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Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid and Kim Kardashian dazzle at a fashion show in Paris

Balenciaga’s Couture Fall 2022 show took Paris by storm when veteran runway stars Naomi Campbell and Bella Hadid were joined by Dua Lipa and Kim Kardashian.

The runway was set ablaze on Wednesday by the dramatic looks Demna Gvasalia debuted at the Balenciaga haute couture show as she opened her 51st show. The show opened with the models completely covered from head to toe in black neoprene, their faces completely concealed by their reflective face shields. It wasn’t long before the models’ faces were revealed, and they took the show by storm with their daring Balenciaga fashion.

Twenty-six-year-old music sensation Dua Lipa wore a jaw-dropping lemon yellow mini dress with a massive train. She wore opaque tights and very pointy high heels as she stared out at the crowd and strutted around like she was a model with years of experience. Her confidence stood out as dramatically as her cat-eye eyeliner and perfectly styled hair.

Bella Hadid barely made it to the show in time after losing her passport, according to her Instagram account. Despite the stress that accompanied the day, she was always so irreproachable for her parade. Hadid dominated with her exquisite poise and innate ability to transform in unique ways for each designer, blending seamlessly into a fashion designer‘s dream. Hadid wore full-length black evening gloves with her green dress. The dress featured a corset at the top, then flowed naturally from the hips down. An adorable decorative bow added a touch of femininity to her outfit. (RELATED: Nicole Kidman’s Dramatic Runway Stroll Draws Attention At Balenciaga Fashion Show)

Kim Kardashian showed off her slim figure by sneaking into an all-black number that also included black evening gloves and black heels. The darling cut accentuated Kardashian’s curves and was a nod to the bond of friendship she shares with Balenciaga. She took her turn on the catwalk seriously and showcased her best parade skills while being surrounded by true modeling icons.

Naomi Campbell turned heads in a black Tudor-style dress with an oversized collar and boldly designed skirt.

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