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Style advice from Le Moulin De Lourmarin hotel on the French Riviera

Few of the settings radiate the ambiance of the Moulin De Lourmarin – the most chic new meeting place on the Côte d’Azur.

The recently renovated hotel is located on the edge of the Château de Lourmarin, near the mountainous region of Pertuis. The serene setting was a canvas for designer Jaune who worked alongside owners Beaumier to create a minimalist utopia for interior design enthusiasts in one of France’s most alluring postcodes. Naturally, we adore every square inch of its glorious interiors. Here we explore its most remarkable assets.

1. Inverted bathroom tiles

The Moulin De Lourmarin

(Image credit: Le Moulin De Lourmarin)

While we are more used to seeing tiles on the walls of our bathrooms, Le Moulin has shaken up conventions and instead tiled the sanitary facilities. The result is a neutral wall that exudes a certain country-esque minimalism – where the sink is left to make an elegant statement. Its subtly traditional aesthetic embodies the Provençal atmosphere while reminding you of going out of the ordinary and having fun. It is the south of France, after all.

2. French cafe curtains

The Moulin De Lourmarin

(Image credit: Le Moulin De Lourmarin)

We take modern kitchen ideas from the masters of design, and it stems from a trend we already know and love. It’s definitely no secret that we fell in love French cafe curtains – the characteristic that allows us to put the incomparable style of Parisian café culture at the forefront of our interiors.

Although Le Moulin does not use these curtains in their kitchen, they have used the material in their furniture, including their closets and under the bathroom tiles. Again, this is a statement of non-compliance, and we have never felt more inspired.

3. Upholstered walls – with a minimalist touch

The Moulin De Lourmarin

(Image credit: Le Moulin De Lourmarin)

Le Moulin has just achieved a hat-trick. The third unorthodox – but no less inspiring – feature that we steal from the hotel comes in the form of an upholstered wall with a modern twist.

Creating a look that is reminiscent of an elegant hotel but that remains entirely contemporary is effortless only for the designers of Le Moulin, who celebrate the craze for upholstered walls in the most minimalist way possible.

Rather than celebrating the upholstery for its maximalism, the hotel features upholstered headboards and walls that are embraced in a neutral, almost rattan-like material, giving the texture of the trend with the dominant color. The carpeted walls have never looked so chic.

4. Decorate with cutlery

The Moulin De Lourmarin

(Image credit: Le Moulin De Lourmarin)

We understand that this statement will spark memories of your grandma’s vintage porcelain, but Le Moulin just put these plates back in fashion. In the ultimate nod to homeland charm, the hotel has experimented with painted plates that celebrate simplicity and individuality and fill the hotel with the warmth of a family home. We volunteer to call Le Moulin home for the rest of our days.

5. Coil furniture

The Moulin De Lourmarin

(Image credit: Le Moulin De Lourmarin)

Bobbin might be an American design classic, but it just got a French twist. This 17th century decorative technique has gained popularity in recent months, but of course Le Moulin already knew it.

The intricate shapes of Bobbin furniture can elevate interiors from ordinary to extraordinary, and in case this reception wasn’t already majestic enough, its coil injection solidifies its place at the top of the lust list. We will come back as soon as we have invested in a lot of reels.

Le Moulin De Lourmarin is located at Avenue Raoul Dautry, 84160 Lourmarin. Learn more online.

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Will conversational commerce be the next big thing in online shopping?

MTRYING IS A intimate way to share private opinions and feelings. It’s a whisper of a cocktail in digital form, as one user of WhatsApp, a service owned by Facebook, puts it. Today, some of the world’s biggest brands are venturing into this personal realm. Recognizing the limitations of conventional communication channels like call centers and email, a few years ago, companies started using WhatsApp and its sister app, Facebook Messenger, as well as Apple’s iMessage and apps. independent companies such as Line.

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The pandemic has given all of these applications a boost. Messages on Instagram, Facebook’s photo-sharing app and Messenger increased by 40%. Four-fifths of the time spent on mobile devices is now spent on chat applications. Businesses can usually be relied on to get to where customers are. Messaging has therefore become vital for businesses, not just experimental, says Javier Mata, founder of Yalo, a startup whose technology connects businesses to messaging platforms. Companies used to use them primarily for customer service. Now they want to get people to buy stuff through chat, like hundreds of millions of Chinese do on WeChat, owned by Tencent, China’s most powerful tech giant.

