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Brand-led live commerce takes center stage at Myntra EORS, effectively engaging fashion-forward shoppers

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Brand-led live commerce takes center stage at Myntra EORS, effectively engaging fashion-forward shoppers

Posted on June 7, 2022

30+ top brands ready to participate in 750+ brand-led live sessions

EORS buyers were able to buy products at EORS prices 10 days before the event via M Live

Myntra has witnessed a 5x increase in traffic and a 20x increase in demand via M-Live since its inception

bangalore : In a first, Myntra is activating large-scale live shopping experiences by big-name brands, ahead of the platform’s bi-annual fashion festival, EORS, to be held June 11-16. As the platform’s social commerce propositions continue to seamlessly engage social media enthusiasts, in particular, the Gen Z cohort, over 30 top international and domestic brands such as Estee Lauder India, Puma and Mango, will broadcast approximately 750 brand-led live shopping experiences through the country’s largest fashion festival.

Myntra’s social commerce verticals have revolutionized traditional marketing for brands, acting as a catalyst to reshape and strengthen consumer engagement, making it more appealing and relevant to fashion-conscious shoppers. For the first time ever, M-Live audiences will be able to purchase products at EORS prices, which began 10 days prior to the event. Gen Z’s particular affinity for social media means that promotions driven by social commerce will directly influence the choice of this group of consumers. Brands leveraging live commerce during EORS will aim to generate entertaining and informative content using Myntra’s army of forward-thinking Gen Z creators, the Style Squad, delivering a healthy dose of engagement, while informing users of attractive offers, strategically boosting conversions and visibility.

Having already recorded over 10,000 exemplary live videos in around 40-50 live sessions every day, Myntra has seen a 5x increase in traffic and a 20x increase in demand from its proprietary social commerce platforms. , Myntra Studio and M-Live, since its inception. Sought-after international and domestic brands like USPA, HRX and L’Oreal will be among the top names to engage in brand-led lives covering up to 75% of the 1000 total lives expected during the Myntra Fashion Carnival thanks to its social commerce proposals and social media channels.

The platform has also seen a two-fold increase in the average time shoppers have spent on it since January, helping the 10 billion social impressions recorded in a year through the platform’s social commerce propositions.

Besides sharing style tips, building communities and earning social currencies, the thousands of influencers on M-Studio and M-Live can directly influence peaks in demand, providing them with a predictable and sustainable revenue stream. . For the brand-led live sessions, more than 2,500 creators were selected based on their visibility, performance and category fit, with celebrity influencers like Akash Choudhary, Pradhuman, Vipul Juneja, Asmita Kaushik, Samidha Singh and Aswathi Balakrishnan. The primary role of influencers will be to highlight key product attributes, guide consumers to choose the right products, recommend looks on offers, and answer questions regarding styling tips and hacks.

Commenting on the brand-led live shopping experience around EORS, Arun Devanathan, Senior Director, Social Commerce, Myntra, said, “This EORS, more than 30 key brands have chosen to harness the benefits of this powerful demand generation and recall creation tool. We have managed to create a cutting-edge product that combines the best of e-commerce and social media that nurtures an ecosystem of popular influencers who can complete live shopping sessions on M-Live. This is the start of the next phase of growth for our platform and an important emerging trend for e-commerce in India. Brand-led live shopping experiences are a powerful tool for communicating a brand’s proposition to its consumers while generating demand for new brands that combine brand marketing with direct lead generation. We are seeing massive interest from brands keen to participate and grow with this proposition. »

The current edition of EORS has seen the uber-cool and dynamic Ayushman Khurrana appear in one of the brand’s lead lives, taking the reins of the most in-demand lifestyle brand, Daniel Wellington. Initially, the highly successful event also saw live shopping enabled on Instagram for social commerce, apart from Myntra’s M-Live. This unique collaboration resulted in around 25,000 customers engaging with the brand during the sessions.

The 15th edition of EORS witnessed one of the first-ever brand-led live shopping initiatives, with fashion and fitness icon Hrithik Roshan at the forefront, amplifying visibility around his brand, HRX. The session saw the participation of over 100,000 users, with approximately 6.5,000 comments recorded in just 30 minutes. The activity was a remarkable success, generating excitement among shoppers and allowing the brand to strategically create demand in real time.

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