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Texan style expert reflects on Virgil Abloh’s legacy – “Symbol of a movement”

AUSTIN (KXAN) – To sum up, Virgil Abloh’s influence on the luxury fashion industry would be next to impossible, said Michelle Washington, an Austin-based television style expert. But through his pioneering work as a leading black designer in the luxury menswear world, Washington said he has left an indelible mark on the field and emerging artists.

“He made black people dream,” she said. “He opened this door to dream again. And that was for a marginalized part of the community, where opportunities may or may not have been available. But here Virgil was a breaker of glass ceilings.

Abloh was an American fashion designer known for his work as the artistic director of the Louis Vuitton menswear collection and as the founder and CEO of the Off-White fashion house. He died Sunday, at the age of 41, from a 2019 diagnosis of angiosarcoma, a form of cancer.

Abloh made history as the first black designer to take over the artistic direction of a French luxury fashion house, Washington said. Her designs have helped modernize luxury menswear, taking it into the 21st century and beyond, she added.

“He was the symbol of a movement,” she said. “He was the fashion of what we recognize as a designer of modern men’s clothing – practically a trailblazer in all of this, in the only period of his career.”

She credited the “visionary color” and artistry that her designs brought to the Parisian catwalks, and for reinventing designs that could succeed and perform at the luxury level.

Prior to his career in luxury fashion, Abloh obtained degrees in civil engineering and architecture. These elements of his personal history, Washington said, have played into the identity of his designs and his artistic sense of detail.

“He came from a different aspect of building and creating and then he turned to the fashion industry,” she said. “He could see things that others could not see due to his different experience and perspective in the creative realm.”

For emerging creatives and black designers, Washington said his work left a monumental impact and rewrote the possibilities of what could be achieved. Combining her designs and artistic vision with her historic accomplishments as a black designer in luxury fashion, she said the legacy of her work will be felt for generations to come.

“Her mark on the luxury fashion industry will not be erased,” she said. “It will be something that people will mark until the end of time, because of what he could dream and achieve.”

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Fashion brand

This fashion brand creates a futuristic creative hub in its new boutique in Ossington

When you think of the fashion of the future, a lot of metallic hues and structured shapes can come to mind. But clothing brand U3’s new boutique in Ossington suggests that the future of fashion is genderless, sustainable, diverse and collaborative.

These may all sound like buzzwords, but U3 made it clear that they do more than just talk. The brand started out as a consignment on Queen, but the move to the Ossington area was deliberate. “This is more suited to our facility compared to Queen West, where it’s still a bit more commercial compared to a smaller community neighborhood type of vibe,” says Terri Zhang, one of U3’s co-directors.

The idea for their new location at 129 Ossington Ave., which launched in March of this year, was to create a more collaborative establishment. Thus, Mirari x U3 was born.

The lime green storefront stands out among a sea of ​​beige tones across the street, and the interior is equally eye-catching.

“We were thinking about what we can do with the space other than just a clothing store,” says Zhang. “How do you do more for an art collective so that people can actually come in and come together, instead of just coming to spend money? “

The store is divided into three spaces, each a separate “room” with a distinct purpose. Room 1 houses U3 clothing; Room 2 is an outdoor patio, with an opening garage and bar serving alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks depending on the time of day. Room 3 is an old kitchen that the brand has transformed into a showroom for art and other exhibitions.

Zhang says the art and collaboration side (Mirari) and the fashion side (U3) are hosted in the same location for now, but future plans could see Mirari branch out into her own art center, separate from the clothing brand. .

The different axes, from art to fashion, are all linked by a futuristic angle. “Fashion is, in general, very futuristic; we imagine what people would be wearing in 20, 30 or even 50 years, ”says Zhang.

This includes a nanochip hanging earring and a blazer with 3D flower appliques, yes, but it also includes an emphasis on sustainable, non-sexist fashion, with an emphasis on BIPOC and other items. queer artists.

“All items are unisex. If you go to the clothing section, there is no men’s or women’s section, ”they say. “You don’t have to go to a specific section to find a part that’s right for you.”

Zhang says it was a no-brainer to make sure all the artists they work with are BIPOC and queer. “We the owners are BIPOC and / or gay ourselves, so we wanted to use our platform to raise voices that weren’t heard enough in the fashion world and the art world in the world. broad sense “, they say.

U3 also makes it a point of honor to collaborate with local brands that they love and that offer recycled and handmade items. “We’re also doing something called the U3 remake; we recreate some of the pieces of these brands in collaboration with the artists, ”explains Zhang.

They explain that the new showcase is constantly finding new uses for the space, such as a sweatshop and a live performance event a week ago. “We still have the clothing and fashion element, and we’re adding more events and potentially artist networking events soon, to add more flavor to the art collective,” said Zhang.

Mirari x U3 is open every day from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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Fashion style

Law Roach on his strength in fashion, Style Influencer Award FNAA 2021 – Footwear News

On November 30, Law Roach will be honored as Style Influencer of the Year at the 35th Annual FN Achievement Awards. Below is an article from the print issue of the November 29 magazine.

For a non-model, Law Roach makes modeling easy. It’s a late afternoon in New York and I quietly walk up a flight of stairs to a photoshoot at Grand Marnier, where Roach climbs a ladder with one foot on a step and the other protruding. He wears a black and white houndstooth coat and puffy skirt with spectacular platform heel boots. His hair is in braids and beads, which clicks between clicks as he strikes a new pose.

