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I tried Claudia Schiffer’s 90s slip-on dresses collection x Realization By

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Schiffer was one of the original five members of The Supers, a model group that also included Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Helena Christiensen and Christy Turlington. Their fame and impact cannot be overstated, the concept of the mannequin coined to describe their unparalleled influence. Suffice to say that Schiffer’s partnership with Realization Par to relaunch the biggest trends of the time is a big problem.

Realization By, the Australian label behind massively viral products, including the original leopard-print skirt with its own Instagram account, brought in Schiffer to co-design a 13-piece collection called SUPER REAL. The line pays homage to the often worn styles of Schiffer’s youth, including slip-on dresses, off-the-shoulder maxi and bodycon skirts cut in bias, as well as a few cheeky t-shirts with iconic images of the model herself. of the decade.

The alluring clothes promise to bring the wearer back to 1995, at the Tunnel Club in New York City, where Boy George court and hits from Donna Summer and Madonna fill the air. Just slip into one of her sexy dresses and you’re practically kissing Karl Lagerfeld, champagne flute in one hand, unwanted Capri cigarette in the other.

But the question remained, could a ’90s baby like me (and I mean 0-10 over the decade) actually be able to experience the era through their outfits? I took the Clémentine, a floor-length babydoll dress covered in devoured velvet flowers, for a night out on the town to see if the textile time machine was everything I imagined it to be.

The short answer is just the cherub emoji followed by the heart eye emoji followed by the sweaty and overheated emoji.

Out of the box, I wondered if it would be too easy for me to muster the courage to leave the house. Transparency is kinda the point, so I was happy when I finally saw myself in the mirror that its transparency actually plays a big trick where it’s seemingly transparent in chunks – a flash of skin here, a blurry outline of a bra strap there – but impossible to really see anything you don’t want to see through the material.

If the fabric plays with its sophisticated illusions, the cut of the dress is just as clever. I usually wear between a US 2 and a 4, so I chose a size S. The diagonal drape allowed it to follow the lines of my body without being too tight in one place. Boxy isn’t a word in the vocabulary of this garment, but the drama is: I’m 5’5 “and the hem of the dress has tucked in slightly around my feet in one-inch heels.

Between the shiny fabric and the fit choices, my confidence was astronomical. I wore the Clementine to a pop-up dinner followed by a rooftop party, gently lifting a small handle of the dress by the thigh every time I moved (princess demeanor if there was any) for the keep off the ground. At the end of the night, if I had been a 90s model, I would have had my limo driver come and get me or at least call a cab. But it’s 2021, so I put on my mask and called an Uber.

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