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‘Last Night In Soho’ opens at $ 4.16 million on weekends – Specialized box office – Deadline

Edgar wright Last night in Soho is an arthouse film that has opened on 3,000 screens – a gamble in a cinema market where multiplex enthusiasts are primarily looking to big-budget, high-octane studio franchises. (Dune, Halloween kills and No time to Die took the top spots this weekend, an overall sweet where the Halloween parties may have heralded October’s stellar upturn.)

With the exception of Downton Abbey, Focus has hardly ever launched a movie on so many screens, period. Before Covid, he would surely have rolled out the 1960s-themed psychological thriller for weeks on end in a “platform” release starting with the artwork. But the pandemic has blurred the lines of what plays out where. (On the other hand, a lot of struggling arthouse has been welcomed Black Widow, Shang-Chi and Bond.)

Last night – about an aspiring fashion designer mysteriously able to step into the 1960s where she meets a dazzling aspiring singer and a very dark secret – has done best in arthouse theaters including the Alamo Drafthouse chain (run by Brooklyn) and 35mm print cinemas at the Music Box in Chicago, the Village East and BAM in New York, the Belcourt in Nashville, the Coolidge Corner in Boston and the New Beverly in THE. He also performed well in eight AMC cinemas in Dolby, all on the coasts, where Last night doing his best. This has skewed young people, mirroring the audience returning to theaters, with 68% of ticket buyers under 35. No time to die – may have been exaggerated.)

As Deadline reported, Last night grossed $ 4.16 million, which puts it in 6th place and well below the follow-up.

“I’m really happy this movie has hit theaters,” said Lisa Bunnell, Focus Distribution Manager. “We got what we wanted with the film and for Edgar.” The director, a strong supporter of cinema films, is now in the UK to promote Last night after a targeted marketing blitz in the United States.

Focus is not alone, other distributors have made a similar choice as the cinema market struggles to recover. There are several reasons why:

– TV Windows: Focus did not announce the paid video on demand window for Last night but he recently followed a 17-day pattern for his films. Assuming that’s the case here, some theaters would be less willing to show it after this time – so it needs to come out as wide as possible as quickly as possible. “There are different variables. If you’re going to PVOD or streaming for a relatively short period of time, you can’t roll it out on TV and hit theaters at the same time, ”one distributor said.

-Economics: Distributors may get a better return on their initial investment in marketing dollars with greater theatrical sweep, especially if PVOD is not far behind.

-Why not ? : Directors like it. And even the incremental and decreasing round-trip ticket sales of the suburban multiplexes are still in checkout. The wider the aperture, the more people might have heard about the film once it releases in PVOD.

The downside is that the industry thinks about it and says the film didn’t perform well, didn’t perform well and draw conclusions about it based on the opening number. But we live in such a strange time, Bunnell said, that “adult films are no longer traceable. It is no one’s fault. It’s the pandemic. All the means we have used to judge where the films are going, up or down, are less reliable. “

Distributor deadline is every week for Specialty Preview and usually fingers crossed and have no idea how their movies will perform.

“What really matters now is that things get better. Look at the whole month of October. The box office is growing, I think we’re going for a strong holiday season. This is good news, ”Bunnell said.

The specialty sector has released films at a rapidly accelerating pace, with many having taken place since 2020 and releasing strong festivals this year from Cannes to Venice, Telluride, Toronto, London and New York. “We are delighted that the content is on the air. If we don’t get the content, we’ll never get that audience back, ”a distribution manager said.

Other specialty openings: presentation by A24 of Joanna Hogg’s The Remembrance Part II, which posted the highest overall weekend average per screen of $ 26,485, albeit at three theaters in NY and LA. The 2019 drama sequel stars Honor Swinton Byrne and will open up other top markets this weekend ahead of a lengthy theatrical rollout.

(A24 recently had a hit specialty with genre film Lamb, which climbs to $ 2.766 million across 145 screens in week 3.)

The notable vestige was that of Wes Anderson The French dispatch. The Searchlight Pictures film, which posted a super per-screen average of $ 26,000 last weekend in 42 locations – expanded to 788 theaters for a gross amount of $ 2.8 million, gross over three days and an average per screen of over $ 3,500. Cumulative gross after 10 days of publication is $ 4.6 million.

Searchlight said the strongholds opened in week two include the Belcourt in Nashville, Avon in Stamford Ct., Cinema du Parc and the Forum in Montreal, Hillcrest in San Diego, Tower in Sacramento, Avon in Providence, Lagoon in Minneapolis, Piedmont in Oakland and the Pittsburgh Manor.

Next week, it will expand to 1,200 theaters in all remaining medium and small-sized markets, including art houses in New England, Western Massachusetts, and upstate New. York, Raleigh, North Carolina, and central Pennsylvania.

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During the 2nd weekend, “Dune” beat “Last Night in Soho”, “Antlers”

After a record breaking start, the October box office ended quietly this weekend with “Dune” repeating itself at number one and two prominent newcomers to the genre, “Last Night in Soho” and “Antlers”. », Stumbling.

Whether it was Halloween falling on a Sunday, too many new options, or just a lack of enthusiasm, cinematic audiences seemed to have other plans this weekend. Notable exceptions are the latest “My Hero Academia” and Wes Anderson’s new photo “The French Dispatch”“.

The first place has always gone to the film by Timothée Chalamet with a larger budget and greater distribution. On its second weekend in theaters, “Dune,” which is also available on HBO Max, grossed an additional $ 15.5 million, the studio estimated on Sunday. Although down 62% from its debut, ticket sales were enough to put it one more week atop the North American charts.

With a production budget of $ 165 million (excluding marketing and promotion), “Dune” has now grossed $ 69.4 million in North America and $ 292.1 million worldwide. Warner Bros. and Legendary last week confirmed plans to move forward with a sequel slated to hit theaters exclusively in 2023.

“Halloween Kills,” on its third weekend, placed second with $ 8.5 million. The penultimate film in this modern trilogy has now grossed $ 115.1 million worldwide.

Edgar Wright’s “Last Night in Soho” opened in sixth place. Airing on 3,016 screens, the elegant thriller distributed by Focus has grossed approximately $ 4.2 million. Thomasin McKenzie stars as a modern fashion student who dreams of the aspiring Anya Taylor-Joy singer in the 1960s more and more realistically at night.

“There are few greater champions of the theatrical experience than Edgar and we couldn’t be prouder that he made Focus his home,” said Lisa Bunnell, Focus Casting President.

Scott Cooper’s “Antlers,” about a mythical beast terrorizing a devastated Oregon town, also won an estimated $ 4.2 million in 2,800 locations. The horror distributed by Searchlight stars Keri Russell and Jesse Plemons.

“Obviously we were hoping for a little more, but we faced off against ‘Last Night in Soho’, another really good genre film,” said Frank Rodriguez, Head of Casting for Searchlight. “Maybe they canceled each other.”

But he’s optimistic for the future as next weekend’s big releases include Princess Diana’s movie “Spencer” and the Marvel epic “Eternals,” and “Antlers” has a different audience.

One of the brightest moments of the weekend was “The French Dispatch,” also distributed by Searchlight, which grew after limited debuts and grossed $ 2.8 million from just 788 total locations. In 10 days of release, he made $ 4.6 million.

“We’re always thrilled about it,” Rodriguez said. “It’s amazing to see arthouse theaters that haven’t seen acts like this for 18 months finally starting to see people come out… We’re helping open the doors to art theaters and test and specialty theaters. “

Although the weekend was muted, October turned into the top-grossing month of the year, with total revenue estimated at around $ 625 million. The previous record came in July with $ 583.8 million. For comparison, total gross revenue before the October 2019 pandemic was around $ 781.6 million and in 2018 was $ 830.8 million.

” Previous

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Patoranking girl shows off her modeling skills as she walks the runway for popular brand at Lagos Nigeria Fashion Week news

  • Wilmer, the daughter of Nigerian singer Patoranking, recently made people gush at her on social media
  • The little girl was spotted as one of the little models who paraded at a fashion event in Lagos
  • Wilmer looked elated to be a part of the fashion show as she was spotted dancing after the event

Patoranking is already introducing his little girl Wilmer to the world of entertainment and it seems the little girl is loving it.

A video showing her walking the runway was seen on social media recently and left many people showering her with compliments.

Wilmer walked the runway for a popular fabric brand during the just concluded Lagos Fashion Week.

The Patoranking girl walks the runway for a popular brand at Lagos Fashion Week. Photos: @patorankingfire, @bellanaijaonline
Source: Instagram

Dressed in a green outfit with white and blue, Wilmer had a ribbon of white flowers around her hair that was wrapped in a big bun.

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The little girl strutted around the track with other kids like her while BBNaija Saskay led her team.

The little girl, however, appeared to be proud of herself when she was spotted dancing at the end of the event. Wilmer was standing with other children who had paraded down the runway to take photos and was seen shaking her body to the music in the background.

It looks like Davido’s Imade has stepped out to support her friend as she was seen in the photo with Wilmer.

Check it out below. Swipe left to see more:

Nigerians shower Wilmer with love




“Babygirl is seriously looking for her daddy.”


“The little white princess doesn’t have it.”


“The one with a red bag isn’t Davido’s first daughter?”


“Wilmer is such a vibe. She’s adorable too.”

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“Saskay n Wilmer. “


“If it’s me … I’m going to scream at the top of my lungs … everyone will even know I’m the mother.”

Saskay walks the runway at Lagos Fashion Week

Saskay made his fans proud by walking for a popular brand at Lagos Fashion Week.

The BBNaija star looked happy and was dancing showing off the ankara mixed outfit and adoring that she was wearing.

Saskay also twirled, showing viewers the beauty and different angles of her incredible outfit.


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Princess Stéphanie: Royal’s style in pictures

Princess Stephanie has ventured into several career paths over the years, from philanthropy to comedy. The 56-year-old has also worked as a fashion designer, and it shows.

While Stephanie always had huge shoes to fill as the daughter of style icon Grace Kelly, she did well.

A follower of sleek cuts, clean cuts, skirt suits, neutral colors and the occasional touch of red, Stephanie has been influenced by her mother’s style choices over the years.

Growing up, Stephanie preferred collared blazers paired with skinny pants, like the striking white ensemble she wore for the Monte Carlo Masters tennis tournament in 2002.

Or, the blue and brown striped blazer with white pants she donned in 1983 when she was pictured with then-boyfriend Paul Belmondo.

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For example, Samantha mentioned the coronation of Prince Albert in 2005, where Stéphanie wore “a tweed skirt suit but it had multicolored fringes”.

She added: “Over the years we’ve seen it in textures like leather, satin, velvet, brocade.

“Although she has been seen outside in a lot of black, the princess is not afraid of color.”

She has been pictured wearing bright colors including orange and purple over the years.

In recent years, Stéphanie has favored more neutral colors, suggesting that her style has evolved into more subtle and less daring designs.

But she’s also not afraid to try something new, like the golden silk robe like a long jacket she wore last year at the Monaco Yacht Club in Monte Carlo.

The princess paired the collared coat with a simple plain white t-shirt and jeans.

Samantha said, “Fashion should be fun and style is an evolutionary journey for many women.

“What you wear in your 30s and 50s can be completely different.

“As we get to know each other, we fall in love with trends, fabrics, colors.

“It’s nice to see someone with the confidence to mix things up and try new trends. “

Samantha added that there are “undeniable similarities” between the way Stephanie dresses and the way her mother dresses.

She said: “Couture is very Grace Kelly, as are some of the necklines that Stephanie seems to have favored over the years.

“As a model, singer and fashion designer over the years, fashion is definitely in the blood. “

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“This is my memory”: the designer from San Antonio reuses materials to create Día de los Muertos ofrenda

Agosto Cuellar applied his signature “rasquache” style to create a colorful, robust and personal tribute to the late artist friends.

SAN ANTONIO – When it comes to creating a Día de los Muertos ofrenda, or altar, the process is as important as the outcome. Choosing what to include are clues to how we remember those who have died, and the way they are placed indicates how to remember those people.

Agosto Cuellar knows a thing or two about the process. It’s the process that fuels the San Antonio artist as he surveys auctions, thrift stores and garage sales for inspiration to create singular clothes and outfits from recycled materials.

“All of these things can be someone’s garbage, but when you put them together it becomes art,” Cuellar said.

His signature “rasquache” style, in which seemingly low-value things are given new life, has taken Cuellar to fashion shows in Paris and New York.

But this month, he’s back home, creating an ofrenda at the Southtown Ruby City Gallery using items and artifacts that pay homage to a handful of San Antonio’s art institutions. It is on display until November 2, the date reserved for Día de los Muertos.

“It’s personal,” Cuellar said of the act of hosting an altar. “You can go anywhere and find stuff, but when you really get to making a personal dedication, it’s about stuff that this person liked, that that person used, that when he was alive, he had it. made you happy. I chose a few things that I think would make them happy and what would honor them and honor their lives.

It only took a few hours on a brisk Saturday morning in Cuellar to conspicuously finish the colorful outdoor ofrenda – complete with flowers, crosses, pan dulce and skull designs – though he was still looking forward to places to make it even more robust. Even when it seems like every inch has been used, Cuellar has found a new place to place a trinket, a figurine, a work of art.

The more you examine Cuellar’s Altar, it seems, the more there is to discover. Front and center are photos of well-known figures in the local art community who have passed away, including Katie Pell and Chuck Ramirez, as well as famous collector and advocate Linda Pace.

Cuellar, himself a staple of the arts in Alamo City for years, adorned these photos with objects that revived his memory. That’s why visitors will spot a pair of heart-shaped ruby ​​red glasses hanging from Pace’s photo (“Linda loved red”); a few boxes of dry vermicelli next to Pell (“She embraced Latina culture, came over and said, ‘I have fideo’”); and a round of sweet sunset-colored snacks sitting by Ramirez (“Chuck, he would love cupcakes, and orange is just the color I remember it was”).

Pushing the hometown dedication even further, Cuellar said everything on display in the ofrenda is from San Antonio, and only San Antonio.

“I tried to relate some things from what I remember to what I know,” Cuellar said. “Sure, other people have other memories of them, but that’s my memory. And that’s how I came to identify all of these things.

Between tinkering with ribbon placement, the designer reflected on how his collaboration with Ruby City comes full circle. To some extent, he can root his artistic personality in his curiosity for these ofrendas and in his grandparents teaching him to create interesting works from existing materials when he was still a young boy. This work will eventually help him realize his dreams of showing his art under the bright lights of Paris and New York.

“I grew up with altars, I think they were part of my culture since I was little,” he said. “My grandmothers on both sides of the family always had altars. Some of them stayed up all year and they weren’t just for the Day of the Dead; they would be ready to honor someone who has passed away, someone from the family. And it always made me curious about what those things meant.

Decades later, Cuellar has been doing this for so long that some of the many pieces he has collected and reused have come down to him instead of the other way around, like a small statue he says was sold to him by a family who spotted him one day at the laundromat.

Nonetheless, he said he bought a few new additions for this particular project, although he had a hard time choosing them. You can imagine why: they’re already part of his collection, transcending what they were in the trash and paying homage to Cuellar’s own inspirations in the process.

“It’s a way of thanking and being grateful for always being there. Because I could very well not be here, and I’m grateful to be standing here and breathing to create something for someone else and give them the honor.

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Jill Biden meets Brigitte Macron in navy animal-print suit and pumps – Footwear News

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Jill Biden’s new set is synonymous with class and elegance.

Dr Biden and French First Lady Brigitte Macron dressed alike in black and navy hues during a meeting at Il Marchese restaurant in Italy. Proving that you can never go wrong with dark pieces, the two ladies matched their respective outfits ahead of the G20 summit in Rome.

Biden opted for a pencil skirt suit with a black animal print. Her outfit was completed with a silver brooch, a navy silk scarf and a pair of navy pumps. Macron also chose a skirt for the occasion with pointed pumps.

US First Lady Jill Biden (right) and French First Lady Brigitte Macron speak outside a restaurant on the sidelines of an upcoming G20 summit in Rome.


One of Biden’s iconic accents involves skirts and dresses of varying lengths. On a recent trip, the first lady wore a flowing navy blue dress with a pair of similarly toned ankle boots. When it comes to his shoe repertoire, Dr. Biden keeps it traditional with basic pieces from high-end designers like Dior, Jimmy Choo and Stuart Weitzman and Prada. She can be spotted in well known labels like Brandon Maxwell and other emerging brands like Jonathan Cohen and Markarian.

