With waste becoming an alarming problem for the environment, sustainability has become a big (and urgent) movement, especially in the fashion industry.

As major global brands take steps to adopt environmentally friendly practices, small local businesses are more aware of their environmental impact and are taking a ‘slow fashion’ approach, recycling waste, dead stock and waste. discarded fabrics for their designs.

To look stylish while helping Mother Earth? It sounds like a win-win for us. If you want to advocate for a more sustainable future in fashion while supporting local designers, here are five awesome brands to check out:

PROJECT. (@ project.jectph)

Enhance your everyday outfits with PROJECT bobs, made from recycled flour sacks. These are available in a few colors (showing the original design of the bags), with small and large brim variants. If the standard circumference of the hats is too small for you, they will also respond to custom orders. Visit her Shopee page to buy.

Pride (@ pride)

This forward-thinking streetwear brand is known for its commitment to sustainability in fashion. A new collection, which will be released soon, will feature pieces crafted entirely from panels of fabric printed on the trial run and cutouts from sweater and t-shirt productions. In true Proudrace style, expect reverse stitching, contrast stitching, strategic panels and fun graphics. Follow his Instagram page for updates.

Atomic rework (@atomicrework)

An offshoot of It’s Vintage Vintage, a popular pre-loved clothing supplier based in Manila, Atomic Rework takes vintage t-shirts and breathes new life into them by transforming them into strappy tops and form-fitting corsets, which are one-of-a-kind pieces, which means that they are literally singular unique garments. Visit to shop.

Alyanna Ferrer (@alyannaferrer)

This young designer takes clothes from stock and re-imagines them as stylish and modern wardrobe staples. Key pieces in Volume 1 of her debut ‘Reissue’ collection feature neat cuts and masculine silhouettes, as seen on a mixed denim blazer, two-tone chore jacket, paneled polo shirt, and more. Consult the complete catalog at

RIOtaso (@riotasoclothing)

From dresses and dungarees to bags and hats, the brand champions sustainability by taking discarded fabrics and transforming them into stylish fashion pieces. If you love a funky patchwork print moment, RIOtaso’s style might just pique your interest. Go to and browse. Additionally, there is an ongoing clearance sale with selected parts up to 60% off.

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