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‘Last Night In Soho’ opens at $ 4.16 million on weekends – Specialized box office – Deadline

Edgar wright Last night in Soho is an arthouse film that has opened on 3,000 screens – a gamble in a cinema market where multiplex enthusiasts are primarily looking to big-budget, high-octane studio franchises. (Dune, Halloween kills and No time to Die took the top spots this weekend, an overall sweet where the Halloween parties may have heralded October’s stellar upturn.)

With the exception of Downton Abbey, Focus has hardly ever launched a movie on so many screens, period. Before Covid, he would surely have rolled out the 1960s-themed psychological thriller for weeks on end in a “platform” release starting with the artwork. But the pandemic has blurred the lines of what plays out where. (On the other hand, a lot of struggling arthouse has been welcomed Black Widow, Shang-Chi and Bond.)

Last night – about an aspiring fashion designer mysteriously able to step into the 1960s where she meets a dazzling aspiring singer and a very dark secret – has done best in arthouse theaters including the Alamo Drafthouse chain (run by Brooklyn) and 35mm print cinemas at the Music Box in Chicago, the Village East and BAM in New York, the Belcourt in Nashville, the Coolidge Corner in Boston and the New Beverly in THE. He also performed well in eight AMC cinemas in Dolby, all on the coasts, where Last night doing his best. This has skewed young people, mirroring the audience returning to theaters, with 68% of ticket buyers under 35. No time to die – may have been exaggerated.)

As Deadline reported, Last night grossed $ 4.16 million, which puts it in 6th place and well below the follow-up.

“I’m really happy this movie has hit theaters,” said Lisa Bunnell, Focus Distribution Manager. “We got what we wanted with the film and for Edgar.” The director, a strong supporter of cinema films, is now in the UK to promote Last night after a targeted marketing blitz in the United States.

Focus is not alone, other distributors have made a similar choice as the cinema market struggles to recover. There are several reasons why:

– TV Windows: Focus did not announce the paid video on demand window for Last night but he recently followed a 17-day pattern for his films. Assuming that’s the case here, some theaters would be less willing to show it after this time – so it needs to come out as wide as possible as quickly as possible. “There are different variables. If you’re going to PVOD or streaming for a relatively short period of time, you can’t roll it out on TV and hit theaters at the same time, ”one distributor said.

-Economics: Distributors may get a better return on their initial investment in marketing dollars with greater theatrical sweep, especially if PVOD is not far behind.

-Why not ? : Directors like it. And even the incremental and decreasing round-trip ticket sales of the suburban multiplexes are still in checkout. The wider the aperture, the more people might have heard about the film once it releases in PVOD.

The downside is that the industry thinks about it and says the film didn’t perform well, didn’t perform well and draw conclusions about it based on the opening number. But we live in such a strange time, Bunnell said, that “adult films are no longer traceable. It is no one’s fault. It’s the pandemic. All the means we have used to judge where the films are going, up or down, are less reliable. “

Distributor deadline is every week for Specialty Preview and usually fingers crossed and have no idea how their movies will perform.

“What really matters now is that things get better. Look at the whole month of October. The box office is growing, I think we’re going for a strong holiday season. This is good news, ”Bunnell said.

The specialty sector has released films at a rapidly accelerating pace, with many having taken place since 2020 and releasing strong festivals this year from Cannes to Venice, Telluride, Toronto, London and New York. “We are delighted that the content is on the air. If we don’t get the content, we’ll never get that audience back, ”a distribution manager said.

Other specialty openings: presentation by A24 of Joanna Hogg’s The Remembrance Part II, which posted the highest overall weekend average per screen of $ 26,485, albeit at three theaters in NY and LA. The 2019 drama sequel stars Honor Swinton Byrne and will open up other top markets this weekend ahead of a lengthy theatrical rollout.

(A24 recently had a hit specialty with genre film Lamb, which climbs to $ 2.766 million across 145 screens in week 3.)

The notable vestige was that of Wes Anderson The French dispatch. The Searchlight Pictures film, which posted a super per-screen average of $ 26,000 last weekend in 42 locations – expanded to 788 theaters for a gross amount of $ 2.8 million, gross over three days and an average per screen of over $ 3,500. Cumulative gross after 10 days of publication is $ 4.6 million.

Searchlight said the strongholds opened in week two include the Belcourt in Nashville, Avon in Stamford Ct., Cinema du Parc and the Forum in Montreal, Hillcrest in San Diego, Tower in Sacramento, Avon in Providence, Lagoon in Minneapolis, Piedmont in Oakland and the Pittsburgh Manor.

