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Lucas Bravo embraces “Emily in Paris” skeptics


Gen X had Carrie and Big. Gen Z has Emily and Gabriel. Just ask Lucas Bravo, a lawyer Sex and the city fan who also directs Emilie in Paris as US holder very French love interest. “Of course, it’s more modern because it’s 20 years later,” said the 33-year-old from Nice about Emilie, now in its second season and who, as SATC, was created by Darren Star. “But it was a little difficult because it could have been easy to be hated.” Fans of Netflix’s surprise hit certainly don’t think that way about Bravo, unless they have something against bilingual chefs with perfect bone structure. Casting agents don’t get him back either for a succession of projects that put the actor in front of everyone from Julia Roberts to Borat Oscar nominee Maria Bakalova.

Shirt by Budd London. Photographed at the Hotel du Louvre, Paris.


HIS FATHER’S PROFESSIONAL Football career has often uprooted Bravo’s family, moving them to a new town on the French Riviera or Italy every two years. Bravo, the “emotional” of four siblings, saw the acting class as “the first time I felt comfortable. It was an emergency at first, then it became a passion.

AFTER A BRIEF A stint in law school, a chance visit to Los Angeles rekindled his on-screen ambitions. Previous restaurant experience also helped him mark the role of Gabriel, a talented chef. Her culinary stuntman has a lot of waiting, says Bravo; he likes to show his own knife skills when he can.

Sweater by Brunello Cucinelli; briefs by CDLP; socks by Pantherella; necklace by David Yurman; bracelet by Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello.


SPEAKING OF Gender and city, Bravo admits he’s a Samantha. “I mean, Kim Cattrall…. You go on the set, you undress and you make it funny! She went 200%! “

HE UNDERSTANDS Emilie skeptics, especially those who are true Parisians. “I think that’s the charm of the French: they’re never happy with anything. But ultimately, he is empowered by people who tell him that the show transported them to France despite the pandemic.


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