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Let the fashion police start on the opening day of the Tokyo Games

NEW YORK (AP) – Let the fashion police begin.

The Tokyo Olympics will open on July 23, when the world’s athletes parade behind their flag bearers. And when they do, the peanut gallery on what they’re wearing will also be open.

Olympic gear is a living food source for social media, starting with the hour-long Parade of Nations. The one-year wait due to the pandemic has given enthusiasts more time to think about what they like or hate.

there is the czech republic and its traditional indigo block design with matching fans, already the butt of some jokes. It follows the country’s loud umbrellas and neon blue Wellington boots from 2012 in London, as well as its “Beetlejuice” stripes in Rio in 2016.

Israeli athletes wear transparent nylon jackets with huge pockets, while Emporio Armani dressed the Italy team in tracksuits with a reinterpretation of the rising sun of Japan in the colors of the Italian flag: red, green and white. Liberia received the gift of designer Telfar Clemens, the buzzy Liberian American who made wanted bags and created their kits for the first time.

Things were much simpler for the athletes, from a fashion point of view. At first, there was no parade, nor an opening ceremony for that matter. Athletes wore whatever they wanted, often walking with their sport’s gear.

“At first it didn’t matter,” said David Wallechinsky, board member and former president of the International Society of Olympic Historians. “People were just coming. If a team wanted to dress like they did.

Wallechinksy unearthed an image in an archival film showing the British curlers of 1924 marching in the Winter Games parade in Chamonix, France, their brooms held high.

At first, clothing was completely optional, at least during the competition, according to the researchers. Athletes often performed naked in ancient Greece. In more modern times, parade uniforms often pay homage to a host country, in addition to traditions, sporting achievements and patriotic flourishes.

This year, the pandemic brought another element: masks.

Australia offers athletes a lined sand-colored blazer with the names of the country’s 320 Olympic gold medalists. For the closing ceremony, Canada’s Olympic organizers teamed up with Levi’s to produce a graffiti-animated Japanese urban style ‘Canadian tuxedo’ denim jacket to wear with white denim pants.

“It’s the gang chasing you if you say you tried to watch ‘Schitt’s Creek’ but couldn’t get in,” New York Times cultural writer Dave Itzkoff tweeted of the look. in April, several months after the jacket was unveiled with Team Canada’s Other Gear.

Alison Brown, host of the “Keep the Flame Alive” Olympic fan podcast, said outfitting Olympic teams, including those competing in the Paralympics, is not easy.

“They have to adapt to all kinds of body types. Think tiny gymnasts, muscular weightlifters, and gangly basketball players. They have to convey something about the nation, honor the host, be serious enough for the solemnity of the occasion but practical enough to be comfortable for hours in the heat, ”she said.

Count Brown among the fans of Czech uniforms, made by Zuzana Osako in Prague. They include the mainstay of the team, a gymnast, built into the design. Men will wear blue vests with white pants and women will wear blue blouses and white skirts.

“They managed to blend elements of Czech folk tradition, traditional Japanese indigo dyeing techniques and an appeal to the great Czech gymnast Vera Caslavska, while keeping the outfit wearable and comfortable for the heat,” said Brown.

Of Canada’s denim jackets, she said: “I think I was wearing something similar in 1987. I wonder if anyone over 12 really wants to wear it.

Lucia Kinghorn, vice president of fashion at Hudson’s Bay, who helped create Canada’s uniforms and other Olympic gear, is aware of the contempt.

“For so many opponents, we have even more fans,” she said. “We are proud of the thoughtful design of Team Canada apparel and happy that so many people are talking about it. ”

Brown was also not impressed with the appearance of Team USA. They include blue denim pants for the opening parade and white denim pants for the closing ceremony.

“The United States stuck with the same designer, Ralph Lauren, as they have for years, leading to a different look of yachting. Yawn, she said. “In addition, it should be very hot in Tokyo. Jeans, a mesh top, a scarf and a blazer? Who wants to wear denim in this kind of heat and humidity?

Denim is lightweight in a stretch fabric.

Japan’s uniforms are coming back to those worn by the Japanese team at the opening ceremony of the last Olympic Games held in Tokyo in 1964. At the time, the jackets were red and the pants were white. The colors are reversed this year.

“This is in line with the many recalls that organizers included up to 1964,” Brown said.

Her favorite runway look so far is Mexico. The Mexico City Olympic Committee held a nationwide online vote to choose the opening ceremony looks from among three designs created by High Life. the award-winning design honors Oaxaca in a unique brightly colored lapel.

