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RK Jewelers stages royal elegance | fashion trends

With a passion for jewelry and a desire to create timeless jewelry, RK Jewelers was established in 1993, with its flagship store in South Extension II. Over its three decades of existence, the brand has gradually carved out a place for itself, built a business on artistic excellence, exceptional craftsmanship, trust and relationships.

The RK Jewelers workshop is known for its unparalleled designs, meticulous craftsmanship and natural purity. With a wide, exotic range of timeless pieces, she epitomizes elegance and taste in an effortless combination of heritage and contemporary influences. Today, she prides herself on being a shining beacon of what a premium jewelry brand should be.

RK Jewelers store in South Ex, New Delhi

Association with IMS

Jewelry is a very important part of style, giving it class and timelessness. Therefore, RK Jewelers is delighted to be associated with the Hindustan Times India’s Most Stylish (IMS) Awards. It was something they wanted to do, because this platform really recognizes various personalities for their style quotient.

Jewelery launch at IMS

By honoring generations and evoking reverence, antique jewelry transcends time without losing its charm. This is the kind of jewelry they will present at this event. Heirlooms preserve the memories attached to them, as they are passed down from generation to generation. There’s something amazing about how personalized jewelry can bridge the generational gap.

Royal gold and kundan necklace in 22k hallmarked gold

A rose cut diamond necklace with Colombian emeralds

The showrunners in the foreground

Rohan Sharma and Prakshi Sharma are at the forefront and run the show. Prakshi is an award-winning designer from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York (USA) and leads all design and creative aspects of the business, while Rohan is an engineer and gemologist by training and takes care of the commercial part. . Together, they have taken the brand forward, also internationally, by adding a modern style.

The brand vision for IMS

With IMS, the brand wants to celebrate and honor the achievements in different areas of the fashion industry who work tirelessly to entertain us and make us proud. With an awareness of fashion today, they aim to bring the best in fashion and style that will transform the jewelry industry. The vision of RK Jewelers is to bring everyone together on this great platform and celebrate people’s outstanding contribution.

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