US First Lady Jill Biden, center, arrives for a meeting with French First Lady Brigitte Macron on the sidelines of an upcoming G20 summit in Rome on Friday, October 29, 2021. A Group of 20 summit scheduled for this weekend in Rome is the first face-to-face gathering of leaders from the world's largest economies since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.  (AP Photo / Alessandra Tarantino)

The First Lady of the United States, Jill Biden.


French First Lady Brigitte Macron, center, arrives for a meeting with United States First Lady Jill Biden on the sidelines of an upcoming G20 summit in Rome on Friday, October 29, 2021. A Group of 20 summit scheduled this weekend in Rome is the first in-person gathering of leaders from the world's largest economies since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.  (AP Photo / Alessandra Tarantino)

The first lady of France Brigitte Macron.


It looks like Biden’s shoe preference is a classic pump. In another appearance at a local school in the Bronx, New York, the educator wore a fuchsia blazer and a knee-length skirt with a pair of nude pumps.

Discover Jill Biden’s style over the years.

Be chic with a pair of navy blue pumps for fall.

J. Renée

CREDIT: Courtesy of Nordstrom

Buy now: J. Renee Maressa Pointed Toe Pump, $ 69.89

Sam Edelman Navy Blue

Buy Now: Sam Edelman Hazel Pointed Heel, $ 140

Nina navy blue pumps

CREDIT: Courtesy of Nina

Buy Now: Nina 60 Skin New Navy, $ 89

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Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle’s Favorite Sustainable Fashion Brands

Courtesy / Getty

Queen Elizabeth and her offspring may be known for their fancy dresses, bespoke suits and opulent jewelry, but despite the grandeur, the wardrobes of the British Royal Family are quite eco-friendly. For one thing, almost every member of the royal family is known to repeat outfits, which in itself is sustainable (reduce, reuse, to recycle). Prince Charles hates waste of all kinds and has even tried his own sustainable fashion line. As for Princess Diana, not only has she re-dressed some outfits, but the Princess of Wales has even had a few pieces remade in completely new designs (recycling!). For her wedding day, Princess Beatrice’s dress and tiara were on loan from the Queen’s closet, and she repainted the shoes she wore to William and Kate’s wedding. The late Prince Philip is said to have worn the same pair of black shoes for more than 70 years. And in 2019, the Queen announced that she would no longer wear real fur.

But when it comes to fashion, no royal family is more under scrutiny than Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, both of whom influence style on a global scale. When you see one of them wearing something, it is almost certain that it will sell out immediately. It’s a responsibility the two duchesses take seriously, as they have each used their fashions to make statements about the types of brands they support. Here, find some of Kate and Meghan’s favorite sustainable and ethical fashion brands.

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Beulah London

This ethical London-based brand is behind some of Kate’s most popular looks, like this dress she wore in September 2020. The brand is dedicated to fighting human trafficking and exploitation by work. The Duchess of Cambridge has also been seen wearing other Beulah items including their Yahvi dress and Ahana Blush dress.


Stella mccartney

McCartney is one of Middleton’s most worn designers, and this blue dress is one of the pieces she recycles most often. By focusing on environmentally friendly materials and technologies, as well as a transparent supply chain, Stella McCartney has placed sustainability at the forefront of her mission since the brand’s inception in 2001.


Stella mccartney

Of course, Meghan is also a big fan of Stella McCartney. She’s worn the designer on several occasions, but most notably when she was stunned in a bespoke McCartney gown on her wedding day to Prince Harry. After the dress went viral, McCartney rethought the style using a plant-based textile and made it available to customers.


by Rothy

Meghan has worn these shoes, Rothy’s The Point, on several occasions, such as during her trip with Prince Harry to Melbourne in October 2018. The washable flat shoes are made with recycled materials in Rothy’s sustainable workshop.



The Duchess of Sussex’s closet also holds a fair share of Reformation pieces, including this dress, which she wore during a visit to Fraser Island in October 2018. The Reformation brand was literally founded on sustainability and ethical practices. ; they are already climate neutral and have committed to being climate positive by 2025.


Daniella Draper

Members of the royal family are certainly no strangers to jewelry with special meanings. This is the case of Kate’s Trio Diamond Midnight Moon necklace, which features the first initial of each of her children’s first names, by Daniella Draper. The Duchess of Cambridge favors the necklace and has worn it on several occasions, such as during this appearance in January 2020. From the metals they use to the suppliers they work with, sustainability is a central value at Daniella Draper.



Any royal observer will recognize these sneakers from Veja, which frequently adorn the feet of Meghan, Kate and even Princess Beatrice. The brand participates in fair business practices, transparent supply chains and uses ethically sourced and recycled materials.

FOLLOWING: 29 photos of the royal family wearing sneakers


Maggie Marilyn

During a visit to Courtenay Creative in Wellington, Meghan Markle chose an ethically crafted blazer dress from New Zealand designer Maggie Marilyn. The label practices sustainability in multiple ways, including using materials that meet the Global Organic Textile Standard and compostable packaging.



Theory is an American fashion brand beloved (even by the royal family) for its forward-thinking styles, ethical sourcing and sustainable manufacturing. Meghan wore this off-the-shoulder checkered top on a trip to Cardiff Castle.

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Royal Style Watch: From Meghan Markle’s Casual Denim Look To Queen Letizia’s Fishnet Dress

Grace Lindsay

Our favorite royals have been busy this week before Halloween, sporting a wide range of different looks. Queen letizia brought glamor in her semi-sheer fishnet dress, while Meghan markle showcased her casual style in a relaxed shirt and pair of denim jeans.

READ: Meghan Markle looks laid back in denim jeans for her latest appearance

The Duchess of Cornwall looked as stylish as ever in a black long sleeve dress for the ‘Shameless! hosting the Festival, while Princess Anne donned his official military uniform for an investiture ceremony at Windsor Castle.

We’ve rounded up our favorite outfits of the week, so you can get inspired by the winter fashion of the royals themselves …

The Duchess of Sussex

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VIDEO: Meghan Markle looks radiant in new video since trip to New York

Meghan markle looked relaxed as she made her first public appearance since visiting New York City with Prince harry last month. Team up with brilliantly read her first children’s book, The bench, the Duchess wore the ‘Mika’ low hem shirt Anine Bing. She accessorized with gold jewelry, including her Cartier ‘Love’ bracelet in 18 karat gold.

Queen Letizia of Spain


Queen Letizia attended the Francisco Cerecedo Journalism Awards in Madrid on Tuesday

Queen letizia wowed royal fans when she attended the Francisco Cerecedo Journalism Awards in Madrid on Tuesday. The royal recycled a semi-sheer fringed dress from CHIEF, and finished the striking look with a Nina Ricci leather clutch and black snakeskin embossed pumps by Manolo Blahnik.


The monarch then recycled a powder pink costume for her visit to a school in Tui

She then swapped her monochrome dress for a powder pink suit, also in CHIEF, during a visit to a school in Tui. She made sure to match her shoes with her outfit, sporting the brand’s pink ‘Mayfair’ pumps.

READ: Queen Letizia wows royal fans in semi-sheer fishnet dress

MORE: Kate Middleton’s Christmas Party Outfit Revealed? And it’s a special glitter

Dame Amélie Windsor


Lady Amelia Windsor was pictured at the British Vogue and Self Portrait event in London

Prince williamS’s cousin looked stunning in an ornate black dress when she attended the British Vogue x Self-Portrait event this week. The elegant royal paired the dress with chunky black boots and a black bag with bow detailing, still as cool as she posed for the camera.

Duchess of Cornwall


Duchess Camilla donned an elegant black dress to attend a reception alongside Carrie Johnson

The Duchess of Cornwall also donned a black dress for the ‘Shameless! Reception of the festival on Wednesday, which was a collaboration between Women of the World (WOW) and Birkbeck’s SHaME project. The elegant dress featured long sleeves and it sported a red “WOW” brooch to add a pop of color to the look.

Sarah, Duchess of York

Sarah the Duchess of York looked stunning in green as she made a special Instagram announcement

Sarah ferguson looked gorgeous in green as she took to social media to announce the launch of her historic new book club in partnership with Mills and Boon. The Duchess wore a green velvet blazer with a matching headband, and we’re obsessed!

The mum-of-two unleashed royal fans as she posed in a black mini dress and trendy emerald jacket

It seems the royal is more into green right now, as earlier in the week she unleashed fans as she posed for a photo in a black minidress and a trendy emerald jacket. She finished the look with black pumps, looking so sophisticated.

Princess Anne


Princess Anne looked so chic in her military uniform on Tuesday

Princess Anne swapped her brightly colored outfits and patterned pieces on Tuesday for her official military uniform – and wow. The royal sported a chic navy skirt and a coordinating blazer with gold cuffs. She opted for a moment of color contrast, wearing her navy jacket over a white blouse.

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands

Queen Maxima rocked a statement print dress from Rixo in a new photo shared by the Royal House of the Netherlands

Queen maxima always knows how to make a fashion statement, and this week was no different. The royal wore the ‘Billy’ dress de Rixo, which featured ruffle detailing and a stunning floral print. She paired the dress with basic black leather high boots by Gianvito Rossi.

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

Crown Princess Victoria loves to experiment with bright colors

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden made a serious statement during a visit to the Swedish Public Health Agency. She rocked a bold red and blue jacket from Redo Stockholms Stadsmission with a simple black turtleneck and sleek black pants. The royal finished off the look with a blue clutch bag from Stella mccartney – superb!

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Fashion designer

Monique Lhuillier, Bridal Designer for Britney Spears, on 25 Years of Weddings

Written by Megan C. Hills, CNN

Filipino American fashion designer Monique Lhuillier wants to make your dreams come true. She wants you to imagine yourself dressed in cream silk, lace and verdant flowers, running through the gardens of Lake Como and toward the love of your life – a scene captured in one of her brand’s recent campaigns.
“People come to me for this fantasy,” explained Lhuillier, who is best known for designing wedding dresses for Britney Spears and Reese Witherspoon, via video call. “They want that over the top look.”

Even during the pandemic, when marriages were curtailed and brides around the world were forced to put their plans on hold, the fantasy “never went away,” she added.

A dress from Monique Lhuiller’s latest bridal collection. Credit: Monique Lhuillier / KT Merry

“(The brides) never wanted to compromise on the dress. Even though they were going to have a little ceremony, they still wanted the dream dress … (if there were) five people in the room with them , or 200. “

Lhuillier has been distributing fantasies – and fulfilling her own dreams of running a successful label – since 1996, when she set up her eponymous brand in the basement of her parents’ house in Malibu without even a business plan (” we don’t have I don’t know nothing. for ten years when they devoted “90% of their time” to the business.

A floral dress by Monique Lhuillier.

A floral dress by Monique Lhuillier. Credit: Monique Lhuillier / Rizzoli

At the time, Lhuillier, who was born and raised in the Philippines and then lived in Switzerland, was inspired by a sense of “Californian ease,” she writes in a new book retracing her 25-year career. Her early designs offered romantic, modern silhouettes that were close to the body and embellished with unexpected details, from colorful belts to blush veils.

However, the brand was not, Lhuillier recalled, an instant dazzling success. As she ran between bridal shows and catwalks, calling out whoever would sell her brand’s dresses – while also running a Beverly Hills store and developing new designs – there was no time to work with. Hollywood stylists. And anyway, the pair “didn’t realize the power of celebrity dressing,” she said.

Angelina Jolie wearing Monique Lhuillier at the 2002 Golden Globes, accompanied by Billy-Bob Thornton.

Angelina Jolie wearing Monique Lhuillier at the 2002 Golden Globes, accompanied by Billy-Bob Thornton. Credit: Gregg DeGuire / WireImage / Getty Images

But that all changed in 2002, when Angelina Jolie asked to wear one of her dresses for the Golden Globes. The elegant look was not a cream, beige or white, but rather a strapless black dress paired with a shawl and pearl necklace. Then, the following year, the brand was noticed when Lhuillier made for the first time a wedding dress for a “mega celebrity”: Britney Spears.

Big cut

Spears was splashed in every magazine back then. After kissing Madonna at the VMAs, then marrying Jason Allen Alexander – only to have the union called off 55 hours later – she went on to announce a surprise engagement to backup dancer Kevin Federline.

In search of a dress for the wedding, a friend and stylist of Spears contacted Lhuillier and arranged a series of dates in secret places to prevent the paparazzi from harassing the singer. It made it difficult to give Spears “the whole experience of a bride,” the designer recalled, as she couldn’t just show up to her studio.

Monique Lhuillier's ready-to-wear collection, presented during Spring-Summer Paris <a class=Fashion Week in 2017.”/>

Monique Lhuillier’s ready-to-wear collection, presented during Spring-Summer Paris Fashion Week in 2017. Credit: Monique Lhuillier / Rizzoli

“I didn’t just bring her two dresses, I showed her what I would show to (all) my brides, so that she could feel like she really had the (typical bridal) experience,” said said Lhuillier, explaining how the brand designed the bespoke lace, accessories and veil for Spears, as well as the dress.

Lhuillier was also commissioned to make a “fun and flirty” reception dress and dresses for the whole wedding party, in a strict color scheme. She was given six weeks to design and produce everything, a huge task considering she was also preparing to show off a ready-to-wear collection at New York Fashion Week.

When the press found out about the wedding, the pressure mounted.

“The day before my show, I got a phone call from his team,” she recalls. They said, ‘People are finding out, so we have to get the wedding to take place earlier, so now you will have three weeks. ”

“(I told them) ‘OK, we’ll do it. Don’t worry.’ But inside, I was dying. “

Designer Monique Lhuillier attends a 2018 gala.

Designer Monique Lhuillier attends a 2018 gala. Credit: Emma McIntyre / Getty Images

In a way, she succeeded. Photos of the nuptials have been splashed in magazines and on the internet, with Spears’ white silk gown, embroidered train, and floor-sweeping veil in the spotlight. Soon more and more of his ready-to-wear items were appearing on celebrity red carpets, and Lhuillier “could sense the momentum” when people finally began to fully understand his French surname – loo-lee. -ei.

“It helped people figure out how to pronounce our name; it helped hearing it a few times on the (red) carpet. It really cemented our name and the idea of ​​Monique Lhuillier and glamor.”

A quarter of a century later

Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, the brand remains proudly independent, with Lhuillier as Creative Director and Bugbee as CEO. Their dresses – and now the furniture and jewelry, among other things – are American made, so the designer can stay “on the go”. (“It’s not the cheapest way to do it, but that’s how I like to work,” she said.)

Taylor Swift wearing Monique Lhuillier in 2014.

Taylor Swift wearing Monique Lhuillier in 2014. Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

Lhuillier is now more aware of the power of celebrity and has an employee in charge of VIP requests. Celebrities like Taylor Swift, Kaley Cuoco, Heidi Klum and Elizabeth Banks have all turned to her for major events, while Carrie Underwood and Lea Michele have asked her for their dream wedding dresses. Reese Witherspoon, a close friend of Lhuillier’s, wore the designer’s white dress and blush satin belt for her second wedding, to Jim Toth, in 2011.
In the preface by Lhuillier new book, Witherspoon wrote, “(Monique) understands why women want to wear something that makes them beautiful and how her designs will become part of the fabric of their lives.”
Indeed, Lhuillier’s knack for figuring out what women want to wear during life-changing moments remains astute, with her self-proclaimed “whimsical” new collection focusing on floral prints, colors and shorter hems. But the pandemic has damaged her business, as brides around the world have turned to Zoom fittings and scaled back their plans. With more time for her during the lockdown, the designer has taken care of a new line of fine jewelry. Created in collaboration with the retailer Kay Jewelers, it is a project close to the heart of Lhuillier, his grandfather being a jeweler.
The cover of Monique Lhuillier's new book, a retrospective of her career published by Rizzoli.

The cover of Monique Lhuillier’s new book, a retrospective of her career published by Rizzoli. Credit: Monique Lhuillier / Rizzoli

“Jewelry, for me, was a natural (progression). It’s part of history. Without a ring, there is no dress,” she said, adding that each piece is engraved with a short message from him.

Figuring out what comes next is a tall order, especially since she has already been shown at Paris Fashion Week, received a Presidential Medal of Merit from former Philippine President Gloria Arroyo and she received the seal of approval from American first ladies Michelle Obama and Melania Trump. Lhuillier said that as an immigrant who had lived in the United States for almost 35 years, it was “an honor” to dress the women of the White House.

First Lady Michelle Obama wore Monique Lhuillier in 2014, alongside her husband President Barack Obama.

First Lady Michelle Obama wore Monique Lhuillier in 2014, alongside her husband President Barack Obama. Credit: Brendan Smialowski / AFP / Getty Images

The designer, who lived in the Philippines until the age of 14, said she still carries the country’s “kindness” and “traditions” to this day. Describing herself as a “citizen of the world” she said: “It was a gift to be raised in Asia… picking up all these cultures and bringing back family has always been the most important thing.”

