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Macron and Le Pen tussle over pensions as French election race tightens, World News

As the race for the French presidency narrows ahead of Sunday’s first round, front-runner President Emmanuel Macron and far-right challenger Marine Le Pen squabbled over pension reform on Monday.

Opinion polls have long predicted that Macron will win a second term, but Le Pen has narrowed the gap, with polls showing the 44-year-old president just six points clear in a likely run-off on April 24.

Le Pen benefited from a campaign centered on purchasing power, on which it doubled down on Monday.

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“Do you realize what retirement at 65 is? It’s just completely unfair,” she told BFM TV, lambasting Macron’s plan to raise the legal retirement age. a full pension from age 62 to 65.

Le Pen wants to maintain the 62-year-old threshold and bring it back to 60 for those who started working before age 20. this age and would see their pension affected accordingly

Macron, asked about criticism of his pension reform plans, told France Inter radio: “Those who tell you that we can keep (the pension system) as it is now are lying to you.”

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Raising the retirement age – except for those in difficult jobs or who have worked longer than others – was needed to make the system viable and increase low pensions, he said .

Macron, when he entered the election campaign late last month, said he would raise the retirement age, cut taxes and further ease labor market rules, seeking a mandate to continue favorable reforms to businesses.

Highlighting his pro-business credentials was not without risk as households are feeling the pressure of rising prices and could deter a number of left-leaning voters from backing him against Le Pen in a likely run-off on April 24. .

At his only campaign rally before the first round on Saturday, Macron tried to convince voters of the risk of a turbulent Brexit election that could see Le Pen bring the far right to power in France.

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“Look at what happened with Brexit and so many other elections: what seemed unlikely actually happened,” he said. “Nothing is impossible.”

Even if Macron wins a second term, as the polls still expect, the issue of pension reform, which weighed on his first term, could pose a problem, given the scale of the opposition.

A first major challenge would be for his centre-right La République en Marche (LaRem) party, which has failed in all recent local elections, to win the legislative elections in June.

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Fashion brand

Want your watch to sell? Ask a president to wear it.

On New Year’s Day, Michelle Obama posted on Instagram a photo of her and Barack Obama in festive attire: matching star-shaped gold paper glasses, a pearl necklace around her neck and, to her wrist, a superb entirely black watch.

The watch was notable because in recent years the former president has been seen wearing a Rolex Cellini. This one had a different and much more casual look, a recently released collaboration from athleisure brand Actively Black and Teleport Watches.

The timepiece is actually the result of misfortune. In July 2021, Lanny Smith, the former NBA player who is the managing director of Actively Black, had his car broken into and his Hublot watch stolen. Instead of buying the same model, Mr Smith started looking at black-owned watch brands and came across Teleport, a New York-based company founded in 2020 by the husband-and-wife team of Michael Porter and Trenel Francis Porter.

Teleport makes both silicone and metal watches, and its signature is the lucky number seven that appears on the dial of each watch (the brand’s website says the number represents “perfection and completion “). Mr. Smith bought one of Teleport’s watches and said he was impressed with it.

“The quality was just amazing,” he said in a recent phone interview. “It reminded me of what I’m trying to do with Actively Black.”

He posted information about the watch on his personal Instagram feed, which has over 10,000 followers, and the owners of Teleport contacted him. After corresponding for a bit, the two brands decided to collaborate on a sports watch, which was released on Christmas Day.

The result was a chunky waterproof watch with an octagonal bezel and a round dial, in black. It has a silicone strap and a black stainless steel case, with a Miyota quartz movement. The watch sells for $300 and is available in 41 millimeters and 34 millimeters; it is part of a set for him but can be purchased separately.

Mr. Smith said he was surprised by the photo of the Obamas. “He could have access to Rolexes, any watch he wants,” he said. “So when I saw the watch on his wrist, I thought, ‘This is amazing. He wears it.'”

After the photo was published, the mysterious black watch quickly caused a stir, and once Mrs. Obama’s stylist identified it, the model sold out. A second delivery is now available for pre-order on the Actively Black website and Mr Smith said he expects them to start shipping by April 20.

Mr Smith said many young black men had grown up hearing rappers and artists talk about Rolex or other expensive brands, and thought that was the only mark of success. “I want to change that narrative,” he said, “and promote the purchase of a black-owned watch brand that cares about our community.”

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Fashion designer

Business News | Stock and Stock Market News | Financial News

Moneycontrol PRO

Volatility cooled significantly below 20 levels, which provided a healthy boost to the market. India’s VIX fear index fell 21.3% on a weekly basis to 18.44, the lowest level since Feb. 10.

Dalal Street week ahead |  10 key factors that will keep traders busy next week

name Price Change % changes
ntpc 142.95 7.95 5.89
Indiabulls Hsg 167.10 9:30 a.m. 5.89
Sbi 508.20 2:65 p.m. 2.97
Nhpc 27.85 0.05 0.18




Which of these youngsters will score the most runs this ipl?


Thank you for voting

Overview of the IPO

Equity Type Issue price Size of the problem Lot size Open issue Closing the issue
Hariom Blowjob View profile Initial Public Offering 144 122.4 – 130.05 98 30-03 05-04
Dhyaani Tile View profile initial public offering of an SME 51 2.45 2000 30-03 04-04
Jeena Sikho View profile initial public offering of an SME 150 55.5 1000 30-03 07-04
Jewelery View profile initial public offering of an SME 41 11.07 3000 31-03 05-04
Equity Issue price Registration date Ad open close ad Listing Earnings % CPM Current Earnings %
Ekennis software 72 07-03 80.00 84.00 16.67 103.00 43.06
Vedant modes 866 16-02 950.00 934.85 7.95 993.80 14.76
Maruti interior 55 16-02 75.45 71.90 30.73 58.00 5.45
Safa Systems ten 09-02 4:55 p.m. 15.73 57.3 9.60 -4.00
Scheme Fund category information Purchase order Opening date Closing date
No NFO details available.
Equity Type Issue price Size of the problem Lot size Subscription Open issue Closing the issue

Achyut Health View profile

initial public offering of an SME 20 3.6 0 17-03 22-03

Evoq Remedies View profile

initial public offering of an SME 27 9.72 0 17-03 22-03

Empyrean Cashew View Profile

initial public offering of an SME 37 NSE – SME 0 21-03 23-03

PE Analytics View profile

initial public offering of an SME 111 30.77 – 31.6 0 22-03 25-03

chat box

Ajay Jain
Ajay Jain

CEO, ajayastromoneyguru

April 04 – 2:00 p.m.

What do the stars predict?

Company Price Store Recommendation
Organic fermentation 235.85

Weekly Tactical Picks | Fermenta Biotech

Jindal Steel 530.65

Trade Spotlight | What should investors do with Jindal Steel, Tata Communications, KEI Industries today?

Intellect Design 910.15

Hot Stocks | Intellect Design Arena, Bajaj Finserv, Page Industries can yield 11-22% return in the short term, here’s why

Special Himadri 77.05

Trade Spotlight | What should you do with Himadri Specialty Chemical, Raymond, Adani Enterprises, Centrum Capital, JK Lakshmi Cement on Thursday?

ICICI Lombard 1347.50

Hot Stocks | Here’s why you should bet on ICICI Lombard, Ipca Labs and Mphasis in the short term

chat box

Ajay Jain
Ajay Jain

CEO, ajayastromoneyguru

April 04 – 2:00 p.m.

What do the stars predict?

Securities transaction

Company Name Agenda

No AGM / EGM available

Company Report VF Ex-rights
Rights details not present at this time.

Company Name Last prize Change Market capitalization Net sales net profit Assets

country=india page generated=2022-04-03 14:39:06

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French fashion

Scotland’s top cop Iain Livingstone is being prosecuted for an Inspector Clouseau-style gaffe

Scotland’s best cop is being prosecuted for an Inspector Clouseau-style gaffe.

French pensioner Guy Joao has been wrongfully arrested during an international manhunt.


Guy Joao was wrongfully arrested
Top cop Livingstone


Top cop LivingstoneCredit: The Scottish Sun
Serial killer Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes


Serial killer Xavier Dupont de LigonnesCredit: AFP

He died last year aged 71, but his lawyers are still suing Scottish Police Chief Iain Livingstone for damages.

Officers arrested Mr Joao at Glasgow Airport in 2019, believing he was aristocratic serial killer Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes.

De Ligonnes disappeared in 2011 after the bodies of his wife and four children were discovered in Nantes, France.

Mr. Joao was a former Renault factory worker.

The Scottish bride beat her mum at her wedding - then hailed the 'best day of her life'
Crooked Scottish taxman compared to Liam Neeson's Taken character in fraud case

He was traveling to his second home in Dunoon with his Scottish wife Mhari at the time of his arrest.

In a Clouseau-style blunder, he was mistaken for the killer when he looked nothing like him.

Before his death, a legal claim for compensation was launched.

He is due to be heard tomorrow in the Scottish National Personal Injury Court.

Most read in Scottish news

It is understood that the legal action against Police Scotland was formally brought in 2020.

In January of the same year, Mr. Joao said he was in talks with lawyers about the case.

He said, “I want to know why this happened.”

I was on Naked Attraction - tried to look smooth as a dolphin but it backfired
I pay £50 a day just for electricity - I dread the price hike

His law firm Digby Brown declined to comment.

Police Scotland said: “As legal proceedings continue, we are unable to comment.”

We pay for your stories and videos! Do you have a story or video for The Scottish Sun? Email us at [email protected] or call 0141 420 5300

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Fashion brand

Fashion brands are opening virtual stores in the metaverse

American fashion brand DKNY and UK-based department store chain Selfridges opened their virtual stores on the Metaverse during the recent Metaverse Fashion Week organized by virtual social world Decentraland. Tommy Hilfiger also took part in the event to showcase its Spring 2022 collections and host a digital retail platform where consumers can purchase NFTs for their avatars or purchase physical items from the Metaverse.

More than 70 brands, artists and designers took part in the fashion week. Dolce & Gabbana, Dundas and Etro, The Fabricator, Kid Super and NFT Superstar FEWOCiOUS were some of the brands showcasing their digital collections at the event.

As part of the show, DKNY offered avatars a unique and immersive experience for the virtual retail exhibit – themed around its Spring 2022 “Do Your Thing” campaign. The campaign reinforces the values ​​intrinsic to the brand’s ethos – individuality and self-expression, both encouraged and reinforced in the metaverse, the company said in a statement.

American fashion brand DKNY and UK-based department store chain Selfridges opened their virtual stores on the Metaverse during the recent Metaverse Fashion Week organized by virtual social world Decentraland. Tommy Hilfiger also took part in the event to showcase its Spring 2022 collections and host a digital retail platform for NFTs.

“It’s the first meta department store in the history of web3 and anyone can visit it!” Interact as a guest or attach your crypto wallet to access all features, while protecting your progress in the world and your digital assets,” Selfridges said on its social media accounts.

“When I founded my eponymous brand in 1985, I never imagined I would see a time when fashion weeks would be held in a completely virtual 3D world,” said Tommy Hilfiger. “As we further explore the metaverse and all it has to offer, I am inspired by the power of digital technology and the opportunities it provides for engaging with communities in compelling and relevant ways.”

Fibre2Fashion (KD) News Desk

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Fashion style

Should I keep my denim jackets?

While the pandemic did indeed briefly cast a shadow over jeans (and with them, denim jackets), that cloud has largely dissipated. In January, Levi’s reported 29% net revenue growth in 2021 and said the upward trend is expected to continue.

So if you’re still feeling conflicted about your denim jackets, maybe it has less to do with two years of comfy dressing and more to do with a bigger issue that my friends and I discuss all the time: just because you can continue to wear a certain style or item of clothing as you get older – just because it always looks good on you – doesn’t mean you should.

But how do you know when it’s time to retire a much-loved item? When, to put it another way, did you outgrow it – not literally but maybe psychologically and culturally?

The fact that most rules about what to wear when have largely disappeared is both a liberating development and a source of confusion. And it got complicated amid the conversation about responsible drinking and the realization that clinging to an item of clothing and wearing it over and over again is more desirable than believing it’s destined to be replaced. Which mitigates the removal of an item to the dust heap or recycle heap from the story.

Which brings me to denim jackets!

A denim jacket is a rite of passage; an essential symbol of cool, rebellion, rock ‘n’ roll, democracy. It’s one that can get stuck in your own personal timeline, forever associated with a you from a specific time in the past. (Clothes, like madeleines, serve as shortcuts to memory.)

But it’s also a very useful piece of clothing: perfect for transitional times and so basic that it goes with almost everything. It doesn’t really change over time. What should change is how you wear it.

As Glenn Martens, Diesel’s creative director and therefore a bit of a denim expert, said when I asked him what he thought: “Denim has this unique quality of being totally transversal. The perception of the same garment will change depending on what you associate it with.

When Sarah Palin, as you say, appeared in a faded denim jacket over a black turtleneck and darker jeans in her libel suit against The New York Times, the act seemed calculated to underscore her position. as a private citizen (although the judge ruled against her). When Michelle Obama wore an Alexander McQueen double-layered denim jacket with skinny black jeans and a t-shirt at a college book signing in 2018, the look both connected her to students and , with its haute couture side, set it apart. And when Jenna Lyons appeared in a button-down shrunken denim jacket and shocking pink satin skirt at the Met Gala in 2012, it was the ultimate high/low statement.

All this to say: Yes, resurrect your denim jackets. And then mix and match to create something new.

Every week on Open Thread, Vanessa will answer a reader’s fashion question, which you can send her anytime via E-mail Where Twitter. Questions are edited and condensed.

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Fashion designer

Kenyan-born fashion designer finds inspiration at home

Silk. Sequins. Satin.

If it’s a type of fabric, bet Victoria Kageni-Woodard has it.

The York County-based freelance fashion designer has loads of colorful patterned textiles she uses to create the clothes of her wildest dreams.

Kageni-Woodard, born in Kenya, has always felt a passion for sewing and design. With the encouragement of her parents, Kageni-Woodard moved to the United States in 1991 and honed her skills at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

“It’s just fascinating to see that my life has continued to be this creative thing that’s constantly evolving,” Kageni-Woodard said.

In 2016, Gusa By Victoria was founded. Now Kageni-Woodard works with clients across the country to create bespoke shirts, dresses and wedding dresses.

Continued:York Against The Grain: Full-Time Mom Discovers New Passion at Central Market

Additionally, she has pre-made pieces available to purchase from her collection online at victoriakageni.com.

Although it heavily depends on what she’s currently working on, Kageni-Woodard said she can finish an item of clothing like a shirt in just a few hours. A wedding dress, on the other hand, can take several months.

Her muses and inspiration are primarily the women who live in her community, especially women in the workforce.

“Now that I call York home, that’s where I find inspiration among the people I live with,” Kageni-Woodard said.

Victoria Kageni-Woodard at her studio Gusa By Victoria, 7 E. Market St. Tina Locurto photo.

Her influence goes beyond fashion — and she wants everyone to know that her story and talents don’t stop at the sewing machine.

Kageni-Woodard organized two Gusa culinary excursions to Central Market York, during which she had the opportunity to cook traditional Kenyan dishes for the community.

The Gusa World Music Festival, meanwhile, has been bringing the community together through a variety of instruments and songs for four years now.

Victoria Kageni-Woodard at her studio Gusa By Victoria, 7 E. Market St. Tina Locurto photo.

“I always seem to want to surround myself with good things and creativity has gotten me this far,” Kageni-Woodard said.

That sentiment couldn’t be truer for Kageni-Woodard – in the form of a new idea that blossomed in his most recent project.

A subscription box, called the “story box”, will focus on female empowerment by introducing customers to various influential women from different parts of the world.

Victoria Kageni-Woodard decorated her studio according to her personality.  She also has several finished pieces on display.  Photo by Tina Locurto.

The box will contain a set of five garments meant to be worn throughout the workweek – made from African print embellishments that help illustrate the story of a specific community leader.

The box will also contain documentation and educational tools, as well as jewelry to match each item of clothing.

“This subscription box is meant to inspire and encourage women to celebrate our differences, no matter where in the world they come from,” Kageni-Woodard said. “Always ideas, ideas and more ideas.”

Editor’s note: York Against The Grain is a monthly series from The York Dispatch. Our goal is to highlight the county’s unique small business owners who deserve some recognition for the work they do. Would you like to nominate a company? Contact Tina Locurto at [email protected] or on Twitter at @tina_locurto.

A subscription box, called the "story box" will focus on female empowerment by introducing customers to various influential women from different parts of the world.  Photo courtesy of Victoria Kageni-Woodard.
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French fashion

What will €550,000 buy in France, Cyprus, Portugal, Norway and Donegal?


Moress Farm, which sits on an island connected by causeway on Lough Swilly, is a period house dating from 1897 and renovated in 2002. The house is set over four floors and covers 382m². It has beautiful period woodwork and apart from a new front entrance that matches the house, there are some interesting interior details.
Price €550,000.
Agent propertypartners.ie

This Lough Swilly home is set over four floors, spanning 382m²


This charming property, dating from the 17th century, was once part of a Capuchin monastery. It has eight bedrooms, spans 450m² and boasts stunning interior features including flagstone floors, paneling and period fireplaces.
Price €550,000
Agent groupeericmey.com

This <a class=French house has stunning interior features including flagstone floors, paneling and period fireplaces.” height=”348″ src=”https://www.irishtimes.com/polopoly_fs/1.4838023!/image/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_620/image.jpg” width=”620″/>

This French house has stunning interior features including flagstone floors, paneling and period fireplaces.


This villa, 16 km from Larnaca in the small village of Pervolia, which has 4 km of sandy beaches, is located in a private gated community of 10 houses. Each 129m² property has three bedrooms and a private swimming pool and is a two-minute walk from the beach and a five-minute walk from the local village.
Price €550,000.
Agent sothebysrealty.com

This three bedroom house in Larnaca has its own swimming pool

This three bedroom house in Larnaca has its own swimming pool


This one bedroom apartment is in a traditional Pombaline building in Baixa, the historic heart of Lisbon. It extends over 65 m², with bright interiors thanks to its south-west exposure, and a pale color palette. The property has a lift and due to its popular location there is rental potential.
Price €530,000
Agent spotblue.com

There is rental potential with this apartment in Baixa, Lisbon

There is rental potential with this apartment in Baixa, Lisbon


Built in 1960, this 63 m² two-bedroom apartment is bright inside thanks to large windows and a triple aspect. Located in a quiet location in Boltelokka, the apartment has solid pine flooring, which was laid in 2015 and re-sanded and re-varnished in 2021.
Price NOK 5.5 million/€571,721
Agent nordvikbolig.no

This two-bedroom apartment in Oslo is bright thanks to large windows and triple aspect

This two-bedroom apartment in Oslo is bright thanks to large windows and triple aspect

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Fashion brand

Handsome: to maintain its reputation as a fashion house

The author is an analyst at NH Investment & Securities. She can be contacted at [email protected] — Ed.

Handsome is a leading domestic high-end fashion brand. It strengthened its fundamentals both through a no-sell pricing policy and through proprietary distribution channels for The Handsome House and The Handsome.com. Following visible earnings growth for the company’s beauty category products, share price revaluation is in the cards.

2022 will be the year of change

We are running a hedge on Handsome at Buy, with a TP of 46,000W. Our TP is derived by applying the 9x average P/E for domestic fashion brands to our 2022E NP estimate. With Handsome’s stock price of W34,950 (as of March 24) equivalent to a 2022E P/E of 7x, our TP offers a 32% upside.

As fashion represents 99% of Handsome’s existing portfolio, the company needs a breakthrough in the domestic apparel market. We expect 2022 to be a year of change for the company, given: 1) the strengthening of its online business to meet the needs of MZ generations; 2) visible result of concept stores in large cities; and 3) its plans to focus on expanding the beauty category.

Directly Managed Retail Channels to Report Strong Sales

For 2022, we forecast consolidated revenue of W1,472.9 billion (+6% yy) and revenue of W166.9 billion (+10% yy). Online sales are expected to reach W309 billion (+7% year-on-year), accounting for approximately 21% of total sales. As for EQL, although its transaction volume was only W10 billion last year, Handsome plans to develop EQL as a fashion curation platform for MZ generations. This year, the trading volume at EQL is expected to be around W35 billion.

Handsome’s own offline retail channel, The Handsome House, will likely continue to prove its worth. To date, Handsome operates The Handsome House stores in Gwangju, Busan and Jeju and its high-end outlet Handsome House F/X (Fashion Express) in Cheongju. Unlike department stores, its directly managed offline stores allow the company to save costs and deploy more effective marketing activities. We expect their average monthly sales to reach around 800 million W.

Starting this year, Handsome’s beauty category is expected to grow faster. After launching its Oera cosmetics brand in August 2021, the company plans to open Liquides Perfume Bar, a premium perfumery, in 1H22. Noting that fragrances are particularly popular among MZ generations, we believe Handsome’s recently launched cosmetics brand, including its high-margin fragrances, will drive future earnings growth. If there is visible growth in earnings from the company’s beauty category products, a reassessment of the stock price should be considered

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Fashion style

I went to fashion week in the metaverse

Written by Lea Dolan, CNN

The night before covering a virtual reality fashion week was a lot like the night before any industry event, only instead of renting outfits and planning travel itineraries, I was downloading Google Chrome extensions and thinking too much about the creation of my digital avatar. (I played it safe in the end, pairing my natural hair and eye color with a cute nautical-inspired top and a raised eyebrow for a permanent skeptical expression.)

I was preparing to attend a week-long virtual fashion event in the Metaverse: a network of unique digital worlds that caught the attention of the fashion world. Industry headline The Business of Fashion predicted it will be the “next gold mine” as young consumers continue to dig deeper into virtual reality (81% of Gen-Z have played games video over the past six months, according to the “State of Fashion” headline which also recorded that the younger generation already spends an average of 7.3 hours per week in virtual worlds).

The D&G digital store in Decentraland’s luxury fashion district. Credit: Decentralized

While fashion shows have been held in the metaverse before (designers such as Mimi Wade, Mowalola, and Collina Strada have shown individual collections on the IMVU virtual platform), the event, which kicked off March 24, hosted by online platform Decentraland, included a host of show schedules from Dolce & Gabbana and Philipp Plein, fireside chats with Tommy Hilfiger himself and even a virtual performance by Grimes, making for an all-encompassing event experience. It will likely become an annual tradition, Sam Hamiliton, creative director of the Decentraland Foundation, said on a Zoom call. “There are still a lot of moving parts, which I think is a bit traditional, but I’m confident,” he told CNN before the event opened. “Behind the scenes is a virtual version of a real fashion week. There are still people sewing behind the scenes, if you will, in 3D software.”

But the final experience was far from flawless – technical difficulties, overheating hard drives and lackluster graphics clouded the fantasy of this supposedly limitless landscape.

To enter the Metaverse, you must first verify yourself. One option (the only option that worked for me and my decade-old MacBook Air) is to link your mobile crypto wallet. My decidedly empty crypto wallet appeared in the corner of my screen for the entire session – something of a damper on the ambitious nature of fashion.

My Decentraland avatar.

My Decentraland avatar. Credit: Decentralized

Underdressed and disappointed

But who would spend their cold hard cash in this weird digital clubhouse, anyway? Each avatar is given at least 30 pieces of clothing that they can wear for free, and even a handful of quirky accessories like sunglasses or tiaras. A few digital t-shirts seemed like more than enough creative expression for something as intangible as the Metaverse. Or so I thought.

The first event I tuned into was the Dolce & Gabbana x UNXD show, where the Italian label debuted 20 metaverse wearable looks in a venue that looked like both a football stadium and a nightclub. It was one of the first shows of the week, and as the purple and black dance floor silently flashed (music popping in and out at random intervals), attendance seemed light with what seemed like around 25 attendees. Some beamed late – literally, in a flash of electric blue light – and missed the show entirely, while other avatars, often merged together due to glitched graphics, stared straight ahead. In the bottom left corner of my screen was a running chat box feature that suggested some guests were still learning about the technology. Prior to the event, a steady stream of sarcastic comments testified to a cynical atmosphere. “Wow this place sucks,” one user remarked. “How can I have fun here?” asked another.

Watch the D&G <a class=fashion show.”/>

Watch the D&G fashion show. Credit: Decentralized

Instead of using human avatars as models, Dolce & Gabbana literally interpreted the concept of a podium – sending giant, bipedal feline creatures down the circular track. But the clothes – if you could call the indistinguishable collection of pixel clothes – pale in comparison to the inventive outfits of my fellow avatars. Flared glowing falcon wings, neon changshans, gold chrome cyclops sunglasses and black Tron-like leggings with electric blue panels; the metaverse dress code was futuristic chaos, and suddenly my gift tiara wasn’t cutting it anymore. But getting equipped, even virtually, is an expensive undertaking. Printed bucket hats and puffer jackets, plus a brightly winged tuxedo by the notoriously ostentatious brand Philipp Plein ranged between $1,670 and $2,740 apiece.
The Philipp Plein afterparty held at Plein Plaza.

The Philipp Plein afterparty held at Plein Plaza. Credit: Decentralized

In addition to a parade schedule, Decentraland has also built a luxury shopping district – like a digital fifth avenue. Lavish shop windows of Elie Saab, Peter Dundas, D&G, Etro and South American brand Chufy were set up in an elegant shrub-lined street. Here, the attention to detail was impressive, from the monogrammed awning extending from every window to the opulent architecture. For example, hanging storks hung above the exterior of Chufy’s digital flagship, which was later covered in rainbows and Japanese Ukiyo-e art, including “The Great Wave.” by Katsushika Hokusai.

Chufy's store in the luxury fashion district was exceptional.

Chufy’s store in the luxury fashion district was exceptional. Credit: Decentralized

Inside the Peter Dundas store, a screen built into the back wall showed the brand’s Pre-Fall 2022 campaign video. The cyber models stood ready in pixelated versions of the looks shown on screen. Users were supposed to be able to buy the clothes to strut around Decentraland, but since there were no clicks to try on those chic outfits, it was more of a cold show than a revolutionized shopping experience.

Inside the Peter Dundas store in Decentraland.

Inside the Peter Dundas store in Decentraland. Credit: Decentralized

Elsewhere in the metaverse, Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY, and Selfridges have created similar pop-up stores. Some, like Selfridges, built huge multi-storey postmodern structures, while other stores looked more like storefronts or open showrooms, covered in campaign logos and imagery. Each participating fashion house — a hot ticket, according to Hamilton, which said it was still turning down brands hours before the event began — was partnered with a team of Decentraland 3D software designers who built the clothes on display.

The elegant cyber street which is home to many <a class=high fashion stores.”/>

The elegant cyber street which is home to many high fashion stores. Credit: Decentralized

After some window shopping, I headed to the Philipp Plein after-party, where about 70 to 90 players “got some emotions” — that is, they performed pre-programmed moves like blowing a kiss, making angry hand gestures, raising a hand like a curious student, and several dance moves – in front of a DJ set broadcast live from someone’s living room.

This curious party took place at “Plein Plaza” – a sparse digital space that includes the designer’s $1.4 million cyber-skyscraper. Opposite the monogrammed tower is MONA – Plein’s underground NFT art museum which features an exhibition of previously unseen NFTs created by the designer and his collaborator and digital artist, Antoni Tudisco.
The monogrammed Plein Plaza skyscraper that cost the designer $1.4 million.

The monogrammed Plein Plaza skyscraper that cost the designer $1.4 million. Credit: Decentralized

A future to explore

While other designers rented their retail space for the event, Plein purchased its digital lot in February. Her decision speaks to the high hopes many have for metaverse fashion. But the experience still has a long way to go if it is to become a shopping destination rather than a gimmick.

Decentraland’s event has been described as the first inclusive fashion week, offering a front-row seat to anyone with a crypto wallet (actually, not that much). But it took me two Macs and a Dell laptop to finally get into Decentraland — and even then my sessions lasted 15 minutes at a time before crashing.

And while virtual fashion weeks can curb the likes of air travel and unnecessary set construction for shows, there’s also an environmental cost to virtual realms that rely heavily on sophisticated computer systems.
Estée Lauder has built a massive rotating bottle of Advanced Night Repair in the Metaverse.

Estée Lauder has built a massive rotating bottle of Advanced Night Repair in the Metaverse. Credit: Decentralized

Glitches aside, the experience offered a window into a fascinating future worthy of exploration. The ambition behind Decentraland’s first fashion week was cause for celebration. And if fashion is all about new and new, then the Metaverse was the hottest place in town. More than the announced designers, it was the other guests who brought a burst of creativity. It also showed potential for other industries. Beauty brand Estée Lauder’s giant rotating bottle of Advanced Repair night serum was a marketing spectacle to behold, and the “Unplanned Paths” digital photography exhibit at “The Chockablock” cyber-gallery was immersive enough to feel as a real alternative to in-person viewing. .

But unless you’re joining a gaming PC (and even then, expect an intense delay), virtual fashion week can be as unreachable as the real thing. For now.

Top image: A screenshot from the Philipp Plein after-party on Decentraland.org

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Fashion designer

Uncertainty over Carla Zampatti’s $25m Woollahra home

Uncertainty over Carla Zampatti’s $25million Woollahra home as her children decide on next steps – nearly a year after her fashion designer’s tragic death

Carla Zampatti’s daughters, Bianca and Allegra Spender, have yet to agree on a listing for the designer’s $25million property in Woollahra, nearly a year after her death.

According to Immobilier.com.authe title of the 1928 Italian-style house remains in Carla’s name.

Realtor Georgia Cleary advises the family on the future of the property as they decide on next steps.

Decisions: Uncertainty over Carla Zampatti’s (pictured) $25million Woollahra home as her children decide on next steps – nearly a year after her fashion designer’s tragic death

However, it is believed that the house will not be on the market anytime soon before the end of Australian Fashion Week and the federal election.

Carla and her ex-husband John Spender bought the house in 1975 for $220,000 and lived there until 1986.

The designer returned to the property after the couple separated in 2009.

Next steps: According to Realestate.com.au, the title of the 1928 Italian-style house remains in Carla's name.  Realtor Georgia Cleary advises the family on the future of the property as they decide on next steps.  Pictured is Carla and her daughter Bianca Spender

Next steps: According to Realestate.com.au, the title of the 1928 Italian-style house remains in Carla’s name. Realtor Georgia Cleary advises the family on the future of the property as they decide on next steps. Pictured is Carla and her daughter Bianca Spender

Carla, 78, died on April 3, days after falling during an outdoor opera performance.

The mother of three and grandmother of nine had spent a week in hospital after the crash.

Born in Italy in 1942, Zampatti emigrated to Australia with her parents in 1950 at the age of nine and created her famous fashion brand at 24.

History: Carla and her ex-husband John Spender bought the house in 1975 for $220,000 and lived there until 1986. The designer returned to the property after the couple separated in 2009

History: Carla and her ex-husband John Spender bought the house in 1975 for $220,000 and lived there until 1986. The designer returned to the property after the couple separated in 2009

Her designs have been worn by some of Australia’s most influential women, including Princess Mary of Denmark, Australia’s first female Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman and Ms Berejiklian.

The forward-thinking fashion designer said goodbye during a state funeral at St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney.

Carla was named Australian Designer of the Year in 1994, received the Australian Fashion Laureate in 2008 and a year later was made a Companion of the Order of Australia, Australia’s highest civilian honour.

<a class=Fashion icon: Carla, 78, died on April 3, days after falling during an outdoor opera performance. Her designs have been worn by some of Australia’s most influential women, including Princess Mary of Denmark and Australia’s first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.” class=”blkBorder img-share” style=”max-width:100%” />

Fashion icon: Carla, 78, died on April 3, days after falling during an outdoor opera performance. Her designs have been worn by some of Australia’s most influential women, including Princess Mary of Denmark and Australia’s first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.


