,” she says. After graduating, Scott worked between the United States and Europe for brands such as Costume National and J. Mendel where she not only gained experience but also deepened the importance of construction. and quality. She attributes this era to the “involved and respectful approach to working with materials and building parts” that you can still see today in her current role as Vice President of Design at Rachel Comey, where she worked. for about seven years. “I adopted this approach to [focus on] craftsmanship, construction, and materials, and mixed that up with something a little more affordable, but also portable.

Diotima designer Rachel Scott.Photographed by Josh Kolbo

Scott had initial ideas for Diotima long before 2020, but she wasn’t sure if she would pursue them. “I had this idea in my head that if someone is talking about the Jamaican or Caribbean style, experience or perspective, then that’s it. This niche has been busy, ”she says of her past state of mind. “It held me back for a long time.” When the world has come to a standstill over the past year and a half, Scott has had a moment to step back from his day-to-day life, realize the value of his unique perspective, and his brand has taken shape as d other unexpected doors opened.

“When all the borders closed in Jamaica, there were artisans that I had worked with before for one-off things here and there that primarily cater to the tourism industry. I realized then that they had no source of income for their crafts, ”she says of Diotima’s early days. “I was like, ‘this is an interesting opportunity, maybe I can work with them and do something together. And that’s where I started with crochet in particular, with Jamaicans.


Courtesy of Diotima


Courtesy of Diotima


Courtesy of Diotima

The crochet details she references are some of the most unique aspects of the brand’s offerings, inspired by pieces originally created by Jamaican artisans for another purpose. “They would make these placemats and table runners, then starch them to keep them longer. I always found it interesting because I had never done it in ready-to-wear. I was working from things that they had done and I was trying to do them [into] Something new. When I came back to them with pictures of the clothes, they were like, “Oh my god, I can’t believe you did that. “

The challenge of launching Diotima – a brand that Scott spends nights, weekends, and whatever other time available, as she is also engaged in her full-time role at Rachel Comey – was amplified by the pervasive effects of the last year. Limited access to materials and the inability to travel played into its design decisions. One of the successes of the collection was a twist on tourist t-shirts, with Scott’s handcrafted touch. “I was playing with the idea that I can elevate the classic macrame T-shirt you would buy when you are on a Caribbean sightseeing vacation at one of these exclusive cheese hotels. I would print on it, then add crystals or glass beads, whatever I could to get it out of that context in any way I could.


Courtesy of Diotima


Courtesy of Diotima


Courtesy of Diotima

Diotima’s second collection, Resort ’22, is available for sale in November on its site and through Oakland-based retailer McMullen. It showcases a lot more of what’s to come from the label. “I’m obsessed with the texture, the materials, the juxtaposition of shine and matte and warm and smooth,” she says. This translates into the collection’s use of a unique layered weave, printed tweeds and lots of playful netting and transparencies. Crochet details also take a peek at necklines, cuffs, and wrap around the midsection of dresses and tops. Going forward, Diotima’s recurring themes will include a clean cut and elements of uniform outfit – a nod to her childhood and teenage years in school – inspiration for 80s dancehall style and 90s, and Scott’s admiration for strong Jamaican women throughout his history.

“There’s one thing I’m trying to focus on,” she says. “I really want to avoid being nostalgic in what I do and I think it’s really important to work in a trans-historical way. I want to try to move forward. Inspired by the Antwerp Six (avant-garde designers Walter Van Beirendonck, Ann Demeulemeester, Dries Van Noten, Dirk Van Saene, Dirk Bikkembergs and Marina Yee) who shaped Belgian fashion while working in the traditions of Paris and Milan, Scott aims to have a similar effect with this new chapter in his career. “I would like to find a way, along with others, to contribute to this new idea of ​​Caribbean fashion that is not exactly what it always has been, but by taking some of those basics and working in the capacities of manufacturing there, advancing that idea of ​​building and crafting, and also the idea of ​​identity.

We only include products that have been independently selected by TZR’s editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of the sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

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Fashion brand

Singaporean Fashion Brand Love, Bonito Raises $ 50 Million From Primavera Capital And Others

Love, Bonito, a Singapore-based womenswear company, has raised $ 50 million in a Series C funding round led by China-based private equity firm Primavera Capital Group.

The deal marks Alibaba’s first investment in Southeast Asia and support from ByteDance Primavera.

Other investors who took part in the round include Japanese retail group Adastria and China-based venture capital firm Ondine Capital.

Love, Bonito said the fresh funds would go to his overseas expansion plans. Its largest markets are Hong Kong, Japan, the Philippines and the United States.

The company, which started as a blog store in 2005 as Bonito Chico before changing brands in 2010, operates in seven other countries – Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Taiwan, Japan and Australia.

It will also use the capital to expand its product line to include sportswear and engage in content creation.

“Primavera is deeply impressed with all the team has accomplished over the past decade and looks forward to leveraging our understanding and experience in the global consumer industry,” PE Company said in a statement. .

Love, Bonito’s other investors include Singapore-based venture capital firm Openspace Ventures and Japan-based price comparison website

The startup claims to have seen more than 120% year-over-year growth in its international markets and 208% of its online sales. It faces stiff competition from global fast fashion retailers such as Shein and Boohoo.

Love, Bonito last revealed that he raised $ 13 million in February 2018.

According to data from DealStreetAsia ADVANTAGE, it recorded $ 19.66 million in revenue in 2020, down about 13% from a year ago. Its net loss fell almost 17% to $ 2.86 million.

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Fashion style

2021 Ningbo International Fashion Fair and Fashion Festival Highlight New Trends in the Apparel Industry

Qiu Dongyao, mayor of the Ningbo Municipal People’s Government noted in the opening speech that Ningbo has maintained quality economic and social development in recent years, and its GDP has recorded 1,240.9 billion yuan in 2020, ranking 12th among Chinese cities.

Noting the current development of by Ningbo fashion industry, Qiu Dongyao pointed out that Ningbo is emerging as a leading city in the fashion industry thanks to its strong industrial base and advanced smart and intelligent manufacturing technology.

Faced with the new cycle of technological revolution and changes in commercial consumption, Ningbo has played an essential role in the development of from China the garment industry with constant efforts to stimulate intelligent reform, encourage design innovations and branding. It also helped Ningbo develop into an innovative manufacturing center with international influence, according to Chen Dapeng, vice director of the Chinese National Textile and Clothing Council and head of the National Garment Association of China.

Meanwhile, an award ceremony was held at the opening ceremony of the Fashion Festival, and 40 Chinese clothing companies were awarded the “Fashion Ningbo” award.

The event, sponsored by the Chinese National Textile and Clothing Council, the Ningbo Zhejiang Municipal Government and Department of Economics and Information Technology, attracted participants from 218 enterprises both abroad, including 18 foreign brands from seven countries such as United States, Japan and France.

See the original link:

SOURCE Xinhua Silk Road

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French fashion

Television was a foreign world for Golshifteh Farahani. Then came “Invasion”.

Golshifteh Farahani didn’t fully realize what she was getting herself into when she signed up for new sci-fi series “Invasion,” debuts Friday on Apple TV +.

“I had absolutely no idea, I didn’t even know what the story would be,” she said on a recent video call. “I didn’t know about aliens. I didn’t know anything about nothing.

Grilling producer and screenwriter Simon Kinberg, who created the show with David Weil, didn’t fully reassure Farahani, 38, an Iranian-born actress who moved to France in 2008 and is best known for her subtly expressive performances in dozens of international films.

“I remember hearing from Simon that she was going to kill an alien with a machete or something,” Farahani said of her character, Aneesha. “I was like, ‘Are you kidding? “”

Farahani is not new to acting, having starred in Ridley Scott’s “Body of Lies” and Chris Hemsworth’s Vehicle. “Extraction.” But she built her global reputation on more author-type dishes, including films by Iranian master Asghar Farhadi (“About Elly”) and Jim Jarmusch (“Paterson”, in which she played the cheerfully eccentric wife of Adam Driver).

“I love his presence,” Jarmusch said over the phone. “I love his mischievous eyes, his playfulness. She has a very positive spirit as a person.

Farahani is not yet a household name in the United States, but her presence extends far beyond her very independent resume suggests. She’s the kind of global style icon who sits at the forefront of Paris Fashion Week and a model for Cartier jewelry. she amassed nearly 12 million followers on Instagram. One thing Farahani hadn’t done, however, was a TV show (in addition to a voiceover role).

“I was one of those dinosaurs so loyal to movies and movies,” she said. “I never took any proposition seriously because it was kind of like I wanted to keep the cinema alive.”

And so she signed on, and she learned on the job.

For Kinberg, who launched it first – even before “Jurassic Park” veteran Sam Neill – Farahani sets the tone for the series, which is inspired by “War of the Worlds” and is set in multiple countries.

It’s a spectacle of alien invasion, but it’s really about the nuance, the vulnerability and the humanity of the characters, “he said over the phone.” And it’s something that she knows how to play, no matter where she plays it. play.”

Farahani, who is refreshing and forthright in conversation, spoke earlier this month from Spain, where she was on vacation with her parents (whom she had just arrived from Iran). After this break, she planned to return to the balance between art and bullets, by making an Arnaud Desplechin film with Marion Cotillard followed by a sequel to “Extraction”. These are edited excerpts from the conversation.

At first, Aneesha’s story almost feels like a standalone, intimate drama nestled within a big action movie. Is that how you approached him?

I was really proud of the way they internalize Aneesha’s story. I have a weakness when it comes to independent cinema: whenever there is a little drama, I am really drawn to it. And our story was kind of like that. I’m really proud of this project because it’s not just a blockbuster – something more is happening. It was the most amazing experience of my whole life, this series.

One of the very first things we see is Aneesha finds out that her husband is cheating on her, and these scenes are mostly non-verbal – we read everything on your face. What was it like playing them?

I am surrounded by women like Aneesha who – out of comfort, not out of necessity – have chosen to be a housewife, mother. I had observed, so I knew it very well: how you want to please, how you want children to be amazing. And then of course everything ends up being [expletive] at the end of the day. So I could feel it in my bones.

Funny, there’s only one type of woman I’m jealous of: those who just found a husband and overnight they have it all. Sometimes I would like a man to buy me a house and a car. I built my life from scratch so I’m jealous of it. And of course my friends say, “Oh, you can’t be that. But I was 14 years old, I was working like crazy.

Did the switch to television cause any particular difficulties?

They were so many things. I thought, “Apple is going to own me for the next few years God knows how much.” It was also practical stuff, like the fact that we didn’t have all the scripts – we only started with the first two, and we didn’t have the rest of the episodes. I couldn’t imagine how they could start a project without having the full script. They must have really calmed me down because I was like, “This is kinda crazy what you’re asking me to do.”

Did they at least tell you what would happen to Aneesha during the series?

I have absolutely no idea. I just got a few clues that this character – and they kind of called him the heart of the show – is the one that does crazy stuff. Only in America do they keep you in the dark for, like, forever. I had to beg.

Two weeks before the shoot, I was like, ‘Guys, can I at least know what the story will be? I started stealing scripts from the hair and makeup department because they had them and I didn’t. They told me the scripts were going to change, and I would say, “It’s okay, I just want to know where this character is going to go.”

What was it like working with different writers and directors, which is one of the big differences between television and film?

I learned to be loyal to my directors, so changing directors for me was like changing husbands. It was really like you were married to someone and then they told you to go to bed with another man and you were like, “I’m a little uncomfortable doing this.

You have almost 12 million followers on Instagram. How do you deal with this part of your life?

To be honest, I have no idea. I joined Instagram very late considering, and it took me a while to feel it because I do everything in a very intuitive way. I think the truth and being truthful is the key.

My Instagram is a very delicate thing because I have many Persian followers and many international followers. With the exiles, it is as if we were in limbo: I am not from France, but I have been outside Iran for more than 13 years now. So you have to create your own continent, and you have your own rules, and you become your own one way or another. In my career, I didn’t just do blockbusters or independent cinema, I always surfed between worlds and I didn’t stick to one genre.

Except for full-fledged comedies, which you haven’t really done outside of French film “Noël & Cie.”

I’m very funny! [Laughs.] As much as I have tragedy and drama in me, so much I have a clown. I’ve done movies where I’m in funny situations, but I’d like to do something where I’m really funny, because I am. The first person who told me that was Ridley Scott, when I was doing “Body of Lies”. He said, “The peak of your qualities that you can do as an actor is comedy.” So yes, I hope that will happen someday.

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Fashion brand

PEAK6 Investments acquires a minority stake in Fosun Sports

The investment makes PEAK6 a new strategic partner for Wolves, which will help Fosun Sports accelerate the club’s growth in North America by providing capital, expertise, visibility and activation opportunities for Wolves and Wolves Esports across the United States.

The Chicago-based company invests worldwide in a diverse range of asset classes to provide strategic support to forward-thinking entrepreneurs and companies, with core brands that include PEAK6 Capital Management, PEAK6 Strategic Capital, Apex Fintech Solutions and National Flood Services.

In addition, PEAK6 recently signed deals to acquire We Insure and Team Focus as it continues to develop its insurance operations subsidiary, and also claims ownership of Wolves’ esports powerhouse and partner, Evil Geniuses. , which they acquired in 2019.

In addition to esports, PEAK6 has a long-standing passion for traditional sports, with the company previously holding stakes in AS Roma, AFC Bournemouth and the NHL Minnesota Wild franchise.

The investment coincides with the official creation of Fosun Sports, a subsidiary of Fosun International and a community of sports businesses and investments built around Wolves and the Wolves brand.

The formalization of Fosun Sports provides clarity, collaboration and communication between companies that use the Wolves brand, such as Wolves Esports, Wolves Records and Chinese fashion brand WWFC, as well as a more solid platform for new business opportunities. investment and a clear sign of Fosun’s long term commitment to wolves.

The Fosun Sports family exists to stimulate innovation, foster entrepreneurship, win through excellence and propel the football club to its heart, on and off the pitch.

Both Wolves and Fosun Sports welcome representatives of PEAK6 in established board positions, with James Baboulas, associate general counsel of PEAK6 and member of the strategic capital team of PEAK6, who is expected to serve on the supervisory board of Fosun Sports, and PEAK6 capital management trader John Makowiec becoming a director of WW (1990) Limited.

Wolves Executive Chairman Jeff Shi said, “We have been in deep conversation with PEAK6 for over a year and are delighted to officially welcome them into the Wolves family.

“Our organizations have great synergy, from our mutual desire to challenge compliance, our openness to collaboration and of course our shared passion for sport, technology and success through hard work, intelligence and innovation.

“Earlier this summer, we announced a partnership with Evil Geniuses which allowed us to offer them a presence in China through our networks there, and now this partnership gives Wolves a strong foothold in all major regions of the world: the United States and the Americas, Europe and Asia. .

“In addition to great opportunities, we hope that PEAK6 can help bring the knowledge, wisdom and learning of Fosun Sports and Wolves, and help Fosun Sports to become a sports industry group with global influence and much of success.”

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Fashion style

6 books on how fashion contributes to societal change

Snobs may laugh and say you have style or you don’t; fashion experts know better. They assure us that, like most things, dressing according to your personal style can be learned. What better way to do that than through books that follow trends and choose what’s cool or hot, and are full of stories about how unique ideas are born and translated into fabric as well as who influenced what. .

Fashion is a barometer of the times, with attentive designers, artisans and icons pulling threads from what they see and know and weaving them into garments that reflect what is happening around them, which it is rebellion, celebration or innovation. They embellish their designs with color and verve and wear pieces that people identify with and want to wear. After all, as Marc Jacobs said, “clothes are nothing until someone lives in them”.

The United States of Fashion: A New Atlas of American Style

Canceled catwalks and empty catwalks in fashion capitals last year have designers looking for inspiration in their own backyards, literally. An affirmative outcome of the pandemic is a chorus of fresh voices speaking about comfortable clothing, sustainable materials, caring for the Earth, pivoting to stay relevant, and reaching customers digitally.

Vogue America‘s The United States of Fashion captures the stories of new designers across the country who, through images and words, share how they interpret and identify with today’s fashion. The book is the result of a project of the same name launched by the magazine in February, to highlight locally flourishing creations and crafts.

Written by Vogue editors who have traveled from coast to coast, it lists the innovations and companies that define American fashion – which has evolved under difficult circumstances, with consumers wanting more conscious clothing and comfort but spending less, because the coronavirus is changing the way people live, work, shop and play.

Dressing the Resistance by Camille Benda

Focusing on what Mahatma Gandhi wore over the years, the Gandhi Book Center notes that he traded coats, pants and hats for a lungi (traditional garment worn around the waist), then a dhoti (long loincloth wrapped around the hips and thighs, with one end pulled up between the legs and tucked into the waistband) before moving on to a khadi wrap, a hand-spun cotton fabric, which symbolized India’s struggle for independence.

Clothing may not fit the man, but it can certainly spark activism and spur social change, writes costume designer and fashion historian Benda in Dress the Resistance (available from October 19). American suffragists marching to the beat of “Deeds Not Words” wore dresses made from old newspapers printed with voting slogans. Indian farmers wore their wives’ saris to stage sit-ins on the railroad tracks. Safety pins hanging from earlobes or attached to ragged jackets were considered “a cultural expression of angst, emotion and volume,” Billboard magazine said of the punk movement.

From rebellions in Roman times to women crying #MeToo today, clothing, textiles and costumes are seen as tools to agitate for change. Protest fashion – from uniforms and t-shirts to headbands and hats – galvanizes support and communicates discontent. A newspaper article titled “Dressing for Freedom” described Rosa Parks as “impeccably dressed in tailored clothing” when she was arrested in 1955 in Montgomery, Ala., For breaking a separate seating law in public buses. His calm style and dignified demeanor, emphasized by the organizers of the event, helped fuel the struggle for social equality.

Still, she wore it: 50 iconic fashion moments by Ann Shen

Women who dare, wear. In Nonetheless, she wore it, writer and illustrator Ann Shen takes us back to specific times in years gone by when people ignored social norms and chose clothes they liked and lifestyles that were appropriate, paving the way for radical change.

After World War I, American women joined the workforce in droves, gained the right to vote, and had easier access to mobility, thanks to the automobile. These factors are said to have shaped the flapper dress – straight, loose-fitting outfits with a waistline at the hips and a hem that falls between the calf and knee, leaving the arms bare. Young flappers flaunted their “outrageous and immoral” lifestyle in these dresses as they pushed for economic, political and sexual freedom.

The bikini introduced by French designer Louis Réard in 1946, the first war-free summer in years, was named after Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean where the United States tested the impact of atomic bombs on warships. Its liberating effect on women’s swimsuits has gone around the world. To quote French fashion historian Olivier Saillard, “the power of women, not the power of fashion” was the reason these outrageous pieces of fabric spread.

