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French Heritage Society launches its 40th anniversary season in philanthropic style

Celebrates 40 yearse Anniversary in 2022, French Heritage Society will celebrate its pivotal year this fall on both sides of the Atlantic with a 40e Anniversary gala.

This year’s gala took place at the Petit Palais in Paris on October 15e and “Gilded Age Gala” at a private club in Manhattan on November 17e2022.

FHS kicked off its busy fall gala season with festive cocktails on two consecutive Thursday evenings in September, one graciously hosted by FHS board member and Gilded Age Gala winner Jean Shafiroff, and the another by Young Patrons Circle Co-Chair Blake Funston.

September 15e, The circle of young patrons of the French Heritage Society enjoyed an “end of summer swing” in the charming house of YPC co-presidents, Blake Funston and Rufus Funston.

With perfect fall weather and live jazz provided by Michael Arenella and his Dreamland Orchestra, the atmosphere was warm and festive as guests streamed into the garden. The champagne was provided by GH Mumm, and the Provençal rosé and chardonnay by Maison Lorgeril.

Featured guests include: CeCe Black, FHS Events Chair, Rosann Gutman, FHS Board Member, and Johnsonie Casimyr, YPC Co-Chair.

Also present: Elena Ayot, Charles Burdick, Jonathan Doucette, Allison Ecung, Sophie Evekink, Valentin Goux, Valerie Lettan, Erin Malone, Lansing Moore, Christina Bott Murphy, Alexandra Nicklas, Andres Perea-Garzon, Tara Tunney, William Rutledge, among others .

Thursday, September 22n/a2022, FHS continued the cocktail festivities at the exquisite home of Jean and Martin Shafiroff.

Remarks were made by the hostess, as well as FHS President Elizabeth Stribling and FHS Events Chair CeCe Black.

Guests were further delighted to see Ms. Shafiroff receive an official proclamation as “First Lady of Philanthropy” from New York State Congresswoman Rebecca Seawright, in recognition of her immense impact as a philanthropist.

Esteemed guests included: FHS Board Members Judy McLaren, Kazie Metzger Harvey and Ann Van Ness. Also present: Afsaneh Akhtari, Paola Bacchini Rosenshein, Susan and Gerald Baker, John Barman, Rosalie Brinton, Candace Bushnell, Liliana Cavendish, Bonnie Comley and Stewart F. Lane, Terry Corbett, Maria Fishel, Lucia Hwong Gordon, Susan Gutfreund, Rolf Heitmeyer , Sylvia Hemingway, David Hochberg, Margo Langenberg, George Ledes, Jonathan LeWinter, Jonn Nubian, Liane Pei, Barbara Schumacher, Hunt Slonem, Guy Robinson, Patricia Silverstein, Victor de Souza, Barbara Tober, Carole Bellidora Westfall, Pamela Wright, among others .

French Heritage Society

Founded in 1982, the French Heritage Society is an American non-profit organization with ten chapters in the United States and one in France.

Its central mission is to ensure that the treasures of our common French architectural and cultural heritage survive to inspire future generations.

Over the past 40 years, FHS has awarded more than 600 restoration scholarships to properties throughout France and the United States and has selected and supported more than 500 university students who have crossed the Atlantic for internships in institutions deemed.

Its Notre Dame Fire Restoration Emergency Fund has raised nearly $2.6 million to date.

Photo credit: 1) Jean Shafiroff, Rebecca Seawright and Elizabeth Stribling. 2) Gloria Lee and Veronica Gonzalez 3) Victor dE Souza and Dustin Lujan. 4) Judy McLaren, Guy Robinson and Helen King. 5) Stewart F. Lane, Bonnie Comley and Lee Black. 6) Barry Rosen, Jonathan LeWinter and Nina Yacavino. 7) Cece Black, Alex Hamer and Sylvia Hemingway. 8) Sergio Nicolosi, Afsaneh Akhtari and Dan Stock. 9) Maria Fishel and Pamela Wright. 10) Jacques Acoca, Patricia Silverstein and Robert Federman.

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