Next week, it will expand to 1,200 theaters in all remaining medium and small-sized markets, including art houses in New England, Western Massachusetts, and upstate New. York, Raleigh, North Carolina, and central Pennsylvania.

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During the 2nd weekend, “Dune” beat “Last Night in Soho”, “Antlers”

After a record breaking start, the October box office ended quietly this weekend with “Dune” repeating itself at number one and two prominent newcomers to the genre, “Last Night in Soho” and “Antlers”. », Stumbling.

Whether it was Halloween falling on a Sunday, too many new options, or just a lack of enthusiasm, cinematic audiences seemed to have other plans this weekend. Notable exceptions are the latest “My Hero Academia” and Wes Anderson’s new photo “The French Dispatch”.

The first place has always gone to the film by Timothée Chalamet with a larger budget and greater distribution. On its second weekend in theaters, “Dune,” which is also available on HBO Max, grossed an additional $ 15.5 million, the studio estimated on Sunday. Although down 62% from its debut, ticket sales were enough to put it one more week atop the North American charts.

With a production budget of $ 165 million (excluding marketing and promotion), “Dune” has now grossed $ 69.4 million in North America and $ 292.1 million worldwide. Warner Bros. and Legendary last week confirmed plans to move forward with a sequel slated to hit theaters exclusively in 2023.

“Halloween Kills,” on its third weekend, placed second with $ 8.5 million. The penultimate film in this modern trilogy has now grossed $ 115.1 million worldwide.

Edgar Wright’s “Last Night in Soho” opened in sixth place. Airing on 3,016 screens, the elegant thriller distributed by Focus has grossed approximately $ 4.2 million. Thomasin McKenzie stars as a modern fashion student who dreams of the aspiring Anya Taylor-Joy singer in the 1960s more and more realistically at night.

“There are few greater champions of the theatrical experience than Edgar and we couldn’t be prouder that he made Focus his home,” said Lisa Bunnell, Focus Casting President.

Scott Cooper’s “Antlers,” about a mythical beast terrorizing a devastated Oregon town, also won an estimated $ 4.2 million in 2,800 locations. The horror distributed by Searchlight stars Keri Russell and Jesse Plemons.

“Obviously we were hoping for a little more, but we faced off against ‘Last Night in Soho’, another really good genre film,” said Frank Rodriguez, Head of Casting for Searchlight. “Maybe they canceled each other.”

But he’s optimistic for the future as next weekend’s big releases include Princess Diana’s movie “Spencer” and the Marvel epic “Eternals,” and “Antlers” has a different audience.

One of the brightest moments of the weekend was “The French Dispatch,” also distributed by Searchlight, which grew after limited debuts and grossed $ 2.8 million from just 788 total locations. In 10 days of release, he made $ 4.6 million.

“We’re always thrilled about it,” Rodriguez said. “It’s amazing to see arthouse theaters that haven’t seen acts like this for 18 months finally starting to see people come out… We’re helping open the doors to art theaters and test and specialty theaters. “

Although the weekend was muted, October turned into the top-grossing month of the year, with total revenue estimated at around $ 625 million. The previous record came in July with $ 583.8 million. For comparison, total gross revenue before the October 2019 pandemic was around $ 781.6 million and in 2018 was $ 830.8 million.

” Previous

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Patoranking girl shows off her modeling skills as she walks the runway for popular brand at Lagos Nigeria Fashion Week news

  • Wilmer, the daughter of Nigerian singer Patoranking, recently made people gush at her on social media
  • The little girl was spotted as one of the little models who paraded at a fashion event in Lagos
  • Wilmer looked elated to be a part of the fashion show as she was spotted dancing after the event

Patoranking is already introducing his little girl Wilmer to the world of entertainment and it seems the little girl is loving it.

A video showing her walking the runway was seen on social media recently and left many people showering her with compliments.

Wilmer walked the runway for a popular fabric brand during the just concluded Lagos Fashion Week.

The Patoranking girl walks the runway for a popular brand at Lagos Fashion Week. Photos: @patorankingfire, @bellanaijaonline
Source: Instagram

Dressed in a green outfit with white and blue, Wilmer had a ribbon of white flowers around her hair that was wrapped in a big bun.

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The little girl strutted around the track with other kids like her while BBNaija Saskay led her team.

The little girl, however, appeared to be proud of herself when she was spotted dancing at the end of the event. Wilmer was standing with other children who had paraded down the runway to take photos and was seen shaking her body to the music in the background.

It looks like Davido’s Imade has stepped out to support her friend as she was seen in the photo with Wilmer.

Check it out below. Swipe left to see more:

Nigerians shower Wilmer with love




“Babygirl is seriously looking for her daddy.”


“The little white princess doesn’t have it.”