Long before #BlackLivesMatter, the voluminous Afro symbolized rebellion, pride, and empowerment during the Black is Beautiful movement of the mid-1960s. In the decades that followed, individuals made personal statements through fashion, either loud – Madonna flaunted her sexuality on stage in her Cone Bra corset designed by Jean Paul Gaultier – or quietly – the late United States Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wore elaborate frills over her black dresses that were saying the style and what she thought of some people in power. Between her “dissident” necklace and her “majority opinion” necklace, she has been seen, and surely heard.

Designing Motherhood: The Things That Make and Break Our Births by Michelle Millar Fisher and Amber Winick

This book had its seed in the 1956 [Einar] Egnell SMB breast pump made by the Swedish engineer that Millar Fisher, curatorial assistant at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 2015, attempted to acquire for his collection. Nothing came of it, but she, along with design historian Winick, began to examine the connection between reproduction and design. This led to the birth of Design motherhood, as well as an exhibition of the same title at the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia, USA, which opened in May and will run until next May.

The authors examine more than 80 objects designed as “iconic, conceptual, archaic, titillating, emotionally charged, or just plain weird,” including home pregnancy test kits, pregnancy pillows, the tie-up skirt. size that women wore in the 1950s for hiding. baby bumps, gender revealing cakes, baby carriers and babywearing in traditional cultures, wooden baby boxes that the Finnish government gave to pregnant women, nursing pods and, of course, breast pumps.

History and history, interspersed with historic photographs, drawings and advertisements, highlight how design and objects have shaped women’s reproductive experiences and the relationship between people and babies over the past century.

Extraordinary Voyages: Louis Vuitton by Francisca Mattéoli

Luxury travel and fashionable gear go hand in hand, and Louis Vuitton combines the two with panache. The brand itself had a foot in the journey, when its eponymous founder (1821-1892) left his hamlet of Jura, France, at age 13 and walked to Paris. The 400 km trip took two years and he did odd jobs to pay his expenses.

Extraordinary trips is far from the Louis Vuitton trek. This book edited by the house and Atelier EXB takes readers across the world by sea, rail or air and land, through 50 true stories from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. Adventurers drawn to modern modes of transportation have boarded trains, liners, junks, automobiles, half-tracks, zeppelins, airplanes and spaceships in search of new experiences. Those who traveled in style took with them trunks, suitcases and hat boxes bearing the iconic LV monogram.

Illustrated with Louis Vuitton archive images, old photographs and travel posters, Extraordinary trips travels alongside explorers, aristocrats, artists and hedonistic globetrotters who have taken to the skies “to escape into a world of dreams come true”, writes Mattéoli. It tells the story of travel and the history of the luggage of the French brand, since its founding in 1854 by the young Louis, who was 17 years the apprentice of master trunk-maker Romain Maréchal.

Peter Lindbergh: on fashion photography

When Peter Lindbergh (1944-2019) looked through his lens at women, he saw raw beauty enhanced by personality. When he pressed the shutter, he captured real people telling real stories. The German fashion photographer avoided stereotypical images of models, movie stars and celebrities and instead depicted them in natural settings and simple clothes and with minimal makeup, breaking the mold of perfect poses. weighed down by glitter, big hair and cosmetics.

In this book he talks about iconic images he took for various magazines, especially the first by Anna Wintour. Vogue America cover in November 1988 featuring Israeli model Michaela Bercu – he broke all the rules and Wintour felt “the winds of change” – and working with the biggest names in the industry as well as “extremely intelligent women with strong personalities who knew exactly what they wanted. They were also free from social conventions. ”He referred, in the online magazine LensCulture, to Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Tatjana Patitz and Christy Turlington, New Faces which he transformed into models with his series White Shirts shot on a Malibu beach in 1988.

This special edition of Peter Lindbergh: on fashion photography has over 300 images, many unpublished, collected from his 40 year career and a 2016 adaptation Vogue interview on his “great supermodel moment” and the personalities who personified the new woman of the 90s. The man who boldly changed the landscape of fashion photography has exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, at the Center Pompidou in Paris, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Berlin and the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow and various other venues.

This article first appeared on September 20, 2021 in The Edge Malaysia.

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French fashion

5 lesser-known surrealists are making their mark at the Met –

For years, the common misconception about surrealism was that it was primarily a European movement, with René Magritte, Salvador Dalí, Max Ernst and others as its leaders. Little by little, this notion is evolving. Feminists have added female artists like Leonora Carrington, Dorothea Tanning, and Méret Oppenheim to the Surrealist canon, and acclaimed inquiries outside the United States have drawn increased attention to figures like Wifredo Lam, Hervé Télémaque, and Remedios Varo. As a new kind of surrealism takes root among today’s young female painters, a new understanding of movement is also blossoming.

The current Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibition “Surrealism Beyond Borders” reflects this momentum. Hosted by Stephanie D’Alessandro and Matthew Gale with Lauren Rosati, Sean O’Hanlan and Carine Harmand, the show, which heads to Tate Modern in London after its stint in New York, aims to prove that surrealism was never not confined to Europe. On the contrary, this survey suggests that once surrealism made its debut in Paris in the 1920s, the movement’s influence could not be contained. Tendrils of surrealism made their way from France to the Philippines and back, and in the process attracted the attention of curious artists who sought to reproduce – and subvert – the Freud-inspired reverie of European surrealism.

“Surrealism Beyond Borders” features works by well-known artists – Dalí, Tanning, Lam and many others are well represented. Yet the overwhelming majority of the more than 300 works on display are by artists little known in the United States. And indeed, many of these artists come from far beyond Europe. Below is a look at how five lesser-known artists took surrealism into their own hands and made it again.

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Fashion brand

Luxury brands must become peer-to-peer influencers

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Some of the most popular social media accounts today aren’t run by traditional influencers. Consumers are increasingly attentive to those around them, often made up of relatives and friends.

More than half of consumers (56%) say their favorite type of influencer to follow on social media is “the everyday influencer,” according to research commissioned by user-generated content specialist Bazaarvoice. These social media users include friends and family, as well as trusted online friends they may never have met. This type of influencer is trusted because they are or feel like a personal connection, as opposed to ambitious influencers and celebrities, who were more popular before the pandemic.

Over the past 18 months, the desire for more intimate and trusting relationships has also impacted luxury retailing, with an increase in one-on-one services. “Throughout the pandemic, our personal shopping service for our best customers has become more popular and important than ever,” said Sabah Naqushbandi, director of global marketing at Porter.

Going forward, a richer, more personalized engagement is here to stay. Operating in the timely intersections of personalization and social commerce, brands and retailers have the power to build communities and have conversations with customers. Among luxury brands such as Mr Porter, Telfar and Vestiaire Collective, the global payment and purchasing service Klarna is answering the call for a closer connection with its customers.

Study your movements

Being a more personalized brand goes beyond knowing what matters to your customer. Brands must build a peer-to-peer community rooted in societal movements that drive consumer values. For many luxury customers, the issue that forms the basis of conversations and preferences is sustainability.

“Sustainability is at the heart of what the luxury consumer wants,” says David Sandstrom, Klarna Marketing Director. He observes how sustainability shapes the purchasing choices of Klarna’s 90 million customers around the world. Data from Klarna’s recent reopening report shows that sustainability is already the # 1 consideration for its 20 million customers in the United States, representing 48% of Gen Z and 39% of Gen Y. “It doesn’t. is not new, says Sandstrom. “The difference now is people are willing to pay for it.”

Used platforms see shared values ​​and constructive connections between peer-to-peer buyers and sellers. Vestiaire Collective, for example, has “evolved beyond a brand to become a global community of fashion activists,” explains Arnaud Collin, Director of Revenue. The growing environmental concerns of the platform community are contributing to the growth of B Corp. A 2020 survey by the Boston Consulting Group co-created with Vestiaire Collective found that 70% of used buyers appreciate the sustainability aspect of second-hand consumption, up from 62% in 2018.

Superior quality drives conversational commerce

Luxury values ​​align with a more thoughtful and conscious approach to buying, leading to an increase in virtual retail spaces for intimate conversations and thoughtful buying discussions.

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Fashion designer

The Muscular Dystrophy Association is teaming up with Advertising Week on how innovative platforms are changing the way we live – for good!

Posted: October 13, 2021 at 5:25 p.m. EDT|Update: 2 hours ago

NEW YORK, October 13, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) today announced that Chief of Staff Kristine Welker will be presenting at Advertising Week New York 2021 on the DCI Track at Marketplace Stage presented by Walmart Connect on Monday, October 18 To 3:30 p.m. ET, Register here.

Joining Welker on the panel will be Mindy Scheier, Founder and CEO of The Runway of Dreams Foundation and Gamut Management, and Tiffany Meehan, vice president of marketing for Inclusively. During their panel, Welker, Scheier and Meehan will explore how we can join forces and use technology to create inclusive employment opportunities and create lasting change for good.

MDA has been known for its innovative approaches to fundraising since the organization partnered with the media industry and made history with the very first 24-hour telethon, hosted by the giant the comedy. Jerry lewis. This legendary event changed the world for good, raising mission awareness and spotlighting people with disabilities – the largest minority group in the United States Since then, MDA has continued to promote adaptive and accessible living by collaborating with Twitch ( Amazon) and brands. like Verizon and Unilever to amplify awareness.

Today, MDA empowers people through innovative platforms including games, streaming and social channels as a pipeline of promises. By joining Advertising Week, Welker hopes to shine a light on how media and brands are turning narrative into a narrative of ability.

“Everyone has the right to feel beautiful, which is why inclusive design is a factor that manufacturers must take into account to allow access for all,” said Khadija Bari, in Women’s Health magazine. Bari is the Student Careers Coordinator at VISIONS, Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Scheier, a veteran former fashion designer, was inspired to start Runway of Dreams after her muscular dystrophy son Oliver dreamed of wearing jeans like everyone else. After its launch, Runway of Dreams partnered with Tommy Hilfiger on the first line of adapted consumer clothing for children and continues to work with numerous consumer brands such as Kohl’s, Target, JC Penny and Zappos. Founded on the basis that clothing is a basic human need, Runway of Dreams develops, delivers and supports initiatives to expand the reach of consumer adaptive clothing and to promote people with disabilities in the fashion industry.

People living with disabilities represent the largest untapped talent pool in the United States today. Innovative technology platforms hold the key to bridging the gap between talent and the goal-oriented organization to drive progress.

About the Muscular Dystrophies Association
For 70 years, the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) is committed to transforming the lives of people with muscular dystrophy, ALS and related neuromuscular diseases. We do it through scientific innovations and innovations in care. As the primary source of funding for neuromuscular disease research outside the federal government, MDA has committed more than $ 1 billion since our creation to accelerate the discovery of therapies and remedies. Research we have supported is directly linked to life-changing therapies for several neuromuscular diseases. MOVR from MDA is the first and only data center that consolidates clinical, genetic and patient-reported data for several neuromuscular diseases to improve health outcomes and accelerate drug development. MDA supports the largest network of multidisciplinary clinics providing top-notch care in over 150 of the country’s top medical facilities. Our Resource center serves the community with one-on-one specialist support, and we offer educational lectures, events, and materials for families and healthcare providers. MDA advocacy supports equal access for our community, and each year thousands of children and young adults learn life skills and gain independence in summer camp and through recreational programs at no cost to families. During the COVID-19 pandemic, MDA continues to produce virtual events and programs to support our community when in-person events and activities are not possible. COVID-19 guidelines and MDA virtual events are posted on For more information visit

About the Runway of Dreams Foundation
The Piste des Rêves Foundation is a non-profit organization working for a future of inclusion, acceptance and opportunity in the fashion industry for people with disabilities. Founded on the basis that clothing is a basic human need, the Runway of Dreams Foundation develops, implements and supports initiatives aimed at expanding the reach of adapted clothing and promoting people with disabilities in fashion. Through adaptive parades, awareness campaigns, wardrobe grants and scholarship programs, the Runway of Dreams Foundation gives people with disabilities opportunity, confidence, independence and style.

About GAMUT Management
GAMUT management is a market where businesses and industries can connect with people with disabilities (PH). GAMUT represents models, actors, sports figures and artists – including those who have no professional experience. GAMUT also provides expert advice to the entertainment industry by deploying people with disabilities to provide authentic casting, messaging and advertising portrayed in media and pop culture. In addition, businesses and industries are using the GAMUT market to integrate people with disabilities in every phase of their business – innovation, research, design, marketing, advertising and sales – to create new products and revenue streams for growth. . GAMUT continues to support the mission of Runway of Dreams, the company’s 501c3 partner.

About inclusively
Inclusive is the technology-driven professional network and employment platform. Our modern recruitment process connects disabled, mentally ill and chronically ill job seekers with inclusive employers who are committed to providing the necessary accommodations in the workplace. We are committed to boosting employment within the disability community as a matter of both human dignity and economic urgency. 1 in 4 of us have, or will have, a disability during our working years. We work with candidates who benefit from workplace accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), including mobility / physical, visual, auditory, neurodivergent, cognitive, speech, chronic disease, mental health issues and intellectual disabilities.

(PRNewsfoto / Muscular Dystrophy Association)
(PRNewsfoto / Muscular Dystrophy Association)

View original content to download multimedia:

SOURCE Muscular Dystrophy Association

The above press release has been provided courtesy of PRNewswire. The views, opinions and statements contained in the press release are not endorsed by Gray Media Group and do not necessarily state or reflect those of Gray Media Group, Inc.

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French fashion

European equities climb thanks to strong results from SAP and LVMH

The DAX chart of the German stock index is pictured on the stock exchange in Frankfurt, Germany on September 29, 2021. REUTERS / Staff

  • STOXX 600 hits two-week high
  • US inflation up sharply in September
  • LVMH up after Q3 results
  • Apple suppliers stumble upon iPhone report

October 13 (Reuters) – European stocks rose on Wednesday as bullish earnings forecasts from German software group SAP and robust quarterly sales from French luxury goods maker LVMH helped ease inflation concerns.

After some weakness at the opening, the pan-European STOXX 600 (.STOXX) index hit two-week highs and closed 0.7% higher, as did the German DAX (.GDAXI). The French CAC 40 (.FCHI) rose 0.8%.

A decline in banks (.SX7E) led the UK FTSE 100 (.FTSE) to gain just 0.2%, while the heavy lender indices of Spain (.IBEX) and Italy (.FTMIB) ) are behind schedule. JPMorgan (JPM.N) kicked off its third quarter results in the United States with better than expected earnings, but its stocks and the banking industry as a whole (.SPXBK) fell. Read more

SAP (SAPG.DE), Europe’s most valued technology company, rose nearly 4% after raising its full-year outlook for the third time after a strong quarterly performance as more and more customers move their IT operations to the cloud. Read more

French luxury goods maker LVMH (LVMH.PA) grew 3.2%, as sales in its fashion and leather goods division rose sharply in the third quarter, but overall revenue growth in Asia and the United States declined. slowed down after excellent performance in the first half. Read more

Data showing that Chinese export growth accelerated unexpectedly in September also helped morale. Read more

At the same time, inflation data in the United States showed a solid increase in September, keeping the Federal Reserve on track to start declining in November. U.S. federal funds futures forecast a hike in interest rates by September 2022 after the data. Read more

“Inflation is the main factor capable of changing stock markets in the coming months,” said Alberto Matellán, chief economist of Spanish insurer MAPFRE Inversión.

“The recent rebound is due to external shocks … In responding to external shocks, the spike in inflation should be temporary and subside when those shocks do.”

Worries about central banks exiting their pandemic-era stimulus package, a global energy crisis and signs of high prices have all dampened prospects for an economic recovery, with the STOXX 600 slashing its monthly gains for s ‘trade up about 1% after stumbling 3.4% in September.

Third-quarter profit for STOXX 600 companies is expected to rise 46.7%, according to data from Refinitiv IBES, following a 152.6% jump in the previous quarter, with energy and industrial companies making the biggest gains.

Earnings estimates gradually increased as the earnings season approached

Suppliers to Apple Inc (AAPL.O), including STMicroelectronics and AMS, fell after Bloomberg reported that production of the iPhone 13 would likely be cut. Read more

Britain’s largest homebuilder Barratt Developments (BDEV.L) added 6.3% after saying forward sales for the past three months exceeded pre-pandemic levels. Read more

Reporting by Sruthi Shankar and Anisha Sircar in Bengaluru; Editing by Sriraj Kalluvila and Ed Osmond

Our standards: Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Fashion style

Homer Simpson was made for fashion

Applause, whispers, camera slamming, questionable music: these are the sounds of a classic fashion show. Laughter ? These are less frequent.

Yet several were heard last Saturday night, circulating in the 19th century Parisian theater where the great and wealthy house of Cristóbal Balenciaga jumped the traditional podium and screened a special 10 minute episode of “The Simpsons”.

It was a surprise lasting over a year, and the result of a sometimes grueling collaboration between two demanding creative entities known for their attention to detail. So far, it has been viewed over five million times on YouTube.

In the episode, Homer writes to Balenciaga (“Dear Balun, Balloon, Baleen, Balenciaga-ga,” he says as he struggles to pronounce the famous fashion name) on Marge’s birthday, explaining that his wife always wanted to own something by the brand.

He asks for the cheapest item, which the Balenciaga team interprets as “one of those American gags that nobody has” and sends him a dress that costs 19,000 euros. After wearing it briefly, Marge returns the dress with a note saying that she will “always remember those 30 minutes of feeling a little bit special”.

Back in Europe, Balenciaga Artistic Director Demna Gvasalia says her rating is “the saddest thing I have ever heard, and I grew up in the Soviet Union.” This is exactly the kind of woman I want to reach! He then goes to Springfield and decides to “save” the “styleless” by inviting them to model his clothes in Paris, explaining that he wants “the world to see real people in my show“.

The 10 minutes are filled with Easter eggs for die-hard “Simpsons” and Balenciaga fans. A Balenciaga private jet has a landing gear that resembles the brand’s famous sock sneakers; Waylon Smithers chooses a dress to wear when given his choice of outfit; Lisa initially recognizes that walking on a track is “superficial”, but then benefits tremendously.

The collaboration began in April 2020, when Mr. Gvasalia sent “Simpsons” creator Matt Groening an email about the collaboration.

Mr Gvasalia, 40, who was born in Georgia and watched the show when he was growing up, said the idea came to him during the first lockdown of 2020. He has a penchant for inserting Balenciaga into the trends of the mass market: Under his leadership, the brand collaborated with other American sensations, such as Crocs and Fortnite.

About the ‘Simpsons,’ he said, ‘I’ve always loved the wry humor, romance, and charming naivety of this one.’

‘The Simpsons’ executive producer and screenwriter Al Jean said that when he learned of the Balenciaga Project in January, “my response was,’ What is Balenciaga? “” He turned to Wikipedia for answers.

Her first pitch at Balenciaga had a similar setting to the one they ended up going with – Marge’s birthday wish – but diverged with Mr. Gvasalia’s character deciding that the brand’s next show would take place in Springfield. When the Balenciaga plane lands there, its models are not allowed into the United States because they are too thin and too good-looking. The people of Springfield become the role models, their nuclear power plant is the trail, and the ghost of Mr. Balenciaga appears.

