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Meet the founder of cult jewelry brand Missoma, Marisa Hordern

It is this genuine desire to create something different for the market that has seen Missoma act as a pioneer in the category. It was one of the first brands to embrace influencer collaborations, bringing tastemaker Lucy Williams into the fold eight years ago. Williams’ editions of simple but remarkable coins have been the core of Missoma’s business (and I say this as someone who has purchased countless gold crescents and Roman coin necklaces for the anniversary of ‘friends and big occasions), with people always eager to buy it first collection today.

Longevity and authenticity are obviously a big part of success. “Who has that kind of relationship with a brand?” Hordern asks. “We were together talking about new designs and we’re both still as excited as we were when we first met around my kitchen table with sand and seashells and ideas of what we wanted to create.”

Now, this focal point of the jewelry industry is booming, with many other brands offering a version of the Missoma aesthetic. Thin necklaces layered with mismatched pendants, a series of chubby hoops climbing up to the ear, stacks of vintage-inspired bracelets and rings. However, it is Hordern’s vision for the future and the people she chooses to work with that are driving the brand forward. Collaborators like Harris Reed, who worked with Missoma just at the tipping point of her stratospheric rise to fashion stardom, on a stellar collection of pieces that looked incredibly like Missoma, but were also unmistakably Harris Reed.

Hazel J. Edmonds

The author Hazel J. Edmonds