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Indian brand, Iki Chic offers clothes that give women dignity

Amidst the desire to wear the hottest fashion, everyone is looking for comfortable clothes that are just as beautiful to make a statement. Especially women when it comes to clothing brands, look for comfortable yet stylish clothes for walking. Iki Chic is one of those brands that brings out the best in the clothing business, preparing items for women, by women themselves.

Giving new age Indian women the chance to show off their vibrancy with a variety of high street fashion choices, Iki Chic made her label standout with safari prints, gathered patterns, a range of denim, t-shirts and new age tops, jumpsuits and to pack things up, rompers.

To make their customers look at the collection with big eyes, the clothing brand has enlivened its collection by liberal bohemian development and tackles common patterns of the bohemian world in the field of design. They have shipped their select assortment of resort clothing accessible on their website

CEO of Iki Chic, Additti Jain, a commendable fashion fiesta, said, “It’s liberating for me to work to revamp the atmosphere of fashion for women. I have a team of equally empowered women who strive every day to make a difference, even if only through their fashion statements.

Additti Jain has partnered with renowned ecommerce websites such as Myntra, Amazon Prime, and Flipkart. They have carved out a niche in the industry and are reaching people across oceans while emerging as a new fashion destination to pack stellar international looks.

Offering the best clothes with the right dose of Western flair, Iki Chic keeps an Indian touch to their dresses. Each fashion selection at Iki Chic is optimal to wear according to the desired occasion. It’s the brand that puts a smile on the faces of its 20.5,000+ followers while keeping its customers happy and satisfied. Providing exact detail and the best hand-picked texture to meet today’s style needs, the Delhi bootstrap clothing brand is crafted and declared by Absolute Panache’s way of thinking, which is idealistic and exquisite.

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