“I like the way you move after each shot. I usually have to tell people to do it, ”explains the photographer.

Clearly, Roach is a pro. He’s been in 30 cover sessions this year alone, despite being typically behind the biggest celebrities in camera-style entertainment. “I was also a judge on ‘America’s Next Top Model’ for two seasons, so I know,” he jokes.

The stylist partnered with the French cognac house to throw a party in Manhattan and was capturing content for the company before guests arrived. One would expect anxious energy before such an event, but Roach exudes calm. He is playful, drinks the prop drinks behind the bar. He is no stranger to this type of setting: before his foray into the world of fashion, he was a bartender in Chicago.

The day is a glimpse into Roach’s busy life, entering a new phase. It’s not often that stylists are talked about in the same breath as their clients, but its impact on fashion is undeniable.

Law Roach in a blazer, tank top, jeans and platform boots by Rick Owens; shot exclusively for FN.

CREDIT: Sage Est

Right roach

Law Roach in a blazer, tank top, jeans and platform boots by Rick Owens; shot exclusively for FN.

CREDIT: Sage Est

Many are familiar with Roach’s work with Zendaya. Over the past decade, the two have created countless red carpet stunners together, cementing her as a fashion icon – a title she won at the CFDA Fashion Awards this month. And Roach remembers every look.

“I firmly believe that the universe is putting me in people’s lives exactly when this is supposed to be happening,” he said. “When Zendaya and I started our journey, it was all about being a chameleon. Her style isn’t having a style, it’s being able to do what she wants when she wants to do it. think it’s a trend that I was at the forefront of.

Roach became known for his ability to disrupt. As he puts it, “You’re not going to call Law Roach if you just want to wear a pretty black dress,” he said. “I was at the forefront of vintage on the red carpet, [for example]. It showed me that I have influence, that I am influential in this way. “

Aside from Zendaya, Roach has designed the images of stars such as Priyanka Chopra, Anya Taylor-Joy, Lewis Hamilton, Halsey and Tiffany Haddish. And even when he’s no longer working with a client, Roach said the plan is already set for the next person to come. Hence its self-proclaimed title “image architect” (which is a registered trademark, by the way).

“Stylists, we are the ones who move [trends]. We are the ones who take something from
trail to real life. And I think we should get more credit for that, ”he explains. Designer Tommy Hilfiger seems to agree: “Law has an exceptional eye. He is a master storyteller and every detail of his work is well thought out. What sets him apart is that he’s not afraid to take risks with fashion and he does so in a way that is authentic and unique to each client he works with. He is a genius of style.


The next day we’re back on set as Roach prepares for his FN cover shoot. Just five years ago, he was here behind the scenes, helping to direct Zendaya’s cover moment to mark the launch of his shoe line in 2016.

His new position in front of the camera is a testament to Roach’s evolution and work ethic.

Law Roach, FN, Cover

Law Roach covers the November 29 print issue of FN.

CREDIT: Sage Est

“I’m a born hustler,” he said of his early days in fashion, where he traveled to New York from Chicago, pretending to be local so as not to miss out on opportunities. “I wanted people to say my name like the best one to ever do. And that’s what I was working towards. I didn’t know how I was going to get there. I didn’t have a clear plan. I just wanted to be the best.

Her days are now similar to those of a sleep-deprived new mom. He gets up at 3 a.m. about four days a week, works with clients and takes on a new position in London that he hasn’t been able to disclose. Then he goes back to bed around 6 or 7 a.m., only to wake up at 9 a.m., when his LA office opens.

This work, while exhausting, is fuel for Roach.

“I still have a lot of passion for what I do. I don’t think who I am as a person – what I look like, being a black man – has never existed in this world on this level. So I hope that my presence leaves room for other people who are like me. It’s the biggest motivation for me to work as I work, ”he said.

And he made room – literally – at the Met Gala this fall, when Hamilton tasked Roach with hosting a table filled with black talent. This included Roach, designers Kenneth Nicholson and Edvin Thompson, stylist Jason Rembert and others.

“The beautiful thing about that night was that the whole was greater than the sum of the parts. This moment had all these blacks in a space that just opened up for us. And it was powerful, it was Black and it was strong, ”Roach said.

During our interview, Roach referred to another up-and-coming black shoe designer, Sunni Sunni, as someone he admires and supports – at his own expense.

“Law Roach has been amazing to me since starting Sunni Sunni and had a big impact on my show,” said designer and founder Sunni Dixon, who was also on FN 2021’s Emerging Talent list.

In this business, anyone of influence is usually sent a free product, but for Roach it was important to pay for Sunni Sunni shoes.

“We can use social media and stand up for someone, but if you’re not really using your influence to change people’s economic status, then that doesn’t really mean to me,” he said. “Where I’m from, you kept your money under your mattress. I didn’t understand how to have a real, genuine relationship with money. Now I am becoming more financially literate. And as much as I’m learning, I want to be able to teach it to other people who are like me.


Back on the set of FN, Roach impresses the photographer. Beyoncé plays in the background and he gives Michael Jackson a foot in a 10-pound Marc Jacobs look paired with a Mary Janes platform. “I’m different,” Roach laughs.

Law Roach, Fnaa

Law Roach in an overcoat, puffer jacket, sequined tunic, pants, sunglasses and platform Mary Janes, all signed Marc Jacobs.