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French fashion

L’Abeille opens its doors and more restaurant news in New York

From the beginning, TriBeCa’s conversion from warehouse district to food hub has featured opulent, upscale dining destinations. Think Chanterelle, Montrachet, Bouley, M. Chow and Danube. That hasn’t changed: the most recent additions include A white street, Atera, Jungsik and now this restaurant, housed in a former coffee and tea warehouse. The executive chef and a partner, Mitsunobu Nagae, serve French cuisine with Japanese touches in a setting that is both informal, without tablecloths, and luxuriously appointed with plush snow pea velvet. Mr. Nagae, 34, from Osaka, worked in Paris at Le Doyen before joining the Joël Robuchon empire, notably L’Atelier in New York, then Shun. When he found himself distraught after restaurants were closed by the pandemic, Rahul Saito, an affluent local and food lover, approached him for this new venture. They define it with the French term “bistronomie”, which means a bistro for an elegant dinner. As for the name of the restaurant, it is a sly reference to Mitsu, which means honey, named after the chef. (“Abeille” means “bee” in French.) Mr. Nagae’s menu includes miso-glazed pigeon grilled over binchotan charcoal, marinated lobster with vanilla vinaigrette, and a dessert of strawberries with lychee, rose and shiso. There’s a six-course tasting menu, $180, in addition to the a la carte menu. French bottles and especially champagnes dominate the wine list, curated by John Mckenna, the beverage director.

412 Greenwich Street (Laight Street), 212-542-3898, thebee.nyc.

A third location with a more upscale approach to this Japanese restaurant, which marries classic sushi and chawanmushi with items like a tuna tortilla, has opened. It’s on two floors, but sushi omakase ($150) is only served at the ground floor sushi bar, which has 12 seats. (Open Wednesday)

47 Prince St. (Mulberry St.), 323-828-0096, momoanyc.com.

In Tune Hospitality by Massimo Lusardi added this salon, disguised as a locksmith and cobbler, to the block where he also has Uva and Uva Next Door. The new spot, with velvet accents, serves drinks and small plates.

1488 Second Avenue (78th Street), 917-557-0217, keysandheelsnyc.com.

The movie “Saturday Night Fever” inspired this red sauce joint, an outgrowth of Manero’s Pizza. You might know what to order without even looking at the menu, except there’s no Chicken Parm. (Wednesday)

113 Mulberry St. (Canal St.), 212-345-6789, maneros.pizza.

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Fashion brand

Images Fashion Awards 2022 honor India’s most innovative fashion brands and companies for their achievements in 2021

Tommy Hilfiger, Bestseller India, Rare Rabbit, Being Human Clothing top the list of winners with multiple trophies at India’s most prestigious fashion industry awards.

The 21st Annual IMAGES Fashion Awards (IFA) recognized the achievements of India’s leading fashion brands and retail companies at a spectacular ceremony last night at The Leela Ambience, Gurgaon. Hosted by Anish Trivedi, Chairman of Alenka Media and acclaimed actor and singer Manasi Scott, the ceremony was attended by the C-Suite of India’s fashion retail industry, including renowned educationist and fashion strategist design management, Dr. Darlie O Koshy, and Shailesh Chaturvedi, MD & CEO, Arvind Fashions Ltd.

Held after a two-year hiatus due to the covid-19 pandemic, IFA 2022 powerfully recognized the tremendous innovation and powerful rebound of the fashion retail industry in India. Awards were given in 24 different categories to global and made in India fashion brands including Bestseller India, Arvind Fashions, Rare Rabbit, Zara, AND, Bata, Levi’s among others.

The IFA 2022 selection process involved inviting entries from the country’s leading fashion brands and retailers across multiple categories for outstanding performance in the 2021 calendar year.

There was also a nationwide survey involving over 50 malls in metros, Tier 1, 2 and 3 locations, asking them to name their most searched brands, whether or not those brands are their tenants!

The IFA 2022 Grand Jury included distinguished personalities and intelligence leaders from multiple fields and with deep insights into the fashion industry. The jurors included ABHISHEK BANSAL, Executive Director, Pacific Development Corporation Limited; DALIP SEHGAL, CEO, Nexus Malls; HARMINDER SAHNI, Founder & MD, Wazir Councillors; DR. Mr. M. HUNDEKAR, Main, School of Fashion Technology; PRAMOD RANJAN DWIVEDI, President — real estate, Ambuja Neotia; RAJAT WAHI, PartnerDeloitte and SHIBU PHILIPS, EntrepreneurLulu International Mall

The results of industry recommendations and jury scores ultimately determined the nominees and final winners.




IMAGES Most Admired Fashion Brand of the Year: WOMEN’S WESTERN WEAR – FOREIGN ORIGIN: ZARA

IMAGES Most Admired Fashion Brand of the Year: WOMEN’S WESTERNWEAR – INDIAN ORIGIN: ET



IMAGES Most Admired Fashion Brand of the Year: JEANS & CASUALWEAR – FOREIGN ORIGIN: LEVI’S

IMAGES Most Admired Fashion Brand of the Year: JEANS & CASUALWEAR — INDIAN ORIGIN: SPYKAR

IMAGES Most Admired Fashion Brand of the Year: SHOES – FOREIGN ORIGIN: BATA

IMAGES Most Admired Fashion Brand of the Year: SHOES – INDIAN ORIGIN: METRO

IMAGES Most Admired Fashion Brand of the Year: MEN’S INNER-WEAR – FOREIGN ORIGIN: JOCKEY


IMAGES Most Admired Fashion Brand of the Year: LINGERIE – FOREIGN ORIGIN: MARKS & SPENCER

IMAGES Most Admired Fashion Brand of the Year: LINGERIE – INDIAN ORIGIN: ZIVAME

IMAGES Most Admired Fashion Brand of the Year: MEN’S INDIANWEAR: MANYAVAR

IMAGES Most Admired Fashion Brand of the Year: WOMEN’S INDIANWEAR: BIBA

IMAGES Most Admired Fashion Brand of the Year: ATHLEISURE – FOREIGN ORIGIN: NIKE

IMAGES Most Admired Fashion Brand of the Year: ATHLEISURE – INDIAN ORIGIN: HRX

IMAGES Most Admired Fashion Innovator of the Year: TCNS CLOTHING

IMAGES Launch of the most admired store of the year: PUMA

IMAGES Most Admired Brand of the Year: AND Girl

IMAGES Most Admired Fashion Design Concept of the Year – STORE DESIGN: PANTS

IMAGES Most Admired Fashion Design Concept of the Year – VM: ONLY

IMAGES Most Admired Fashion Retailer of the Year: Marketing and Promotions: BEING HUMAN CLOTHING

IMAGES The Most Admired Retail Reimagined — 360° Transformation: Being a Human Garment

IMAGES Most Admired Retail Reinvented — Fashionable Fiber Ecosystem: Easybuy

IMAGES The Most Admired Retail Reimagined – Virtual Store Innovation: UNRIVALED JACK & JONES

IMAGES Most Admired Retail Reimagined — Omnichannel Optimization: Always New

IMAGES Most Admired Fashion Retailer of the Year: Customer Engagement Program – Menswear: BESTSELLER INDIA – JACK & JONES + SELECTED HOMME

IMAGES Most Admired Fashion Retailer of the Year: Customer Engagement Program – Womenswear: G3+FASHION

IMAGES Most Admired Fashion Retailer of the Year: Customer Engagement Program – Sportswear: LOTTO

IMAGES Most Admired Fashion Retailer of the Year: Customer Engagement Program – Others: CHUMBAK

IMAGES Most Admired Affordable Fashion Retailer of the Year: EASYBUY

IMAGES Most Admired Large Format MBO Channel of the Year: TRENDING

IMAGES Most Admired EBO Channel of the Year: RARE RABBIT


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Fashion style

Judi Dench wears white at the Oscars

Dame Judi Dench looked amazing as she graced the red carpet at the 2022 Academy Awards.

The super-famous actress stunned in an all-white ensemble as she attended the event.

Kevin MazurGetty Images

Judi’s outfit for the evening was simply stunning. The star opted for a white jacket adorned with pretty and delicate pearl details. She wore it over a coordinating white dress, with the overall look creating a stunning monochromatic style.

judi dench white oscars

ABCGetty Images

The star wore her hair in her signature and much-loved pixie cut. She seems to have gone for simple makeup, choosing a natural look with a neutral/pink lip.

judi dench white oscars

ABCGetty Images

And it wasn’t just Judi’s outfit that had fans talking. She was seen walking the red carpet with a very special guest: her grandson – Sam Williams. The pair looked relaxed and so sweet together as they linked their arms and smiled for the cameras.

judi dench white oscars

Momodu MansarayGetty Images

In what made for a wonderful family moment, the two can be seen looking at each other and smiling as they enjoy their time together on the red carpet.

Dame Judi Dench was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role as a grandmother in Belfast. Later that evening, the accolade was won by Ariana DeBose for her role in West Side Story.

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Fashion designer

Zendaya looks stunning in this black Oscar de la Renta dress

Celebrity Sightings: Day Seven – Paris Fashion Week – Women’s Fashion F/W 2022-2023

Source: Edouard Berthelot / Getty

Zendaya and Law Roach are shutting down Instagram again because of the actress’ trendy style! In preparation for Oscar Sunday, the beauty was spotted in a stunning all-black Oscar de la Renta guipure lace gown with velvet appliques. The dress was sheer and featured a deep V-neckline that added a bit of sexiness to the classic look that only a beauty like Zendaya could pull off. the Euphoria The actress looked absolutely stunning as she posed against a gray backdrop for her high fashion photoshoot while her stylist, Law Roach, along with the powerhouse fashion designer, shared behind-the-scenes videos of the look.

“You are all ready for tomorrow….. @oscardelarenta”, stylist Law Roach captioned the IG video. Check it out below.

The luxury fashion label also shared the IG Reel on its Instagram page, calling the beauty a “center of attention”, before tagging the dress details in the caption. “Center of attention,” they wrote. “@zendaya wear it #odlrfall2022 Guipure lace dress with velvet applications.

Check it out below.

We can’t wait to see what Zendaya wears to the Oscars tonight!

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Zendaya Coleman named Valentino’s latest brand ambassador

10 times Zendaya Coleman was our style muse

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French fashion

Oscars: Zendaya, Rosé and Bill Murray at the Saint Laurent Party

Saint Laurent has entered the race for the Oscars.

The legendary French fashion house hosted its first pre-Oscar party on Friday night. Hosted by Anthony Vaccarello, Creative Director of Saint Laurent, the evening began with a VIP dinner for around 50 people at the Harvey House, an architectural gem designed by John Lautner in Los Feliz and owned by Mitch Glazer and Kelly Lynch. A late-night reception for around 150 people included a performance by indie band Wet Leg and waiters passing around tar steak over potato chips and tomato crostini. An attendant walked around with a wooden humidor to offer guests brown and gold cigarillos.

The guest list included Zendaya, Pedro Almodóvar, Deni Villeneuve, Rosé, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Hailey Bieber, Zoë Kravitz, Al Pacino, Troye Sivan, Andie MacDowell, Bill Murray, Dave Franco, Jack Dylan Grazer, Joachim Trier, Maude Apatow, Jessie Buckley, Justice Smith, Amber Valletta and Joe Kerry.

Rosé attends the Saint Lauren Pre-Oscars event hosted by Anthony Vaccarello.
Getty Images for SAINT-LAURENT

Saint Laurent threw a similar party ahead of the Golden Globes in 2020. The brand joins a long list of fashion-centric events leading up to the Oscars. The Chanel Charles Finch Dinner returns tonight as an in-person event at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Earlier in the evening, Giorgio Armani will toast Nicole Kidman during his annual festivities at the Armani boutique in Beverly Hills. Gucci will once again team up with talent manager Guy Oseary for this exclusive post-Oscar party on Sunday.

Max Mara was one of the main sponsors of the Women In Fim pre-party. This year’s gathering took place at Bar Lis on Friday and attracted Rita Moreno, Jane Campion, Thuso Mbedu, Lashna Lynch, Daniel Durant, Amy Forsyth and Troy Kotsur. HER co-hosted the evening.

Many Friday night revelers turned out for the CAA reception at the San Vicente Bungalows in West Hollywood. According to a source, Taylor Swift, Joe Alwyn, Andrew Garfield and Zoë Kravitz were spotted on the dance floor.

Image loaded lazily

Zoë Kravitz and Hailey Bieber at the CAA Pre-Oscar Party at the San Vicente Bungalows.
Getty Images for CAA

CAA’s guest list also included Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Pine, Anya Taylor-Joy, Cedric the Entertainer, Troy Kotsur, Ariana DeBose, Taylor Swift, Andrew Garfield, Chris Pine, Zoë Kravitz, Denis Villeneuve, JJ Abrams, Hoyeon, Regé -Jean Page, Danny DeVito, Patricia Clarkson, Taika Waititi, Sacha Baron Cohen, Al Pacino, Adrien Brody, Simu Liu, Viola Davis, Trevor Noah, Ava DuVernay, Ron Howard, Rita Ora, Sebastian Stan and David Oyelowo.

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Fashion brand

Primark brings back the nostalgic brand of the 90s and 00s for a new range of sleepwear

If you grew up in the late 90s and early 2000s, you’ll no doubt remember how iconic the Powerpuff Girls were – and Primark just brought them back.

The cartoon show was a staple for the younger generation, and while it’s had its own revival in recent years, nothing beats the original.

That’s why fans will be delighted to see the original trio of power-girls – Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup – have made their way to stores near them.

The retailer has launched a line of Powerpuff Girls-themed sleepwear

The fast fashion giant has announced that it is now selling a brand new sleepwear range inspired by the hit 90s cartoon and prices start at just £6.

The new range includes a nightgown, a top and pants combo and a pair of fluffy pink slippers.

The original Powerpuff Girls trio are the latest iconic characters to be welcomed into Primark, as the retailer regularly offers shoppers their range of nostalgia-themed products.

From Harry Potter to Disney, the department store is known for stocking some of the beloved brands we’ve loved and grown up with.

And it looks like fans can’t wait to get their hands on the new range after sharing a snap with their fans on Instagram with the caption: “New sleepwear for The Powerpuff Girls! Prices from £6/€7 # Primark #NewArrivals.”

“Need,” exclaimed one buyer.

“Oh my god,” praised another.


“Omg remember they loved them,” a fourth commented.

“HELLO??? WE NEED,” replied a fifth.

And the fun doesn’t stop there for Powerpuff Girls fans, as the retailer has also recently started stocking £12 seamless sets that feature the popular characters.

Primark’s Powerpuff Girls sleepwear range is now in stores. Find your nearest store here.

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Fashion designer

Fashion designer Brooks Luby seeks to break Fashion West rules

Fashion designer Brooks Luby calls herself a low-key rebel. She hasn’t always wanted to create clothes her own way, but over her decades-long career, she has found satisfaction in experimenting with new ways of creating clothes while sticking to traditional methods.

“When you study fashion, you are taught to create things that people will want to buy. I only do things that I want to do,” she says.

Luby’s creations with Brooks Ltd. are difficult to pin down to a particular style. Her career as a Denver fashion designer and occasional boutique owner began in the mid-’70s. She’s known for her laid-back, sophisticated outfits for special occasions, with unexpected details that have become her signature.

She says her clientele is multi-generational. “Because I’ve been around so long, I have an older generation now bringing their kids in so they have the experience of working with a designer,” Luby says. “It educates them on quality clothing and creates a bonding moment for them.”

Her latest designs focus on the reuse of materials, aligning with the slow fashion movement, which highlights the durability of high quality garments that are made to last. “When people come in, I show them how I use a leftover piece of fabric and put things together to make it interesting. Then the garment becomes a treasured item that they’ll want to keep because there’s a story behind it. “, she explains.

Click to enlarge

Design Brooks Ltd

Hardy Klahold

To fuel her new fabric reuse mission, she began asking people to bring her clothes and tablecloths that they would throw away or donate. “A lot of people have tablecloths that they spent a lot of money on or that were passed on to them by people who aren’t around anymore and they don’t use them. I make something out of them for them and it has value. sentimental. I think people want to wear clothes that mean something. At least those are the people I want to attract,” Luby says.

Another technique she’s been using recently is draping and making one-size-fits-all clothes because they don’t conform to a specific pattern. “I let the fabric talk to me and do what it wants to do on a three-dimensional body,” she says.

For Luby, it’s another opportunity to create clothes that last and stay wearable even if someone’s body changes over time. It also highlights Luby’s instincts for creating unique objects that showcase the designer’s vision. “I let the fabric hang how it wants, shape it and sew it that way. It becomes interesting and cannot be repeated because there is no pattern. It allows me to throw off the rules I have had my whole career,” she added. said.

These “rules” include patterns she’s created in the past, cut from patterns she’s perfected over the years. Luby likes to mix the two styles. “I have a pretty eclectic aesthetic,” she comments, adding that she thinks there’s always a place to have a plain sheath dress and then dress it up with a bold jacket.

More recently, she prepared for a show at Western Fashion on Sunday, March 27, where a collection of designers will showcase a standout design on a model, then host a pop-up store for purchase. Luby says she doesn’t do many fashion shows, but she’s excited about the piece she created for this one.

Click to enlarge Brooks Ltd Design - HARDY KLAHOLD

Design Brooks Ltd

Hardy Klahold

Luby is no stranger to fashion shows. At the age of forty, she became a breast cancer survivor and was asked to be the exclusive designer for a series of fashion shows for other survivors. “Right after my surgery, the most important thing for me was going to work,” she says. “I wanted to be seen as the same person I was before breast cancer. When I made clothes for other survivors, I made them regular clothes. I wanted to be respected for my knowledge as a fashion designer rather than a cancer survivor.”

Her clothes took on a special meaning for the women who marched on the catwalk, giving them confidence and equal treatment. “I had the chance to dress women who were going through this experience,” she says. “It’s devastating to go through chemo and lose your hair. Being asked to walk the catwalk and have your hair and makeup done makes you feel like a woman again. It’s very emotional.”

She notes that going through cancer is the type of crisis that changes people, the same way she thinks the pandemic has changed people. For Luby, stopping COVID-19 meant becoming more creative and listening more to her own voice. “I follow my own rules now and I don’t worry about other people’s rules,” she says.

Part of that means working under bespoke, appointment-only rules in his LoDo neighborhood workshop, and make the type of clothes she wants. “Before, people would come to me to do something specific for them, but that doesn’t work for me anymore, because it stifles my creativity,” she explains. “I ask them what they like and design what I think will look good on them. I think people have to trust the designer they ask to make their clothes. It’s a deep experience that I share with people.”

Click to enlarge Brook Ltd Design - HARDY KLAHOLD

Brook Design Ltd.

Hardy Klahold

She adds that she doesn’t want her designs boxed and labeled a certain style. “I tried to put myself in one direction,” she says, “and it didn’t sit well with me, because I have too many things that I like to do.”

Luby’s clothes have always had a little something different about them, whether it’s bold or whimsical. She thinks now is the time for people who want to express themselves and wear high quality fashion.

“Due to the pandemic, people are dressing more according to what they want to wear and what is comfortable, as opposed to what fashion dictates,” she says. “I’m trying to ride that wave and I’m having a great time doing it.”

Brooks Ltd will be at Fashion West, Sunday, March 27 at 5 p.m., ReelWorks Denver, 1399 35th Street, Denver. Find tickets, $25 to $240, and more information at fashionwest.org.

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French fashion

Kathryn V. Masaryk (Davey) Obituary

Kathryn Virginia Frase Masaryk Davey, 96, died February 27, 2022 in Chandler, Arizona. She was born March 26, 1925 to Carl and Faith Frase in Norton Township. Katie went from eating crackers at Loyal Oak Farm to participating in NASDAQ IPOs. She attended Norton High School where she played the French horn. Katie enrolled at Kent State University and graduated with honors in education. She taught for a few years at South Euclid and Silver Lake. Katie then married Dr. Joseph A. Masaryk, MD of Barberton. She enjoyed her home at 253 Farr Ave. at Wadsworth, as well as her membership in the Bud and Bloom Garden Club and the Wadsworth Women’s Investment Club. Katie raised four sons: Joseph T. Masaryk, Esq. from Mesa, Arizona; Thomas J. Masaryk, MD (Midge) of Shaker Heights, OH; John A. Masaryk, MD (Polly) of Salt Lake City, UT; and Anthony M. Masaryk, MD of Austin, TX. His grandchildren are Tess, Iris, Hanna, Madeline, Katherine, Halle, Sarah, Abraham and Zachary. The last decades of Kathryn’s life were spent in Arizona. Kathryn had been a member of the Sun City West Ohio Club, the Weavers West Guild and a volunteer at the food bank. She also volunteered in the wilderness at Nadaburg Elementary School in Whittmann, AZ. Kathryn gave instructional help with reading and writing, and an occasional benefit in the form of food, clothing, or a kind word. In 2003 Kathryn married Edward B. Davey of Michigan and had some of the best years of her life before she died. In addition to her husband and family, her survivors include a brother, Glenn Frase of Seville. She was predeceased by Dr. Masaryk and brothers Gaylord Frase, Luther Frase and a sister, Martha Leach. Christian Burial Mass will be held at St. Dominic’s Church, Shaker Heights on May 16, 2022 at 10:00 a.m., followed by interment at Greenlawn Cemetery, Akron. There will be no more homemade ground meat with fresh citrus from the tree. Donations in Kathryn Masaryk’s name may be made to the Valley View Community Food Bank, https://feedingaz.org. Condolences can be dropped off at https://www.qohcfh.org.

Posted on March 24, 2022

Posted in Akron Beacon Journal

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Fashion brand

A$AP Rocky launches its new whiskey brand, Mercer + Prince

If the word multihyphenate had a face next to it in the dictionary, we wouldn’t be surprised to find A$AP Rocky there. The rapper, producer, fashion icon, model and actor is no stranger to doing it all, with a reputation as a multi-talented man. And today, he adds another box ticked to his resume: Rocky is getting into the spirits game by launching his own new brand of craft whiskey, titled Mercer + Prince.

Rocky’s whiskey, which sells for $29.99, was created in partnership with Global Brand Equities and E&J Gallo. (It’s available on ReserveBar now and will be in physical stores later this summer.) As a big fan of darker spirits like cognac, Rocky says he’s always been intrigued by the idea of ​​making his own whiskey. – and in launching it now, he saw an opportunity to disrupt his typical production process. “It’s the only category of spirits that would allow us to have a contemporary approach,” says Rocky. “Whiskey has a reputation for being more macho and traditional, but we wanted to redefine it for everyone, taking the influence of different regions and cultures and blending it into one. The way to push culture forward, is that everything is mixed up.

Photo: Courtesy of Mercer + Prince
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Fashion style

At the ongoing FDCI x Lakme Fashion Week in Delhi, Chennai-based Kaveri Lalchand presents a tea party on the catwalk

Between ice cream cones, Kaveri Lalchand merges the romance of chintz, crochet and cyanotype printing on the catwalk at the ongoing FDCI x Lakme Fashion Week

Between ice cream cones, Kaveri Lalchand merges the romance of chintz, crochet and cyanotype printing on the catwalk at the ongoing FDCI x Lakme Fashion Week

Kaveri Lalchand likes to cut the cake. Even when it’s not his birthday. At parties and celebrations, she usually picks up the cake and cuts it into neat slices. This love of cuts is found in the clothes she designs.

Butterfly Bloom, Kaveri’s latest collection, features three types of hand-cut butterflies, which gives a 3D effect. Her Summer Harvest collection has pom poms and hand cut organza leaves with embroidery on them. These sub-collections including Rose, Pearls Please, Constellation, Oriental Artistry, Tropical Soul and Cyano (fusing cyanotype printing with the charm of chintz patterns, vintage Victorian silhouettes and crochet lace) are part of its main collection, Photographs and Memories, which she will be featured at the ongoing FDCI x Lakme Fashion Week in Delhi.

Kaveri in her shop in Chennai Photo: Ravindran R/The Hindu

Kaveri in her shop in Chennai Photo: Ravindran R/The Hindu | Photo credit: Ravindran_R

Nothing is digitally printed, says Kaveri, holding a beige tunic with lace detailing. Admitting design quirks, she says, “I’m obsessed with how to make something by hand and make it look like it was made by machine. We create handprints that look digital,” she smiles.

The Chennai-based designer launched her eponymous label in 2011. Over the years, she’s appeared on shows in Paris, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Dubai and London. This is the fifth time she has appeared at Lakme Fashion Week. “I first participated in 2019 and did the Spring Summer and Fall Winter shows, followed by the SS and AW 2020 shows. And I’m back this year,” Kaveri says.

Its main collection is called Photographs and Memories

Its main collection is called Photographs and Memories

After a phygital (a portmanteau of physics and digital) showing in 2020 (a format she admits is confusing), Kaveri is excited to return to physical shows. “I have just come back from Delhi where I met the directors, the LED technicians, the models. It was buzzing. Interacting with each other and putting things together in person is great,” she explains, adding that there was a bubble and the models were isolating themselves. “I had to show a negative RT PCR and do a Rapid Antigen test at the entrance to the site. During live shows, the seating capacity has been reduced to 50%. So instead of 400 something, I’ll have an audience of about 216 people,” she adds.

Fashion Week is offering two showcase spaces this time: Runway and Atelier. Kaveri chose Atelier because it gave him the ability to create a different layout for the ramp. “I’m creating a garden path and a tea set,” she says as she prepares refreshments in the store. A vintage ice cream maker in pink and white hums softly, taking pride of place among her pastel linen dresses.

As Kaveri fills one cone with orange ice cream and another with chocolate, she says, “I want my store to be a place where people can enjoy a moment of relaxation. Ice cream vending machines and old-fashioned fluffy cones bring back memories. Memories play an important role in creation.

There are eight sub-collections

There are eight sub-collections

Kaveri has just designed a line for children, which will be launched soon. There are adorable little linen dresses and shirts. “We have mothers, grandmothers and grandchildren wearing the same outfit from my shop,” smiles Kaveri.

She says she started drawing eleven years ago, for personal reasons. “I had a hard time finding trendy linen clothes in my size,” she says. This led her to create a brand that does not adhere to size stereotypes. “It has to do with personal body types. My styles are generous. I make clothes that make you feel good about yourself. One of the biggest compliments is when my clients say: whenever I’m down and want someone to lift me up, I wear your outfits.

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Fashion designer

A Night at the Museum with Ralph Lauren

Gigi Hadid opened the show wearing a black and white graphic sweater from the RL Collection over a crisp white shirt with black pants. His sister Bella Hadid quickly appeared on the runway, and a few looks later the neutral palette was interrupted by a pop of red, appearing as a line accent in the collection. Later in the show Tyson Beckford featured Lauren’s impeccable tailoring and a plaid pocket square.

“The models slept with us with their eyes! It was my favorite part. They invited us into the show,” Rachel Brochananalso wearing a rendition of the tuxedo with a beaded vest and accompanied by her sister, gushed.

Zoey Deutsch joined the conversation, a bright spot in a monochromatic hot pink suit, to reflect on Ralph’s legacy. “He’s the greatest American fashion designer of all time. Everyone has a connection with him and his clothes. For me, all my favorite things my dad wore were Ralph Lauren. He had a really amazing vintage collection. It’s my childhood. I would steal them. I have so many. That’s what Ralph Lauren means to me,” she said.

“I feel like it means something different to different people. I also grew up with our dad, wearing these Ralph Lauren cashmere sweaters, they feel like home,” Broshanan echoed.

Getty Images.

From sequined Fair Isle puffer jackets to futuristic sunglasses and tailcoats, Ralph Lauren’s AW22 collection transported viewers from visions of America’s past to assumptions of its future. The juxtaposition of the two led to unexpected combinations on the runway like leather and ruffled collars, backless necklines adorned with ties, and modern women’s suits accessorized with a fitted Yankee hat and bomber jacket reading. New York.

During the show’s finale, Lauren was greeted with a standing ovation as he stood at the top of the stairs leading to the runway. As the applause soared, one thing was clear: New York was back in style.

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French fashion

The French brand Hermès continues to invest in its production capacity

Hermès International has continued to invest in its production capacity and announces the creation of two leather goods workshops (France, Charente and Gironde) with 500 jobs by 2026. Since 2010, the French manufacturer has opened nine leather goods workshops in France, bringing the number of saddlers employed by the group to more than 4,300.

To support the success of the leather goods and saddlery collections, Hermès confirms its ambition to grow and continue to develop its production capacity with the construction of two new leather goods workshops, the opening of which is scheduled for 2025 and the other in 2026. In time, 500 craftsmen will exercise their know-how of excellence in the future workshops located in Charente, in the town of L’Isle-d’Espagnac, and in Gironde, in the town of Loupes, specifies the company in a press release. .

These two new projects come on top of the three other sites under construction in Louviers (Eure), Tournes and Cliron (Ardennes) and Riom (Puy-de-Dôme), for which recruitment and training are underway. .

The Leather Goods of L’Isle-d’Espagnac joins the South-West Leather Goods cluster with those of Nontron and Montbron and the Gloves-Leather Goods of Saint-Junien, established in this area for more than 25 years. The Leather Goods of L’Isle-d’Espagnac will be inaugurated in 2025.

Along with Maroquinerie de Guyenne, the new Manufacture des Loupes will form the Girondin division of Hermès, which will become the group’s eighth leather goods division and will eventually employ more than 500 artisans. This new site will be inaugurated in 2026.

Strongly committed to building lasting relationships with its local partners, Hermès is preparing to set up in L’Isle-d’Espagnac by working in cooperation with the Nouvelle-Aquitaine development and innovation competition agency, and the Community of Greater Angouleme agglomeration. For the development of its new sites, the House relies on its partnerships with Pôle Emploi, the Rectorate of Poitiers, the Greta adult training service of Poitou-Charentes Angoulême Agency and the Greta CFA of Aquitaine, adds the press release. .

In a spirit of companionship that values ​​the transmission of know-how and artisanal culture, the L’Isle-d’Espagnac site will rely on the know-how of the craftsmen of the Maroquinerie de Nontron, de Montbron and de la Ganterie -Leather goods of Saint-Junien.

The Loupes site will benefit from its proximity to the expert craftsmen of La Maroquinerie de Guyenne, which will be established in the Gironde area in 2020. The Hermès School of Expertise, a training center for Hermès apprentices approved by the National will expand to Montbron in September 2022, and to La Maroquinerie de Guyenne, in early 2023. The School trains its apprentices in a sustainable profession based on the House’s excellence in leather goods know-how.

The two new workshops located in L’Isle-d’Espagnac and Les Loupes will become the 23rd and 24and production sites of the Hermès Leather Goods & Saddlery division, all located in France.

Fibre2Fashion (RR) News Desk

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Fashion brand

Bill protecting religious freedom passes Iowa House in bipartisan fashion

DES MOINES, Iowa – The Iowa House of Representatives has passed a bill, HF 2437which protects the right of Iowans to the free exercise of their religion last Thursday.

State Rep. Skyler Wheeler, R-Orange City, the bill’s steward, introduced the bill.

“It just says that if a government is going to treat secular conduct, secular business, etc., one way, it must also treat religious conduct the same way,” he said.

No one made any further comments and the chamber proceeded to a vote.

The bill passed 93 to 1. State Representative Charles Isenhart, D-Dubuque, was the only no.

HF 2437 is a response to COVID-19 restrictions seen in other states where churches have been closed but other businesses, such as Nevada casinos, have been allowed to remain open.

The bill prohibits a government entity from interfering with a person’s free exercise of religion. The bill also prohibits government entities from treating religious conduct more restrictively than any secular conduct that poses a reasonably comparable risk or from treating religious conduct more restrictively than similar secular conduct because of a need or of a presumed economic advantage.

The bill provides that a person whose free exercise of religion has been impaired in violation of the bill may assert that violation as a claim or defense in a judicial or administrative proceeding. It also provides that the government entity may be held liable for actual damages, attorneys’ fees, costs, and other appropriate remedies and allows the person to obtain an injunction against the government entity.

Finally, HF 2437 also prohibits a county or city from enacting any private or civil law that would interfere with a person’s free exercise of religion.


The Iowa Senate’s version of the bill, SF-2284, which came out of the committee was not put to a vote in the Iowa Senate. However, since he is attached to the Iowa House bill, he is still eligible for debate even though the second funnel deadline has passed.

SF 2284, however, includes language similar to the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act. It states that a governmental entity shall not substantially interfere with a person’s free exercise of religion unless the governmental entity can demonstrate that the action constituting or giving rise to the charge is in pursuit of a compelling government interest and is the least restrictive means of furthering that interest.

