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Fashion police? North Korea bans leather coats to prevent citizens from copying Kim Jong-un style: report, World News

North Korea has reportedly banned leather jackets and trench coats so that ordinary people don’t copy the style of their supreme leader, Kim Jong-un.

Radio Free Asia has reported, citing sources in the country, that North Korean authorities say it is disrespectful to copy the country’s leader’s fashion choices.

Therefore, they crack down on residents wearing trench coats and leather jackets in order to stop cheap knockoffs. The report also says fashion police patrol the streets and confiscate jackets from vendors.

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Leather trench coats became popular in the country in 2019 when Kim appeared on TV donning one. RFA said that initially, genuine leather coats were imported from China and were popular among the wealthy who could afford them.

But soon, local clothing manufacturers began to import faux leather for manufacture in the country, supplying it to customers at relatively lower prices. Demand increased further after another TV appearance by Kim this year.

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“During the military parade to the 8th Party Congress in January this year, the highest dignitaries and all senior officials were also shown wearing leather coats,” the source told RFA.

Kim Jong Un’s sister Kim Yo Jong also wore a leather coat. The source said the style has also become a “symbol for powerful women.” Police in Pyongsong recently started to confiscate coats from vendors and people wearing them in public.


After ordinary people objected to the fact that they bought the coat with their own money, authorities, according to RFA, said that wearing clothes designed to look like Kim Jong Un is an “impure tendency to defy the authority of the highest dignity “.

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