However, the work doesn’t stop even when it’s its time to shine. While filming, a young man (who may or may not be our new favorite webslinger) calls Roach on Facetime. “It’s beautiful, you look fmind blowing cking, ”I hear Roach say. (Later that night, one of his clients, Tom Holland, attended the 2021 GQ Men of the Year Awards in a costume Roach would likely describe as “fmind blowing cking. “)

The balance between being a stylist and creating your own brand is not easy. In fact, Roach is still trying to figure it out. “At the heart of who I am, I’m in the service industry,” he says. “I always have to come up with the mindset that doing something for me can’t interrupt the service I’m paid for, because that’s what pays my bills.”

That’s not to say his aspirations aren’t greater than ever.

Roach’s agent and Only Agency CEO Kent Belden said it was only a matter of time that his success as a stylist would lead to a range of opportunities. “I am constantly impressed with his dedication to fostering emerging talent and using his influence to inspire a new generation of talent,” said Belden. “Right now, the name Law Roach is synonymous with big names in fashion, and that’s just the beginning of its legacy.”

Roach dreams of becoming a Creative Director and ultimately wants his own lifestyle brand that covers everything from shoes to food. More immediately, however, a natural transition takes place through collaborations with brands.

“I’m going through the process to become more audience oriented and that’s something I understand,” he said. “I’m having fun, I’m going to make mistakes. I don’t want to fail. I get comments that what I do makes people happy and it makes me happy so I’m able to just make people feel something.

For more photos of Law Roach from the FN cover photo shoot, click the gallery.

Hair by Antoinette Hill
Makeup by Amber Amos
Stylized by Law Roach FN
Style Director Shannon Adducci
Wardrobe by Posh McKoy

For 35 years, the annual FN Achievement Awards – often referred to as the “Shoe Oscars” – have celebrated fashion stars, top brand stories, ardent philanthropists, emerging talent and industry veterans. The 2021 event is supported by main sponsor Nordstrom, as well as Authentic Brands Group, FDRA, Informa, On and Wolverine Worldwide.

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In the sweet private life of Virgil Abloh with his wife Shannon

For many in the fashion world, Virgil Abhol, 41, was a maverick, a fashion underdog who became famous for his headlining catwalks. Nicknamed the “Karl Lagerfeld for Millennials,” he rose from relative obscurity to the height of his art. He hung out with the coolest kids, hung out with his best friend Kanye West, ‘smashed’ fashion weeks, disrupted the industry and founded one of the world’s hottest streetwear brands, Off-White – a brand which has become as famous for its hoodies and t-shirts as its huge social media success. In 2018, he became the first African-American artistic director of French men’s fashion Louis Vuitton.

The shock news of the death of the 41-year-old cardiac angiosarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer, sent reverberations into the fashion world last night. “We are devastated to announce the passing of our beloved Virgil Abloh,” said his wife of 12 years, Shannon Abloh. a statement on the creator’s Instagram page. “He has chosen to endure his battle in private since his diagnosis in 2019, undergoing many difficult treatments. He is also survived by his children Lowe Abloh and Gray Abloh, his sister Edwina Abloh and his parents Nee and Eunice Abloh.

Virgil Abloh appears at the end of his Spring / Summer 2019 collection for Off-White during Men’s Fashion Week in Paris. That same year, he was diagnosed with cancer which killed him at age 41.
Shannon Abloh (above) met her husband at school and lived in Chicago while working in Paris.
Shannon Abloh (above) met her husband at school and lived in Chicago while working in Paris.
Christopher Peterson / SplashNews

As the news spread around the world tributes came from afar, with prominent friends including Pharrell Williams, Victoria Beckham and Kanye paying their respects. But if her fashion career was filled with stars, her family life was quite the opposite. Born in Rockport near Chicago, Abloh was the son of Ghanaian immigrant parents. Her father worked in a painting company and her mother, Eunice, as a seamstress. She taught Abloh to use a sewing machine, and at a young age he started designing t-shirts.

<a class=Designer Virgil Abloh, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid and Karlie Kloss in the Off-White runway finale for Paris Fashion Week.” class=”wp-image-20305788″ srcset=” 2048w, 1536w, 1024w, 512w” sizes=”(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px”/>
Designer Virgil Abloh, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid and Karlie Kloss in the Off-White runway finale for Paris Fashion Week.
Getty Images

He met his childhood sweetheart Shannon (née Sundberg) while they were both still in school. The couple later moved to Wisconsin where Shannon studied management and marketing at Edgewood College and Abhol began a civil engineering degree at the University of Wisconsin at Madison before studying for a master’s degree in architecture at the ‘Illinois Institute of Technology.

Abloh and Kanye West (middle, with ex-wife Kim Kardashian) were frequent artistic collaborators.
Abloh and Kanye West (middle, with ex-wife Kim Kardashian) were frequent artistic collaborators.
Better picture / BACKGRID

Virgil rarely spoke of his wife in interviews, but there was never any doubt how strong their bond was. According to reports, after a 10-year courtship, Abloh decided to ask the question but realized he would have to get creative to take her by surprise. He asked her if she could drive with him to the airport for a work trip as she normally did and as they swapped the driver’s seats he caught her completely off guard and got down on his knees. . “I was completely surprised – I couldn’t believe it! Shannon said at the time.