“The blazer features a floral lapel in traditional Zapotec embroidery. So beautiful without being in costume, ”said Brown.

The embroidery was done by Oaxacan artisans, making each lapel among the 150 blazers a different custom design, said Jeannette Haber, Marketing Director of High Life. The artisans, she said, were “happy to be a part of the project, and that their creations and their work could have this global exposure.”

Entire collections for sale to consumers are built around what Olympic athletes wear at opening ceremonies.

“It’s a great time for these brands to show off their team spirit and innovation in new technology,” said Ted Stafford, fashion director for Men’s Health magazine and market director for Esquire.

This includes a Ralph Lauren cooling unit built into a white denim jacket for the American team flag bearer.

“This is the world stage and it sets the tone,” Stafford said. “It’s more than just a fashion show.”


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Associated Press writer Berenice Bautista in Mexico City contributed to this story.

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Spring ’22 men’s fashion collections cross gender and age – Sourcing Journal

Post-pandemic fashion is getting bolder and bolder, and not just for women.

The recent surge in evening wear for women, categorized by sexy and nude styles like Mugler’s thongs and sheer catsuits, heralded a big change in menswear. Recent Spring 2022 shows featured a wave of styles that champion experimentation and fluidity, according to a new report on Spring / Summer 2022 men’s clothing from product intelligence firm Trendalytics.

Burberry’s “Universal Passport” collection offers a prime example of this fashion freedom, the report notes, with models dressed in cutting-edge elements like leather and faux piercings that Burberry Creative Director Riccardo Tisci, compared to the free spirit of youth and a daring attitude. The collection also featured bold prints, best represented in a standout look that combined cherry red skinny pants with tunics soaked in the phrase “Universal Passport”.

Text prints were also featured in Jil Sander’s collection, with neutral lettering punctuated by cheerful accessories like a bright orange hat and bandana scarf.


Bright colourways are also integrated into the extravagance theme of the season. Trendalytics drew particular attention to lime green, cerulean and light blue, which saw year-over-year increases of 12%, 14% and 3%, respectively. The designers played with the ombre hues, as evidenced by Etro’s lime green and yellow suit and Hermès’ orange and pink sweater cardigan.

And while bright colors seem to be the palette of choice for clothes that make a splash, when it comes to costumes, designers are going for pastels, according to the report. Pastel purple, blue, and green were among the most popular shades of names like Diesel, Fendi, and MSGM.

Rapper Travis Scott made waves when he walked the runway for Dior in looks from their latest collaboration. Showcasing a palette of sunset pink, cactus green, and earthy brown, the collection incorporates natural elements while pushing down gender barriers. He also highlighted the influence of music on fashion, as evidenced by rapper Kanye West’s successful partnership with Gap.

Not only is men’s clothing becoming more experimental with color, it also continues to test the concept of gender.

British fashion designer Erdem Moralioglu celebrated his foray into men’s clothing with floral fabrications, tapering seams and cropped hems mirroring his women’s line. Draping fabrics such as satin and silk are also both up 17% from last year. Casablanca, Loewe, Dior and Diesel have all included the classic feminine material in their men’s collections. Gender neutrality was also spotted in the fine details, with split and scalloped hems featured by Louis Vuitton and Dior.

Gender fluidity is emerging as a top search term, according to global fashion shopping platform Lyst, which reported that gender-related keywords have jumped 33% since the start. of the year, while press and social media mentions for genderless fashion terms increased 46% in May.

“Prep Leisure,” which Edited predicted to be important for fall 2021, continues to grow in popularity. Defined by sleeveless sweaters, straight-leg pants and college prints, the trend merges with streetwear for a modern update. Sweater vests remain strong for spring, as the collections of Paul Smith, Bethany Williams and others show. Other preppy patterns to watch out for are checkerboard prints and vertical stripes, up 30% and 23%, respectively, from last year.

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pandemic trends that will remain

Like many of its peers, the venerable Nordstrom department store chain is struggling to keep pace with customer demand for new clothing due to supply issues.

This will be an even bigger challenge before its anniversary sale takes off, a tradition since the 1960s. Last year, customers stayed away because there was no reason to buy dressy clothes. during a pandemic.

But Nordstrom sees this year’s event as an opportunity for buyers to reinvent themselves by leaving their homes. Amid product delays, the retailer said it has developed a backorder feature on its website for customers who want to take advantage of the sale but find the item not in stock.