Designer Monique Lhuillier (second from left) with models wearing her Spring 2019 bridal collection.

Designer Monique Lhuillier (second from left) with models wearing her Spring 2019 bridal collection. Credit: Monique Lhuillier / Rizzoli

Yet rather than creating designs inspired by the Philippines, she believes that “good design transcends so many different cultures.”

“I decided to create this brand so that women feel empowered and they feel beautiful.”

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French fashion

Gordon Millan obituary | Poetry

My friend Gordon Millan, who died at the age of 74, was a specialist in French literature of the Belle Epoque and an authority on the great French poet Stephane Mallarme.

Gordon was born in Kirkcaldy, Fife, to Isobel (née Hamilton) and Frederick, a baker. After Frederick’s death, Isobel moved to England, and Gordon and his twin brother, Freddie, swapped Kirkcaldy’s high school for Merrywood Grammar in Bristol, where his interest in languages ​​was awakened.

Returning to the north to study French and Latin at the University of Edinburgh, he graduated in 1968 after a decisive year as a language assistant at Tournon-sur-Rhône in the south of France, where Mallarmé spent three years of his life. Opting for payment in wine rather than cash, Gordon also became the English tutor to Maison owner M. Chapoutier, one of the best wine producers in the Rhône Valley. Before leaving Tournon, he regretfully declined Chapoutier’s internship offer.

Influenced by Mallarmé’s specialist Carl Barbier, who was professor of French in Edinburgh, Gordon completed under Barbier’s supervision a doctorate on the writer and socialite Pierre Louÿs. Appointed lecturer in French at the University of Strathclyde in 1976, he became professor, vice-dean and director of his modern language school before retiring in 2009.

His thesis was published under the title Pierre Lous or the cult of friendship (1979) and he later edited the extensive correspondence between Louÿs and his diplomatic half-brother, Georges. Gordon’s main focus, however, was on Mallarmé, and after Barbier’s death he completed their definitive edition Stéphane Mallarmé: Poésies, Vers de Circumstance (1983). Gordon wrote mainly in French, but A Throw of the Dice; the Life of Stéphane Mallarmé (1994) remains essential for English-speaking readers confronted with the difficulties of Mallarmé’s work.

Gordon’s flair for unearthing information on Mallarmé’s circle continued with Stéphane Mallarmé’s ‘Mardis’: mythes et réalités (2008) and Mallarmé in Tournon and beyond. (2018). Her latest book, Marie Mallarmé: Le fantôme dans la glace (2019), is a story by Mallarmé’s wife of German origin. These constitute a formidable body of erudition on which he remains of an endearing modesty.

Friendly, independent-minded, indomitable in the face of long-standing health issues, Gordon was blessed with an irrepressible and irreverent sense of humor. Not a slave to academic fashion, especially if he came from France, he devoted himself to the service of French literature, and was honored by the French State when he was appointed an officer of the Order of Academic Palms in 2004.

He is survived by his wife, Anne (née Robbie), whom he married in 1970 after they met while they were students in Edinburgh, their children, David and Bryony, and his brother.

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Fashion brand

Global smartphone brand OPPO is the official photography sponsor of Lagos Fashion Week 2021 – Nairametrics

  • OPPO is playing a leading role in photography and videography of Nigeria’s fashion industry as fashion meets technology during Lagos Fashion Week.

Global smartphone brand OPPO is taking the Nigerian fashion industry by storm by becoming the Official Photography Partner of Lagos Fashion Week # OPPOxLagosFW2021.

This is the first time that OPPO will present its capabilities and innovative photographic products to the Nigerian public after appearing at Big Brother Naija 2020 as a main sponsor. It is also the first time that the brand has activated its Reno5 series with the main leaders of the fashion industry.

Lagos Fashion Week (LagosFW21) kicked off this year with the announcement of the Green Access and Brunch finalists announced. OPPO was live at the event to preserve the memories and capture the #ShotonOPPO event using the Reno 5 series.

This year’s Fashion Week kicked off with virtual events October 27-28 while the physical show takes place today, October 29-30, 2021, showcasing stunning collections from selected designers. Lagos Green Access Fashion Week finalists will also showcase their sustainable collections.

According to Jennifer Okorhi, Marketing Manager – OPPO Nigeria, “OPPO’s overall vision is to elevate life through the art of technology.” Capture the physical Lagos Fashion Week runway shows with OPPO’s flagship smartphone (Reno 5 series) in a low-light room and a packed house of people using the Reno 5 cell phone to capture the catwalks, street style and Fashion Week’s global event clearly shows OPPO’s mobile photography capabilities to deliver professional #ShotonOPPO photography.

“This year, our goal is to boldly demonstrate the photography and videography capabilities of OPPO’s flagship mobile phone”, Jennifer said. “As an official photographic partner, we have created a Reno photography studio to capture and preserve beautiful memories, again a showcase and live exhibit of Reno 5 | Reno 5F series.
Lagos Fashion Week’s goal of facilitating and supporting sustainability is aligned with OPPO’s goal of being “a sustainable brand that contributes to a better world”.

This edition features award-winning photographer Tope Adenola as the official OPPO photographer to capture all #ShotonOPPO photographs for Lagos Fashion Week 2021.

About OPPO

OPPO is one of the world’s leading brands of smart devices. Since the launch of its first mobile phone – “Smiley Face” – in 2008, OPPO has relentlessly pursued the perfect synergy between aesthetic satisfaction and innovative technology.

Today, OPPO offers a wide range of smart devices led by the Find and Reno series. Beyond devices, OPPO provides its users with the ColorOS operating system and internet services like OPPO Cloud and OPPO +.

OPPO operates in over 50 countries and regions with over 40,000 OPPO employees dedicated to creating better lives for customers around the world.

For any request, please contact: [email protected]

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Fashion style

Harry Styles rabbit shorts by Jaipur-based fashion label


Indian slow fashion brand Harago is a pop choice among Gen Z icons

Posted on 10/29/21, 07:11 AM

Image Courtesy: @ Harago / Instagram

Harry Styles was just spotted in hand-embroidered selvedge cotton shorts as he arrived in Florida for a concert. The breathable pair is from the spring / summer line of the Jaipur, Harago-based slow fashion brand. The upcycled label gives priority to zero waste production and ensures engagement with local artisan communities and historic textile techniques such as block printing, suzani embroidery, chikankari and more.

“Harry Styles personal stylist Harry Lambert buys pieces from us,” said Harago founder Harsh Agarwal. The brand also sells in the US and UK through resellers, and former member of Harry’s One Direction group Niall Horan was recently spotted wearing a Harago cross stitch shirt during a promo. for his single. Our song. K-Pop frontman NU’EST Ren was also spotted a few weeks ago in a hand-embroidered Suzani shirt by Harago.

– Ujjainee Roy

DM here for orders

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Fashion designer

SS22 Arab Fashion Week parades end with sold out for final show

The last night of fall-winter 2022 Arab Fashion Week the shows brought a packed hall. In Dubai’s Design District (d3), four brands presented their collections: Zeena Zaki, Michael Leyva, RC Caylan and Michael Cinco brought a standing room and a full show.

Returning to physical shows after the pandemic, which has put a lot of real-life shows on hiatus over the past two years, the Arab Fashion Council and their strategic partner d3 have made Covid a safe week. Jacob Abrian, CEO of Arab Fashion Council and Mohammed Aqra, Chief Strategy Officer set the stage for a busy week of international and regional talent showcasing their talent, as well as breakout sessions of their Board discussions at a roundtable that was held earlier in the evening. Backstage buzzed with makeup artists, hairdressers and hairdressers Fadi Nasr, known for styling the Miss Lebanon pageant, has created all of the models’ looks over the past four days.

Zeena Zaki

Zaki was unable to attend but her show began with a video chat from Costa Rica, inviting viewers to enjoy her new collection. Filled with stylish evening wear with long and short looks, this is a practical yet very stylish collection. Lots of silver and black sequins that will catch the attention of Arab women. But other pieces will suit the Western market, such as black evening dresses with spaghetti straps, off the shoulders, leather looks and jumpsuits. It’s a fun collection for women of all cultures.

Starting her career as a fashion designer creating for friends and family, Zaki launched his eponymous label in 2003 in the United Arab Emirates. Dreamy, she makes herself and also parades at Paris Fashion Week. Her strength is her ability to know what women want, highlighting in her designs areas that women may want to show more or less.

Michael leyva

Filipino designer Michael leyva was not supposed to be a fashion designer. He had positioned himself to enter the tourism industry but his creativity took root. Tonight he presented a couture collection filled with pearls and volumes. Bright yellows and deep pinks, in various shades of greens, blacks, reds, as well as men’s looks fill the collection. Off the shoulders, high slits, long bell-sleeve coats accompany dresses, and deep V-neck dresses offer drama and sophistication. For men, everyday athletic looks, shorts paired with a button-down shirt and a sweater in olive green, yellow, turquoise and red suits, make for fun looks with masculine cuts and cuts.

RC Caylan

Creation of a collection of subtle Asian touches from floral patterns and cuts on the dresses. With a color palette ranging from orange, green, turquoise, black, blue, pink and velvet green, this is a collection of intricate details and cuts. The designer created knee-length jumpsuits, as well as dresses with flowing trains.

While RC Caylan is a designer that is both traditional and contemporary, he ensures that his creations are unique and sophisticated. His grandmother, seamstress of the school uniform was his first inspiration. And today, the Michigan-based designer creates dresses, bridal gowns and suits for men with couture details.

Michael cinco

Michael cinco, another Filipino but Dubai-based designer brought a full house as he closed Arab Fashion Week. With a line that encircles the fashion building connoisseurs queuing to get in, every seat was full, as was the balcony. By changing the flooring, Cinco and his team installed a custom printed flooring. A total couture collection, Cinco wowed the room with its bewitching looks. A collection of details, colors and tailoring craftsmanship, each piece has been crafted with high quality and standards of design and production. Dresses with flaming shoulders but adorned with feathers at the bottom, as well as shimmering gold, green and cream dresses filled the collection. Cinco created bespoke glittery suits for men with detailed beaded blazers.

But what has delighted the hearts of the public is the inclusiveness of the models chosen by Cinco. A mannequin with a prosthetic leg stepped out in a black dress, short in the front with a long train. Immediately, the audience cheered as she walked down the track. A second model came out with a prosthetic arm. And a curvy model walked past to applause, because that was Cinco’s way of saying beauty comes in all shapes, shapes, sizes, and if you’re missing any part of your body, you’re everything. as important as anyone else. For the final, Cinco made a spectacular entry on the runway, walking to the end with models behind him.

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French fashion

Unmatched: Fashion retailers band together to capitalize on booming sales

A customer looks at clothes on display in a store of a large second-hand clothes importer in Hungary, in Budapest, November 5, 2014. REUTERS / Bernadett Szabo / File Photo

October 28 (Reuters) – Second-hand clothing companies struggle to attract smaller competitors and lock in investment as demand for second-hand clothing soars thanks to an increase in the supply chain of traditional retailers before the peak holiday shopping season.

Newly listed companies such as Poshmark Inc (POSH.O) and ThredUp Inc (TDUP.O) are starting to take over small businesses to fend off competition from clothing brands with deep pockets such as Levi Strauss & Co (LEVI.N ) and Urban Outfitters Inc (URBN.O), which have started their own savings businesses.

Growth in volumes is essential for second-hand clothing companies to generate stable profits in an industry known for tight margins and inconsistent inventories, analysts say.

“Companies like ThredUp and Poshmark need to show growth, and one of the things they will probably do in the next few years is to acquire other players, possibly in foreign countries,” said Neil Saunders. , Managing Director of the research firm GlobalData.

The resale industry is expected to grow 11 times faster than the broader retail apparel industry by 2025, according to GlobalData, also driven by growing awareness of the environmental toll of fast fashion.

This could make the industry a magnet for transactions, as companies look to grow quickly to capitalize on a boom that is estimated to more than double the size of the US second-hand clothing market. reach $ 76.4 billion by 2025.

Reuters Charts

Poshmark, a peer-to-peer selling platform that slashes every transaction by 20%, made its first acquisition earlier this month, from a company that authenticates sneakers.

He is considering more buyout deals, especially in overseas markets, as he seeks to put more than $ 500 million in cash on his balance sheet to work.

“So far the four countries we have entered – the United States, Canada, Australia and India – have all been organic, but there are certainly opportunities for inorganic growth there as well.” CEO Manish Chandra told Reuters.

Rival ThredUp bought European savings site Remix Global in July with the aim of expanding beyond the US coast, an acquisition it said would “kick-start” further expansion in Europe. He declined to comment on the prospects for other deals.

Etsy Inc (ETSY.O) also bought the UK second-hand fashion app Depop for $ 1.6 billion. More consolidation, Julie Wainwright, CEO of luxury retailer The RealReal Inc (REAL.O) said earlier this year, “is going to happen.”

Reuters Charts


Supply chain disruptions making it difficult for retailers to have new styles on their shelves – clothing had the highest online out-of-stock levels among retail sectors in the United States at approaching the holiday season, said Adobe Analytics – second profit – sellers in hand. Read more

Tradesy, the Richard Branson-backed resale market, which raised $ 67 million in a funding round earlier this year, expects the shortage of new clothing to translate into strong sales for holidays.

CEO Tracy DiNunzio told Reuters the company promotes independent growth, but is open to “other possibilities.”

Other companies have found themselves ripe for investments from more established players. The high-end thrift store platform Vestiaire Collective raised $ 215 million this year in a funding round in which the French luxury group Kering (PRTP.PA) took a 5% stake in the company.

“I can’t imagine a major apparel or fashion player without partnering, investing or acquiring a successful (second-hand clothing) startup platform,” said Jon Copestake, senior analyst at of EY’s Global Consumer Group.

Levi Strauss launched his own “Levi’s Secondhand” thrift website last year where he sells authenticated used denim that he sources largely from his own customers.

Other clothing companies such as Urban Outfitters are moving to a peer-to-peer marketplace, where the company connects buyers and sellers of used clothing and earns a 20% commission on sales.

With slim margins, increased sales volume matters. Urban Outfitters says focusing on a peer-to-peer model, in which a company provides a platform for people-to-people transactions rather than getting directly involved in sales, is key to making its business model work.

“This is a volume game. In a peer-to-peer market model, scaling is a lot more possible and there is a lot more potential to do it quickly, because the platform doesn’t is not the supply arbiter, ”CTO David Hayne said. .

Uday Sampath report in Bangalore; Editing by Anil D’Silva and Jan Harvey

Our standards: Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Fashion brand

Meet Diotima, an emerging fashion brand steeped in Jamaican tradition

When Rachel Scott left her hometown of Kingston, Jamaica, to pursue her college education and internship at Vogue, she made a promise to a family friend that helped her land the role with the prestigious publication. “He was like, ‘You can’t just go away, you can’t take it all. You have to come back and contribute at some point, ”recalls the designer. “It has always marked me.” After 15 years in the industry, Scott says his new fashion line, Diotima, is the long-awaited result of his desire to give back to his origins.

Launched in May 2020, Diotima is a women’s ready-to-wear brand that mixes inspiration from all facets of Scott’s life and career. This includes his time studying French and art at Colgate University in upstate New York, followed by a stint at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan. “I took a roundabout path towards this career,” she says. After graduating, Scott worked between the United States and Europe for brands such as Costume National and J. Mendel where she not only gained experience but also deepened the importance of construction. and quality. She attributes this era to the “involved and respectful approach to working with materials and building parts” that you can still see today in her current role as Vice President of Design at Rachel Comey, where she worked. for about seven years. “I adopted this approach to [focus on] craftsmanship, construction, and materials, and mixed that up with something a little more affordable, but also portable.

Diotima designer Rachel Scott.Photographed by Josh Kolbo

Scott had initial ideas for Diotima long before 2020, but she wasn’t sure if she would pursue them. “I had this idea in my head that if someone is talking about the Jamaican or Caribbean style, experience or perspective, then that’s it. This niche has been busy, ”she says of her past state of mind. “It held me back for a long time.” When the world has come to a standstill over the past year and a half, Scott has had a moment to step back from his day-to-day life, realize the value of his unique perspective, and his brand has taken shape as d other unexpected doors opened.

“When all the borders closed in Jamaica, there were artisans that I had worked with before for one-off things here and there that primarily cater to the tourism industry. I realized then that they had no source of income for their crafts, ”she says of Diotima’s early days. “I was like, ‘this is an interesting opportunity, maybe I can work with them and do something together. And that’s where I started with crochet in particular, with Jamaicans.