But Balenciaga preferred that Springfield be brought to Paris, Mr Jean said. From there, the story was revised and edited – to the point that the writers joked about “Draft 52 of the Balenciaga script” – until two days before the screening in Paris.

Mr. Gvasalia made specific contributions to the scenario, Mr. Jean said. For example, the episode ends with Homer kissing and singing “La Mer” at Marge on a party boat after the show on the Seine. But Mr Gvasalia wanted one last joke, so he demanded that Homer’s jacket be set on fire by a Frenchman smoking a cigar. Mr Jean then suggested to Anna Wintour, who had appeared in the front row of the fashion show, to try and put out the fire with expensive champagne, which Homer would try to drink instead.

“She said, ‘Please don’t let me do this,’ so it became Demna,” Mr. Jean said. (Ms. Wintour otherwise approved of her likeness being used but declined to express her character, he said.) And that previous line about Mr. Gvasalia who grew up in the Soviet Union? The “Simpsons” team had decided to cut him, but Mr. Gvasalia demanded that he be reinstated.

He also asked, the day before the show, to change the color of a tear that Ms. Wintour sheds while looking at model Marge. The tear was too light and wouldn’t be readable on screen unless it was a darker blue. Mr. Jean and director David Silverman agreed.

“They were definitely our game in terms, down to the last detail, to make sure everything was perfect,” said Jean. “The animation team is the hardest thing they’ve had to do since ‘The Simpsons Movie’.”

Mr Silverman, who directed this 2007 film, said the biggest challenge was getting the “necessary precision in clothing,” which involved inventive post-animation effects to capture the distinct textures and movement, for example, from Marge’s runway look: a gold metallic ball gown.

Balenciaga sent the “Simpsons” team 15 looks to choose from for the final show, all based on designs from the past five years. But putting them on the bodies of these universally recognizable cartoon characters wasn’t that simple.

“It was difficult for us to grasp that balance between caricature and the integrity of the clothing,” said Mr. Silverman. “You translate the appearance of real clothes, real designs on these figures that are not exactly human proportions.”

Mr Silverman, who joked, but not really, saying this was how he spent his summer vacation, studied the footage from the parade to determine what the audience should wear and how the lighting should hit the podium.

The script also had to capture the peculiar absurdity of the luxury fashion world and Balenciaga’s stature in this world – something that cannot be absorbed on Wikipedia. Mr Jean said that in addition to the crash course at Balenciaga earlier in the year, watching the Netflix series on Halston, who was a big Balenciaga fan, helped him understand the excessive and evergreen culture of the fashion.

The secondary characters are also based on real people and animals, including Mr. Gvasalia’s husband, Loïck Gomez; their two dogs; Creative Director Martina Tiefenthaler (speaking); and the workers of the Balenciaga workshop who end the collection on the plane by singing “formidable, formidable”.

This is one of Mr. Gvasalia’s favorite scenes in the episode, he said, “It makes me so happy every time I watch it.”

As for Mr. Gvasalia’s voice, “we had to try to convince him to play himself, but he didn’t want to,” Mr. Jean said. He felt this was consistent with Mr Gvasalia’s recent decision to completely hide his face and body during public appearances, creating confusion among observers as to whether it was really him.

When asked why he wanted to align Balenciaga with “The Simpsons” and if he thought the brands had something in common, Mr Gvasalia replied that “it’s more personal to me”.

“I didn’t want to line anything up or make sense of anything. I just wanted to create an iconic visual story.

While the novelty of the collaboration made it surprising, the brands share a similar philosophy. They appreciate self-referentiality, break the rules of presentation (broadcast of an episode with live animation, turn a red carpet into a parade without telling anyone) and bridge the gap between the intellectual and the intimate. Mr. Jean called Mr. Gvasalia “an excellent collaborator” and Mr. Gvasalia described the experience as “the highest level of collaboration” and “a dream come true”.

“I didn’t realize how complex it is to create a 10 minute episode, so immense respect for that,” he said.

Whether the act is meant to challenge the seriousness of fashion or the public’s notions of luxury – bringing Balenciaga to the suburban masses or bringing the suburban masses to Balenciaga – is something it will let critics debate.

What did he want from that? “A smile and a good dose of pleasure.

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French fashion

Spain vs France: TV Channel, Live Stream, Team News & Preview

Spain and France will face off for the second European international honor of the year when the two meet in the final of the 2021 UEFA Nations League final in Milan.

Watch Spain vs. France on fuboTV (7 day free trial)

Luis Enrique’s La Roja got their revenge for Euro 2020 against hosts Italy, while Didier Deschamps’ Les Bleus beat Belgium – and now the pair will face off for top prize at San Siro.

Ahead of the game, Goal has details on how to watch TV, broadcast online, team news and more.

TV channel, live streaming and how to watch

In the United States (US), this year’s Nations League Finals football matches can be watched live and on demand with fuboTV (watch with a 7 day free trial).

New users can sign up for a free seven-day trial of the live sports streaming service, accessible through iOS, Android, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and Apple TV as well as through a web browser.

Team news and lists

Position List of Spain
Goalkeepers De Gea, Sanchez, Simon
Defenders Azpilicueta, Pau Torres, Martinez, Garcia, Reguilon, Porro, Alonso, Laporte
Midfielder Busquets, Koke, Gavi, Roberto, Rodri, Fornals, Merino, Oyarzabal
Before Gil, Pino, Ferran Torres, Sarabia

After ending Italy’s much-discussed invincibility in an extremely entertaining way earlier this week, La Roja has already laid down the biggest ghost of his year to take revenge on Euro 2020.

For Luis Enrique and his team – littered with young Olympians – the victory at San Siro this weekend will be all the sweeter, with an unchanged line-up likely in store for them.

Starting eleven planned for Spain: Simon; Azpilicueta, Laporte, Pau Torres, Alonso; Koke, Busquets, Gavi; Sarabia, Ferran Torres, Oyarzabal.

Position List of France
Goalkeepers Lloris, Costin, Maignan
Defenders Pavard, Kimpembe, Varane, Koundé, Dubois, Upamecano, Digne, L. Hernandez, T. Hernandez
Midfielder Pogba, Tchouameni, Guendouzi, Rabiot, Veretout
Before Griezmann, Martial, Mbappé, Diaby, Benzema, Ben Yedder

After supporting their triumph at the 2018 Russian World Cup with disappointments during their first career in the Nations League, then Euro 2020, the victory of the Blues over Belgium will have restored confidence to Didier Deschamps and his company in the middle of a trying week.

Kylian Mbappe’s suggestion that he might be undesirable internationally hasn’t stopped him from putting his penalty to bed in the semi-finals and he will likely lead an unchanged squad.

Starting XI planned for France: Lloris ; Koundé, Varane, L. Hernandez; Pavard, Pogba, Rabiot, T. Hernandez; Griezmann; Benzema, Mbappé.

Recent and one-on-one results

Last five results

Italy results Results Spain
Italy 1-2 Spain (Oct 6) Belgium 2-3 France (Oct. 7)
Kosovo 0-2 Spain (Sep 8) France 2-0 Finland (Sep 7)
Spain 4-0 Georgia (Sep 5) Ukraine 1-1 France (Sep 4)
Sweden 2-1 Spain (Sep 2) France 1-1 Bosnia-Herzegovina (September 1)
Italy 1 (4) – (2) 1 Spain (Jul 6) France 3 (4) – (5) 3 Switzerland (June 28)


Dated Results
03/28/2017 France 0–2 Spain
04/09/2014 France 1-0 Spain
03/26/2013 France 0-1 Spain
16/10/2012 Spain 1 – 1 France
06/23/2012 France 0–2 Spain

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Fashion designer

Designer takes inspiration from Africa in Goldsboro with dynamic boutique ::

– A local fashion designer brings a piece of Africa to eastern North Carolina. The unique boutique has outfitted many celebrities while giving back to others.

Over the past few years, the company has strived to bring diverse communities together through fashion.

NASHONA is the name of the store that changes lives at every point. Nashona is Swahili. It means “to sew”.

When customers enter NASHONA, they can just feel the vibrant atmosphere. It is filled with patterns, prints and designs.

“This is love. Let me say that. This is the love of Africa in the United States,” said Lilian Danieli, owner and designer.

Danieli was inspired to open this store in 2013 after returning home on a missionary trip, visiting an orphanage.

“Some of the children were in very bad conditions. Some of them were right there. They didn’t go to school and I really wanted to give them a chance to learn, ”she said.

She wanted to give back and used her passion for fashion to do so. Through each item of clothing, the product helps pay for tuition and the business helps create jobs.

“These women and men who make these clothes in Tanzania, they are excited to make these clothes because they know that the women here or the men here are going to enjoy what they do,” Danieli added.

In Goldsboro, it brings cultural awareness and acceptance.

“I never really entered fashion, especially from the mother country. Just the quality, workmanship and knowing that I am supporting people who might otherwise not have a job means a lot to me, ”said Gail Bryant, a frequent customer and supporter.

During the pandemic, sales of NASHONA have skyrocketed. Celebrities like Tabitha Brown have even been seen wearing Danieli’s designs. She calls the overwhelming amount of support a blessing.

“It’s such a joy. I want them to be the best. I want, when they go out, everyone to be like where did you find that dress. It’s my job to make every woman beautiful, ”added Danieli.

Due to its success over the past year, it is expanding to another location in Raleigh on November 6 at 21 W. Hargett Street.

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French fashion

SakuSaku Flakerie becomes Cleveland Park’s go-to bakery for French-Japanese pastries

Over the past year, an American-Japanese bakery at an Italian restaurant in Cleveland Park has wowed customers with exceptionally crunchy flaky pastries stuffed with unorthodox fillings. From yuzu flower croissant to cardamom rose bread and lemon meringue “cruffin” pie, each of the creations of baker Yuri Oberbillig at SakuSaku Flakerie bursting with delicate and seasonal flavors.

Despite difficult opening conditions in the midst of a pandemic, Trattoria Al Volo’s little short pastry shop has built up a loyal fan base of croissants lovers. The regular menu includes a Gruyère za’atar croissant ($ 5.50) in which the rich hazelnut cheese complements the herbal and sumac flavor of the Middle Eastern spice blend. Another croissant combines a pistachio filling with two dark chocolate bars. The bakery recently partnered with Lost Sock Roasters for coffee. He takes orders for personalized pies and cakes for special occasions.

The idea to make a twice-baked peanut butter and jelly croissant – filled with a layer of coarse peanut butter, toasted peanuts, and a raspberry jelly spread – came from Oberbillig observing her stepfather’s lunch routine. “I thought I could turn this into a croissant!” She laughs.

SakuSaku Flakerie’s Twice Baked Peanut Butter Jelly Croissant features a light interior and a thick, cracked crust.
Youri Oberbillig

SakuSaku Flakerie (3417 Connecticut Ave NW) also offers the traditional shokupan, a milk bread typically found in any good konbini (Japanese convenience stores). Oberbillig is from Kobe, Japan. She started working in the restaurant industry 10 years ago, learning to cook herself from videos of chefs whose techniques she admired. While his Japanese hometown is world famous for its beef, baked goods are a lesser-known specialty.

“Kobe has the most bakeries in all of Japan,” says Oberbillig. “Because of its very ancient history and its huge port, it has attracted different cultures. This is why we have a lot of European style bakeries and pastry shops there.

The 32-year-old pastry chef has cultivated her talent internationally, first by moving to Vancouver, Canada. She arrived in the United States at the end of 2017 after a few years of working in bakeries in Japan. Her attention to detail and precision stems from an early desire to become a fashion designer. “Like in fashion, shapes and designs are very important to me when I cook,” she says.

A braised croissant with yuzu flowers from SakuSaku Flakerie.

A braised croissant with yuzu flowers from SakuSaku Flakerie.
Youri Oberbillig

Oberbillig’s husband Jason helps her at the store and says she is “obsessed” with practicing the techniques. After a long day at the store, she often brings her work home, trying new recipes until she is satisfied with the results. Every morning, she monitors the weather, the humidity of the air and the temperature in the kitchen in order to adapt the settings of her oven for maximum desquamation.

This fall, the chef went Apple picking at Homestead Farm in Maryland. Salted Caramel Apple Turnovers and Classic Apple Pies will be popping up as limited promotions at SakuSaku throughout the season.

Oberbillig previously worked at several DC bakeries, including A Baked Joint and the French chain Maison Kayser. When Firehook Bakery closed next to Trattoria Al Volo in the summer of 2020, the owners of the pasta restaurant seized the opportunity to expand. Partner Rolando Frias approached Oberbillig, giving him carte blanche to choose a name and develop a menu. “When I tasted his croissants, I was amazed,” says Frias.

Like pastries, the name of the bakery borrows from different cultures. “SakuSaku” is a Japanese word that describes the typical crackling sound when eating freshly made puff pastry. Jason Oberbillig proposed the “Flakerie” label as a puff, bakery and pastry coat rack.

A courtyard with stone tiles has dining areas walled up around the perimeter.

SakuSaku Flakerie uses an outdoor courtyard.
Manon Jacob / For Eater DC

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Fashion brand

A “reset”? Not at Paris Fashion Week

On the final evening of Paris Fashion Week, Louis Vuitton, the world’s largest luxury brand in terms of sales, invested a passage in the courtyard of the Louvre, where dozens of crystal chandeliers hung above of a double row of large glass mirrors at the Palace of Versailles.

The models stepped out to the sound of a turret clock, dressed in wide, bouncy satchel skirts and woolen silk-cuffed blazers, lace dresses layered over blue jeans, and sporty lace-up boots in fluorescent satin. These were complex and intriguing in their unusual proportions and flowing mesh of at least three centuries of dress styles. Designer Nicolas Ghesquière called it “the big ball of time “.

Then came another woman carrying a fabric banner that said “Overconsumption = Extinction”. She seemed to be a part of the show at first – until she stopped at the end of the track and was brutally abducted by security guards. This cast a chill over the rest of the event; the models did not make a second appearance for the finale, and when Ghesquière came to bow out, he was accompanied by a bodyguard.

Although a shame for the hundreds of people who had worked on the collection, for a climatic event, the timing and location was appropriate. There was something deeply unsettling about the return of these lavish displays of brand power during Fashion Weeks; of the sudden reappearance of designers, buyers and journalists (myself included) who, just over a year ago, called for a ‘reset’ of the fashion system – fewer catwalks, fewer creative exhaustion and a lower carbon footprint.

At Louis Vuitton, creative director Nicolas Ghesquière mixes past and present references. . . © Giovanni Giannoni

. . . like dresses adorned with velvet and lace combined with open-toe satin boots © Giovanni Giannoni

Bruno Sialelli from Lanvin presented playful dresses covered with a daisy print. . .

. . . alongside simpler and more sensual babydolls

Of course, commercially this makes sense. On the contrary, the last year and a half has proven just how well oiled the luxury machine is, especially among the industry mega brands. Despite the resurgence of Covid-19 in China, shares of LVMH, Kering and Hermès are trading at near historic levels. Shows are making a comeback as they boost sales and media attention.

Chanel Fashion President Bruno Pavlovsky saw it coming. In an interview during France’s first lockdown last year, he said he saw no reason for an overhaul of the fashion calendar; that six fashion shows a year worked well for Chanel before the pandemic and would continue to perform for the company after it.

Bar chart of 'soft luxury' * market share, Europe and UK only (%) showing major labels tightening their grip

“We have the strongest loyal local customer base we’ve ever had at Chanel,” he says now, speaking ahead of the brand’s Spring / Summer 2022 show. Although operating profits fell 41% between 2019 and 2020, Pavlovsky says travel restrictions have given the brand’s boutiques the opportunity to really listen to what local shoppers want – which, above all, is to “feel privileged”. Sales, which were already doing “very well” in China, the United States and in pockets like Dubai, are also picking up in Europe, where American tourists have started flocking to Chanel stores again this summer, he adds. .

This season, Creative Director Virginie Viard revisited Chanel’s heyday of the 1980s and 1990s, erecting a catwalk above the audience and surrounding them with old-fashioned photographers. The models were grinning and spinning like ’90s supers in simple black swimwear trimmed with sparkling white tweed skirts accented with chain sashes and flowing black chiffon dresses printed with butterfly wings.

It was elegant but not very exciting, devoid of the irony and wit that once animated the house’s iconic gold chains and tweed jackets under the late Karl Lagerfeld. Without them, these pieces are simply nostalgic.

At Chanel, Virginie Viard returned to the brand’s 80s collections with swimsuits and sports bras. . .

. . . alongside short pink dresses, multicolored jackets and denim suits

Hermès enlisted artist Flora Moscovici to create the atmospheric, orange-tinted backdrop for the show. . .

. . . for a collection of refined leather pieces in black, white, yellow and earth tones

It does not matter. Outside the pandemic period, Chanel’s ready-to-wear sales continued to climb under Viard. Chinese customers of the brand particularly appreciate its feminine approach, Pavlovsky says.

Same story at Hermès, where Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski showed the know-how of the house in a private jet terminal through smooth black leather suits and chiffon dresses delicately embellished with tiny glass beads, and small bags cylindrical with luxuriously thick silver handles. There is little need for Vanhee-Cybulski to push the limits on the podium; sales at Hermès have already exceeded pre-pandemic levels.

Givenchy designer Matthew Williams feels the need to push the boundaries – or at least define what the LVMH-owned house represents following the departure of Clare Waight Keller last year. For her first physical show, held in an arena northwest of Paris, a giant and expensive oculus was suspended from the ceiling, bathing in glowing white light the models dressed in the associated black neoprene riding vests. to stretch waders. , and the men in utility vests layered over narrow-cut pants.

There were a few decent looks here – cropped pantsuits and pictorial partings created in collaboration with Josh Smith in particular – but for the most part, this collection seemed to tread territory already occupied by other designers. Maybe that will develop when Williams starts experimenting with high fashion for her debut in January.

Givenchy’s creative director Matthew Williams mixed corsets and basques in tulle. . .

. . . with traditional couture fabrics and thigh-low clogs

At Miu Mui, Miuccia Prada revolutionized the preppy style by lowering the waist and showing off logo underwear. . . © Monique Feudi

. . . and cropping sweaters and shirts to reveal the models’ naked bellies © Monica Feudi

Miu Miu’s identity has at times been obscured by her sister brand Prada, but that is starting to change now that Raf Simons is co-designing Prada. “Before, I could have half of me in one place, half of me in the other,” Miuccia Prada told the FT earlier this year. “Now all of me is up to Miu Miu. This should be good for Miu Miu.

It was a very good collection, full of the beloved Miuccia signatures that recently disappeared from Prada: pleated schoolgirl skirts with chunky V-neck jumpers and neat straight jackets, sheer floral-appliquéd cocktail dresses. with gray ribbed socks and moccasins. These have been featured with bare bellies and the shortest skirts this season, but their deliberately awkward proportions have elevated them above conventional sensuality.