Since many popular messaging platforms are encrypted, transaction data is hard to come by. But growth is definitely happening. Over a billion people now interact with businesses via chat, not counting China. Every day, 175 million people send a message to WhatsApp work accounts (WhatsApp channels designed for businesses). Yalo’s customers include consumer goods giants such as Coca-Cola, Nestle, PepsiCo and Unilever, as well as Walmart, the world’s largest retailer. Apple Business Chat, launched in 2017, is used by Home Depot DIY stores, Hilton hotels and Burberry, a fashion brand. Facebook’s list includes Sephora, a cosmetics retailer, and IKEA, a furniture giant. LVMH, a French luxury goods conglomerate, is testing messaging, according to Jeroen van Glabbeek, CEO of, a Dutch conversational commerce platform.

C-commerce is already well established in Asia and Latin America, where inconsistent access to high-speed, high-quality devices puts e-commerce and business-specific applications beyond the reach of many. Now, Western consumers are starting to appreciate the ease, speed, personalization, and convenience of messaging. For businesses, the return on investment seems higher for messaging than for call center exchanges or messaging channels, says Emile Litvak, head of corporate messaging at Facebook.

Promoters of commercial messaging say e-commerce will replace e-commerce within a decade or two. But messaging is best understood as a refinement of e-commerce and a sibling of “social commerce” (social media shopping). Most messaging conversations between large businesses and consumers start from corporate e-commerce websites that have a “click to send” button. Many start on social media.

In some ways, c-commerce is a throwback to the past. Besides mail order and its modern look, online shopping, commerce has been built on conversation for millennia. However, there are new elements in corporate messaging. It’s more personalized than SMS marketing, which itself has been successful in recent years in America and Europe. Automatic messaging goes beyond rudimentary chatbots, which have been around since the mid-2010s. Artificial intelligence (AI) improves in the unstructured interactions that buyers had with expert retail assistants.

For now, says Marc Lore, who led Walmart’s digital efforts, a lot of commercial messages have humans in the loop. In the future, he believes, AI will be able to meet hazy customer requests such as “give me a birthday toy for a five year old around science education for about $ 40” by suggesting choices and completing the transaction by a few seconds. And when AI improves in natural dialogue, such as after learning from human interactions, consumer-to-business messaging can look like JARVIS, Tony Stark’s digital butler in the then pretty close Marvel comics.

Until then, companies must move forward with delicacy. Filled with family and friends, chat apps are emotional spaces, says Robert Bennett, CEO from Rehab, an agency that helps brands reach consumers digitally. Try selling some yoga leggings to someone after a trade with their mom, he says, and your business could end up going down faster than an ex. But do it right – think of a sweet reminder of an herbal tea vendor’s evening meditation – and the rewards look tasty.

This article appeared in the Business section of the print edition under the title “Lines of Discussion”

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Gauahar Khan’s Ultra-Chic Loungewear Look in Coordinating Tie-Dye Ensemble is a Fashion Goal | Fashion trends

We can’t help but long for a similar romantic getaway as we browse the flood of photos of Gauahar Khan and her husband Zaid Darbar from their current trip to Moscow and if the beautiful architectural landscapes weren’t enough, the obscene ones in the Bollywood star’s fashion has surely hooked us. In a recent boomerang, Gauahar flaunted washboard abs as she pouted in a sleek blue and white crop top and loungewear and we’re in love with the celebrity-approved party trend.

Loungewear and sportswear are quickly gaining the upper hand over street looks with their eccentricity, whether it’s stylish pajamas, mesh sports bras or kitsch print sweatpants. With lockdown still stepped up in several places, the loungewear trend is going round the world, and style curators are already bending over backwards to creatively transform it into mainstream fashion.