Courtesy of Diotima


Courtesy of Diotima


Courtesy of Diotima

The crochet details she references are some of the most unique aspects of the brand’s offerings, inspired by pieces originally created by Jamaican artisans for another purpose. “They would make these placemats and table runners, then starch them to keep them longer. I always found it interesting because I had never done it in ready-to-wear. I was working from things that they had done and I was trying to do them [into] Something new. When I came back to them with pictures of the clothes, they were like, “Oh my god, I can’t believe you did that. “

The challenge of launching Diotima – a brand that Scott spends nights, weekends, and whatever other time available, as she is also engaged in her full-time role at Rachel Comey – was amplified by the pervasive effects of the last year. Limited access to materials and the inability to travel played into its design decisions. One of the successes of the collection was a twist on tourist t-shirts, with Scott’s handcrafted touch. “I was playing with the idea that I can elevate the classic macrame T-shirt you would buy when you are on a Caribbean sightseeing vacation at one of these exclusive cheese hotels. I would print on it, then add crystals or glass beads, whatever I could to get it out of that context in any way I could.


Courtesy of Diotima


Courtesy of Diotima


Courtesy of Diotima

Diotima’s second collection, Resort ’22, is available for sale in November on its site and through Oakland-based retailer McMullen. It showcases a lot more of what’s to come from the label. “I’m obsessed with the texture, the materials, the juxtaposition of shine and matte and warm and smooth,” she says. This translates into the collection’s use of a unique layered weave, printed tweeds and lots of playful netting and transparencies. Crochet details also take a peek at necklines, cuffs, and wrap around the midsection of dresses and tops. Going forward, Diotima’s recurring themes will include a clean cut and elements of uniform outfit – a nod to her childhood and teenage years in school – inspiration for 80s dancehall style and 90s, and Scott’s admiration for strong Jamaican women throughout his history.

“There’s one thing I’m trying to focus on,” she says. “I really want to avoid being nostalgic in what I do and I think it’s really important to work in a trans-historical way. I want to try to move forward. Inspired by the Antwerp Six (avant-garde designers Walter Van Beirendonck, Ann Demeulemeester, Dries Van Noten, Dirk Van Saene, Dirk Bikkembergs and Marina Yee) who shaped Belgian fashion while working in the traditions of Paris and Milan, Scott aims to have a similar effect with this new chapter in his career. “I would like to find a way, along with others, to contribute to this new idea of ​​Caribbean fashion that is not exactly what it always has been, but by taking some of those basics and working in the capacities of manufacturing there, advancing that idea of ​​building and crafting, and also the idea of ​​identity.

We only include products that have been independently selected by TZR’s editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of the sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

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Fashion style

The best fall fashion investments from Amazon luxury stores

Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the included links, we may earn a commission.

Not so long ago, shoppers dared not buy their clothes from the same place they bought their dish soap, but through strategic efforts including desirable brand partnerships, launching accessible internal lines and high quality, and the success of The Drop program, Amazon has become our go-to place to fill our closets. Now he is aiming even further.

Altuzarra Haines sweater

Affordable fashion has always been the name of the game for Amazon, but a new landing page and product selection are also aimed at winning our investment. Big-price fashion items from high-end designers have found a new home in luxury stores on Amazon.

From the endless sea of ​​designer pieces that have hit the market this season, Amazon has chosen to put just a fraction in its fall edition. Some of the brands featured are sure to be familiar to buyers – Missoni and Oscar de la Renta are both household names and celebrities – while others are new and emerging names to add to your fashion vocabulary. L / Uniform, Marina Moscone and Maison Rabih Kayrouz are almost guaranteed to explode now that they have received the seal of approval from Amazon.

There are less than 70 items in this expert curated collection, all as good as the last. And while it was a tough call given how much we love all the selections, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites to inspire you for fall shopping. If you’re planning to invest in a premium piece or two this season, make it one of them.

Rodarte polka-dot silk slip dress

Fabrizio Viti Grace Clogs, Black

Marina Moscone patchwork rugby sweater, multicolored

Mark Cross Madeline Lady Mini

Rodarte Black Block Font Radarte Crewneck Sweatshirt, White

Aquazzura A 25 sneakers

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Fashion designer

Valentino Resort 2022 collection | Vogue

Parisian cafes today have a special charm for Pierpaolo Piccioli. The Valentino fashion show he staged last month brought models out of the Temple Square to stroll through the surrounding streets, where people sat in cafes enjoying the outside to live. For resort, which reads like a sort of prequel to the spring collection, the lookbook was shot in the Marais, a lively district arrondissement populated by a hip and diverse crowd, in a café called Le Progrès. His name resonates with Piccioli’s continued practice within the label, which he tries to advance without harming its history. “I want to bring life and a sense of reality to Valentino,” he told Zoom from his studio in Rome. “Take it out of the workshop while retaining the know-how of the workshop.”

Piccioli has been at home long enough to know the codes by heart; it lived its glamorous heyday, when Valentino Garavani received guests at his castle in Wideville, whose gardens were as perfectly manicured as the demanding crowd that roamed them. It was a world as fabulous as it was isolated and inaccessible. “I don’t want to forget the castle, but you have to be rooted in the present,” he said. “I want to take the castle to the street, so to speak, and bring the street to the castle.”

He calls this process re-signification; he believes that his duty as a fashion designer today is to be the vector of a vision of beauty in tune with our times. “Beauty today is diversity and inclusiveness; I want to encourage people to adopt it, ”he said. Piccioli’s message is calibrated to appeal to the younger generations, for whom such values ​​are evident; at Progress, the cast included singer and TikTok-er Dixie D’Amelio; model and editor of the online platform the Collective Youth Project Amanda Prugnaud; filmmaker Christian Coppola; and actress Tina Kunakey.

Bringing sewing in the streets It might sound like a marketing formula without Piccioli’s genuine belief and determined efforts to make it happen. “The idea isn’t just metaphorical,” he says. “I wanted to do it both from a fashion point of view and from a physical point of view.” After a year and a half of pandemic isolation, it was to avoid starting to show again in atmospheric palaces as if nothing had happened. “You can’t just talk, you have to do. We must dare to be more radical.

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French fashion

What to do this weekend

Welcome. Denis Villeneuve’s film adaptation of “Dune,” based on Frank Herbert’s 1965 sci-fi novel, is in theaters and on HBO Max this weekend. Will the fans love it? Manohla Dargis calls it “a starry and sumptuous interpretation of the first half of the novel”. Others have already tried to translate the book for the screen; here is a guide to disseminate previous efforts, if you want to go in depth.

It’s a great weekend for fans of Timothée Chalamet: he is in “Dune” as well as “The French Dispatch”, the new one by Wes Anderson, described by AO Scott as “a sweet ticket from the New Yorker in his mid-20th century glory. years which is, at the same time, an ardent, almost orgiastic hymn to the pleasures of print. Melena Ryzik spoke with Frances McDormand, Adrien Brody and other actors in Anderson’s repertoire.

The fifth and final season of “Insecure” premieres on HBO Sunday at 10 p.m. EST, followed by the premiere of the 11th season of “Calm your enthusiasm.” Maybe you should fry some oysters at home, Gabrielle Hamilton-style, and make it a night out.

You could dive into The Book Review archives this weekend. Or listen to “Aack Cast,” “the frustrated millennial journey of understanding, but not necessarily forgiving, the working white women” of the Boomer Generation via the “Cathy” comic. Read Tara Parker-Pope’s interview with Jane Goodall. And check out photos of the Toronto Raptors’ return to Scotiabank Arena after a 600-day absence.

The holidays are coming. What are your plans? Will you get together with family and friends? Traveling or staying near you? How will this year be different from last year, if at all? Email us: [email protected] Make sure to include your full name and location and we may include your response in a future newsletter. We are at home and away. We will read every letter sent. As always, below are some more ideas for leading a full and cultivated life this weekend. I’ll see you next week.

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Fashion brand

Singaporean Fashion Brand Love, Bonito Raises $ 50 Million From Primavera Capital And Others

Love, Bonito, a Singapore-based womenswear company, has raised $ 50 million in a Series C funding round led by China-based private equity firm Primavera Capital Group.

The deal marks Alibaba’s first investment in Southeast Asia and support from ByteDance Primavera.

Other investors who took part in the round include Japanese retail group Adastria and China-based venture capital firm Ondine Capital.

Love, Bonito said the fresh funds would go to his overseas expansion plans. Its largest markets are Hong Kong, Japan, the Philippines and the United States.

The company, which started as a blog store in 2005 as Bonito Chico before changing brands in 2010, operates in seven other countries – Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Taiwan, Japan and Australia.

It will also use the capital to expand its product line to include sportswear and engage in content creation.

“Primavera is deeply impressed with all the team has accomplished over the past decade and looks forward to leveraging our understanding and experience in the global consumer industry,” PE Company said in a statement. .

Love, Bonito’s other investors include Singapore-based venture capital firm Openspace Ventures and Japan-based price comparison website

The startup claims to have seen more than 120% year-over-year growth in its international markets and 208% of its online sales. It faces stiff competition from global fast fashion retailers such as Shein and Boohoo.

Love, Bonito last revealed that he raised $ 13 million in February 2018.

According to data from DealStreetAsia ADVANTAGE, it recorded $ 19.66 million in revenue in 2020, down about 13% from a year ago. Its net loss fell almost 17% to $ 2.86 million.

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Fashion style

Keri Russell elevates plunging maxi dress with bralette and sandals – Footwear News

All products and services presented are independently selected by the editors. However, FN may receive a commission on orders placed through its retail links, and the retailer may receive certain verifiable data for accounting purposes.

Keri Russell’s latest look is fresh and relaxed.

The “August Rush” actress was spotted walking around New York yesterday. For the ensemble, Russell donned a chic and minimalist ensemble including a flowing black maxi dress with a low neckline. Russell put on a white bra under the dress, which added the perfect amount of color contrast. The lack of accessories also made the outfit stand out.

Keri Russell is seen in New York.


Keri Russell is seen in New York

Zoom on Keri Russell’s black sandals.


Russell opted for a pair of black heeled sandals which elevated the outfit and tied it together.

When it comes to Russell’s typical fashion style, she tends to wear sophisticated looks that reflect her chic taste and aesthetic. When not on TV or at an event, Russell tends to sport simple silhouettes that have duality and durability in mind, like sleek jeans, loose T-shirts and tank tops. and light dresses. But when Russell makes special appearances, she adorns herself with brands like Saint Laurent and Kwaidan Editions. When it comes to shoes, Russell likes strong pumps, pointy sandals, and sleek boots.

Put on a pair of black sandals and create a clean look.

Gillie Women's A New Day Pumps

CREDIT: Target

To buy: A New Day Women’s Gillie Heels, $ 28.

Christian Louboutin Rosalie Leather Slingback Sandals

CREDIT: Saks Fifth Avenue

Buy: Christian Louboutin Rosalie Leather Slingback Sandals, $ 795.

Gianvito Rossi Bijoux Puffy Napa 105mm High Heel Sandals

CREDIT: Neiman Marcus

Buy: Gianvito Rossi Bijoux 105mm Puffy Napa High Heel Sandals, $ 875.

Click through the gallery to see Keri Russell’s most stylish looks on the red carpet.

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Fashion designer

What to know, date, appointments, host – WWD

The 2021 CFDA Fashion Awards are approaching.

The event marks a return to an in-person format after 2020 CFDA The Fashion Awards were held online through the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s Platform Piste360.

This year’s ceremony will see a competitive roster of contenders vying for some of the most coveted awards, including Gabriela Hearst, Thom Browne, Christopher John Rogers and Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen for The Row, among many others.

Honorary prizes will also be awarded this year, including the CFDA Fashion Icon Award, which will go to Zendaya for her daring and timeless style. This makes the actress the youngest recipient of the award in her history.

From the full list of nominees to the organizers of this year’s event, here’s everything you need to know about the 2021 CFDA Fashion Awards. Scroll down for more.

Where and when are the 2021 CFDA Fashion Awards held?

The ceremony will take place at The Pool + The Grill, which is located in the iconic Seagram Building on Park Avenue in New York City. The event will take place on November 10.

Who is hosting the 2021 CFDA Fashion Awards?

It was announced on Tuesday that Emily Blunt will host this year’s awards ceremony.

“Emily is one of the most talented actresses in the world,” Tom Ford, president of CFDA, said in a statement. “Its timeless style and elegance brightens up any room. I have great admiration for her and am so happy to have her as the host of this year’s CFDA awards.

Who is nominated for Women’s, Men’s, and Accessories Designer of the Year?

This year’s nominees for the American Womenswear Designer of the Year award are Catherine Holstein for Khaite, Christopher John Rogers, Gabriela Hearst, Marc Jacobs and Peter Do.

The nominees for American Menswear Designer of the Year are Emily Adams Bode for Bode, Jerry Lorenzo for Fear of God, Mike Amiri for Amiri, Telfar Clemens for Telfar and Thom Browne.

For American Accessories Designer of the Year, the contenders are Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen for The Row, Aurora James for Brother Vellies, Gabriela Hearst, Stuart Vevers for Coach and Telfar Clemens for Telfar.

Who is nominated for Emerging Designer of the Year?

The nominees for American Emerging Designer of the Year are Edvin Thompson for Theophilio, Eli Russell Linnetz for ERL, Jameel Mohammed for Khiry, Kenneth Nicholson and Maisie Schloss for Maisie Wilen.

Check out the full list of nominees and winners here.

Will there be honorary awards?

Several big names are recognized this year, including Zendaya, who will receive the Fashion Icon Award from the CFDA. Anya Taylor-Joy, best known for her role as Beth Harmon in Netflix’s “The Queen’s Gambit”, will receive Face of the Year, a new award. The Model Alliance will receive the Positive Social Influence Award.

Other special prizes to be presented that evening will be the Founder’s Award to Aurora James, the Environmental Sustainability Award to Patagonia, the Media Award to Nina Garcia, the Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award to Dapper Dan and the Board’s Tribute to administration to Yeohlee. Teng.


Emily Blunt to host CFDA Fashion Awards

2021 CFDA Fashion Awards nominees and winners unveiled

CFDA, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue give emerging designers a boost

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French fashion

Williams Sonoma has Black Friday style deals starting at $ 3 right now

We’re entering November and now would be a great time to knock out some of your holiday shopping and avoid the hustle and bustle later. Williams Sonoma is having a big warehouse sale and there are some really good choices out there with big price drops right now. Buy a nice set of cocktail glasses for $ 29 or a piece of Le Creuset French baking dishes for $ 32. There are also heaps of pointy cotton kitchen towels starting at $ 5 for a set of 4 (you can never have too many), and a cheeky Hufflepuff spatula for $ 3.

See our top picks for the Warehouse sale below. And save an extra 20% on all items ending in .99 or .98 when you plug in the promo code ADDITIONAL at the register.

Read more: The best kitchen gifts for a home chef or gourmet

Williams sonoma

Having a nice cocktail glassware always makes happy hour a little happier. If I unwrapped these old-fashioned glasses with a nice bottle of whiskey, I’d be a happy home bartender. A similar set with dogs in place of owls fell to $ 40.

Williams sonoma

A Hufflepuff spatula for the Harry Potter fan on your list. I mean, how could you not?

Williams sonoma

These dashing cotton kitchen towels are nice enough to use as napkins, yet sturdy enough to double as tea towels. We never have enough tea towels. Get a set of four with blue stripes for just $ 5 when you plug in a special code ADDITIONAL for 20% reduction.

Williams sonoma

While you stock up on towels, add a set of these more absorbent tea towels. The teal stripe set of 4 only costs $ 7 when you redeem the code ADDITIONAL at the register.

Le Creuset

A heritage baker Le Creuset is by far the most elegant vessel to house your signature holiday dish this year. It would also make a sure-fire gift for any home cook on your shopping list. This beauty is $ 32 with promo code ADDITIONAL.


These funky salad plates are $ 20 (normally $ 60) when you use the code ADDITIONAL for a further 20% reduction.

Shop the full Williams Sonoma Warehouse Sale here.

