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Here are 7 K-pop idols setting major fashion trends

Fashion and K-pop go hand in hand these days! With many K-pop idols working with and becoming faces for global fashion brands, the industry influencing major fashion trends was inevitable.

While many have set trends within the community, there are only a few K-pop idols who have set trends outside. Here’s a look at some K-pop idols who became fashion designers.

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Blackpinks Jennie busts out her fall fashion with a stylish brown fur jacket worth Rs 92,000

Blackpink’s Jennie shows off her fall fashion with a stylish brown fur jacket worth Rs. 92,000

Blackpink’s Jenny – Hairpins

The trailblazer of all trailblazers, Jennie has made everything she wears a trend. From her tweed outfits to the risque look below the boobs, the Blackpink member truly lives up to her global star status “IT girl. One of her most popular trends has to be the sparkly hairpins she wore during her Solo specials. With Jennie popularizing the accessory, they began to be called ‘Jennie pins’ instead of hairpins.

Blackpink39s Jennie - Hairpins
Jennie from Blackpink – Hairpins

EXOit is Kai – Crop tops

While Kai’s crop top look initially received mixed reactions, it later became a huge trend among idols and fans alike. Although the EXO member isn’t the first male idol to sport a crop top, he’s definitely the one who popularized it with TXT’s Yeonjun, AB6IX’s Woong and others following suit.

EXO39s Kai - Crop Tops
EXO Kai – Cropped Tops

stray kidshyunjin – Wolf Cut

Can you imagine that your hair is trending all over the news? This is the impact Stray Kids member Hyunjin had when he debuted his long blonde hair. Although he’s not the first idol to have long hair, with SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan, NU’EST’s Ren, and many others having already done so, Hyunjin has definitely popularized the look. nicknamed the ‘Hyunjin cut,’ the wolf cut has become a trend not only among social media idols and influencers, but also the general public.

Stray Kids39 Hyunjin - wolf cup
Stray Kids Hyunjin – Wolf Cup

f(x) Krystal – Tennis Skirts

While tennis skirts might be a big trend right now, did you know f(x)’s Krystal was the one who popularized it? Wear the skirt during girl group Rum Pum Pum Pum promotions, Krystal caught the attention of netizens. In fact, the trend left such a lasting impression that many K-pop idols still wear these skirts today.

fx39s Krystal Tennis Skirt
f(x)’s Krystal Tennis Skirt

EXO Baekhyun – Face chains

Every K-pop fan knows that when it comes to fashion, Baekhyun is a key trendsetter. Never shy about trying different looks, the EXO member made face chains trendy. Wear them during EXO Obsession promotions, the singer revealed that it was his personal idea to try out the prop for the group’s concept. Other idols such as Stray Kids’ Bang Chan and Kim Woseok were quick to adopt him.

EXO39s Baekhyun - Facial Chains
EXO’s Baekhyun – Face Chains

BTSV – Two-tone hair

The BTS V member’s two-tone hair definitely surprised fans, but they knew it would become a major trend. And they weren’t wrong! From NCT’s Taeyong to ATEEZ’s Hongjoong, many idols have rocked the two-tone hair look with varying colors.

BTS39 V - Two Tone Hair
BTS’ V – Two Tone Hair

chungha – Glitter makeup

Chungha’s glitter makeup still has a hold on the K-pop community! Don this look during her I leave you and Snap eras, the soloist has certainly set an enduring makeup trend.

Chungha - Glitter Makeup
Chungha – Glitter Makeup

So which of these trends was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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