Tapping into the on-trend loungewear style amid the Covid-19 lockdown as comfort wear and workout clothes have a moment in the fashion world, Gauahar has been seen serving up an ultra-chic lewk in a blue and white tie-dye crop top and paired it with a pair of high waisted pajamas in similar hues. Accessorizing her look with a blue and white tie-dye headband, Gauahar pulled her silky braids back into a ponytail hairstyle for a comfy look.

Sporting a pop of nude pink lipstick, Gauahar amplified the glam quotient with rosy makeup that included rosy cheeks, mascara-laden lashes, and filled eyebrows. Pouting for the camera, Gauahar clicked on a boomerang selfie in the mirror and shared it on his social media account, which made the fashion police gush.

The coordinating blue and white tie-dye ensemble is attributed to Indian fashion designer Seerat Arora’s clothing brand, Vintage Siesta, which offers stylish, glamorous and extremely comfortable sleepwear and loungewear. It is originally priced at 2,499.

Gauahar Khan Tie and Dye Set from Vintage Siesta (Instagram / thevintagesiestacloset)

Since the Covid-19 lockdown pushed us into the confines of our homes and working from home became a way of life from 2020, loungewear has become lockdown fashion and even post-fashion. pandemic sees shirts replaced with oversized boyfriend tees while pajamas are here to dominate our wardrobes in place of jeans. Serving a laid back aesthetic in the fashion world is the new trend among fashionistas that takes our love of lazy pajamas to the next level and has us hooked with a strong desire not to leave the warm, soft bed but in a comfy, fashionable, chic and well-groomed.

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Eyes on Cannes, the new media capital of the world

This Being the Year of the Influencer has been a lasting idea since at least 2017. New industries don’t emerge overnight. Technological and social breakthroughs that fuel new industries take time to spread to different markets and communities around the world. Unless, of course, the whole world simultaneously experiences a unique set of circumstances like a global pandemic in the Internet age! Adaptation to the digital economy has seen unprecedented growth in 2020, from e-commerce and social media to remote working. In recent years, influencers have broadened their affecting beyond the initial niches of fashion, travel or entertainment. The #FreeBritney movement started as a celebrity gossip hashtag, but has grown into a public discourse on mental health and legal autonomy. Independent journalists like Yashar Ali or Seth Abramson command larger audiences than some historical news outlets. Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, the most popular person on Instagram, has 310 million followers – 30 times the population of his native Portugal. Influencers are an integral part of the ‘new normal’ media landscape across multiple platforms. All industries tend to have their epicenters and recognized regulatory bodies. Here are three reasons why Cannes, an iconic resort on the Côte d’Azur, is becoming the new media capital of the world.

1. Cannes is already home to several major media events.

It all started in 1946 with the Cannes Film Festival, which became the most influential film screen. Since 1956, the Cannes Lions festival has elevated advertising to the rank of multi-billion dollar art that it is today. Since 1964, the MIPTV expo has grown into the world’s largest television programming and networking marketplace. All these centers of media activity have naturally also extended to digital spaces. The audiovisual content first generated or presented here determines cultural trends around the world. With product placement, complex campaign integrations, and celebrity mentions becoming standard practice in film, television, and advertising, it was only a matter of time for social media to claim its rightful place. along the famous promenade of the Croisette.

2. Cannes hosts the World Influencers and Bloggers Awards.

Established in 2019, the World Influencers and Bloggers Awards, the first and only event of its kind, brings together top social media talent in Cannes for celebration, mentorship and strategy development. Previous releases have generated 2,000 media coverage worldwide with a digital reach of over 117 million impressions. True to its vibe “where glamor meets business power”, WIBA brings together thought leaders from different sectors and continents, adding new categories every year.

As the 2021 nominees awaited the results shortly, Maria Grazhina Chaplin, CEO of the World Influencers and Bloggers Association, when asked what would currently be the biggest change in social media trends, said: “This year, influencers have proven their worth in society with helpful advice and concrete initiatives.

Chiara Ferragni, for example, balanced scientific information with fundraising efforts even when the level of the pandemic was abysmal in Italy. Many influencers are now playing a crucial role in helping their countries cope and recover. “

3. Cannes is a social click magnet, but in a (very) good way.

The ancient cobblestones, the turquoise sea, the sunsets in dresses on the yachts. Cannes had been ready for her close-up decades before Instagram invented selfies and filters. Maintaining a Cannes presence is a must for the biggest fashion and beauty brands. What other red carpet gets CNN coverage ?! In fact, most places here are so famous in themselves that they get verified social media accounts.

