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Style advice from Le Moulin De Lourmarin hotel on the French Riviera


Few of the settings radiate the ambiance of the Moulin De Lourmarin – the most chic new meeting place on the Côte d’Azur.

The recently renovated hotel is located on the edge of the Château de Lourmarin, near the mountainous region of Pertuis. The serene setting was a canvas for designer Jaune who worked alongside owners Beaumier to create a minimalist utopia for interior design enthusiasts in one of France’s most alluring postcodes. Naturally, we adore every square inch of its glorious interiors. Here we explore its most remarkable assets.

1. Inverted bathroom tiles

The Moulin De Lourmarin

(Image credit: Le Moulin De Lourmarin)

While we are more used to seeing tiles on the walls of our bathrooms, Le Moulin has shaken up conventions and instead tiled the sanitary facilities. The result is a neutral wall that exudes a certain country-esque minimalism Рwhere the sink is left to make an elegant statement. Its subtly traditional aesthetic embodies the Proven̤al atmosphere while reminding you of going out of the ordinary and having fun. It is the south of France, after all.

2. French cafe curtains

The Moulin De Lourmarin

(Image credit: Le Moulin De Lourmarin)

We take modern kitchen ideas from the masters of design, and it stems from a trend we already know and love. It’s definitely no secret that we fell in love French cafe curtains – the characteristic that allows us to put the incomparable style of Parisian café culture at the forefront of our interiors.

Although Le Moulin does not use these curtains in their kitchen, they have used the material in their furniture, including their closets and under the bathroom tiles. Again, this is a statement of non-compliance, and we have never felt more inspired.

3. Upholstered walls – with a minimalist touch

The Moulin De Lourmarin

(Image credit: Le Moulin De Lourmarin)

Le Moulin has just achieved a hat-trick. The third unorthodox – but no less inspiring – feature that we steal from the hotel comes in the form of an upholstered wall with a modern twist.

Creating a look that is reminiscent of an elegant hotel but that remains entirely contemporary is effortless only for the designers of Le Moulin, who celebrate the craze for upholstered walls in the most minimalist way possible.

Rather than celebrating the upholstery for its maximalism, the hotel features upholstered headboards and walls that are embraced in a neutral, almost rattan-like material, giving the texture of the trend with the dominant color. The carpeted walls have never looked so chic.

4. Decorate with cutlery

The Moulin De Lourmarin

(Image credit: Le Moulin De Lourmarin)

We understand that this statement will spark memories of your grandma’s vintage porcelain, but Le Moulin just put these plates back in fashion. In the ultimate nod to homeland charm, the hotel has experimented with painted plates that celebrate simplicity and individuality and fill the hotel with the warmth of a family home. We volunteer to call Le Moulin home for the rest of our days.

5. Coil furniture

The Moulin De Lourmarin

(Image credit: Le Moulin De Lourmarin)

Bobbin might be an American design classic, but it just got a French twist. This 17th century decorative technique has gained popularity in recent months, but of course Le Moulin already knew it.

The intricate shapes of Bobbin furniture can elevate interiors from ordinary to extraordinary, and in case this reception wasn’t already majestic enough, its coil injection solidifies its place at the top of the lust list. We will come back as soon as we have invested in a lot of reels.

Le Moulin De Lourmarin is located at Avenue Raoul Dautry, 84160 Lourmarin. Learn more online.


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