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Facts About Anna Wintour, The Inspiration Behind The Devil Wears Prada

Honestly, each of these answers carries a grain of truth. But these associations only tell a fraction of the story of this fascinating fashion figure. Not only is Wintour a style icon in her own right, but she’s kept an incredibly low profile despite riding a shotgun on the celebrity roller coaster for decades. His American magazine voguereaches a jaw-dropping 12 million print readers and 1.2 million online visitors per month.

Here are some of the craziest things you’ve ever known about Anna Wintour.

Anna Wintour’s premiere vogue Cover shocked the world

Anna Wintour wouldn’t have a style career if it weren’t for her incredible ability to keep her finger on the pulse of fashion. Think of her as the true oracle of Delphi when it comes to “looks”. His ideas have sometimes proven to be very controversial, too. But that’s okay, because she doesn’t mind making things happen. Take, for example, the first cover she ever dropped as an American vogues chief editor.

Released in November 1988, it features pregnant model Michaela Bercu wearing a black mid-drift sweater with a showy jewel-encrusted crucifix applique, stonewashed Guess jeans, and the slightest hint of a baby bump. She wears very little makeup, has wisps of hair on her face, and smiles so broadly that her eyes seem half-closed.

This candid snap wouldn’t make anyone think twice today, but it sent shockwaves through the industry in 1988. After all, vogue daytime covers were heavy on makeup, jewelry and formality.

The magazine’s printers were so amazed that they called and asked sternly, “Was there a mistake? Despite the explicit criticism, Wintour held firm. In a recent issue of vogue commemorating the magazine’s 120th anniversary, she explained, “I had just looked at this photo and felt the winds of change.”

Anna Wintour is a high school dropout

At 15, Anna Wintour rocked the iconic chin-length bob that she still sports today. And she created her own apartment within her family home by transforming the servants’ quarters into a living space. This gave her the freedom to live independently until her mid-teens. Perhaps it also demonstrated a rebellious streak when it came to following arbitrary rules and the whims of authority figures.

In 1966, at the age of 18, this “series” came into full force in his relationship with a new headmistress at North London Collegiate School. After learning that Wintour sported a shorter hemline than the school allowed, the principal decided to make an example of her and ripped the hemline off Wintour’s skirt as punishment. This proved to be the final straw for Wintour, and she dropped out of school soon after.

Wintour described this period of his life as a very fragile start to his career, according to The Guardian. But she also credits her rise through the ranks of the fashion world to her geographic location. “I know now that this would never have happened in the United States, because one of the big differences between American and British journalism is the expectation of qualification.” (It also probably helped that his father, Charles Wintour, was the editor of the London Evening Standard.)

His annual clothing allowance could pay off your mortgage

According to New York magazine, Wintour reportedly received a salary of $2 million in 2011, and we can only imagine how much that has grown over the past eleven years. Plus, she’s now the artistic director of Condé Nast, which likely came with a significant pay raise or two (via the Independent). But that’s only part of his well-paying job.

Wintour also receives a clothing allowance of vogue that’s higher than its employees’ salaries and could significantly reduce your mortgage. According to Business Insider, the vogue the editor receives $200,000 a year to stay impeccably fashionable.

To give you some perspective, consider Condé Nast’s next highest-paid employee: A creative director earns a whopping $163,333 a year, as Who What Wear reports. Ultimately, Wintour is valued at $35 million.

Anna Wintour

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She went crazy for Bob Marley

In 2005, Jerry Oppenheimer wrote Wintour’s biography, including amusing and surprising details about his private life. Title Front Row: What Lies Beneath the Vogue Editor-in-Chief’s Chic Facadethe book claims to delve behind the cool-chic facade that Wintour has cultivated over the years.

For example, Oppenheimer describes her enthusiastic adoration of Bob Marley, which motivated her to get a pass to hang out with him and the Wailers night after night during the artists’ week-long stay in Manhattan during their tour. .

According to sources close to Wintour, she treated Marley with a reverence bordering on profanity. “Anna met God. . . I don’t think anything moved her as much as Bob Marley. Rumor has it that she even hung out with Marley and her crew after the shows.

That said, Wintour has never been a drinker, and she’s also been adamant that nothing romantic happened between her and the iconic performer. So the nights spent hanging out together turned out to be relatively sweet.

Not just a devil dressed in Prada

It looks like Wintour walked away with part of Marley’s life philosophy. Despite its self-imposed cold plating, which The devil wears Prada didn’t help, rumor has it she has a soft side. In an interview with teen vogue, her daughter Bee Shaffer said, “I know she is the most generous person you will ever meet. It’s crazy. She always puts everyone before herself.

Between warm praise from her daughter and stories about Marley, Anna Wintour’s Ice Queen exterior quickly melts away, and we’re left with a portrait of a delightfully complex woman wearing Prada.

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