Like the legendary Hotel Martinez which will host the WIBA event with a provisional guest list of Coco Rocha, Victoria Silvstedt, Nusret “Salt Bae” Gokce, Luanna, Kat Graham and others. This city – in real life – is easily one of the few places in the world where you can casually meet some of the people you might be used to seeing on your phone on a daily basis. In the social media challenge, how it started versus how it plays out, Cannes is a masterclass of ageless relevance.

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‘Stay Wired’ says new British Athleisure, Tech Brand Prevayl – WWD

LONDON – New UK label Prevayl seeks to take the sport to another level with technology built into clothing, allowing it to collect data and monitor the wearer’s training performance.

Ahead of its official launch later this year, Prevayl raised £ 7.5million from Stonebridge, which has also invested in Simba Sleep, Mahabis and Torque Brands. Funds will go towards innovation, infrastructure and team building as the company seeks to help consumers – not just elite athletes or sports professionals – train smarter and better.

Prevayl said he is looking to create state-of-the-art labs and fitness areas with data testing facilities and invest in clothing design, continuous innovation and the creation of intellectual property. .

The company, founded by Adam Crofts and David Newns, incorporates graphene into its design-driven smart clothing, which also includes sensors and streaming data to a dedicated app. The founders come from technology and sport, and the company’s base is in the historic textile and clothing center of Manchester, England.

Crofts, who is Managing Director, oversees a team of apparel designers, hardware developers, intellectual property experts and marketers, with past experience at GymShark, The Hut Group, VF Corporation, Lacoste and Burberry.

Newns, the president of the company, has filed over 800 patents during his career and is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He is one of the founders of Nerudia, based in Liverpool, England, which develops alternative nicotine products for smokers, and electronic cigarette developer CN Creative Group, which he ultimately sold.

The company noted that Prevayl is one of the top 10 UK patent applicants across all industries.

The brand’s offering will include clothing, equipment and app, and it promises “meticulous analysis and analysis of the body,” including comprehensive EKG data, cardio age and heart function.

Built-in technology also measures a person’s respiratory state and can recognize dysfunctional breathing and stress levels. In addition, it can measure core temperature, energy expenditure, hydration and monitor body positioning during a workout.

In an interview, Crofts, a former personal trainer, said the technology also lets people know if they are at risk of injury, as well as their stress levels. He argued that the average hobbyist has limited access to this kind of detailed data from conventional portable technological devices.

Prevayl said third-party accuracy testing is provided by Salford University and Manchester Metropolitan University, and the technology has also been tested on fighter pilots.

Tank tops, crop tops, and T-shirts will each cost around £ 90. The brand will also operate a subscription service, which includes the app and hardware for £ 200 per year. Next year, he plans to expand the clothing collection to include more daywear, loungewear and athletic pieces, all of which will have the technology built in.

Crofts said that even when people are at rest, the sensors will be able to track breathing, movement, heartbeat and stress levels. He said the brand is keen to integrate its technology into the wellness space as well.

The company also estimates that there are open opportunities in the sportswear market, indicating that Global Data’s forecast is expected to rise nearly 21% by 2023 to reach £ 6.7 billion.

The clothes are available in matte black with taped seams and a discreet branding. The sensors are connected by invisible stainless steel wires, surrounded by a wire that expands with heat to keep them close to the body.

The sensors are held in an internal panel that sits under the bra in the women’s crop top and around the chest in the men’s tank top. They sense the wearer’s heart rate and breathing rate, while a small LED light alerts the user to battery life, which lasts up to 24 hours.

James Cox, Managing Partner at Stonebridge, said: “What the company has created over the past 24 months is pretty amazing and falls in just the right place of what we think consumers want. The founders are world class and are well on their way to disrupting another great global market and were thrilled that we could be a part of this journey with them. “

Prevayl isn’t the only sports technology company attracting significant pre-launch funding. Wednesday, Arena Innovation Corp. secured $ 5.2 million in seed funding to launch a new resistance training product.

