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Delhi-based entrepreneurs create maternity clothes with motherly love – the New Indian Express

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Delhi entrepreneurs Mitali and Samir Sood wanted to start their own business, but didn’t know what. The couple had a eureka moment while exploring a mall, when they realized that quality maternity clothes, which can be worn during pregnancy and the postpartum period, are hard to find in the Indian market.

“We wanted to launch a brand that would respond to the changing mindset of Indian women as well as their weak points. Many moms said they are looking for maternity clothes that can be worn after childbirth that mimics western maternity styles. There was a strong motivation for women to embrace their maternity curves and not hide behind tent-shaped clothing, ”says Mitali.

This led them to test the waters for the first time with a capsule collection of maternity and baby clothes in February of this year. After she was almost completely sold out, they decided to launch a full collection of 14 distinct styles that can be worn before or during pregnancy, the breastfeeding phase and well after childbirth, making them essentially wearable by women. at any stage of life and at any size. , curvy or small.

Their deliberately designed wrap-around garments easily adapt to changes in body. Uncomfortable zips, cutouts and concealed embellishments are removed so as not to irritate the wearer or their baby. MISASO, as you may have already understood, is a fusion of the names of the founders and also an abbreviation of the three pillars on which the brand is based.

MI stands for “Made in India” products; SA for “the sustainable alternative”, their clothes provide maternity clothes that are usually thrown away after pregnancy; and SO for the GOTS Certified “Organically Sourced” cotton fabric they use.

Their USP is to offer high quality, fashionable styles and encourage women of all body types to express themselves creatively. Therefore, their latest collection is vibrant and made with eye-catching prints. A winter clothing line is also available for sale and new styles are launched every few months.

As Mitali explains, “We want MISASO to go beyond a brand of maternity clothing. We want it to be on the borderline of gender equality, body positivity and other societal issues that hold women back. Indian women deserve to feel and look their best during pregnancy. and throughout their lives. ”The brand currently sells only through its website, with delivery throughout India.

Hazel J. Edmonds

The author Hazel J. Edmonds