“The one with a red bag isn’t Davido’s first daughter?”


“Wilmer is such a vibe. She’s adorable too.”

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“Saskay n Wilmer. “


“If it’s me … I’m going to scream at the top of my lungs … everyone will even know I’m the mother.”

Saskay walks the runway at Lagos Fashion Week

Saskay made his fans proud by walking for a popular brand at Lagos Fashion Week.

The BBNaija star looked happy and was dancing showing off the ankara mixed outfit and adoring that she was wearing.

Saskay also twirled, showing viewers the beauty and different angles of her incredible outfit.


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Princess Stéphanie: Royal’s style in pictures

Princess Stephanie has ventured into several career paths over the years, from philanthropy to comedy. The 56-year-old has also worked as a fashion designer, and it shows.

While Stephanie always had huge shoes to fill as the daughter of style icon Grace Kelly, she did well.

A follower of sleek cuts, clean cuts, skirt suits, neutral colors and the occasional touch of red, Stephanie has been influenced by her mother’s style choices over the years.

Growing up, Stephanie preferred collared blazers paired with skinny pants, like the striking white ensemble she wore for the Monte Carlo Masters tennis tournament in 2002.

Or, the blue and brown striped blazer with white pants she donned in 1983 when she was pictured with then-boyfriend Paul Belmondo.

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For example, Samantha mentioned the coronation of Prince Albert in 2005, where Stéphanie wore “a tweed skirt suit but it had multicolored fringes”.

She added: “Over the years we’ve seen it in textures like leather, satin, velvet, brocade.

“Although she has been seen outside in a lot of black, the princess is not afraid of color.”

She has been pictured wearing bright colors including orange and purple over the years.

In recent years, Stéphanie has favored more neutral colors, suggesting that her style has evolved into more subtle and less daring designs.

But she’s also not afraid to try something new, like the golden silk robe like a long jacket she wore last year at the Monaco Yacht Club in Monte Carlo.

The princess paired the collared coat with a simple plain white t-shirt and jeans.

Samantha said, “Fashion should be fun and style is an evolutionary journey for many women.

“What you wear in your 30s and 50s can be completely different.

“As we get to know each other, we fall in love with trends, fabrics, colors.

“It’s nice to see someone with the confidence to mix things up and try new trends. “

Samantha added that there are “undeniable similarities” between the way Stephanie dresses and the way her mother dresses.

She said: “Couture is very Grace Kelly, as are some of the necklines that Stephanie seems to have favored over the years.

“As a model, singer and fashion designer over the years, fashion is definitely in the blood. “

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“This is my memory”: the designer from San Antonio reuses materials to create Día de los Muertos ofrenda

Agosto Cuellar applied his signature “rasquache” style to create a colorful, robust and personal tribute to the late artist friends.

SAN ANTONIO – When it comes to creating a Día de los Muertos ofrenda, or altar, the process is as important as the outcome. Choosing what to include are clues to how we remember those who have died, and the way they are placed indicates how to remember those people.

Agosto Cuellar knows a thing or two about the process. It’s the process that fuels the San Antonio artist as he surveys auctions, thrift stores and garage sales for inspiration to create singular clothes and outfits from recycled materials.

“All of these things can be someone’s garbage, but when you put them together it becomes art,” Cuellar said.

His signature “rasquache” style, in which seemingly low-value things are given new life, has taken Cuellar to fashion shows in Paris and New York.

But this month, he’s back home, creating an ofrenda at the Southtown Ruby City Gallery using items and artifacts that pay homage to a handful of San Antonio’s art institutions. It is on display until November 2, the date reserved for Día de los Muertos.

“It’s personal,” Cuellar said of the act of hosting an altar. “You can go anywhere and find stuff, but when you really get to making a personal dedication, it’s about stuff that this person liked, that that person used, that when he was alive, he had it. made you happy. I chose a few things that I think would make them happy and what would honor them and honor their lives.

It only took a few hours on a brisk Saturday morning in Cuellar to conspicuously finish the colorful outdoor ofrenda – complete with flowers, crosses, pan dulce and skull designs – though he was still looking forward to places to make it even more robust. Even when it seems like every inch has been used, Cuellar has found a new place to place a trinket, a figurine, a work of art.

The more you examine Cuellar’s Altar, it seems, the more there is to discover. Front and center are photos of well-known figures in the local art community who have passed away, including Katie Pell and Chuck Ramirez, as well as famous collector and advocate Linda Pace.

