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She announces the return of the end of year parade

A model walks the catwalk at the Elle Fashion Show in 2017. Photo courtesy of Elle

Elle Fashion Show, hosted by famed fashion magazine Elle, will return in December after two years of Covid-19, promising a fresh perspective from the next generation of Vietnamese designers.

The theme of the event is Dream of New Beginnings. This year’s show will feature the latest collections from four designers Cuong Dam (CHATS by C.DAM), Tom Trandt (HANOIA), Ngo Hoang Kha (KHAAR) and Le Thuy Giang (SUBTLE LE NGUYEN).

In his new collection for KHAAR, designer Ngo Hoang Kha will showcase designs from recycled materials and apply 3D technology in prototyping, saving time and reducing waste.

Tom Trandt will include lacquer designs in his latest HANOIA collection. Designer Cuong Dam’s collection, meanwhile, is inspired by modern women, while Le Thuy Guang seeks to emphasize elegance and minimalism.

The four designers are inspired by traditional Vietnamese culture, although their styles, design ideas and orientations are different.

“In this show, She only wants to showcase fashion, so we don’t need famous people to walk the catwalk. What we want the audience to see is a story of fabrics and shapes, combined with music and light,” said Cao Trung Hieu, the show’s director.

Elle Fashion Show 2022 will be held on December 17 at The Global City, District 2, Thu Duc City, with over 100 models and a 130-meter runway.

Hazel J. Edmonds

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