It was also reassuring to see such a wearable collection by Stella McCartney, whose curvy bodysuits, mushroom-print dresses, and lively, easy-going pantsuits were accompanied by little black bags made from mycelium, an alternative to cultured leather. laboratory. Although more expensive than her typical range, “it’s definitely cheaper than exotic skins,” she said. “And it doesn’t kill any animals, it’s not cutting down trees, it’s amazing technology that is truly the future of fashion.”

Stella McCartney has paired bodycon tops, cutouts and dresses with relaxed pants, knits and blazers. . .

. . . and launched the Frayme Mylo, a mushroom leather handbag

Models and guests paraded a Hollywood-style red carpet at Balenciaga. . .

. . . before entering a theater to enjoy the premiere of ‘The Simpsons I Balenciaga’

Not all shows marked a return to business as usual. A red carpet and a crowd of photographers greeted guests in front of the Théâtre du Châtelet, where Balenciaga gave his show. All the standard stuff, until the guests were seated inside, where the “show” turned out to be the red carpet itself, broadcast live on stage. Here, in relentless high definition, a mix of real celebrities – Cardi B, Elliot Page, Isabelle Huppert – took on camera-friendly poses alongside unwitting reporters, laughing and clapping inside the theater. Soon the looks of the collection began to appear, adjusted to the actors, the Balenciaga staff and various “friends” of the house.

It was a careful dismantling of the boundaries between performers and audiences that has also been expertly choreographed this season by Francesco Risso de Marni and Pierpaolo Piccioli from Valentino. The latter took his show to the streets, where students and audiences alike drank in the beautiful mix of jeweled and citrus-hued partings and silk shirts turned into dresses. Customers were free to stay and dine in restaurants afterward, thanks to Valentino. “Inclusiveness and humanity is what I want to offer today,” he said.

Valentino’s Pierpaolo Piccioli reinterpreted classic couture in extravagant volumes and acrylic colors. . .

. . . and paired feathered looks with practical combat boots

Paris Fashion Week ended with a tribute to AZ Factory’s Alber Elbaz, who died in April. The show featured pieces from various fashion houses, including Valentino. . © imaxtree

. . . as well as drawings by Elbaz himself © imaxtree

The sense of community was also palpable at the AZ Factory memorial show for the late Alber Elbaz, where 47 designers created looks for an audience including his partner, Alex Koo, and France’s first lady, Brigitte Macron.

Return to Balenciaga. Just as the show seemed to end, the lights dimmed and on screen appeared Homer Simpson, desperate to secure something – anything – from the tag as a birthday present for his suffering wife. for a long time, Marge. The ironic film culminated with a Balenciaga show in Paris, modeled by the people of Springfield. The company described it as “the latest in a progression of activations that push some established boundaries between fashion and other forms of entertainment, culture and technology, moving the brand away from an easily defined category.”

I’m not sure the experience pulled Balenciaga out of “easily definable” categories, but it was fun, clever, and surprising. Everything you hope a physical spectacle should be. Because right now they’re not going anywhere.

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Fashion brand

Youth fashion brand PacSun to embrace cryptocurrency payments

American fashion brand Pacific Sunwear, or PacSun, has announced that it will accept payments in Bitcoin and 10 other altcoins, including Ether, Bitcoin Cash, Wrapped Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin. The point of sale has partnered with popular crypto payment service provider BitPay to process payments, allowing the point of sale to accept a variety of cryptocurrencies from the get-go.

When checking out their carts at PacSun, buyers will now start to see a button titled ‘Pay with BitPay’ which will allow them to choose which cryptocurrency they want to pay with and which crypto wallet to use. The transaction is then completed with a process that simply involves scanning a QR code.

PacSun likes to be identified as a Gen Z-focused outlet and with 400 outlets scattered across the United States and Puerto Rico, claims to be the first “major fashion and retail brand” to license cryptocurrency payments. A recent study by PYMNTS in the United States found that up to 54% of the country’s Gen Z population are currently investing or have invested in cryptocurrencies in the past. The move is therefore in accordance with the ethics of the company.

“With the doubling of digital sales since last year, we understand the continued importance of creating an exceptional online shopping experience for our customers,” PacSun President Brie Olson said in a statement announcing the decision. . “Seeing their growing desire for cryptocurrency, it was clear that we needed to adjust and offer BitPay as another payment option, in order to build their confidence in us as one of their go-to retailers who really listen.” , adds the co-CEO of PacSun. , Michael Relich.

BitPay is one of the oldest crypto institutions in its space in the United States. The two companies are already planning to launch a massive marketing campaign that uses their reach on social media.

PacSun’s announcement also comes just a day after US-based movie theater chain AMC Theaters opened payments to accept Dogecoin.

Interested in cryptocurrency? We discuss all things crypto with WazirX CEO Nischal Shetty and WeekendInvesting Founder Alok Jain on Orbital, the Gadgets 360 podcast. Orbital is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music and wherever you get your podcasts.

Cryptocurrency is unregulated digital currency, not legal tender and subject to market risk. The information provided in the article is not intended to be and does not constitute financial advice, business advice or any other advice or recommendation of any kind offered or endorsed by NDTV. NDTV will not be responsible for any loss resulting from any investment based on a perceived recommendation, forecast or any other information contained in the article.

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Fashion designer

Olivia Jade ‘excited’ for mom Lori Loughlin’s return to TV after college admissions scandal

Olivia Jade Giannulli supports her mother, Lori Loughlin, as she prepares to return to television after a two-year hiatus as she grapples with the college admissions scandal.

The “Full House” star’s entire family appear to be getting back to work as Olivia Jade takes part in the final season of “Dancing with the Stars” alongside her professional partner Val Chmerkovskiy.

The duo sat down with Entertainment Tonight’s Matt Cohen after this week’s show where the YouTube star was asked about her mother’s return to her role “When the Heart Calls.”

“I’m super excited for her” Jade said with a big smile.


Olivia Jade has commented on the return of her mother, Lori Loughlin, to television.
(Axelle / Bauer-Griffin / FilmMagic)

Olivia Jade is probably feeling a kinship with her mother right now as she too has faced criticism that questioned her return to the public eye after finding out that her parents, Loughlin and fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, were involved. in the project.

The duo pleaded guilty to paying $ 500,000 for her and her sister, Isabella, to enroll at the University of Southern California as rookies on the team, although neither of the girls were has never participated in this sport.


Loughlin was fired of his role on the Netflix alarm clock series “Fuller house“as well as the Hallmark series” When Calls the Heart “after its involvement was revealed in 2019. However, last week Deadline reported that Loughlin is making her return to theater by reprising her character as Abigail Stanton in the spinoff series “When Calls the Heart”, “When Hope Calls” on her Season 2 comeback on GAC Family.


Actress Lori Loughlin and her husband, <a class=fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, leave the federal courthouse after being charged in a national college admission fraud program in Boston, Massachusetts, United States, April 3, 2019.”/>

Actress Lori Loughlin and her husband, fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, leave the federal courthouse after being charged in a national college admission fraud program in Boston, Massachusetts, United States, April 3, 2019.

Loughlin will apparently appear in the Season 2 two-part premiere titled “When Hope Calls: A Country Christmas”. The December 18 premiere will mark the actress’ first foray into acting, or any public appearance outside of court, as she has essentially distanced herself from the profession as she faced the fallout from the scandal. .


In December, Loughlin finished serving two months behind bars for his role in the scandal. She agreed to serve a two-month sentence and pay a fine of $ 150,000 as well as two years of supervised release and 100 hours of community service.

Giannulli, meanwhile, was fined $ 250,000 with two years of supervised release and 250 hours of community service in addition to a five-month jail term. He was released from prison in April.

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Fashion brand

Mensa Brands, led by Ananth Narayanan, invests in 10 fashion and beauty brands

Mensa Brands, a technology-driven “House of Brands” designed for the e-commerce industry, has partnered with 10 digitally-focused companies. Founded by the former CEO of Myntra and Medlife, Ananth Narayanan, Mensa has invested in ten fashion, home and beauty brands and the founders and their teams will be part of Mensa.

Mensa’s vision is to partner and invest in digitally driven brands and grow them exponentially. Over the next 3 years, Mensa will acquire over 50 brands in categories such as home, garden, clothing, personal care and beauty.

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with ten remarkable founding teams who have created beloved digital brands,” said Ananth Narayanan, Founder and CEO of Mensa Brands. “We are committed to advancing their journey and working together to create disruptive global brands in India. At Mensa, we are passionate about using technology to create digital brands that are rooted in the joy of our customers. “

Partner brands include Karagiri, a one-stop destination for high-end designer sarees for women and based in Pune.

“We are excited to create a digital first saree brand from India,” said Karagiri founder Pallavi Mohadikar Patwari. “We believe the Mensa team is in the best position to help us in this adventure. The process of the partnership was fair, fast and friendly to the founders. “

Priyaasi, a traditional and contemporary jewelry brand from Delhi boasts of traditional artwork and materials in modern designs, making it relevant for any occasion;

There’s Dennis Lingo, a men’s casual wear brand from Mumbai that is a major player in shirts in Indian markets. Ishin, an ethnic women’s clothing brand from Mumbai, is known for its range of traditional and fusion Indian clothing collections, such as kurtas, kurtis, saris, curtains and accessories.

“In the last two months of working with Mensa, we have already started increasing our sales by working together on growth, supply chain and marketing, leveraging working capital, data, technology and the team’s experience in e-commerce, ”said Charu Agarwal, founder of Ishin.

Hubberholme, an affordable men’s casual wear brand from Delhi, focuses on fashion and sports recreation. Anubhutee, an ethnic women’s clothing brand from Jaipur, is known for its high quality, elegant and traditional designs, handcrafted to meet the sensibilities and aspirations of consumers.

Helea, a smart home device company from Mumbai, focuses on improving lives through innovative and affordable IoT (Internet of Things) products with a mission to make life easier, safer and greener for a better future.

There is also Villain, a men’s personal care company from Ahmedabad, which offers a range of perfumes, clothing and accessories, including sunglasses and sportswear. Ashutosh Valani, co-founder of Villain (who previously founded men’s skincare company, Beardo) said the company will work together to make Villain a well-known lifestyle brand for men across India.

Mensa partners with brands with sales of between $ 1 million and $ 10 million. It targets digitally focused brands operating in different categories including fashion and apparel, home and garden, beauty and personal care, food and others. We’re fast and Founder-friendly, and complete end-to-end acquisitions within 4-6 weeks. Mensa believes e-commerce in India is at the inflection point of non-linear growth and we can build global brands from India.

Mensa has offices in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Gurugram and plans to grow their team exponentially in the coming months, hiring in the areas of growth, products and finance, among others.

After securing a highly successful exit from the PharmEasy-Medlife deal, Ananth Narayanan launched the new Mensa Brands business in May of this year. Mensa had also closed its Series A funding round, raising around $ 50 million in a cycle led by investors such as Accel Partners as well as prominent angel investors such as Kunal Shah, Mukesh Bansal, Rahul Mehta de DST Global and Scott Shleifer of Tiger Global.

Mensa is a Thrasio-type startup and there are many such companies emerging in the country. Thrasio, based in the United States, is a digital consumer goods company that acquires Amazon FBA private label businesses and direct-to-consumer e-commerce brands.

In July of this year, Flipkart Ventures and Tiger Global invested in a Thrasio-style company, GOAT Brand Labs. He would use the funding to accelerate the growth of digital native brands in India. GOAT was founded by Rishi Vasudev and Rameswar Misra, who bring with them decades of expertise in this field. Vasudev, a veteran retail executive, previously ran Flipkart’s fashion business. In the same month, GlobalBees, India’s largest Thrasio-style investment firm, raised $ 150 million in equity and debt in a Series A run by e-commerce firm FirstCry and some of its investors with a additional participation of Lightspeed Venture Partners.

In June of this year, 10club, one of the early players in the e-commerce roll-up space, raised $ 40 million in seed funding. It primarily uses the funding to expand 10club’s brand portfolio, invest in building its tech stack, and for working capital purposes. 10club partners with e-commerce product sellers in India to acquire their businesses.

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French fashion

French women dream of escape at Paris Fashion Week

PARIS – Parisians may be proud of their often-copied and never-equaled style, but after two years of travel disruptions, they plan to leave the city next spring.

As the collections showcased over the past week have shown, contemporary French labels have them covered, with plenty of options to throw in a suitcase or travel bag, depending on their destinations.

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The city dweller’s well-polished wardrobe by people like Maje and Zadig & Voltaire softens, both in tones and textures, with a sensual touch. The skin is visible through cutouts uncovering large expanses at the waist and back, or through eyelet lace or heavy crochet. Nostalgia has scented the palette of these separate pieces – denim jackets, polo shirts, seductive skirts or sets designed to be mismatched – echoing a wider appetite for vintage and time-tested styles, with mint green and bubble gum pink. matching previously widely distributed hues. like chocolate or fatty lilac.

Flowers for spring are not a cliché, they are a classic to Maje, where artistic director Judith Milgrom embraced the heyday of the ’70s of the bohemian aesthetic she favors. Choose a presentation centered around a flower stand, where crochet and floral prints were in full bloom in a palette of intense pinks, sherbet lemon undertones and vibrant greens. Blouses were cut voluminous but cropped, while dresses pinched – or bared – the waist, all creating the impression of hourglass silhouettes.

On the accessory side, the bucket-shaped sun hat was perfect for the course, while comfortable clogs and flats completed the look. Maje’s popular Fringed M bag, which sells at a rate of 140 units per day worldwide, will be releasing in micro versions – just big enough to hold a phone and lip balm, really – and crochet, for those who won’t. look for one of the straw bags offered for the season. To celebrate the bag’s fifth anniversary in October, the brand is planning a mix of physical and digital activations, including a life-size Tetris game in the city.

Come summer, the Sandro the woman had only three things in mind: dancing, sunbathing and traveling. She embraced the codes of Mediterranean living, with alluring summer dresses with asymmetrical cutout details inspired by swimwear; lo-fi patterned knitwear; crochet pants and waistcoats in naive patterns that looked like they had been bought at the local market; sun-washed denims and silky blouses with maritime anchor and rope motifs woven around the brand’s monogram.

Back in town, she brought back an Italian couture spirit for blazers and matching pants – not that she intended to wear them as an ensemble – while her male counterpart tried to keep pace, dressed in ‘an assortment of knitted polo shirts. acid-washed tie-dye shirts, shirt jackets and swimsuit shapes.

Feet in the sand and the dreamy voice of the Canadian singer Charlotte cardin to their ears, the 55 guests of Zadig & VoltaireThe spring parade at the legendary Club 55 in Saint Tropez must certainly have felt like floating in the azure sea as the models lifted sand with every step. “I wanted to bring out a strong and happy woman, a party atmosphere. And she walks, so that’s where the cowboy [touches in the collection] comes from, ”said Creative Director Cécilia Bönström, highlighting the hard-wearing denim pieces with details such as contrasting reinforcement panels.

Coming in 2022, it is the 25th anniversary of the brand, which will be marked by the reissue of iconic pieces such as high-top sneakers or its flap clutch, but also collaborations with artists from the United States, France. , from Korea and China, who will be invited to reinterpret Zadig & Voltaire’s all-time bestsellers.

The idea for a getaway also included looking for lesser-known destinations, perhaps closer to home, such as the port city in northern France, Le Havre. Its intricate juxtaposition of concrete facades was the backdrop for APCThe pragmatic basics of – sleek unisex polo shirts and tailored shorts to match leather slides – in warm-weather neutrals of white and blue, beige and khaki stripes.

TO Kitsuné House, Creative Director Marcus Clayton – formerly at Fenty, Golden Goose and Givenchy Women’s Clothing – envisioned the season as a summer camp for the brand, with outdoor wardrobes for city dwellers trying to reconnect with nature. Arrived in their uniforms of pointy denims, beige overcoats, and tailored pants, they would soon find themselves swapping them for pop-over parkas in utilitarian neutral color blocks that gave them a patchwork look; nubby fleeces with fox faces strewn all over; and Scout approved cargo shorts. All of these could be brought back to town when cut from crisp poplin, paired with silky slip dresses in a Maison Kitsuné weave – or black.

Launch gallery: Contemporary brands from Paris Fashion Week spring 2022

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Fashion designer

Getting vaxxed is not a fashion statement

After appearing on A case in progressr and appear inVogue the label took off, being worn by celebrities and influencers, but now the political message and the sense of hope are dissipating. “It looks different now,” Jacobs said. “A lot of people seem to be jumping on the bandwagon.”

Custom “Vaxxed” earrings from Sydney jewelry brand Haus of Dizzy.

Now there is something conceited about these articles, which thankfully stop before proclaiming Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna. Rather than asking people to take action and ‘get the shot’, like ‘Wear Condoms’ or ‘Stop Nukes’, they are just getting in early, doing a sane public service, a style choice. .

Equally disturbing is that, like Make America Great Again and a Southern Cross tattoo, the “Vaxxed” logo can be ambiguous. In the United States, MAGA has become a shortcut for white privilege, so shoppers take advantage of the vaccination privilege which exempts members of the style tribe from physical distancing, wears masks in public, and internally sings Happy birthday by washing your hands after using the bathroom?

Being proud to be vaccinated and sharing it on social media is one thing, but buying a $ 1,190 Valentino hoodie to wear on your next picnic is an expensive way to preach to the convert and sip a rosé. hot with no mask in sight.

Despite the various charitable elements, at this point in a very long game there is an element of profiting from an event that has taken and drastically changed lives. An event that will hopefully pass, making these items more fashionable. The last time masks were in fashion was with the Spanish flu epidemic in 1919, and I haven’t seen any influencers rock the vintage versions yet.

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Fashion brand

The Kudos Project: fashion with Caribbean cool

Newsletter: FT Weekend

It’s a Sunday morning, and Veeraj Haria-Shah and Alexandra Richards, co-founders of ready-to-wear brand Coconut Residence, are sitting side by side on a sofa. “We had dinner last night with our two families,” says Hariah-Shah. “We try to get together as much as possible, but my parents are in North London and Alexandra’s are in the South.” Richards smiled: “Yes, we are together, together, ”she says, laughing; the duo are a couple as well as business partners. It is a personal connection that goes to the roots of the company.

Coconut Residence, launched in 2020, is an exploration of the couple’s shared heritage – Richards’ Guyanese and Saint Vincentian background with Haria-Shah’s Kenyan-Indian roots. The collections for men, women and unisex include colorful linen suits, sweaters, hoodies and accessories, including market bags and beanies. The richness of overlapping experiences is particularly evident in the collection of shiny linen shirts (£ 120) and shorts with buckles (£ 95), inspired by the meeting of Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and industrial designers Charles and Ray Eames. in 1958. It also fuels the collaboration with Canadian photographer and reggae superfan Beth Lesser, who has seen T-shirts printed with portraits of icons from Jamaican dancehall culture (£ 50).

