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Batman has a new god Mister Miracle Moonlighting as clothing designer

The following article contains spoilers for “Blood in & Blood Out” in Batman: Urban Legends #18, on sale now.

In his civilian identity of Bruce Wayne, Batman is known for being flashy and charismatic. Yet very little has been said about what goes into the creation of the billionaire playboy character. During “Blood in & Blood Out” by Batman: Urban Legends #18 (by Henry Barajas, Serg Acuna, Dave McCaig, and Hassan Otsmoane-Elhaou), readers got to learn who designed the various Bruce Wayne costumes, and the answer is quite shocking.

Asked by the paparazzi who he wore, referring to who designed his costume, Bruce replied “Scott Free. I think”. As many fans will notice, Scott Free is the civil name of Mister Miracle, a new god and the son of Highfather. Learning that a higher being like Scott Free designs men’s formal wear in his spare time is surprising to say the least, but at the same time, it opens some much-needed doors for Scott in his personal life.

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As Mister Miracle, Scott can escape anything, it’s his main power. However, he still needs a normal life away from the violence of his own. Very few stories have actually looked at what Scott would do for a living outside of being a hero, because realistically putting on a colorful costume and punching aliens doesn’t pay much. A career in costume design might seem like it came out of nowhere, but it might just seem perfectly logical.

Scott has spent most of his life running from place to place, breaking the prison he’s been put in this time around. It goes without saying that he would like to do something for once. The act of creation, even of making oneself, can even be therapeutic for one who has endured so much suffering during his life. Plus, having one of the most distinctive costumes in the entire DC Universe, Scott has perhaps been pondering what can be called fashion for quite some time. Maybe he thought that if he could pull off his shiny suit, making a simple black and white tuxedo would be simple. Or maybe he just wanted to make a costume that didn’t stand out too much.

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Then there’s the question of how long he’s been doing this. Designing for someone as high-profile as Bruce Wayne is no mean feat. This means that Scott has connections and is talented enough to be confidently carried into a televised public gathering. Bruce’s uncertain answer to who he was wearing could imply it’s a recent development in his life, but it could also just be him playing the role. Scott could have been its only designer for years.

Making formal wear doesn’t have to be what he’s limited to either. Scott has a habit of bringing New God technology back with him. If he really wanted to, he could open a business making custom costumes for the heroic community. Not just civilian clothes, but also costumes. He could redesign the suits in new and exciting ways and even implement New God technology for defensive purposes, while charging a reasonable cost. It would definitely be an interesting way to further flesh out his character, as well as provide him with personal stability and community.

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