Shannon Abloh was often seated in the front row of her husband's shows.
Shannon Abloh was often seated in the front row of her husband’s shows.
Matteo Prandoni /

The couple married in 2009 at the Chicago Four Seasons, the same year Abloh decided architecture wasn’t for him after all and found an internship job with fashion label Fendi. It was a big family wedding, Abloh would have left most of the arrangements to the bride, while playing a “supporting role”. The bride wore ivory-colored Amsales and purple-blue shoes, the groom wore a tuxedo and white tie, and the couple sat at different guest tables for each course to make sure they were chatting with all of their people. family and friends. During the ceremony, the couple read each other special emotional promises. “The funny thing is that we wrote them separately – and we didn’t share them with each other – but they were very similar! Shannon told the bridal magazine Inside Weddings at the time.

Virgil Abloh and his wife Shannon chat backstage at the Off-White Menswear Fall / Winter 2019-2020 show.
Virgil Abloh and his wife Shannon chat backstage at the Off-White Menswear Fall / Winter 2019-2020 show.
Getty Images

Recalling her husband’s wedding speech, she said, “His words were so heartfelt and heartfelt. He made everyone laugh, cry and smile… this is the moment I was dying to see on our wedding video. Virgil humbly added that one of the best parts of marriage was the people who helped make it happen: “The stress and tension never got past their high spirits. More than anything, this is what created the most special night of our life, and we are so grateful. “

Flowers are seen outside the Off-White flagship store in London.
Flowers are seen outside the Off-White flagship store in London.
Getty Images

Throughout Virgil’s meteoric rise, Shannon, 41, has remained largely out of the spotlight. She was however a strong supporter of her husband’s career, attending shows and red carpet events, later with their two young children, son Gray and daughter Lowe. As her career followed a different, more conventional path – she first worked as a media planner for Yahoo, then later as a program manager for Monster – she continued to be a front row fixture at all of her shows. .

Abloh standing between his sister Edwina (left) and Shannon for Louis Vuitton Men's Spring / Summer 2019 <a class=Fashion Show.” class=”wp-image-20305805″ srcset=” 1023w, 682w, 341w, 1024w” sizes=”(max-width: 682px) 100vw, 682px”/>
Abloh standing between his sister Edwina (left) and Shannon for Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring / Summer 2019 Fashion Show.
Getty Images

The family was based primarily in Chicago, with Abloh commuting, racking up formidable airline miles. If integrating family life into Vuitton’s men’s fashion direction was a balancing act, he never showed it. His private life was basically a closed book. “I don’t want to be a celebrity designer,” he once said. “I want to keep my personal life out of this.” He was famous for his formidable work ethic – it is said that he never sat in place, refused to have a desk, and did all of his work on the go by iPhone. But despite this, his lifestyle at millions of miles an hour seemed to be taking its toll. Under the orders of a doctor, the creator announced in 2019 that he was taking three months of leave and public appearances. “I’m changing gears,” he said at the time.

Shannon Abloh poses with her children Gray and Lowe, both under five, for the Off-White Menswear Fall / Winter 2019/2020 show.
Shannon Abloh poses with her children Gray and Lowe, both under five, for the Off-White Menswear Fall / Winter 2019/2020 show.
Corbis / Getty Images

Shannon’s post on her husband’s Instagram page describes him as a “fiercely devoted father, husband, son, brother and friend.”

The unwavering loyal support of his wife and family has undoubtedly been the key to his success. “Through it all, his work ethic, endless curiosity and optimism have never wavered,” said the tribute. “Virgil was motivated by his dedication to his craft and his mission to open doors for others and create pathways for greater equality in art and design. He would often say, “Everything I do is for the 17-year-old version of myself”, deeply believing in the power of art to inspire future generations.

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Fashion brand

Emerging brand pop-up opens on Oxford Street

As part of Westminster City Council’s ongoing pop-up strategy, the organization announced the opening of a new store, The Collect, focused on inclusive and sustainable fashion.

Open until January 24, the new store will be the “biggest and most daring pop-up to date”, after the opening of 13 properties located in the area linked to the device put in place to increase foot traffic. retail businesses.

The Collect, installed between Marble Arch and Oxford Circus tube stations, showcases eight emerging brands selected for their role in inspiring change within the industry. Within the assortment, brands represent fluid fashion, social justice, conscious production and the use of innovative materials. Each displays a “passion for sustainability” and challenges conventional standards set by fashion.

Bleaq is one of the brands included in the range, made up of a community of designers who use their work as a platform for social and environmental action. The seller Depop Archive Six is ​​also present, specializing in rare used and vintage finds.

Additionally, artist Carson Parkin-Fairley designed an immersive art installation at the entrance to the store, using vibrant colors to try and encourage visitors to take photos.

The pop-up cohort, launched in partnership with New West End Company and James Andrew International, aims to increase footfall in the region and diversify its retail offering, after a two-thirds drop in traffic following the pandemic. Launched in May, the pop-up program uses vacant retail space for small businesses, local start-ups and emerging creative talent to showcase in the region.

The West End has now seen a 20% increase in attendance since September, according to a statement, when it said November 12 was busier than before the covid for turning on its Christmas lights.

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Fashion designer

Fashion designer Virgil Abloh dies at 41 after private battle with cancer: NPR

Designer Virgil Abloh died on Sunday at the age of 41 after battling a rare form of cancer. The founder of the Off-White label and artistic director of men’s fashion Louis Vuitton was known as a visionary.