Kota Market Bag, £ 45

Chela Linen Jacket in Nairobi Green, £ 295

Chela Linen Jacket in Nairobi Green, £ 295

Alexandra Richards, left, and Veeraj Haria-Shah, founders of Coconut Residence

Alexandra Richards, left, and Veeraj Haria-Shah, founders of Coconut Residence

These two concepts speak of moments rich in cultural significance and global connections. “We couldn’t really identify with a brand created specifically by people in our background,” says Haria-Shah. “But these were stories very based on our history and our immigration.” Richards talks about the experiences of his grandfather, a black lawyer, who came to London as part of the Windrush Generation. Haria-Shah talks about her maternal grandparents and the success of their food export business.

The idea for the brand came from an Indian meal, where they were struck by the similarities of their Caribbean and Indian cultural heritages. “I told Alexandra that she should try chana masala, and her response was, ‘Chana? My grandmother does that, ”recalls Haria-Shah. “We started to understand how it all happened.” Together, they browsed through family photos of their grandparents in tailored suits and dresses and found the energy of “recently arrived in London” to be fertile roots for the brand they were to create.

Both had fashion backgrounds. Richards’ early interest in styling led her to pursue an internship with independent label Catherine Fulmer in the United States. Hariah-Shah’s degree in fashion management was followed by a position as a buyer at Marks and Spencer and mentorship from Savile Row designer Mark Powell. “I started selling jeans in my school locker when I was 15. Where there should have been books, there was Japanese selvedge denim, ”he recalls. The two finally met in 2013, when they were both buyers at Paul Smith.

Barrington Levy T-shirt, £ 50

Barrington Levy T-shirt, £ 50

Kota market bag, £ 45, and Chela linen jacket in Nairobi green, £ 295

Kota market bag, £ 45, and Chela linen jacket in Nairobi green, £ 295

Recently, the duo collaborated with London illustrator Gaurab Thakali on a limited series of sweatshirts and t-shirts featuring activist and athlete Colin Kaepernick from Thakali, in support of action against brutality. policewoman (T-shirts £ 50, hoodies £ 65). They also continue to develop a model that emphasizes sourcing from small family businesses, sharing profits with coworkers and donating meals to The Felix Project, a UK charity that fights food poverty and food waste.

As the conversation returns to the family, Richards says, “Our parents and grandparents were pioneers, weren’t they? and look at Hariah-Shah. “And they were also resistant,” he adds. In the years to come, hopefully their own grandchildren will be sitting on a couch saying something very similar about them.

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Fashion designer

The Malagon group goes global and extends beyond Latinx fashion brands

Camila Malagon lost both parents at the age of twenty-one. While coping with her tragic loss, she launched her fashion consulting agency representing small Latinx fashion designers and helped them enter the US retail market. Camila has a laser sense for spotting new and hot brands; she quickly built a successful business in the United States and is now making a bold decision in the global marketplace.

Chan: When did you create Malagon Group?

Malagon: The Malagon Group was created in 2017. I returned to Colombia after my parents passed away, intending to reconnect with my roots after growing up in the United States all my life. It was supposed to be a quick trip with plans to return to New York City, but the local designers suddenly started contacting me and asking me to help them get into American retailers. Suddenly – and unwittingly – I found myself as a consultant in Colombia. Through years of working in wholesale, public relations and my retail experience in New York City, I was fluent in the language of the industry and had relationships with many key players. It has been four years since I first moved to Colombia. I have cultivated great relationships with retail partners like Net-A-Porter, Intermix, Saks and Bloomingdales, on a professional level but more importantly, on a personal level. It was at these retailers that I presented most of the brands that I have now.

Chan: What is the Malagon Group today?

Malagon: Today, Malagon Group is a fashion consulting agency representing various emerging fashion brands around the world. We now have an incredible turnaround time for new clients as we are seeing results in the first half of the year. We focused on a six to eight month period of perfecting the brand and the collections before they were ready to market. When we start with a client or a new campaign, I work hand in hand with the brand, I revise the fabrics, I revise the designs with the business strategy in mind, and then my team follows up on the execution. I trust every member of our team to divide and conquer. Whether it’s in the design or even in the analysis of technology and data, everyone is together to meet the schedule we have set for ourselves.

Chan: What was your first big break?

Malagon: My first “big” break was to integrate three brands (Waimari, Juan De Dios & Verdelimon) into Intermix in one season, during my first year of activity.

Chan: Do you have extension projects?

Malagon: Yes! We are currently focused on expansion targeting Europe and West Coast markets. In October, we meet with UK’s biggest retailers such as Net-A-Porter, Matches, Selfridges, Liberty London, Browns, Harrods and many more to expand overseas distribution. And at the end of November, we are opening offices in Los Angeles to support more brands beyond Latin America from 2022. We want to have a smart approach to the fashion-tech side of the industry, by focusing on data-driven markets and trends that will ultimately enable more growth at all levels. I am constantly thinking about how to maximize creative initiatives in the fashion world. I work closely with Net Sustain, Net-A-Porter’s organized platform, to ensure that each of my brands gives back in one way or another, socially or environmentally. For example, one brand guaranteed that every swimsuit sold would result in a planted tree, or MUV’s label initiative, where the labels themselves are made from carrot seeds, so if you drop them don’t no matter where – even in New York – they will sprout. The brands I started with are very resort and swimming focused, but in a way that reflects Colombia’s strength in this category. Last February, I signed on to my first athleisure brand called MUV Active, which I’m personally very excited about. In our first season together, we asked Bandier to take over the brand with Dallas, Los Angeles and online. We will launch in mid-October. We also have Agnes glasses, which have caught the attention of major publishers and buyers around the world in a very short period of time. I hope to expand the bi-coastal offices, maintaining our Latin American brands while simultaneously developing brands from France, Dubai, the Middle East and Asian countries.

Chan: Who are your favorite Latinx fashion designers?

Malagon: In my world, that’s a bit of a trick question – but Carolina Herrera has always been a favorite. My mom always wore Carolina, which was my first introduction to the iconic brand. Also – I love a shirt dress, and it does the best.

Chan: What is your philosophy for spotting new designers who will be successful? Malagon: My philosophy is to trust my instincts. I know when I see something special about the brand, even if the product isn’t something I would wear myself. I think I have a particular strength in having a very clear vision of the capabilities of each designer, and when I take on new brands within a pre-existing client category, they are unique. I don’t want to expand too much, and I hate making excessive promises, so I’m very picky about how much we take and how fast. Originally, I wanted to oversee every step of every project I’m involved in, which is, in fact, not possible for a human. In all aspects of my life, including business, I have – for better or for worse – the spirit of a perfectionist, and I love to be thoughtful. Another business philosophy is to prioritize customer and buyer relationships in a detail-oriented, organized and intimate way that makes customers feel heard and prioritized. Whether it’s meeting buyers one-on-one or with my clients at their homes, I’m not your typical CEO and you won’t see me at trade shows. I am incredibly proud of our team, our company and the progress we have made with the majority of the brands we currently represent at Malagon Group and it has been mind-blowing. I think my relationship with buyers is something that is my most valuable asset.

Chan: How fast can a brand grow?

Malagon: The best example I can give you is that I signed with a swimwear brand called Baobab in August 2020. They were selling to Victoria’s Secret, an account the brand got by attending a trade show, but not at other large retailers. In the past 12 months, the brand has already launched in stores like Intermix, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Revolve and most recently Shopbop resulting in 260% growth and we are expanding the international distribution of the Mark. It’s that kind of growth that nourishes me and keeps me going. We have settled our turnaround time. I don’t mean to sound naive, but it’s so gratifying to see the results of our hard work. The hardest part is that I’m about to venture into uncharted territory that I don’t know as well, especially Europe. Not to mention the fact that I am now completely moving my headquarters to the West Coast. My biggest challenge right now is making sure my brands don’t feel the consequences of my move and keep growing. I want to look to the future as I start to focus on new territories. But I have to stay innovative and maintain our current success. Overall, that means my role is to change gears. It will be a challenge, but I’m excited for myself – and terrified, but I’m so happy for Malagon Group.

Chan: What motivates you personally?

Malagon: I always juggle responsibilities and priorities, but I also remember being grateful and celebrating every win and the team. I am also a very intuitive person and I have to remember to keep driving this boat and to keep us going.

Chan: How did your parents influence you?

Malagon: I inherited my dad’s work ethic, not to mention he taught me the importance of keeping my word. My mother was a strong woman who was also a role model – as far back as I can remember; I was surrounded by friends of hers – designers, models, photographers – who had a huge influence on my tastes. She was bold, elegant and not afraid to be herself. She gave me the confidence to stay true to my beliefs and not be afraid to use my voice or own my opinions. The fact that I work in fashion, especially in business, is certainly no accident. But the strength of my voice and my belief that I can do it? I owe them that.

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Fashion designer

Super Chic Fashion Week arrives in Los Angeles for an iconic show

The Super Chic Los Angeles Fashion Week event took place on Sunday, August 29, 2021 at the Renaissance Los Angeles Hotel. During the presentation of the track; we have seen substantial collections of fashion brands featuring a wardrobe for women, men and children. Among them were; Breathe Fashion By Snehal Velvandkar (clothing for women), Bella Fashion Designs (clothing for women, men and children) and Bindi Fashion Designs (clothing for women and children).

Super Chic Fashion Week is a production company based in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Founded by the fashion house; Bella Fashion Designs, Super Chic Fashion Week produces a world tour for fashion in various cities in the United States, Europe and South America. Create a platform for emerging and established fashion designers to increase brand awareness at national and international trade shows.

The models presenting the collections were; Kseniia Sokol, Gabriella Bales, Jacqueline Drexler, Jessica Carper, Nancy Chen, Jenny Guan, Mikayla Chitu, Selina Luo, Franchesca Rivera, Joyce Gao, Angela Zhang, Joseph Jones, Ethan Chang-Johnson, Felix Wang, Harrison Coronado, Rawlin Jefferson, Delbert Dai, Daisy Qin, He Yun Lang, Henry Yang, Hanee Yang, Grace Zhan, Felix Zhan, Oscar Du, Benson Du, Jonathan Xie, Sylvia Ye, Skye Ferrero, Cassidy Chang-Johnson & Saige Lopez.

Stay up to date with the Super Chic Fashion Tour! From city to city – creating new experiences.

Visit: for updates.

Photography Instagram Credits: Raza Syed @angelbluephotography

Fashion Designer / Brands Instagram Credits: Breathe Fashion By Snehal Velvandkar @snehalbreathefashion, Bella Fashion Designs @ bellafashiondesigns223 & Bindi Fashion Designs @bindifashiondesigns.

Media contact
Company Name: Super chic fashion week
Contact: Media relations
E-mail: Send an email
Telephone: (954) 274 5600
Country: United States

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French fashion

Parish Fashion Week returns after virus hiatus

2 October 2021 GMT

Women wearing sunglasses and body-hugging models paraded down a sleek black runway under a glowing orange Eiffel Tower at night.

Strands of fringe sprang from the hem of a lemon-yellow creation, her model clutching a shiny handbag adorned with safety pins.

The eyes of the fashion world were even more focused than usual on the ever-chic French capital in recent days, as the designers showed off their latest work for Paris Fashion Week after going mostly virtual for a year due to of the coronavirus pandemic.

While most of this season’s 97 shows have remained online as the country recovers from another wave of COVID-19 infections in the summer, about a third have opted for a physical return to the track, including industry heavyweights from Chanel and Hermès to Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint-Laurent.

They chose an eclectic collection of iconic backdrops – alongside the gothic Notre-Dame cathedral and the serene Seine; the 16th century Tuileries garden lined with trees in central Paris; the glassy, ​​bulbous globe of the La Seine Musicale concert complex. After a parade in the trendy Marais district, models strutted through the streets outside to the enthusiastic cheers of surprised passers-by.

Thousands of camera-happy viewers as well as New York fashion editors newly able to cross the Atlantic after pandemic travel restrictions between Europe and the United States were eased were in attendance.

The event was not lacking in star power either, with appearances like Gillian Anderson, Carla Bruni, Naomi Campbell, Catherine Deneuve, Roger Federer, Giveon, Vanessa Kirby, Demi Moore and Rosamund Pike.

Full coverage: Photography

France’s First Lady Brigitte Macron joined senior officials one evening at the Hôtel des Invalides for the presentation of a new collection by Italian designer Fabio Porlod featuring female amputees and injured women. The Ministry of Defense described the initiative as “part of a charity evening whose funds raised will improve the living environment of seriously wounded war victims, victims of attacks and people hospitalized at the National Institution. invalidities”.

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Fashion style

5 clothes that have shown the power of fashion over 1000 years

The notion of becoming is inherent in fashion: our clothing choices can tell a story of who we are or who we want to be. In many ways, donning an outfit can be one of the most powerful acts of self-expression, and it’s a tool people around the world have used for millennia.

“The Stories We Wear” – a new exhibit at the University of Pennsylvania’s Museum of Archeology and Anthropology (Penn Museum) – explores 2,500 years of style through approximately 250 objects classified by work and play, battle, performance , ceremony and rule. With a range that includes 17th-century samurai warrior armor and a coral-beaded Givenchy dress worn in 1965 by Hollywood star-turned-Princess Grace Kelly, the exhibition aims to showcase the connection between fashion and ideas. identity in a way that transcends “language, culture and time,” according to the museum’s website.

“Today, we often dismiss fashion as frivolous,” Senior Curator Lauren Ristvet said in a statement. “But our appearances matter. The way we dress communicates who we are and what we do.”

Here are five more historic garments that demonstrate the power of fashion as a tool for self-actualization.

Headdress of a 16th century Buddhist priest from Nepal

The crown of a 16th century Nepalese Buddhist priest can be found in the “Dressing for Ceremony” section of the exhibit. Credit: Eric Sucar / University of Pennsylvania

Tied to the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal, this headdress features five cosmic Buddhas arranged in the form of a mandala, a geometric symbol used for sacred rites and meditation. When priests occasionally wore this Mukuta, or crown, it was an outward demonstration of their appropriation of the attributes of Buddhahood, including morality, self-denial, and wisdom.

“Our crown and other similar crowns are extremely heavy. So they wouldn’t have been the kind of thing you would want to wear for every ritual you perform,” Ristvet said in a telephone interview.

Those who put on the Mukuta became the most important figure in their religious tradition.

The ancient burial of a Chief Coclé of what is now Panama

The burial of a Coclé chief (circa 750-1000 AD) shines in the exhibition "Dress to rule" Region.

The funeral insignia of a Coclé chief (circa 750-1000 AD) glow in the “Dress to Govern” area of ​​the exhibit. Credit: Eric Sucar / University of Pennsylvania

These gold plaques and other materials were found in 1940 on a man buried among around a dozen people, whose death dates back to between AD 750 and AD 1,000, Ristvet said. Adorned with extravagant gold, “he was by far the richest clad individual found in the grave,” Ristvet said.

On each plaque is engraved a human figure with sharp teeth and legs that turn into alligators or crocodiles. Crocodiles have often been associated with dominance and power, Ristvet said. “The man who transforms into a crocodile was also understood in terms of esoteric or shamanic powers that a ruler might have.” And the jaguars – enclosing the emerald in the pendant – have been a symbol of power across Mesoamerica.

A 1930s velvet dress worn by Marian Anderson

The velvet merlot dress that belonged to contralto Marian Anderson is the star of the exhibition "Dress to play" section.

The velvet merlot dress that belonged to contralto Marian Anderson is the star of the “Dress to Play” section of the exhibition. Credit: Eric Sucar / University of Pennsylvania

This velvet merlot dress was likely designed by Zelda Barbour Wynn Valdes, one of the first black fashion designers to open a boutique on Broadway in 1948, according to Ristvet. Valdes has dressed contralto Marian Anderson – the first black woman to perform with the Metropolitan Opera – for much of her career, Ristvet said.

This dress, which Anderson has worn several times during her career, could have been one of the dresses she wore for her annual performances at the Philadelphia Academy of Music, she added. Once rejected by the United States for her race but adopted by the European public, Anderson eventually became a cultural icon who sang for American presidents, including Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy.

A court robe worn by an official during the Qing dynasty in China

A court robe worn during the Qing Dynasty in China (19th century) is in the "Dress to rule" part of the exhibition.

A public dress worn during the Qing Dynasty in China (19th century) can be found in the “Dressing to Rule” section of the exhibit. Credit: Eric Sucar / University of Pennsylvania

Donated to the Penn Museum in 1898 by a Miss Livingston, the Chaofu (audience robe) was the official costume of a second-rank civil servant, according to the museum. The silk and brocade gown, adorned with embroidered dragons, waves and clouds, was only worn on some of the most important occasions in the lives of officials, Ristvet said.

“In China, every aspect of official dress is fundamentally tightly controlled, and there is a lot of symbolism that goes into all of these results.… The blue-black color of this dress is something that is only worn by officials. of the court, “says Ristvet.

Blue was one of the main colors of the Qing Dynasty flag. “Of course, the dragon is a symbol of the emperor of power in China. And the number of claws on the dragon actually corresponds to the rank of an official.”

Gold floral crown of a Scythian warrior

The crown of a Scythian warrior is displayed in "The stories we carry" exhibit at the Penn Museum.

A Scythian warrior crown is on display in the “The Stories We Wear” exhibit at the Penn Museum. Credit: Eric Sucar / University of Pennsylvania

The rosettes of this gold tiara were made of gold leaf and wire and probably adorned a headdress or garment of an elite Scythian woman.

“Many cultures around the world viewed gold as a symbol of high status,” wrote Debra Breslin, an artifact conservator who examined and processed more than 200 artifacts for the exhibit, in a statement.

“This idea of ​​military prowess, we tend to really think of it as masculine down the centuries,” Ristvet said. “It is interesting to note that almost all of the (Scythian) material we have in our museum appears to come from women’s graves, which is cool and unusual, as much of the high-ranking material from this era comes from graves in ‘men.”

Exhibition “The stories we carry” is on display at the University of Pennsylvania Archeology and Anthropology Museum (Penn Museum) until June 12, 2022.

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French fashion

Fashion director accepts extradition to face sex crimes charges in US

Published on: Amended:

Montreal (AFP)

Fashion director Peter Nygard on Friday agreed in a Canadian court to be extradited to the United States, where he faces charges of rape of dozens of women and girls, racketeering and trafficking.

Held in jail since his arrest in Winnipeg, Manitoba last December, the 80-year-old Finnish-Canadian millionaire made a brief court appearance via video link.

Scott Farlinger, a lawyer representing the Canadian government in the case, explained that Nygard, who was denied bail on the grounds that he might tamper with witnesses or his accusers, chose not to challenge the extradition .

“This process can now move forward to have him tried in the United States,” defense attorney Brian Greenspan confirmed.