Read also | I never dreamed of such success: Michael Kors on the 40 years of the brand

Jamie Nordstrom, president of Nordstrom stores and great-grandson of company founder John W. Nordstrom, recently spoke to The Associated Press at his Manhattan store to share his thoughts on changing consumer habits. buyers, shipping delays, and reasons Seattle-based Nordstrom plans to pack masks soon. The interview has been edited for clarity and length.

What types of delays in shipping goods are you seeing?

From a few days to a month. And you don’t always know exactly what is causing it. Is this the port in Asia? Is the port of Long Beach where ships anchored there cannot be disembarked. We are retailers. We focus on customer service. We have a great team focused on the inbound supply chain. And whether it’s a few days or a few weeks, we’re ready to play with the punches on it.

Are there any remaining security measures related to covid-19?

In most of the cities and markets where we operate, we are able to completely revamp our beauty services and spas. It was probably one of the last things we were able to unlock. But we want customers to know – and it has been for quite a while now – that when they come to the Nordstrom store, they are taking full advantage. It’s not a watered-down covid version of Nordstrom.

How is the customer traffic?

It was very different from region to region. It started in the south – South Florida, Texas – in the last few months. It was the states that dropped the restrictions first, where trafficking started to grow. And then as you moved north and west as the states let go of the restrictions, we saw that traffic come back pretty quickly. And so we are encouraged by the path we are taking and the rate at which customers are returning.

What makes the anniversary sale even more important this year?

More than anything, it’s a wardrobe refresh. People have discovered comfort. They don’t want to sacrifice style. There’s a huge demand for people to really dig into their closets and somehow reinvent their looks over the next couple of seasons.

What pandemic trends will persist and how are you responding?

So casual, athleisure, denim. We are working hard to get what the new costume is. It might not be the same costume it was. It’s a sports coat and it’s a pair of jeans. It’s an interesting time to try to respond to the very rapidly changing customer needs.

What is not coming back?

Maybe masks. We’ve been selling a lot of masks for the past year and a half. We’re not selling a lot at the moment, which is a good thing. And so I think we might just put those masks away, and I hope we never have to take them out again.

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Eva Longoria wears $ 299 Motion dress from Australian fashion label SWF Boutique

How to get your hands on Eva Longoria’s favorite dress from an Australian fashion label

  • Eva Longoria was recently spotted in a $ 299 dress from an Australian fashion label
  • She posed for photos by a pool in S / W / F Boutique’s ‘Motion’ dress
  • The brand was founded by Melbourne podiatrist Desiree Deravi
  • Ms Deravi quit her job, packed her bags and moved to Bali to start the business

Eva Longoria looked just radiant as she frolic by a pool in a candy pink maxi dress from an Australian fashion label on Saturday.

In recent Instagram photos, the Desperate Housewives star, 46, was stunned by the $ 299 (AUD) “Motion” dress from S / W / F Boutique, a planet-conscious clothing brand founded by the podiatrist. from Melbourne, Desiree Deravi.

The mother-of-one, who shares her three-year-old son Santiago with her husband, businessman José Bastón, 53, smiled from ear to ear as she perched by a swimming pool overflowing, hitting the water with his feet.

Eva’s dress – which is available in three colors in sizes XS through XL on the S / W / F website – features a plunging neckline, loose sleeves, and a draped bodice that subtly cinches the waist.

Eva Longoria looked just radiant as she frolic by a pool in a candy pink maxi dress from an Australian fashion label on Saturday

Desperate Housewives star, 46, was stunned by S / W / F Boutique's $ 299 (AUD) 'Motion' dress (pictured)

Desperate Housewives star, 46, was stunned by S / W / F Boutique’s $ 299 (AUD) ‘Motion’ dress (pictured)

The floor-length long skirt has a single slit along the left side that lets you see the skin and makes movement easier.

The photos of Eva wearing the dress, which have racked up 124,624 likes since going online on July 17, quickly garnered rave reviews.

“I love pink! American entrepreneur Adrienne Bosh wrote.

Others begged the actress to tag her dress brand.

And Eva isn’t the only celebrity seen in plays at S / W / F Boutique.

Eva's dress (pictured) features a plunging neckline, loose sleeves and a draped bodice that subtly hugs the waist

The dress is available in three colors in sizes XS to XL on the S / W / F website

Eva’s dress (pictured) features a plunging neckline, loose sleeves and a draped bodice that subtly hugs the waist

Since its launch in Bali in 2015, the brand has gained a following of prominent fans, including Lorde, Jessica Mauboy and Vera Blue.

