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Sunday Funday Moment: Famous Latina Fashion Brand Holds LA Pop-Up Tour in El Paso

EL PASO, Texas– From LA to El Paso. Los Angeles-based clothing brand Hija De Tu Madre traveled to the border this weekend to spread their positive message to all Jefas in our community.

“I only had $500 and I was living at home, so I really built this whole business on one product which is our Virgencita jacket that I wear and that was it,” said Patty Delgado, Founder, CEO and Designer of Latina Lifestyle Brand, Hija De Tu Madre.

Being the daughter of two Mexican immigrants, Delgado always knew she wanted to create something that represented her culture while empowering women and future entrepreneurs.

“I founded the company in 2016, it was during the 2016 election and I felt very called to create a space to celebrate culture,” Delgado said. “During this time, I was hearing so many negative stereotypes about immigrants and Latinos and just wanted to create a really safe space that celebrates our identity through something as simple as fashion.

Fast forward 6 years later and Hija De Tu Madre has sold products to people in over 30 countries, and this weekend the lifestyle brand held their three-day border pop-up tour and their first stop was at local Latina-owned business, Relic of Chuco.

“It’s really exciting, one that they chose to stop in El Paso and two that it’s another Latina owned business but on a bigger scale so even just seeing another business on a bigger scale scale is really motivating. I hope Latinas here are business owners and for Latinas in general to carry the brand,” said Chelsie Evaldi, owner of Chuco Relic.

Locals spent their Friday afternoon shopping for unique clothing, accessories and stationery the brand is known for.

Patty Delgado, founder of Hija De Tu Madre

Delgado hopes this border pit stop can keep El Paso and LA a little more connected.

“There’s a huge community here that we haven’t been able to connect with so much in real life,” Delgado said. “We’re based in Los Angeles so it’s really important for us to grow outside of that cause Latinos are everywhere we really wanted to connect with our Texas community.

And Delgado encourages people to continue supporting small businesses in their area.

“It’s about investing in your community and putting your money where it matters and that’s in our community and that’s where people need it most,” Delgado said.

Hija De Tu Madre’s short-lived tour wraps up in El Paso on Sunday afternoon at the Upper Valley Market, but they’ll cross into New Mexico and Phoenix. Click here for details on upcoming tour dates.

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