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Fashion style

Lagos Fashion Week X Industry Africa Special Retail Partnership

Iagos Fashion Week is collaborating with renowned African luxury fashion e-tailer, Industrie Africa, for a special retail partnership.

The groundbreaking collaboration between two major players in the African fashion industry – who have both tirelessly championed, elevated and organized Africa’s strongest designers within a regional and global community – was launched on the 15th March 2022 and will allow customers to shop from a number of talented brands that featured during the Lagos Fashion Week tenth anniversary showcase last October.

Revealing its dedication to the mission of the platform, Industrie Africa will showcase a new wave of designers from across the continent alongside the latest collections from iconic African brands during a three-month campaign, with new styles delivered weekly.

Consumers around the world will be able to shop over 180 new products in categories spanning apparel, swimwear, accessories and footwear.

Participating brands include Andrea Iyamah, Emmy Kasbit, IAMISIGO, KikoRomeo, NKWO, Orange Culture, Lisa Folawiyo, Studio 189, Babayo, Cynthia Abila, Gozel Green, Maliko, Niukuand Pepper Row.

From the inaugural partnership, the founder of Lagos Fashion Week, Omoyemi Akerelenoted, “We are excited to roll out this collaboration with Industrie Africa as part of the Lagos Fashion Week Presents platform, which focuses on expanding access to market lanes for African brands. It also provides us with the opportunity to enjoy a model that best combines the physical experiences of the runways in Lagos and the emotions it evokes with opportunities for a global audience to digitally purchase some of the designers’ collections after the runway. .

Founder and CEO of Industrie Africa, Nisha Kanabar added, “The creation of Industrie Africa in 2018 was founded on the desire to grant the world intimate access to the continent’s exceptionally diverse creative landscape. We are now extending this concept even further with a special opportunity to purchase a curated selection from the latest Spring 22 collections from Lagos Fashion Week’s 10th Anniversary Electric Runway We can’t wait to see what our style-conscious customers at Industrie Africa will turn their attention to in our biggest launch yet.

The first phase of Lagos Fashion Week X Industrie Africa is available exclusively on Industrie Africa.

For more information and to keep track of all things Lagos Fashion Week, head here.

Photo: Lagos Fashion Week

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Fashion designer

Business News | Stock and Equity Market News | Financial news

Moneycontrol PRO

Institutional investors can buy or sell, depending on factors such as year-end profit making or allocations to various geographies. These may not affect stock quality. Retail investors need not worry too much about these stocks, experts say.

Should you be worried when foreign investors dump Indian stocks?

name Price Change % changes
Sbi 481.20 -9:40 a.m. -1.92
Indiabulls Hsg 153.35 -3.95 -2.51
ntpc 132.45 -0.45 -0.34
Rec 123.70 -0.90 -0.72




Which of these youngsters will score the most runs this IPL?


Thank you for voting

Overview of the IPO

Equity Type Issue price Size of the problem Lot size Open issue Closing the issue
See profile initial public offering of an SME 20 3.6 6000 17-03 22-03
See profile initial public offering of an SME 27 9.72 4000 17-03 22-03
See profile initial public offering of an SME 37 NSE – SME 3000 21-03 23-03
PE Analytics View profile initial public offering of an SME 111 30.77 – 31.6 1200 22-03 25-03
Equity Issue price Registration date Ad open close ad Listing Earnings % CPM Current Earnings %
Ekennis software 72 07-03 80.00 84.00 16.67 101.10 40.42
Maruti interior 55 16-02 75.45 71.90 30.73 61.70 12.18
Vedant modes 866 16-02 950.00 934.85 7.95 915.70 5.74
quality RO 51 09-02 52.25 53.70 5.29 55.00 7.84
Scheme Fund category information Purchase order Opening date Closing Date
No NFO details available.
Equity Type Issue price Size of the problem Lot size Subscription Open issue Closing the issue

SP Refractories View profile

initial public offering of an SME 90 4.92 0 09-03 11-03

Cool Caps View Profile

initial public offering of an SME 36 11.01 – 11.63 0 10-03 15-03

KN Agri View profile

initial public offering of an SME 71 46.75 – 49.38 0 15-03 17-03

Swaraj Suiting View profile

initial public offering of an SME 56 10.68 0 15-03 17-03

chat box

Balwant Jain
Balwant Jain

Tax and investment expert,

March 24 – 2:00 p.m.

Tax planning through HUF

chat box

Balwant Jain
Balwant Jain

Tax and investment expert

March 24 – 2:00 p.m.

Tax planning through HUF

Securities transaction

Company Report VF Ex-rights
Rights details not present at this time.

Company Name Last prize Change Market capitalization Net sales net profit Assets

country=India page generated=2022-03-22 10:42:11

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French fashion

Your Tuesday Briefing: The Fight for Mariupol

Hello. We cover the ongoing destruction of Mariupol, Ukraine, the search for survivors in a Chinese plane crash and the lifting of Covid restrictions in Hong Kong.

Ukraine has rejected Russia’s request that soldiers defending Mariupol surrender at dawn on Monday. Efforts to reach the hundreds of thousands of people trapped there remained fraught with difficulty as Russian forces stepped up their attacks.

“My city is dying a painful death,” wrote one survivor after fleeing. “For twenty days, I would die of it. I was in hell.”

A powerful explosion also rocked kyiv on Monday and reduced a sprawling shopping center to rubble. A Times reporter saw six bodies there covered in plastic, as rescuers battled fires and pulled other victims from the wreckage. Here are the live updates.

The context: After nearly a month of fighting, the war is at an impasse. Russia is turning to deadlier and more brutal methods, including targeting civilians, as it suffers troop and equipment losses that would limit its ability to mount offensives.

Resistance: About two million people who remain in Kyiv are galvanized by a newfound unity. In the ancient city of Lviv, simple rituals took on a new and sometimes surreal meaning.

Diplomacy: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is drawing on other nations’ stories of struggle to rally support, invoking the civil rights movement to American lawmakers and the fall of the Berlin Wall to Germans. Our chief fashion critic also analyzed her most famous piece of clothing: the olive green tee.

Other updates:

An airliner with 132 people on board crashed Monday afternoon in the Guangxi region, a mountainous region in southern China. It was unclear if any of the crew and passengers survived.

Carrie Lam, the leader of Hong Kong, announced Monday that the city will lift its ban on flights from nine countries on April 1 and reduce quarantine times for vaccinated residents returning from overseas from 14 days to seven.

Experts and government officials have said the worst of a wave caused by Omicron may be over and residents are at higher risk of infection from community transmissions than imported cases.

But even though its new measures remain among the strictest in the world, Hong Kong’s approach appears to deviate slightly from that of mainland China, where Shanghai and Shenzhen remain in lockdown.

Context: For most of the pandemic, Hong Kong isolated itself from the rest of the world and forced travelers to self-quarantine for three weeks in a hotel.

Here are the latest pandemic updates and maps.

Other updates:

world news

A little over half a century ago, there were only about three dozen red-crowned cranes in all of Japan. They are now 1,900, thanks to the work of conservationists, but few scientists think they could survive without being fed by humans.

The long-running Eurovision Song Contest pits countries against each other for pop supremacy. Artists like ABBA (Sweden), Celine Dion (Switzerland) and Julio Iglesias (Spain) have all participated once.

Now the United States wants to recreate some of the magic of Eurovision with “American Song Contest”, hosted by Kelly Clarkson and Snoop Dogg. Here is a primer.

Will I know any of the songs? No, they must be new, although applicants do not have to write their own stuff.

Who is in competition? The competition has 56 entries. Jewel (who grew up yodeling in harsh conditions in Alaska), Michael Bolton (Connecticut) and Sisqó (Maryland) are among the famous names.

Eurovision has crazy performance. Does this version? “One person’s cliché is another person’s truth,” said an executive producer. “Some of them are self-aware, some are not.” — Sanam Yar, a morning writer

What to cook

pad thai is the national dish of Thailand, and easy to cook at home. Abroad, it’s part of the canon of Thai restaurants.


The founders of Mejdi Tours believe that travel can be a force for peace.

What to watch

Charlotte Gainsbourg makes her directorial debut in “Jane by Charlotte,” an elusive portrait of her mother, Franco-English star Jane Birkin.

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Fashion brand

Sunday Funday Moment: Famous Latina Fashion Brand Holds LA Pop-Up Tour in El Paso

EL PASO, Texas– From LA to El Paso. Los Angeles-based clothing brand Hija De Tu Madre traveled to the border this weekend to spread their positive message to all Jefas in our community.

“I only had $500 and I was living at home, so I really built this whole business on one product which is our Virgencita jacket that I wear and that was it,” said Patty Delgado, Founder, CEO and Designer of Latina Lifestyle Brand, Hija De Tu Madre.

Being the daughter of two Mexican immigrants, Delgado always knew she wanted to create something that represented her culture while empowering women and future entrepreneurs.

“I founded the company in 2016, it was during the 2016 election and I felt very called to create a space to celebrate culture,” Delgado said. “During this time, I was hearing so many negative stereotypes about immigrants and Latinos and just wanted to create a really safe space that celebrates our identity through something as simple as fashion.

Fast forward 6 years later and Hija De Tu Madre has sold products to people in over 30 countries, and this weekend the lifestyle brand held their three-day border pop-up tour and their first stop was at local Latina-owned business, Relic of Chuco.

“It’s really exciting, one that they chose to stop in El Paso and two that it’s another Latina owned business but on a bigger scale so even just seeing another business on a bigger scale scale is really motivating. I hope Latinas here are business owners and for Latinas in general to carry the brand,” said Chelsie Evaldi, owner of Chuco Relic.

Locals spent their Friday afternoon shopping for unique clothing, accessories and stationery the brand is known for.

Patty Delgado, founder of Hija De Tu Madre

Delgado hopes this border pit stop can keep El Paso and LA a little more connected.

“There’s a huge community here that we haven’t been able to connect with so much in real life,” Delgado said. “We’re based in Los Angeles so it’s really important for us to grow outside of that cause Latinos are everywhere we really wanted to connect with our Texas community.

And Delgado encourages people to continue supporting small businesses in their area.

“It’s about investing in your community and putting your money where it matters and that’s in our community and that’s where people need it most,” Delgado said.

Hija De Tu Madre’s short-lived tour wraps up in El Paso on Sunday afternoon at the Upper Valley Market, but they’ll cross into New Mexico and Phoenix. Click here for details on upcoming tour dates.

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Fashion style

Easy styling tips for TALL women

Well, it’s a common notion that short women often have problems when shopping and wearing certain styles of clothing, but have you ever wondered what tall women go through?

Let us tell you that just like petite women, plus size women should also think twice before buying anything! If you’re a petite woman who envies a tall one for all kinds of things she can wear and look fabulous, let us tell you, tall women have their issues too. Not all styles are flattering for plus size women and they can very well make mistakes with their hair. Therefore, we are here to share some quick and important styling tips that plus size women can use in their favor.

– If you are someone who wants to flaunt your curves, use a waist tie or a belt that fits your waist perfectly.

– Are you tall and have a large chest? V-necklines will make your bust flatter.

– You should wear ankle strap shoes if you have long legs and want to make a shorter skirt look gorgeous.

– If you have a torso longer than your legs, you should try wearing an above-the-knee or high-waisted skirt with a crop top. This balances out your figure.

– If you have longer legs and a shorter torso, you can try a long top over pants. Make sure the colors and patterns are correct.

– Loose or oversized top can be tucked into high waisted jeans. This is another great way to create a curvier silhouette.

– You need to balance the wider shoulders with a fit and flare dress or even a skater skirt.

– Feel free to wear heels. If you like them, wear them. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

– If you want to wear a dress, go for an asymmetrical dress as it can be very effective in making your legs look more proportionate.

– You can layer a jacket that ends just at your waist over longer t-shirts if you are shorter at the top.

– You can use long necklaces to lengthen your torso. It helps draw attention to your waistline.

– If you’re tall and curvy, you need to show off your best features with clever tailoring. Show off your petite waist with a crop top. Choose high-waisted skirts that land on the most flattering part of your legs if that’s what you want to flaunt.

– Wear prints or bright colors on half your body as it helps you look smaller, if at all, that’s what you’re ready to look like.

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Fashion designer

Best Shoe Design Colleges in USA

Shoes were invented to protect the feet only. Our distant ancestors living in cold regions wore animal skin shoes that also covered the calves. And those who live in warmer regions rolled palm leaves under their feet. Like most things, shoe design has come a long way since then. We wear dress shoes or oxfords for formal events, boots or stilettos for less formal occasions, sneakers for exercise, and pumps or sneakers for casual gatherings. So we have a shoe for every occasion.
Although shoe designers are in high demand, it is difficult to break into the industry without formal education. This is why, as an aspiring shoe designer, you should enroll in a formal shoe design program. Very few colleges or universities offer full-fledged shoe design programs. You can consider clothing design or fashion design programs that cover shoe design in depth.

The best shoe design colleges in the USA are:

  1. The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising
    FIDM’s Footwear Design program is part of the Fashion Design program. You will learn everything you need to know about the shoe industry, from shoe design and manufacturing to business strategy, during the year you invest in the program. You will learn how to integrate creativity with technical skills to create shoe collections that will become a trend in national and global markets. You can easily grasp the vast knowledge that the program instructors share with you. You also have the opportunity to learn and network with geniuses from top fashion brands such as Just Fab, Sam Edelman, Seychelles, Skechers, Sbicca, Steve Madden and TOMS. Many graduates have been hired by these companies while others have launched their own shoe collections.
  2. Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA)
    PNCA has partnered with PENSOLE Footwear Design Academy to launch its first program focused on shoemaking called Design Intensive. You can take one of three tracks in this intensive program: Color and Materials Design, Footwear Design, and Functional Clothing and Accessories Design. You will learn the complete design process from conceptualization to development as part of shoe design. Thus, you will gain in-depth knowledge of the entire shoe design process through the hands-on program. Experts from some of the best shoe brands will be part of the process to guide and mentor you on your journey to creating extraordinary shoe designs. You will be delighted to know that the founder of PENSOLE, D’Wayne Edwards, is one of these experts!
  3. Woodbury University
    Woodbury University is one of the universities on this list that does not offer a program solely dedicated to shoe design. But you will learn a lot about shoe design by pursuing its fashion design program. In this program, you will be able to explore niche segments of the apparel industry, including women’s denim, footwear, lingerie, and hats. Woodbury University has strong ties with several top brands such as BCBG, Kenneth Cole, Komarov and Max Mara. Through these associations, you can intern at some of the most prestigious fashion brands in the United States. Woodbury students designed outfits for members of the Burbank Philharmonic Orchestra. The university has established many such links with neighboring businesses, making it easier for students to find jobs. This alone makes Woodburn University an excellent choice for an aspiring shoe design professional. This further adds to the reputation of the university’s fashion design program.
  4. The Institute of Fashion Technology
    FIT offers a bachelor’s degree in prop design and related programs that last a year or two. Although these programs don’t focus on shoe design, you can learn a lot while earning a degree. As part of the program, you will be able to visit design studios and production facilities in one of the world’s leading fashion destination hubs, New York City. You can intern at top brands such as Brown Show, Kenneth Cole, and Nine West. You can also work on group projects and enter contests. Its certificate program in Performance Sports Shoes relates only to the design of shoes, although of a sports type. You will be able to learn in detail the four essential components of shoe design, namely ergonomics, materials, sketches and drafting.

Follow the latest news live on CEOWORLD magazine and get news updates from the United States and around the world. The opinions expressed are those of the author and not necessarily those of CEOWORLD magazine.

Follow headlines from CEOWORLD magazine on Google News, Twitterand Facebook. For media inquiries, please contact: [email protected]

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French fashion

Hungary: the importance of mental health and psychosocial support for refugees and displaced people – a mother’s story of a life disrupted by war in Ukraine – Hungary

Normally, Maria Bilovodska runs a successful fashion brand in Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital. These are not normal times. At the registration center at the Hungarian border crossing point of Beregsurány, Maria looks tired and pale after her long journey. Sitting on a low chair, surrounded by other exhausted-looking families, she waits for a bus that will take her and her 2 children, Miron (13) and Maria (8), to Budapest, then to France where she has a sister. The children fall silent, soaking up their new reality.

Speaking to the WHO in Hungary, Maria shares her company’s Instagram page. It shows photos of models wearing the glamorous outfits they exported to Canada and throughout Europe. Within days, the bombardment of her town forced her to close her business and flee her country.

“Here in Hungary, there is no bombardment, no noise, and it is much less painful for the children. It’s so good to feel calm and safe,” she says.

After arrival, when they have rested and eaten, refugees receive information on where to access medical, mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS), COVID-19 testing and vaccination. The registration center refers refugees to dedicated specialists who can provide adults with psychological first aid, a humane, empathetic and practical form of support, and help children come to terms with the distress of having to leave their homes. Those who wish can stay several nights until their departure.

Maria says she is well cared for and now has all the information she needs to support her family on the next leg of their journey – although she can’t stop thinking of her friends and the rest of his family stuck in Ukraine.

As she shares videos of the destruction, her composure briefly cracks and she begins to cry. Many of his friends live in towns currently surrounded by the Russian army. “I tell them, please go, and they say, ‘We can’t – we can’t get safe passage. “”

Pulling herself together, Maria talks about her next steps. Although she is heading to France, she wants to return to Ukraine as soon as possible to revive her activity.

“We had never been in need before. We had a good standard of living, we earned money, we never expected any other kind of life. Now we have to leave. I really hope we have a place to go back to, our own town.

WHO has deployed an MHPSS expert to Hungary who works with local non-governmental organizations to protect the mental health and psychosocial well-being of refugees and aid workers. WHO is also working hand in hand with the Hungarian government to provide training and translation of international MHPSS guidelines.

Mental health and psychosocial support for refugees, asylum seekers and migrants on the move in Europe. A multi-agency guidance note (2015)

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Fashion brand

Chelsea star Ben Chilwell is taking time off for injury rehabilitation as the England left-back models for luxury fashion brand Prada

BEN CHILWELL took a well-deserved break from rehab to pose for luxury fashion brand Prada.

The Chelsea and England star was caught up in Sports World Magazine’s fantasy threads.


Chilwell was broken last month speeding up his injury recoveryCredit: Instagram / @calteck10

The 25-year-old took Twitter to show off the stylish outfit to her three-quarters of a million followers.

Chilwell wore a white Prada undershirt, with a matching black Prada shirt on top.

But he’s not the only Chelsea star to have donned designer clothes in recent years.

On loan midfielder Billy Gilmour modeled for fashion brand Burberry in 2017.

And the pair’s talents obviously extend beyond the football pitch.

An injury against Juventus in the Champions League group stages in November initially ruled Chilwell out for the entire season.

He went under the knife late last year after sustaining a partial tear in his anterior cruciate ligament.

But in video captured by team-mate Callum Hudson-Odoi at Chelsea’s Cobham training base last month, Chilwell hinted at a return before the end of the campaign.


He was seen kicking a ball in the treatment room as he continued to speed up his recovery from a long-term injury.

And the fact that Chilwell was moving freely had given Blues fans hope they would get a glimpse of the star left-back before the end of the season.

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Fashion style

Get the Look: Street Style Tips from Paris Fashion Week

Street Style, Fall Winter 2020, Paris Fashion Week, France – February 25, 2020 | Source: Cornel Cristian/Shutterstock

Puffer jackets, pants worn under the skirt or the long jacket, micro handbags, heels with round toes, Paris Fashion Week took style to the streets this year and showed how bold style choices can completely change your vogue.

The concept of street style was on everyone’s lips this year, from the catwalks to the streets of Paris, the explosion of different colors and mixed style outfits meant everyone looked comfortably chic.

Here’s a guide to some street style clothing and accessories and how to incorporate them into your outfit.

The scarf

The resurgence of the headscarf has given many outfits a French girlish touch, with silk scarves being attached to handbags and draped from the pockets of trench coats.

These versatile accessories are a mainstay of French street fashion, they have made numerous appearances at fashion week, even on the catwalks, mingling with the crowd of influencers and photographers.

Add a splash of color and movement with the inclusion of a scarf to achieve the fresh, carefree look connoisseurs seek.

Bold Fur Jumpsuits

Source: Vogue

The street style look is street smart, we see neutral colors offset by checks by day and racy feathers and furs by night.

Adding sequined dresses under a showy fur coat or smooth trench coat gives the garment a multi-dimensional appeal that screams courage and intricacy.

Source: Vogue

The humble Ugg-boot is a street style staple, a thigh-high variant that has made more than one appearance in Paris in the past month.

Warm and comfy like your favorite pair of socks, but not slowed down by a trip outside or on wet grass, these sturdy yet comfortable foot covers will have you hitting the party and coming home in style .

Urban style platform shoes
Source: Vogue

Always practical, followers of the street style look will wear huge padded boots to easily cross whatever the urban jungle throws at them.

But street style is dynamic and this functionality becomes less evident at formal events and formal occasions where soaring platforms and stilettos become the order of the day.

Eclectic Layers

Urban Style Layers
Source: Vogue

Wild mixes of different styles and textures give street style its versatility, and a sense of organized chaos emerges when multiple layers boldly contrast each other.

Jackets over sweaters, leggings and even frilly tulle additions to a boring outfit will make it pop, influencers and fashionistas obviously agree.

The clash of comfort clothes and party pieces allows the wearer to exude a confident air of eccentric intelligence, indifferent to the opinions and preconceptions of others about how clothes should be worn.

Paris Fashion Week has shown us that the rules are being broken in the world of haute couture, with the trend of street style outfits signaling style and current fashion at hand.

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Fashion designer

Meghan Markle banished feud rumors with iconic outfit

According to a royal expert, Meghan Markle has shut down rumors of an awkward feud by using her fashion sense in powerful ways for her and Prince Harry’s latest royal engagement.

As she and Prince Harry attended the 2020 Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey in March 2020, Meghan was a vision in green.

The Duchess of Sussex opted for the gorgeous look designed by Emilia Wickstead, which was reportedly her way of squashing rumors that she and Emilia had bad blood.

The designer, who has designs in Kate Middleton’s Best Dresses collection, spoke of tensions between her and Meghan after calling the Duchess’ Givenchy wedding dress “simple”.

Meghan Markle feud - Meghan Markle Prince Harry's wedding day

(Image credit: (Photo by Ben STANSALL – WPA Pool/Getty Images))

However, Emilia’s comments were said to have been ‘taken out of context’ and Meg proved she was not offended by opting for an Emilia design for the special day, according to Meghan’s blog editor Christine Ross. Wardrobe.

“One of the most iconic looks will be her Emilia Wickstead green cape dress.

“That cape blowing in the wind as she walked into the church and then out, which was such a touching moment for so many people as it was their last official engagement as senior royals,” she said on the Mirror’s Pod Save the Queen Podcast.

Meghan Markle's feud

(Image credit: Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

“It was a quote from a larger interview, she really didn’t say anything negative,” Christine said of Emilia’s comments about Meghan’s dress.

“People thought Emilia Wickstead had really wronged Meghan, and it turned out that Emilia Wickstead hadn’t wronged Meghan, that was a quote taken from it.”

Speaking about the epic way Meghan told the world she and Emilia weren’t on bad terms, she continued: “Maybe a month later Meghan was actually wearing a custom Emilia Wickstead dress. , and this situation shows the power of Meghan’s fashion choices.

“She was able to tell with that fashion choice, Emilia Wickstead and I are great. We’re on great terms, it was all a huge misunderstanding and look at the lovely dress she designed for me.”

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French fashion

The fearless sexuality of Rosa Bonheur: Google Doodle pays homage to an iconic French painter

On Wednesday, March 16, Google marked the 200th birthday of French painter Rosa Bonheur with a fascinating doodle. Rosa Bonheur was best known as an animal painter but she also made a name for herself as a sculptor, in a realistic style. One of Rosa’s best works came in the form of her paintings, namely ‘Plowing in the Nivernais’, ‘The Horse Fair’ and ‘Fenaison en Auvergne’.

Google in its doodle showed an animated image of Rosa Bonheur where she can be seen painting a flock of sheep on canvas. Rosa Bonheur was born in 1822 in Bordeaux, France and took up painting – all thanks to her father – a minor landscape painter. Rosa received the Legion of Honor from the French Empress Eugénie for her 1853 painting “The Horse Fair”. Interestingly, one of Rosa Bonheur’s works, “Monarchs of the Forest”, sold at auction in 2008 for over $200,000. Besides her paintings, Rosa was known for her fearless sexuality. She was openly lesbian.

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Who was Dr. Vera Gedroits? Google Doodle honors Russia’s first female military surgeon on her 151st birthday

Google Doodle by Rosa Bonheur (Photo by Google)

The fearless sexuality of Rosa Bonheur

Rosa Bonheur was one of the most avant-garde artists of her time. In addition to being a lesbian, she opted for men’s clothing – a controversial decision in the 19th century. Cross-dressing required formal permission which Rosa finally obtained in 1857, but this was only within the city limits. According to the website Your dictionary, the famous painter cut her hair short and dressed in men’s clothing, which quickly became her usual style. She apparently also developed the habit of smoking cigars. Rosa Bonheur never married but had a long-standing relationship with Nathalie Micas.

If published reports are to be believed, Rosa always maintained that her behavior was itself a form of performance art and she also believed that impersonating a man was the only way for a woman to ensure social and professional equality. Rosa’s outspokenness about her personal life was groundbreaking considering the time period.

Rosa Bonheur (Photo by WikiCommons)

Who was Rosa Bonheur’s partner?

Rosa Bonheur has been in a relationship with Nathalie Micas for over 40 years. Micas was her childhood friend who died in 1889. She first met Micas in 1836. Nathalie Micas was represented in the Hall of Science at the World’s Columbian Exhibition in Chicago by a railroad brake she had patented. Micas also took care of Rosa’s affairs. According to the website Elisa Rolle, Princess Stirby, while referring to Micas, said: “Rosa Bonheur could never have remained the celebrated artist that she was without someone by her side.” After Micas’ death, it is reported that Rosa, during the last year of her life, leaned towards the American painter Anna Klumpke. Rosa, Micas and Klumpke are all buried in the Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris.

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Fashion brand

Briony Gorton, young owner of an internationally successful fashion label and Instagram ‘influencer’, is set to open her first boutique in her hometown of Burnley

And the 26-year-old is thrilled to open her first-ever boutique in her hometown next week. Based in the Burnley town center shopping centre, the countdown is on for the official opening of Talliah Rose next Friday.

Briony said: “It’s something I’ve wanted for a long time and there could be no other place than Burnley for my first shop.

“I’m proud of my roots, this city means a lot to me and I’m so excited to bring my brand, Talliah Rose, here.”

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Briony Gorton is to open her first store for her fashion brand Talliah Rose in her hometown of Burnley

Today, Briony’s online apparel and swimwear business is an international success with 211,000 followers on Instagram coupled with the 223,000 followers Briony has on her own personal account.

Briony’s entrepreneurial spirit was evident when she visited garage sales with her grandparents when she was six years old. She quickly learned the art of bartering for goods and by the age of 13 she was asking her mother, Tina, to buy items on eBay which she would sell for a profit. When she earned £700 from her small business aged 13, the writing was on the wall for Briony’s future success.

A former Burnley College student, Briony’s business took off when she bought £100 worth of fabric and had a seamstress design her bikini. The bespoke bikini, embellished with Swarovski crystals, sold on fashion site depop and within six months Briony had made £100,000 by the age of 20.

Briony dropped out of college to focus on building her business which she runs with her mother. Papa Mick also helps with the business.

Briony pictured in her shop in Burnley which opens next week

Briony was devastated when people started taking her designs and selling discounted copies made in China, but she couldn’t do anything because she hadn’t filed a patent on them.

She didn’t let that stop her and started looking for factories and suppliers of clothes and shoes. She now has suppliers all over the world and her own warehouse in Accrington. And Briony is as proud of her warehouse as she is of her new store.

Briony said: “I couldn’t have done this without my parents, they supported me through everything and my mum is my rock and keeps me grounded which is vital in this business.

“I don’t come from a wealthy family, but we got together and worked hard to make my business a success. I’m proud of that.”

Briony in front of her warehouse in Accrington

Several investors have tried unsuccessfully to become part of Talliah Rose, but Briony is fiercely protective of her brand.

As a well-known Instagram “influencer”, Briony is inundated with messages from young girls complimenting her on her beauty and style.

She said: “It’s important to me to get the message across that images on social media are just that, an image, and that people can portray themselves however they want.

“Also, I work hard in my business, a lot of people don’t realize that, they only see the glamorous side of it.

“I want young women and girls to see if they work hard they can achieve their dreams no matter where they come from.”

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Fashion style

Alia Bhatt turns 29: A look at the actress’ style evolution

After the release of Gangubai Kathiawadi, there is no doubt that Alia Bhat is one of the biggest names in the Bollywood industry. From its beginnings in student of the year like Shanaya to her stellar performance in Sanjay’s big movie Leela Bhansali as Gangubai, Alia has gone from strength to strength in the span of ten years.

Along with her on-screen performances, her clothing choices have also seen a dramatic shift when it comes to taking risks, playing with her style while being acutely aware of what works for her.

On the highway Actor’s 29th birthday, let’s take a look at her evolution of styles over the years:

She has always been styled by celebrity stylist Ami Patel. In this look for Kapoor and sons promotion, Alia wears a black ensemble by Shivan and Narresh.

This Gucci back-to-school look that you can’t imagine wearing Alia these days!

Alia’s approach reconciletoo, has become refined and much more minimalist, as have her fashion choices.

Alia wore an anti-fitting white satin dress with black feather detailing for the promotions of Dear Zindagi.

This sequin saree by Manish Malhotra with the off-the-shoulder blouse and smoky eyes is one of many outfits from a style era that Alia seems to have bid farewell to.

She also wore a lot of A-line dresses, something we haven’t seen her wear in a while.

During the promotional tour for Badrinath ki DulhaniyaAlia seemed to have pivoted to more refined silhouettes and toned down on the smoky eyes for minimalist kohl-lined eyes.

Her first red carpet fashion moment that we loved was on IIFA 2017 when she wore this stunning black dress by Zuhair Murad, ushering in a glamorous Alia who knows how to make a statement.

Even for her traditional cutsAlia has started opting for more timeless ensembles, like this pretty green Sabyasachi lehenga together which she wore while posing next to handsome Ranbir Kapoor for making their relationship Instagram official.

From then on, Alia began to minimize OTT glam and maximize timeless elegance with her makeup and accessories.

The sketched Moschino suit was a pleasant surprise, marking the start of Alia’s bold and experimental fashion streak.

Cut to one of his recent and almost viral looks in this Manish Malhotra lehenga with a super cool infinity blouse that she wore as a bridesmaid for Anouchka Ranjan.

And finally, the last of them (equally beautiful) white sets which she wore for the promotion of Gangubbai Kathiawadimaking as many ripples in fashion as in the film industry.

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10 favorite fashion and beauty webcomics

The world of fashion and beauty is an amazing world, filled with other people’s creativity and magical transformations. However, it can also be daunting, with the public scrutiny and animosity necessary to succeed in this world. It doesn’t change how breathtaking it is how bits of fabric and a little makeup can not only transform someone, but also give them the confidence to shine a little brighter.

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Some webcomics have fashion and beauty elements, but the focus is on feeling beautiful, whether it’s with makeup and the latest trends or just self-care.

ten High School Beauty Guru (True Beauty)

true beauty features high school student Jugyeong, who is a makeup master after watching various tutorials on the Internet. Although his appearance is laughed at, Jugyeong is able to transform overnight. Thrown into the world of cosmetics, beauty, and popularity, Jugyoung completely reinvents herself when applying makeup. Every new look is a mask hiding parts of her true self. When Suho, the popular new boy in the class, sees her without makeup and recognizes Jugyeong, she will do whatever she can to make sure he keeps her secret.

9 Makeup artist and model (the makeup remover)

After spending most of his life focusing on his studies, Make-up removers Yesuel doesn’t know where to start with makeup. When she meets makeup artist Yuseong, who has transformative makeup abilities, her life is turned upside down.