Meanwhile, Eva is said to be dealing with a new business.

Earlier this month, Page Six announced that Eva is teaming up to launch a new brand of tequila in August that “spoke with pride of her. [Mexican] heritage ”and has“ authentic Mexican roots, straight from the heart of Jalisco.

The move will make Eva the latest in a long line of celebrities to enter the alcohol industry, following Justin Timberlake’s 901 Tequila and Kendall Jenner’s best-selling 818 Tequila.


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Fashion designer

Cleveland-based production company aims to uplift the local fashion scene with high-profile events

CLEVELAND – Cleveland is home to many talented artists, including fashion designers.

A Canadian transplant who recently moved to the city discovered that there weren’t many venues to showcase their high fashion designs, so it is transforming the local industry and making it a more inclusive place for everyone.

Aimon Ali has worked in the fashion industry for over a decade. She spent seven years in Canada organizing large-scale fashion events in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver. She moved to Cleveland three years ago.

“Toronto is a much bigger city so it’s very diverse and you can find all types of people and when I moved to Cleveland I had a bit of a hard time finding the same kind of crowd at first. I was used to it, ”Ali said. . “But slowly, I started to meet these amazing people, but I didn’t see a fashion scene.”

Instead of just accepting this, Ali decided to create his own scene. She began Fashion conferences, a production company focused on hosting high-quality fashion events in Cleveland with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion.

“It’s not your typical tall, skinny blonde that we always see in the industry. We are more inclusive in all shapes, colors, sizes, ”said Ali. “We include the body, we have plus size models on the catwalk, we have models of different ethnicities, of different sizes, of different origins, just from different backgrounds. We want to give everyone a fair opportunity. “

The company is holding its first fashion show at Madison in Cleveland on July 31.

The event features several local designers and models, including Mary Verdi-Fletcher. In addition to modeling on the show, she will be honored as one of five “Cleveland Ladies of Influence”.

“We actually handpicked five ladies in Cleveland who we think are contributing and doing amazing things in Cleveland,” Ali said.

Verdi-Fletcher was born with spina bifida and uses a wheelchair, but that has never stopped her from pursuing her dreams. She founded Dancing Wheels, the first physically integrated dance company in the United States.

“My job is to connect with people and awaken them to possibilities,” said Verdi-Fletcher.

Next Saturday, she adds “model” to her CV.

“Someone my age and working in the arts, I think it’s a good mix,” said Verdi-Fletcher. “We’re going to show up and walk the track, or ride, in my case.”

In addition to the catwalks, the company hosts networking events for designers, influencers, and models in the hopes of building a thriving Cleveland fashion community.

“This event is very useful,” said designer Victoria Cohen. “These are great photography opportunities, these are great business opportunities to schedule photoshoots or get clients, and just to grow as a designer.”

For Verdi-Fletcher, Fashion Talks and Ali are a breath of fresh air.

“Being inclusive can mean a lot of different things, but I think it covers the depth and breadth of what it should be in our communities, so it’s age, ethnicity, ability, everything. this, ”said Verdi-Fletcher.

Ali said they are already expecting 300 people at the parade, but this is just the start of their plans to shake things up in northeast Ohio.

“I’m really excited to be in Cleveland, and I hope to bring something new,” Ali said.

More information about the Fashion Talks show can be found here.

Jade Jarvis is a reporter for News 5 Cleveland. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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The French fashion association trains job seekers through upcycling – WWD

PARIS The Renaissance project is a matter of second chance.

The French non-profit association offers training to job seekers through a workshop that reuses designer clothes to give them a second life – an approach that attracts the attention of key players in the industry, including the Maison Alaïa, which joins forces with Renaissance on a capsule collection of recycled clothing.

On Monday evening, the association held its second annual parade to highlight the work of this year’s participants, who hope to find jobs in fashion houses after a first edition in 2020 which took place just before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, hampering the prospects of its graduates.

Models paraded the Parisian auction house Drouot in outfits celebrating the notion of gender equality, in an effort to show that upcycling is a unisex affair.

Men’s clothing has been deconstructed and transformed into women’s outfits, ranging from variations of tailored jackets to a wedding dress in solid white tulle, while women’s basics, including corsets, have been transformed into men’s wear. – think of embroidered sweatpants, lace-trimmed tops and the flowy kind. evening looks with obi sashes.

