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Fashion brand Lekucci Global unveils Afrocentric collection

A fashion company, Lekucci Global Nigeria Limited, has unveiled its Afrocentric (AC’22) collection.

According to the brand’s Managing Director and Creative Director, Adelekan Mogbodofo, the collection features a combination of traditional fabrics that represent contemporary Africa with a blend of selected pieces of Africa’s paramount art, fabrics and accessories. Africa.

Speaking about what inspired him to design the collection, Mogbodofo said: “Afrocentricity is an idea and a philosophy that gained momentum during the time when black people were colonized without reference to their culture. , their language or their identity.

“African identity and black nationalism are expressed through the wearing of African and African-inspired clothing. Afrocentric collections are cultural products of Nigerians, the black diaspora community and are worn exclusively or incorporated into Western dresses.

Also speaking at the launch of the collection, the company’s Brand Manager, Fadeshola Ojamomi, said, “Fashion is very important. It’s invigorating and like everything that gives pleasure, it’s worth doing well. In order to guarantee our customers a more fashionable look in 2023, we had to introduce the Afrocentric collection. It is a collection that defines who we are as Africans and what we should look like.

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