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Able to transform plain Jane Yeseul into stunning beauty with minimal effort, Yuseong asks Yesuel to be his model for the Face Off Cinderella competition. Yeseul agrees to help her. However, with each challenge and jaw-dropping new look for the competition, Yeseul begins to question the role of makeup and appearance within society.

8 Avant-garde fashion (Empress Cesia wears culottes)

Empress Cesia wears Manhwa knickerbockers

Empress Cesia wears knickerbockers features Yuri, an aspiring costume designer who is reincarnated in a world where all clothing is stuck in ancient times. She becomes determined to revolutionize fashion even if it means pretending to be a boy. So when given the opportunity to make a dress for the Empress, Yuri produces the finest clothes she can manage. Now a guest of the palace, Yuri finds herself in a political world. All the while, she does her best to change uncomfortable and constricting clothes into comfortable ones.

7 The world of cosplay (My Dress-Up Darling)

my darling dress

My darling dressing features the popular Marin Kitigawa, who meets the reserved Wakana Gojo using a sewing machine at school and immediately enlists his help in cosplaying. Initially suspicious of the girl, Gojo finds himself helping her once he sees that she completely lacks the skills to sew on her own. Now immersed in a world of manga and anime, Gojo will use the skills he learned from his grandfather to help Marin become the characters she loves and the two will continue to grow closer as friends.

6 The beauty of self-care (sweat and soap)

The left image shows Kotaro Natori and Asako Yaeshima flirting;  the image on the right features Volume 1 of Sweat and Soap

sweat and soap features Asako Yaeshima, a shy woman with great insecurities about her sweat and body odor who has found solace in Lilia Drop, a brand of soap that gives her confidence every time she wears it. When Kotaro Natori, the company’s lead product developer, asks to smell it, she’s beyond overwhelmed.

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It turns out that Kotaro has a keen sense of smell and has fallen in love with Asako’s scent to the point that he wants to smell her every day at work in order to create a new product. Maybe their office date will turn into something more.

5 Fashion designer and his muse (Chihiro-Kun only has eyes for me)

Chihiro and Michi

Chihiro-Kun only has eyes for me features a high school freshman, Michi, who catches the eye of fellow student and fashion designer, Chihiro, and her world is turned upside down. After proclaiming Michi to be her muse, Chihiro devoted himself to her and producing clothes for Michi. Now her role model, Michi is the new role model for all of her designs and is thrown into the world of fashion and modeling. However, the longer she cooperates with Chihiro, the less confident she is to keep herself from falling in love with Chihiro and her kindness.

4 The wicked loves perfume (the tyrant’s only perfumer)

The tyrant's only perfumer

After reincarnating as a villainess in a novel she read in her past life, The tyrant’s only perfumer Ariel immediately breaks away from the male lead in order to avoid his bad end. However, as a genius perfumer who is the only one who can create the scent Cedric Evans needs, Ariel always finds herself entangled with the male lead. As Ariel opens her own boutique and produces the perfume she loves, trouble continues to find the villainess.

3 A Whole New Fashion World (Paradise Kiss)

George and Yukari Paradise Kiss

Paradise Kiss features high school student Yukari, who has dedicated herself to studying and making her parents proud, despite her dissatisfaction with her life. However, things change when she is kidnapped by a group of stylists who call themselves “Paradise Kiss” and ask her to be their model. At first suspicious, Yukari refuses, but she soon finds herself in the fashion world as a fledgling model.

2 The world of beauty and cosmetics (Beauty Bunny)

Iori and Kohane

After being called ugly by her high school’s popular hottie, beauty bunny Kohane Yuzuhara finds herself turning to the world of makeup not knowing where to start. Luckily, Iori Yashima’s family owns a cosmetics store and he’s a real makeup pro.

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With Iori’s help, Kohane is able to transform – now if only she can bear his massive ego. fans of beauty bunny wonders if Kohane and Iori will grow closer as he continues to teach her makeup or if Iori’s attitude will drive Kohane away from him and the world of cosmetics altogether.

1 All it takes is a little magic (Beauty Pop)

A talented but anonymous hairdresser who helps girls who need a little magic, Beauty Pop’s Kiri Koshoba finds himself at the end of “SP” or the wrath of Shougo Narumi from Scissors Project. When Kiri gives her friend a makeover in order to give her some confidence to confess to the boy she loves, Narumi takes this as a declaration of war. When Kiri wins the match, she finds herself a reluctant member of SP and embroiled in various shenanigans with the group. However, one thing will never change and that is Kiri’s ability to create a bit of magic for girls through her hairstyle.

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Serious Anime Talking Animals Monokuma Coco Jumbo Kyubey Trio Header

9 Serious Anime That Still Somehow Include Talking Animals

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Fashion brand

Rwandan designer on her promotion to Swedish fashion brand H&M | The new times

Fashion designer Sandrine Gisa made history last week after being appointed head of the Visual Merchandising Group (VMG) at Hennes & Mauritz, a Swedish multinational clothing company based in Stockholm which focuses on fast fashion clothing for men, women, teenagers and children.

As of November 2019, H&M is present in 74 countries with more than 5,000 stores under the company’s various brands, with 126,000 full-time equivalent positions.

The Muhanga-born designer, who now lives in Gävleborg, a town in southern Sweden three hours from the capital Stockholm, is the youngest to hold such a position at just 29, which people say , became a huge problem as the last youngster to lead the global department had done so at 42.

In an interview with new times, Gisa talks about becoming the first Rwandan to work for the global fashion brand and what it means for her and the Rwandan fashion industry in general.


What powers do you hold in your new appointment at H&M?

I manage the visual merchandises (MD) department. H&M has so many departments and every design it’s ever done has to go through visual design before it becomes something people buy. It must be approved by the visual design department before going into production.

The fact that H&M is a global company headquartered here in Stockholm means that all decisions made must be implemented in all H&M stores, of which there are more than 5,000 worldwide.

When I got the job, it scared me a little when I realized that the decision our team is going to make will be global.

What does your appointment in such a big fashion brand like H&M mean for you as a designer and for the fashion industry in Rwanda?

When I was appointed in December, I went home and told my mother and my brothers. I just thought the job wasn’t a big deal until I started seeing people at the company so excited, saying there were people who had been with the company for over 35 years but never managed to return to the post.

I started to take things seriously when one of my bosses said to me ‘did you know that you are the first and the youngest woman to hold this position, especially from Africa? Your country should be proud of you!

Since then, I understood why people see it as something huge for me and for the Rwandan fashion industry in general.

Honestly, I’m a person who believes in actions over words. I like to take things slowly and let actions speak for me because I have people who have always doubted me.

So the position really means a lot to me personally or to my country.

How was your journey in fashion until H&M appointed you?

My mother is a seamstress, I grew up watching her do this for a living. She still helps me on my journey. I remember designing all the collections I presented at Kigali International Fashion Week in 2019.

So I grew up with the dream and passion of one day becoming a designer to the point that I tore up the clothes she bought for me to give them my favorite designs. We were arguing about it but I insisted, and then she had no choice but to teach me how it was done.

With the passion, I now have a master’s degree in fashion business and I happened to work at H&M during my internship as a tailor. Since then, we have become familiar. It is very difficult to work in a big company. With passion, I started working for them as a saleswoman in their store, and after finishing my studies, I joined their design team.

I didn’t go that far because I come from a wealthy family, but that’s all I told my dad and he never doubts me. I’m not the best in the whole company but God made me the chosen one.

Do your new responsibilities force you to stop your career as a fashion designer?

Yes, I have no choice but to quit because I’m supposed to work closely with them.

However, my goal is to one day own such a great company to develop and help my country because as a designer I personally watch how things are done and later see how we transfer skills because we have so many story that we could put into a design that can inspire people around the world.

How do you think this step can inspire the fashion industry in Rwanda and the African industry in general?

I think it can inspire Rwandan fashion and the African fashion industry because we have so much in us that people see but we fail to recognize ourselves.

Because in everything we do, we do it as an African native that when someone sees it, they get inspired and it’s sad that other people take advantage of our ideas. I would like to see the same happen not only in my country but in Africa as a whole. I would like this to happen in Africa too, especially in my home country, because we have so much to offer people who just think of genocide while our name always comes up.

What major fashion events have you attended during your career as a designer?

I represented Sweden at the Kigali International Fashion Week in 2019 in Kigali then in 2020 in Tokyo.

Other events where I have presented my collections include Scandinavia Fashion Week in Scandinavian countries.

But for now, for the sake of my new job, I can’t continue doing it because I’m no longer allowed to present at other fashion events because to avoid conflicts with employers, I might copy their creations.

Why do you think visual design is important to becoming a successful designer?

Visual merchandising design moves with the times. People used to make visual designs and presentations on papers, but they easily lost them or the papers got old. But, in the digital age, you can create your visual designs on your laptop and protect them from those who want to copy them.

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Shraddha Kapoor defines an A-game summer style with a long dress and a white shirt: Yay or Nay?

Being a sunshine girl now feels like an everyday thing. It’s so old-fashioned to be stuck in winter and if you’ve slacked off on style, here’s such a light and fashionable dress. Summer is for triumphant luminous hues, but let’s just say we can’t just keep up with the pounds every day. If you, too, are keen to nail your style all season long, here’s a look that deservedly comes with a swoon-inducing warning.

Dresses are eternally elegant, especially those that can bring a breeze of comfort. To approach spring and summer on a fresh note with this maxi dress, follow your advice now. Shraddha Kapoor pulled off another best game by choosing a lava gray shade of strappy dress that came with a v-neck and a thigh-high slit. An ideal ensemble choice for a lunch date with your friends, you can pair this slip dress with your crisp, classic white shirt. It not only adds a very cool touch to your look, but also shows that a great style hack is just gratifying, feels so good to make a standout fashion statement, doesn’t it?

A white shirt is always the right investment and wearing it in many ways is the right way to put it to good use. The 35-year-old left her shirt unbuttoned and rolled up her sleeves in a messy fashion and rocked her overall look with her new arm candy, Stella McCartney handbag and white T-strap stilettos. Wear your black sunglasses, your favorite gold earrings and leave your hair down to look pretty.

mode2 shraddha kapoor maxi

Is it a YAY or NAY look? Let us know in the comments below.

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Fashion designer

Beauty and fashion leaders create their own space

Beauty line and fashion retail leaders agree that while the industry has grown more diverse and racially inclusive in recent years, there is still a lot of work to be done.

A panel discussion titled “L’Oreal: Representation in Beauty” took place on Momentary Saturday as part of NWA Fashion Week.

Angel Beasley, director of specialty hair for Walmart, who also leads diversity and inclusion for all of Walmart Beauty, moderated the discussion.

Beasley first asked the panelists to discuss what it’s like to be a minority in the worlds of beauty and fashion and what drives them to lean in and pursue their craft.

Korto Momolu, a fashion designer who appeared on the fifth season of “Project Runway” and now resides in Little Rock, said she thinks it’s important to use her voice to represent herself, as well than other immigrants and the Arkansans.

As a Liberian, Momolu says she sometimes comes up against negative attitudes about her past as an immigrant, but she would like more people to understand that she considers Arkansas her home and a place to be. work hard.

Kendall Dorsey, a celebrity hairstylist who worked backstage at NWA Fashion Week, said he was definitely in spaces where he felt different and was the only person of color in the room.

“At first I felt like I had ‘made it’, but then I had to find my way through this lifestyle,” Dorsey said. Now that he has achieved some level of recognition, he hopes to champion others in a similar position, other black creatives from small towns or rural parts of the country, in hopes that they can find platforms and places to cultivate their talent.

“I worked so hard for every nook and cranny that came my way,” Dorsey said. “I wanted to be seen.”

Each panelist has faced their own challenges in establishing themselves in the beauty industry. For Dorsey, one of those moments was an unwelcome comment about her personal style. He was called intimidating and aloof, which affected him for years until he made peace with not having to “fit in” everywhere.

Tenaj Ferguson, director of marketing for Loreal, particularly in the area of ​​multicultural beauty, said she spends a lot of time thinking about how to approach diverse consumers and welcome them to the brand. She felt defeated in her past work when she had an idea, presented it but was not heard.

Ferguson said there’s a difference between inviting diverse voices to the table and actually asking them what they think, as well as acknowledging and empowering them.

Momolu’s toughest moment came when she had the opportunity to present a collection to Neiman Marcus shoppers in New York. She had reinvested all of her funds into her brand to make it happen and found herself on a shoestring budget, but the meeting was dismissive, telling her to come back with a different collection next season. This inspired her to stick to her instincts and do things her way.

Let’s be “stronger with our voices”, said Momolu. “When we walk into these rooms, if there’s no table for us, let’s make our own out of scraps of fabric. I did it my way. Artists, stand up for what you believe in.”

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French fashion

Luis roi de Liévin: the French star starts the season in style in front of his audience – Elite News

France Vincent Louis started his season with a win and gave the home crowd exactly what they wanted with a thrilling win at the Liévin Indoor Triathlon Festival on Saturday night.

The two-time world triathlon champion and Super League Triathlon legend was pushed all the way in the final, but his short course prowess gave him the win.

It may have been indoors, but the Stadium Arena Couvert Liévin event featured a swimming pool and a transition area inside a 200m athletics track, on which the cycling events took place. and running.

A succession of heats and then semi-finals reduced it to the last 12 contenders, with Luis the big favorite – and not only with the fans.

Thin margins in the final

Margins were good however in such a short format, lasting less than 10 minutes, and it started with a 150m swim, with Luis emerging from the water in second place.

But he was soon in front on the bike and never gave up that position.

Coming out of T2 and starting the 1km race, it soon became clear that it was a three-way battle, with Spaniard Genis Grau and Hungarian Csonger Lehmann keeping the pressure on Luis throughout.

But a stinging kick down the home straight gave Luis a fraction of the daylight on his two rivals and he crossed the line in 9:33, just a second ahead of Grau.

Lehmann finished third clear, ahead of Briton Harry Leleu fourth and Irishman James Edgar fifth.

The event was last held in 2019, when Briton Chris Perham triumphed, but this time he retired in the semi-finals as he continued his comeback from injury.

Action replay for Eim

However, there was another winner in the women’s event in the person of Germany’s Nina Eim.

Nina Eim breaks the tape for the win (Photo credit @activimages / Darren Wheeler, @trimaxmag)

This race was also a thriller for the capacity crowd, with Belgian Jolien Vermeylen looking in control of the race.

However, Eim passed with two laps to go and then held off compatriot Lisa Tertsch by two seconds for the victory.

Vermeylen had to settle for third place, while Briton Iona Miller narrowly missed out on the podium in fourth.

“It’s such a cool event,” Eim said afterwards. “It’s always fun to race here – I’ve missed it and hope to be back next year.”

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Fashion brand

A fashion designer shapes a sustainable business

From throws made from 100% recycled wool to ‘anti-squat’ leggings made from recycled polyester and recycled spandex, one ambitious designer has tackled the colossal carbon footprint of the fashion industry.

Angela O’Donnell, from Cork, founded sustainable and ethical fashion brand YAWUW – an acronym for You Are What U Wear – last year.

Having gained in-depth knowledge of textiles and development with her former luxury womenswear brand, Angela’s “moment of enlightenment” came when she first became a mother.

Angela’s ‘light bulb moment’ came after the birth of her daughter

She said: “The climate crisis will be one of the biggest issues in the next generation and the fashion industry is one of the worst culprits.

“My moment of enlightenment was when my little girl was born. When she’s my age, 37, and she goes, ‘Mom, what’s going on in the world? made ?’ I can say that I did something.

“I went to design the best products to try and change an industry that is just decimated because of the textiles they use and the conditions people work in.”

Angela’s designs use 100% recycled or organic materials

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, we dispose of around 110,000 tonnes of textiles as waste each year in Ireland. Of these textiles, 42,000 tonnes are clothing.

Angela uses recycled polyester yarn obtained from plastic bottles (PET), organic cotton, recycled wool and recycled elastane for her creations.

She said: “It’s so much easier to design products and clothes made from traditional textiles because these textiles are readily available.

“You can buy them from multiple suppliers, but whereas sourcing and keeping sustainable textiles from 100% recycled PET or recycled spandex, or something like that, it’s really difficult because they are not common.They are usually made in the Far East and sourcing them, testing them is very difficult.

“My life would be ten times easier if I just said to myself, ‘Yeah. I’m going to send this over there.’ do you take videos of your factories?”

Using 100% recycled textiles can be a challenge. Angela spent a year prototyping a pair of leggings that would pass the ultimate test.

She said: “The reason leggings are really hard to make from 100% recycled material is because most of the leggings you’re buying right now say they’re made from plastic bottles.

“But when you dig into the composition, you see that they’re only partially made from recycled bottles. It’s the rest of the composition that’s spandex or nylon that’s really hard to recycle.

“On my original samples, the leggings are made from 80% recycled polyester and 20% recycled spandex, but since the textile is so new, we were unable to dye the inside of the leggings.

“So when you put them on and do your squats, you can see yourself basically snapping. It was a disaster.

“With our final prototype, the quality of the recycled textile is so much better, and we could dye it completely. They are completely transparent!”.

Angela believes that the environmental impact of the global fashion industry will only be reduced by government policy.

She said: “I’ve always been obsessed with fashion. I’ve always used fashion and style as a way to express myself. But when you realize the reality of the industry and how quickly with which fashion businesses run and operate, you can’t ignore that anymore.

“I think real change will only come when governments say, ‘If you bring products here, you have to tell us that 50% of your textiles are made from sustainable materials. This is how you offset your carbon. Your packaging is biodegradable. Three simple things’.”

In our “Climate Heroes” series of reports, we shine a light on the people who are taking action to protect our environment and fight climate change. Although these people come from all walks of life, they share a common goal of improving the world around us.

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Fashion style

FW22 Fashion Week Style Of “Euphoria” Cast, Ranked

Miu Miu’s micro-mini skirt and adidas x Gucci collab are undeniably eye-catching for the fashion heart, but the industry is simultaneously entangled in a love affair with the cast of hit-and-miss Euphoria. fall-winter 2022 fashion month.

While EuphoriaIG villain and cool vintage outfits are the stuff of high school staff’s worst nightmares, the looks are an essential cornerstone of the top-rated show, especially for TikTokers.

But, the gag is – most actors are just as stylish IRL.

The Euphoria cast took over fashion month, gracing the front rows and even walking for brands like Prada, Blumarine and Bottega Veneta, to name a few.

From superstars to “happy to be here” non-enthusiasts, we’ve ranked the Euphoria the cast’s off-screen fashion month style from best to worst.

1. Zendaya: the “it” girl

Naturally, Zendaya, the latest face of Valentino, attended the house show on March 6.

After her Valentino Rendez-vous campaign, the Emmy-winning actress did it again with a dazzling pink number. I mean, you can never wear too much pink at Valentino’s pink show for their pink collection, can you? By the way, did I mention the collection was pink?

Either way, her sophisticated and chic look single-handedly won fashion week — another win for Zendaya and her CFDA Fashion Icon credentials.

2. Chloe Cherry: Breakout Star

While the internet can’t stop talking about Chloe Cherry’s lips, the catwalk can’t live without it.

During FW22 Fashion Month, the Euphoria star became an industry eye candy, walking and attending shows for LaQuan Smith, Blumarine, David Koma, Fashion East, Supriya Lele and GCDS.

It’s safe to say that Cherry is now a fashion girl, luscious lips or not.

3. Alexa Demie: Queen Balenciaga

Although I wish Alexa Demie made more appearances at fashion week, her Balenciaga FW22 moment satisfied my craving.

Micro bongs? The leather skirt-over-pants combo? Maddie’s goth energy? Alexa Demie was the moment at Balenciaga – especially for her fans who chanted her name and Maddie’s iconic Season 2 line “you better be kidding” outside of the show.

4. Angus Cloud: king of underrated style

I mean, who doesn’t love Angus Cloud? As EuphoriaAn underrated style hero, Cloud is also fashion’s off-screen gem.

During fashion week’s epic events, the Highsnobiety FRONTPAGE interviewee gave us some iconic moments, including sharing her Cheetos with fellow Coachettes Tommy Dorfman, Megan Thee Stallion and Rina Sawayama during the show.

Not to mention, he and Maude Apatow served up much-needed “Fexi” content, matching tartan ensembles at the Thom Browne FW22 presentation.

Moments in style are one thing but big bonus points for Cloud’s Cheeto moment – the behavior of the king.

5. Hunter Schafer: The Grand Finale

Hunter Schafer was the grand finale of Prada’s FW22 show, creating a proud moment for mums – Schafer’s mother was on hand to support her daughter’s Prada debut.

Not to mention, she also closed out the Gogo Graham FW22 show with a comfy ultra-oversized jacket and teddy bear hand accessory. Ah, talk about an elegant “night night” to the spectators.

6. Jacob Elordi: the bag hunter

At the Burberry and Bottega Veneta runways, Jacob Elordi gave us some tasteful bag action.

Between the matching Burberry jacket-bag combo and the Bottega intreccio leather shoulder bag, I have to say that Elordi’s handbag saga has been quite a sight to watch, adding promising excitement to her monotonous looks.

Although Elordi sadly ditched a handbag for Saint Laurent’s FW22, I’m here for the times it’s in its bag (literally).

7. Maude Apatow: Fashion Week Director

While our 2020 FRONTPAGE guest Maude Apatow attended the Saint Laurent show with teammates Dominic Fike and Jacob Elordi, her actual looks were pretty uneventful.

However, Apatow’s real moment of brilliance came when she channeled an IRL director Lexi while hosting a panel for Rodarte during New York Fashion Week.

8. Storm Reid: The Prada Girl

As a personal fan of rising star Storm Reid in the fashion industry, I longed for more style moments at FW22 events.

Reid is apparently going through her Prada girl phase, wearing several Prada looks in recent weeks, including the sunshine-yellow Prada outfit she flexed during the brand’s FW22 show.

Considering that Prada’s yellow number was the only truly jaw-dropping look of fashion month, it’ll have to do until her next style moment. We want more!

9. Dominic Fike: “Just happy to be here”

As for musician Dominic Fike, he was just “happy to be there”, according to an interview he gave at the Saint Laurent show.

Like his Euphoria character, the “Phone Numbers” artist was a mystery man during fashion week, wearing mostly monotonous all-black looks. While he claimed to be happy to be engulfed in the fashion festivities, he mostly gave off an “I’d rather be anywhere but here” vibe.

As an editor who barely survived fashion week, I can say: I get it, Fike.

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Fashion designer

Repossi pays tribute to Robert Mapplethorpe in fine jewelry

As one of the great studio photographers of the 20th century, Robert Mapplethorpe saw his life stretched out to the point of nausea. And yet, despite Mapplethorpe’s notoriety, his jewelry designs – a significant part of his creative output prior to his photography – remain criminally ignored.

“He was fascinated by finery, especially jewelry, which he made from an early age,” says Michael Stout, former Mapplethorpe attorney and chairman of the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation. “And he’s always been very interested in expanding his artistic footprint in the fashion world.”

The new Americana Eagle necklace.

The photographer in 1971.

Mapplethorpe, who died of AIDS in 1989, could finally get his wish. Next month, at the request of the foundation, Gaia Repossi, the third-generation creative director of the eponymous company, unveils 10 new high jewelry pieces inspired by Mapplethorpe originals from the early 1970s. two-pronged offer was launched last year.) “They were perfect,” Repossi says of the trinkets Mapplethorpe made for friends and acquaintances, including Halston, Marisa Berenson and Yves Saint Laurent (who Mapplethorpe claimed to have snatched her dice jewelry and domino handcuffs). “But I really wanted to elevate them using noble materials.”

While Mapplethorpe’s long chains and fetish necklaces were made from found objects such as skulls, rabbit’s feet, beads, feathers and even the occasional crustacean, Repossi’s updates are rendered in golds and exquisite diamonds, and their price ranges from $2,050 for a ring to $197,000 for an Americana Eagle necklace. “It’s impossible to collaborate with someone who isn’t there,” Repossi explains, “so I was very careful not to violate their vision.”

His concern has already won the admiration of influential fans. “She really captured the essence and spirit of her designs,” says Frances Terpak, Senior Curator and Head of Photographs at the Getty Research Institute and co-author of Robert Mapplethorpe: The Archives, a book that pays particular attention to the artist’s early Polaroids, sculptures and jewelry. “There is a collector’s bias in favor of his black and white photographs, and the Repossi collaboration will go a long way to remedying that.”

Repossi examines some of Mapplethorpe’s original creations.

Relic necklace by Gaia Repossi, inspired by one of Mapplethorpe’s pieces, with her 1981 Ajitto photograph.

No one would have been happier than Mapplethorpe himself. “He absolutely would have loved the Repossi collection,” says Stout. “As he got richer, the level of jewelry he bought for himself increased. He certainly wasn’t going to Harry Winston, but he wasn’t just into cheap pearls anymore, nuts and skulls.

There will be no shortage of Mapplethorpe-related events to wear the pieces. Triptych (Eyes on each other)a musical composed by Bryce Dessner about the life and photography of Mapplethorpe, is scheduled for an extensive international tour, after a run in the United States which was interrupted by Covid; Hadrian, an opera composed by Rufus Wainwright, is revived in Madrid and Barcelona this summer, with artwork by Mapplethorpe as part of the scenography. And in July in London, Alison Jacques, the British gallery that has represented Mapplethorpe since 1999, will present her works, including jewelry, curated by fashion designer Jonathan Anderson.

“Robert sought ultimate perfection and exquisite beauty, often in controversial subjects that were far removed from the art world, with all its polite or seemingly sophisticated inhabitants,” says Jacques. “It is this rapprochement between opposite, often conflicting worlds that has made him the emblematic artist that he is and will be for many generations to come.”

Robert Mapplethorpe and Patti Smith, wearing his jewelry designs, in 1969.

©Norman Seeff; Valerie Santagto; © Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation, under license Artestar, New York; ©Jeremy Everett; Photo courtesy of Repossi.

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French fashion

India-France: Market opportunities for sustainable textiles and fashion

Ethical and sustainable fashion has gained momentum globally, as the main objective of using sustainable materials in the production of fashion products is to preserve the environment from contaminants.

Recently, the Embassy of India in Paris in collaboration with the Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC) organized a webinar on “India-France: Market Opportunities and Areas of Cooperation for Sustainable Textile and Fashion”. “. Admired everywhere, French fashion and style are known the world over.


The webinar covered a wide range of topics, including water use, energy consumption, chemical load, air emissions, carbon emissions, solid waste and landfills, as well as environmental issues. circularity and social sustainability such as inclusion, skills, labor reforms and women’s empowerment. . The importance of blockchain technology and traceability was also discussed.

Trade Advisor, Ministry of Textiles, Shubhra spoke about policy and sustainability goals and ambitions related to Indian textile industry and sustainability. The trade adviser highlighted the fact that the Indian government employs various policies to improve productivity and reduce environmental pollution. “Initiatives such as PM-MITRA, which is establishing seven mega textile parks across the country, would integrate sustainability into the value chain and prepare the future of the industry by giving it a competitive advantage at scale. world,” the adviser said.

Speaking on the current situation and outlook for Indian apparel exporters, AEPC President Narendra Goenka said, “The Indian apparel industry is acutely aware of the alarming fact that without supply chains sustainable, the fashion industry will become less and less viable. Sustainability is now seen as one of the main pillars of garment exporting and a tool for growth.”

He added that “India offers the world a complete value chain solution, from farm to fashion, giving us a competitive edge towards effective implementation and monitoring of sustainability along the chain. procurement through a Triple Bottom Line (TBL) approach involving three pillars of sustainability. which are economic, social and environmental.

The Indian SU.RE project

To move towards fashion that contributes to a clean environment, India has also launched the SU.RE project which stands for “Sustainable Resolution” – a firm commitment from industry. Indian brands have committed to sourcing/using a substantial portion of their total consumption using sustainable raw materials and processes, by 2025.

United Nations Alliance for Sustainable Fashion

The fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to the world’s biggest pollution. This is due to the tons of water used producing excess carbon dioxide, excessive use of energy to produce clothing, and non-renewable sources of fiber, fiber and environmental pollution with harmful chemicals. . The fashion industry accounts for around 8-10% of global carbon emissions and nearly 20% of wastewater.

The UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion is an initiative of UN agencies and other partners to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals through coordinated action across the fashion industry. The Alliance strives to promote programs and policies that ensure that the fashion value chain contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as to foster collaboration between United Nations entities working in fashion.

Through the Alliance, the UN is committed to changing the way of fashion, reducing its negative environmental and social impacts; and make fashion a driving force in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Fashion brand

Inside On Running and Loewe’s luxury sportswear collection

On Running, the Swedish sportswear brand known for its high-tech sneakers, is going high fashion.

Earlier this week, On Running teamed up with luxury fashion house Loewe to launch a splurge-worthy capsule collection of cool, faded workout pants, performance tees and (of course) of running shoes to make you the best dressed guy at the gym, or the trails.

Cloudventure running shoe

Loewe x Marche


Since British designer Jonathan Anderson took over the reins of Loewe in 2013, he has transformed the majestic Spanish leather brand into a modern cultural brand that speaks to the way millennials now dress, without losing the attention of the mark on very intricate designs. Technical is how we will also describe On. Launched in 2010, he designed a running shoe with Cloud 9-like cushioning, a shock-absorbing outsole and a propelling Speedboard that won awards and cult classic status among hardcore marathon runners.

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“They were really good for my feet,” Anderson told the Financial Times of his love for On. “Great support, very lightweight. And they go really well with everything,”

Considering we’re all wearing activewear these days, this limited-edition line is a match made in fashion heaven.

And we can’t argue with the results of the collection, comprising 26 outdoor-inspired items. Her three-layer parka features Sashiko-inspired stitching that resembles a starry night. On’s flagship temperature-regulating t-shirts, wind-resistant joggers and Cloudventure and Cloudrock athletic trainers have a gradient finish in earthy hues of orange, blue and brown. You can mix and match these pieces for a look that can hold up through the most rigorous race, while still looking great.

“A lot of people will wear a coordinated look to go for a run or hike, and I like that,” On creator Alex Brunner told the Financial Times. “I hope the collection inspires people to get out and explore.”

Prices range from $390 to $1,300. The collection is available online at Loewe and On Running while supplies last. Here are some of our favorite pieces from the line, organized by men’s health Fashion Director Ted Stafford.

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Fashion style

It’s time for micro fashion trends to fall – Massachusetts Daily Collegian

This is how fashion is rapidly changing our climate

Social media apps like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook have exploded to new heights. Social media has provided fame and high status to social media influencers. This status offers endless possibilities in the world of marketing and advertising. For example, big TikTok influencers can post Shein races, sometimes worth well over $800. Almost immediately after, the influencer’s fans flocked to Shein to buy, buy and buy again in hopes of being like their idol. Because the phrase “Shein Haul” has become so common in society, we need to investigate consumerism as a global community.

Fast fashion is cheap, accessible and consistent with current clothing trends. Companies like Amazon and Shein have exploded due to its wide range of styles and trends at skeptical prices. Fast fashion often has negative results for our environment. The fast fashion industry is experiencing quiet and rapid changes due to the phenomenon of micro-trends. Micro fashion trends are distinct low-end clothing designs that quickly become unpopular in a short period of time. Ads on social networks are punctuated by sharp marketing strategies aimed at attracting a large audience.

The global fast fashion market has grown due to advancements in marketing, media, and technological developments. Garment companies thrive financially while profiting from the woes of our society. Factory workers internationally and in the United States work in inhumane conditions and experience wage theft. The fashion industry has relied on the exploitation of underpaid workers, many of whom work unreasonably long hours. Many fast fashion brands are also notorious for unethical tactics used in clothing development, such as the use of harmful plastics.

Sixty percent of fabric fibers are now made of synthetics derived from fossil fuels, so when clothes end up in a landfill (about 85% of textile waste in the United States is landfilled or incinerated), they won’t end up in a landfill. will not break down. Several other materials that risk harming the environment include fabrics like nylon, an all-synthetic material. Rayon is another cheap material that you see everywhere; its toxic chemicals harm the environment and factory workers who take precautions before using them. Viscose rayon is the least environmentally friendly type of rayon, but the most widely used because it is the cheapest. According to an article in the New York Times, “the viscose process is the most harmful to the environment due to toxic chemicals and inefficient recycling of said components”.