The approach seduced Marylin Fitoussi, who designs the costumes for the Netflix series “Emily in Paris” alongside the consultant Patricia Field. For season two, which was shot in Paris this summer, she dressed Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, aka marketing manager Sylvie Grateau, in a cream dress and jacket embroidered with chains from the atelier.

Behind the scenes of the Renaissance fashion show in Paris.
Laurence Laborie / Courtesy of Renaissance

This is proof of the requirement of the project, imagined by Philippe Guilet, who spent nearly a decade working as a research director alongside Jean Paul Gaultier, in addition to stints with Thierry Mugler, Karl Lagerfeld and Joseph .

After several years in the cultural sector, notably as artistic director of the French Embassy in Romania, he founded Renaissance in 2019.

Installed in a low-cost housing estate in the south of Paris, the workshop welcomed 17 trainees this year for a six-month program aimed at familiarizing them with the techniques and jargon of haute couture, the top of the fashion pyramid which rests on highly skilled workers to produce bespoke clothing.

The participants, who all earn a salary during their training period, come from as far away as Chechnya, Algeria, Morocco, Ukraine, Turkey, Guinea, Russia, Moldova, France, Ivory Coast, Afghanistan and Brazil, and include experienced tailors and absolute beginners. .

“The objective is to help them return to the job market by giving them confidence through training and by letting their talent show through, so that they can apply in sewing workshops,” Guilet said in a post. – Scorching midday, while his students quietly worked around work. tables with a radio in the background.

“Many of them arrived in France with sewing techniques, but no method. Obviously it’s quite confusing, so here we teach them how things are done, ”he added. “We speak the vocabulary of the houses, so that if they join a brand, they immediately understand the language and the hierarchy of the workshop.

A work-in-progress at the Renaissance workshop in Paris.

A work in progress at the Renaissance workshop in Paris.
Laurence Laborie / Courtesy of Renaissance

He said the initiative was welcomed by residents of the city of Vercors in Villejuif, which has battled crime – although on a recent summer afternoon, children were playing outside with their mothers. .

“There have been reports of drug and arms trafficking in this housing project, and we have been put here specifically to change mentalities,” Guilet said, noting that there had never been a theft. at the workshop. “Obviously, they can see that we are doing great things here, and that changes the gloom surrounding. “

Likewise, cultural barriers seem to fall inside the studio, with people of all religious backgrounds collaborating on the gender-fluid collection, which recalls Gaultier’s influence with men in heels and transparent dresses for women. . “Everyone leaves their cultural baggage at the door. It was not a problem, ”said Guilet.

Dressed in a white work coat, he sets the tone for the place with a mixture of stern warnings and warm encouragement. In one corner, a seamstress has assembled tubes of fabric made from flight attendant ties into a strapless dress. In another, a dressmaker’s mannequin showed a coat assembled from embroidery samples.

Guilet capitalized on a growing trend in sustainable fashion, reinforced by the introduction last year of a French law prohibiting companies from destroying unsold products. Its “Detox your Stock” program aims to help fashion brands find new uses for their inventory.

“Maison Alaïa has ordered a collection of 15 pieces made entirely from their inventory of unsold clothing and will be presented in September,” he said, noting that Monday’s runway collection was designed as a showcase to attract additional partners.

“The collection with Alaïa is causing a lot of noise, because people are wondering how a small organization that offers vocational training to the unemployed has managed to work with Alaïa on pieces that are effectively intended for sale,” he said. .

The class of 2020 at the Renaissance workshop in Paris.

The 2020 promotion at the Renaissance workshop in Paris.
Laurence Laborie / Courtesy of Renaissance

To demonstrate her skills, her team created runway outfits incorporating items such as vintage kimonos; a Yohji Yamamoto costume; a Fendi dress; a Gaultier men’s jacket, embellished with lace courtesy of wedding designer Celestina Agostino, and paint-splattered clothing provided by Chilean painter Eduardo Guelfenbein.

Some are embroidered on site, while others are embellished in India through a partnership with the Kalhath Institute, an embroidery center in India co-founded by Maximiliano Modesti and Amine Dadda, who donated 2,500 hours of embroidery by his students. to the project.

Guilet has managed to attract a number of other prominent funders, with donors ranging from prominent social figures like Jacqueline de Ribes, who donated one of her couture gowns, to businesses such as the construction company Vinci and airport operator Groupe ADP, who donated uniforms for upcycling.

Pascal Morand, executive president of the Federation of Haute Couture and Fashion, supported the initiative in a personal capacity and attended Monday’s show.

Philippe Guilet.

