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I found the only article that makes me more French than the French

Then blow me, I stumbled upon an actual version of this in the newly renovated, impossibly shiny and impossibly huge Dior store in Paris. Not that exact jacket, you understand, but the one that costs around £3,000 more, but with the same wide navy and cream horizontal stripes, peplum and streamlined torso. I thought it would have been rude not to try it. That’s when I established that a striped jacket doesn’t have to be limiting.

Personally, I’d only wear stripes with plain pants and t-shirts, but more adventurous dressers could pull off a great wedding between her and the flowers, throw on fishnet pop socks, and top it all off with aviators and a beret. . Very Gucci.

I didn’t really feel it for the Dior award. But lesson learned: with a cinched waist, a striped jacket can deliver a well-defined silhouette just as effectively as a dark solid-colored jacket. And it looks fresh and spring with a maxi skirt, pants or jeans in navy or cream. I would also wear it with a metallic top or dangling earrings in the evening. Listen to me, count the ways to justify £3,000…

Except I didn’t. I came back to London, found my virtual basket on and lived happily ever after. I also discovered that while there is only one striped knit jacket similar to the Dior (i.e. the one I’m wearing here), there are a number of plain knit jackets affordable, from the crochet look of Wyse to the sporty zipper of Cos. Think French, act reasonably.

Five of my favorite purchases

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