Courtside Ventures, Powerhouse Capital and Wellness Holding made major contributions. Angel investors included Lavinia Errico, co-founder of Equinox, Anthony and Joe Vennare of Fitt Insider and brothers, New York Jets wide receiver Braxton Berrios and Ekso Bionics co-founder Russ Angold.

The company describes the Arena fitness platform as a “portable robotic device for dynamic resistance training.” The platform is capable of generating over 200 pounds of resistance, which users can control. Users can also take training classes through the Arena smartphone app and train with hundreds of exercise movements.

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Wear It Now Fashion Ideas trends summer dresses hand dyeing shibori modern look

Voluminous summer dresses are transformed into ultra-special pieces to be kept forever with the introduction of traditional hand-dyeing techniques such as Shibori. Lovely shades of cobalt, azure and midnight are achieved with natural indigo reflecting historical processes and producing unique patterns.

Give the look a modern twist by adding a hand-crafted leather belt and handcraft-inspired bag to complete this easy look.

Crochet Pocket Crossbody Bag by Clare V., $ 145 at Augusta Twenty– Macrame woven texture in a modern silhouette is a new take on the old classic.

Indigo Glass Bead Necklace, $ 50, at Monkees of the West End -Global influence is reflected in unique indigo tinted glass beads.

Endless Shore Maxi, in Blue and White by BB Dakota, $ 129 at Monkees of the West End- Hand-dyed fabric using traditional Shibori techniques takes on a new twist when interpreted in modern silhouettes.

Tassel Fedora in Black by Mudpie, $ 36 at the Mainstream Store – Form meets function in a tasseled fedora for those sunny summer days.

Ivy Belt in Black by B-Low the Belt, $ 92 at Monkees of the West End– Belted bohemian dresses are the style choice this season.

Emmy Flat Sandal in Perfect Black by Tory Burch, $ 198 at Monkees of the West End -Classic flats in rich leather with gold accents enhance a casual look.

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Biography of Veronika Khomyn: what do we know about Sean McVay’s wife? Nigeria News

Veronika Khomyn is a Ukrainian model, fashion designer and real estate agent. She is also an internet celebrity as she has thousands of Instagram followers. His rise to fame is attributed to his relationship with famous Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay.

Veronika Khomyn. Photo: @ veronika.khomyn
Source: Instagram

Veronika is a gorgeous woman, which made it easy for her to start and thrive in her modeling career in her hometown. She also has a strong taste for fashion and therefore decided to pursue fashion design in the United States. She is also passionate about fitness.

Profile summary

  • Last name and first name: Veronika Nikolaena
  • Kind: Female
  • Date of Birth: 01 March 1990
  • Veronika Khomyn’s age: 31 years
  • Zodiac sign: Pisces
  • Place of birth: Kiev, Ukraine
  • Nationality: Ukrainian-American
  • Sexuality: Law
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Height: 5 feet 7 inches
  • Weight: 54Kg
  • Eye colour: Blue
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Foster mother: George Mason University
  • Occupation: Model, fashion designer and real estate agent
  • Net value: $ 1 million
  • Instagram: @ veronika.khomyn

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Biography of Veronika Khomyn

The stunning model was born on March 1, 1990 and is currently 31 years old. She is Ukrainian-American. She acquired American citizenship when she moved to the United States to pursue a university education in Virginia.

Khomyn Veronika resides in Encino, California with her fiancé. She is sometimes referred to as Sean McVay’s wife even though she is not yet married to Sean.

Khomyn Veronika
Veronika Khomyn with friends. Photo: @ veronika.khomyn
Source: Instagram

Career highlights

Veronika started working as a model for UFC Gym and DC Clubbing. After a successful stint in modeling, she embarked on styling. Currently, she owns a boutique.

The fashion designer is also an Instagram star. Along with the many followers on Instagram, she uses the platform to raise awareness about natural disasters and other issues. Besides her Instagram account, she also manages their dog’s account on the same platform.

She also owns a California-based real estate business.