Fashion designer Virgil Abloh has died from a rare form of cancer. He was a luminary. He founded the Off-White label. He was artistic director of Louis Vuitton men’s fashion and made streetwear into haute couture. Earlier this morning, I spoke to Karen Grigsby Bates of NPR.

Hello, Karen.


KING: So he was quite different from a lot of fashion designers, wasn’t he?

BATES: It was. I spoke with Booth Moore. She is the West Coast editor of Bible Women’s Wear Daily magazine, devoted to the fashion industry. And she pointed out that Abloh was a pioneer. She says her entry into fashion was unique.

BOOTH MOORE: You know, he grew up on pop culture, not through traditional design channels. And he was very good at bridging the gaps between different disciplines. He was a DJ himself and, you know, had huge success on social media before he got into fashion. And so, he really changed the image of what a fashion designer should be.

BATES: He also had degrees in civil engineering and architecture. And Moore said that due to this non-linear entry into fashion, Abloh is a huge source of inspiration for young creatives.

KING: And what was it like?

BATES: Well, with his company Off-White, Virgil Abloh was one of the first to embrace streetwear and the streetwear crossover in fashion. Others would follow eventually, but he was way ahead of them. Here is Booth Moore again.

MOORE: He had that kind of clever way of labeling things in his line where, you know, that would be the actual name of the thing like a shoe or a hoodie. And so, you know, it created this mystique around the objects.

KING: He also had a very close professional relationship with Kanye West and Jay-Z, and those collaborations were incredibly important. Tell us why.

BATES: Yes, collaboration was really one of the guidelines of his work. He merged pop culture with high fashion, and he drew a lot of his influences from what young people wore and were interested in. Abloh’s has collaborated not only with celebrities, but with companies like Nike, Evian, fancy outerwear company Moncler. He designed furniture for IKEA and had a major exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery in London with artist Takashi Murakami, whose work is saturated with references to pop culture. I mean, he was everywhere.

KING: He was everywhere. IKEA – I had no idea. What do you think Mr. Abloh will ultimately be remembered for?

BATES: I asked Booth Moore about it, and she responded immediately.

MOORE: Virgil has been a catalyst for much of what is now expected of the industry and what it’s slowly approaching.

BATES: And, you know, Noel, the New York Times says that Virgil Abloh’s role at LVMH, I quote, “made him the most powerful black executive in the most powerful luxury group in the world.” In an industry still grappling with race and diversity, his death will leave a huge void that will be really hard to fill.

KING: Karen Grigsby Bates, senior correspondent for NPR’s Code Switch podcast. Thanks Karen.

BATES: You’re welcome.


Copyright © 2021 NPR. All rights reserved. See the terms of use and permissions pages on our website at for more information.

NPR transcripts are created within an emergency time frame by Verb8tm, Inc., an NPR entrepreneur, and produced using a proprietary transcription process developed with NPR. This text may not be in its final form and may be updated or revised in the future. Accuracy and availability may vary. The authoritative recording of NPR’s programming is the audio recording.

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Fashion style

35 Nordstrom Cyber ​​Monday 2021 Fashion and Beauty Deals

The products in this story are independently selected and presented in an editorial manner. If you make a purchase using these links, we may earn a commission.

While Black Friday tends to get more attention for its huge discounts, Cyber ​​Monday usually has better deals by slashing already discounted prices even further. Plus, these double discounts often start to add up. before Monday is coming – and that’s exactly what’s happening at Nordstrom right now. The Nordstrom Cyber ​​Monday 2021 sale dropped on Saturday, and it’s even better than we imagined.

For style buffs, there’s no better place to turn for designer offers than Nordstrom. With its wide variety of high-end designers like Tory Burch, Rag & Bone and Rebecca Minkoff, as well as some of our favorite everyday brands like Madewell, Free People and Ugg, Nordstrom is our go-to for all things fashion. . And for Cyber ​​Monday 2021, Nordstrom picked up more than 27,000 women’s clothing, footwear, accessories and beauty items.

Until November 30, from the comfort of your sofa, you can get up to 50% off fashion finds from top brands like Ray-Ban, Sam Edelman, Nike and Zella. Spanx leggings – which are loved by celebrities like Oprah and Jennifer Garner – are 20% off (and sure to sell), Tory Burch and Coach handbags are hundreds of dollars, this Kate Spade shoulder bag is halfway (yes, really!), and this Sam Edelman puffer jacket is down 40%. You’ll also find big price reductions on favorite beauty products from Charlotte Tilbury and Laura Mercier, as well as home items like Barefoot Dreams blankets and Voluspa candles.

If you’ve missed out on the biggest Nordstrom Black Friday deals you’ve been craving, don’t worry: Cyber ​​Monday is here, and it’s bringing a slew of new sales to go crazy. But just like Friday, Nordstrom’s Cyber ​​Monday sale is in high demand, so don’t wait for items that catch your eye. Below, browse the 31 best deals on clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories, beauty finds, and home goods.

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Fashion designer

Fashion designer Virgil Abloh has died aged 41

NEW YORK (AP) – Virgil Abloh, a leading designer whose revolutionary fusions of streetwear and haute couture made him one of the most famous taste designers in fashion and beyond, has died of cancer. He was 41 years old.