This, he said, will provide Nygard “with an opportunity to raise his defense and challenge the veracity of the evidence that has been brought against him.”

The Attorney General of Canada has yet to approve the extradition.

Nygard faces nine charges in the United States involving dozens of victims.

His alleged crimes, according to the US indictment, took place between 1990 and 2020. Nygard and his alleged accomplices, including employees of his group, “used force, fraud and coercion to bring in women and minors to have sex “with them, mentioned.

The permanently tanned Nygard, known for his long flowing gray hair and flamboyant sartorial sense, has denied the allegations.

Also on Friday, Toronto police announced that an arrest warrant had been issued for Nygard for six alleged sexual assaults, some of which involved forcible confinement, between 1987 and 2006.

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Fashion style

Top 5 Gifts for Men at Amazon’s Great Indian Festival 2021

Amazon’s Big Indian Festival 2021 is set to catch the big eyes of shopaholics from October 3. On the other hand, Preferred Members can take full advantage of the 24-hour-early hit sale. We know that you are one of the enthusiastic netizens glued to their mobile screens and can’t wait to drag your wishlist into the cart.

Discover flawless deals on branded men’s collections and be saved from nerve-racking gift ideas for men.

1. Allen Solly Men’s Solid Casual Shirt

Allen Solly’s relaxed slim-fit shirt has become a staple in men’s wardrobes. The plain shirt available in several colors allows men to associate it with any bottom. The casual shirt is made of cotton which ultimately helps men survive in the scorching heat and sweat. Men generally like to pair a casual long sleeve shirt with their sassy sneakers.

Price: Rs. 1499

Offer: Rs. 749

Buy now

2. Brown leather men’s wallet from the US Polo association

Men love leather wallets. And the tan leather wallets from the United States Polo Association meet all men’s needs and necessities. Bifold wallet style and multiple color options can be a perfect gift for your male friends. With enough compartments and sections to cherish pennies and credit / debit cards, this wallet is an absolute winner.

Price: Rs. 1899

Offer: Rs. 878

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3. Puma Unisex-Adult Propel 19 V1 Idp Running Shoes

Sneakers may be the talk of the town, but no shoe can match the level of Puma running shoes. Men have a soft wedge for running shoes because they are the ones who sublimate their casual style in the best possible way. Puma running shoes with a lightweight yet effective rubber sole and lace-up closure have the ability to solve all worries about comfort levels.

Price: Rs. 3,999

Offer: Rs. 999

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4. NIVEA Men Body Wash, Active Clean with activated charcoal, Shower gel for body, face and hair

Charcoal infused products feature high on the list of essential beauty products for men. NIVEA Men Body Wash with the right amount of activated charcoal contains a bewitching masculine scent. It is one of the best shower gels for the body, face and hair that provides long lasting freshness for men. This dermatologically approved product deserves to be offered.

Price: Rs. 195

Offer: Rs. 139

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5. Philips Norelco Multigroom All-In-One Series 3000 trimmer, 13 accessories

The Philips Norelco Multigroom All-In-One Series 3000 trimmer, 13 accessories helps men make their beards and hair stronger than ever. The steel blades intended for self-sharpening are made of iron. The 13-attachment mower is hardened with maximum strength. The mower’s rust-proof material helps men groom themselves to the max. Unique cutting guards reinforced with super tough fiber material prevent bending and buckling. No doubt this is the perfect gift item for men.

Price: Rs. 11,999

Offer: Rs. 3,999

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Say goodbye to long brainstorming sessions on choosing the perfect gift for men today. Add these items to your wishlist and slip them into your shopping cart when the clock strikes 12 on October 3. This year’s Amazon Great Indian Festival came to your rescue with some great blockbuster offers that you might regret later if you missed them.

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French fashion

Canadian court to weigh extradition of fashion director accused in US of sex crimes

Published on: Amended:

Montreal (AFP)

Fashion executive Peter Nygard, wanted in the United States for alleged sex crimes, is due to appear in Canadian court Friday for an extradition hearing.

Held in prison since his arrest in Winnipeg, Manitoba last December, the 80-year-old Finnish-Canadian millionaire faces nine charges in the United States, including racketeering and sex trafficking.

These concern dozens of victims in the United States, Bahamas and Canada, and include minors, according to the New York federal prosecutor in charge of the case.

His extradition trial was scheduled for five days in November, but was unexpectedly postponed to this week and is only expected to last an hour.

Earlier this year, Nygard was denied bail on the grounds that he could tamper with witnesses or his accusers. The judge noted that he had violated court orders on at least five occasions and that the charges against him were “disturbing”.

His alleged crimes, US prosecutors said, took place between 1990 and 2020. Nygard and his alleged accomplices, including employees of his group, “used force, fraud and coercion to bring in women and minors to have sex “with them, according to the accusation.

It targeted women and girls from disadvantaged economic backgrounds or who had a history of abuse, using “the trick of modeling and other jobs in the fashion industry” to attract them, he said. declared.

The funds from his business were then allegedly used to organize dinner parties, poker games and so-called “chill-out parties” where underage girls were drugged and women assaulted if they did not comply with his sexual demands.

Corporate accounts have also been tapped to pay for travel expenses, living expenses, plastic surgery, abortions and child support for victims, prosecutors said.

According to court documents, revelers were often photographed and their personal information, including their weight and measurements, kept in a register.

The permanently tanned Nygard, known for his long flowing gray hair and flamboyant sartorial sense, and who claimed stem cell injections kept him young, denied the claims.

– “Worse than Epstein” –

His case drew parallels with that of the late financier Jeffrey Epstein, who was awaiting trial for sex trafficking when he committed suicide in a New York prison in 2019.

“Nygard is worse than Epstein,” Lisa Haba, a female lawyer suing Nygard in a class action suit, told AFP, saying the victims were in “lifelong and devouring” pain.

“We believe he has claimed more lives,” she said. “And he was more violent in the crimes he committed,” including “incredibly violent rapes (and) forcing victims to defecate on him.”

Several women joined the class action lawsuit launched in February 2020, accusing him of assaulting, raping and sodomizing them after luring them to his beachfront mansion on New Providence Island, some when they were young. teenagers.

Nygard, the founder of women’s clothing company Nygard International, is estimated to be worth more than $ 850 million ($ 670 million) in 2015, according to Canadian Business magazine.

He has long boasted of his rise from humble beginnings, as a young immigrant who built a fashion empire with nearly 170 stores at his peak.

His company, however, filed for bankruptcy shortly after the FBI and police raided Nygard’s Manhattan headquarters last year.

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Fashion brand

What can we learn from Gap and Benetton’s former dominance in fashion?

Source: Shutterstock / The Conversation.

In 1969, Don Fisher was struggling to find the right size of Levi’s jeans in traditional clothing stores. His solution was quite radical. With his wife Doris, he opened his own store, The Gap, selling a wide selection of products that Fisher had found so difficult to buy.

A year earlier, across the Atlantic, an Italian family business, Benetton, had opened its first boutique, entering the mass fashion market with a slightly different approach. Rather than designer clothes, Benetton started out by selling knits that they made themselves.

From those humble beginnings, The Gap and Benetton have grown into highly successful fashion retailers. At one time, their superiority within the industry was such that they claimed to be “category killers” – chains so big that they threatened the survival of smaller competitors.

A key feature of Category Killers – other famous examples include Toys “R” Us, Home Depot, and Staples – is the convenient availability of specific, affordable products. It is a retail format based on a clear understanding of what the customer wants and meeting that demand at low cost.

With the announcement this summer that Gap would be closing all of its stores in the UK and Ireland, and with Benetton no longer on the cool frontier, the idea that these brands were once so dominant seems rather odd.

But the influence of these category killers on the fashion industry today remains, with a story that is still relevant today for major current players like Primark, ASOS and Boohoo in an era of huge flux in the world. the retail landscape and immense pressure on established supply chains.

From the start, for example, The Gap had a clear vision of its clientele. By opening the first store near San Francisco State University, Fisher wanted to appeal to students and the counterculture generation.

To attract them, the first Gap stores also sold records, but these were quickly abandoned. Although the prices were not reduced, they were moderately and high enough to convince this core demographic to shop there.

Benetton, meanwhile, capitalized on its initial popularity by expanding rapidly in the 1970s. Having multiple stores in a small area meant the company could dominate local markets, generate high sales volume, and effectively manage its distribution network.

Take stock

A key difference between Benetton’s clothing and those available from their competitors (usually department stores) were Benetton’s bright colors. Last minute dyeing of clothes allowed the company to be flexible and responsive, reacting quickly to changes in demand.

The use of sophisticated inventory control and the organization of a network of suppliers, initially located nearby in northeastern Italy, was also critical to the success of the business. Being able to track inventory and know what was selling and where that meant Benetton could plan the store’s supply flow, while also designing and producing the clothes consumers wanted to buy.

In the United States, The Gap was transforming the way Americans shop and dress, from Levi’s jeans to ubiquitous khakis and pocket T-shirts. The stores have been redesigned, but the focus has been on a narrow range of products at affordable prices in convenient locations. Like Benetton, Gap’s adoption of computers to control inventory was critical to their superior ability to meet customer demand.

Of course, other retailers have sought to emulate some of these advances. In 1975, a Spanish clothing manufacturer, headed by Amancio Ortega, opened its first Zara store. Zara’s business model quickly focused on quickly meeting changing customer demand.

Then, as the power of technology accelerated rapidly and trade barriers continued to decline, the opportunity for retailers to source cheaply from Asia increased, leading to the formation of global value chains. focused on buyers in the garment industry.

The dizzying pace of change brought about by these developments has led to the global fashion industry as we know it today. It is fast (some would say too fast), practical and agile. Amazon has recently become the number one clothing retailer in the United States and the likes of ASOS are doing well.

As Gap and Benetton laid the groundwork for these changes, the power of these once daring and daring radicals has waned. New blockbuster fashion brands like Reformation, Sezanne and Rapanui are likely to mingle with brick and mortar retail online, and make sustainability a central part of their offering.

But The Gap and Benetton’s approach – solving a problem, being different, prioritizing convenience, reacting to change – deserves to be replicated for today’s industry innovators. As consumers become more aware of the environment and e-commerce accelerates further, the business acumen that has made these companies successful is unlikely to go out of fashion.The conversation

This article is republished from The conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.

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Fashion designer

Fashion designers on the rise worn by Rege-Jean Page, Charlize Theron – The Hollywood Reporter


Dzojchen’s big moment came in 2018 when Chadwick Boseman, styled by Ashley Weston, wore a spectacular black and white patterned ensemble to the Asian premiere of Black Panther in Seoul. “It was literally a turning point for us,” said founder Chelsea Scott-Blackhall. “The brand was born out of paradox and duality. I like this synergy between East and West – and not going too far – but also just having nuances. And [Boseman] I get it. ”The Singapore-based brand, which also has offices in New York City, started out as a denim brand in 2009 before showcasing its now iconic kimono suit in 2014. It has started to gain the attention of Hollywood with its distinct bespoke tailoring. More recent celebrity moments include Regé-Jean Page on Saturday Night Live, Maluma at last year’s AMAs and silky pajamas for Michael B. Jordan (seen in viral vacation photos).


Before launching his brand in 2009, self-taught designer Nguyen Cong Tri was already one of the darlings of Vietnamese celebrities. His entry into the United States came when Rihanna and Katy Perry embraced his inventive silhouettes, dramatic drapes, and intricate cutouts, with Perry enlisting Nguyen to design costumes for his Witness 2017 tour. In January 2019, Cong Tri did. her debut at New York Fashion Week. A month later, Kate Bosworth wore a ripped canary yellow dress embellished with crystals at the Vanity Show Oscar party. Over the past couple of years, Cong Tri’s A-list moments have grown exponentially to include Beyoncé, styled by Zerina Akers, in gold ruched velvet at the Lion King premiere and Charlize Theron, with Leslie Fremar, in an ornate sheer blouse on Tonight’s Show with Jimmy Fallon. Working regularly with the stylist duo Wayman + Micah, Nguyen felt particularly moved by Kelly Marie Tran wearing Cong Tri twice during her Raya and the last dragon promotional tour. “The designs reveal the beauty of modern and powerful women. [Her] The ethereal pleated beige silk dress is powerful and luxurious, ”said Nguyen, who plans to open flagship stores overseas. “Kelly Marie Tran is an excellent actress and the pride of Asia. Its strength inspires me and embodies the spirit of my creations.


With roots in the Nigerian entertainment and fashion industries, former Marketing Director Mai Atafo has grown his brand into full collections of luxury menswear, womenswear and bridal wear over the past 15 years – and has become himself. – even an icon of the local style. Nigerian stars flock to her custom designs for tailoring expertise, a bold color scheme, and exquisite embellishments. During Arise Fashion Week in 2019, model Naomi Campbell closed her show. After South African actress Thuso Mbedu, dressed by Wayman + Micah, accepted her Hollywood Critics Association award for The Underground Railroad in her red tulle dress, the designer decided to expand his exposure to Hollywood, especially with bespoke men’s clothing. “When we get the chance, we’ll kill him,” Atafo says, adding, “We’re working on a fully hand-beaded velvet tuxedo, and it’s unlike anything I’ve seen there. “- FSH

This story first appeared in the September 22 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. Click here to subscribe.

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Fashion designer

Pur3taha From Benghazi to Hollywood: Sons of Immigrants Riding Wave as Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur

In just a few years working in the fashion industry, Taha Elghanai has already caught the attention of several prominent celebrities, even before moving to Los Angeles in January 2020. Settling in a city of such magnitude is a bold move, even for those who may move there from another metropolis.

It is not for the faint of heart. However, for young creatives and entrepreneurs, LA is a city filled with endless opportunities to grow, network, and find inspiration. For Taha, whose fashion label PocketStar was already making waves on the music scene, moving to the heart of the entertainment industry made sense despite the uncertainty that accompanies such a move.

In all fairness, it may have seemed less intimidating to him considering the wide variety of experiences he has already had when he was only 21 years old. Son of Libyan immigrants, his childhood is shared between Everett, Washington and Benghazi.

In Libya, he saw with his own eyes the effects of the constant tension that became a tragic norm in the region and saw large parts of a city with centuries of history reduced to rubble. Living in Washington had its challenges; to assimilate to a different culture while preserving his Arab roots and his Muslim faith, to see his parents struggling to get under their feet as they started a new life.

“Growing up my family didn’t have much,” he recalls, “just food on the table and shopping for clothes once a year.” This reality gave Taha the desire to be successful from an early age. It also became evident from an early age that he had a strong creative streak and already had reservations about going the traditional college route to find a career long before his final year of high school. “I knew that a normal job was not going to work for me even when I was in school, I was always sure. I was fed up with my family struggling and I was always very ambitious growing up. The only thing I wasn’t sure was exactly what I was going to build.

Taha says the answer was revealed to him in 2017, while he was still in high school. “I have always been a music lover. I love music, live concerts, the way music creates culture and trends. I went to concerts and saw Seattle’s greatest artists whenever I could. I too have always had a love for fashion. So I was going to these gigs, and at one point I realized I was going to the merchandising tables after the show ended and looking at the shirts and stuff they were selling and I thought the stuff was wrong. didn’t really look that cool. Like anyone could have conceived it. That’s when it occurred to me: launching your own brand of merchandise. A little later, the idea of ​​PocketStar came to me.

Once he saw the vision, Taha went straight to work. He found a job as a dishwasher, working the day to save the money needed to start his business and creating product designs at night on his way home.

The concept was simple, plain t-shirts with a chest pocket and an animated face of a famous rapper printed on the pocket. Taha ordered the shirts and drew the faces of artists like Drake, Travis Scott and Kanye West, printing the designs on the shirts himself. He started selling them locally, and PocketStar was born. “At first it was just word of mouth,” says Taha, “I started tossing the shirt around town and to my friends and stuff and eventually people I didn’t know would hit me up for them. That’s when I knew it could really work.

The initial success convinced Taha to go all out. He had started taking classes at the Art Institute in Seattle while he was working and launching his brand. But when the school announced that it would be closing its doors for good, instead of transferring to another school, Taha chose to accept the refund and put it in PocketStar. He started to look for ways to make PocketStar known and to integrate it to the general public.

A big break came soon after. “I knew celebrity mentions could be a good way to develop my platform, so I started branching out into the underground scene. I ended up going to a XXXTentacion concert wearing the X PocketStar shirt I had designed and having her DJ show her the shirt. X ended up wearing the shirt with his face on it and endorsed the brand.

This moment would prove to be the big break for Taha and PocketStar, as XXXTentacion not only endorsed the brand, but also made a deal with Taha so that he could make the X PocketStar t-shirt part of his official tour merchandise. . “After X showed love and brought the shirt on tour, it made PocketStar legit, and things started to move really quickly after that.”

Other great artists quickly followed. Tory Lanez endorsed the brand along with other artists including Playboi Carti and Smokepurpp. In 2018, Post Malone endorsed the brand and made the Posty PocketStar line part of the official cargo fleet for its Runaway Tour, which became the highest grossing tour of 2019. Now that it was fully established, Taha made the decision to move permanently to LA. .

Soon after, however, COVID-19 hit the United States, and like many, Taha had to adapt accordingly. With tour sales being PocketStar’s main source of income, Taha had to find other ways to apply his design and business acumen. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise and a great opportunity for growth. “I thought to myself that if I could create my own brand from scratch and on my own, I could do the same for other people. “

With this realization, Taha began to change focus. He started working closely with LA rap duo WAV3POP, who were among the first friends he made when he moved to LA and helped them launch their ONWAV3 clothing line. He handed over the majority of the maintenance tasks of PocketStar to his younger brother Modey, another aspiring entrepreneur, and started the company PUR3 Branding, which provides brand development, product design and derivative production services. to people looking to launch their own product lines.

It is clear that Taha is very proud of the success of his new business despite the pandemic. “At PUR3, we bring your vision to life. My goal is to make people’s vision come true. It is not surprising to hear him say this, since he has already experienced what it feels like to manifest a dream.

It has also given him the will to provide high quality service and not to take shortcuts, which is evident in the hours and attention to detail he devotes to each client. Although he now has many more resources than when he started PocketStar, Taha is putting as much effort into the brands he is currently developing as he did with PocketStar in 2017, still personally overseeing every step. of the development process. “I go from designing the fashion product to overseeing its handcrafted manufacture here in Los Angeles, creating websites and managing marketing campaigns. We run a full operation in-house for all your manufacturing needs, cut and sew products, sublimation and everything in between.

While Taha derives a clear sense of satisfaction from going into the details of the work he does, as well as the results, he exudes confidence rather than appearing arrogant; and with the performance of his business, he certainly deserved the right to enjoy success. So far in 2021, PUR3 Branding has developed over 18 brands and accounts, and Taha’s name is rapidly spreading in the fashion industry as a go-to person for branding themselves the right way.

While he likes to talk about his success and refer to himself as proof of what can happen when creativity is combined with hard work, Taha has not “gone to Hollywood” or forgotten his roots.