Cuellar, himself a staple of the arts in Alamo City for years, adorned these photos with objects that revived his memory. That’s why visitors will spot a pair of heart-shaped ruby ​​red glasses hanging from Pace’s photo (“Linda loved red”); a few boxes of dry vermicelli next to Pell (“She embraced Latina culture, came over and said, ‘I have fideo’”); and a round of sweet sunset-colored snacks sitting by Ramirez (“Chuck, he would love cupcakes, and orange is just the color I remember it was”).

Pushing the hometown dedication even further, Cuellar said everything on display in the ofrenda is from San Antonio, and only San Antonio.

“I tried to relate some things from what I remember to what I know,” Cuellar said. “Sure, other people have other memories of them, but that’s my memory. And that’s how I came to identify all of these things.

Between tinkering with ribbon placement, the designer reflected on how his collaboration with Ruby City comes full circle. To some extent, he can root his artistic personality in his curiosity for these ofrendas and in his grandparents teaching him to create interesting works from existing materials when he was still a young boy. This work will eventually help him realize his dreams of showing his art under the bright lights of Paris and New York.

“I grew up with altars, I think they were part of my culture since I was little,” he said. “My grandmothers on both sides of the family always had altars. Some of them stayed up all year and they weren’t just for the Day of the Dead; they would be ready to honor someone who has passed away, someone from the family. And it always made me curious about what those things meant.

Decades later, Cuellar has been doing this for so long that some of the many pieces he has collected and reused have come down to him instead of the other way around, like a small statue he says was sold to him by a family who spotted him one day at the laundromat.

Nonetheless, he said he bought a few new additions for this particular project, although he had a hard time choosing them. You can imagine why: they’re already part of his collection, transcending what they were in the trash and paying homage to Cuellar’s own inspirations in the process.

“It’s a way of thanking and being grateful for always being there. Because I could very well not be here, and I’m grateful to be standing here and breathing to create something for someone else and give them the honor.

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Jill Biden meets Brigitte Macron in navy animal-print suit and pumps – Footwear News

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Jill Biden’s new set is synonymous with class and elegance.

Dr Biden and French First Lady Brigitte Macron dressed alike in black and navy hues during a meeting at Il Marchese restaurant in Italy. Proving that you can never go wrong with dark pieces, the two ladies matched their respective outfits ahead of the G20 summit in Rome.

Biden opted for a pencil skirt suit with a black animal print. Her outfit was completed with a silver brooch, a navy silk scarf and a pair of navy pumps. Macron also chose a skirt for the occasion with pointed pumps.

US First Lady Jill Biden (right) and French First Lady Brigitte Macron speak outside a restaurant on the sidelines of an upcoming G20 summit in Rome.


One of Biden’s iconic accents involves skirts and dresses of varying lengths. On a recent trip, the first lady wore a flowing navy blue dress with a pair of similarly toned ankle boots. When it comes to his shoe repertoire, Dr. Biden keeps it traditional with basic pieces from high-end designers like Dior, Jimmy Choo and Stuart Weitzman and Prada. She can be spotted in well known labels like Brandon Maxwell and other emerging brands like Jonathan Cohen and Markarian.

US First Lady Jill Biden, center, arrives for a meeting with French First Lady Brigitte Macron on the sidelines of an upcoming G20 summit in Rome on Friday, October 29, 2021. A Group of 20 summit scheduled for this weekend in Rome is the first face-to-face gathering of leaders from the world's largest economies since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.  (AP Photo / Alessandra Tarantino)

The First Lady of the United States, Jill Biden.


French First Lady Brigitte Macron, center, arrives for a meeting with United States First Lady Jill Biden on the sidelines of an upcoming G20 summit in Rome on Friday, October 29, 2021. A Group of 20 summit scheduled this weekend in Rome is the first in-person gathering of leaders from the world's largest economies since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.  (AP Photo / Alessandra Tarantino)

The first lady of France Brigitte Macron.


It looks like Biden’s shoe preference is a classic pump. In another appearance at a local school in the Bronx, New York, the educator wore a fuchsia blazer and a knee-length skirt with a pair of nude pumps.

Discover Jill Biden’s style over the years.

Be chic with a pair of navy blue pumps for fall.

J. Renée

CREDIT: Courtesy of Nordstrom

Buy now: J. Renee Maressa Pointed Toe Pump, $ 69.89

Sam Edelman Navy Blue

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Nina navy blue pumps

CREDIT: Courtesy of Nina

Buy Now: Nina 60 Skin New Navy, $ 89

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Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle’s Favorite Sustainable Fashion Brands

Courtesy / Getty

Queen Elizabeth and her offspring may be known for their fancy dresses, bespoke suits and opulent jewelry, but despite the grandeur, the wardrobes of the British Royal Family are quite eco-friendly. For one thing, almost every member of the royal family is known to repeat outfits, which in itself is sustainable (reduce, reuse, to recycle). Prince Charles hates waste of all kinds and has even tried his own sustainable fashion line. As for Princess Diana, not only has she re-dressed some outfits, but the Princess of Wales has even had a few pieces remade in completely new designs (recycling!). For her wedding day, Princess Beatrice’s dress and tiara were on loan from the Queen’s closet, and she repainted the shoes she wore to William and Kate’s wedding. The late Prince Philip is said to have worn the same pair of black shoes for more than 70 years. And in 2019, the Queen announced that she would no longer wear real fur.