Philippe Guilet
Courtesy of the Renaissance

With business resuming after 18 months of coronavirus restrictions, Guilet predicts an increase in demand for skilled labor from major haute couture houses.

“Since the sector is generating a lot of interest, I ask our partners to welcome the best for internships of at least three months. If all goes well, it will lead to a more permanent job, ”he said. “If it hadn’t been for COVID-19, many of them would have already started. “

The pieces presented this week will be auctioned at Drouot in September. Many donors have expressed interest in repurchasing the outfits made from their old clothes. Guilet, meanwhile, is already thinking about the next start of the internship, which should begin in October.

“It’s a lot of work, but it’s all worth it when you see the end result,” he said. “Honestly, every morning when I come here, I am happy. It’s very rewarding for me, and I think for them too. There is such a strong and positive energy around this project that I don’t think any other job can bring me the same satisfaction.


Can upcycling become widespread?

Circularity and upcycling lifespan: how brands can seem to waste with renewed creativity

Recycled brand new boutique reminiscent of NYC independent stores of the past

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Fashion brand

The intersection of fashion and social justice with 40-ton CEO Loriel Alegrete

If you’re like me you’re always looking for a great t-shirt or beanie that sends a strong message in a cool way. It’s harder to find than it looks, but when you find the right one it becomes a part of who you are and you’ll wear it for years to come. When I browsed the 40 Tons online store, I saw a lot of trendy clothes like this limited edition Breaking The Chains tracksuit, but I also discovered an intersection between fashion and social justice. Check out their line of t-shirts created for those currently incarcerated for cannabis, with 100% of the proceeds going directly to featured prisoners, like this free Parker Coleman or Hope for Humberto t-shirt.

I learned that this premium cannabis clothing and accessories company was founded by the incumbents who helped build the cannabis industry, and operated by CEO Loriel Alegrete, a woman who has seen a lot. of his relatives being locked up for weed. and decided to do something about it. With her degree from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, her background as an entrepreneur and community outreach leader, her talent for building culture and the magic of being who she is, Loriel and the The 40 Tons team create a business with a conscience on a mission to bring home over 40,000 cannabis prisoners and restore justice by the ton.

To quote 40 Tons’ slogan: “Just because someone wears it doesn’t mean it’s not heavy.”

Recent statistics indicate that a majority of owners of the cannabis industry are not POCs …

Loriel Alegrete: If they don’t want to give us a seat at the table, we’ll create ours. And that’s exactly what I did by creating 40 Tones. I had to make sure we were represented. Not just as a black woman, but also representing the mothers, daughters and wives of those unjustly incarcerated for cannabis.

Are you able to find alliances and community with others in this business?

THE: Yes, when one door closes, several others open. I like to think of myself as a good judge and use my leadership skills to identify who is a true ally and align myself accordingly. My husband Anthony is white and happens to be an ally. Having him on our internal team has helped build relationships that we might not otherwise have had.

What are the challenges you face as a black woman in the cannabis industry?

THE: People don’t take me seriously and / or feel sorry for me – I want people to support 40 Tons, not because it’s a business owned by black women, but because it’s a business. good company that does a great job. We are able to deliver premium products and great experiences just like any other brand. I am proud that 40 Tons is a business owned by a black woman. This is what real social equity looks like.

Your incarceration experiences with your loved ones must have been extremely stressful, but you still managed to accomplish so much – what motivates you?

THE: When Anthony was incarcerated, I had to be stronger than ever by both being parents and supporting my children. My children were motivators then and today. I also kept my faith in God and knew I would persevere. It was only a chapter of my life and not the whole book. What doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger.

What has been the most rewarding part of being a leader working to restore communities?

THE: When we – our industry – came together and managed to bring Corvain Cooper home from a life sentence without parole for a non-violent cannabis offense. It shows that if we speak up, we can make changes. I also love that I can be a mentor for young women and show them that we can do it just like men.

Disclosure: The 40-ton brand ambassador, Corvain Cooper, is a former member and advisor of an organization I co-founded, Last Prisoner Project.

Amplifying your mission with a clothing brand is a unique way to fight cannabis injustices. How did you develop the idea?

THE: We aim to create a culture behind our brand, so we find this approach appealing. Corvain has always been focused on fashion. In fact, he owned a retail establishment years ago. I also studied fashion at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in my youth. So, fashion has always been something the team has been connected with. It’s our way of telling our story and having people supporting us.

How did the creation of this company go?

