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Ex-hawker enters the fashion world with a 100% local brand

Johannesburg – Local indeed becomes lekker while a local fashion brand reaches the general public.

Shosholoza, the name derived from a folk song made popular by miners and which is virtually South Africa’s second national anthem, will begin selling in Jet Stores nationwide.

The man behind the name, George Moyo, who registered it as a trademark in 1990, is beaming with enthusiasm at this milestone.

George Moyo registered Shosholoza as a trademark in 1990.

Growing up in Alexandra, north of Joburg, Moyo made a living selling clothes.

Seeing your fashion brand selling in a renowned clothing store like Jet is a far cry from the hard life hawking clothes in Park Station, as Joburg Station is well known.

Her skills in the informal business sector were honed at the feet of masters in the trade, like the late Marina Maponya.

Moyo has a very colorful resume, including stints at Premier Foods and the late Johnnic Entertainment, among a lot of feathers in his cap.

But he always wanted to be his own man, devoting more than 30 years of his life to business projects.

He is perhaps best known for his work in the ANC’s Marketing and Branding Division.

Shortly after the annulment of the ANC, Moyo was made responsible for the design, branding and distribution of the party’s election merchandise in 1994.

Later, he would make a name for himself by helping the late President Nelson Mandela file trademarks and patents to protect the latter’s image.

A very modest man, Moyo finds it hard to admit: “I also learned skills in manufacturing, distribution and retail during this time. I made textile products such as T-shirts and banners for mass democratic movement organizations.

The highlight of his career in the merchandise industry was when he participated in the production of “Ready to Govern” and the 1994 ANC Election Merchandise for the first South African Democratic Elections of 1994, Moyo says.

It was then that the idea of ​​creating a brand for Shosholoza came to him, Moyo says.

Since the launch of Shosholoza in 1996, the brand has gained approval and won awards in safety and high performance products, with rubber boot and overalls products becoming success in the list of competitors with an imprint. in southern Africa, Australia and New Zealand, Moyo says. .

The clothing brand is now returning to the Jet Stores scene.

“As a young man, I’ve always been interested in business and had a passion for fashion,” he says, speaking the language that is undoubtedly the music of the costume era at Jet. .

Moyo says, “Shosholoza was created to be our country’s number one lifestyle brand, empowering all who wear it with the belief that we are building a new nation and a new heritage.

Justine Fagan, Executive Purchasing Director: Jet Menswear says: “Our values ​​and George’s are so aligned that it was obvious to choose Shosholoza.

The values ​​in question are Moyo’s passion for the people of South Africa and for building the country’s economy.

“Every fabric we have used, from head to toe, from hats to shoes, is 100% locally sourced. Our values ​​of creating jobs for local populations are the engine that guided us here.

The Shosholoza clothing line launched on Friday, but “full stock retention will be available from August 27,” Fagan said.

Of the 426 stores in the Jet Stores family, Shosholoza will initially be available in 60 stores across the country, Fagan adds.

Fagan adds that the collaboration with Moyo had them “tears in their eyes” during the presentation because the two were so compatible with their vision.

Fagan says Shosholoza is a premium brand that will sell for “a very good price.”

It seems there is only one way forward for this partnership – and it’s over!

“I’m so excited that the product is hitting the stores and seeing the customer response is going to be amazing,” Moyo says.

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