But when it comes to fashion, no royal family is more under scrutiny than Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, both of whom influence style on a global scale. When you see one of them wearing something, it is almost certain that it will sell out immediately. It’s a responsibility the two duchesses take seriously, as they have each used their fashions to make statements about the types of brands they support. Here, find some of Kate and Meghan’s favorite sustainable and ethical fashion brands.

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Beulah London

This ethical London-based brand is behind some of Kate’s most popular looks, like this dress she wore in September 2020. The brand is dedicated to fighting human trafficking and exploitation by work. The Duchess of Cambridge has also been seen wearing other Beulah items including their Yahvi dress and Ahana Blush dress.


Stella mccartney

McCartney is one of Middleton’s most worn designers, and this blue dress is one of the pieces she recycles most often. By focusing on environmentally friendly materials and technologies, as well as a transparent supply chain, Stella McCartney has placed sustainability at the forefront of her mission since the brand’s inception in 2001.


Stella mccartney

Of course, Meghan is also a big fan of Stella McCartney. She’s worn the designer on several occasions, but most notably when she was stunned in a bespoke McCartney gown on her wedding day to Prince Harry. After the dress went viral, McCartney rethought the style using a plant-based textile and made it available to customers.


by Rothy

Meghan has worn these shoes, Rothy’s The Point, on several occasions, such as during her trip with Prince Harry to Melbourne in October 2018. The washable flat shoes are made with recycled materials in Rothy’s sustainable workshop.



The Duchess of Sussex’s closet also holds a fair share of Reformation pieces, including this dress, which she wore during a visit to Fraser Island in October 2018. The Reformation brand was literally founded on sustainability and ethical practices. ; they are already climate neutral and have committed to being climate positive by 2025.


Daniella Draper

Members of the royal family are certainly no strangers to jewelry with special meanings. This is the case of Kate’s Trio Diamond Midnight Moon necklace, which features the first initial of each of her children’s first names, by Daniella Draper. The Duchess of Cambridge favors the necklace and has worn it on several occasions, such as during this appearance in January 2020. From the metals they use to the suppliers they work with, sustainability is a central value at Daniella Draper.



Any royal observer will recognize these sneakers from Veja, which frequently adorn the feet of Meghan, Kate and even Princess Beatrice. The brand participates in fair business practices, transparent supply chains and uses ethically sourced and recycled materials.

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Maggie Marilyn

During a visit to Courtenay Creative in Wellington, Meghan Markle chose an ethically crafted blazer dress from New Zealand designer Maggie Marilyn. The label practices sustainability in multiple ways, including using materials that meet the Global Organic Textile Standard and compostable packaging.



Theory is an American fashion brand beloved (even by the royal family) for its forward-thinking styles, ethical sourcing and sustainable manufacturing. Meghan wore this off-the-shoulder checkered top on a trip to Cardiff Castle.

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Royal Style Watch: From Meghan Markle’s Casual Denim Look To Queen Letizia’s Fishnet Dress

Grace Lindsay

Our favorite royals have been busy this week before Halloween, sporting a wide range of different looks. Queen letizia brought glamor in her semi-sheer fishnet dress, while Meghan markle showcased her casual style in a relaxed shirt and pair of denim jeans.

READ: Meghan Markle looks laid back in denim jeans for her latest appearance

The Duchess of Cornwall looked as stylish as ever in a black long sleeve dress for the ‘Shameless! hosting the Festival, while Princess Anne donned his official military uniform for an investiture ceremony at Windsor Castle.

We’ve rounded up our favorite outfits of the week, so you can get inspired by the winter fashion of the royals themselves …

The Duchess of Sussex

Loading the player …

VIDEO: Meghan Markle looks radiant in new video since trip to New York

Meghan markle looked relaxed as she made her first public appearance since visiting New York City with Prince harry last month. Team up with brilliantly read her first children’s book, The bench, the Duchess wore the ‘Mika’ low hem shirt Anine Bing. She accessorized with gold jewelry, including her Cartier ‘Love’ bracelet in 18 karat gold.