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Veronika Khomyn’s net worth

According to Idol Net Worth, Veronika Khomyn’s net worth is US $ 1 million in 2021. She derives her wealth from modeling and styling.

In addition, she earns a substantial amount of money by monetizing her Instagram account. His real estate business is also another source of income that increases his net worth.

How did Sean McVay meet Veronika Khomyn?

The couple met in Washington DC in 2011. At the time of their meeting, Khomyn was a student at George Mason University, while Sean was the assistant coach of the Washington Redkins.

After dating for about eight years, Sean McVay proposed to his Ukrainian model girlfriend. Veronika Khomyn and Sean McVay’s engagement took place during a trip to Cannes, France. According to Page Six, the engagement ring cost around $ 100,000.

Veronika Khomyn and Sean McVay
Veronika Khomyn with Sean McVay. Photo: @ veronika.khomyn
Source: Instagram

Veronika’s joy was evident when she shared the news of the proposal on her Instagram page. Since then, Veronika Khomyn has been commonly referred to as the Rams coach’s wife, even though they are not yet married.

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Currently, the couple reside in a lavish, over 4,600 square foot home in Encino, California.

Presence and activities on social networks

She is very active on Instagram, where she has more than 55,000 subscribers. She didn’t hesitate to share photos of her lifestyle and captivating moments with her fiancé, whom she sometimes calls McBae.

She also uses the platform to educate her subscribers about natural disasters and other areas of concern.

Veronika Khomyn’s popularity skyrocketed after meeting McVay. However, she is an interesting personality in her own right and deserves the public attention she enjoys.

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Monica Turner was married to Mike Tyson for 5 years and they had two children, Rayna and Amir Tyson.

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1 really cool Cincinnati Bengals, parallel to the Tour de France

Now that the Tour de France enters its second week, it’s time to consider which Cincinnati Bengals players would hold the various jerseys and titles associated with the most prestigious cycling race, the Super Bowl in cycling.

The Yellow Jersey (the Yellow Jersey)

First, let’s start with the best-known Tour de France prize, the Yellow Jersey, of course. It goes to the best rider in the general classification. In this edition of the Cincinnati Bengals Tour de France, the man standing at the top of the podium is Jessie Bates. Right now, Bates is the only Bengals player who can be considered one of, if not the best, in his NFL job.

At the end of the year, Pro Football Focus ranked the Bengals as the best in the NFL. They subsequently named Bates as the top ranked safety in the league. Here is a quote:

Bell finished in the top 15 of the PFF table in the box while Alexander placed in the top 15 defensive backs in the slot. Phillips had the third highest forced incompletion rate outdoors (21.6%) and Jackson finished above the 70th percentile in outdoor coverage. Bates was clearly the best performer in this group. He led all the security of the NFL in PFF grade and in interceptions and breakings of passes (15).

Bates is heading into the final year of his contract. As Stripe Hype’s Leigh Oleszczak points out, the Bengals shouldn’t wait. As the big Russian mobster Teddy said in Rounders, “Pay this man his money.”

Here are some other parallels if you’re a Cincinnati Bengals fan.

The Green Jersey (the Green Jersey)

The green jersey goes to the best sprinter on the Tour, basically, the rider who was the fastest throughout the race. This year the winner of this jersey has to go to Trey Waynes. First, when it comes to the 40-yard combine dash, Waynes has the fastest recorded time for any Bengals player with a time of 4.32 forty seconds. Yes, he’s now twenty-eight and coming out of an injury. However, this injury was not a lower body injury.

In addition, the current holder of this year’s Tour de France green jersey is Mark Cavendish. The thirty-six-year-old sprinter has been written off by most of the cycling world. He was not even initially chosen for his team’s roster on the Tour. Feuds between the team’s number one sprinter and management opened up a place at the last second for Cavendish. He took full advantage of the situation. Hence the strong reaction after the first of his stage victories on the Tour this year.

It’s a bit in the same vein as Waynes. With William Jackson leaving for the Washington football team, Waynes now has the chance to take the top spot and live up to the contract he signed a year ago. Hopefully he can show that 4.32 speed this season. And if he has a reaction to the Cavendish, it will be because he helped lead the Bengals to a championship.