THE: We have been entrepreneurs for 20 years and have started different types of businesses. Once we realized this was what we wanted to do, we started the basic work – developing our brand platform, website, online presence, etc. Our team is diverse in many business practices, and all of our experiences have helped shape the company. Our biggest fight is to be able to finance this business. We just lace up our boots and face the challenges head-on. We are grateful for the many relationships that we have built and that have enabled us to do so. We are very grateful because without them there would be no us.

What has been a transformative experience for you along your journey?

THE: When I saw Anthony and Corvain accused of the same crime and receiving very different sentences…. It changed my view of the world. That’s when I had an aha moment. Something has to be done to change these types of injustices.

What was the process of obtain clemency for Corvain Cooper under the Trump administration?

THE: This is a situation where 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 10. Many have come together to rally to the cause of Corvain Cooper. It was not just a person or an organization. It took lawyers to file motions and petitions. It took charities to defend, it took cannabis leaders to speak out, and it took the masses to sign petitions and voice Corvain’s fate. It took a few years. Anthony, Evelyn and Natalia (who are part of our team) were also on Clubhouse at the start and used this platform to amplify the message. Every day, Anthony walked into the cannabis rooms and mentioned Corvain’s name. I think it played a big role in rallying the whole industry. It was the perfect timing because only four months after Anthony joined the Clubhouse, Corvain was released. He literally drove to federal prison to pick it up.

What are your hopes for the future of legalization?

THE: I hope this special plant will soon be legalized at the federal level. I think it is important not to stop at legalizing, but also to bring real restorative justice to our brothers and sisters locked in this factory, many of whom are Black and Brown. We must correct these injustices. It is right that if we make the plant legal, we have to fix the legal system when it comes to cannabis.

How do you practice self-care?

THE: I micro-dose food every now and then… It’s hard to run a house, go to nursing school, and be CEO of a brand. In addition, I try to eat well, sleep well and exercise as often as possible. It’s about finding a balance in life.

What have you learned about yourself through this process?

THE: I am resilient and I am a fighter. The moments that touched me personally were when I had to watch my mom lose her battle with cancer. It meant that I had to become the matriarch of the family.

How do you hope to empower other black women in the cannabis industry?

THE: I am passionate about mentoring black women. By showing them that no matter what obstacles stand in your way, you can do it all. Black women have that inner strength that most people don’t see, they have that magic in them. It’s alluring, attractive and contagious. It’s all about the mindset, and your network becomes your net worth. You have to believe that you can do the job and you will be able to.

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Fashion style

Three new ways to style a belt

For most people, belts are not part of their daily rotation, so it’s easy to forget about them. Especially in the summer, when we’re constantly looking for ways to add intrigue to our outfits without overheating under multiple layers, belts provide a welcome solution. In addition, they often allow the proportions of an outfit to be changed with the simple addition of an accessory. Whether leather or woven, thick or thin, a belt can be worn in its designated place – through your belt loops – or can be used to create a waist over a more boxer top or dress. But why stop there? Anything can be a belt. Under a scarf, rope or chain so that the classic accessory serves the exact same purpose in an unexpected way. Below, we’ve rounded up three new sets to inspire you to add a belt to your mix of accessories.

Scarf + Leather skirt + Tank top

Right photo: Courtesy of Instagram /@sandrasembourg

A belt does not have to be a belt. Be resourceful and reuse a printed silk scarf as a waist accessory to break up the heavier black dividers.

Shorts + Shirts + Loafers

belt outfit ideas

Right photo: Courtesy of Instagram /@alexisbadiyi

Every piece here is pretty straightforward, it’s the layering that makes it interesting. While it’s still warm, opt for light sheets to prevent your clothes from feeling too heavy.

belt outfit ideas

Right photo: Courtesy of Instagram /@breanna_warner

For a look like this, use your belt to breathe new life into a shirt or jacket by wrapping it around first and then pulling it tight at the waist. Keep your color scheme muted alongside some slightly washed denim and a few gold accessories.

