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6 things to own if you vibrate with Elena Gilbert from The Vampire Diaries


The only way to find your Daman Salvatore is to bring out the Elena Gilbert in you. Here are 6 fashion pieces to own to rock Elena’s cozy country style.

6 things to own if you vibrate with Elena Gilbert from The Vampire Diaries

Mystical Falls have witnessed so many unnatural things, from vampires to hybrids, but something that kept this ground on earth exploding-free were the lovely people who live there. One of them is certainly the pretty innocent girl Elena who then morphed into a discordant vampire and changed her boyfriend from Stefan to Daman, but her style has remained pretty much that of a sophisticated mystery girl with a calm and comfortable nature. Here are 6 things you should have to eppy’s style.

Ankle boots

With danger signs everywhere and putting your life on the line every minute, sandals or heels wouldn’t help you run at vampire speed. Her usual choices were sneakers, converse shoes, or ankle boots and you can see her donning ankle boots a lot more than anything else.

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Bootcut jeans

We’re sure Elena’s wardrobe is filled with bootcut jeans in all shades of blue and black. We think it was the only comfort element she had in her life.

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Long-sleeved cotton t-shirts

She paired her bootcut jeans with relaxed long sleeve tops and we think it was a better match than Stefan and Elena. She preferred tops with a deep V-neckline or plunging U-neck and ones that matched her slender figure perfectly.

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Black jacket

Her layering game got stronger from the second season until then, we could see her sporting a black jacket every time she walked out of her house and disobeyed someone who was trying to save her life by risking it. their.

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We really don’t know how she managed to finish her college days and secure a place at a medical college amid all the chaos that surrounded her, but we have bookmarked the sling she brought. at his school in the first few episodes.

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A simple pendant

Eleana had neither the time nor the interest to accessorize herself with heavy jewelry and matching fashion pieces. She has always kept it minimal and aesthetic with simple yet elegant necklaces.

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Also let us know in the comments what you think of Elena’s style.

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