The White Jersey (the White Jersey)

The white jersey is awarded to the best rider aged 25 or under. The wearer of this jersey can also be the wearer of the Yellow Jersey. However, for this exercise we will keep the two separate. Thus, the winner of this year’s White Jersey goes to Joe Mixon.

Although he missed a lot of time last year, he is still considered by some to be one of the top ten running backs in the NFL. In 2018 and 2019, he rushed for a total of 2,305 yards and 13 touchdowns. He added a total of 100 receptions for 583 yards and four touchdowns. Sadly, he missed most of the season last year due to injury. However, with a hopefully improved offensive line and good health, many are expecting a rebounding season.

The polka dot jersey (the polka dot jersey)

The polka dot jersey is also known as the King of the Mountains jersey. It is awarded to the “Best climber”. Who is the best climber is determined by who has accumulated the most points on top of the mountains during the three weeks of the bike race?

King of the Mountains conjures up images of a “grown-up” person. The reality, however, is that the polka dot jersey is generally won by a lighter runner who can climb better while carrying less weight than other runners.

But it’s football, so we’re going to award this jersey using the king of the mountains moniker. So this year’s polka dot jersey has to go to DJ Reader. He is the heaviest member of the Cincinnati Bengals as he weighs 347 pounds. The team count on him to be a still mountain in the middle of a Bengals’ defensive line looking to improve against the run as well as the pass.

That’s all for the jerseys distributed at the Tour de France. However, two other distinctions are awarded at the end of the race.

Team ranking

The Team classification category is awarded to the best team in the general classification. This is celebrated less than all of the jersey winners, but it remains highly coveted. In this case, the Bengals who would show the white numbers with the yellow border on the back of their kits would be the special teams unit. Darrin Simmons’ unit ranked first in DVOA in 2019 and ninth in 2020 according to Football Outsiders.

Simmons, the special teams coach, has been in the job since 2003. This year he got a small promotion to assistant head coach. Something that could come into play if the Bengals start slowly this season. He spent the majority of his tenure at the Bengals with the same punter and long snapper, Kevin Huber and Clark Harris. The two joined the Bengals and 2009 and have maintained their respective positions ever since.

Along with Huber is Brandon Wilson, an exciting kick returner who makes fans and opposing teams hold their breath every time he returns a kickoff.

On top of all that, the Bengals drafted the first picker selected in this year’s fifth round draft, Evan McPherson. When you draft a kicker in the fifth round, you have to expect good things from him.

The price of fighting spirit

Finally, the Prize for Combativeness is awarded to the most “aggressive” or “combative” rider on the Tour, which is a subjective prize determined by a jury. For the 2021 season, the Cincinnati Bengals’ version of that accolade will go to fifth draft pick Ja’Marr Chase. Yes, we all expect his aggressive tackle-ball style play to continue in the NFL. However, this is mainly for his attitude and the way he plans to attack the season.

The young receiver is definitely not lacking in confidence. He has said on several occasions that he is the best wide receiver in the draft. After being drafted by the Bengals, he let everyone know that he plans to break all of the team’s records. It’s aggressive. Hope he is right.

There it is. Your winners of the 2021 Tour de France jersey, Cincinnati Bengals edition. Now we can sit back and enjoy the next two weeks of bike racing across France. Until next time, goodbye.

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Fashion Scholarship Fund Winners | U Daily

Emma Davis, from Ellicott City, Maryland, has chosen to highlight the importance of mental health and suicide prevention initiatives by creating a fictional collection of sportswear for sale through Kohl’s in partnership with Under Armor.

“I chose the sportswear industry because your overall health isn’t just your physical health, it’s also a combination of your mental health,” Davis said.

With purple and teal as the dominant color patterns in his proposed hobby line (a nod to the coloring of the suicide prevention tape), Davis’s plan also included in-store ties such as workshops, yoga sessions and interactive activities to raise awareness about mental health.

“Fashion can be used and applied in so many different ways, just like it can bring people together in so many ways,” said Davis.

Shaffer said participating in the competition requires extra time.