Queen Letizia of Spain


Queen Letizia attended the Francisco Cerecedo Journalism Awards in Madrid on Tuesday

Queen letizia wowed royal fans when she attended the Francisco Cerecedo Journalism Awards in Madrid on Tuesday. The royal recycled a semi-sheer fringed dress from CHIEF, and finished the striking look with a Nina Ricci leather clutch and black snakeskin embossed pumps by Manolo Blahnik.


The monarch then recycled a powder pink costume for her visit to a school in Tui

She then swapped her monochrome dress for a powder pink suit, also in CHIEF, during a visit to a school in Tui. She made sure to match her shoes with her outfit, sporting the brand’s pink ‘Mayfair’ pumps.

READ: Queen Letizia wows royal fans in semi-sheer fishnet dress

MORE: Kate Middleton’s Christmas Party Outfit Revealed? And it’s a special glitter

Dame Amélie Windsor


Lady Amelia Windsor was pictured at the British Vogue and Self Portrait event in London

Prince williamS’s cousin looked stunning in an ornate black dress when she attended the British Vogue x Self-Portrait event this week. The elegant royal paired the dress with chunky black boots and a black bag with bow detailing, still as cool as she posed for the camera.

Duchess of Cornwall


Duchess Camilla donned an elegant black dress to attend a reception alongside Carrie Johnson

The Duchess of Cornwall also donned a black dress for the ‘Shameless! Reception of the festival on Wednesday, which was a collaboration between Women of the World (WOW) and Birkbeck’s SHaME project. The elegant dress featured long sleeves and it sported a red “WOW” brooch to add a pop of color to the look.

Sarah, Duchess of York

Sarah the Duchess of York looked stunning in green as she made a special Instagram announcement

Sarah ferguson looked gorgeous in green as she took to social media to announce the launch of her historic new book club in partnership with Mills and Boon. The Duchess wore a green velvet blazer with a matching headband, and we’re obsessed!

The mum-of-two unleashed royal fans as she posed in a black mini dress and trendy emerald jacket

It seems the royal is more into green right now, as earlier in the week she unleashed fans as she posed for a photo in a black minidress and a trendy emerald jacket. She finished the look with black pumps, looking so sophisticated.

Princess Anne


Princess Anne looked so chic in her military uniform on Tuesday

Princess Anne swapped her brightly colored outfits and patterned pieces on Tuesday for her official military uniform – and wow. The royal sported a chic navy skirt and a coordinating blazer with gold cuffs. She opted for a moment of color contrast, wearing her navy jacket over a white blouse.

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands

Queen Maxima rocked a statement print dress from Rixo in a new photo shared by the Royal House of the Netherlands

Queen maxima always knows how to make a fashion statement, and this week was no different. The royal wore the ‘Billy’ dress de Rixo, which featured ruffle detailing and a stunning floral print. She paired the dress with basic black leather high boots by Gianvito Rossi.

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

Crown Princess Victoria loves to experiment with bright colors

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden made a serious statement during a visit to the Swedish Public Health Agency. She rocked a bold red and blue jacket from Redo Stockholms Stadsmission with a simple black turtleneck and sleek black pants. The royal finished off the look with a blue clutch bag from Stella mccartney – superb!

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Monique Lhuillier, Bridal Designer for Britney Spears, on 25 Years of Weddings

Written by Megan C. Hills, CNN

Filipino American fashion designer Monique Lhuillier wants to make your dreams come true. She wants you to imagine yourself dressed in cream silk, lace and verdant flowers, running through the gardens of Lake Como and toward the love of your life – a scene captured in one of her brand’s recent campaigns.
“People come to me for this fantasy,” explained Lhuillier, who is best known for designing wedding dresses for Britney Spears and Reese Witherspoon, via video call. “They want that over the top look.”

Even during the pandemic, when marriages were curtailed and brides around the world were forced to put their plans on hold, the fantasy “never went away,” she added.

A dress from Monique Lhuiller’s latest bridal collection. Credit: Monique Lhuillier / KT Merry

“(The brides) never wanted to compromise on the dress. Even though they were going to have a little ceremony, they still wanted the dream dress … (if there were) five people in the room with them , or 200. “

Lhuillier has been distributing fantasies – and fulfilling her own dreams of running a successful label – since 1996, when she set up her eponymous brand in the basement of her parents’ house in Malibu without even a business plan (” we don’t have I don’t know nothing. for ten years when they devoted “90% of their time” to the business.

A floral dress by Monique Lhuillier.