Abloh’s death was announced on Sunday by luxury group LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy) and Abloh’s own brand Off-White, which he founded in 2013. Abloh was the artistic director of men’s fashion for Louis Vuitton, but its pervasive and friendly presence in the culture was broad and vibrant. Some have compared him to Jeff Koons. Others hailed him as the Karl Lagerfeld of his generation.

“We are all shocked after this terrible news. Virgil was not only a designer of genius, a visionary, he was also a man with a beautiful soul and great wisdom ”, declared Bernard Arnault, Chairman and CEO of LVMH, in a press release.

A statement from Abloh’s family on the creator’s Instagram account said Abloh was diagnosed two years ago with cardiac angiosarcoma, a rare form of cancer in which a tumor occurs in the heart.

“He has chosen to wage his battle in private since his diagnosis in 2019, undergoing many difficult treatments, while leading several important institutions that span fashion, art and culture,” the statement said.

In 2018, Abloh became the first black artistic director of men’s clothing at Louis Vuitton in the rich history of the French design house. A first-generation Ghanaian American whose mother a seamstress taught him to sew, Abloh had no formal training in fashion but had an engineering degree and a master’s degree in architecture.

Abloh, who grew up in Rockford, Illinois, outside of Chicago, was often considered a Renaissance man in the fashion world. He moonlighted as a DJ. But in no time, he became one of the most acclaimed fashion designers. Abloh called himself “a creator”. He was named one of Time magazine’s most influential people in 2018.

In 2009, Abloh met Kanye West – now called Ye – while working at a screen printing store. After he and Ye interned together at LVMH brand Fendi, Abloh was Ye’s creative director. Abloh was artistic director of Ye-Jay-Z’s 2011 album “Watch the Throne”, for which Abloh was nominated for a Grammy.

Abloh’s work with West has served as a model for future cross-border collaborations that combine high and low. With Nike, he teamed up with his label Off-White for a line of frenzied sneakers remixed with a variety of Helvetica styles and fonts. Abloh has also designed furniture for IKEA, refillable bottles for Evian and Big Mac boxes for McDonald’s. His work has been exhibited at the Louvre, the Gagosian and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.

Abloh’s death stunned the entertainment world. Actor Riz Ahmed said on Twitter that Abloh “stretched the culture and changed the game.” Fashion designer Jeff Staple wrote: “You taught us all to dream. Pharrell Williams called Abloh a “kind, generous and thoughtful creative genius.”

Abloh took what he called a “3% approach” to fashion – that a new design could be created by modifying a 3% original. Critics have said Abloh is more brilliant at repackaging than creating something new. But Abloh’s style was also self-aware – quotes were a trademark to him – and noble.

“In my mind, streetwear is tied to Duchamp,” Abloh told The New Yorker in 2019. “It’s that idea of ​​the ready-made. I’m talking about the Lower East Side, New York. It’s like hip-hop. It’s sampling. I take James Brown, I cut him, I make a new song. “

The stars lined up to be dressed by Abloh. Beyoncé, Michael B. Jordan, Kim Kardashian West, Timothée Chalamet and Serena Williams wore her clothes.

Abloh’s Off-White label, in which LVMH acquired a majority stake earlier this year, has made him an arbiter of cool. But his Louis Vuitton appointment took Abloh to the top of an industry in which he was once a rambling underdog – and made Abloh one of the most powerful black executives in a historically closed fashion world.

As Abloh prepared for his first menswear show in 2018, he told GQ: “I now have a platform to change the industry.”

“We’re designers, so we can start a trend, we can highlight issues, we can get a lot of people to focus on something, or we can get a lot of people to focus on ourselves,” he said. said Abloh. “I’m not. Interested (the latter). I’m interested in using my platform as a member of a very small group of African American men to design a house, to show people a poetic way.

Abloh is survived by his wife Shannon Abloh and his children, Lowe and Gray.

Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission.

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French fashion

Dancer, singer… spy: the French Pantheon in the spotlight Joséphine Baker | Spying

In November 1940, two passengers board a train in Toulouse for Madrid, then Lisbon. One was a striking black woman dressed in expensive furs; the other supposedly his secretary, a blond Frenchman with mustache and thick glasses.

Joséphine Baker, toast of Paris, the world’s first black female superstar, one of his most photographed women and the highest paid artist in Europe, traveled, openly and in her usual style, like herself – but she was playing a whole new role.

His supposed assistant was Jacques Abtey, a French intelligence officer developing an underground counterintelligence network to gather strategic intelligence and route it to the London headquarters of Charles de Gaulle, where the couple hoped to travel past Portugal.

Apparently, they were on their way to research sites for Baker’s planned tour of the Iberian Peninsula. In reality, they carried secret details of German troops in western France, including photos of landing craft that the Nazis were lining up to invade Britain.

The information was mostly written on the singer’s musical scores in invisible ink, to be revealed with lemon juice. The photographs she had hidden in her underwear. The set was handed over to British agents at the Lisbon Embassy – who informed Abtey and Baker that they would be far more valuable assets in France than in London.

So back in occupied France, Baker duly departed. “She was immensely courageous and totally committed,” Cardiff University professor Hanna Diamond said of Baker, who on Tuesday will become the first black woman to enter the Pantheon in Paris, the mausoleum of “great men” in Paris. France.

Josephine Baker in uniform. Photograph: Hi-Story / Alamy

“There is a lot that we don’t know, and maybe never will know, about the espionage work she did exactly, the secrets she actually passed on,” said Diamond, an expert. from WWII France studying a book on Baker’s wartime exploits.

