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3.1 Phillip Lim Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Showing off a much-wanted pair of white denim trousers with a paper high waist and full legs at his Great Jones store this morning, Phillip Lim said: ‘No one needs us to make another pair of jeans, c ‘is denim out of context.’ Out of context is kind of shorthand for this collection and for Lim’s design philosophy in general. He makes clothes for real life (hence why he has off the catwalk three years ago), but there’s usually an element of surprise that elevates his clothes above the everyday.He’s used the same white denim (and acid-wash shades of pineapple and periwinkle) for dresses with lace-trimmed straps. “At the end of the day, it’s a textile, we can design anything,” he added. same irreverent way for an off-the-shoulder top and another with a cutout on the chest. takes away.

The suit follows the body or takes on boyish and oversized proportions, while it uses pleated recycled polyester for two dress silhouettes, one with a subtle hourglass shape and the other with a more generous flared volume. He likes to give his customers options, but the offer is smaller than in previous seasons. It’s strategic. “Do less, mean more,” he said, also pointing to the tote bags he constructs with scraps of strips of different-colored leather or weaving from leftover ribbons.

Lim had other news today beyond this Spring 2023 collection. Those who follow his personal Instagram account learned that he was involved behind the scenes with the upcoming Disney+ show. chinese born american, a genre story based on a graphic novel of the same name that will explore the underdog’s teenage years; he costumed one of his superhero characters. “The genre, he says, is our thing.”

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