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Fashion brand

Italian fashion label brutus dyes leather jackets with seaweed

a special algae-based dye

The Italian brand brutus is revolutionizing the fashion world by using seaweed to dye its models of leather jackets. the company is about to launch an ambitious project born from a simple intuition of the founding team: to dye vegetable tanned leather with more extreme pigments than ever before – a concept that will help brutus save energy, resources and money. this concept resulted in the creation of a coloring and special treatment called SP algalizer, obtained from algae powder.

all images courtesy of brutus

promote contact with nature

this idea of ​​algalizing MS best represents the creative and commercial reality that brutus experiences on a daily basis. in fact, it is precisely within the architecture and design studio of cesare griffa, where brutus is based, that the experimental work takes place. ‘algalizing is a path that Cesare has been exploring for years, expressing it in multiple forms, so it was a spontaneous decision to unite our two paths, to live a new life… on a new canvas… in a new color… , ‘ the actions of the fashion brand.

this unique dye reinforces the concept of reuse and recycling already inherent in vegetable tanned leathers from the food chain. above all, it promotes the notion of contact with nature. ‘Algae are nature at its most primitive. what we have created allows you to wear something extremely alive, very energetic, constantly evolving and changing that puts you in touch with the vibrations of the universe, ‘ explains the brutus team.

algalizer sp the leather jacket obtained from seaweed powder 3

unique clothes dyed with seaweed

the reaction of the leather to the seaweed dye treatment is totally out of control. for this reason, the final color can never be uniform or reproducible, with the resulting garment emerging as a single piece. in collaboration with the leather processing company iccio, brutus carried out numerous tests and created samples of clothing, believing from the beginning in the positive characteristics of these new materials. the algalizing SP treatment gives the garment a creamy texture, very pleasant to the touch. in addition, the green algae pigment generates an incredible palette of nuances and veins on leather goods.

algalizer sp the leather jacket obtained from seaweed powder 2

algalize sp the leather jacket obtained from seaweed powder 6

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Fashion style

2021 Ningbo International Fashion Fair and Fashion Festival Highlight New Trends in the Apparel Industry

Qiu Dongyao, mayor of the Ningbo Municipal People’s Government noted in the opening speech that Ningbo has maintained quality economic and social development in recent years, and its GDP has recorded 1,240.9 billion yuan in 2020, ranking 12th among Chinese cities.

Noting the current development of by Ningbo fashion industry, Qiu Dongyao pointed out that Ningbo is emerging as a leading city in the fashion industry thanks to its strong industrial base and advanced smart and intelligent manufacturing technology.

Faced with the new cycle of technological revolution and changes in commercial consumption, Ningbo has played an essential role in the development of from China the garment industry with constant efforts to stimulate intelligent reform, encourage design innovations and branding. It also helped Ningbo develop into an innovative manufacturing center with international influence, according to Chen Dapeng, vice director of the Chinese National Textile and Clothing Council and head of the National Garment Association of China.

Meanwhile, an award ceremony was held at the opening ceremony of the Fashion Festival, and 40 Chinese clothing companies were awarded the “Fashion Ningbo” award.

The event, sponsored by the Chinese National Textile and Clothing Council, the Ningbo Zhejiang Municipal Government and Department of Economics and Information Technology, attracted participants from 218 enterprises both abroad, including 18 foreign brands from seven countries such as United States, Japan and France.

See the original link:

SOURCE Xinhua Silk Road

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Fashion designer

Events are back in full force in New York, according to the fashion designer

Erica Cohen is getting married in November 2022. Planning her big day took a lot of flexibility. She was so worried about having to cancel her marriage due to the COVID-19 pandemic that she chose two possible dates.

“There were no vaccines at that time. We didn’t know what next year would be like, well this year so we booked a second date,” Cohen said, adding: “ It was really stressful. “

What would you like to know

  • Erica Cohen visited Randi Rahm Couture’s showroom to find a wedding dress
  • She is getting married in November 2022
  • Fashion designer Randi Rahm said her sales were back to 75% of what they were before the pandemic
  • A report from TripleSeat, a software that tracks room bookings, found a 98% increase in bookings at New York’s event spaces from June 2020 to June 2021

We NY1 interviewed Erica, she needed to pick out a dress. His twin sister Niki, who is also getting married next year, and their mother Meryl were there to support him.

“To be able to have two upcoming weddings is so exciting. It’s been a really sad year and a half,” said mother of the brides Meryl Cohen.

But that is changing. A report from TripleSeat, a software company that tracks room bookings, found a 98% increase in bookings at New York City event spaces from June 2020 to June 2021.

Fashion designer Randi Rahm says she saw a spike in activity once people started getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

“After the summer, I think by September and October we were back at almost 75%,” Rahm said. “It went from 0% to 75%. Some of that 75% was made up of orders we had waiting to have their wedding.”

And Rahm said seeing clients like the Cohens again is a huge boost to the mind.

“It’s so wonderful to handle such happiness. What could be happier than a marriage?” Rahm said.

Much like her dress search, Erica also takes the same vigilant approach to planning her big day.

“I just hope everything continues to improve so that everything goes as planned for next year. I’m really excited about everything,” Cohen told NY1.

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Fashion brand

British brand Victoria Beckham launches a line of traceable merino wool

British fashion label Victoria Beckham has collaborated with Australian based The Woolmark Company to design a collection of durable and traceable knits made from merino wool and natural dyes. The range includes cozy and comfortable knitted sweaters, cardigans and accessories with intarsia details and contrasting stripes for adults and children.

The collection was made in Pescara, Italy from 100% merino wool. As an original eco-fiber, merino wool is completely natural, renewable and biodegradable. Victoria Beckham chose non-mule merino wool which is fully traceable to just five Australian wool producers, The Woolmark Company said in a press release.

The collection’s color palette is earthy and warm, created using a unique herbal dye process. While no chemicals are involved, natural dyes create vibrant shades using alternative ingredients such as flowers, leaves, and berries. The garments are all Woolmark certified, tested for longevity and color fastness.

British fashion label Victoria Beckham has collaborated with Australian based The Woolmark Company to design a collection of durable and traceable knits made from merino wool and natural dyes. The range includes cozy and comfortable knitted sweaters, cardigans and accessories with intarsia details and contrasting stripes for adults and children.

“I’m excited to launch a farm-to-workshop collection and wanted to mark this moment with classic yet fun designs for adults and kids alike, providing all ages with the building blocks of a great wardrobe. perfect and comfortable winter, “mentioned Creative Director Victoria Beckham.

Throughout October and November, this collection will be available at several retailers, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Zalando, Mytheresa, Harrods, Luisaviaroma, KaDeWe and Barneys Japan.

Fibre2Fashion Information Office (KD)

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Fashion style

Model Raenee Sydney explains how fashion retail influenced her style


“I think trying to fit into a box is too linear and ends up making everyone look the same.”

We know personal style is a journey (I’m looking at you, Tumblr years), so we’ve introduced a new series Hey, I Like Your Style! delve into the fashion psyche of our favorite designers. We are talking about the good, the bad and the 2007.

While the Internet has made our fashion icons feeling closer than ever, even the simplest outfits came from a closet with (well dressed) skeletons. Clickable product labels, photo archives and the lives told in 30-second clips just don’t tell the whole story.

For more fashion news, shoots, articles and reports, visit our Fashion section.

These are the stories behind wardrobes, exploring how we develop our own personal style. There is genius in the way we choose to express ourselves and at FJ we know that every outfit has a story.

This week, we dive into Raenee Sydney’s enviable wardrobe. Raenee, or @itsrainybaby_ on Instagram, is an Australian model and ceramicist whose style we have long admired. Both casual and eclectic, she mixes bold patterns and prints with perfectly chosen shoes and accessories. Read on for her style journey.

Who are you and what do you like to wear?

Hi! My name is Raenee and I’m a ceramicist and a model, and I love wearing pants.

What does your style evolution look like? Do you feel like you’ve gained confidence in the way you dress?

I like to think that my style has never really changed over the years. The only difference would be that now that I’m doing ceramics and riding my bike, I wear less skirts and dresses and definitely own more pants. I have always worked in retail / fashion (until March of this year) which had a major influence on the way I dress and interact with clothing.

I was an intern at Rush when I was in college which definitely gave me some insight into fashion and ‘trends’. When I worked at Ellery, I was a little more dressed with my outfits, but it was mostly because of the environment.

While my time at Supply saw me dress a little more “boyish” with sneakers and T-shirts. However, luckily I was always confident in what I was wearing as I never really cared what people thought. In the end, these are just clothes and the style is subjective!

Personal style is a journey. Have you ever felt the need to fit into a particular fashion company?

Fortunately, not really. I think my time in the two stores (which I think are completely opposite) helped me expand my wardrobe and allowed me to become more versatile with the way I dressed.

There were definitely times when I felt badly dressed – that is, maybe I shouldn’t have worn sneakers, but other than that I’m pretty confident in myself. I think trying to fit into a box is too linear and ends up making everyone look the same.

Take us back to those tough teenage years. Do you have any fashion regrets?

I always shopped in op stores because I didn’t have a job when I was in school, so I think my style was very influenced by what I could find. It might have been a bit experimental at times, but it was generally always safe.

However, I have this vivid memory of my 14th birthday party wearing sparkly silver leggings and a neon pink headband, pink elastics in my suspenders and neon pink Raben slip-ons. Not necessarily a regret, but certainly a very interesting choice.

What are the most expensive and cheapest items in your wardrobe?

Very expensive [is] a Louis Vuitton bag with its matching shoulder strap (which barely sees the light of day now), and the cheapest [is] a white cotton dress that I bought in an op store in Paris for one euro.

What’s the most significant fashion piece you own?

I have this mid-calf square neck burgundy velvet dress that my mom has been wearing since I was 20 and is mine now. It is so beautiful and fits me like a glove, but I have never worn it because I can’t seem to find the right occasion for it. This is very sexy Cameron Diaz in The mask atmosphere!

What’s in your cart right now?

New underwear! My underwear drawer looks pretty dark and definitely needs a makeover.

What fashion item are you saving for right now?

I can’t think of a particular room in general. But I really like The Row’s Allie bag. It’s big enough to hold all the essentials (water bottle, keys, bike lock, headphones), while still looking good. But I will never commit because this price is just a little silly (however, one can dream!).

What wardrobe items do you wear on a loop?

I have these Fucking Awesome camouflage pants that I wear constantly. They have different country military men in their respective camouflage as printed there, so it’s kind of like camouflage on camouflage. I also have these Skepta x Nike shoes which are white but have different colored ticks so they look like two separate shoes.

They are so comfortable that it is difficult not to wear them. Other than that, I never take my jewelry off (even in the shower). So every time you see me, I will always be in the same earrings, necklaces, and rings.

Who are your favorite local designers?

I feel quite grateful to be surrounded by a lot of friends who are doing wonderful things. Brands like Emsah, Worldwind Worldwide, PAM, Emily Watson, (who is Australian but now lives in London) are some of my favorites.

See more of Raenee’s killer looks here.

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Fashion designer

Halloween inspiration: the best costumes on TikTok

TikTok: Courtesy of @linabugz

If you haven’t come up with a great Halloween costume idea for next weekend yet, let us remind you that the time is delayed. Whether you’re heading to a party with friends or just want to scare off your local sweet tooth, finding a last minute costume can be a stressful feat. But fear not, because TikTok is here to save the day.

Throughout the month, the creators of the app have mastered spooky make-ups and clever costumes, often caption their messages with, “The tension between me and this Halloween costume …” In homage to the trend, Vogue brings together some of the best posts to date. Consider their costumes to be perfect for recreating this year, although, fair warning, a certain level of skill is required to craft a lot of them. (But that’s half the fun, isn’t it?)

Going through the hashtag #Halloween, there are several TikToks that immediately caught Vogue‘s eye (and scared us too). Let’s start with the most elaborate: fashion designer Lacey Dalimonte, who made designs for Lady Gaga, made a dress from dismembered doll heads. (To DIY it, you can just pin a bunch of buds to your favorite LBD.) Karla valentina perfectly channeled Corpse BrideIt’s Emily, right down to the wedding dress, veil, and blue body paint. Nava Rose also channeled ScreamGhost face, but made it sexy with a black corset and fishnets. In fact, if you’re feeling lazy, this latest creator was make costumes out of her everyday clothes throughout the month – her page is the perfect place to find easy but still impactful costumes.

TikTok: Courtesy of @ the.navarose

If spooky Halloween beauty is more your thing than a total head-to-toe look, then look no further than professional makeup artist Mimi Choi. Among other grotesque looks, she recently performed a Black Widow spider eye makeup, with a bloody red lip. Designer Tristan Valdez also paid tribute to Chucky– yes, the serial killer doll – via her bright red hair (which can be done with a temporary spray!) And painted stitches on her face. All you need are overalls and a demonic laugh to really finish off the costume!

Below, more notable Halloween TikToks for costume inspiration

TikTok: courtesy of @laceydalimonte
TikTok: courtesy of @ nico1eodeon
TikTok: courtesy of @ halimah.shah
TikTok: courtesy of @theogcarrottop
TikTok: Courtesy of @patrickspinknub
TikTok: courtesy of @ itskarlavalentina17
TikTok: courtesy of @mimles
TikTok: Courtesy of @tristanpvaldez
TikTok: Courtesy of @abbyroberts
TikTok: courtesy of @

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French fashion

Picasso’s works sold for nearly $ 110 million at auction in Las Vegas

Written by By Jeevan RavindranJacqui Palumbo, CNN

A selection of 11 works by Pablo Picasso has been auctioned for a collective total of over $ 110 million, after being exhibited for years in a restaurant in Las Vegas.
Part of the MGM Resorts collection, the pieces were the hallmark of the Bellagio Hotel’s Michelin-starred French and Spanish restaurant, “Picasso,” which is inspired by the artist’s life and work.

Coinciding with the artist’s 140th birthday, MGM said the auction was the “biggest and biggest” sale of art ever to be held in Las Vegas. Organized by Sotheby’s, it was the auction house’s first evening marquee sale to take place outside of New York City.

The star attraction of Saturday’s auction was “Woman with a Red-Orange Beret,” or “Woman with a Red-Orange Hat,” a 1938 portrait of Picasso’s lover and muse, Marie-Thérèse Walter.

Pablo Picasso, “Woman with a red-orange beret” credit”>Credit: Courtesy of Sotheby’s and MGM Resorts

The Spanish artist’s affair with Walter lasted from the late 1920s to the 1930s, and she gave birth to their daughter Maya in 1935. Picasso’s portraits of Walter are characterized by vivid color and a sense of privacy.

Initially estimated at between $ 20 million and $ 30 million by Sotheby’s, it was ultimately sold at auction for over $ 40 million.

Picasso, who lived from 1881 to 1973 and spent much of his adult life in France, is often referred to as the founding father of the Cubist style of painting – and “Woman with an orange-red beret” bears some similarities to his famous later portraits of his lover Dora Maar.

The auction also featured two Cubist-inspired still lifes from the early 1940s during WWII – with “Still Life with Fruit Basket and Flowers” ​​selling for $ 16.6 million, while “Still Life aux fleurs et au compotier “sold for $ 8.3 million.

Pablo Picasso, "Still life with fruit basket and flowers"

Pablo Picasso, “Still life with a basket of fruits and flowers” Credit: Courtesy of Sotheby’s and MGM Resorts

Meanwhile, “Man and Child,” or “Man and Child,” which Sotheby’s said reflected his later spontaneous style and role as a father, sold for just over $ 24 million.

However, it was the less publicized works that far exceeded their estimates, with the painted terracotta “Le Déjeuner surherbe” from 1962 – inspired by the painting of the same name by Edouard Manet from 1863 – selling for more than four times its highest price. Evaluation.

The auction also featured a white carved pitcher with three faces etched into its surface. The work, produced by Picasso in 1954, was valued between $ 60,000 and $ 80,000 but sold for $ 315,000.

Some works have also revealed intimate details of Picasso’s life and work – with a ceramic tile showing the window of his studio “La Californie”, which overlooked the sea in the city of Cannes, in southern France. .

Pablo Picasso, "Ewer - Face"

Pablo Picasso, “Ewer – Face” Credit: Courtesy of Sotheby’s and MGM Resorts

In an August press release, MGM said the auction would help “deepen diversity and inclusion” within its art collection. Part of the profits will be reinvested in the art market, according to Sotheby’s.

An MGM spokesperson said via Sotheby’s that the group’s collection contains a further 12 other works by Picasso that will replace items auctioned at the Bellagio’s “Picasso” restaurant.

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Fashion brand

Gigi Hadid seen wearing Genie Jean Shadow Black by Australian denim label Rolla’s Jeans

Your Next Wardrobe Basic: How To Get Your Hands On Gigi Hadid’s Favorite Jeans From An Australian Fashion Brand

  • Gigi Hadid was spotted wearing black jeans from an Australian fashion label
  • The 26-year-old wore the $ 139.95 Genie Jean in Shadow Black by Rolla’s Jeans
  • The stunned mother in the cuffed jeans as she strolled through New York City

Model Gigi Hadid was spotted wearing black jeans from an Australian fashion label.