“Pieces of her life that we know well: the humble beginnings in Missouri, the international sensation of Parisians of the 1920s and 30s, the American civil rights activist, the mother of a multiracial adoptive family… It is not the case of the heroine of the resistance. . “

President Emmanuel Macron ruled this summer that 46 years after her death, Baker would become only the sixth woman to be commemorated at the Pantheon in a ceremony on November 30 – the anniversary of the marriage to Jean Lion that enabled her to acquire French nationality.

Born Freda Josephine McDonald in St. Louis in 1906, Baker left school at age 12 and landed a spot in one of the first all-black musicals on Broadway in 1921. Like many black American performers at the time, she moved to France to escape discrimination.

'The Black Venus': Josephine Baker, 1935.
‘The Black Venus’: Josephine Baker, 1935.
Photograph: MARKA / Alamy

From the choir line of La Revue Nègre, she went on to become a big star, tapping into colonialist, racist and sexist male fantasies in performances that both shocked and delighted audiences and won admirers of Ernest Hemingway to Pablo Picasso.

Nicknamed “the Black Venus”, she danced the Charleston with nothing but a pearl necklace and a skirt made up of 16 rubber bananas, performed with a snake suggestively wrapped around her neck, hurtled down the Champs -Elysées with her pet cheetah and became an international superstar.

Offstage, as the hits and main roles in cinema succeed one another, Baker cultivates a scandalous private life, having adventures with men and women including novelist Colette, architect Le Corbusier and the crown prince. from Sweden.

After the war, she fought for equal rights as vigorously in public as at home, speaking to Martin Luther King during the 1963 March on Washington and adopting 12 children from around the world to live with. she in her castle in the Dordogne.

Joséphine Baker and her husband Jo Bouillon take a walk in the Tuileries in Paris with seven of their adopted children.
Joséphine Baker and her husband Jo Bouillon take a walk in the Tuileries in Paris with seven of their adopted children. Photograph: Bettmann / Getty Images

His wartime espionage activities, however, are – for obvious reasons – rather less reliably documented. Much of what is known, said Diamond, who recently posted an initial extensive essay, primary source on Baker’s war, comes from an Abtey book published in 1948.

“He was a maverick character – a bit of an operator,” she said. “He was telling his own story clearly, championing his own cause, at least as much as he was telling his. He was not, say, disinterested, and it is difficult to trace the original sources to verify his account.

What is certain, however, is that Abtey recruited Baker after meeting her – reluctantly – in late 1939, presented by a patriotic promoter. Determined to show her gratitude to the country that made her and to contribute to the war effort, the star was already performing for Allied troops, and working with refugees for the Red Cross. (Later in the war, she will refuse to play for the Germans).

“She had an unconditional love for France. She wanted to do her part for the country,“Diamant said.” She also intuitively understood the dangers of Nazism. She helped Lion and his Jewish family escape the Germans. She had little formal education, but she associated Nazism with the racism she had known.

Abtey was wary of what Baker could offer and was skeptical of what a female superstar could realistically do. But she convinced him to give her a test, sending her to the Italian Embassy where she extracted sensitive information from an attache and successfully brought it back.

Abtey, who is widely believed to have been the singer’s occasional lover, has become his master. He trained her in basic espionage techniques – invisible ink, handwriting, reverse reading – but soon saw that her true usefulness lay in her magnetic charm and ability to effortlessly switch roles. . She was an artist, and espionage would be her biggest role.

Joséphine Baker, right, as a volunteer with the Free French Women's Air Auxiliaries.
Joséphine Baker, right, as a volunteer with the Free French Women’s Air Auxiliaries. Photograph: Hulton Archives / Getty Images

“It subverts our notion of what espionage is,” Diamond said. “It’s a subterfuge to go under the radar. But here is this huge star, hidden in plain sight. No one suspects her. And above all, she can travel anywhere, and take those around her with her. For Abtey, this is priceless. As much as she is a spy, she is also a spy facilitator.

From the beginning of 1941, this is what Baker did. Instructed by London to base themselves in North Africa, she and Abtey traveled to Morocco. The singer has traveled from Casablanca to Lisbon, Seville, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​giving concerts, attending receptions in her honor, flattering attachés, politicians and envoys – and passing handwritten notes, usually pinned to her bra, to British agents.

For a few months she was seriously ill with blood poisoning, possibly after a miscarriage. But even during his recovery, his hospital room became a place of secret meetings, with diplomats, VIPs and officials summoned to Baker’s bedside where gossip was traded and secrets smuggled.

Joséphine Baker performs on stage for an audience which includes a number of uniformed soldiers, Casablanca, Morocco, 1943.
Joséphine Baker performs on stage for an audience which includes a number of uniformed soldiers, Casablanca, Morocco, 1943. Photograph: PhotoQuest / Getty Images

With North Africa, after the Allied invasion of 1942, now De Gaulle’s operational and administrative springboard, Baker resumed traveling through the region after his recovery, giving concerts for the troops, raising funds for the resistance – and gathering intelligence as it goes. In 1944, she enlisted as a female auxiliary in the air force.

“She absolutely considered herself a soldier,” Diamond said. “She saw what she did as the best, most effective way for her to wage her war. And while there is this cloud of uncertainty about what exactly she conveyed, she certainly conveyed a lot. “

In the end, Diamond said, Baker “realized early on that she could use her fame for a cause. And she did. She took huge risks. She deserved her Legion of Honor – and her Military Cross.