Consuming our clothes ethically is an immediate way to counter the fast fashion industry and the problems that come with it. From an environmental point of view, a more expensive shirt can save the costs of several cheap shirts. Another way to combat fast fashion is to shop for clothes. Apps like Depop, ThredUp and ASOS Marketplace are great places to start if you prefer online savings.

Buying upcycled or upcycled clothing is also ethical because clothing is created from unwanted clothing or scraps. Although recycled or upcycled clothing tends to be more expensive, it saves the costs of buying more clothing in the future. It also prevents more clothes from being thrown away and collected in our landfills. Sustainability efforts have obviously increased over the past decade since news about our climate has become much more dire.

While many recognize the critical impacts of micro-trends in fast fashion, many are not changing their shopping habits as many may believe they are a minor attribution to our global effects. However, the false reality of this is revealed as our world continually consumes unethical clothing to the detriment of mother nature. Ultimately, we can see that our consumption habits need to change.

Amy Aguayo can be contacted at [email protected]

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Fashion designer

Creator Agnès b. Famous the work of Frédéric Bruly Bouabré – WWD

Agnès Trouble, the fashion designer known as “Agnès b. uses his passion for the work of Frédéric Bruly Bouabré.

Visiting New York for the first time in two years, the designer said on Wednesday that she had begun to learn about her work after seeing some of it at the Center Pompidou in 1992. The designer attended a preview on Tuesday. premiere at the Museum of Modern Art for “Frédéric Bruly Bouabré: Le monde délié.” An art collector for decades, she has curated an exhibition of her work at her SoHo boutique in Manhattan that doubles as a gallery.

The MoMA exhibit is open to the public Sunday through August 13. This is the first exhibition in the history of the museum dedicated to an Ivorian artist. “I think it was time for that, really because it’s amazing to see all this [work]”, said the designer. “The show at MoMA is absolutely magnificent. It’s philosophical. It’s political. It’s genius.

The designer has been collecting the artist’s work for many years and has exhibited his pieces at the Galerie du Jour in Paris. His work has featured in his collection of artist t-shirts. The piece she loaned to the MoMA show is called “Hommage aux femmes du monde”. Produced in 2007, it consists of 200 drawings in ballpoint pen and colored pencil on cardboard in 6 x 4 inch postcard format, Bouabre’s signature.

The opening of the Howard Street store display was scheduled for Wednesday evening. The exhibition will present 65 drawings in ballpoint pen and colored pencils on loan from the Galerie du Jour. This downtown show will remain on view until May 15.

It is also the first glimpse of Bouabré’s work, from the 1970s until his death in 2014.

Passing through New York, the designer reconnected with her team in the city. In addition to the Howard Street store, there are iconic boutiques in Union Square and uptown Madison Avenue.

“Very happy” to be back in New York, she believes the city will come back to life after so many people have been impacted directly or indirectly by COVID-19. “Spring is coming even though it is snowing today. People will go out again and want to go out. It’s a bit the same in Paris.

However, she acknowledged that “people are worried” about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the reactions of Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Nobody can tell what he’s going to do, which is a problem,” she said. “And I really like Russia. I have been to St. Petersburg and Moscow several times. I like the people there. There are very nice people in the streets and everywhere. I made an exhibition here with my photographs of Moscow. For now, however, the designer is all about New York and she hopes things will get better for everyone over the next few weeks.

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French fashion

These French Terry sweatpants are perfect for working from home

Men’s Journal aims to feature only the best products and services. We update when possible, but offers expire and prices may change. If you buy something through one of our links, we may earn a commission.
Questions? Contact us at [email protected]

When we need to buy new clothes for ourselves, there are a few outlets we like to look at first. Because of their wide range of options that look great and feel even better. If you’re looking for something you can chill in all day, you can’t go wrong by going to Huckberry and taking the Flint and Tinder French Terry Sweatpants.

As soon as you put the Flint and Tinder French Terry Sweatpants, you will immediately feel the comfort. You will be almost annoyed that you haven’t had them in your life for longer. And it’s thanks to the high level of craftsmanship that goes into the materials used here to make sweatpants that don’t let go.


What you can find in these Flint and Tinder French Terry Sweatpants is made of 57% cotton, 35% polyester and 8% rayon. These materials are simply fantastic on the skin, allowing you to stretch in complete relaxation. They also give them a good sense of mobility, so you can hit the gym if you want.

Another advantage of these bad boys is that they also look very good. You can hit the gym or the stores or even just work from home and be comfortable in the fact that you look damn stunning. Not the most important item to be sure, but an added benefit in a big way.

Huckberry rules and there is no doubt in our minds about it. You can pick up the Flint and Tinder French Terry Sweatpants to be sure. As soon as you are comfortably installed in this spectacular pair of sweatshirts, you will have no more doubts. You’ll be shopping at Huckberry again in no time.

Get it: get it Flint and Tinder French Terry Sweatpants ($48; was $88) at Huckberry

You understand!

Check out the great products and gear we recommend to Men’s Journal readers

For access to exclusive gear videos, celebrity interviews and more, subscribe on YouTube!

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Fashion brand

Best fashion and beauty brands to buy – The Hollywood Reporter

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, The Hollywood Reporter may receive an affiliate commission. Note that prices and offers are accurate at the time of publication, but may be subject to change.

It’s International Women’s Day, which means it’s the perfect time to honor the amazing women in your life and even those you admire from afar. One way to celebrate is to highlight some of our favorite female-led fashion and beauty brands, especially those who are trailblazers and who have made bold and courageous changes in their respective industries (there are many !)

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite things to buy from these women-founded brands, from a must-have tote bag to what could very well be your new holy grail sunscreen. Whether you want to gift an item to someone special or buy something for yourself, this is a great way to show your support today. Find 10 of our top picks below.

Fenty Beauty

Everyone knows that Rihanna single-handedly changed the beauty industry for the better when she dropped a 40-shade foundation line from the start. Since the legendary launch of Fenty Beauty in 2017, Rihanna has expanded her brand into skincare (and we can’t forget her hit lingerie line Savage x Fenty), no doubt inspiring many celebrities to follow suit. with their own beauty brands.

Shop the Fenty Icon Refillable Semi-Matte Lipstick and Set, $20-$32:
fenty | Sephora | Ultimate


After working at companies like Benefit Cosmetics, Juice Beauty, and Perricone MD, entrepreneurs Alison Haljun and Christin Powell set out to create their own beauty brand based on high-performance natural ingredients, but with Gen Z in mind. . Kinship checks all the boxes you’d want in skincare: non-toxic ingredients that meet clean beauty standards, sustainable packaging, and fun, colorful aesthetics, to boot. All the good stuff that anyone, Gen Z or not, can appreciate.

Buy Kinship Self Reflect Sport Triple Ceramide Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF $60.28:
Kinship | Ultimate

Buy Kinship Self Reflect Sport SPF 60 Triple Ceramide Moisturizing Sunscreen


Michelle Ranavat combined her scientific training with the beauty rituals of her Indian heritage to create her eponymous skincare brand. The result was powerful botanical formulations using Ayurvedic ingredients like turmeric, bakuchi, saffron, and ashwagandha. Ranavat, which recently launched at Sephora, donates one percent of its profits to the Desai Foundation, a nonprofit organization that empowers women and children through community programs in India.

Buy Ranavat Radiant Rani Saffron AHA Resurfacing Mask, $75:
ranavat | Sephora | Thirteen Moon

Buy Ranavat Radiant Rani Resurfacing Saffron AHA Mask


Katie Sturino, body acceptance advocate, blogger and author, launched Megababe as a way to address traditionally private and “taboo” issues, like chafing thighs and sweaty breasts, without people feeling shame. . Unsurprisingly, the body care brand was a hit from the start.

Buy Megababe Dust Puff, $18-$36:
Megababe | Ultimate

Megababe Dust Puff

Uoma Beauty

As she witnessed the disregard for inclusiveness that the beauty industry helps to perpetuate, Sharon Chuter decided to launch her own cosmetics brand, Uoma Beauty. She continues to challenge beauty standards with her initiative, Pull Up For Change, a call to action for companies to publicly disclose the number of black employees in leadership positions, as well as the ongoing Make It Black campaign. .

Shop Uoma Beauty Stay Woke Luminous Brightening Concealer, $25:
Uoma Beauty | Nordstrom | Ultimate

Uoma Beauty Stay Woke Luminous Brightening Concealer


Sarah Staudinger co-founded fashion label Staud in 2015 with the goal of creating stylish and unique clothing and handbags that wouldn’t break the bank. Since then, there have been plenty of Staud “It” pieces, from square PVC totes to two-tone sweater dresses. The brand has been seen on celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid, to name a few.

Shop the Staud Raffia Shirley Mini Bag, $350:
Staud | 24S | Farfetch | Nordström

Buy Staud Raffia Mini Bag Shirley

good american

Khloe Kardashian and Emma Grede founded Good American in 2016 when the conversation about inclusivity was just beginning to gain traction in the fashion industry. From the get-go, Grede and Kardashian made sure that Good American’s beliefs were unwavering — Grede demanded that retailers buy all styles of denim in all sizes and not segregate them into a more distinct size area. The brand has since expanded from jeans to activewear, swimwear, shoes and more.

Shop the Good American Good 90s Jeans, $155:
Good American | At Bloomingdale’s |

Shop Good American Good Jeans from the 90s

Kat Maconie

If you’re looking for shoes with a little – no, a lot – of personality, you’ll find them at Kat Maconie. The British-born designer has had a penchant for flair ever since she used to decorate her mother’s high heels with costume jewelry and other flashy embellishments as a child. Her fun and colorful designs have been spotted on celebrities like Taylor Swift, Jessica Alba and Mindy Kaling.

Shop Kat Maconie Cher Chain Heel Pumps, $385:
Kat Maconie | Neiman Marcus

Kat Maconie Cher chain pumps


Since its debut in 2019, Parade has shaken up the lingerie market, thanks to its founder and CEO Cami Téllez. Frustrated with legacy lingerie brands that capitalize on its clientele’s insecurities, Parade’s goal is to make people feel good about themselves. The brand reached one million pairs of underwear sold in its first year.

Parade Plunge Bra

Mejuri Dome Ring


Buy now

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Fashion style

Balenciaga goes where fashion has never dared to go

PARIS — In a cold, dark airplane hangar on the outskirts of Paris, amid reports of more than 1.5 million refugees fleeing Europe from Ukraine, Demna, the unnamed Balenciaga designer who had fled Georgia at the age of 12 during this country’s civil war, built a huge snow globe and started a storm.

In the wind, men and women struggled, holding fake trash bags apparently full of belongings, donning stiletto boots, clutching heavy black coats that flew around them, heads bowed. A few were shivering in boxer shorts, with only towel-like shawls for protection. The long dresses flowed inside out. The music was pounding; overhead, lights (bombs? lightning?) shone in the darkened sky.

Outside the glass, an audience watched, clutching blue and yellow T-shirts the shades and nearly the size of the Ukrainian flag that had been left on each seat, along with a note from the designer (which also read , in Ukrainian, a classic poem — a prayer of strength for Ukraine — by the writer Oleksandr Oles, at the beginning of the programme).

The war had, Demna wrote in the note, “triggered the pain of past trauma that I have carried with me since 1993, when the same thing happened in my country and I became a refugee forever. Forever, because it’s something that stays with you. Fear, despair, the realization that no one wants you.

Thus, a collection originally conceived as a commentary on climate change – a theme that Demna began to explore before the pandemic and which he intended here as a meditation on an imaginary future where snow is relegated to the status of fantasy. created by man – has instead become an exceptionally powerful response to war.

Over the past week and a half of the dispute, fashion has all but apologized for its own existence; dare to offer a frivolous and useless product in a context of global crisis. There has been a lot of lip service to the idea of ​​beauty as an ointment; a lot of things like “All I can do is what I do best”. (Plus, donate cash and emergency supplies, of course, and close stores in Russia.) Lots of reminders to everyone the industry employs.

This is a perfectly valid response to the situation. She can even draw inspiration, as with Valentino, which also began with a voice-over by designer Pierpaolo Piccioli, offering a hymn to the Ukrainian people – “We see you, we feel you, we love you” – before moving on to a collection designed to showcase the power of the individual.

It was built on a single hue: no black or white, but rather a kind of signature hot pink – dubbed Pink PP, about to become an official Pantone color – which was also the hue for the walls and floor. There was a brief section of black, like some sort of palate cleanser, but it was the pink that stood out. And offered an update to the classic Valentino red.

Chunky pink platform shoes under pink tights. Floor-sweeping pink shirt dresses that looked more like royal dresses. Little abbreviated pink sequin dresses. Sheer pink blouses. Molded mini roses. Pink tea dresses covered with flowers. Pink handbags. Pink everywhere we looked, except the faces, which each stood out on their own. The effect was a bit dizzying, but it got the point.

Of course, getting down to business, like Matthew Williams did at Givenchy, is good too.

He combined the streetwear influences first brought to the brand by Riccardo Tisci (layered t-shirts, like a ride through the logos of the past; hooded nylon anoraks under tailored jackets; thigh-high leather boots) with his clichés (“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” beads; ruffled fusions of tulle and organza) plus her own affinity for a bit of hardware. The result was her most cohesive collection to date.

Yet, as Demna has proven, there’s no reason for designers to be afraid to tackle the tough stuff. He had almost, he says in his notes, canceled the Balenciaga show, until “I realized that canceling this show would mean giving in”. So instead, he shook it. It was a risk.

After all: very expensive leather trash bags come dangerously close to bad taste. Although it is the same designer who created very expensive versions of the Ikea bag. Part of his schtick is to elevate the unseen everyday to luxury status, poking fun at the pomposity of the fashion beast.

And the fact that some of his models are wrapped in Balenciaga-branded packing tape jumpsuits might look a lot like a social media-only catnip gimmick.

Especially because Kim Kardashian actually modeled a packing tape look in the audience — an outfit (can you even call it that?) she said took four Balenciaga assistants to create. Not only did the tape make sticky, creaking sounds as it walked, but Ms. Kardashian was, she professed, worried that when she sat down, some sections might tear. (It didn’t, much to her relief, although she said she still didn’t know how she would go to the bathroom.)

Yet backstage after the show, Demna said the tape wasn’t just a joke — it was also a nod to the dressing-up experiences he had as a rootless kid. . And that they would sell the rolls in stores, so everyone could DIY their own look, in a sort of extreme version of do with it and fix it.

The one who has made it clear that for him, the clothes themselves, in ready-to-wear anyway, are perhaps the least of the worries. After all – apart from a strapless denim jumpsuit made from two pairs of jeans (the waist of one formed a bustier over the other), a dress screen-printed to imitate lace, and bags made from merged pairs of boots – most of the stuff as seen through the snow – long jersey dresses, hoodies, asymmetrical flowers, wraparound condoms – looked much the same as they have for a few seasons now.

But combined with last season’s Simpsons show; virtual reality experiences; past and immersive climate change scenarios (for those wondering, most of this season’s set would be recycled, with carbon emissions being offset); plus the Donda shows he worked on with Ye; the unsettling depiction of refugees under glass confirmed Demna’s position as fashion’s greatest and most fearless set designer.

His subject is not the silhouette, it is the human condition. On an epic scale of pop culture.

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Fashion designer

VOTE: Franco-Filipino fashion designer Anthony Alvarez reaches the semi-finals of the LVMH Prize

Lifestyle Inquirer December cover star Anthony Alvarez and his brand BLUEMARBLE are up for fashion’s highest honours: the LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers

As a semi-finalist, Alvarez is one of 20 emerging talents chosen to present their creations at the showroom at LVMH’s Paris headquarters. In this stage of the award, around 70 international experts determine who will reach the final.

A online voting, open to the public, is also used to determine the finalists. This year, voting is open until tomorrow Wednesday, March 9.

After the announcement of the finalists, a jury of the most important names in fashion then chooses the final winner. At previous awards, the jury included the legend, Karl Lagerfeld. For the 2021 prize, the jury was made up of designers like the late Virgil Abloh, Jonathan Andersen, Maria Grazia Chiuri, Marc Jacobs, Kim Jones and Stella McCartney. They were joined by Executive Vice President of Louis Vuitton Delphine Arnault, adviser to Bernard Arnault and Director of Patronage at LVMH Jean-Paul Claverie, and Chairman and CEO of LVMH Fashion Group Sidney Toledano.

If Alvarez wins, he will receive a one-year mentorship and endowment from LVMH. This support adapted to the vision of their brand is offered through a rich pool of resources via teams of LVMH mentors in fields as varied as sustainable development and the legal aspects of the company. He will also be the first mixed Filipino designer to receive this honor.

Since 2013, the LVMH Prize has launched the careers of today’s trendiest names such as Marinne Serre, Jacquemus, Marques’ Almeida and Hood by Air.

BLUE MARBLE is a menswear brand founded in 2019. In Alvarez’s designs, you glean his curiosity for world cultures. It explains how our differences as people are all interconnected. He fuses different influences like streetwear, skate culture and travel in his designs. Last year, Alvarez paid homage to Siargao for its Spring/Summer collection.

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French fashion

Stella McCartney nods to Ukraine crisis with Lennon’s anti-war song at winter show

PARIS, March 7 (Reuters) – In a nod to the war in Ukraine, Stella McCartney closed her eponymous label’s winter fashion show to the music of John Lennon’s anti-war ballad “Give Peace a Chance.” .

Models curled up in glass-encased hallways atop the Center Pompidou, parading in elegant bohemian-flavored dresses with pockets and slit balloon sleeves as rhythmic music played, with sweeping views of Paris in the backdrop.

“I believe very strongly in peace and love and obviously using John’s song, who was my dad’s best friend…it just shows for me, it’s a personal song that reflects the thoughts of the world whole, I hope, right now,” McCartney told reporters after the show, referring to her father, Paul McCartney.

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Some fashion designers have spoken publicly about their struggle to find the right tone for their shows and make the decision to go ahead with Paris Fashion Week events as the world focuses on the Ukraine crisis.

The French capital is hosting the latest series of industry fairs which have also taken place in New York, London and Milan, and end on March 8.

In Milan, Georgio Armani acknowledged the crisis by cutting the music for his fashion show. Read more

In Paris, Balenciaga creative director Demna Gvasalia spoke about his experience as a refugee from Georgia and presented guests with Ukrainian flag t-shirts, while Isabel Marant bowed for her brand’s runway show with a blue and yellow top. nL2N2V90CN

“Obviously I’m anti-war… My heart goes out to the people of Ukraine tremendously and it’s heartbreaking, it’s a traumatic experience to go through, so one can only imagine what these poor people are going through,” said McCartney.

His brand is part of the luxury group LVMH (LVMH.PA), which, along with Hermès, Kering, owner of Gucci, and Chanel, announced on Friday a suspension of its operations in Russia.

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Reporting by Mimosa Spencer Editing by Mark Heinrich

Our standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Fashion style

Selena Gomez’s Most Memorable Red Carpet Moments: Photos

From his Disney Channel days to now, Selena Gomez has seen a major fashion evolution. When she played the role of Alex Russo in the Wizards of Waverly Placethe actress sported outfits that reflected her age, but growing up in the public eye, Selena had grown accustomed to high fashion looks.

During an interview with Dizzy from February 2020, the Monte Carlo The star explained that she found her personal style in “practically free fall”. Selena also credited many of her best fashion moments to her stylist, Kate Young.

“Once I started to understand the craftsmanship and how dedicated people are to making it, and how delicate everything was, my eyes really opened,” she said. fashion company in September 2017. “Something happens when I put on a nice piece of clothing. And it’s not just through characters or video clips. I feel like it completely affects how I enter an environment. I’m very dramatic, I like to be expressive with stuff. So, if I have a good outfit and my hair is shiny, I feel good! I have a whole new aura about myself.

In June 2021, the “Lose You to Love Me” singer sat down with vogue and has broken down some of her most iconic outfits over the years. Kicking off the video with an outfit from 2007, Selena told viewers, “I didn’t know what I was doing, you know?” Referring to the beginnings of his career. As for transitioning into more stylish looks, the singer recalled the “Love You Like a Love Song” music video as “the first time I tried being fashionable.” She added, “And you can laugh about it, because it’s not high fashion.”

Selena also looked back at her 2015 Met Gala dress, made by the designer Vera Wang.

“I fluctuate a lot with my weight, and I remember that night in particular, I didn’t feel good about my body,” she said. vogue. “What was really amazing is that I got the chance to work on a dress that fits my body. I had such a great time shaping this dress. I think we came together and built something really beautiful and something that looks really good on me. It was a moment where I was like, ‘I don’t need to have that 19-year-old figure anymore.’ Because I’m not.”

Scroll through our gallery to see Selena’s best red carpet moments over the years.

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Paris Jackson turns heads during Paris Fashion Week

Paris-Jackson is back in Paris, and of course, in style!

The 23-year-old model, daughter of the deceased michael jacksonturns heads disabled the track with a rare appearance at Vivienne WestwoodWomen’s fall/winter 2022/2023 show on Saturday March 5, during Paris Fashion Week.

Paris, who is also a singer, wore a multicolored polka dot strapless dress with a purple belt and a thigh-high slit, paired with strappy black pumps, as she sat at the event with another model and designer of fashion. Kailand Morriswho also has a famous musician father—Stevie Wonder. Paris and Kailand also hung out with Vivienne herself at the show, which featured catwalk appearances from sisters. Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid.

Paris also showcased a chic look at the Westwood Womenswear Spring/Summer 2022 show during Paris Fashion Week last October.

In a recent cover interview with luxury retailer LUISAVIAROMA LVR magazinepublished in its Spring 2022 issue, Paris detailed her personal style.

“I’ve had the same style since high school: a combination of the 60s, 70s and 90s,” she said. “I like bell bottoms, earth tones, Doc Martens, ripped leggings and everyday band tees. It’s bohemian grunge. »

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French fashion

The world’s biggest luxury brands suspend operations in Russia

  • The French group Hermès has three stores in Moscow
  • Hermès “deeply concerned about the situation in Europe”
  • Russians spend $9 billion a year on luxury goods -Jefferies

PARIS, March 4 (Reuters) – The world’s biggest luxury brands said on Friday they planned to temporarily close stores and suspend business operations in Russia.

Bag maker Birkin Hermes and owner of Cartier Richemont were the first companies to announce such measures, followed by LVMH (LVMH.PA), Kering (PRTP.PA) and Chanel.

Doing business in Russia has become complex since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which prompted the United States, Britain and the European Union to impose sweeping sanctions.

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“Given our growing concerns about the current situation, the increasing uncertainty and the complexity to operate, Chanel has decided to temporarily suspend its activities in Russia,” the French luxury fashion house said in a post on LinkedIn.

Luxury giant LVMH, which owns brands such as Christian Dior, Givenchy, Kenzo, TAG Heuer and Bulgari, among others, will close its 124 stores in Russia from Sunday but will continue to pay the salaries of its 3,500 employees in the country. , said a spokesperson. Reuters.

French multinational Kering, whose brands include brands such as Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta and Boucheron, among others, has two stores and 180 employees, which the company will continue to support.

While affluent Russians are big consumers of luxury goods, analysts say the proportion of luxury sales generated by Russian nationals is low compared to the industry’s main growth drivers, China and the United States. .

Richemont, which also owns Dunhill, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Montblanc, Piaget and Van Cleef & Arpels among others, has a dozen stores of its own, mainly in Moscow. He said in a statement that he suspended business activities in Russia on March 3 after halting operations in Ukraine on February 24, the day Russia launched its invasion.

Hermes, which has three stores in Moscow, had planned to open an outlet in St. Petersburg later this year.

Investment bank Jefferies estimates that Russians account for about $9 billion in annual luxury goods sales, or about 6% of Chinese spending and 14% of US luxury goods spending.

Swiss watchmaker Swatch Group (UHR.S), which owns high-end watch and jewelry brands including Harry Winston, said it would continue operations in Russia but was suspending exports “due to the current situation. overall difficult.

L’Oreal (OREP.PA), LVMH (LVMH.PA) and Kering (PRTP.PA) have all pledged financial support to help Ukrainian refugees and Richemont announced on Friday that it was launching a “significant donation” to Doctors Without Borders.

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Reporting by Mimosa Spencer, Silvia Aloisi and Layli Foroudi; Editing by Tassilo Hummel, Jon Boyle, Susan Fenton, Alexander Smith and Sandra Maler

Our standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Crazy Fashion Trends: Korean Brand Creates Dress Made Of Hair, Sparks Reactions Online

  • A fashion brand identified as Maison Kimhekim left social media users buzzing over one of their latest designs
  • The luxury brand with over 180,000 followers unveiled a braided dress made entirely of long black hair
  • Several netizens reacted with mixed feelings about the quirky design, with some criticizing the creation

Korean brand, Maison Kimhekim, recently made a dress from several strands of hair and sparked strong reactions on social media.

The design received mixed reactions. Photo credit: @maison_kimhekim
Source: Instagram

A video was shared via their official Instagram page of over 180,000 followers who captured the making of the dress with braid detailing.

The black-haired dress was later featured on a mannequin and although it was artistic, it left some netizens scratching their heads.

Watch the video below:

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Thinking outside the box: Lady pairs pantsuit with gele in new photos, wows netizens

Social media users share their opinions

The brand was founded by Kiminte Kimhekim whose name is linked to an ancient royal family in Korea and symbolizes the Golden Kingdom era.

Maison Kimhekim fuses streetwear with haute couture elements, inspired by its experience in one of the most iconic fashion houses, Balenciaga.

However, the hairstyle drew mixed reactions.

Check out the comments below:


“It’s art, loving it”


“Sry but looks like Mrs. Chewbacca.”


“It’s a beautiful design but it annoys me in a way.”


“Imagine if they just donated that hair to cancer patients!!‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️”


“A little fire like this.., Pesin doesn’t burn. I can’t even light a smoke while carrying it. You’re gonna shoot Firegirl.”


“I could see it more as a work of art than a real wearable piece.”


“Imagine it getting wet from the rain”


“The braiding could have been done much better”


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Bold Maternity Fashion: Rihanna’s See-Through Dior Dress Arouses Mixed Reactions From Internet Users

“A costume for a dystopian film.”


“Interesting – I love the placement of the braids to create the final look.”



Self-immolation mode: Model in burning dress looks frightened in trending video

There are no limits to what people are willing to do to bring their creative imaginations to life.

Fashion designer, Sam Macer, recently got tongues wagging online after posting an Instagram video, showing off one of his designs.

In the clip that has since gone viral, the 20-year-old designer is seen setting fire to a dress modeled by a lady identified on Instagram as Popping Baring.

The set consists of a steel-coated metal hoop skirt, a flame-retardant petticoat and a gathered top.

Let’s Talk Luxury: World’s Most Expensive Handbag Costs N1.5 Billion

When it comes to luxury pieces, there are no limits to the madness and daring of creatives to achieve the perfect creation.

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Mixed reactions as Pretty Mike storms the event with 3 women wearing horse heads

A handbag designed by famous jeweler Robert Mouawad of Maison Mouawad is the most expensive handbag in the world.

The heart-shaped purse dubbed the “1001 Nights Diamond Purse” was – according to Robb Report – inspired by the Middle East’s most epic tale, the Arabian Nights, filled with romance, intrigue and whimsy.

Source: Legit.ng

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Stella Maxwell Takes Style Advice From Kill Bill In Yellow Jacket And Tights For CR Fashion Book

Stella Maxwell takes style advice from Kill Bill as she poses in a yellow zip-up jacket and tights on the cover of CR Fashion Book

She often wears unusual ensembles for designer brands.

And Stella Maxwell, 31, followed Kill Bill’s style advice as she posed in a yellow zip-up jacket and tights on the cover of CR Fashion Book, ahead of #CRGirls2022 in partnership with Palm Angels.

The Victoria’s Secret model’s outfit looked strikingly similar to the famous yellow and black jumpsuit worn by Uma Thurman’s character, The Bride, in Kill Bill.

Fierce: Stella Maxwell, 31, followed Kill Bill’s style advice as she posed in a yellow zip-up jacket and tights on the cover of CR Fashion Book, ahead of #CRGirls2022 in partnership with Palm Angels

Stella boosted her long pins with a pair of white pointed stilettos and completed her unusual look with a yellow manicure.

Palm Angel’s striking jacket featured a black stripe down the hem, giving his look a distinctly Kill Bill-inspired feel.

In October, Stella returned to The Lions modeling agency – which also represents Irina Shayk, Candice Swanepoel, Jasmine Tookes, Kate Upton, Sara Sampaio and Shanina Shaik.

It’s unclear in which territories Lions managing partner Ali Kavoussi will be tasked with negotiating future Fendi show modeling work.

We see you: Her outfit looked strikingly like the famous yellow and black jumpsuit worn by Uma Thurman's character, The Bride, in Kill Bill (pictured)

We see you: Her outfit looked strikingly like the famous yellow and black jumpsuit worn by Uma Thurman’s character, The Bride, in Kill Bill (pictured)

It’s only been seven months since Stella signed with IMG Models for jobs specifically in New York, Los Angeles and Milan.

And for many years, Elite Model Management has managed Maxwell jobs specifically in Paris.

And although the University of Otago graduate got her break in 2015 as an “angel” for Victoria’s Secret, she hasn’t represented the old-school lingerie brand since December.

On October 16, Stella shared a video of herself holding a soccer ball during a photoshoot on the beach while wearing a strappy bikini, which she captioned, “Touchdown. .. Coming soon !”

Legs for days: Stella boosted her long pins with a pair of white pointed stilettos

Legs for days: Stella boosted her long pins with a pair of white pointed stilettos

In the past, Stella is said to have had romantic relationships with women like Kristen Stewart, Miley Cyrus, Bella Hadid, Lily-Rose Depp, Taylor Hill, and Barbara Palvin.

“Honestly, I’ve never worried about my sexuality,” the Belgian and Northern Irish-Kiwi bombshell told The Advocate last year.

“I can’t wait for the world to get to the point where we don’t think about someone’s sexual preference, their gender. Let’s truly live, embrace and celebrate people’s individuality.

If Stella has a type, it’s “kind and honest” people who “love dogs and animals” and “have space in your life to share.”

Making moves: In October, Stella returned to The Lions modeling agency

Making moves: In October, Stella returned to The Lions modeling agency


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The best fashion in cinema

Since the dawn of Hollywood, fashion and cinema have been intimately linked. Extravagant outfits and creative costumes will add symbolism and visual splendor to any movie room. In turn, the best clothes on the big screen have influenced shoppers around the world. From Afrofuturistic tribal designs to Shakespearean characters dressed in designer clothes, these films are a feast for the eyes.

Sofia Coppola’s ode to the controversial Queen of France finale lives up to the titular heroine’s reputation as fashion’s first celebrity. Each gown designed by Milena Canonero steals the stage and relays Marie Antoinette’s rise from a naive Austrian princess to extravagant levels of nobility. As the protagonist’s confidence grows, we see her wigs grow, with one even accurately depicting a model ship to celebrate France’s naval power. Marie Antoinette even stuck to the Queen’s ‘cottagecore’ phase as we see Kirsten Dunst flee to the countryside in a delicate white shirt.

“Every dress designed by Milena Canonero steals the stage”VARSITY/DANIELLE JUMP

Canonero refuses to adhere to the militant historical accuracy that complements the film’s tongue-in-cheek aura, also evident in the film’s pop soundtrack. Amidst the anachronistic use of “I Want Candy,” we see heaps of candy-colored Manolo Blahnik shoes (with the brief glimpse of a Converse) that remind the viewer to revel in lavish scenes and never take the leap. film too seriously.

Ruth E. Carter’s costumes perfectly encompass Black Panther’s pressing theme of Afrofuturism. Throughout the creation of the film, Carter diligently researched and incorporated traditional pieces from across the continent. No scene embodies this more than T’Challa’s initiation ceremony into his royal role, when the tribes of Wakanda line the cliffs of Warrior Falls; each figure is adorned with deliberately chosen African clothing such as Basotho blankets and Maasai headdress.