The 26-year-old cut a nice figure in the $ 139.95 Genie Jean in Shadow Black from Rolla’s Jeans, a denim clothing brand known for its retro style.

The mother, who shares her one-year-old daughter Khai with boyfriend Zayn Malik, stunned in the cuffed jeans as she strolled through New York City on October 15.

Model Gigi Hadid was spotted wearing a pair of black cuffed jeans from Australian fashion label Rolla’s Jeans

The stunned mother in the cuffed jeans as she strolled through New York City on October 15

The stunned mother in the cuffed jeans as she strolled through New York City on October 15

Made with stiff denim, the jeans – which are available in sizes 5-14 on the website – sit high on the waist, hugging the back perfectly to create a “really peachy butt.”

Offering a flattering shape, the versatile jeans can be dressed up or down with different accessories, equally stylish paired with white sneakers for a casual outfit and strappy heels for a glamorous night out.

The balloon-leg pants quickly garnered praise from fans on social media, with many insisting that they are “the most comfortable jeans ever.”

Made with stiff denim, the jeans - which are available in sizes 5 to 14 - are worn high on the waist

It perfectly hugs the butt to create a

Made with stiff denim, the jeans – which are available in sizes 5-14 – sit high on the waist, carefully hugging the behind to create a “really peachy butt.”

Many buyers said they were eager to emulate Gigi's all-black look after styling the jeans with a leather blazer and a fitted crop top showing off her belly

Many buyers said they were eager to emulate Gigi’s all-black look after styling the jeans with a leather blazer and a fitted crop top showing off her belly

Other buyers said they were eager to emulate Gigi’s all-black look after styling the jeans with a leather blazer and a fitted crop top. his stomach.

“I need this outfit,” wrote one.

Adored by celebrities and models around the world, Australian denim label Rolla’s takes inspiration from the 1970s and vintage aesthetics.

Sarah Gilsenan and Andy Paltos’ brand offers a range of stylish and modern clothing for men and women, including jeans, denim shorts, pants, dresses, skirts, tops, knitwear, jackets and sweaters. .


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Fashion designer

Givner and Siciliano vie for seat of Quarter 4 of Holyoke City Council

HOLYOKE – On November 2, city residents will vote for seven city council seats, five of which are contested races. The parish seats are in addition to the six individual council seats.

Ward 4 covers parts of the Churchill and Downtown neighborhoods, as well as smaller chunks of the Oakdale and Highlands neighborhoods. Two candidates are vying for the position and are presented in the order in which they appear on the ballot, which was determined at random.

Kocayne Givner

A homeowner who has lived intermittently in the city since the 90s, Kocayne Givner is a fashion designer who worked in New York City, Houston and Philadelphia before returning to Holyoke in 2015. She has said that she is was running for office to do what she has. has been doing in his neighborhood for a long time: advocating for improvements.

“I’ve always been a squeaky wheel in my neighborhood,” she said. “I noticed when I came back last time that there were the same issues here as the time I left before.”

Givner said that garbage collection, keeping parks clean, improving sidewalks and dealing with speeding tickets are all areas of focus in his neighborhood. She said there had been improvements under the tenure of current Ward Councilor Libby Hernandez, who supported Givner, and previous Councilor Jossie Valentin. Givner hopes to continue this work.

“I think the most important things in the neighborhood… are public safety things,” she said. “I really think it would be great to do traffic studies. “

If elected, Givner said she would also work to support the city’s public schools where possible, and that she wants to work with the city’s new mayor to get things done.

Givner also spoke about the importance of local government being accessible to all residents, which she said is currently not the case, and the importance of increasing voter turnout in the city. She said Ward 7 tends to dominate city politics and that she hopes to increase interest in municipal government among her constituents by being there for them.

“Help people understand that they can be heard if they show their voting strength and realize that there are people who want to work for them,” she said. “But they have to vote them.”

Givner said she was the most accessible candidate in the race. And she is committed to bringing change to city council.

“I haven’t seen anything like it,” she said. “There are a lot of people running so there’s a lot of chance for a change. “

Michael Thomas Siciliano

A Holyoker for the past two decades, Michael Thomas Siciliano has described the city as the most family-friendly community he has ever known. He got involved in schools and youth sports when his children were young and volunteered for organizations like the Holyoke Safe Neighborhood Initiative.

“Holyoke is a city with significant problems,” he said. “But when you spend so much time here and it becomes your home, you just see past these big issues and come to appreciate all the great things about it.”

Siciliano said his priorities include protecting homeowners from higher taxes, defending public schools and ending state receivership, and holding public officials accountable. He also said he would work to put an end to “mismanagement” in municipal agencies such as the Ministry of Public Works, which he said has “gone through difficult times” due to mismanagement. from the city.

“Holyoke has a tremendous amount of resources and has had them for a long time,” he said. “They were misappropriated, not wisely spent.”

Improving pedestrian safety is another important goal for Siciliano, who said the speed of cars and motorcycles made families and children unsafe when walking around town. He said this was in part due to “law enforcement issues” and that he would endeavor to hold the Holyoke Police Department accountable for that enforcement.

Siciliano spoke at length about his work helping the development of the Chestnut Community Alliance, a neighborhood association. He said he learned a lot from volunteering with the South Holyoke Neighborhood Association, as well as participating in the resident leadership program run by the Wayfinders organization.

“I am a very big supporter of neighborhood associations,” he said.

Siciliano said what separates him from his opponent is his background in community development.

“This speaks for itself,” he said. “It’s in depth, it’s diverse. He comes out of a love story (for Holyoke). I just love him, I love him so much.

Dusty Christensen can be contacted at [email protected]

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French fashion

French manicure: an impeccable apartment on the banks of the Seine | Interiors

When Célia Bernard and her husband Jean-Marie Castille found this Parisian T3 directly on the right bank of the Seine, they were sure of one thing: they did not want to paint it white. Instead, they opted for a khaki in the lobby and dark chocolate brown doors. They also painted the living room in a deep yellow which she calls “curry”.

Color is at the heart of the latest professional adventure of the fiery Bernard. After 22 years working as a financial broker, she created a fashion brand, Love and Let Dye, with her friend Marine Vignes, who is best known in France as a weather presenter on television. The idea came to them during a trip to Bali in 2020, where they decided to have clothes made. “We rented a scooter and walked through small alleys in search of a tailor and women who worked with the tie-and-dye technique,” ​​Bernard recalls. “For me, it’s like Proust’s madeleine. Tie-and-dye takes me back to my youth when I was selling jeans on Venice Beach in Los Angeles.

In the red: the striking living room. Photography: Michel Figuet / Living inside

The official launch took place at the height of the pandemic in May 2020 and their collection of leggings, kaftans, loose shirts and dresses was an instant hit. They were sold in two weeks and the brand now has a network of nearly 60 points of sale, from Paris to Lisbon and from Tel Aviv to Amsterdam.

Between finance and fashion, Bernard embarked on real estate for several years, looking for houses and apartments for friends and acquaintances. She first went to visit it in this capacity, but fell so in love with it that she and Castille, at the head of a medical start-up, decided to buy it.

Located in a 1930s building, the apartment offers spectacular views of some of Paris’ most famous monuments. The Eiffel Tower is just across the river, slightly to the left, and if Bernard comes out onto the balcony, she can see all the way to Montmartre and the Sacré Coeur. “We really fell in love with the fact that it’s directly on the Seine,” she says. “It’s so relaxing to have the water flowing below you.”

It took eight months to transform the interior, which was once made up of a multitude of small rooms. “I wanted everything to be open so that you could move around,” says Bernard. “It’s more or less like a circle.” The heart of the new layout is the large open kitchen with its granite island, which can accommodate up to 12 people for dinner.

Ask Bernard about her decorating aesthetic and she tries to identify a specific style. She is drawn to Art Deco, but more than anything, she has tried to create “a cozy and more or less coherent interior”. In the task, she was helped not only by her husband but also by her mother-in-law, Geneviève Jabouille, owner of the famous restaurant Rive Gauche La Méditerranée, opposite the Théâtre de l’Odéon.

Following one pattern: A striking wallpaper is used throughout the 1930s apartment.
Following one pattern: A striking wallpaper is used throughout the 1930s apartment. Photography: Michel Figuet / Living inside

On the kitchen shelves are the first objects the couple bought together: two drawings of soldiers from the First World War, which they found in L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue in 1993. There are also vases from the Paris flea market, as well as a pair of wooden wall sconces designed by the Long Island-based firm, Allied Maker. A recent purchase is a pair of candle holders from the interior design store Compagnie de l’Orient et de la Chine.

The apartment was an opportunity for Bernard to indulge his love of wallpapers. “I spent hours looking for the right ones,” she says. “I love the way they give walls a little depth and find they brighten up a space.” Other fun items include a Mathieu Challières birdcage ceiling light in the bedroom, a colorful toaster reminiscent of Russian matryoshka dolls, and a foosball table in the lobby.

The latter was something that Bernard absolutely wanted to integrate. “My husband gave it to my son when he was 12 and we didn’t have room for it in our old apartment. So it was stored in a garage, ”she says. “I intended to find a place for him here. Given the success of her new fashion label, she is currently so busy that she doesn’t have much time to play. “Yet,” she adds, “when we organize dinners, it immediately creates a fun atmosphere. ”

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Fashion brand

Party Tights: One of Fashion’s Favorite Trends Returns | Tights and socks

We couldn’t have guessed that when Adele announced her return to the charts this fall, she would be bringing back with her one of fashion’s favorite trends: party tights.

In the singer’s international Vogue photoshoot by editor Edward Enninful, the star is pictured wearing not one, but two pairs of jazzy stockings: a polka-dot and fishnet double whammy.

While the Easy On Me frontman marked the return of the cyclical trend, party tights – unofficially categorized as something other than your typical 40 denier – have already received recent approval from some fashion influencers.

Earlier this month, Tracee Ellis Ross shared three photos of herself wearing a polka dot pattern with her 10.5 million Instagram followers. A week later, rapper Cardi B threw a celebrity-filled birthday party for herself, in which she wore a wide cutout design. On the catwalks, the Fendace collaboration, starring Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, saw tights with the brand’s merged logo on the run, and in London last week, Alexander McQueen dressed paired models dripping with rhinestone appliques . Meanwhile, Sadie Frost’s new documentary Quant celebrating the life of 1960s style icon Mary Quant, arguably the most famous pin-up for party tights, should inspire more. a revival in 2021.

“They’re a less expensive way to update your wardrobe and also a great way to introduce patterns into your repertoire if you’re someone who prefers a minimalist or monochrome style,” says Therese Bassler, Founder of Style Coach, who recommends going for a sustainable style. brand, like Swedish Stockings, if you want to join the trend. notes that Fendi’s logo styles, as well as Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent starting at £ 170, are now on trend, while Main Street has options as well. Next is selling its Sparkle tights in all colors starting at £ 5 and ASOS Design is leading the way with zebra print, monogram and spider web styles – available as a maternity option – from £ 6.

Allow Instagram content?

This article includes content provided by Instagram. We ask for your permission before loading anything, as they may use cookies and other technologies. To view this content, click on “Authorize and continue”.

Heist, the famous hosiery brand with seamless designs for added comfort, is also launching a durable line of geometric fishnets and glittering gold lamé styles this week starting at £ 28. “Our signature gusset-less design means they won’t roll or sag – which is exactly what you want when it comes to the holiday season,” says lead designer Jessica Haughton. “And they’re cleverly crafted from recycled yarns and spandex, making them stronger, more comfortable, and more environmentally friendly.”

On the same conscious note, Bassler says they shouldn’t be an overnight wonder. “I wouldn’t necessarily categorize them just in the evening, you can easily wear them during the day, especially now that it’s so popular to wear knit dresses and skirts with chunky boots.”

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Fashion style

“Insecure” Season 5 Premiere: Red Carpet Fashion, Dresses

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Fashion designer

Daniela Villa, ‘Mexiterránea’, by Raquel Oliva

Fashion weeks travel miles and miles to show the best of the industry on the most famous catwalks in different parts of the world.

New York, Paris, London, Milan, Madrid and now Mexico are among the best known in the world and in the latter, especially at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico, the most important fashion showcase in the country of America central was, where we experienced an exceptional closure on the occasion of its 15th anniversary which took place in a high place, in one of the balconies of the Four Season hotel in the city.

Photo: Constanza Martínez

Daniela Villa, designer from Tijuana (Mexico), main protagonist of the closing day, presents one of the artist’s most personal collections to date. A collection in which Daniela merges two of the countries that have contributed the most to her personally and professionally to show Mediterranean-inspired clothing and Mexican elements.

This is how ‘Mexiterránea’ was born, where we find the perfect collection for an upcoming trip to the beach in which the mixture bears not only its name, but also the elements of the two countries that are undoubtedly the main protagonists.

Daniela Villa, 'Mexiterránea', by Raquel Oliva
Photo: Constanza Martínez

The artist, engaged in slow fashion, presents this new collection composed mainly of swimsuits, handcrafted belts and, of course, beach hats, one of the brand’s signatures. Large hats that envelop their bearer in mystery and give them a touch of sensuality which, at MBFW Mexico, has also gained their importance, becoming, on certain occasions, the star accessory of the parade.

Certain clothes that highlight the flight, the colors and the silhouettes contributed to each element and, of course, the details, another of Daniela’s hallmarks. In this case, we appreciate various elements that allow the garment to fit the silhouette, such as camisoles or beachwear; In addition to the wide sleeves, which by their manufacture take us to the sea and the foam it leaves on the sand, with the always elegant touch of the designer.

Daniela Villa, 'Mexiterránea', by Raquel Oliva
Photo: Constanza Martínez

Exclusive and selected designs that do not continue chain manufacturing, calling on Mexican artisans to achieve the perfect end product, also offering greater cultural richness to each of their garments.

There are macrame details from the province of Mérida or textiles made in Oaxaca, and materials such as linen, blankets, silk and cotton, among others. Elements that give life to “Mexiterránea”, a timeless collection that shows the designer’s love for the bohemian. A love of the bohemian-chic style that their clothes represent in each collection.

The designer fell in love with Spain

The fascination of this well-known Mexican for the art world led her to study design at first, to later become what she wanted so much, a fashion designer.

Photo: Mexiterranea

With the firm conviction that his designs add a plus to current fashion, he burst into the industry by appearing in prestigious fashion shows, including the one that has just closed and where he has received applause from the national and international press. , which gave him the momentum he needed to continue his hectic career.

A career that has taken him this year to Spain, more precisely to Marbella, Malaga, where, thanks to his perseverance and good work, he has opened two successful Pop Ups Stores.

Daniela Villa, 'Mexiterránea', by Raquel Oliva
Photo: Constanza Martínez

Marbella, a Mediterranean city that fell in love with her and that was one of her great inspirations, along with her native Mexico, in the creation of this latest collection in which, as usual, she imprints her woman’s DNA. free with a bohemian spirit, where elegance and avant-garde are its particular signature.

A new collection that adds to the designer’s great achievements, among which we must also highlight the spring-summer 2019 proposal, which was all the more surprising, since Daniela always surprises, paying tribute to the surrealist painter Pedro Friedeberg. So, with his ‘Visiones Fugitivas’, he captivated even more fashion editors, press and socialites in his country in an unprecedented spectacle that even included the National Orchestra of Mexico.

Photo: Mexiterranea

Now he has once again surprised with ‘Mexiterránea’ where he once again has elements that defy the rules thanks to his designs which can be defined as ready a seam or what amounts to the same thing, a mix between ‘haute couture’ – tailor-made handmade clothes – and ready-to-wear clothes.

Disclaimer: This article is generated from the feed and is not edited by our team.

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French fashion

Fashion designer Anjali waves the flag of Tanzania in France

By Lilian Ndilwa

Tanzanian fashion designers all go bold, mixing the colors on the fabrics to form bold and vibrant patterns, you get a stunning African print.

They push the limits with a simple “Kitenge” leaving masterpieces behind. Anjali Borkhataria, is a fashion designer who waved the Tanzanian flag on French soil during the Paris fashion show which kicked off on September 17th. There, she presented her new collection nicknamed “Made of Earth, made in Africa” ​​through her clothing line, namely EK-AN-TIK.

Speaking to The Beat, Anjali clarified that it was thanks to a pan-African fashion brand named Asantii, that she was shortlisted along with five other designers from different regions of Africa, including Nigeria, South Africa, Côte d’Ivoire and Angola to exhibit their works of art at an event called Africa Fashion Up, organized by the Share Africa platform in partnership with Balenciaga.