Despite all the demands he faces on a daily basis and being immersed in the largely secular and celebrity-filled LA scene, he still adheres to his Muslim faith and currently observes the month of Ramadan, fasting on all food and water from sunrise. at sunset, while maintaining the same level of productivity.

He attributes his success to his upbringing and not losing sight of his core beliefs as much as his own drive and work ethic. He is grateful for the lifestyle he has. “I dreamed big from the start. I saw it when I was doing the dishes, now I have worked with over a hundred celebrities. Post Malone, NLE Choppa, Trippie Redd etc. Don’t limit your success. Believe in yourself, I did it. As Taha continues to dream, he also wants his story to inspire others to follow theirs.

“It doesn’t matter who or what tells you that you can’t do something, if you see yourself doing it, then you’re going to do it. I went from broke and doing the dishes to making more money than I ever imagined. And not just the money, the lifestyle I can live. I work with my favorite artists and celebrities and I support myself financially. I can use my creativity to help others grow their brands and manifest their dreams like I have. Don’t sleep on your own, you can do it all.

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Fashion style

News, trends and people of the month

Partners in adornment

The name of the game these days in fashion is collaboration, the latest Irish being between Katie O’Riordan, founder of Theo + George, and Silvana Landa, founder of Landa bags. The two discovered that not only did they share a love of fashion, coffee and affordable luxury, but that the inspiration behind their two businesses was their grandfathers.

Landa’s grandfather, Miguel, an Italian shoemaker, emigrated to Argentina after World War II. O’Riordan named Theo + George after his grandfathers, Curtis Theodore and George. Theo started his construction business at the end of WWII and George started his business soon after arriving in the United States with nothing but the shirt on his back.

The two businesswomen came together for their fall / winter 21/22 collections with cashmere pieces embellished with handbags in universal tones of beige, burgundy and nude – their common bond being their emphasis on heritage, quality and craftsmanship. Visit their sites and

Black plexichain Landa bag (€ 420), Theo + George skinny jeans (€ 249) and cashmere pullover (€ 279)

The “I do” costume

A new unconventional Irish bridal brand called Not Another White Dress launched by designer Carolyn O’Sullivan aims to do exactly what she says on the tin – specialize in alternative bridal wear made with the same precision and quality. same attention to detail as a conventional white dress. For example, the tailored “I Do” pantsuit is crafted from luxury silk brocade, a fabric traditionally used in white wedding dresses.

O’Sullivan, a graduate of the Limerick School of Art and Design spent 11 years in Melbourne, Australia honing her skills which she now brings to her new brand. “People need to visualize alternatives to white,” she says, adding that she has always loved color. She says some of the dresses she’s designed involve as much work in their foundations as a classic, handmade white dress would. And, of course, they can be worn over and over again.

O’Sullivan is particularly interested in customizing design for brides-to-be – customizing fabrics and colors as well as making to order from her existing looks. Visit his website .

Summer garden veil

Summer garden veil


Unusual socks attract attention and get you noticed. Anna Guerin’s playful latest issues of Sock Co-Op will certainly attract comments as one of the 11 new designs features images of the Poolbeg towers and lighthouse in Dublin.

Others include Sligo (Yeats and Ben Bulben), Belfast (Titanic H&W Cranes), Donegal (Fanad Lighthouse), Ancient East (Newgrange, Salmon of Knowledge), Limerick (King John’s Castle, Sarsfield Bridge), Wexford (Hook Lighthouse, Tacumshane Windmill), Waterford (Reginald Tower), Mayo (Croagh Patrick), Tipperary (Rock of Cashel) and Giant’s Causeway. They are € 9.95 per pair. What’s not to like? Visit

Poolbeg socks (€ 9.95)

Poolbeg socks (€ 9.95)

Aesthetic scarf

London-based Irish designer Rory Hutton has turned to William Morris and Oscar Wilde this season with a collection of silk scarves aimed at home decor enthusiasts.

The 90x90cm scarves refer to Morris’s famous quote frequently quoted by Wilde in his talks on taste and decor: “Have nothing in your house that you don’t know is useful or that you don’t think is beautiful.” Next to the quote is the classic Sussex chair based on vernacular furniture designed by Philip Webb.

Hutton is well known for giving classic themes a contemporary twist and is currently working with the Noël Coward Archives to create a range of commemorative coins to celebrate the playwright’s accomplishments as 2022 marks the centenary of his West End debut. The scarves are 105 € and can be found on

Rory Hutton scarf

Rory Hutton scarf

Stone hunt

“The finest treasures rarely come knocking on your door,” say Boodles merchants whose latest brochure lists the extraordinary 16-day world tour of Anthony Wainright, father of current President Nicholas, in search of stones remarkable. in 1962 – “and by Jove he did it in style”.

This globetrotting escapade was serious business, however, planned with military precision leading it to 10 points around the world in search of the finest diamonds, pearls and gems. The brochure not only showcases the company’s stunning new ring collection, including the exceptionally intricate Havana ring, but also tells how each ring reflects places of global significance 60 years later.

The icy white hardness of Patagonia “like a shard from the ice fields”, for example, was made with a central white diamond, a dazzling 10-carat square stone with six triangular-cut (triangular-type) diamonds on its shoulders. . Dream. Visit

Boodle ring

Boodle ring

Upstream knits

Designed during lockdown, Lucy Downes’ latest Sphere One collection allowed for increased experimentation with new concepts, design details, fabrics and finishes. The result is a gorgeous and serene knit group that reflects the natural landscape of the River Liffey in the Wicklow Mountains with tones called gorse, ferns, linden and wet road.

Ruffled Chiffon Shoulder Details in Capillary; the silk grosgrain belt and ribbon embellish the honor; while the Robin’s reverse-knit sleeveless cardigan is a tribute to the style of family friend, architect Robin Walker. The new collection is made from the highest quality Scottish and Italian cashmere, recycled Italian eco-friendly cashmere and baby alpaca.

A friend recently showed me a white Sphere One sweater that looks as new today as it did 20 years ago – the quality is second to none, so it’s no surprise the brand is in stock in shops around the world. Find Sphere One in Havana, Juju and Emporium Kalu as well as online at with free worldwide shipping on all orders. The Uppriver collection for AW21 is now on sale.

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French fashion

Remembering Richard Buckley – The New York Times

It was no secret that Mr. Buckley had been ill, on and off, for a long time. If friends managed to be surprised by his death, despite ample evidence of its inevitability, it was in large part thanks to the calm manner in which Mr Buckley dealt with him. Making tough things look easy was and is a trait of the Buckley-Ford family.

Mr. Buckley was born in Binghamton, NY, in 1948. His father was in the military; his mother, Mr Buckley said, was something of a narcissist and the “focus” was constantly changing. One year it was Germany, the next France, then back to the United States, where he was bullied at school because he was not, as he would later say, “athletic or athletic ”.

During his university studies and after his graduate studies, he dated women. Then, in the early 1970s, he accepted his homosexuality and left.

Mr. Ford first spotted Mr. Buckley while attending a David Cameron fashion show in the fall of 1986. Mr. Buckley was still working at Fairchild. Mr. Ford designed sportswear for Cathy Hardwick. Their eyes met on the other side of the track, but they failed to make a presentation, Ford said through a spokesperson. (Although he allowed friends to speak for this article, he did not speak personally.)

Shortly after, Mr. Buckley was on the roof of Fairchild’s New York City offices, preparing for a fashion shoot with his colleague Dennis Freedman. Mr Buckley spoke to Mr Freedman about this guy he had just seen, when the elevator opened and he got out, carrying samples of Cathy Hardwick for them to shoot.

‘It’s him,’ Mr Buckley said. “It’s the guy.”

They had their first date on Thanksgiving weekend. On New Year’s Eve, they had moved in together.

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Fashion brand

New York-based fashion brand Arch XI offers genre-less catalog

Is shopping separated into men’s and women’s sections a thing of the past? Russ, the founder of fashion label Arch XI thinks so.

Arch XI is one of the few fashion brands to offer a full line of products not categorized by gender. Its founder, Russ, believes that the future of retail is a shopping experience without any gender segregation.

“We maintain a gender-neutral catalog because we believe there is no room for gender-neutral shopping in retail in the future,” said Russ.

The New York-based store promotes fashion that can be enjoyed by anyone. With their distinctive style, Arch XI dares to introduce a new concept of luxury fashion, one that is all about comfort.

The brand continually seeks to develop its selection of clothing with a human-centered approach. All products are designed to provide their users with features that fit into their daily lives. After experiencing comfort, Arch XI customers embrace it as their everyday fashion choice.

The store’s Castaway slides, for example, are one of its most popular products. In some reviews, customers state that they initially purchased the item for indoor use in their home, but end up wearing them almost everywhere they go.

Arch XI proudly specializes in sunglasses that the company calls “shades”. Its eyewear category lists premium sunglasses that feature both aesthetics and functionality.

The Island Shades in the collection are constructed with UV400 polarized lenses and a specially designed wooden temple that is both anti-static and lightweight. On the other hand, the Watchmaster Shades showcase a unique design inspired by a Swiss watch and are available exclusively in the Arch XI online store.

Fashionistas in search of comfort also appreciate the store’s selection of clothing. In its Shop Lifestyle category, Arch XI currently offers products such as footwear such as slippers and moon socks, sweaters, shirts, hoodies, shorts and jogging pants.

Arch XI has a rapidly growing customer base despite opening last year in July 2020. Its Instagram account, @arch_xi, has over 16,000 users.

Although their selection is 100% gender-neutral, a detailed size chart is available on the Arch XI website for the benefit of customers. The online store offers free shipping on all orders within the United States. Buyers have several payment options including Amex, Master Card, Visa, Apple Pay, Discover, Amazon Pay, and more.

Arch XI is exclusively available on their website and is aimed directly at consumers.

More information on Arch XI is available at

Media contact
Company Name: Arc XI
Contact: Russ
E-mail: Send an email
Country: United States

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Fashion designer

American Girl® Launches World by Us ™ Dolls and Books Line to Advocate for Equality and Promote Unity

MIDDLETON, Wisconsin – (COMMERCIAL THREAD)–Today, american girl, a cornerstone of the Mattel (NASDAQ: MAT) portfolio of determined brands, introduces a new cast of contemporary characters —Makena Williamsâ„¢, Évette Peetersâ„¢, and Maritza Ochoa â„¢, whose stories reflect several important social issues, including racial equality, environmentalism and immigration, as well as the value of working together to create a better world. As a unique series of overlapping stories tell, the three young friends become passionate peers by championing the causes they hold dear. Shared scenes told from multiple angles showcase each girl’s perspective and emphasize the importance of friendship, respect, fairness and inclusion.

“American Girl has been built on diverse and inclusive stories, stories that have empowered an entire generation of girls to stand up for what they believe in with courage, resilience and kindness, ”said Jamie Cygielman, CEO of American Girl . “We created the new World by us line to accelerate our progress in diversifying our characters and stories to better reflect what it means to be an American girl today. Thanks to Makena, Evette and Maritza, as well as future characters to come, we hope our fans will learn that they are never too young to contribute to the larger conversation and help make the world a more inclusive and unified place. .

To bring the World by us characters to life, American Girl has engaged the following acclaimed writers:

  • Angela Cervantes author of Maritza: Lead with your heart. Maritza is a caring and responsive girl who enjoys celebrating her Latina heritage, from delicious food to music festivals in her community. A leader on and off the soccer field, she finds her passion in advocating for the interests of others, particularly in helping to keep immigrant families together.
  • Denise lewis patrick author of Makena: see me, listen to me, know me. Makena loves art and her close-knit family, with ties dating back to Kenya, but her real passion is fashion, which she uses to express her opinions. After experiencing a racist incident in her own backyard, Makena uses her style to speak out against injustice.
  • Sharon Dennis Wyeth author of Evette: The river and me. Evette enjoys vintage clothing, recycling, and protecting nature, including the Anacostia River near her home. When she finds racism in her own Métis family, she works hard to heal her world: her family, her friends, the river and everything.

The following team of advisers also collaborated on the project, offering real-world information and reviewing the manuscripts and product line for cultural authenticity and accuracy:

  • Katrina lashley: Program Coordinator at Smithsonian’s Anacostia Community Museum and Leader of the Women’s Environmental Leadership Initiative
  • Yasmine Mabene: California State Director of March for Our Lives, Social Media Coordinator of Earth Uprising and Student at Stanford University
  • Mr. Lucero Ortiz: Deputy Director of Kids in Need of Defense, Mexico, and human rights lawyer who has represented migrant families and unaccompanied children before the departments of internal security and justice
  • Dr Deborah Rivas-Drake: Professor of Psychology and Education at the University of Michigan, who studies how adolescents approach issues of race, ethnicity, racism and xenophobia
  • Deanna singh: Founder of Flying Elephant, a consultancy that helps women and people of color become social entrepreneurs, and author of four children’s books on racism, including the new American Girl’s Smart Girl Guideâ„¢: Race & Inclusion
  • Naomi wadler: teenage activist focused on racial justice. At 11, she was the youngest speaker at the March for Our Lives 2018 rally in Washington, DC.

Product of the world by us

New characters come to life via beautifully detailed 18-inch Makenaâ„¢, Évetteâ„¢, and Maritzaâ„¢ dolls, as well as a signature outfit and accessories for each. American Girl’s product designers consulted with authors and advisors who weighed in on critical design elements for each doll, including skin tone, hair type, and face shape to capture unique looks, like the exclusive sculpting of Makena’s face and the twist braids and all of Evette – new textured curls. The extension of the play value is the world of the size of a doll by us Community center inspired by where friends first meet, featuring a high-end transformational structure that offers 360-degree play options. By mixing and matching the colorful furniture, reversible cushions and rugs, and many accessories, such as lamps, cushions and posters, children can design their own unique environment for hours of imaginative play.

American Girl Fashion Show Event

To celebrate the debut of World by Us and the 35th anniversary of American Girl, the brand is hosting a special American Girl Fashion Show on Thursday, September 23, 2021 at American Girl Place.™ New York and via direct. Created in partnership with The Harlem Fashion Line (HFR), the first design agency to bridge the gap between brands and designers of color in fashion, the show will feature reimagined girl and doll designs for the original historical figures of American Girl — Felicity™, Josefina™, Kirsten™, Addy™, Samantha™, and Molly™-by the force of fashion Carly Cushnie. Bold and modern looks inspired by Makena, Evette and Maritza and created by famous HFR designers will also be on the runway. Nicolas lynel, Samantha Black, and Kristian Loren.

As part of the event, American Girl is supporting HFR’s non-profit organization, ICON360, with a donation of $ 25,000 to help raise awareness and fund the next generation of BIPOC fashion leaders. Additionally, American Girl is donating the Cushnia doll models which will be auctioned by eBay for the benefit of Girls who code and its mission to bridge the gender gap in technology. The World by Us-inspired doll clothes will be on presale during the event and available for purchase at American Girl retail stores from March 2022.

“HFR and American Girl understand passion and purpose, ”said Brandice Daniel, Founder and CEO of Harlem’s Fashion Row. “For our young people today, this partnership is about the possibilities and what it means to stand tall and dream big, no matter your race, culture, gender or background. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the incredible potential of every child and inspire them to create positive, lasting change in their neighborhoods, communities and beyond.

Kicking off the event is a world famous fashion designer Prabal Gurung, known for embracing diversity, inclusion and justice in his work. Prabal, who partnered with American Girl for her Spring 2022 runway show during New York Fashion Week, will introduce the designers and celebrate with fans. The closing event is the exclusive premiere of an original World by Us song and dance written and performed by a 14-year-old hip-hop artist. this girl lay lay. The clip will be available on American Girl’s Youtube and YouTube channel for children from September 27, as well as a new series of stop-motion dolls, featuring new characters from World by Us and other adventures.

Beyond the special event, the children’s fashion brand Janie and Jack launches three exclusives World by us-inspired outfits – one for each character – in a very first collaboration with American Girl. The Janie and Jack outfits will be available September 24, 2021 at American Girl retail stores in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Dallas, and via and

Charitable donation

With her roots in children’s publishing, American Girl has long championed the belief that strong readers become strong leaders. This fall, to further support children’s literacy and provide more diverse books to American schools and public libraries, American Girl is donating $ 60,000 worth of World by Us books to the following organizations: Reader to reader, Children need to read, and Small free library Read in color Initiative. This donation is in addition to the $ 500,000 in various American Girl titles donated to these same organizations over the past year. And, since June 2020, the brand has made available its many stories written by black women and featuring black heroines through its free online library to help educate, empower and spark important conversations.

The World by Us collection is available today on and American Girl Retail Stores at national scale. The World by Us books ($ 7.99 each) can also be purchased from retail booksellers.


American Girl is a premium brand for girls and a wholly owned subsidiary of Mattel, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAT,, a leading global children’s entertainment company specializing in the design and production of quality toys and consumer products. Based in Middleton, Wisconsin, American Girl offers an inspiring world of dolls, content and experiences that nourish a girl’s mind and help her develop her strength of character. Top selling lines include Truly Me â„¢, Girl of the Year â„¢, Bitty Baby®, WellieWishers â„¢ and classic American Girl historical figures. The company sells products through its award-winning catalog, on, at its exclusive experiential retail stores in the United States, as well as specialty retailers nationwide. By inspiring girls to be the best they can be, American Girl has earned the loyalty of millions of people as well as the praise and trust of parents and educators. Connect with American Girl on:

Facebook: @american girl

Twitter: @American girl

Instagram: @americangirlbrand

Pinterest: agofficial

Youtube: american girl


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French fashion

SoftBank invests $ 209 million in Vestiaire Collective

French online fashion platform Vestiaire CollectiveThe $ 1.7 billion valuation rose to $ 1.7 billion after a fundraiser that included $ 209 million from the private equity arm of SoftBank Group Corp. SoftBank Vision Fund 2, according to a Bloomberg report Wednesday, September 22.

Other investors in Vestiaire’s latest round of funding include Generation Investment Management and existing shareholders, including Condé Nast and Eurazeo. The company raised the same amount in May in a fundraising effort that included the owner of Gucci, Kering SA and Tiger Global Management.

Chief Operating Officer of SoftBank Marcelo Claure will join Vestiaire Collective’s board of directors as part of its investment.

Vestiaire Collective will use the new influx of cash to improve its technology and enter new markets, according to the Bloomberg report. Business leaders also want to build a “more sustainable fashion industry“, including encouraging local transactions to reduce the carbon footprint of deliveries, according to the report.

These logistics represent “our largest share of carbon emissions; we are really working to reduce this ”, said the CEO of Vestiaire Collective Maximilian Bittner noted.

Vestiaire said its global orders grew 90% in the past 12 months and doubled in the United States. The company is making further progress in Hong Kong, Singapore and other Asian markets.