“Carter has balanced traditionalism with cutting-edge fashion design”

To promote the MCU’s brand of superheroes, Carter balanced traditionalism with cutting-edge fashion design, such as 3D printing and interweaving of fictional vibranium metal in myriad costumes. One set that captures this is when a River Tribe elder (Isaach de Bankolé) wears a modern suit by Ghanaian-British designer Ozwald Boateng paired with an African lip plate. Balancing African tradition with current black tailoring, Carter’s costumes are essential in promoting the film’s message.

For Luis Buñuel’s 1967 film, beautiful day, the costumes help tell the story of a married young bourgeois woman, who spends her days as a high-class sex worker while her husband is at work. Catherine Deneuve, who plays Séverine Serizy, is dressed head to toe in Yves Saint Laurent, the couturier responsible for her entire wardrobe. Vogue described this film as “YSL’s most remarkable contribution to cinema”.

“The black vinyl trench coat has become a cult classic”VARSITY/DANIELLE JUMP

Adapted from Joseph Kessel’s 1928 novel, the costumes capture the duality of the character, at once prudish, erotic, seductive and alluring. The black vinyl trench coat has become a cult classic, making its way into mainstream fashion; you can still see it on the catwalks today. Even the shoes Deneuve wore for the film, which were part of YSL’s 1965 spring-summer collection, were eventually named after the film. Deneuve herself says it, “the character’s style really owes a lot to the image that Saint Laurent has created for itself”. However, perhaps it’s not just Séverine who should thank the Parisian designer, but fashion as we know it.

Take a Closer Look at Baz Luhrmann’s Reimagining of William Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet. You’ll notice that it’s not all gangsters and glitz running around beautiful Verona – well, Venice Beach – but there are some pretty ostentatious outfits too.

“There are also quite ostentatious outfits”

For that, we can thank Australian costume designer Kym Barrett, contemporary of Luhrmann’s wife and two-time Oscar-winning costume designer, Catherine Martin. Initially joining the couple as a wardrobe assistant at Luhrmann Ballroom strictly (1992), Barrett shared the director’s radical vision, as head of wardrobe, as they dared to tackle – or rather take over – Shakespeare’s classic romance. From the simple Hawaiian shirt worn by Romeo in the film’s opening scenes, to Tybalt adorned with devil horns at the Capulet ball. From Mercutio’s sparkling lingerie set to Juliette’s more modest angel wings. In collaboration with Prada, Yves Saint Laurent and Dolce & Gabbana, Barrett brings Luhrmann’s screenplay to life, marking his film not only in the history of cinema, but also in the history of fashion.

There’s one word that can describe Paul Tazewell’s designs in Spielberg’s remake of the 1961 classic: burst. The characters burst out of their costumes and the costumes burst from the screen. One would imagine that best dressed would be the character with the most obvious sex appeal, Anita, in her lemon dress trimmed with blood red ruffles. This outfit is present in the film’s most exuberant and carefree number, Americawhere Tazewell sneaked in a tribute to the past, with an all-dancer dressed in the famous lilac dress that Anita wore in 1961.

“The characters burst from their costumes and the costumes burst from the screen”VARSITY/DANIELLE JUMP

Respectful of history, it is not hampered by it. It confidently inverts the color palette that depicted gangs at war in 1961, yellow and purple. Now the latter wear rusty copper vests and are the first to walk the streets in a darker palette. Their muscles almost burst from the torn, oil-stained vests. It feels like youthful energy can explode out of these confines of fabric at any moment.

At first glance, it might seem like there’s not much to like about Ralph Egleston and Deanna Marsigliese’s costume designs for the 2004 and 2018 iterations of The Incredibles, at least beyond those amazing fitted suits (pun intended). Still, it’s no surprise that a movie starring a fashion designer as sassy as Edna Mode is full of fashion secrets. Did you know that Edna is based on the real life of Edith Head, eight-time Oscar winner for her styles of the 1950s? Egleston took inspiration from Head’s mid-century shapes by making the character pieces simple and elegant – you can almost smell Frozone’s smooth periwinkle turtleneck!

“Edna is an ode to fashion, the real heroine dressed to kill”

In animation, there is an unwritten rule that a character should not change their appearance too often, lest the changes break the audience’s suspension of disbelief. As a result, every costume has to pack a punch, and that couldn’t be more true than the gems of the movies: Edna’s outfits. She appears in a dripping satin kimono and a squeaky black beetle costume, among other things. Edna is an ode to fashion, the true heroine dressed to kill.

Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin strike gold again in this film adaptation of Gatsby the magnificent, again starring Leonardo DiCaprio, alongside Carey Mulligan, Tobey Maguire and Joel Edgerton. Winner of an Academy Award for Best Costume Design, Martin owes many of his iconic outfits to Prada, Brooks Brothers and Tiffany & Co. These brands alone symbolize the glitz and glamor of the film and its era.

“Martin’s goal was to modernize and sexualize the Roaring Twenties”

From Gatsby’s pink suit to Daisy’s diamonds, suits are key to differentiating “old money” from new. Tom Buchanan (Edgerton) even snidely remarks that “the man in the pink suit went to Oxford”, indicating that an “Oxford man” would never wear such an untraditional ensemble. While costume historians argue over the lack of authenticity, Martin’s goal was to modernize and sexualize the Roaring Twenties and the characters who lived through them. The costumes perfectly complement the contemporary soundtrack, featuring Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful,” Beyonce’s haunting take on “Back to Black,” and the equally ethereal cover of Jack White’s “Love Is Blindness.”

Few films cover two distinct fashion decades; Back to the future is a rare find in this respect. When Marty McFly travels back in time from 1985 to 1955, he wears Nike sneakers, a red padded vest and a pair of Levi 501s, all under a yellow hazmat jumpsuit. Immediately he stands out, mistaken for a space invader when he first met him in the 1950s. When Marty’s mother, Lorraine, meets him, she still calls him Calvin because Calvin Klein is “written everywhere [his] underwear”.

The film’s climax occurs at the Enchantment Under the Sea school dance, where Marty’s parents have their first kiss. Lorraine wears a pastel pink strapless dress with a 1950s-style flared skirt, and George, Marty’s dad, wears an all-white suit with a black bow tie. Meanwhile, Marty dons a gray blazer and burgundy tie but accidentally exposes himself as an outsider while playing “Johnny B. Goode”. While Back to the future isn’t about fashion per se, costume plays a vital and often overlooked role in film’s successful portrayal of culture clash.

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French fashion

Balenciaga invites its guests to the FW22 show with cracked iPhones

Crushed it! Balenciaga invites guests to its Paris Fashion Week show with broken iPhones engraved with the date, location and time as a “real artifact of the year 2022”

  • Balenciaga invited guests to its show by sending them broken iPhone 6s
  • The phones had cracked screens and were etched with the date and location of the event
  • Mobiles described as “genuine AD 22 artifact” and not working
  • Brand’s Fall/Winter 2022 show will take place on Sunday and will be streamed live

Luxury fashion house Balenciaga invited guests to its latest fashion show by sending them personalized broken iPhones.

Rather than traditional paper invitations, the French brand opted to send personalized mobiles engraved with the date and time of its Fall/Winter 2022 show at Paris Fashion Week.

Described as a “true artifact from the year 2022”, the phone – and the damage to it – is real, but not working and should be used “for display purposes only”.

The brand’s 360° show will take place this Sunday and will be broadcast live worldwide from the Balenciaga website.

fashion house Balenciaga invited guests to its latest fashion show by sending them personalized broken iPhones” class=”blkBorder img-share” style=”max-width:100%” />

Luxury fashion house Balenciaga invited guests to its latest fashion show by sending them personalized broken iPhones

The <a class=French brand has chosen to send personalized mobiles engraved with the date and time of its Fall/Winter 2022 show” class=”blkBorder img-share” style=”max-width:100%” />

The French brand has chosen to send personalized mobiles engraved with the date and time of its Fall/Winter 2022 show

The invitation reads: “Please find personalized information on the back of this phone. This is a true artifact of the year 2022.

‘It is not functional and should be used for display purposes only. This document certifies that this device is, to the best of our knowledge, not artificially made but made from years of use and later neglect.

The fashion house, known for its quirky marketing tactics, received a mixed reaction online, with some users calling the invitations “cool”, while others were taken aback by the bizarre invite.

“Balenciaga baby you’re a few years late… Tumblr iPhone-mania ended in 2015 I’m sorry,” one user wrote.

Described as a

Described as a “true artifact from the year 2022”, the phone – and the damage to it – is real, but not working and should be used “for display purposes only”.

‘Balenciaga has sent guests to its next show. The invite was a broken iPhone 6s with laser-printed Balenciaga detailing on the back. Wow, said another.

A third commented: “So Balenciaga’s invite to their Sunday show is an iPhone 6 with a cracked screen…interesting.”

‘A personalized iPhone for a Balenciaga fashion show? It’s crazy how far you can go with this shit, funds speak the jargon!!! another user said.

The celebrity-loved label has been worn by stars such as Beyoncé, Adele, Meghan Markle, the Kardashians and Kanye West, is known for its bizarre marketing methods.

The brand has previously been mocked for bizarre Instagram posts – including dogs posing in giant hoodies and modeling earrings on lemons, although these have all been removed in favor of a single photo of Ukrainian flag.

The fashion house, known for its quirky marketing tactics, received a mixed reaction online, with some users calling the invitations a

The fashion house, known for its quirky marketing tactics, received a mixed reaction online, with some users calling the invitations “cool”, while others were taken aback by the bizarre invite.


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Fashion brand

Epson participated in Sustainable Brands 2022, showcasing sustainability in fashion and apparel

Epson was part of the Sustainable Brands 2022 Yokohama (SB’22 Yokohama) event, which was a hybrid international conference held both online and at Pacifico Yokohama North last month, with Epson showcasing its efforts to improve sustainability in fashion and apparel industry.

SB’22 Yokohama was Epson’s fifth time at a sustainable brands conference.

Alongside the Yokohama event, SB’22 Asia-Pacific, the first such multilateral conference, was also held in Korea, Malaysia and Thailand.

These conferences offer participants the opportunity to highlight their efforts in terms of sustainable development with the aim of strengthening corporate recognition and promoting commitment.

Epson participated in three programs at SB’22 Yokohama.

1. Plenary Session (Plenary 1-5)

Epson’s Global President, Yasunori Ogawa, delivered a speech titled “Epson’s Sustainability Vision and Initiatives to Solve Societal Issues”. As part of this, he will highlight value propositions addressing societal issues and explain how Epson seeks to build co-creation relationships.

2. Breakout session (C1-3)

The panelists included a designer, a fashion coordinator, a garment production control system supplier, and representatives from Japan’s environment ministry, a printing company, and Epson, and discussed their various points. on the theme “The future of sustainable fashion using digital technologies”. .”

3. Activation Center

In the Activation Hub, Epson demonstrated its collaboration with Japanese designer Yuima Nakazato through a pop-up boutique exhibition that featured his latest sustainable fashion designs printed using Epson inkjets and boutique designs using projection technology to reduce environmental impact.

A streaming replay of the event is available from March 1 through March 31, but sadly, SB organizers unsustainably closed stream registration last month, which seems incredibly crazy in the modern world of streams, but that’s life.

Either way, with product and technology sustainability being a priority these days, Epson and many other companies are doing their part to ensure a sustainable future, showing that the evolution of technology is the only real response to sustainability issues, so that we can continue to live modern lives, rather than retreat to caves and reduce papyrus to paper.


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Fashion style

Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2022 Street Style is full of high-profile inspirations

After spending three weeks perfecting their outfits in New York, London and Milan, the fashion crowd is ending things on a high in Paris. The French city marks the final leg of the fashion month tour de force. If you’re in the mood for new outfit ideas to kick-start your creativity, turn your attention to street style from Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2022. You’ll want to witness it all the iconic and candid style moments.

The PFW program began with Off-White’s tribute to Virgil Abloh – and all of your favorite models paraded on the catwalk. Next came presentations from Dior and Saint Laurent, where guests really stepped up their street style game. Rihanna wore a nude dress at Dior while other showgowers bundled up in leather and fur coats. The latter was a popular choice for those attending the Vaquera show. Many people have worked with pops of bright color, whether by way of a tart orange hat or a pair of green boots, in their attire.

With other big names on the program like Chanel and Loewe, you can expect plenty more coveted sets from arriving guests. Plus, one could risk there will be plenty of micro skirts and cropped sweaters outside of Miu Miu’s Fall/Winter 2022 show on March 8. (The highly anticipated presentation will be one of the closing acts of the season’s fashion month on the circuit.)

Ahead, check out all of PFW’s best street style outfits so far. Don’t forget to bookmark this article as it will be updated with more images.

Day 1

Darrel Hunter

Anya Taylor-Joy wore a full Dior look to attend the brand’s Fall ’22 show. As Dior’s fashion and beauty ambassador, she also documented the event on Instagram.

Darrel Hunter

Thanks to this viewer, the dress-over-trousers look was officially recognized as a Paris Fashion Week obscene.

Darrel Hunter

To soften a printed outfit, simply wear more neutral pieces. This PFW contestant layered a classic beige trench coat over her blue and yellow ensemble.

Darrel Hunter

Alexa Chung attended the Dior show wearing a white button-up shirt, gray wool coat and matching Bermuda shorts.

Darrel Hunter

This guest’s OOTD is proof that you only need a few nifty pieces (i.e. statement earrings and a pair of green-soled boots) to bring an otherwise outfit to life simple.

Darrel Hunter

Behold: the most dramatic PFW street style coat this season so far. This looker teamed her signature piece with shiny pants and scarlet red pointy boots, creating a next-level look.

Darrel Hunter

Estelle Chemouny who wore this workout-chic look from Dior’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection to attend the brand’s fashion show.

Darrel Hunter

To attend VICTORIA/TOMAS, Blackhey donned a refreshing, sporty and stylish outfit in pastel green hues.

Darrel Hunter

Yoyo Cao wore a white jacket and skirt ensemble as well as a pair of patent leather pumps and black socks. All pieces were Dior. The green shoulder bag and a fuzzy orange hat added playful touches to her look.

Darrel Hunter

Jessie Andrews walked to the Botter show wearing a fishnet top with a bandeau bra and a pair of low-rise baggy pants. She wore a black shoulder bag around her neck.

Darrel Hunter

Candace Marie Stewart and Alioune Badara Fall posed in coordinating teal ensembles outside Botter. Stewart donned a monochrome pantsuit with white sneakers and a pair of silky gloves with white fingernails. Autumn carried two handbags, which became a popular street style trend in Europe.

Darrel Hunter

Sharon Alexie dazzled the crowd in a set of crystal-embellished ensembles.

Darrel Hunter

Ikram Abdi Omar wore a long white pleated skirt, a cream colored jacket and a Dior scarf. She finished with a black 30 Montaigne bag from the same brand.

Darrel Hunter

Rihanna was front row at the Dior Fall/Winter 2022 show. For her appearance, she wore a sheer black lace dress from the fashion house‘s Pre-Fall 2022 collection.

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Fashion designer

90% plastic and 10% textile waste: Nigerian designer’s sustainable fashion impresses internet users

In a world where fast fashion is considered one of the biggest contributors to pollution, some designers are offering innovative solutions while mixing sustainability and fashion. Nigerian Adejoke Lasisi is one such designer.

Lasisi, who works for Planet 3R, a company that converts plastic waste into eco-friendly products, uses discarded plastic and textile waste to create a slew of fashionable products.

She collects the polyethylenes, plastic bottles and packaging, then dries them and throws them away. Lasisi masterfully weaves shredded plastic into traditional Yoruba cloth called aso oke as well as some textile waste. She then uses the newly made recycled fabric to make bags, clothes and other fashion accessories.

Speaking to Reuters, Lasisi said: “In the community where I live, I have come to realize that a lot of people are throwing away their trash, you know, to the point of burning it and that has negative impacts on our environment and our health. So I thought how can I take care of this waste with the skills that I had already learned from my mother, namely weaving skills, then I started to use the waste that was problematic in the community and I started creating opportunities from it in such a way that we are now creating products and at the same time creating opportunities for empowerment.

In recent years, Lasisi’s efforts have been recognized around the world and in 2020 she won the Africa Green Grant award. Many people have taken inspiration from his conservation initiatives as his efforts are shared on social media.

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French fashion

Inside a $12 Million French-Style Estate Outside Philadelphia – Robb Report

A French Norman-style estate on the outskirts of Philadelphia, once owned by heirs to the Campbell Soup fortune, has just had its price reduced by more than 50%, from $23.95 million to $11.75 million .

But don’t rush for your checkbook just yet. There’s a reason for this seemingly stunning price drop.

Linden Hill, a 20-minute drive from downtown Philadelphia in suburban Tony Gladwyne, was designed in the late 1920s by local architect Edmund Gilchrist for wealthy stockbroker Rodman Ellison Griscom. Built to look like a picture-perfect French village, it included a stately 20-room main mansion, a host of cottages, outbuildings and barns, and extensive grounds.

The main house

Courtesy of Steve Davies for Kurfiss Sotheby’s International Realty

In the 1950s, the estate was sold to Campbell Soup chemist John T. Dorrance, best known for inventing the concept of condensing soup (which dramatically reduced transportation costs). In total, Dorrance and her family lived in Linden Hill for over half a century.

Fast forward to 1992, and Bob Burch, a prominent venture capitalist, entrepreneur and former brother-in-law of fashion designer Tory Burch, bought Linden Hill and, with his wife Susan, raised their five children on the estate.

Part of the estate’s considerable appeal, but also an apparent negative, was the fact that it was accompanied by 67 acres of lush, forested land. Maintenance proved to be a constant challenge. So in 2013, Burch decided to sell, putting the domain on the market for $24.5 million.

Linden Hill Philadelphia

The property has two swimming pools.

Courtesy of Steve Davies for Kurfiss Sotheby’s International Realty

Impressive features of the complex include a 14,467 square foot stone main house, turret gatehouse, various guest and staff houses, stables, 10 car garage, two swimming pools, tennis court and miles of horses. -equestrian and pedestrian trails.

But even with price cuts – at one point it was briefly offered for $19.5 million – finding a buyer proved elusive. Burch therefore proposed a series of creative alternatives which included dividing the estate into plots, or even converting it into a retirement home. All plans are said to have been shot down by local residents and area planning committees.

Now, after seven long years in and out of the market, it seems there is finally a solution for Linden Hill.

Linden Hill Philadelphia

The entry hall

Courtesy of Steve Davies for Kurfiss Sotheby’s International Realty

Burch, his lawyer and longtime realtor Lisa Yakulis of Kurfiss Sotheby’s International Realty are about to get approval to divide the 67 acres into five lots. This would include three new residential sites, each around 10 acres and priced at $3.6 million.

“We are really optimistic that this time our proposal will be approved. We even have one of the new lots under contract,” says Yakulis of Kurfiss Sotheby. Robb Report.

The best part of the proposal is that the original Linden Hill estate is now being offered intact with all of its buildings, but this time with approximately 31 (was 67) acres of land and a price tag of $11.75 million, or 51% less. .

Linden Hill Philadelphia

A formal living room

Courtesy of Steve Davies for Kurfiss Sotheby’s International Realty

“At this price, we think Linden Hill becomes extremely affordable and very attractive. There are much smaller, less architecturally and historically significant estates in the main line area of ​​Philadelphia that are priced about the same,” Yakulis adds.

The redesign of the estate won’t affect the original property in any way, she explains. The stately, straight, arrow-shaped driveway from cul-de-sac’d Monk Road in Gladwyne will still lead to the so-called farmyard, flanked by the charming turreted gatehouse and various outbuildings.

Linden Hill Philadelphia

Part of the land

Courtesy of Steve Davies for Kurfiss Sotheby’s International Realty

The driveway still continues through a narrow opening, flanked by tall chimney guesthouses, into the estate’s main courtyard with the imposing mansion straight ahead.

“The main house is just the most majestic example of French Norman-inspired design, built to breathtaking scale with magnificent symmetry. And it is unique in that the owners have preserved it perfectly. , restored and maintained,” says Yakulis.

Inside the main house there are eight bedrooms, seven full bathrooms, a living room with hand-carved paneled walls, a fully modernized kitchen, and an entry hall with a grand main staircase. For birdwatchers, a short walk from the house is a whimsical stone aviary with a turreted tiled roof and wrought iron cages on either side, one currently for the Burch family’s egg-laying hens, the other for peacocks and guinea fowl.

Linden Hill Philadelphia

The living room

Courtesy of Steve Davies for Kurfiss Sotheby’s International Realty

“Before Covid-19, potential buyers would look at all the different buildings and wonder why they would need all these rooms and all this space,” Yakulis says.

“Now with families working from home and older kids staying home longer, suddenly having all that private space is very appealing. The one thing Linden Hill offers in abundance is space” , she adds.

Check out more images of the house below:

Linden Hill Philadelphia

The kitchen

Courtesy of Steve Davies for Kurfiss Sotheby’s International Realty

Linden Hill Philadelphia

Another living space

Courtesy of Steve Davies for Kurfiss Sotheby’s International Realty

Linden Hill Philadelphia

The swimming pool and the grounds

Courtesy of Steve Davies for Kurfiss Sotheby’s International Realty

Linden Hill Philadelphia

A bathroom

Courtesy of Steve Davies for Kurfiss Sotheby’s International Realty

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Fashion brand

Man infected with dog poo, dad broke woman’s jaw and Liverpool fashion label

Hello, these are the last titles of ECHO today.

Man contracts life-changing infection after leaving dog poop on the pitch

A man has urged dog owners to pick up their pets after a 17-year-old sports injury left him with a life-changing infection.

Darryl Adams, 50, was hospitalized in 2005 after his shin was stomped on with rugby shoe studs covered in dog poop.

The spikes cut the skin on his shin and the dog poop caused a cellulitis infection that never healed well.

READ MORE: Mum mistook serious illness for pain in the gym until she checked her voicemail

The Welsh lorry driver is taking part in a national dog fouling campaign after spending almost two decades suffering from a leg that ‘has never been straight’ since being infected.

Mr Adams said: “I ended up spending a week in hospital and the doctor who treated me said that once you have cellulite, it only takes something small to trigger it. again.

“The infection broke out twice between 2005 and 2013 – the last outbreak in 2013 was the worst.”

Read the full story here.

Father who smashed woman’s jaw and snapped friend’s finger with his teeth walks out of court

A drunk man who knocked out a woman and broke his nephew’s finger by biting it has walked free after begging a judge not to deprive his children of their father.

Liam Wharton launched a sickening attack on Debbie Peers after she tried to defuse an argument at a party on September 8, 2019.

The 31-year-old also bit Ryan Peers, his longtime friend and Ms Peers’ nephew, so hard on his finger that he broke it.

READ MORE: Faces of 27 people jailed in Liverpool this week

Wharton had been attending a party at the home of Ryan Peers’ parents on Horseshoe Drive in Fazakerley when he got involved in a drunken argument with another guest.

He was ejected and escorted to his nearby home by Mr Peers, but returned shortly afterwards and began to act aggressively in a confrontation which then spilled outside.

Ken Grant, prosecuting, said Debbie Peers, who did not know Wharton, followed him out of the house and tried to calm him down but he attacked her.

Read our court reporter’s full story here.

Liverpool fashion brand ‘so excited’ to go global with National Football League and sports superstars

A Liverpool fashion brand is “so excited” to potentially achieve global recognition after partnering with the iconic National Football League Players Association (NFLPA).

In the wake of another successful Super Bowl, British brand Tokyo Time has announced its official partnership with the NFLPA, which will feature some of the biggest names in the sport.

Formed in 1956, the NFLPA is an athletic union that represents National Football League players and is dedicated to the success and well-being of all players on and off the field.

READ MORE: Mum ‘unsure what to do’ after finding over £1,000 in second-hand purchases

Created out of a love for caps, hats and other headwear, Liverpool-based Tokyo Time combines athletic leisure headwear with Eastern inspiration to produce a fusion of Eastern-style street fashion accessories. and West.

Since launching in 2018, the brand has seen incredible growth and support and even has celebrity fans like actor Tom Davis, comedian Romesh Ranganathan, UK YouTubers and various high street influencers have all been spotted in the covers. – coveted leader.

Read the full story here.

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Fashion style

How to find timeless jeans you’ll want to wear forever

Two denim lovers share their top tips for finding timeless style.

(Photo: Everlane)

Looking to create some excitement in your wardrobe? For maximum versatility, there is no better place to to start up than with a new pair of jeans. Toronto-based style expert Iva Grbesicwho regularly appears on television CityLine, shares her easy-to-steal outfit ideas with 176,000 followers on TikTok and 80% of her most-watched videos feature denim. Last year, Grbesic went viral when a simple outfit of jeans, a blazer and red heels captured 5 million views worldwide. “It affected women all over the world because no matter where you live or what you do, we all wear jeans,” she says.

JThey’re the toughest all-season garments in your wardrobe and have the potential to be dressed up or down in an instant. So you can’t go wrong with timeless jeans that will make you feel amazing for the coming years. Here’s how to find the perfect fit for you.

Take your time

“What makes jeans timeless is how they make me feel when I wear them, no matter what the trend,” says Handahu Museum, a Halifax-based visual storyteller. “If you’re feeling your best and no one can tell you otherwise, then you’re in your timeless pair.” Keeping up with trends is not only hard on your wallet, but fast fashion is also responsible for around 10% of all carbon emissions. Denim is one of the worst culprits, and it takes 7,500 liters of water to make just one pair of jeans.

Here’s the crucial first step to finding a pair of jeans you’ll wear for years: be patient. “If you’re going denim shopping, you’re going to have to spend some time on it,” says Grbesic.

try something new

To start, Handahu suggests trying a form that is new to you. “I got tired of feeling like I always had to wear skinny jeans to elongate the leg and look slimmer like a person who lives in a plus body,” she says, of the style that she wore exclusively until a few years ago, “So I explored other styles and eventually found fits that allowed me to be myself in other silhouettes. Her style A current favorite is Old Navy’s Sky-High Straight Cut, which is available in sizes 0-30 and often sold out.”After trying on my first pair, I was hooked,” she says, “They sit on the right side of my waist, have plenty of room for my stomach, are long enough for my height of 5’11 and my calves. do not suffocate. .”

Go beyond trends

Grbesic hasn’t worn skinny jeans in a while either, but she includes them with straight and bootcut styles on her list of recommendations with longevity. “It’s good to have more than one option because we’re all different, and if you cruise one of those three styles, you’ll have a pair that will last you five years,” she says, “And it’s a good lifetime to wait because our bodies change. She discovered her dream jean design, a high-waisted bootcut with subtle volume in a medium-to-dark wash, after having her fourth child.” A bootcut can help balance out a frame if you have curvier buttocks or thighs. And they offer a peekaboo moment for your shoes,” she says. Set to make a comeback, bootcut and flare shapes have recently been spotted on stylish celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston. But there’s one key detail to look for to ensure a classic vibe: the rise (i.e. where the belt sits on your torso). Whatever the trend, choose only a mid-rise or high-rise classic fit, and that applies to any style of jeans you choose. “My number one fashion regret is low-rise denim, and you can put that on my tombstone,” says Grbesic.

Get the right fit

Once you focus on a cut who talks to you, you’ll want to nail the perfect fit. This can be found directly on the rack, or it can be achieved with the help of a tailor. “As long as it fits the biggest part of you, whether it’s your butt or your waist, everything else can be accommodated,” says Grbesic. She also prefers a wash with subtle dimensions rather than a solid color. “Denim can be a living thing, and certain variations give it a bit more depth and make it more interesting,” she says. “Jeans with a bit of discoloration will also look better over time.

Long, straight and skinny styles have traditionally been the easiest to wear interchangeably with heels and flats. And you can always roll up a cuff, points out Grbesic. Bootcut jeans can also provide flexibility, especially with the latest styles that are cut around the ankles. If you choose a full-length cut, adjust the hemlines so they float above the floor so they don’t fray or get messy.

Consider your options

If you’re shopping IRL, it always helps to take a few pairs of jeans into the locker room with you. “My favorite thing about plus body denim offerings in recent years is that brands feel more confident to explore a much wider range of silhouettes. It’s such a joy to see bodies like mine in different cuts.Handahu says. With a few options at your fingertips, you can compare fits between brands, styles, or even colors. (Black denim tends to have less stretch, for example.) The strategy also works to increase online shopping success. “If you can afford it, I recommend ordering multiple sizes knowing you’ll be sending some back,” says Grbesic. (Remember that this practice contributes to the fast fashion cycle and returns sometimes end up being thrown away, so be aware.)

And enhance your effect from head to toe, which is a nice way of saying don’t shop disheveled. “Look and feel your best, and then try them on,” says Grbesic, “It doesn’t have to be completely glamorous, but do your hair and makeup, and your jeans-shopping experience will be very different. So whether you’re planning a cute encounter with new jeans at the mall or in your bedroom, put on your best face and you’ll start a years-long romance on a high.

Below are a few styles that will stand the test of time.

Old Navy high-rise straight jeans

OG high-rise straight-leg jeans Old Navy

This popular style keeps selling out, so keep an eye out for the next restock.

$50, oldnavy.com

A model wearing Mavi straight jeans

Mavi Kendra Super Soft Mid Length Straight Leg Jeans

$138, ca.mavi.com

A pair of dark blue straight jeans from Penningtons

d/C Jeans 1948 Straight Leg Jeans

$70, penningtons.com

A model wearing dark blue jeans sits on a large stool

Everlane The Rigid Way-High Jean

$161, everlane.com

A model wearing black jeans from Banana Republic

High-Rise Soft Sculpting Flared Jeans Banana Republic

$159, bananarepublic.ca

A model wearing H&M blue flared jeans

H&M Flared high-rise jeans

$38, hm.com

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Fashion designer

3 Black Denim Designers You Need to Know – Sourcing Journal

From shopping guides highlighting black-owned businesses to retailers featuring products made by black designers, fashion industry players have made various efforts over the past year to bring black-owned businesses to black people at the forefront of fashion. But sometimes it’s better to know more about the person behind the product. And what garment is more personal than jeans, after all?

Here, three black designers talk about why they are drawn to denim and how the sustainable fabric is a platform for self-expression, creativity and the realization of their dreams.

Aalim Abdul, founder of Aalim Abdul

RIVET: What made you want to create a denim brand?

Aalim Abdul: Denim was my canvas for personal expression at a time when I was beginning to understand myself. As a young teenager looking for comfort in his sexuality, the freestyle and customization of my jeans was my way of expressing those colorful feelings outwardly. It slowly became an outlet for me to be unabashedly myself. I knew it was an experience I wanted
share with others.

RIVET: Who is your client and what do you keep in mind when designing for them?

AA: Because I don’t live by gender norms, my client is just a forward-thinking individual with strong self-esteem who isn’t afraid to speak out loud. This creates room for inclusivity and freedom of expression. My jeans are for everyone. As a bespoke designer, during the design process I intentionally ensure that no two pairs of denim are the same. This encourages my client to recognize [what] distinguishes them from others.

RIVET: What does it mean to you to be a black fashion designer?

AA: For me, being a black fashion designer is about creating for a larger purpose. Everything I do is centered around storytelling. It’s about creating a message that can advance black art and inspire others to think outside the box. Drawing on my experience as a queer black male is central to what I do.

Aalim Abdul

RIVET: Where do you hope to see your brand in the next five years?

AA: My goal is to be in a position where I release collections without constantly taking long breaks. As a creative working from 9am to 5pm, life becomes overwhelming. Often I tend to step back for a long period of time to regroup. Having my brand fully supported without those long breaks is where I want to be.

I also want to give voice to those who will come after me. One thing that is close to my heart is to create opportunities for other young black creatives who may feel compelled to go to a school or institution in order to cultivate their natural creativity. My current experience as a self-taught designer is proof that it is possible on your own. Whether it’s in the front or back of my brand, saving space in the future for those kids is a big part of why I’m doing this.

Alexis Colby, founder of Bit of Denim

RIVET: What made you want to create a denim brand?

Alexis Colby: I’ve loved denim since college. I had a brand at the time, VampedCo, where I made shorts and hand-studded and tie-dyed them. Once I moved to New York, I got back into denim and made a denim rug for my bedroom. It was so much fun creating with denim, I stuck with it and Bit of Denim was born.

