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Is Wario a fashion icon? We asked an expert

Here’s the thing with Wario’s style: Whether you like it or not, you have to respect it. The dude knows how to choose a signature look, and he’s dedicated his life to that look. His existence has always been in contrast to Mario, which is frankly unfair. Yes, her signature look is just a color variant of Mario’s plumber’s uniform, but the guy has passed the stage of inverted Mario and has become a style icon in his own right.

Over the years, Wario has become a fashion trendsetter for Nintendo franchises. People started to recognize Wario for his looks recently when he debuted his golf outfit in Mario golf, but he’s actually been bringing it for a while. To prove it, I asked a fashion expert to help me analyze Wario’s looks. Peter Nguyen is a private personal stylist in New York City who specializes in helping men with “really look good” tech, as he puts it on his website. He runs a blog and newsletter alongside his private styling department as a business called The Essential Man. Because Wario is, after all, an essential man, I thought there was no better expert to help break Wario’s fashion.

The original Wario

Image: Nintendo

You know Wario’s original outfit. This is the most iconic: purple overalls, a yellow t-shirt and hat, green shoes and white gloves. Of course, there’s also Wario’s purple W, which is a different shade than his overalls. Under his big red nose, Wario also sports a devious mustache. In this outfit we get the clearest representation of Wario’s personal style.

“Wario is only consistent, and that consistency is good for his fashion,” Nguyen said. “Choosing a signature color is a great way to bring consistency to looks. My signature color is brown, which I like to wear in the form of sweaters, socks and small things like bracelets.

However, Nguyen immediately noticed that Wario has some variation in his classic look: short sleeves, for example – a sign that, perhaps, Wario wants to look more intimidating by showing off those huge guns. One point for Wario. But where he loses that point is in his shoes.

“Mario and Luigi chose smarter shoes with brown,” Nguyen said. “Wario’s green shoes really compete with its intense signature colors. “

Golf Wario

Wario on a podium

Image: Nintendo

Wario’s outfit in Mario golf is one that you just can’t ignore. And no one did. This is one of the first major cases where people started to recognize Wario as a fashion icon. Building on his classic outfit, Wario wears a yellow polo shirt with purple accents, paired with a stunning pair of yellow and purple patterned golf pants. For accessories, he always has the green shoes, plus a cowboy hat.

That’s a lot, and it works. “I like that Wario dresses appropriately for the occasion,” said Nguyen. “Waluigi, on the other hand, is completely overdressed with a suit waistcoat and pants.”

He continued:

“Polo shirts are commonplace on the golf course, and Wario achieves this by wearing one in his iconic colors,” said Nguyen. “While diamond check pants are hilarious, there is actually a golf brand that makes diamond patterned golf pants. A hat is a great idea on the course for protection from the sun, and I appreciate it. the fact that Wario went strong with the western details with the hat and the buckle. And if you look closely you will notice that Wario’s shoes have spikes! which means they are designed for the golf course!

Wario man

wario man holding garlic and wearing purple cape

Image: Nintendo

It’s almost unfair to me to put Wario Man on this list because he is Wario’s worst outfit. You can’t deny it. But, again, it’s iconic. And I needed to know what a pro mode expert thought.

“When I think of Wario, I think more of yellow than purple, the same way we identify Mario and Luigi by the colors of their hats,” Nguyen said. “Wario has the right idea when it comes to dressing monochromatically by varying shades of purple. But I think this costume is a bit flat and would be stronger with more yellow.

In Wario’s failure here, you can learn something about dressing in a more elegant way. Nguyen said that you can make your outfits less flat if you use pops of color, like yellow. As a non-expert currently wearing a stained NASA T-shirt, I have to say that I would like a (unstained) T-shirt with a yellow garlic pattern.

Biker Wario

an image of Wario in Super Smash Bros.  he stands and flashes a peace sign but with three fingers up?  I don't know, it's funny.

Image: Nintendo

I’ll start off by saying that I’ve absolutely worn this outfit before, probably without the helmet, gloves, and goggles. He’s totally my style, so I’m biased towards him. Here, Wario has a cropped denim vest, a darker purple t-shirt, and pink pants. It is, quite simply, very good. Nguyen thinks so too, which means that I can also be proud to be a fashion icon.

“The cut denim vest, hot pink jeans and orange belt are bold choices,” Nguyen said. “These are items that few people would wear, let alone pair. Wario isn’t someone who tries to keep a low profile, he wants to be seen.

Nguyen pointed out that Wario has kept his signature colors for the gloves and helmet, which is a far cry from his typical choices. “His gloves and helmet are the only pieces in his iconic color, but it really helps to understand that this is a Wario look without going overboard,” Nguyen said. “When it comes to your signature colors, less is more. You don’t need a full suit when a pair of socks (or gloves) will do.

Cowboy Wario

wario and his friends on a scooter

Image: Nintendo

by Wario Mario golf outfit has a nod to cowboy culture, but in Mario kart To visit, Wario relies on Western aesthetics. In my opinion, it would be easy for Wario to make it look like he’s wearing a suit with this look, but, because he’s a fashion icon, he pulls it off. It is a look that it is thought In regards to. As Nguyen said, it’s * the chef’s kiss *.

“The yellow plaid and the purple scarf,” Nguyen said. “The cowboy hat, the suede waistcoat, the denim jeans, the ankle boots with spurs!” Wario could have done too much by opting for a yellow hat and purple jeans, but he made a smart move by keeping the hat, vest, jeans and boots in classic colors.

Want to dress like Wario? Here is a tip.

“I always tell my clients to think of their outfit like pizza,” Nguyen said. “A classic outfit is your staple, like cheese pizza. Then you can add some “toppings”, ie trendy or signature pieces, to make it more personal. “

Hiker Wario

wario hiker wearing a beanie

Image: Nintendo

Again, Wario thought about his outfits in Mario Kart Tour. Like the biker outfit, I’ve worn it before. The good news for me is that Nguyen, our style expert, thinks it’s a good one. Two points for me!

“I think this is Wario’s most wearable and strongest look,” Nguyen said. “It is extremely functional with the hat, vest and lined hiking boots. I love the patterned sweater under the cardigan for extra warmth and a hint of its signature color. I literally have no rating on this one! “

Do you want to be cool like me and Wario? “Don’t think that you have to go for something boring like black or gray when looking for more functional clothes,” Nguyen suggested. “You can find functional pieces that match your personality. “

Wario at the Olympics

wario and waluigi in tennis outfit

Image: Sega Sports R & D / Sega

Wario has no nipples. We found out when he went shirtless in Mario and Sonic at the Tokyo Olympics. It was a shocking find, but it wasn’t the only information we could glean about Wario in this game. Wario has a number of different outfits during the Olympics, but the ones I chose for input from Nguyen are Wario’s equestrian suit and tennis cup. They’re pretty basic compared to the others on this list, which is surprising. But Nguyen said that these looks to do, indeed, say something about Wario.

“I would say these are the simplest and most anticipated outfits for Wario,” Nguyen said. “He wears appropriate golf and riding clothes. The equestrian outfit isn’t even in her signature colors (other than the addition of her hat), which can be a bit of a shock but illustrates a good point.

wario on a horse, celebrating

Image: Sega

He continued, “Sometimes the best style choice is not to try to stand out or be creative, but to stay classic. For example, black tie events where a black tuxedo is expected. I’m not a huge fan of the creative tuxedos you sometimes see at the Oscars. Wario donning these uniforms tells me that despite his quirky style, Wario knows when to stick to the rules of style and stay classic.

Unfortunately, I forgot to ask Nguyen if he had any thoughts about Wario’s lack of nipples.

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