“It was such an important step in my career. Being part of this incredible event, I felt proud of the road traveled, to have been able to fly the Tanzanian flag in front of other fashion gurus in the world and above all to show what Africa has to offer in Paris to such an important moment. event on the world fashion calendar, ”explains Anjali.

She further reveals that “I felt thrilled because this opportunity made me envision the next chapter of the design world in Tanzania. I was really nervous at the start of the show because there were a lot of buyers, publishers as well as people from Balenciaga, Kenzo and other fashion designers present at the show. It’s quite scary when you know that these people who know their “thing” keep a close eye on your collection. “

At the start of the fashion show Anjali adjusted to the feeling that the runway was her haven and creative domain to show what her brand had in store, the nervousness slowly fading away.


“My collection consisted of 14 looks that all reflected the title ‘Made of Earth, Made in Africa’, which is about finding new meaning in ancient wisdom in the wake of an uncertain world. My collection is a way to understand how to make sense of the world divided into small units. Made of Earth explores the resurgence of localism in a globalized world and the value of looking to the past to inform the future, ”said Anjali.

Anjali’s collection was inspired by the color palette which she says represents both Earth and Africa in terms of different elements including soil, mud, water, greenery, sun , mountains, etc. elements.

With each look showcased at the event, Anjali wanted each of them to have different statements related to fashion, land and Africa.

“I’ve learned that as a fashion designer you automatically depend on lots of people to make things happen. This means that you need to build a team of people to do things right in accordance with their responsibilities. In the world of design, every day is a challenge and a lesson at the same time, especially in a market like Dar es Salaam, you have to have a good team that will contribute to the company and not the other way around, ”he notes. she.

For her, fashion design is more than visually appealing sketches that result in clothes. It is about exploring the other facets of the company, for a fully commercial conduct.

“You have to be savvy and not just think that fashion is all about design, because to be successful in this field you also need to know the fields of work such as money, public relations, management, production and real estate, study them and ask people for advice to better understand, ”explains Anjali.

The fashion designer advises aspiring designers to work hard on their visions despite the challenges they face. She says it takes dedication, support, focus and self-esteem to be successful in the fashion industry.

“Designers must understand the essence of time, it passes very quickly. That’s why they need to make a commitment to improve on a daily basis, as it gets them to focus on their business as it flourishes. They must prepare for their moment, because it is coming, ”suggests Anjali. She started her design journey in 2016 and took a big step forward by creating her own fashion brand, “EKANTIK”, while studying at Cape Town College of Fashion Design in South Africa, where she obtained a bachelor’s degree. in fashion design in 2018.

Over the years, “EKANTIK”, which means “one”, has grown significantly and Anjali remains one of the people holding the key to unlocking the fashion industry. Her brand is famous for creating workwear, rare but aesthetic oversized collections for people working in fields such as plumbing, electrical and business, as it is guided by an approach that these collections are tributes to people in these areas.

“My fashion brand doesn’t have specific muses as it is inclusive and for everyone we focus more on creating designs for everyone and catching different looks at the same time, EKANTIK is more focused about creating statement designs for women and men at the workplace, ”says Anjali.

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Fashion brand

Instagram: a watch brand’s best friend

But as smartphone cameras improved, allowing for better macro photography, watch enthusiasts started to come. Over the past few years, and especially amid pandemic lockdowns that have given people enough time to spend on social media, the industry has taken a 180-degree turn. While the platform’s impact on watch design may be indirect, it has become so central to the way watches are introduced, promoted, and sold that the question might be: whether a new watch design does not appear on Instagram, does it even exist?

With the IWC Big Pilot “Tribute to 5002” the answer is literally no. First built as a prototype, the watch was turned into a limited edition of 100 pieces only after Christoph Grainger-Herr, managing director of IWC, posted an image of the piece, dubbed Safari, on his personal channel. , in June 2017.

“I was on safari at the time, in the Kruger National Park in South Africa,” Grainger-Herr recalled in an interview at a recent IWC event in Los Angeles. “I said, a little stupidly, that if I get 50 confirmations in comments from people saying they would buy it, I would. We had over 250 comments in 15 minutes.

“We sent all the reservation forms by DM,” added Mr. Grainger-Herr. “It was our first accidental foray into social commerce.”

More recently, Instagram has confirmed interest in an unexpected revival at Girard-Perregaux. “We posted a photo of a watch called Casquette, produced by Girard-Perregaux in the 1970s, with a very 1970s design, and people went crazy,” said the brand’s general manager, Patrick Pruniaux. “One of these watches is now being produced with a partner for a charity auction. “

Reinvented for the Only Watch auction on November 6 in Geneva, the unique timepiece – a remake of a funky spaceship-like model that Girard-Perregaux debuted in 1976 – was made in collaboration with the London-based watch customizer Bamford Watch Department.

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Fashion style

How did Balenciaga become so popular among fashion enthusiasts?

Balenciaga climbs to the top.

After reigning supreme for months, the Gucci house has been relegated to second place among the most popular fashion brands, overthrown by Balenciaga. A return to haute couture and a multitude of daring – and avant-garde – collaborations paved the way for this luxury brand to (re) conquer the hearts of fashion fans, notably driven by the notoriously hard-to-satisfy Gen Z.

Balenciaga seems to attract as much fascination as it does criticism, in large part thanks to a marketing strategy that can only be described as daring, if not totally crazy. Still, the fashion house is said to be the talk of the world to the point of becoming the most popular brand in the latest Lyst * report on trends and flagship brands for Q3 2021. The brand, led by Georgian Designer and founder of Vetements Demna Gvasalia has climbed five places in a few months to challenge Gucci, another particularly popular brand of Generation Z, which had until then been the undisputed leader of the ranking.

Fortnite, Simpsons, Kanye West

Although Balenciaga has always been a popular brand, its popularity continues to grow day by day. This rise was undoubtedly stimulated by the brand’s great comeback in haute couture last July – after about half a century of absence – and has grown steadily since the fall, with projects all more daring than the others. At the end of September, the fashion house unleashed social networks by announcing a collaboration with “Fortnite”, one of the most popular video games in the world, offering players the possibility of obtaining virtual Balenciaga fashion outfits and accessories, and, by extension, confirming the growing interest of luxury houses in Generation Z.

A few days later, the French fashion house struck again. During the presentation of its spring-summer 2022 collection at Paris Fashion Week, the brand released an unprecedented episode of “The Simpsons”, making Marge, Homer, Bart, Lisa and the rest of the gang the ambassadors of its last. looks. It was the world of luxury making a foray into pop culture – or vice versa – and an initiative that landed with full impact. And this mix of genres and cultures is an integral part of Balenciaga’s winning strategy. Indeed, the brand has understood that Generation Z, the new privileged target of luxury houses, does not want lockers or stereotypes.

As if to seal his success, it now seems a plethora of celebrities swear by Balenciaga – or almost. From Kim Kardashian to Rihanna to Kanye West – or Ye by her new name – the fashion house can count on a five-star cast to showcase its outfits. The brand’s success at the last MET Gala shows that Balenciaga is everywhere on the red carpet. Not to mention Balenciaga’s collaboration with the same Kanye “Ye” West when “Donda” came out. These bets may seem crazy at first glance, but they are winning on all fronts, as the luxury house has clearly never been so popular.

An ode to color and sportswear

According to The Lyst Index, Gucci is now the second most popular brand, ahead of Dior, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Nike, Bottega Veneta, Versace, Fendi and Saint Laurent. Dolce & Gabbana returns to the Top 20, closing the ranking.

Fendi x Versace (Photo <a class=credit: Pier Nicola Bruno)” width=”1024″ height=”536″ srcset=”×536.jpeg 1024w,×422.jpeg 806w,×402.jpeg 768w,×803.jpeg 1536w,×837.jpeg 1600w,×261.jpeg 500w,×418.jpeg 800w,×523.jpeg 1000w, 1610w” sizes=”(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px”/>
Fendi x Versace (Photo credit: Pier Nicola Bruno)

From July to September – a period marked by a return to a relatively normal life in many countries – trends were dominated by colorful pieces, sportswear-inspired clothing and a strong interest in accessories of all kinds. Prada’s raffia tote bag topped the list of most popular women’s items, followed by Versace’s Medusa Aevitas platform shoes in hot pink and terrycloth slides from Bottega Veneta. On the men’s side, the Adidas Yeezy sneakers remain uncontested at the top of the rankings, and more specifically the Yeezy Foam Runner, with searches up 411%.

* Lyst analyzed the online behavior of its 150 million consumers who search, browse and buy fashion items from 17,000 brands and online stores. The Lyst Index methodology takes into account consumer behavior on the platform, including conversion and sale rates. The study also takes into account Google searches, social media mentions and global engagement statistics over a three-month period.


Images of heroes and stars of Balenciaga. The story is published via AFP Relaxnews

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Fashion designer

Project Runway judge Elaine Welteroth explains what it takes to win the competition

It’s more chaos in the workroom and on the podium in Project track. The Bravo reality TV contest kicked off its 19th season on October 14. Viewers tune in to watch the new group of contestants wow the judges with their creations. There are a lot of talented fashion designers this season, but only one will be declared the winner. Judge Elaine Welteroth says there are specific criteria candidates need to progress in the competition.

Elaine Welteroth I Karolina Wojtasik / Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Project Runway Judge Elaine Welteroth Says Applicants Must Be Identifiable

At the season premiere of Project track, fans are presented to designers. Immediately, viewers start to choose their favorite competitors. With any reality TV series, there will be villains and underdogs. The personality of a competitor can be a determining factor in deciding his fate.

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In an interview with TV initiate, Welteroth says being able to connect with an audience is essential. “I think in these times people connect with the designer as much as they do the work. The stories behind some of these designers are often reflected in their work, in what they represent. Welteroth says that to be successful, the nominee must be “someone who people relate to and whose work inspires them.”

Comfort will play a role in designs

In addition to reporting to the public, Project track the competitors will also have to impress them and the judges with their clothes. As the former editor-in-chief of Vogue teens, Welteroth knows the latest fashion trends. For Season 19 contestants, Welteroth believes comfort will be a crucial part of their designs.

“Not only will they have an incredible skill level and be incredibly creative and innovative in their designs, the clothes actually have to be clothes that you can wear,” she explained. Welteroth also spoke about how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed people’s views on fashion. “After the pandemic, if people want to put clothes on their bodies, it has to be clothes they can feel comfortable in. I think a lot of us have lived in sweats and pajamas on Zoom for over a year, so it’s harder to get people into things that don’t seem practical.

Who was eliminated in the season premiere of “Project Runway”?

Season 19 of Project track brought in another eclectic group of fashion designers. The first challenge was to divide the contestants into teams and create a collection of outfits celebrating the color. One team was assigned warm colors, while the other group worked with cool colors.

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Team Warm Colors impressed the judges and Bone Jones took the victory. Meanwhile, Team Cool Colors Chasity Sereal and Caycee Black found themselves in the last two. In the end, Black was knocked out for her unfinished look.

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French fashion

Television was a foreign world for Golshifteh Farahani. Then came “Invasion”.

Golshifteh Farahani didn’t fully realize what she was getting herself into when she signed up for new sci-fi series “Invasion,” debuts Friday on Apple TV +.

“I had absolutely no idea, I didn’t even know what the story would be,” she said on a recent video call. “I didn’t know about aliens. I didn’t know anything about nothing.

Grilling producer and screenwriter Simon Kinberg, who created the show with David Weil, didn’t fully reassure Farahani, 38, an Iranian-born actress who moved to France in 2008 and is best known for her subtly expressive performances in dozens of international films.

“I remember hearing from Simon that she was going to kill an alien with a machete or something,” Farahani said of her character, Aneesha. “I was like, ‘Are you kidding? “”

Farahani is not new to acting, having starred in Ridley Scott’s “Body of Lies” and Chris Hemsworth’s Vehicle. “Extraction.” But she built her global reputation on more author-type dishes, including films by Iranian master Asghar Farhadi (“About Elly”) and Jim Jarmusch (“Paterson”, in which she played the cheerfully eccentric wife of Adam Driver).

“I love his presence,” Jarmusch said over the phone. “I love his mischievous eyes, his playfulness. She has a very positive spirit as a person.

Farahani is not yet a household name in the United States, but her presence extends far beyond her very independent resume suggests. She’s the kind of global style icon who sits at the forefront of Paris Fashion Week and a model for Cartier jewelry. she amassed nearly 12 million followers on Instagram. One thing Farahani hadn’t done, however, was a TV show (in addition to a voiceover role).

“I was one of those dinosaurs so loyal to movies and movies,” she said. “I never took any proposition seriously because it was kind of like I wanted to keep the cinema alive.”

And so she signed on, and she learned on the job.

For Kinberg, who launched it first – even before “Jurassic Park” veteran Sam Neill – Farahani sets the tone for the series, which is inspired by “War of the Worlds” and is set in multiple countries.

It’s a spectacle of alien invasion, but it’s really about the nuance, the vulnerability and the humanity of the characters, “he said over the phone.” And it’s something that she knows how to play, no matter where she plays it. play.”

Farahani, who is refreshing and forthright in conversation, spoke earlier this month from Spain, where she was on vacation with her parents (whom she had just arrived from Iran). After this break, she planned to return to the balance between art and bullets, by making an Arnaud Desplechin film with Marion Cotillard followed by a sequel to “Extraction”. These are edited excerpts from the conversation.

At first, Aneesha’s story almost feels like a standalone, intimate drama nestled within a big action movie. Is that how you approached him?

I was really proud of the way they internalize Aneesha’s story. I have a weakness when it comes to independent cinema: whenever there is a little drama, I am really drawn to it. And our story was kind of like that. I’m really proud of this project because it’s not just a blockbuster – something more is happening. It was the most amazing experience of my whole life, this series.

One of the very first things we see is Aneesha finds out that her husband is cheating on her, and these scenes are mostly non-verbal – we read everything on your face. What was it like playing them?

I am surrounded by women like Aneesha who – out of comfort, not out of necessity – have chosen to be a housewife, mother. I had observed, so I knew it very well: how you want to please, how you want children to be amazing. And then of course everything ends up being [expletive] at the end of the day. So I could feel it in my bones.

Funny, there’s only one type of woman I’m jealous of: those who just found a husband and overnight they have it all. Sometimes I would like a man to buy me a house and a car. I built my life from scratch so I’m jealous of it. And of course my friends say, “Oh, you can’t be that. But I was 14 years old, I was working like crazy.

Did the switch to television cause any particular difficulties?

They were so many things. I thought, “Apple is going to own me for the next few years God knows how much.” It was also practical stuff, like the fact that we didn’t have all the scripts – we only started with the first two, and we didn’t have the rest of the episodes. I couldn’t imagine how they could start a project without having the full script. They must have really calmed me down because I was like, “This is kinda crazy what you’re asking me to do.”

Did they at least tell you what would happen to Aneesha during the series?

I have absolutely no idea. I just got a few clues that this character – and they kind of called him the heart of the show – is the one that does crazy stuff. Only in America do they keep you in the dark for, like, forever. I had to beg.

Two weeks before the shoot, I was like, ‘Guys, can I at least know what the story will be? I started stealing scripts from the hair and makeup department because they had them and I didn’t. They told me the scripts were going to change, and I would say, “It’s okay, I just want to know where this character is going to go.”

What was it like working with different writers and directors, which is one of the big differences between television and film?

I learned to be loyal to my directors, so changing directors for me was like changing husbands. It was really like you were married to someone and then they told you to go to bed with another man and you were like, “I’m a little uncomfortable doing this.

You have almost 12 million followers on Instagram. How do you deal with this part of your life?

To be honest, I have no idea. I joined Instagram very late considering, and it took me a while to feel it because I do everything in a very intuitive way. I think the truth and being truthful is the key.

My Instagram is a very delicate thing because I have many Persian followers and many international followers. With the exiles, it is as if we were in limbo: I am not from France, but I have been outside Iran for more than 13 years now. So you have to create your own continent, and you have your own rules, and you become your own one way or another. In my career, I didn’t just do blockbusters or independent cinema, I always surfed between worlds and I didn’t stick to one genre.

Except for full-fledged comedies, which you haven’t really done outside of French film “Noël & Cie.”

I’m very funny! [Laughs.] As much as I have tragedy and drama in me, so much I have a clown. I’ve done movies where I’m in funny situations, but I’d like to do something where I’m really funny, because I am. The first person who told me that was Ridley Scott, when I was doing “Body of Lies”. He said, “The peak of your qualities that you can do as an actor is comedy.” So yes, I hope that will happen someday.