RIVET: Who is your client and what do you keep in mind when designing for them?

AC: I create for individuals, not for the masses, so my client is someone who likes to stand out. Someone who loves unique pieces that are [one-of-a-kind]. When creating, I make sure to push the envelope and think about what I haven’t seen done with denim and execute from there.

RIVET: What does it mean to you to be a black fashion designer?

AC: It means creating my own mini-world in the fashion world. Let’s be honest, this industry is not designed for black designers to succeed, so it’s up to all black creatives, myself included, to work hard and push our creativity to its fullest potential. We have to build our own ways.

RIVET: Where do you hope to see your brand in the next five years?

AC: Over the next five years, I see Bit of Denim tapping into footwear, expanding into retail in Japan and Europe, and expanding our creativity into the art world with installations. Big things on the way.

Sheila Rashid, Founder of Sheila Rashid, LLC

RIVET: What made you want to create a denim brand?

Sheila Rashid: I wanted to create a denim brand because initially I wanted to wear my own denim and have my own cuts because I couldn’t find what I was looking for elsewhere.

RIVET: Who is your client and what do you keep in mind when designing for them?

SR: My clients are people who appreciate the art of denim. I tend to do basic pieces that you can basically wear every day. I like to call it luxury denim. I tend to pay attention to detail, flexibility and durability in cuts and styles.

Aalim Abdul, Alexis Colby and Sheila Rashid share how they turn their creativity into denim businesses.

Sheila Rachid

RIVET: What does it mean to you to be a black fashion designer?

SR: Being a black designer means being a blessing. I can do what I love in life.

RIVET: Where do you hope to see your brand in the next five years?

SR: Over the next five years, I see my brand reaching new repeat customers through e-commerce, social media, and word-of-mouth. I see more collaborations and new collections.

Victor Vaughns Jr. is associate editor for WWD.

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French fashion

Relations with Russia could harm thousands of European companies

PARIS — French energy companies operating in the Russian Arctic Sea. Italian luxury shops near Red Square. German car factories in southern Russia.

As the United States and the European Union apply sanctions to penalize Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, European companies are preparing for the possibility that the punishment aimed at Moscow could hurt them as well.

The sanctions, which include preventing the government and banks from borrowing in global financial markets, blocking technology imports and freezing the assets of influential Russians, were designed to maximize the pain of the Russian economy while by inflicting as little damage as possible within the European Union, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Friday.

But thousands of foreign companies that have been doing business in Russia for years are preparing for an inevitable economic comeback, and the war in Ukraine threatens to disrupt supply chains and bring down the European economy just as it was beginning to recover from the Covid blockade blows.

“The attack on Ukraine represents a turning point in Europe,” Christian Bruch, chief executive of Siemens Energy, a major turbine and generator producer based in Germany, said this week. “As a business, we now need to analyze exactly what this situation means for our business.”

The European Union is Russia’s largest trading partner, accounting for 37% of Russia’s global trade in 2020. Much of that is energy: around 70% of Russia’s gas exports and half of its oil exports are destined for Europe.

And while sales to Russia represent only around 5% of Europe’s total trade with the world, it has for decades been a key destination for European companies in a range of industries, including finance. , agriculture and food, energy, automotive, aerospace and luxury goods. .

Some European companies, especially in Germany, have had commercial ties with Russia for centuries. Deutsche Bank and Siemens, the huge conglomerate that is the parent company of Siemens Energy, have been doing business there since the late 19th century. During the Cold War, economic ties were seen as a means of maintaining relations across the Iron Curtain.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, Western companies came to Russia for different reasons, whether to sell Renaults or Volkswagens to the country’s growing urban middle class, or to meet the needs of a growing group of wealthy elites in search of Italian and French luxury. Others wanted to sell German tractors to Russian farmers or acquire Russian titanium for aircraft.

While some multinationals, such as Deutsche Bank, reduced their relations with Russia after its annexation of Crimea in a military operation in 2014, others have worked diligently to increase their market share in recent years and have boldly sought to expand their business in Russia. even as President Vladimir V. Putin prepared to invade neighboring Ukraine.

Last month, 20 of Italy’s top leaders held a video call with Mr Putin to talk about strengthening economic ties as Russian troops massed on the Ukrainian border and European leaders discussed sanctions.

Executives from UniCredit bank, tire company Pirelli, utility Enel and others listened for more than half an hour to Putin talking about Italian business investments and opportunities in Russia.

The call, held on January 25, angered European politicians and underscored the conflicting economic interests Europe faces as it prepares to punish Moscow with a barrage of sanctions for attacking Ukraine. A similar call scheduled for next week with German business leaders, including those from energy firm Uniper and supermarket chain Metro, was only canceled on Thursday.

But with huge economic assets at stake, European Union leaders have in recent days sought to live up to the reach of the sanctions, which have fallen short of the more sweeping economic repression some supporters of the Ukraine demanded.

At one point during frantic negotiations this week, Italy’s officials sought to have goods produced by its luxury industry excluded from any sanctions package. They also advocated for tougher sanctions that omit major crackdowns on Russian banks, much like Austria, whose Raiffeisen Bank International has hundreds of branches in Russia, diplomats said.

More notable is the omission of sanctions that would harm Russian energy imports into Europe, in which a phalanx of influential energy companies from Paris to Berlin hold major interests. Nor did the allies shut down the Russian economy to the global payments system known as SWIFT, which is used by banks in 200 countries, drawing condemnation from critics who said European leaders were placing interest economic above Ukraine’s human toll.

This is a comfort for European countries whose companies have a strong presence in Russia.

In France alone, 35 of the 40 largest French companies listed on the country’s CAC 40 stock exchange have significant Russian investments, from Auchan supermarkets on the streets of Moscow to the liquefied natural gas operations of French energy giant TotalEnergies in the Yamal Peninsula, above the Arctic Circle. All but two of the 40 companies listed on the Frankfurt DAX index have investments in Russia.

About 700 French subsidiaries operate in Russia in a variety of industries employing more than 200,000 workers, according to the French finance ministry.

While Mr Le Maire promised that the impact of the sanctions on the French economy would be minimal, the blow to some French businesses was far from clear.

Among the most exposed is the French carmaker Renault, which has two factories in Russia and is the first carmaker there thanks to a partnership with Avtovaz, which makes the Lada the most popular car in Russia. Russia is Renault’s second largest market after France.

Last week Luca de Meo, the company’s chief executive, warned that escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine could lead to “another supply chain crisis” for the company.

The problem has already hit Volkswagen, which said on Friday it would suspend operations for several days next week at two electric vehicle manufacturing plants in eastern Germany as deliveries of crucial parts from the west of Ukraine were interrupted by the fighting.

Volkswagen could also be hit by sanctions against Russia, where since 2009 it has had a plant in Kaluga that employs around 4,000 people producing its Tiguan and Polo models, as well as the Audi Q8 and Q9, and the Skoda Rapid. Mercedes-Benz has a plant outside Moscow, while BMW works with a local partner. All three have invested in the Russian market and a growing group of consumers who can afford their cars.

This week, however, as Russia strafed Ukrainian cities and world leaders moved to impose sanctions, Volkswagen said the impact on its business in Russia would be “continually determined by a crisis team.”

BMW said “the policy sets out the rules under which we operate as a business” and that “if the framework conditions change, we will assess them and decide how to deal with them.”

And then there are the banks.

Raiffeisen Bank from Austria, UniCredit from Italy and Société Générale from France are among the banks that have substantial ties to Russia. Italian and French banks had bad debts of about $25 billion in Russia at the end of last year, according to data from the Bank for International Settlements.

France, Italy and Germany were the main European powers urging not to cut Russia off from the SWIFT global payment system. Eliminating Russia would make it difficult for European creditors to receive money from Russian sources – or to pay for Russian gas, on which these countries have come to depend, especially in Europe’s current energy crisis.

Despite efforts to downplay their own countries’ pain, European officials have acknowledged that the situation is likely to get worse before it gets better.

“It will not be possible to prevent sectors of the German economy from being affected,” German Economy Minister Robert Habeck said on Thursday.

“The price of making peace possible, or getting back to the diplomatic table,” he said, “is that we at least get the economic sanctions bitten.”

Liz Alderman reported from Paris and Melissa Eddy from Berlin.

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Fashion brand

New York brand Vaquera makes “fashion fan-fiction”

A week before their Paris Fashion Week debut, young designers Patric DiCaprio and Bryn Taubensee, who design under the name Vaquera, seem calm, although one fabric has yet to arrive, two outfits have yet to be started and they have to ship their entire collection—and themselves—across the Atlantic. The label is based in New York, although its name is Spanish – it means “cowgirl” and was chosen by founder DiCaprio because he was reading Tom Robbins’ 1976 novel, Even cowgirls have the blues at the time.

It was in 2013, when he was only 22 years old; a group of friends, including Taubensee and two others, Claire Sullivan and David Moses (neither of whom are yet involved), joined them in 2016. They collectively designed and physically built Vaquera’s collections in their spare time so that they were all working second jobs, mostly in retail. Now, however, Vaquera is a full-time concern for the remaining duo.

The creators of Vaquera describe their work as “fashion fan-fiction” – essentially amateur, fan-made, unauthorized work based on existing work. Probably the most famous example is that of EL James Fifty shades of Grey novels, a fantasized and sexualized account of the relationship between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan of the dusk books and films, which have taken off.

What does this mean in terms of fashion? Tributes to great designers of the past, nods to Martin Margiela and John Galliano, a clasp-clasp grandma’s handbag transformed into a pinafore dress that recreates a design by Yohji Yamamoto from 2001, and a series of T- shirts with avant-garde faces. on-call designers, including Vivienne Westwood, love group t-shirts.

“In music, it’s so normal to do a cover,” DiCaprio, 31, explains via Zoom. (Taubensee is 32) “It’s something we want to bring to the fashion world. It’s something we struggle with – this idea of ​​ownership. The brand has indeed drawn grassroots criticism on social media for close tributes, like this dot-to-dot Yamamoto redux. It’s an idea that’s always more delicate in fashion than music, or even art, where appropriation is a form in its own right.

Vaquera likes to make clothes that look like other objects like this quilted satin heart-shaped box of chocolates. . . © Darian DiCianno/BFA.com

. . . and this mini dress based on a Tiffany & Co velvet jewelry pouch

Two Spring/Summer 2018, New York Fashion Week outfits: an oversized shirt and a tie. . . © Dan and Corina Lecca

. . . and a T-shirt with the face of designer Miguel Adrover © Dan and Corina Lecca

Ironically, it was one of their “covers” that caught the attention of Comme des Garçons, who now support their business through their brand development division named Dover Street Market Paris (DSMP). In the Spring 2019 exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Camp: Fashion Notesthere was a Vaquera mini dress fashioned to look like a gargantuan Tiffany & Co velvet jewelry pouch – Vaquera often likes to make clothes that look like other things, puffed up big, like a heart-shaped box of chocolates in padded satin wrapping the whole body, or a fabric pouf topped with a rosette of Christmas gift ribbon one meter wide.

Kawakubo admired the bag-lady look in the museum, which Met costume curator Andrew Bolton passed on to designers. “We were amazed that she had any idea who we were, let alone that she was interested,” DiCaprio said. Bolton then put them in touch with Adrian Joffe, Kawakubo’s husband and chairman of Comme des Garçons and Dover Street Market. They succeeded.

A year later, Vaquera was in dire straits. “We had hit like a wall in New York, no money, barely had a collection done,” says DiCaprio – lamenting the lack of support for young talent in the city. They reached out to Joffe and Dover Street Market – which started stocking Vaquera in spring 2020 – for help. The retailer suggested hosting a cocktail party at its New York store. Vaquera instead held a guerrilla fashion show around the shelves, having done a collection in a week. It caused a stir and DSM loved it. “Then they came to our showroom that season and said, let’s work together. How can we help you?” recalls DiCaprio. DSMP announced support for Vaquera in September 2020.

Vaquera’s studio in Brooklyn. The duo have been criticized for paying close tributes to the work of other designers. “In music, it’s so normal to do a cover,” replies DiCaprio © Shina Peng

Since Dover Street Market Paris got involved in the manufacture and wholesale of its clothing, the number of global stockists of Vaquera has increased

“I don’t think we would still be here without them,” adds Taubensee. “For so long people were really interested in us – but I think people didn’t have much faith in us either, at the same time. Comme des Garçons actually understood better than anyone what we needed. And it was a help with distribution, marketing, press inquiries and sample production. Nearly half of Vaquera’s upcoming Fall/Winter 2022 collection was produced by Comme des Garçons factories, and the designs include puffer jackets, handbags, fashionable knitwear and jewelry, “things that we could never have made it ourselves,” Taubensee says. “One thing we struggled with was that our shows are exciting. But we weren’t selling anything, really. Since DSMP got involved in making and wholesaling their clothes, the number of Vaquera’s global stockists have grown to 40. And alongside fantastic rolling chocolate boxes, its apparel includes more business-savvy pieces like oversized suits, bras and easy T-shirt dresses.

The collection, unveiled tonight, riffs on the city of Paris – Vaquera will show in the new Dover Street Market event space there, a 17th century mansion in the Marais, now named 3537. “It’s about the vague idea of ​​love,” says DiCaprio. “The city of love and our love for fashion, our love for our friends, our family and ourselves. And you know, what do you sacrifice for love? How is love inspiring? What is Is that limiting? And what does it look like, in a garment? Now DiCaprio and Taubensee are going to show us.

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Fashion style

12 next-gen influencers to follow, according to Instagram’s French Style Guru

The #ParisianStyle hashtag has been used 4.5 million times on Instagram. That’s less than #ootd, or “outfit of the day,” which garnered 397 million mentions, but more than #AvocadoToast at two million. Many of the accompanying tagged looks are taken from the near-mythical “French-Girl Style” playbook, featuring an easy-to-reproduce combination of a tailored jacket, skinny jeans, and a pair of Isabel ankle boots. Marching. But, lately, the images have started to look different.

Neon shades, clashing prints, chunky platforms, miniskirts cut to the thighs: the Parisian style model is undergoing a major overhaul. And the type of person who once embodied him – a thin, white, disheveled BoBo living in a parquet floor apartment in Saint Germain-des-Près – is no longer in mind. The new generation of Parisian goes through scooter (electric scooter) with an oval-shaped Coperni Sac Swipe thrown over his shoulder. Skinny jeans were ditched in favor of vintage Levi’s with wide legs and crisp white shirts replaced by sexy little Jacquemus cut-out bodysuits. At night, she — or him, or them, because it’s an inclusive style philosophy — hides her chunky-soled Bottega Veneta boots in favor of neon-green Attico mules. Breton? Faded away.

Instagram content

This content can also be viewed on the site from which it originated.

Clara Cornet, Instagram’s Head of Fashion and Beauty Strategic Partners for Southern Europe, maps the change. “I strongly believe in a more inclusive and diverse French style that is gaining visibility and momentum,” she says, speaking on Zoom from her apartment in Paris, where everyone’s favorite selfie mirror, Ettore’s Ultrafragola scribble Sottsass, can be seen in the background. “It’s more exciting right now to show more creativity, more risk-taking, more authenticity.” She includes herself in this cohort, despite the fact that today she wears a Totême turtleneck with navy and white stripes. She laughs and rolls her eyes. “May the record reflect that Clara is wearing a Breton striped jumper!”

Cornet’s wardrobe choices are usually a little more out there, much to the delight of her 36,000 followers. The last time I saw her, at an Instagram event in January at the Dover Street Market event space in Paris, she wore a lime-green pussy-bow blouse and a black Balenciaga skirt suit. Her wardrobe includes cut-out vinyl Courrèges mini dresses and puffy Cecilie Bahnsen blouses, Simone Rocha embellished coats and vinyl Amina Muaddi heels. It’s a bubbling mix fueled by what she describes as a “falling for somethingbuying habit (a spontaneous approach that we Brits might call ‘love at first sight’, where you just can’t resist buying) that is nonetheless informed by more than a decade as a as a fashion buyer. She started at Galeries Lafayette in her native Paris, then ran Stateside at Opening Ceremony and The Webster, then returned to Galeries Lafayette, where she served as Creative and Merchandising Director.

Instagram content

This content can also be viewed on the site from which it originated.

She joined Instagram in 2020 and now works alongside Fashion Partnerships Director Eva Chen. It was obvious: Cornet started posting on the application in May 2012 (“I remember my first post very well: it was the Daniel Buren exhibition at the Grand Palais”) and used it to discover new buyer talents. For example, she first found Coperni duo Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant on Facebook, but contacted them via Instagram DM, before finally buying their collection for Opening Ceremony. She still uses it as inspiration to shop, as do more than half of people who open the app. “It speaks volumes about our audience’s appetite for seeking fashion content, inspiration and commerce,” she points out. “What is most exciting for me is that Instagram is also [creates] bridges with small and medium-sized companies or emerging designers capable of sharing space and sharing public attention.

Naturally, Cornet believes the app has a vital role to play in democratizing the haughty image of French fashion. “I love following profiles of people who have their own identity,” she says. “They’re all unique, they have opinions for some which are exciting to read and interact with, and they have a very personal way of styling in a surprising way.” How can things still progress? “It can start with everyone letting go, letting go of their perfect flow, and sharing more authentic stories, not being afraid to take risks and share your challenges.”

Here, Cornet shares her favorite proponents of next-gen Parisienne style to add to your feed this Paris Fashion Week.

Emmanuelle Koffi

Instagram content

This content can also be viewed on the site from which it originated.

Ellie Delphine

Instagram content

This content can also be viewed on the site from which it originated.

Solene OJ

Instagram content

This content can also be viewed on the site from which it originated.

Paola Locatelli

Instagram content

This content can also be viewed on the site from which it originated.

Hera Pradel

Instagram content

This content can also be viewed on the site from which it originated.

Jade Rabarivelo

Instagram content

This content can also be viewed on the site from which it originated.

Pierre Didi

Instagram content

This content can also be viewed on the site from which it originated.

Moon Kyu Lee

Instagram content

This content can also be viewed on the site from which it originated.

Gaelle Prudencio

Instagram content

This content can also be viewed on the site from which it originated.

Taqwa Bintali

Instagram content

This content can also be viewed on the site from which it originated.

Soreya Cesarine & Henri Ekamby

Instagram content

This content can also be viewed on the site from which it originated.

May Lee

Instagram content

This content can also be viewed on the site from which it originated.

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Fashion designer

19 Facts About Anna’s Costume Invention

I can’t believe how long all the research took!

While I was watching Invent Annait was pretty hard to look away — partly because of the drama, but mostly because of all the fabulous outfits.

Anna’s keen fashion sense was the work of costume designers Lyn Paolo and Laura Frecon.

Nomi Ellenson/WireImage/Maury Phillips/Getty Images/Via Getty

Here are 19 behind-the-scenes facts they shared about the costumes of Invent Anna:


Shonda Rhimes tapped Lyn Paolo design for Invent Anna because she was costume director on two other iconic Shondaland productions – Scandal and How to escape murder.

Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage/Via Getty


Laura Frecon is also a Shondaland veterinarian – she was a costume assistant on How to get away with murder.

Maury Phillips/Getty Images/Mitch Haaseth/©ABC/courtesy Everett Collection

You might also recognize his work from the series directed by Elizabeth Olsen sorry for your loss.


The outfits Anna wears in the courtroom scenes are recreations of what Anna Sorokin wore during her trial in real life.

Netflix/TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images

“It was exactly what she was wearing…and she refused to go to court until she had something to wear. I have to respect the nerve. That says a lot about her,” said Paolo said. Shondaland.


Before starting to choose her looks for the show, Paolo and Frecon had a long research everything the real Anna wore in her Instagram posts.


The search for her outfits took two months.

Nicole Rivelli / ©Netflix / Courtesy of Everett Collection


They also searched for everything Anna’s real friends wore in her Instagram posts.


They too recreated the real Anna’s entire Instagram wall.


The creators scoured luxury resale platforms such as Poshmark and Farfetch for the exact outfits, and what they couldn’t find, they recreated as faithfully as possible themselves.

Nicole Rivelli / ©Netflix / Courtesy of Everett Collection


Find all of the costumes Anna took three months.

Nicole Rivelli / ©Netflix / Courtesy of Everett Collection


However, rather than directly recreating the real Anna Sorokin’s everyday outfits, the show featured “an elevated version of her, a Shondaland version of her” to better show her transformation from impostor to socialite.

Nicole Rivelli / ©Netflix / Courtesy of Everett Collection

Paolo said Shondaland“I don’t think she was that glamorous in real life…Shonda writes these amazing stories about these amazing women who have amazing fashion sense…Every moment of the story every Anna was different , and you can see that in his fashion choices.


In total, they created over 3,000 outfits for the character because they were “trying to make her appeal to multiple worlds”.

Nicole Rivelli / ©Netflix / Courtesy of Everett Collection

Paolo said Shondaland“If she didn’t know the fashion, the ladies who lunched in New York would never accept her, and they were the entrance to the husbands, who are the bankers and the lawyers. Then there was the business world, where she would be more costume-y.And then there was the Goop world, where you see her on the yacht.


Julia Garner, who plays Anna, doesn’t have her ears pierced, so the wardrobe department had to find suitable clip earrings.


“We had to find a designer who would work for her with a music video, which is quite tricky,” Paolo said. Shondaland.


For the yacht scene, they had Christian Dior embroider Anna’s name on a bag – which was finished surprisingly quickly, considering Italy had just closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


costume designers bought the Alexander McQueen dress she wears in that mall scene then built the rest of the look around her.


Anna often wore a mix of designer labels in one outfit because “if you really know what you’re doing with fashion, you mix it up…not just wear everything like you’re on the catwalk”.

David Giesbrecht / ©Netflix / Courtesy of Everett Collection

Paolo said Shondaland“I love the idea that she’s competent enough to be able to pull this off.”


As the story progresses, each outfit bECOMES “a wee bit more fashionista and less conservative.”

David Giesbrecht / ©Netflix / Courtesy of Everett Collection


The borrowed Theory dress and red Valentino coat that Anna wears after losing everything were designed to show “her fall from grace”.


Frecon said Variety“She has to wear this outfit for the whole episode all night on the subway, and then she’s going to clean herself up in a Starbucks and pull herself together, and she’s going to steal a whole bunch of money.”


The gold dress she wears during her fake suicide attempt was chosen because the creators felt “it should be like a very Hollywood feeling at that time, very 1930s”.


“It was a juxtaposition of his world falling apart, but it had to be fabulous to be found by the staff,” Paolo said. Variety.


And finally, Nora Radford was actually the most cherished character dress because of the amount of “super high-end couture” she wore.

Nicole Rivelli / ©Netflix / Courtesy of Everett Collection

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French fashion

France outclass Scotland to keep Grand Slam hopes alive

Rampant France remain on course for the Grand Slam after winning a six-try destruction of Scotland 36-17 in Saturday’s Guinness Six Nations clash at Murrayfield.

France took command early on with some great tries from Paul Willemse and Yoram Moefana.

Scotland responded with gusto and appeared to be back in the game when Rory Darge scored his first international start by landing just before the half-hour mark to bring the hosts within two points.

But a try from Gaël Fickou at the very end of the first half allowed France to breathe once again before new goals from Jonathan Danty and Damian Penaud. [twice] after the break ensured a chastening afternoon for the hosts.

Scotland head coach Gregor Townsend, already without Jamie Ritchie, Rory Sutherland, Matt Fagerson and Jonny Gray through injury, lost another key man on the eve of the game after Hamish Watson tested positive for Covid-19.

Watson’s place in the XV was taken by Nick Haining, with Andy Christie added as a substitute.

France, supported by a large traveling support, saw Danty return from injury in the only change of the XV which had started the victory over Ireland a fortnight before.

The Blues had a great chance to be on the scoreboard in the sixth minute when they won a penalty just past the posts, but Melvyn Jimenet was surprisingly off target with what looked like a routine kick .

Gael Fickou scored France’s third try in the final game of the first half

The breakthrough came for the visitors just two minutes later, however, when Willemse landed late in a scintillating attack down the left flank unleashed by captain Antoine Dupont. This time, Jaminet got the right kick.

Finn Russell put Scotland out of the way in the 11th minute with a penalty just past the posts after France were penalized for offside.

But within two minutes the French stretched their advantage with another excellent try when Moefana crossed the line after an offload from Cyril Baille, who did superbly to keep the attack alive. Jaminet’s conversion attempt, from a tight angle wide down the right, drifted to the wrong side of the posts.

The Scots were given good pressure and Ali Price thought he had forced the ball in for a try in the 28th minute, but the French were believed to have kept possession after a TMO review.

Cyril Baille is tackled by the Scottish Sam Skinner

Hosts were not turned away, however. Seconds after play resumed just outside the French try line, Darge rushed after being played by Price. Russell successfully converted.

Just when Scotland seemed to be taking the initiative, Fickou extended the French lead in the final action of the first half with a superb individual drive down the line, which was converted by Jaminet.

Things got worse for the home side two minutes into the second half when a field kick bounced nicely into Danty’s path and gave him a free run down the line. Jaminet has once again added the extras.

It seemed to bring Scotland down and France added a fifth try just before the hour mark when Penaud passed on the right. Jaminet missed his conversion.

Penaud then scored his second try of the match when he ran into a cross kick from Romain Ntamack in the 74th minute, with the conversion attempt again unsuccessful.

Scotland were given late consolation when Duhan van der Merwe crossed the line, but it was too little, too late on a day when they were significantly outclassed.

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Fashion brand

Milan Fashion Week review: Prada, Max Mara, Moschino

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Courtesy of Prada, Max Mara, Moschino

Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons are two of fashion’s greatest talkers, unpacking its history, analyzing the news and discussing their feelings, and the result is a Prada that feels deeply new. Some collections might seem “more Raf than Miuccia” — to which Miuccia would probably respond, “Well, if Raf has something more interesting to say…” In other words, she doesn’t have those kind of barriers. The latest collection happens to be purely Miuccia, with elements of Raf woven into Prada’s history.

What’s at the heart of this story are his views on women – a smart adult person who didn’t seem to really like fashion. You can see Prada’s first fashion show, from 1988, on YouTube. Held in a series of elegant rooms, a waiter still served drinks to guests as the models began walking casually. Not only were some of them older, but they wore styles that have become Prada signatures over time – the plain V-neck sweater, the full skirt. And it was at a time when Gianni Versace, Thierry Mugler and Jean Paul Gaultier set the catwalks on fire with sex bombs.

Photo: Courtesy of Prada

On Thursday afternoon, in the vast presentation space of the Fondazione Prada, some of the girls were even older – Hannelore Knuts, Liya Kebede and English beauty Erin O’Connor. They walked with newer models like Kaia Gerber and Hunter Schafer, the Euphoria star, who wore a white ribbed undershirt with a skirt made up of a black panel, another in fuchsia crinkled silk, then a sheer panel in black tulle embroidered with pieces of red satin. Schafer wore no jewelry, carried no bags and, like all models, wore a wedge pump with a strap.

But the patterns weren’t the only link to Prada’s stylistic origins. In the middle of the show, there were costumes with full skirts, now fuller and with more movement, and a v-neck sweater with one of the skirts. These jackets, along with double-breasted wool coats – some plain wool, some tweed – were slightly oversized at the shoulders, sculpted at the waist (a view best seen from behind) and very, very elegant. They, too, are part of Prada history, although the fit and proportions (and adornment) keep changing over the years. And, of course, the moods of Prada.

Photo: Courtesy of Prada

At the 1988 show, guests sat on spindly chairs. Last September, the set was an elaborate grid of wooden boxes interspersed with video monitors, and the models strolled among the guests. Yesterday, Simons and Prada, as if looking to wipe the slate clean, used long rows of cinema seats, with the models emerging from a futuristic-looking tunnel and then walking through a plain, wide carpeted space before stepping into exit through another tunnel at the opposite corner. from the room. Depeche Mode played throughout.

Schafer’s sheer outfit, with its splash of garish fuchsia, was also reminiscent of another Prada concept, perhaps the most difficult in her repertoire to put your finger on. I remember looking at the Prada collections in the late 90s and early 2000s when it showed, basically, a floaty brief and a pair of underwear, or underwear with, say, a cotton polo shirt. knitting. At the time, sexual expression was as singular as it was confusing. For me, these slips conjured up so many images, but mostly of 1930s Germany. Prada’s credentials were – are – vast and personal.

Photo: Courtesy of Prada

This thrill of sexuality, which is more feminine than feminine, ran through Thursday’s show, I’m delighted to say, and it took several forms, including a pair of belted coats in hot pink or thick but toned black leather. (they’re so chic but in a dirty mood that who needs to wear anything but briefs?) and a cluster of long-sleeved black silk dresses, pretty austere except for a feathered swipe at the neckline or, say, at the hip.

One can imagine that Simons would be intrigued by the hallmarks of Prada’s style, though perhaps Miuccia herself could be more neutral, having created them. But given the storm of images that characterizes (until now) the 21st century, it is important for the Prada brand to draw people’s attention to its identity. It was not a nostalgic trip. And, as Miuccia would surely expect from their partnership, Simons drives the label forward with his own tastes. Has Prada ever made a jacket? Maybe, but here’s a favorite Simons style merged with Prada tradition, now in Prada nylon, slightly oversized, and sometimes even embroidered with shimmering sick-green flowers.

Photo: Courtesy of Moschino

Photo: Courtesy of Moschino

The Milan shows were remarkably good. On a gloomy day in the news, Jeremy Scott of Moschino performed an essential function of fashion: to be outrageous, to mock his own illusions. The set was a luxury piece in a luxury European house, and the models’ clothes were adorned with rich fabrics (perhaps the curtains), or in the shape of a grandfather clock or a Coromandel screen, or adorned with gold trim. A hat could be a fringed shade or – why not? – a pair of cuckoo clocks. Still, dodge the jokes, and the clothes were smart and varied, with beautiful coats and suits, including a revival of Franco Moschino’s “evening suit,” with cutouts on the front of the jacket, and a pantsuit. black lace evening dress. . Scott got the last laugh by stepping out in a red astronaut costume – apparently a nod to the 1968 film, 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Max Mara
Photo: Courtesy of Max Mara

Max Mara and its quirky sister label, Sportmax, are also committed to making big fashion statements. The exuberant radicalism of Swiss-born artist and designer Sophie Taeuber-Arp (1889-1943) was the starting point for Max Mara’s strong silhouettes, many using the brand’s famous “teddy bear” fabric – for bell-shaped skirts, flared pants and shorts. If that sounds crazy, that’s the point: it was playful and risque fashion. The collection was loaded with interesting pieces in a concise palette of warm browns, creams, blacks and reds, including plush tunics; military coats; a fabulous sleeveless, ankle-length tunic in black wool with a low waist; and all-knit crepe-soled thigh-high boots (with rear zippers). Another difference this season is that Tonne Goodman stylized the show for the first time, adding to its visual sharpness.

Photo: Courtesy of Sportmax

I don’t know why Sportmax has ‘sport’ in it, because it doesn’t seem so sporty these days – and I’m happy about that. It’s almost become Max Mara’s weird and experimental relationship, though still in the vein of luxury. Staged this season in a long piece bathed in bright pink, the standout motifs were retro-futurism (think blade runner) and the good old cheeky glamor of Helmut Newton. Fittingly, the tailoring was frighteningly feminine, bordering on the shapes Demna developed at Balenciaga, while several evening looks – worth checking out if you’re shopping this fall – have cutouts that follow the contours of the body. Once again, the look at the start is decisive.

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Fashion style

Everything Looks Different Now – The New York Times

MILAN — Backstage at the Moschino show on Thursday, the day Russia attacked Ukraine, designer Jeremy Scott stood among models dressed in clothes designed to resemble the furnishings of a grand manse — a hat shade which was a real lampshade; a satin bedspread mantle with a pillow as a collar; a grandfather clock dress – and discuss what happens when crisis and fashion collide. Nearby, milliner Stephen Jones attached an entire candelabra to a model’s head.

“I’m just trying to bring some respite, some joy and some beauty into our lives,” Mr. Scott said, as an explanation for the whole show-will-go-on stance. He had no idea what it might look like. “We still need that,” he said, pointing to his sweatshirt which said, with a levity that wasn’t entirely convincing, “Gilt without guilt.”