“Students really had to balance their classes, online learning, and that engagement at the same time,” Shaffer said. “For Meera, Sabrina and Emma, ​​the hard work and Zoom calls have certainly paid off.”

Each of the students cited Shaffer’s role as faculty mentor as a key piece of the puzzle when it came to their success. They also stressed the importance of the hands-on approach that the Department of Fashion and Clothing Studies advocates in the classroom.

“As a fashion merchandising specialization, a lot of our academic work is project-based, but it literally took what we had learned in the classroom and applied it from start to finish,” Davis said. “We had to ask ourselves: how am I going to make this product, market it and execute it? In the future, I know that this experience will make us excellent candidates for our entry into the job market.

Connections and contacts

“Not only do students get a scholarship, but becoming part of the FSF family really opens up a lot of doors for them,” said Shaffer, who advises UD students interested in entering the organization’s case study competition. .

Lee is one of many UD students who have benefited from the networking and mentoring opportunities available to competing students and winners. Through his relationship with the FSF, Lee secured an internship with Ross Stores in the summer of 2020 and a full-time position as a Site Planning Analyst after graduation.

“Each year, the organization hosts a gala to celebrate the scholarship winners,” Lee said. “What was really exciting was that last year I met Ross Stores CEO Barbara Rentler herself which is really cool. It’s something I never thought I could do just by participating in an extracurricular activity.

Lee also benefited from the organization’s mentoring program, which matched her with a professional fashion industry buyer.

“In addition to the networking aspect, programs like this help you bond with people that will last a lifetime,” Lee said of his experience.

Davis said, “It’s not winning the scholarship and that’s it. You really are in this community for the long haul.

Department of Fashion and Clothing Studies

the Department of Fashion and Clothing Studies at UD is recognized for its rigorous undergraduate programs in fashion design and product innovation, fashion merchandising and management, internationally renowned graduate program, award-winning professional and academic training programs. The department’s strengths in cutting-edge technology, global experiences, industrial relations and mentoring are complemented by its significant collaborations within the University of Delaware, with international institutions and in the fashion and clothing industries. the manufacture of textiles.

Fashion scholarship fund

As the oldest and largest non-profit education and workforce development organization in the country, the Fashion scholarship fund supports the careers of the country’s most promising fashion students from all walks of life. It awards more than $ 1.2 million in scholarships annually to help students succeed in all areas of the industry: design, merchandising, analysis, retail, technology and supply chain. UD students interested in participating in the 2021 Fashion Scholarship Fund case study are encouraged to contact Brenda Shaffer.

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Fashion style

Celebrity style: From Shraddha Kapoor to Malaika Arora, joggers are the new favorite

The pandemic has dramatically changed the perception of fashion, placing more emphasis than ever on comfort. Looks like Bollywood celebrities are following suit, as joggers seem to be the preferred clothing choice for some. Recently, Shraddha Kapoor and Malaika Arora were spotted there.

Shraddha was seen looking lovely in a pair of printed joggers from designer Payal Singhal’s “The New Normal” collection. the Street The actress kept the look simple and casual as she completed it with a mask and left her hair loose.

Styled with basic Kolhapuri chappals and a white handbag, the look was just perfect for summers.

Check out the photos below:

Malaika Arora was also seen upgrading her fashion game in a Masaba Gupta top and matching jogging set. The comfy outfit featured the designer’s branded prints as Malaika complemented it with a pair of white sneakers. The look was pulled together with hair neatly tied back.

Speaking to earlier, Singhal shared that fashion will become more democratic in 2021. “The average fashion consumer will become very conscious of their consumption, thus basing their decisions on the two pillars of versatility and quality. . We will see them favor both maximalism and minimalism, but not in the conventional sense. So on the one hand, there will be an affinity for high impact pieces to fight against the low-key year we just had. They will want to dress up to feel good. They’ll want fun colors that symbolize hope – for example, Pantone’s color for 2021 that lights up yellow, ”she said.

She added, “The mood will continue this year with a sustained demand for easy, hassle-free pieces that can be styled in a number of ways. 2019 was all about sparkling silhouettes, then came 2020, which we spent heavily on pajamas and kaftans. So in 2021 we will take a small step back in the real world. “

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