A floral dress by Monique Lhuillier. Credit: Monique Lhuillier / Rizzoli

At the time, Lhuillier, who was born and raised in the Philippines and then lived in Switzerland, was inspired by a sense of “Californian ease,” she writes in a new book retracing her 25-year career. Her early designs offered romantic, modern silhouettes that were close to the body and embellished with unexpected details, from colorful belts to blush veils.

However, the brand was not, Lhuillier recalled, an instant dazzling success. As she ran between bridal shows and catwalks, calling out whoever would sell her brand’s dresses – while also running a Beverly Hills store and developing new designs – there was no time to work with. Hollywood stylists. And anyway, the pair “didn’t realize the power of celebrity dressing,” she said.

Angelina Jolie wearing Monique Lhuillier at the 2002 Golden Globes, accompanied by Billy-Bob Thornton.

Angelina Jolie wearing Monique Lhuillier at the 2002 Golden Globes, accompanied by Billy-Bob Thornton. Credit: Gregg DeGuire / WireImage / Getty Images

But that all changed in 2002, when Angelina Jolie asked to wear one of her dresses for the Golden Globes. The elegant look was not a cream, beige or white, but rather a strapless black dress paired with a shawl and pearl necklace. Then, the following year, the brand was noticed when Lhuillier made for the first time a wedding dress for a “mega celebrity”: Britney Spears.

Big cut

Spears was splashed in every magazine back then. After kissing Madonna at the VMAs, then marrying Jason Allen Alexander – only to have the union called off 55 hours later – she went on to announce a surprise engagement to backup dancer Kevin Federline.

In search of a dress for the wedding, a friend and stylist of Spears contacted Lhuillier and arranged a series of dates in secret places to prevent the paparazzi from harassing the singer. It made it difficult to give Spears “the whole experience of a bride,” the designer recalled, as she couldn’t just show up to her studio.

Monique Lhuillier's ready-to-wear collection, presented during Spring-Summer Paris Fashion Week in 2017.

Monique Lhuillier’s ready-to-wear collection, presented during Spring-Summer Paris Fashion Week in 2017. Credit: Monique Lhuillier / Rizzoli

“I didn’t just bring her two dresses, I showed her what I would show to (all) my brides, so that she could feel like she really had the (typical bridal) experience,” said said Lhuillier, explaining how the brand designed the bespoke lace, accessories and veil for Spears, as well as the dress.

Lhuillier was also commissioned to make a “fun and flirty” reception dress and dresses for the whole wedding party, in a strict color scheme. She was given six weeks to design and produce everything, a huge task considering she was also preparing to show off a ready-to-wear collection at New York Fashion Week.

When the press found out about the wedding, the pressure mounted.

“The day before my show, I got a phone call from his team,” she recalls. They said, ‘People are finding out, so we have to get the wedding to take place earlier, so now you will have three weeks. ”

“(I told them) ‘OK, we’ll do it. Don’t worry.’ But inside, I was dying. “

Designer Monique Lhuillier attends a 2018 gala.

Designer Monique Lhuillier attends a 2018 gala. Credit: Emma McIntyre / Getty Images

In a way, she succeeded. Photos of the nuptials have been splashed in magazines and on the internet, with Spears’ white silk gown, embroidered train, and floor-sweeping veil in the spotlight. Soon more and more of his ready-to-wear items were appearing on celebrity red carpets, and Lhuillier “could sense the momentum” when people finally began to fully understand his French surname – loo-lee. -ei.

“It helped people figure out how to pronounce our name; it helped hearing it a few times on the (red) carpet. It really cemented our name and the idea of ​​Monique Lhuillier and glamor.”

A quarter of a century later

Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, the brand remains proudly independent, with Lhuillier as Creative Director and Bugbee as CEO. Their dresses – and now the furniture and jewelry, among other things – are American made, so the designer can stay “on the go”. (“It’s not the cheapest way to do it, but that’s how I like to work,” she said.)

Taylor Swift wearing Monique Lhuillier in 2014.

Taylor Swift wearing Monique Lhuillier in 2014. Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

Lhuillier is now more aware of the power of celebrity and has an employee in charge of VIP requests. Celebrities like Taylor Swift, Kaley Cuoco, Heidi Klum and Elizabeth Banks have all turned to her for major events, while Carrie Underwood and Lea Michele have asked her for their dream wedding dresses. Reese Witherspoon, a close friend of Lhuillier’s, wore the designer’s white dress and blush satin belt for her second wedding, to Jim Toth, in 2011.
In the preface by Lhuillier new book, Witherspoon wrote, “(Monique) understands why women want to wear something that makes them beautiful and how her designs will become part of the fabric of their lives.”
Indeed, Lhuillier’s knack for figuring out what women want to wear during life-changing moments remains astute, with her self-proclaimed “whimsical” new collection focusing on floral prints, colors and shorter hems. But the pandemic has damaged her business, as brides around the world have turned to Zoom fittings and scaled back their plans. With more time for her during the lockdown, the designer has taken care of a new line of fine jewelry. Created in collaboration with the retailer Kay Jewelers, it is a project close to the heart of Lhuillier, his grandfather being a jeweler.
The cover of Monique Lhuillier's new book, a retrospective of her career published by Rizzoli.