The fashion bubble, this world-within-a-world that moves with its own rhythm and language twice a year during ready-to-wear fashion shows (or did, before Covid), can seem disconcerting at best. When a global confrontation occurs, however, the contrast between life inside and life outside is particularly shocking.

On one side: the stuff of fantasy and thrift; on the other, streams and titles filled with menace and fear. This may seem almost impossible to reconcile.

Yet fashion, like other expressions of humanity, can be a tool to get through even the worst of times; can be used to feel stronger, more secure, more confident, more efficient, more able to face the day.

The problem is how to think of clothes that were made for one world, but will be seen and worn in another. When reality changes, the appearance of a thing, its purpose, can change overnight.

Max Mara’s team, for example, named Sophie Taeuber-Arp, the early 20th-century Swiss abstract artist, in their exhibition notes, and sent models swaddled from head to toe: in wraparound cashmere and down jackets, teddy bear pants, balaclavas, knit opera gloves, mohair thigh boots.

In a world emerging from Covid, such garments might reek of comfort clothes and the hug of home, but in a world of sanctions and bombings – a world where a guest in a little black dress held up a sign in cardboard scribbled with the message ‘No war in Ukraine’ – they looked more like protective gear, shielding the bodies inside.

Then there was Sunnei, where creators Simone Rizzo and Loris Messina dreamed up a mini commentary on the rush of everyday life, with models running down a side street as if late for a very important appointment, their mix eclectic popcorn knits, wide pants and color block stretch tops flying all around. It was a witty storyline, but it was hard not to see people walking by (some also in balaclavas, a trend that’s taking on a whole new cast), padded backpacks bouncing behind and thinking they were running away. .

Context matters.

That was the problem for Mr. Scott, whose double fashion sense has turned his work into social media catnip and made him the industry’s resident postmodern prankster. A few months ago, when he was designing his collection, a maniacal take on the homebody nature of the past two years, when we all had to find inspiration within our own four walls, probably seemed like a fun idea. Especially when crossed with the ubiquitous promise of space exploration, in the form of a setting based on the ornately decorated bedroom in the final scene of Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

“It’s ‘2001: A Space Opulence’,” Mr Scott joked backstage. He was referring to suits and trench coats sporting tap and cutlery buttons, and a ruffled little black dress with the motto “maid in Italy” and a feather duster for a hat – not to mention a dress in gold carrying a full-size harp with crystal strings on the back, even though the movie that first came to mind was Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.” Often, Mr. Scott’s sartorial puns serve as a cover for sharp, stylized cultural commentary, but this time they seemed less of a wink than unnecessary.

What exactly was he grinding? It could have been the oligarchs (who would have changed course), but instead it seemed to be… the interior design industry.

Mr Scott’s first Moschino show, held eight years ago, happened to take place at the start of the 2014 Ukrainian uprising. Then, as now, it created a stark contrast.

,Another: Just outside the Prada show – where crowds were screaming to catch a glimpse of celebrity guest Kim Kardashian (in a leather trench coat and jumpsuit from the January men’s show) and “Euphoria’s” Hunter Schafer, who modeled – two women unfurled a Ukrainian Flag.

That’s why the contrast at the heart of what Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons have explored at Prada since joining forces two years ago is so suddenly on point. Its power lies in the willingness of designers to fight push-pull from different points of view. This season was no different, with tensions between the masculine and the feminine, the hidden and the exposed, the very flowery and the very essential.

A basic white ribbed tank top was paired with a sheer skirt in some kind of metallic fabric, made to be wrinkled and shiny, sometimes sliced ​​by inserts of pink satin or gray flannel, sometimes hanging petal-like sequins that seemed to weigh more than the material itself.

Skirts reappeared as shift dresses over more tank tops and cropped underwear, paired with 1970s graphic knits (the kind Prada made famous years ago), oversized blazers and cotton coats. leather with protruding shoulders and feathers springing from the elbows. Occasionally there was an interregnum of black, like a palate cleanser: woolen coats and robes with chains threaded around the neck and fastened over one shoulder; knee-length silk dresses with built-in corsets.

It was not revolutionary; most of the pieces (or their ancestors) had already appeared on the Prada runways in another era. But then, the designers were exploring the brand’s past. If you don’t learn anything from history etc.

As a point, it was particularly on the nose.

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As Ukraine-Russia war escalates, designers seek safety and resolution – WWD

Faced with the onset of war and a large-scale invasion by Russia, Ukrainian designers and other fashion executives offered a stark view of their experience on Thursday.

In retaliation for the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the US administration, 27 members of the European Union, Australia and other countries announced plans Thursday afternoon to hamper the Russian economy.

President Joe Biden has revealed new sanctions against Russia. Addressing how Putin’s military efforts threaten freedom everywhere, Biden said, “Aggression cannot go unaddressed, if it did, the consequences for America would be far worse. America stands up to bullies. We stand up to bullies. We defend freedom. It’s who we are.

As Russian tanks continue to roll into Ukraine and bombs are dropped in various cities, traffic has intensified in Kyiv, with many residents seeking refuge in neighboring countries.

As more US military troops were deployed to Germany in response to the invasion of Ukraine, major retailers like H&M and Adidas were watching the situation closely. H&M has closed its nine stores in Ukraine until further notice, according to a company spokesperson.

Traffic jams are seen as people leave the city of Kiev, Ukraine, February 24, 2022.
Emilio Morenatti/AP

Some fashion designers based in the capital Kiev, such as Alina Kachorovska, had taken refuge in underground metro stations to avoid airstrikes. Other designers, like Ivan Frolov, the creative force behind the Frolov label, had evacuated Kyiv en route to Poland. But that didn’t happen due to mandates put in place Thursday night that prevent Ukrainian men between the ages of 18 and 60 from leaving the country. Only women and children are currently allowed there.

Jen Sidary, a global fashion brand strategist who is showcasing six Ukrainian brands in New York this week, said she has been in “constant contact” with Frolov and other designers since the airstrikes began. Besides Kachorovska and Frolov, Elena Burenina, Chereshnivska, Paskal and 91 Lab are the brands that Sidary works with.

Burenina and her team were sheltering in place in Kiev. Frolov, her boyfriend and a few friends had packed their bags and were driving on back roads to avoid major cities in an attempt to get to Poland. “There is some pretty horrific coverage right now that the Kremlin will target members of the LGBQT community. Hopefully Ivan will reach the border at 2:30 am Kyiv time. I text him every hour,” Sidary said.

However, this hope has disappeared, due to the new mandates.

Ivan Frolov evacuated Kiev on Thursday en route to Poland.

Ivan Frolov evacuated Kiev on Thursday en route to Poland, but new warrants prevented that from happening.

Eponymous shoe designer Alina Kachorovska, whose grandmother started making shoes in Ukraine in 1957, had just returned to the land of Lineapelle in Milan. “She was very happy about it because she has three children,” Sidary said. “At 4am EST, Alina was in her design studio right after the bombing. These Ukrainians can’t stop working. I’m in awe.

Noting that Kachorovska’s design studio is not located in a secure building, Sidary said she moved to take shelter but “stays strong with her family.” Acknowledging reports that Putin plans to repeatedly hit Kiev and overtake the capital, Sidary said, “I think we have to be prepared for what is to come.

In an email Thursday afternoon, Public Kitchen founder Anastasia Ivchenko said she and her business partner Eugenia Skibina and most of their team members remain in Kyiv. The PR company works with Ukrainian fashion brands such as Ienki Ienki, Katimo, Anna October, Jul and Oberig. Some Public Kitchen employees have decided to relocate to the west of the country for security reasons. When military sirens signal potential airstrikes in Kyiv, public kitchen workers go to the nearest underground bomb shelters, Ivchenko said.

Awakened at 5 a.m. by the sound of explosions, Ivchenko said it was very difficult to speak of any calm. “Ukraine is the geographical center of Europe, a country with an extremely rich history and culture with a surprisingly strong spirit and a creative economy that breaks all the patterns of ideas about Eastern Europe”, she said. “The war in eastern Ukraine has been going on for eight years, but today Russia attacked us on a large scale, including in Kiev, where our team, most of our customers and our friends live.”

As recently as Wednesday, despite the threat of military action at the time, Ienki Ienki employees were eager to discuss how the brand had spent six months designing parkas for scientists at the research base Vernadsky working at the National Antarctic Science Center of Ukraine. Ienki Ienki presented his collection in Milan on Wednesday as planned.

Anastasia Ivchenko and Eugenia Skibina plan to stay in Kyiv.

Anastasia Ivchenko and Eugenia Skibina plan to stay in Kyiv.

Skibina said they are keeping “cool heads and fiery hearts” and staying in touch with family and friends as a show of support. “We support each other. That’s all we can do now. We don’t give up and we do what we have to do – we tell the world about Ukraine, all its diversity of talent, its rich culture and its amazing people. she says. “There are many of us here. And we need the support of the world, while our country is on the front line.

After being in touch with her family in Kyiv on Thursday, Ukrainian-born fashion designer Nataliya Ivantsova, who runs her iconic Miami company, said they were hiding bombs in underground subway stations and old buildings, including those that had been used as shelter. during the Second World War. Noting how the airstrikes were happening from east to west in Ukraine, Ivantsova said Ukraine “can be attacked from all sides from land, sea and air.”

Some of his relatives, who live in Kharkiv, suffered an explosion right next to their house, forcing them “to take the children and flee to nowhere”. Located in the northeast of Ukraine, the city has more than 1.4 million inhabitants. They also say that Kharkiv is “so blocked that it is difficult for them to even get out of the city”, she said.

Having heard from friends in Ukraine who are actively involved in charity, Ivantsova tries to figure out how to get Ukrainian residents what they need through other friends, who work in diplomatic relations. “I was told today that even the hot water was not working. We have to figure out how things can be shipped to Ukraine because now they say a lot of airports [there] will be bombarded. Some of them have already been bombed,” she said. “We just need to figure out what we can do.”

Although the designer does some manufacturing in Kyiv, now is not the time to think about changing operations there in any way, she said. Many stocks are available in the United States and the company uses other factories, including one in Mongolia, so as not to be dependent on any factory.

“My family is fine but you don’t know what might happen next,” Ivantsova said. “The whole country could easily be on fire.”

As of Wednesday, the founders of the Gunia project, Natalia Kamenska and Maria Gavrilyuk, planned to stay in Kiev. A spokeswoman for them said on Thursday that communication in Kyiv is periodically lost due to airstrikes. She said Kamenska and Gavrilyuk would comment on Friday, adding that “today is so emotional and now the main thing for us is to survive the night.”

Sidary was among more than 100 people who attended a rally in Times Square on Thursday to protest the war in Ukraine. “After that, everyone headed to the Russian consulate,” she said. “We came back to the showroom. We still have retailers placing orders.

Recalling a call with Burenina on Thursday, Sidary said she advised the company’s employees were all safe. “She wanted to tell me that if I take orders for her brand, she will produce them and make sure retailers get their orders. It’s amazing how hard these people work. That wasn’t really why I called them.

Noting how Russia clearly wants to overtake Ukraine and harm the country’s economy, as evidenced by frozen assets and banks, Sidary said she has brands trying – so far without success – to send money to Ukrainians to donate. “They can’t even access their money,” Sidary said. “I think supporting Ukraine in every way possible is what we should be doing.”

Across the Ukrainian border in Russia, a spokesperson for the fashion-oriented department store Tsum said on Thursday that “so far nothing has changed in terms of business operations” at its Moscow and St. -Petersburg. The company also has multiple pick-up points in six cities across Russia as well as in Belarus, which also borders Ukraine. Personally, the spokesperson said: “This is a very worrying situation. We are all surprised. We watch, of course, all the meetings and check all the situations. People don’t agree. Of course, it’s not our decision. We want to live in peace and live in love.

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Children of famous fashion brands go their own way

MILAN — When Alice Etro was a little girl, she used to spend hours after school with her father, Kean Etro, creative director of Etro menswear, playing with fabric swatches in the design studio of the fashion brand in which his grandfather Gimmo started. 1968. She creates clothes from scraps for her dolls and plays with the tubes of rolls of fabric.

“I loved everything,” she said. She remembers the thrill of watching a parade and walking alone with her parents. “I wanted to be him,” she added, of her designer dad. She was expected to follow in his footsteps and join the family business, just as he and his three siblings had followed their parents. As, indeed, has been the norm among many Italian fashion dynasties.

There is an expression in Italian – “capitalismo familiare” or family capitalism – which refers to the transmission of a private enterprise from one generation to the next, said Matteo Persivale, special correspondent for the Corriere della Sera newspaper. For decades, this has been the rule in fashion where brand stewardship has been passed down like a well-guarded saffron risotto recipe or a chalet in Cortina.

Angela, Luca and Vittorio Missoni took over from their parents, Rosita and Ottavio, the founders of Missoni, for example. Silvia Fendi is a third-generation Fendi, working in the company her grandparents Adele and Edoardo founded in 1925 (and her daughter, Delfina Delettrez Fendi, is now artistic director of jewelry). James Ferragamo, third-generation descendant of Salvatore Ferragamo, the founder of Ferragamo, is director of brand, product and communications for the family business. And one of the fourth generation of Zegna, Edoardo Zegna, is in the running to take over the brand, created in 1910 by Ermenegildo Zegna.

Entering the family business was such a common practice, says Laudomia Pucci, the daughter of Emilio Pucci, that even when she worked for Hubert de Givenchy in the late 1980s in Paris, he always told her: “Soon you will come back home to take over your father’s business. She did, in 1989, and described the concept of taking on the mantle of the family business as “quite normal and organic.”

But a combination of the globalization of luxury, which has led many family businesses to sell stakes to conglomerates or become publicly traded entities to survive, and the blurring of lines between all creative disciplines, has changed the narrative.

Increasingly, the next generation of big luxury families – often referred to as “figli d’arte”, a term referring to a child who inherits a parent’s profession, usually in the arts – is looking ahead. beyond the ancestral parapet, applying what she learned while growing up in one creative sector to work in another.

Ms. Etro, for example, 34, studied fashion design at Istituto Marangoni, one of Milan’s leading fashion schools, and spent around 10 years at another family sewing and textile company, Larusmiani. (where his uncle Guglielmo Miani is general manager).

But in 2019, rather than joining Etro as she had imagined, Ms Etro became the creative director of Westwing Italia, one of 11 national sites operated by a European interiors e-commerce retailer specializing in daily newsletters. offering a world of shopping. household items, from bed linen to dishes.

“I prefer mass over niche,” Ms. Etro said. “Luxury should be for everyone. It doesn’t have to be expensive and out of reach. Her family has been supportive of her decision to branch out, she continued, noting that these are times like the time she spent as a child in her grandmother Ghighi Miani’s atmospheric Milanese home, with its maximalist interiors, who ultimately perhaps inspired her the most.

Alessandro Marinella, 27, a fourth-generation member of the family that founded E. Marinella, the Neapolitan company known for making printed silk ties dear to President Barack Obama, is not only helping the brand grow in the field digital, but focuses on something he considers just as ingrained in the tradition of luxury as ties: food.

In 2019, Mr. Marinella co-founded Marchio Verificato, which produces, certifies and supplies Italian specialty foods. The company not only distributes some of the best Italian produce to shops and restaurants, but grows crops in the traditional way: for example, its Vesuvio Piennolo tomatoes are grown in volcanic soil, then strung on hemp threads, tied in circles and kept dry for months. .

“Eating well is important,” Mr. Marinella said, “but where and how also denotes a kind of social status.”

Technology too, according to Francesca Versace, 39, daughter of Santo Versace, brother of Donatella and founder of the Gianni brand. As a result, she traded her ready-to-wear birthright for the chance to start an NFT business.

“My love for fashion will never diminish; it’s in my heart,” she said of her family’s accomplishments. But she thinks the zeitgeist has changed.

“My gut tells me it’s time to move to the new space,” she said, referring to the metaverse. “It’s more of a cultural change than a technological one.

Later this spring, she and her partners plan to unveil Public Pressure, an NFT marketplace with an in-house NFT creative studio to help musicians, brands, and movie studios conceptualize NFT campaigns. The company – founded by Ms. Versace; Giulia Maresca, former designer of Christian Louboutin and Tod’s; Sergio Mottola, a blockchain entrepreneur; and music industry insider Alfredo Violante — is destined, Ms. Versace said, to recreate the Versace razzmatazz she remembers from her family’s fashion shows, but in the digital space.

Likewise, Larissa Castellano Pucci, 34, daughter of Laudomia and granddaughter of Emilio, thinks the future is virtual. She studied information science at Cornell University and worked as a 3D artist for Satore Studio, a creative company in London, rather than going into the family brand (which, anyway, was acquired by LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton in 2000). And in January, Ms. Pucci released her first collection on DressX, a digital-only clothing retail platform.

Called Marea, the collection included garments that shimmer like fish scales, seaweed-like billowing hems, and dresses produced from tiny digital seashells. It is now set to be part of Crypto Fashion Week, a week-long event in March dedicated to blockchain-powered digital fashion.

“It’s rare for someone so junior to have creative carte blanche,” Ms. Pucci said of the appeal of working with DressX, rather than a traditional atelier. In the real world, “it’s almost impossible to create something completely new as a young designer” because costs and small production runs hold you back.

This spring, FouLara, Ms. Pucci’s scarf brand, plans to launch an NFT minting service to allow users to design and mint custom NFT prints.

Laudomia Pucci said she was thrilled Larissa was trying something that resonated with her and her generation – and she thinks Emilio Pucci would have looked on with affection too. “It’s necessary in Italy,” she said. “We have to look to the future, not just to our great past.”

Her daughter agreed. “If you come from a background that has so many things, you follow in the footsteps or try to forge your own identity,” Ms. Pucci said. “Otherwise, it is abusive. I can only re-imagine my legacy; I can’t escape it.

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Fashion style

10 Indian fashion labels that will add a local touch to your wardrobe

With the pandemic threatening our lives for 2 years, small businesses and local homeowners have suffered massively. Over time, influencers, fashion bloggers have taken it upon themselves to promote small businesses and advocate for these brands. Local brands have received much-needed support from the population. They have been creating top quality products that are fashionable, fashionable and available at affordable prices for a very long time. Several small businesses are thriving and these brands have some of the coolest products that even fast fashion brands don’t have. Small businesses are popping up every day and they are growing massively and we bring you some of the best local fashion brands that will blow your mind and make you feel your best in fashion.

1) The loom

The loom is everywhere in all fashion bloggers instagram. Their desi pieces are made with love and have some of the most beautiful designs. From floral prints to bright colors, their outfits have simple embroidery. These pretty summer outfits are comfortable, absolutely easy to put on and you’re done!

2) That girl likes

That girl likes makes some of the coolest designs, like fitted corsets, leather tie sets, dresses, belts with intricate patterns and delicate craftsmanship that’s pretty much every girl’s dream come true. You can style them with just about anything to spice up any basic outfit and make it look like a million bucks.

3) Freakins

Freakins as a brand pushes you to be more you and offer some of the most authentic designer bottoms. They have several styles ranging from wide leg denim to ripped jeans to straight cuts and more. They are affordable, fashionable and have some of the youngest pieces to pull off that perfect instagram classy look.

4) Shop Thesto

Thesto is a one-stop destination for all accessories lovers. Their pieces are funky and have the perfect pinterest atmosphere. They have a wide range of bags, chunky jewelry, and just about every trendy thing we see flooding our instagram feeds itself. They have so much to offer and there’s no reason not to take advantage of it.

5) Zohra

Zohra is a instagram jewelry store. Everyone else you see knows this store and is obsessed with their dainty and cute jewelry. Dainty chains, chunky bracelets and rings, they have a bit of everything and it doesn’t disappoint.

6) Blue tea

Blue tea is an indigenous denim brand that offers the most stylish denim in a multitude of colors and styles. This brand is slowly becoming everyone’s favorite and we are obsessed with these fashionable bottoms.

7) talking toe

This brand by Nazi and Incha has the prettiest poppy colored juttis that you can style with almost anything and everything. If you’re feeling desi, buy a pair and you’re good to go and if you’re in the mood for a funky fusion, wear these juttis with jeans and a white shirt and you’ll make quite the statement.

8) Mak & Cie

This page should be your one stop destination for all things bohemian. Wrap tops, caftans, dresses, blouses, dupattas, skirts with the most beautiful prints. They are easy to style and look effortlessly chic.

9) Tag the label

Tag the label is again one of the best clothing stores on instagram featuring fun prints, soft colors and unique designs with ties, criss cross patterns, balloon and bell sleeve tops with daring cuts and backless designs that will practically steal the show when you step out for your next outing.

ten) Urban Suburb

Urban Suburb is a boutique based in Surat created by girls. The brand offers the most beautiful dresses, sets, tops, jumpsuits and more. Their designs are particular and always stand out for their silhouettes, colors and designs.

Follow @missmalinifashion for more on all things fashion and download the Girl Tribe by MissMalini App to join our Fashion & Beauty community.

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Villanelle’s most iconic looks on Killing Eve

Photos: BBC America

There is an unwritten rule that assassins and spies also have an endless clothing allowance to help their abilities assimilate in any given circumstance. It’s also common in the world of subterfuge — or at least the version we see on TV or in movies — that a clothing skill set is a valuable asset. Jodie Comer as Deadly Villanelle in BBC America Kill Eve ticked both of those boxes from the very first episode and this character puts her fashion best foot forward in any scenario.

Designer Phoebe Waller-Bridge is long gone and the showrunner has changed with each season, but one constant is Villanelle’s playful attitude towards her work and leisure wear. Thanks to multiple stab wounds (including her own), the hitman never lost her fondness for expensive designer yarn, her Paris base helping to fuel her passion for high-end shopping. Three different costume designers brought Villanelle’s closet to life and turned the series into a living editorial starring Gucci, Alexander McQueen and Isabel Marant. After a long game of cat and mouse, Eve (Sandra Oh) and Villanelle have come to some sort of understanding, and the fourth and final season is set to rely heavily on symbolic imagery. On the eve (pardon the pun) of the critically acclaimed hit’s return, here are Villanelle’s definitive fashion moments from the show’s first three seasons.

Journey to Tuscany (Season 1, Episode 1, “Nice Face”)

From the first episode, Villanelle’s ability to blend into any setting is on display when she grabs a sky blue Burberry dress from the nearest closet and blackmails it at a wedding reception, but the outfit she wears when entering the beautiful villa is a little more reflective of her fashion personality. It’s not exactly incognito, but it shows her flair for casual fashion with an edge. The tailored Celine pussy-bow blouse, cut-off denim shorts and Doc Marten boots combine hard and soft visuals, which serve to highlight Villanelle’s contradictions from the start.

Pretty in Pink (Season 1, Episode 2, “I’ll Deal With Him Later”)

Villanelle wearing a voluminous bubblegum pink Molly Goddard tiered tulle dress paired with Balenciaga boots tells us all we need to know about her love of fashion and her disdain for the obligatory therapy session. Arguably the most revered of Villanelle’s fashion choices among fans, costume designer Phoebe De Gaye got the tongues wagging right from the start. A callback in Season 2 saw Villanelle killing an influencer guy with her words after she asked for a photo of her candy-colored outfit (“No, of course not. Don’t be pathetic. Get a real life!”). Luckily, it was just a nod rather than trying to recreate this singular costume.

Tailored Terror (Season 1, Episode 3, “I Don’t Know You?”)

The garment becomes a kind of business card at the start of this obsession shared between the two women. Their paths cross when Eve travels to Berlin to investigate Villanelle’s crimes, and the killer sneaks off with Eve’s suitcase. Her assessment of content is withering, and no doubt she wants to sprinkle some makeover magic on the woman following her — for what it’s worth, Eve mentions that she hates her own clothes. A green scarf with a zebra print is how Eve Bill’s (David Haig) best friend meets his untimely (and gruesome) end when he recognizes Villanelle wearing the accessory he gave his friend. Dries Van Noten’s graphic-print power suit isn’t exactly Berlin nightclub material, but Villanelle isn’t one to follow the rules.

Post-Prison Discussions (Season 1, Episode 7, “I Don’t Want to Be Free”)

Villanelle’s brief stint in a Russian prison separates the killer from her enviable wardrobe, but this shaggy jacket, black skinny jeans and another fantastic pair of ankle boots tap into a ’90s aesthetic that remains popular. Even the rustic Villanelle is in fashion.

Pop Art Pajamas (Season 2, Episode 1, “Do You Know How to Get Rid of a Body?)

Rather than a high-fashion twist, Season 2 costume designer Charlotte Mitchell makes a bold statement on Roy Lichtenstein with a set of custom pajamas. The Pop Art theme isn’t a case of Villanelle trying to blend in at a sleepover, but a necessity when she’s fleeing her hospital bed. Recovering from a stab inflicted by Eve introduces her to the young Gabriel (Pierre Atri) who is the originator of this colorful outfit, and another victim on the assassin’s long list. It’s perhaps the most shocking murder Villanelle commits, and the fanciful bedding doesn’t diminish the horror of this moment – even if she considers it an act of mercy. It’s not the kind of loungewear she would choose herself, but definitely Kill Eve fans would snag a pair. In fact, the original set worn by Comer was sold for nearly $13,000 at auction in 2020.

Sartorial Swine (Season 2, Episode 4, “Desperate Times”)

Never let it be said that Villanelle doesn’t embrace the theater or take on her surroundings. In Amsterdam, she sees the curiosities accompanied by Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) and brings up the stench in the gallery in front of a awful painting by Jan de Baen catches his eye. Villanelle adds a Red Light District twist to “The Dead Bodies of the De Witt Brothers” by swapping out her Vogue-ready Dutch outfit (which includes an Alexander McQueen blazer and Rosie Assoulin satin blouse) for a perverse pig mask and a hybrid of schoolgirl. “Looks like bacon,” is Villanelle’s assessment of the 17th-century artwork that influences her latest murder tableau, which is mistaken for an elaborate performance by onlookers.

Widow Chic (Season 2, Episode 5, “Smell Ya Later”)

It’s no big surprise that Villanelle goes all out with her outfit when MI6 throws a punch at Eve and hires Villanelle to do the deed. Eve is in on it, and it’s the only way to get his attention, but this face-off is tense from previous stabbings. “Nice outfit” jokes Eve about the vintage Alexander McQueen sheer dress and dramatic polka-dot lace veil that taps into a theme. “I’m about to be in mourning,” she explains of her choice of widow-ready glamour. In the woods, the high-necked silhouette adds a fairytale villain element that wouldn’t be over the top for the international assassin.

Back to School (Season 2, Episode 5, “Smell Ya Later)

Adapting to your surroundings is key when working in this murky world and Villanelle loves to play dress up. She’s also incredibly versatile, going from ultra-feminine widow attire to looking like a chariots of fire additional at a glance. A brief detour to Oxford to set Eve’s wedding on fire sees her embracing the preppy slung sweater for maximum effect.

Crimson Queen (Season 2, Episode 8, “You’re Mine”)

There’s a lot of back-and-forth in the Season 2 finale in Rome with Eve and Villanelle saving the other from danger. The red Lanvin ensemble is part of Villanelle’s cover to ensnare tech villain Aaron Peel (Henry Lloyd-Hughes), and black belt Gucci breaks up the coordinating ensemble. At the hotel, she almost matches the ax wielded against her, and this costume looks even better after ditching the rose-tinted wig. The final showdown among the ruins gives the Italian tourist board a boost, and Villanelle plots sweet revenge in this femme fatale outfit.

Floral Fashionista (Season 3, Episode 2, “Management Sucks”)

Switching Paris for Barcelona in season three doesn’t lessen Villanelle’s penchant for expensive clothes. A stunning floral Vampire’s Wife dress that has since been dubbed the “Villanelle Dress” (and is always available to buy) immediately attracts attention. Even her hair gets the flower memo and if you didn’t know she was a hitman, you’d almost certainly think she worked in the fashion industry. It’s in stark contrast to Eve’s kitchen worker uniform and her mentor Dasha’s (Harriet Walter) Eurotrash outfit.

Feathered Hole in One (Season 3, Episode 7, “Beautiful Monster”)

Golf is known for its eye-catching lozenges, but Charlotte Knowles’ rich green feather-checked bomber jacket and high-waisted Gucci pants are a big swing that taps into the “handsome monster” of the episode’s title. Season three costume designer Sam Perry (who returns for season four) leans into the weird for the Aberdeen setting as Villanelle plays the novice on the golf course as part of the trick – his Scottish accent is also perfect. In a surprise move, she hits Dasha with the club instead of the intended target, and her rebellion against those who kicked her up a notch. It may be time for the traditional green jacket awarded to the Masters winner to get a makeover.

Power Print Pantsuit (Season 3, Episode 8, “Are You Leading or Am I?”)

A common thread throughout all three seasons is the reliability of a patterned power suit. A tailored masculine influence doesn’t have to be boring or subtle, and this marble geometric Halpern number is the boldest in the series yet. Villanelle takes to the dance floor with Eve – whose black suit and turtleneck complement the chaotic print – but rather than repeat what she did in Berlin to Bill, the pair join the waltz couples. Eve says the episode title, to which Villanelle responds “I have no idea”. The peace is short-lived, but the suit ends up coming in handy in a fight to the death against fellow assassin Rhian (Alexandra Roach).

Canary Crossroads (Season 3, Episode 8, “Are You Leading or Am I?”)

Villanelle wants out of the killing industry and the season three finale sets that in motion before culminating in a kind of farewell on London Bridge. Villanelle stands out in an oversized canary yellow Loewe coat and Ann Demeulemeester biker boots for the second half of the final. Everyone is muted, but Villanelle is rethinking her craft, not her love of fashion. This outerwear looks like Anya Taylor-Joy’s contemporary eye-popping cousin Emma. attire, which, as Eve finds out in the final moments, is impossible to look away from.

Kill Eve returns to BBC America on Sunday, February 26 at 8:00 p.m. ET. After the premiere, episodes will air a week earlier on AMC+.

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French fashion

How to Do a Disco Ball French Manicure, According to a Nail Pro

When you’re looking for the ultimate nail design, you turn to Natalie Minerva. The famous nail artist behind the epic manicures on Euphoria has been giving us enviable designs and looks for years. But the one I – and I suspect many others – can’t overlook are these disco ball nails (which look amazing anywhere or as French tips).

Shiny and intricate, Minerva’s disco ball nail art designs are truly breathtaking. They make the perfect night manicure. A self-confessed huge disco music head (which she credits to her days working at A Club Called Rhonda), Minerva drew inspiration from the fun party era of the ’70s for this particular look. “I love linking other eras to my art and when I found these glittery pieces, a light bulb went on in my head,” she told Bustle. “I love how these nails are so visual and eye-catching; They shout ‘party time‘ volume.”

But the best part about these nails is that they are surprisingly easy to do on your own – you just need a little patience. To get the full disco ball nail look, she first puts on a gel base coat and lets it cure under a gel lamp. She then grabs a silver gel polish, the Ricca Gel in 123G to be exactto paint on each nail and repeat the curing process.

Then she will slide on Afternoon Gentle Builder Gel, but it is important that you do not let it heal immediately. While it’s still going to bed, she says to place your silver glitter in rows to mimic that disco ball effect. Once you’ve got each sequin in place, put your nails back under the light to cure them. She then adds more Soft Builder Gel on top, hardens it, then seals it all with a clear gel topcoat before finishing with a final hardening process.

For a more subtle way to incorporate this retro trend, opt for a French tips disco ball. The steps to achieve this are quite similar to a full disco look. She starts the same way, putting base gel all over the nail and letting it cure under a gel light. Next, she puts the same silver Ricca Gel in 123G along the top of the nail, creating a base for that French tip. After letting this silver shade harden, she applies a coat of Soft Builder Gel for the silver glitter. Once all the stuff is done, she corrects that to fix the sequins. She then finishes with more Soft Builder Gel on top, hardens that, and seals it all in with a gel topcoat.

Classic silver looks great, but experimentation is highly encouraged. “In general, we’re in a very exploratory time in nails right now and I love it,” says Minerva. “At the end of the day, we won’t be holding back on our nail art this year.”

We only include products that have been independently selected by Bustle’s editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

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