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Best Amazon Black Friday 2021 Deals: 47 Items to Buy Now

Get a head start on your Cyber ​​Week purchases this year with Amazon’s first Black Friday deals. While you could wait until the day after Thanksgiving, why not start now? Figuring out where to start can often be intimidating, but with the Holiday Marketplace hosted by Amazon, you can easily buy all of the gifts on your list. Below is our pick of the best Amazon Black Friday deals already online. From designer denim for him and chic accessories for her to precious shoes for kids, Apple AirPods and everyone’s favorite robot vacuum, here’s a selection of the best Amazon Black Friday first flights to kickstart your Cyber ​​Week holiday shopping. .

Editor’s Note: For Amazon products with a range of different selling prices, we have selected the lowest price for the product displayed.

for her

Amazon’s first Black Friday deals have an abundance of items to update your wardrobe. There’s so much to choose from, including great everyday basics, designer loungewear and back-to-work basics to that fan favorite Marc Jacobs tote bag and even those Ugg slippers that everyone can buy. world is crazy.

Ugg Fluff Yeah Slide Slippers

Image may contain: Clothing, Clothing, Pants, Denim, Jeans, Human, Person, Vest, Coat and Jacket
Image may contain: Clothing, Shorts, Clothing, Pants, Thigh, Human and Person

Alo Yoga High Waist Sports Shorts

Image may contain: Clothing, Sleeve, Clothing, Long Sleeve, Human and Person

Norma Kamali Velvet Boyfriend Blouse

Image may contain: Clothes, Clothing, Pants, Spandex, Human and Person

Yummie faux leather leggings

Image may contain: Cuff and Hoop

Madewell Gold Chunky Hoops

Adidas sweatpants by Stella McCartney

Giuseppe Zanotti Blabber Trainers

Image may contain: Clothing, Clothing, Pants, Denim, Jeans, Human and Person
Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Human, Person, Home Decor, Pants and Skirt

For him

A good pair of weekend jeans, an ultra-soft cashmere cardigan, and a buckled bomber jacket are just a few of the bargains we found during the Amazon Black Friday presale for men. There are also many accessories, from classic Ray-Ban to a majestic Tissot watch.

Ray-Ban Outdoorsman Craft Aviator Sunglasses

Image may contain: Footwear, Clothing, Footwear, Clothing and Suede

Find. Brown suede lace-up boot

Image may contain: Clothing, Clothing, Jacket, Coat and Fleece

Theory Boucle speckled bomber jacket

Tissot Stainless Steel Dress Watch

Cashmere button-down cardigan

Levi’s 501 Original Fit Men’s Jeans

Philips Norelco Multigroom mower series

Image may contain: Clothing, Clothing, Pants, Denim, Jeans, Human and Person
Image may contain: Clothing, Clothing, Jacket and Coat

Marmot waterproof rain jacket

Image may contain: Clothing, Clothing, Shoes and Sandal

Birkenstock Milano Unisex Leather Sandals

For kids

Cute, functional and affordable are the names of the game when it comes to children’s clothing. From flowery sneakers for your toddlers to baby joggers to camo leggings for girls, there’s a lot for kids to love in this first Black Friday sale.

Image may contain: Electronics, Computer and Tablet
Image may contain: Clothing, Sleeves, Clothing, Long Sleeves and Home Decor

Fruit of the Loom Boys’ Waffle Thermal Underwear

Image may contain: Brochure, Paper, Advertising, Flyer and Poster

Just Dance Nintendo Switch

Image may contain: Carpet
Image may contain: Clothing, Clothing, Pants and Tights

Calvin Klein camouflage leggings

Image may contain: Clothes, Clothing, Blouse and Sweater

Amazon Essentials Ruffle Jumper

Burt’s Bees Baby Joggers

Unicorn K Komforme Trainers

Haydendear Toddler Rainbow Stripe Dress

Carter Billie Trainers

For technology lovers

Whether you need to upgrade your headset situation (with AirPods, noise canceling, or both) or buy a new TV, Amazon has you covered. From new Beats and a Roku Streaming Stick, to the latest Roomba vacuum cleaner and every Amazon electronics you can imagine, there is no shortage of electronic and tech gift ideas.

Image may contain: Appliance and Vacuum Cleaner
Image may contain: Projector

Xinteprid Mini Wi-Fi Movie Projector

Image may contain: Human, Person, Electronics, Computer, Cushion and Tablet

Echo Show 5 smart display with Alexa

Eufy self-loading robot vacuum cleaner

Image may contain: screen, electronics, monitor, display, television and television

Bose Quiet Comfort headphones

Image may contain: Electronics, Loudspeaker, and Loudspeaker

For pet owners

We can’t forget your furry friends who deserve a little more love this holiday season. From treats to plush coats and comfy beds, here are a few sale items we’re happy to share with our four-legged kids.

Image may contain: Clothing, Clothing, Coat, Animal, Dog, Mammal, Pet, Canine, and Raincoat
Image may contain: Animal and Pet
Image may contain: Animal, Mammal, Manx, Pet, Cat and Box

Petsafe Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Image may contain: Animal, Dog, Labrador Retriever, Mammal, Pet and Canine
Image may contain: Food, Hot Dog, Bread and Slices

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