Related: The second-hand market presents a ‘big opportunity’ for retailers ahead of the holidays

Marcus Shen, chief operating officer at Stock, told PYMNTS that demand for second-hand items “has gone crazy” during the COVID-19 pandemic as the world moves more and more online and disruption supply chain were causing a continuing shortage of some new items.

A report from thredUP and GlobalData earlier this year predicted resale to grow 11 times faster in the apparel industry than the broader retail apparel industry over the next five years, with the second-hand market reaching $ 77 billion. dollars by 2025.

“This younger generation – Generation Z, Millennials – are all a lot more aware of what companies are doing with products and merchandise and things like that,” Shen told PYMNTS.

The idea of ​​buying second-hand no longer has as much stigma among consumers, he said, “and so they can get good quality products, durable goods, at lower prices than they are. retail “.

PYMNTS research, conducted in collaboration with LendingClub, showed that 125 million American adults, or 54% of consumers, live on paychecks, including 70% of millennials and 53% of people who earn between 50,000 and 100. $ 000 per year.



On: Eighty percent of consumers want to use non-traditional payment options like self-service, but only 35 percent were able to use them for their most recent purchases. Today’s Self-Service Shopping Journey, a PYMNTS and Toshiba Collaboration, analyzes more than 2,500 responses to find out how merchants can address availability and perception issues to meet demand for self-service kiosks.

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Fashion brand

The retailer must promote the new Freestyle option

The Stitch Fix logo on a smartphone displayed in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York, United States on Saturday, June 5, 2021. Stitch Fix Inc. is expected to post earnings on June 7.

Tiffany Hagler Gear | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Now that Stitch Fix has launched a new way for shoppers to buy clothes, the online styling department must use the coming year to market it to the masses.

“It will take time for consumers to know that it exists,” CEO Elizabeth Spaulding said in an interview Wednesday with CNBC’s Sara Eisen.

Stitch Fix is ​​known for its subscription offering, which sends customers bundles of handpicked clothing and accessories. The selections are guided by the company’s AI. Now, Stitch Fix is ​​extending a direct purchase option, known as “Freestyle”.

“We will be launching a lot of new features, more brands and custom stores,” Spaulding said. “We want to give ourselves the time to really make this big transition to becoming the destination for personalized shopping and style.”

Stitch Fix stock closed on Wednesday up more than 15%, at $ 41.01, after falling nearly 30% year-to-date.

Investors have rallied around Stitch Fix’s strong fourth quarter financial results released after the market closed on Tuesday. But many are also looking to the future potential of the business, as Spaulding directs Stitch Fix in a new direction with a potentially bigger market opportunity.

Spaulding said she expects the changes to help the company grow its addressable market. Previously, customers had to subscribe to Stitch Fix to purchase clothes or shoes from its website. From now on, direct purchase is accessible to the public.

But Spaulding also said that Stitch Fix will need to invest heavily in “Freestyle” advertising to a larger audience who might have resisted listing in the past.

The hope is that direct purchase sales will increase its profitability in the long run. The company said “Freestyle” is already increasing the amount active Stitch Fix customers spend on average. In the last quarter, this metric surpassed $ 500 for the first time.

Stitch Fix now has nearly 4.2 million active customers, who are people who have either ordered a “Fix” subscription or purchased an item directly from their website in the 52 weeks leading up to the last day of the quarter.

A “significant test” to come

Still, most analysts remain cautious. Spaulding has less than 100 days in his role as CEO. And after taking over from founder Katrina Lake on August 1, she is already moving the company away from a subscription-based model.

Against relatively low expectations, Stitch Fix had a better-than-expected fiscal fourth quarter, Wells Fargo analyst Ike Boruchow said in a research note. But the company doesn’t appear to be “pulling all the cylinders,” he said.

On the one hand, the outlook for the online styling service is poor. Stitch Fix forecasts revenue growth in fiscal 2022, its current fiscal year, of at least 15% over the prior fiscal year. Boruchow notes that this is below the company’s multi-year average of more than 20% year-over-year increase, despite increased investment in marketing.

“The online clothing dynamic has been stronger than that,” Boruchow said.

Stitch Fix stocks are also around 80% above 2019 levels, which could end up weighing on earnings, he said. Wells Fargo is underweight Stitch Fix stocks, with a price target of $ 35.

Some analysts see potential, but want to look for signs of progress in the coming quarters.

“We believe that ‘Freestyle’, which has been very successful with existing customers to date, now faces a more significant test in its ability to successfully lead new customer acquisition,” said the analyst. from JPMorgan, Cory Carpenter, in a research note.

And there are other red flags. Carpenter noted that Stitch Fix only added a network of 58,000 active customers in its last three-month period, the lowest in six quarters. He expects a similar and disappointing level of net additions in the first half of fiscal 2022.

Spaulding dismissed this concern on Wednesday, saying the summer months tend to be slower for user growth.

“We kind of saw exactly what we thought we were seeing,” she said.

For JPMorgan to be more positive on the stock, Carpenter said, the company’s earnings must “turn around in a sustainable way after several years of squeezing.” JPMorgan has a neutral rating on Stitch Fix stocks, with a price target of $ 45.

Stitch Fix has a market value of $ 4.4 billion.

– CNBC Michael bloom contributed to this report.

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Fashion designer

Latinos who have succeeded in the fashion world

The fashion industry has always been a demanding, closed and difficult to access environment. Only the best manage to stand out. However, being successful in a country that is not the same as the country of origin often makes the task even more difficult, but there are several Latinos who have taken the names of their countries high in this world full of glamor.

Carolina herrera

María Carolina Josefina Pacanis Niño, better known as Carolina Herrera, is a Venezuelan fashion designer who founded her own fashion house in 1981 and is now recognized as one of the most influential in the fashion world.

Carolina quickly found success, standing out for the inclusion of feminine, classic and elegant silhouettes in her designs. Just a year after its launch, in 1982, it was already dressing Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia, Duchess of Feria, Countess Consuelo Crespi, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, Ivana Trump, Kathleen Turner and Nancy Reagan. In addition, for twelve years, she dressed Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, wife of John F. Kennedy and made the wedding dress of her daughter Carolina Kennedy, establishing her as one of the best bridal designers.

Oscar de la Renta

De la Renta was born in the Dominican Republic, but when he was very young he traveled to Spain to study fine arts. It was in this European country that he met Cristóbal Balenciaga, with whom he made his first steps into the world of fashion.

After moving to Paris and increasing his popularity as an emerging designer, he decided to move to New York to make his debut as the Creative Director of Elizabeth Arden. In the United States, he decides to create his own brand under his own name and instantly becomes one of the most recognized designers on both sides of the Atlantic.

Today, the Oscar de la Renta brand represents a true emblem of the industry, handling feminine and stylish cuts.

Nina Garcia

The Colombian, who stands out today for being the editor-in-chief of one of the country’s most important fashion magazines, ELLE magazine, calls herself “an anti-establishment rebel” because she never liked to follow the laws of industry. . On the contrary, she has always been known to leave her mark on what she does.

At the age of 15, Garcia emigrated to the United States to live with his sister, trying to escape the guerrilla warfare and drug trafficking that was suffocating his country at the time.

Nina Garcia’s career in the fashion industry began in the early 1980s when she started working in Perry Ellis’ public relations department.

Adriana lima

Adriana is a Brazilian model, best known for being one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels from 1999 to 2018.

Lima started her modeling career in 1990. In her early days, her career consisted mainly of fashion editorial work and also catwalks.

The worldwide recognition of this Latina came when she arrived on the Victoria’s Secret catwalks in 1999 with 19 years old, as one of their angels. She was in charge of the opening of the fashion show in 2003, 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2012.

Lauren Santo Domingo

Lauren is one of the Colombian engines of this generation of Latin fashion which is conquering New York.

Santo Domingo is co-founder of Moda Operandi, distributor of exclusive Latin brands such as Mercedes Salazar, Isolda, Magnetic Midnight or Carmelinas ….

Narciso Rodriguez

Narciso Rodriguez is a designer son of Cubans who rose to fame for the dress he designed for Carolyn Besset for her wedding to John F. Kennedy Jr.

“No one makes a simple line as extraordinary as Narciso,” said Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine.

Other celebrities who have worn Narciso designs include Michelle Obama who in 2008 wore a spring dress when Barack Obama first appeared as President-elect of the United States, Salma Hayek, Claire Danes, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel Weisz and Jessica Alba.

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French fashion

Joe Biden’s challenge at his first United Nations General Assembly: convincing his allies that he is not another Trump

To world leaders who were alternately baffled and amused by former President Donald Trump – who once encountered mocking laughter from the UN crowd in the midst of his grand speech – Biden represented the hope of an era different in American foreign relations. He spent his first overseas trip in June declaring across Europe that “America is back”.

He continued this message during his first appearance in New York when he met UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

“The strong partnership between the United States and the UN is based on common values ​​and principles, and right now those ties are more important than ever. America is back and we believe in the United Nations and their values, ”Biden said.

In his first address as president to the General Assembly, Biden will seek to allay those fears, advocating for a collective approach to latent global issues like the Covid-19 pandemic and climate change. He will plead for a global recalibration of priorities, away from the wars of the last two decades and towards the emerging threats today.

The president is expected to advocate for “rallying allies, partners and institutions to face the major challenges of our time,” a senior administration official said. As in almost every aspect of its foreign policy, China will be prominent, and Biden will warn in his speech against the world’s shifting towards a new Cold War that divides the world into spheres of influence.

Yet the growing distrust of once-enthusiastic allies is not lost on the president or his aides.

“I think the point of view of the president, who has been on the world stage for 50 years, is that you always have to work on your relationships. This includes world leaders,” said press secretary Jen Psaki. “He believes our relationship has continued over several decades, and every step he has taken since taking office was with the intention of rebuilding alliances and rebuilding the partnerships that have frayed over the past four years. years. “

Psaki said that does not mean countries will always agree with each other, but argued that in the long run, global relations will be strengthened by Biden’s approach.

A highlight on the world stage

The annual appearance at the UN is one of the most high-profile occasions for any president to state his agenda abroad, although this year’s meeting has been reduced due to the pandemic. Biden will not participate in the usual flurry of withdrawal sessions in the halls of UN headquarters on the East Side of Manhattan and will return to the White House by Tuesday afternoon.

Officials view Biden’s speech and other events surrounding him – including a Covid summit on Wednesday and a Pacific leaders meeting on Friday – as a critical moment for the president to express his foreign policy vision and expose what he thinks should be the world’s priorities.

He arrived in New York shaken by setbacks in his quest to restore American leadership. France rants over a deal to equip Australia with nuclear-powered submarines, which deprived Paris of a lucrative contract for conventional submarines and, according to French officials, came as a total surprise to the older one. ally of the United States. Biden has asked to hold talks with French President Emmanuel Macron soon to lower the temperature.

The uncertainty surrounding Biden’s national agenda will have ramifications for his plans to harass the global climate change initiative. Democrats remain divided over the massive spending bill that represents the bulk of Biden’s plan to cut carbon emissions.

And his decision to end the war in Afghanistan, which resulted in a disorderly evacuation, created waves of refugees in Europe and the United States and left some allies frustrated with the way the exit was planned. Biden’s vows to continue effective counterterrorism efforts were undermined by the revelation last week that a US drone strike in the final days of the war killed 10 civilians instead of ISIS-K targets .

Still, Biden won’t hesitate to make his decision to end America’s longest war during his speech, according to senior administration officials. Instead, he will put the end of the war at the center of his message, arguing that it was a necessary decision to propel the world into a new, more cooperative era to face today’s challenges. .

“The president will essentially get the message across that the end of the war in Afghanistan closed the war-focused chapter and opened a chapter focused on determined, effective and intensive US diplomacy,” a senior administration official said. preview of the speech.

Biden aims to show a shift in priorities

Downplaying emerging divisions with foreign allies, the White House said Biden’s multiple summits this week – on Covid-19, climate change and the Indo-Pacific partnership – were evidence of a multilateral approach which contrasts directly with the approach of the previous administration.

And the announcement on Monday that the United States would ease travel restrictions on all fully vaccinated foreign visitors, replacing a patchwork of bans that had started to stir up fury in Europe, was applauded in foreign capitals.

The travel ban was expected to be a major point of contention during a Tuesday afternoon meeting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who will make his first visit to Biden’s White House.

Biden also plans to convene a virtual Covid-19 summit on Wednesday, calling on leaders in developed countries to step up vaccine-sharing commitments and increase the global supply of oxygen. And he will end the week by hosting his first in-person summit of QUAD nations – Japan, Australia and India – to discuss the pandemic and security in Asia.

The summit underscores Biden’s broader goal of diverting attention from places like Afghanistan and onto the threat from China, whose military and economic movements have caused a deterioration in ties with the West.

Biden’s decision to partner with the UK and Australia on nuclear-powered submarines was a sign of his willingness to look beyond traditional alliances – such as with France – to better meet challenges. security in Asia.

Spitting with Paris surprises the White House

This approach was not well received in Paris, where officials accused the Biden administration of operating in secret to deprive France of important defense contracts. France’s overreaction surprised some in the White House, and one official said France’s behavior, including recalling its ambassador for consultations, was too dramatic a response to the split.

For now, there is a general belief that the dusting off will not permanently damage relations with France, but officials acknowledge that the feud remains in its infancy. Biden asked Macron to call to address the matter “directly”, an official said.

“We understand the French position,” the official said. “We don’t share their take on how it all developed.”

The underwater spat highlights larger differences between Biden’s approach to China and the views of some European leaders, who have sought a more conciliatory approach with a major trading partner. These divisions were exposed at this summer’s G7 summit, although the group eventually emerged with a collective statement berating China for its human rights violations.

In his speech on Tuesday, Biden will seek to stress that the United States is not seeking to come into conflict with China or its leader Xi Jinping, whom he spoke with by phone earlier this month.

“President Biden will communicate tomorrow that he does not believe in the idea of ​​a new cold war with a world divided into blocks. He believes in vigorous, intensive and principled competition that does not tip into conflict.” , said the official.

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French fashion

Brooke Museum Continues WWII Education | News, Sports, Jobs

TITLES OF STORY – Jim Brockman, executive director of the American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor Museum, Education and Research Center, and Chloe Cross, intern at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, examine some of the many newspapers and magazines in the Second World War I era donated by the family of the late Matt Camilletti. They are among the many artifacts that help the museum tell the story of the many veterans and others who lived during World War II. – Warren Scott

WELLSBURG – Located in the Brooke County Public Library, the American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor Museum, Education and Research Center was established to remember the many American servicemen who fought the Japanese invaders of the Philippine Islands during the Second World War.

As part of the library building, the museum was closed for some time due to the pandemic, but it has reopened and welcomes visitors and contributions of items that can help it tell the story not only of these veterans, but other aspects of the war, said Jim Brockman, its executive director.

The museum began in 2002 as a large exhibit created by the late Ed Jackfert and his wife, Henrietta, to educate people about the atrocities suffered by tens of thousands of Allied soldiers held in Japanese POW camps. .

Among them were approximately 72,000 US servicemen and Filipino scouts who took part in Bataan’s infamous death march.

Captured following a three-month battle with the Japanese, troops were forced to march 65 miles in the grueling heat to a train station to be transported in suffocating wagons to POW camps.

But before that, more than 10,000 died of illness, starvation or dehydration or were killed when they tried to get water or fell behind.

Although he did not participate in the death march, Jackfert, an Army Air Corps infantryman, was imprisoned in such a camp and said he was transported to a “Hell ship”.

He said the ships earned the name not only for their inhuman conditions, but also because they were not marked, as prescribed by the Geneva Convention, to deter fire from Allied forces.

Jackfert said the poor conditions experienced by prisoners of war were exacerbated by the fact that they were forced to work for Japanese companies which contributed to that nation’s war effort and benefited financially from their work. slave.

As the leader of the US defenders of Bataan and Corregidor, a national group of surviving prisoners of war, Jackfert campaigned for the Japanese government to issue an apology in 2009.

It was followed in 2015 by another from Mitsubishi Materials Corp., which also donated $ 50,000 to the museum.

Two years later, the Hubbard and Meriwether families collectively donated $ 500,000 for a museum and library expansion that allowed the museum to display several of the hundreds of artifacts that were donated by others. ADBC members and many other veterans and their descendants.

In recent years, the museum has expanded its collection to include other items reflecting the service and experiences of others during the war.

Brockman said his most recent addition is an extensive collection of newspapers and magazines published during the war and in the years leading up to it.

The periodicals were owned by Matt Camilletti, longtime owner of City Plumbing, Heating and Supply and an active member of the community, who died on March 7. They were donated by Margaret White on behalf of her family.

They relate the main developments of the war.

An October 17, 1941 issue of the Herald-Star reports that the torpedoing of the USS Kearney, an American destroyer responding to an attack by German forces on British and Canadian ships near Iceland, led Congress to demand the armament of Merchant ships.

The same issue reported on the efforts of Communist troops to repel a Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union.

The problem predates the United States’ entry into the war following the Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

A December 22, 1941 issue of Life magazine rescued by Camilletti includes an article on “Defenders of the Philippines”, photos of soldiers killed at Pearl Harbor; and stories designed to prepare readers for war.

A special edition of the Herald-Star in Camilletti’s collection bears the title, “Continent invaded. Allied forces land in France.

Dated June 6, 1944, it announced the landing of thousands of soldiers in Normandy, the first step in the liberation of France occupied by the Nazis, during what many call D-Day.

Camilletti’s collection includes April 13, 1945 issues of the Wheeling Intelligencer and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reporting the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

“There was a huge funeral when FDR passed away. They spared neither time nor expenses ”, Brockman noted.

The April 4, 1945 issue of the Wheeling Intelligencer reported on the surrender of Germany in what seemed to many to be the end of the war.

But the battle against Japan will continue for several months until the Wellsburg Daily Herald can proclaim on August 15, 1945, “The world is at peace. Japan surrenders. The big guns are still here after 12 long years.

One story below is titled by “Town and county celebrate end of war with parades.”

“Each of these (problems) is important because it tells an important story in history”, said Brockman.

He and Chloe Cross, an intern at Franciscan University of Steubenville, noted that other stories and magazine advertisements tell a lot about life in America at the time.

For example, a survey of the 1930s Cosmopolitan issues reveals not only that women’s fashion has changed a lot, but also that the magazine was less about fashion and more of a showcase for fiction at the time.

In addition to Cross, Brockman is helped by two other interns: Brody Hynes, also from Franciscan, and Jonathan Wynn from West Liberty University.

“We have excellent students and others want to come here” said Brockman.

He explained that the students will help him create a digital record of the periodicals and place them in protective sleeves.

He noted that while many of them are in surprisingly good condition, having been stored with very little protection, their thin, yellowed pages nonetheless have brittle edges and would not stand up to frequent handling.

Brockman has said so often that such things are found in the attics and basements of their original owners by descendants who do not know what to do with them.

Among the items that bolster the museum’s efforts to educate about history, he said, “We’re very happy to have this stuff. We don’t want it to rot. “

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