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Luxury fashion brand RooomXIX urges the fashion community to ‘own your story’ in new TV commercial.

Understanding who you are and what you believe in is essential to making your story your own. It means focusing on yourself and ignoring the naysayers. That was the idea behind the new TV commercial titled “Make your story your own”. It means expressing yourself through your dress sense. Even if those who don’t understand insult you, paint pictures and tell your story with your outfit. RooomXIX supports your taste for urban streetwear.

It has been said that what we wear impacts our psychology, brain, and lifestyle in general, so it’s crucial to do and wear what makes you feel special. Being stylish involves more than just following the latest fashion trends, it also involves a sense of self-expression. And that’s what RooomXIX is.

Rooomxix recognizes who you are and curates outfits that match your streetwear cravings. The brand believes that wearing what you feel is appropriate because you demonstrate self-awareness, understanding and expression of your fashion alter ego.

There is a style for everyone. So choose what identifies you rather than what others prefer. Dare to be different. You are more daring than you think, accept and display your personal flair. Roomxix has all the street wear you need to stand out.

“Own your story. Create your story with what you wear, be intentionally unique with the way you dress. Dress appropriately for your story, be proud of it, and stand tall. What you believe in automatically gives you strength, it doesn’t matter what someone says or thinks as long as it’s your story. Own!”

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