The cover of Monique Lhuillier’s new book, a retrospective of her career published by Rizzoli. Credit: Monique Lhuillier / Rizzoli

“Jewelry, for me, was a natural (progression). It’s part of history. Without a ring, there is no dress,” she said, adding that each piece is engraved with a short message from him.

Figuring out what comes next is a tall order, especially since she has already been shown at Paris Fashion Week, received a Presidential Medal of Merit from former Philippine President Gloria Arroyo and she received the seal of approval from American first ladies Michelle Obama and Melania Trump. Lhuillier said that as an immigrant who had lived in the United States for almost 35 years, it was “an honor” to dress the women of the White House.

First Lady Michelle Obama wore Monique Lhuillier in 2014, alongside her husband President Barack Obama.

First Lady Michelle Obama wore Monique Lhuillier in 2014, alongside her husband President Barack Obama. Credit: Brendan Smialowski / AFP / Getty Images

The designer, who lived in the Philippines until the age of 14, said she still carries the country’s “kindness” and “traditions” to this day. Describing herself as a “citizen of the world” she said: “It was a gift to be raised in Asia… picking up all these cultures and bringing back family has always been the most important thing.”

Designer Monique Lhuillier (second from left) with models wearing her Spring 2019 bridal collection.

Designer Monique Lhuillier (second from left) with models wearing her Spring 2019 bridal collection. Credit: Monique Lhuillier / Rizzoli

Yet rather than creating designs inspired by the Philippines, she believes that “good design transcends so many different cultures.”

“I decided to create this brand so that women feel empowered and they feel beautiful.”

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French fashion

Gordon Millan obituary | Poetry

My friend Gordon Millan, who died at the age of 74, was a specialist in French literature of the Belle Epoque and an authority on the great French poet Stephane Mallarme.

Gordon was born in Kirkcaldy, Fife, to Isobel (née Hamilton) and Frederick, a baker. After Frederick’s death, Isobel moved to England, and Gordon and his twin brother, Freddie, swapped Kirkcaldy’s high school for Merrywood Grammar in Bristol, where his interest in languages ​​was awakened.

Returning to the north to study French and Latin at the University of Edinburgh, he graduated in 1968 after a decisive year as a language assistant at Tournon-sur-Rhône in the south of France, where Mallarmé spent three years of his life. Opting for payment in wine rather than cash, Gordon also became the English tutor to Maison owner M. Chapoutier, one of the best wine producers in the Rhône Valley. Before leaving Tournon, he regretfully declined Chapoutier’s internship offer.

Influenced by Mallarmé’s specialist Carl Barbier, who was professor of French in Edinburgh, Gordon completed under Barbier’s supervision a doctorate on the writer and socialite Pierre Louÿs. Appointed lecturer in French at the University of Strathclyde in 1976, he became professor, vice-dean and director of his modern language school before retiring in 2009.

His thesis was published under the title Pierre Lous or the cult of friendship (1979) and he later edited the extensive correspondence between Louÿs and his diplomatic half-brother, Georges. Gordon’s main focus, however, was on Mallarmé, and after Barbier’s death he completed their definitive edition Stéphane Mallarmé: Poésies, Vers de Circumstance (1983). Gordon wrote mainly in French, but A Throw of the Dice; the Life of Stéphane Mallarmé (1994) remains essential for English-speaking readers confronted with the difficulties of Mallarmé’s work.

Gordon’s flair for unearthing information on Mallarmé’s circle continued with Stéphane Mallarmé’s ‘Mardis’: mythes et réalités (2008) and Mallarmé in Tournon and beyond. (2018). Her latest book, Marie Mallarmé: Le fantôme dans la glace (2019), is a story by Mallarmé’s wife of German origin. These constitute a formidable body of erudition on which he remains of an endearing modesty.

Friendly, independent-minded, indomitable in the face of long-standing health issues, Gordon was blessed with an irrepressible and irreverent sense of humor. Not a slave to academic fashion, especially if he came from France, he devoted himself to the service of French literature, and was honored by the French State when he was appointed an officer of the Order of Academic Palms in 2004.

He is survived by his wife, Anne (née Robbie), whom he married in 1970 after they met while they were students in Edinburgh, their children, David and Bryony, and his brother.

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