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Fashion designer

Presentation of the new American sportswear

Most of the designers I’ve spoken to don’t do traditional fashion shows. “I’m still talking to CFDA [Council of Fashion Designers of America]- they really piss me off, to be very honest with you, ”Snyder said. “They, I don’t think, are supporting American designers. I don’t feel like they’re supporting Teddy Santis, who should be considered the best new designer. Like, without exception, he should get it. He built an empire under all our noses, and he did it his way. And the same with Noah. Now, of course, everyone knows who Jerry Lorenzo is, but… Fear of God was doing the same. Same thing Virgil [Abloh] was doing. “

The industry thinks that if an American designer is lucky, he could get a job at a European luxury house. But none of these stars seem destined for the fashion machine. Most of them grew up wearing sneakers, T-shirts and jeans, listening to rap, going to hardcore concerts. They don’t care about craftsmanship, nor does the European fashion system. “For us, our dream has never been to go to a big luxury fashion house; it has always been to create our own house, ”says Lorenzo. Now the goal beyond that is a creative position in a sneaker brand, like Santis with New Balance, or Kanye West with Adidas, or Pyer Moss designer Kerby-Jean Raymond with Reebok, or the one that Lorenzo formalized with the Adidas basketball last winter. .

The new rotation of American shoes

New business models

Snyder, from Iowan, has the pragmatism of a Midwest when it comes to explaining the ethics that make his brand work. His clothes are conservative, but he is in a way the godfather of this movement. He left J.Crew a decade ago knowing how to dress a tasteful 30-something. At the time, he saw brands like Bonobos grab this customer with their disruptive, direct-to-consumer pitch, but felt that while many men might be “scared” by the excess of runway fashion, there was more than one who was stylish and silver enough that they were drawn to something more thoughtful. It’s not independent – American Eagle acquired its brand in 2015 – but it has actually allowed it to do what the old-fashioned system, with its layers of middleman retailers and relationships with the mainstream media, does. didn’t: eliminate retailers so he can speak directly to his audience. As he learned from a successful partnership he oversaw between J.Crew and Red Wing, the collaborations are getting media attention, so he does a lot, with brands like LLBean and Champion.

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French fashion

A New Look at the Family Who Waged (and Lost) Britain’s War for America

The death in battle of young George in 1758 on this New York battlefield made Richard the new viscount and patriarch of the family. Having sailed to sea in 1736, the start of a six-decade career as one of Britain’s foremost combat sailors, Richard had fought in 1760 in 57 naval battles, with many more to come. . He was so distinguished in the Seven Years’ War – known in America as the French and Indian War – that George III, who became king shortly before Britain’s triumphant victory in wrestling, later called Richard his “faithful and beloved cousin”.

William, who received an army commission in 1746, rose to prominence in the same war by leading his troops along an almost vertical cliff during the famous British defeat to the French at Quebec in September. 1759. His brothers and sisters nicknamed him “the Savage”. The Howes fighters emerged from the war as household names in Britain and America. Four Howe brothers would sit in Parliament.

In December 1774, Caroline started a three-month series of sociable chess games at her Grafton Street townhouse against Benjamin Franklin, then an agent of colonial interests in London. It has become the conduit of the British government’s latest efforts to prevent bloodshed in America. Nothing came of the efforts, but Franklin, who quickly sailed home to join the revolutionaries, confessed: “I never conceived a higher opinion of a woman’s discretion and excellent understanding on such a short acquaintance. “

When the American Rebellion turned into a shooting war in 1775, the crown turned to Richard and William, now Vice-Admiral and Major General, respectively. Forced to patrol a 1,000-mile U.S. coastline, escort supply and troop transports across the North Atlantic, and support British Army operations, Richard made the most of an evil spell in fighting the American corsairs and, soon enough, the French warships allied with the rebels.

Flavell’s effort to resuscitate William’s military reputation is a heavy burden. General Howe commanded the bloody British catastrophe on Bunker Hill in June 1775, which left at least 226 dead in red tunics, and he was the commander responsible for the British defeats 18 months later at Trenton and Princeton. More damning, William contributed to Britain’s strategic inconsistency with a winding campaign against Philadelphia in 1777 that was totally disconnected from a simultaneous exit from Canada to the Hudson River – the prelude to America’s dizzying triumph at Saratoga. He was very guilty of Britain’s abominable treatment of American prisoners, thousands of whom died of starvation, disease and neglect.

By the time William was recalled to England in 1778 (he had asked to leave), followed a few months later by Richard, the prospect of a British victory had all but disappeared. Five more years of war under different senior commanders would prove the point. At home, the Howe brothers were bombarded with silly claims that they were war profiteers, or rebel sympathizers, or lame in their war – an accusation that would baffle Americans whose men were being bayed, women raped and the burnt towns. The Howes retaliated in parliamentary hearings, pamphlet salvage and oral argument in the living room. But, as one reviewer noted, “the fault must be laid somewhere on the failure of a business that was seen as impossible to fail.” Walpole simply concludes: “The Howes are not in fashion.

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