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Fashion brand

Trace Network Labs integrates fashion brand 883 Police for digital clothing NFTs – CryptoMode

The metaverse-compatible 883 Police NFT Collection will launch on Bling, Trace’s luxury and lifestyle NFT marketplace.

Trace network laboratories, the decentralized protocol to open up the lifestyle and luxury industries to the metaverse space, brings world-renowned fashion brand 883 Police into the world of NFTs.

The collection launch, which will take place at Trace’s luxury and lifestyle NFT marketplace, Bling, will feature uniquely designed digital garments for their owners to take with them through different metaverse, strutting around the world. digital space showing designer luxury clothing.

Each NFT in the collection will be a unique, limited-edition garment that is actually made by 883 Police in the real world, and auction winners will have the opportunity to claim the actual physical product in the future (conditions apply) . NFTs can be worn by the winner’s avatar in the Metaverse, allowing them to bring their luxury lifestyle with them no matter where they go in our ever-expanding universe of digital realms.

“We are excited to embark on 883 Police Lifestyle for the Metaverse journey at Trace Network Labs.” said Lokesh Rao, co-founder and CEO of Trace Network Labs.

“What I find most interesting about fashion is that it reflects your moment: 883 Police has a rich history and a track record for creating those perfect moments by making a differentiating fashion statement. It’s exciting to bring limited edition 883 Police portable NFTs to the Bling Marketplace to further enhance the user experience on various metaverse!

The famous Italian fashion brand has long been a global leader in denim innovation, pioneering multiple washing techniques, finishes and textures that have permeated the rest of the market over the past three decades. The NFT collection will include a single rare 883 Police NFT available at auction only for Trace NFT holders, specifically designed for gaming metavers.

“We are delighted to partner with Trace Network Labs to launch a revolutionary phase in digital fashion with 883 Police branded NFTs,” said Seetharaman Kannan, CEO of 883 Police India. “We are convinced that with the legacy of many years of the 883 Police brand, we can bring extraordinarily original digital fashion that can be treated as NFT and also worn by users of a metaverse. ”

The lifestyle industry is becoming an intrinsic part of virtual spaces. Trace Network Labs wants to help us allow ourselves to roam freely between the world as we know it and the Metaverse as its foundation builds around us, enabling the next evolution of the luxury lifestyle as the boundaries between real and virtual continue to fade. Trace Network Labs aims to be the de facto gateway for lifestyle brands, businesses, projects, and consumers to enter any metaverse.

Looking to advertise? We will be happy to help you publicize your project, business or service. CryptoMode produces high quality content for cryptocurrency companies. To date, we have provided branded exposure to dozens of companies, and you can be one of them. All of our customers appreciate our value for money. Contact us if you have any questions: [email protected]

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Fashion style

A treasure trove of fashion history

Tom McEvoy never intended to be a fashion historian. It was only through a series of fluids that the photographer fell in love with the brands – long gone and often forgotten – that were once the heart and beat of Melbourne’s thriving fashion industry before the 1980s. .

Today Tom collects, hosts and shares their stories as a temple keeper, but not too long ago he just wanted to be a photographer. Or a screenwriter. Or maybe an archaeologist …

“It really started because I’ve always loved taking photographs,” he says. “Then one thing led to another …”

In college, Tom tampered with his project photographs with odd chemicals, hot irons, butter, inks, anything for an experimental effect; “to create new organic textures and color distortions”.

The results were intriguing, often charming, but most important to Tom – and here begins the series of strokes of luck mentioned earlier – which can be traced back to the hand-coloring techniques used by black and white photographers in the early 20th century. century. “Of course,” Tom remembers, “I was drawn to those times.”

Naturally. In fact, Tom was so drawn that he started photographing and then hand coloring in the same photographic style as the fashion editorials and commercials of the early 20th century. “I shot ‘ghost’ editorials for labels that no longer existed,” he says, “I would even put the watermark of the labels on the photographs instead of mine.”

His obsession with authenticity also included patterned clothing. “So I went to a vintage store,” Tom remembers. “And that was it. I started noticing the labels and was immediately sucked in by this need to know, “Who are these people?” “

Since 2015, it has accumulated an archive of nearly seven thousand items of clothing, documents and objects mainly related to middle market brands considered too commercial to be kept by museum curators. Without Tom happily delving into their past, most would be lost in the mists …

“I started online, couldn’t find anything, I went to Google Journals, then (the National Library of Australia’s free journal resource) Trove.” (The story) was so huge and deep that I couldn’t stop … “

One day, a stunning 1950s dress posted online led to a meeting with its original designer, legendary fashion designer Elvie Hill. She was approaching her 100th year, still as crisp and sleek as she had ever been in her prime. Tom and Elvie hit it off.

Later, an article in The Age journal about their friendship broke another obstacle to Tom’s research. “People started calling,” he said, “Machinists, parents, friends..Debra Dascal, Simon Shinberg’s daughter, Jill Kemelfield …”

Tom will later present a retrospective of Shinberg’s work with Debra and restore a historic black and white photograph of Jill Kemelfield’s 1954 entry into Melbourne’s Dress of the Year with the delicate addition of her cool aqua color from ‘origin (photo).

Tom found himself entangled in Melbourne’s fashion history as he met and treated his aging characters for stories born from Flinders Lane when he buzzed and rattled with sewing machines and racks of dresses rolling on cobbled to waiting trucks, or workshops and factories dotted across the ‘burbs – Collingwood, Brunswick, South Yarra – buzzing with the age-old tailoring and tailoring skills of the New Australians.

“If you found a family,” said Tom, “they would know other families, and they would know others, and they would know …”

Its list of historic brands and fashion houses is growing. “When I met a guy called Neville Singh for example, a designer for Mr. Simon, he put me on others that he had also worked for: McWhirters, Deons, Ricki Reed, Zora, Gala Gowns, Louis Feraud, Fiorucci … “

Eventually, Tom mapped out a sort of “landscape” and a mid to high end hierarchy of Australian brands. “I started to focus on the concept of the fashion house in particular,” says Tom. “Like, (the house of) Lucas in the 1800s and the House of Shaving in the early 1900s …”

From the mountains of historical documents, Tom pulled out a 1911 record for fashion designer Charles Osbourn Shave whose fashion house would thrive for six decades. “He talks about the creativity of Melbourne,” he says, “and how its fashion scene is easily on par with Paris and London …”

Tom’s ultimate dilemma now that his historical archives grow like a living being, is what to do with it, how to share his precious wealth of brands: Hall Ludlow, Mr. Anthony, Merco Davron, Hartnell of Melbourne, Noeleen King, Van Roth , Ecstacy Creations, Leon Haskin, thousands more. “I would like to present a lot of my research so that younger cultures can play an interactive role. “

He is currently studying his master’s degree but is also playing with the idea, once it is completed, of developing a digital ‘loot-shooter’ style of play with color-coded treasure values ​​assigned to historic Australian fashion brands. “For example, if you find a piece of clothing from Maison du Rasage – and none exist to my knowledge – it’s mythical. It would certainly glow gold!”

For updates on Tom’s research and findings as a fashion anthropologist:

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Fashion designer

Who is Angel Brinks dating? The fashion designer is pregnant

People who enjoy experiencing the lifestyle of NBA stars and their families probably love the VH1 franchise. basketball brides. With 14 seasons under its belt, the series has followed the lives of various women entrepreneurs and businesswomen making waves in the industry. And fashion designer Angel Brinks is considered a fan favorite.

She appeared on LA basketball women Seasons 4 and 5 and will also be back for Season 10. Angel’s down-to-earth personality, talent and gentle nature have won over audiences. Not to mention, a tragic loss his family endured made Angel accessible to viewers as well. Now that the fashion designer currently has a bun in the oven, fans are taking an interest in her love life. So who is Angel dating? Here is what we know.

Angel Brinks is dating “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star RoccStar, and they are expecting a baby together.

Oh baby! October 19, 2021, Angel took to Instagram to celebrate her birthday and share that she is expecting a new child in a post showing her baby bump.

“It’s my birthday. So thankful for the family, the love, the success… and speaking of birth, it’s almost time! No more surprises on the way,” she wrote with festive emojis.

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Fans and other celebrities flocked to her Instagram page to share their congratulations under her post.

“Happy Birthday Brinksy. And congratulations! You deserve all the blessings ”, basketball brides commented alum Tami Roman.

“The secret is finally revealed. Happy birthday beauty, ” basketball brides commented star Brandi Maxiell.

Not to mention Angel’s boyfriend and father of her unborn child, LHHH RoccStar star – born Leon Youngblood Jr. – also showed her support in the comments section and with a post on her Instagram pages.

“Since it’s @angelbrinks birthday and celebration time!” Might as well celebrate a little more !! Baby on the way! ”He captioned a photo of them both cradling her round belly.

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Through The Jasmine BRAND, Angel, and RoccStar began dating in late 2020. Since then, the point of sale shares that they have made very few public appearances together. However, it looks like they may be there for the long haul. The couple would share a business, Roccstar’s Angels Trucking, LLC, located in North Hills, California.

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Angel Brinks has two children – a son with her ex-husband and a daughter from a previous relationship.

As Angel awaits the arrival of her unborn child, this is not her first rodeo in the maternity department. The 39-year-old has two children – a daughter and a son named Azari and Amani.

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Angel shares Azari with her ex-husband, who sadly committed suicide when she was nine months pregnant with her son, per HollywoodMask. Although Angel never disclosed the identity of her ex-husband, her tragic loss was discussed on basketball brides. Azari also expressed mourning over her father’s absence.

As for Amani, Angel shares her with NBA player Tyreke Evans. They endured a relationship over and over again, and the couple ultimately cut ties with each other.

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Angel Brinks

While Angel has been through a lot in her past relationships, it is heartwarming to see that she has finally found someone to stand by her side. We would like to congratulate Angel and RoccStar on their relationship and happiness.

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French fashion

Tan France launches gender-free outerwear line, Was Him

Tan France, one of strange eye‘s Fab Five and host of Next in fashion, has partnered with a retail platform and brand incubator Thmbl to design a gender-free outerwear line for the fall / winter 2021 season. France loved the idea that a coat was often the only thing you remember about someone’s outfit, and saw the need more affordable and more luxurious parts on the market. His solution consists of seven different styles that sell for between $ 375 and $ 475 and will be available for sale in November (so you’d better sign up for the waiting list).

“It’s about where you are now and how you want to present yourself to the world.”

Sure, Tan style a beautiful countryside go with gout. The inspiration behind the jackets and the details you see on each one is personal – but it all starts with Tan’s middle name, Washim. In a video for Thmbl, Tan talks about being one of the seven brunettes throughout his growing school. He recounts moments of bullying in which children would split his middle name and say “that was him” to blame throughout his early days.

“I wanted to take this memory which was actually quite painful and put a positive spin on my name,” he said. “Was Him is for everyone, regardless of gender, regardless of ethnicity, regardless of where you once were in the world. It’s about where you are now and where you are now. the way you want to present yourself to the world. That’s what we are with Was Him – a highlight that speaks to all of you. We don’t want to be an exclusive brand, we want to be an inclusive brand, and that is what we offer here.

Tan’s husband, Rob, originally from Wyoming and raised on a ranch, created the embroidery for the Western-inspired collection, helping Tan shape the line into a representation of his life in America, interwoven with his British and Pakistani roots. You can click to see the full line in all its mixed media and color block glory, and watch this space as we wait for launch day and jump straight into shopping.

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Fashion brand

European equities stabilize as Nestlé shines in a mixed bag of earnings

The DAX chart of the German stock index is pictured on the stock exchange in Frankfurt, Germany on October 8, 2021. REUTERS / Staff

  • STOXX 600 cancels anticipated losses
  • Kering slips as Gucci sales lose their luster
  • Nestlé increases its food and drink stocks

October 20 (Reuters) РEuropean stocks were flat on Wednesday as good Nestl̩ results boosted food company shares and offset disappointing earnings from a group of companies, including French luxury group Kering and the Dutch company of ASML semiconductors.

The pan-European STOXX 600 (.STOXX) index rose 0.1%, reversing slight opening losses after Asian peers followed a solid finish on Wall Street.

As the third quarter earnings season unfolds, investors are concerned about the impact of rising costs, resulting from supply chain issues and labor shortages, especially when banks powerhouses around the world are considering withdrawing their stimulus measures.

“The bar (for profits) that was set at the start of the year is too high. It’s going to be hard to beat,” said Anna Stupnytska, global macroeconomist at Fidelity International.

“At the same time, bond yields continue to rise, indicating that markets are anticipating less support from central banks overall.”

Eurozone government bond yields edged up slightly as recent comments from European Central Bank (ECB) officials failed to allay fears of possible monetary tightening.

In particular, Kering (PRTP.PA) penalized the STOXX 600, which fell 4.3% as sales growth at its flagship fashion brand Gucci exceeded analysts’ expectations due to a sharp slowdown in its pace of sales. recovery, especially in Asia. Read more

ASML Holdings (ASML.AS), a key supplier to computer chipmakers, fell 1.3% after its fourth-quarter sales forecast fell short of some analysts’ estimates. Read more

Dutch paint and coatings maker Akzo Nobel (AKZO.AS) fell 2.1% as quarterly profits hit by continued commodity inflation and supply chain disruptions, which are expected to continue until mid-2022.

In a favorable situation, Swiss food giant Nestlé (NESN.S) gained 3.5% on bullish sales outlook after strong coffee sales and price hikes pushed organic sales to 6. 5% in the third quarter. Read more

The European Food and Drink Index (.SX3P) rose 1.6%, with Anglo-Dutch rival Unilever (ULVR.L) expected to give an update on Thursday, up 0, 9%.

Europe Inc’s profits are expected to have grown 47.6% to € 96.1 billion ($ 112 billion) in the third quarter, according to the latest data from Refinitiv I / B / E / S, a slight improvement from compared to last week’s growth forecast of 46.7%. Read more

Reporting by Anisha Sircar in Bangalore; edited by Uttaresh.V and Anil D’Silva

Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Fashion style

At Kansas City Fashion, Tavia Hunt Hosts Chiefs Style Show

Tonight, fashion and football collided at the 10th annual Chiefs Style Show. It’s a women-only event hosted by Tavia Hunt, the wife of Chiefs owner Clark Hunt. The guests were treated to two fashion shows. Each of the shows featured chef-style clothing. Hunt says female fans now have a lot more clothing options when it comes to showing support for their team. “When women make up 50% of NFL fans today, it’s great to have this beautiful fashion so people show their fandom the way they want,” Hunt said. Tonight’s event included a raffle and silent auction. All proceeds from the event will be donated to the Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault or MOCSA.

Tonight fashion and soccer clashed at the 10th annual Chiefs Style Show.

It’s a women-only event hosted by Tavia Hunt, the wife of Chiefs owner Clark Hunt.

The guests were treated to two fashion shows. Each of the shows featured chef-style clothing.

Hunt says female fans now have a lot more clothing options when it comes to showing support for their team.

“When women make up 50% of NFL fans today, it’s great to have this nice, beautiful fashion so people can show their fandom the way they want,” Hunt said.

Tonight’s event included a raffle and silent auction. All proceeds from the event will be donated to the Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault or MOCSA.

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Fashion designer

High Fashion: How Cannabis Couture Infiltrates the Designer Clothing Industry | GreenState

(Photo by Christian Vierig / Getty Images)

Cannabis was once associated with poorly dressed college-age stoners. But with legalization on the rise, it has spread far beyond these stereotypes and into lucrative industries. The last? Haute couture (seriously.)

With clothing made from cannabis-based materials and trendy leaf prints, cannabis sewing is a growing craze, and it just might stay.

Don’t believe us? Here’s a quick round-up of the hash-inspired trends that will put a little more green in your wardrobe. And yes, you can use that as an excuse to buy new clothes.

Cannabis trends in the clothing industry

Cannabis is more popular than expected in the fashion industry. Some designers use cannabis materials (hemp) as an alternative to cotton, and others use cannabis leaf prints and patterns.


Hemp has become very popular in the clothing industry. Candid magazine explains that the biggest appeal of hemp is that it is environmentally friendly. Hemp requires very little water for its growth and does not require pesticides.

The article goes on to say that hemp lasts longer than cotton and is easier to produce in larger quantities. Additionally, hemp is generally softer and more durable than cotton. For these reasons and many more, hemp is becoming popular in the fashion industry.

Cannabis Leaf Prints

The cannabis leaf emblem appears everywhere on shirts these days. Renowned rapper B-Real from Cyrpus Hill has his own clothing brand, Insane, and many of his products have the leaf print on it.

The cannabis leaf print is often used to appeal to young people. However, several creators are trying to incorporate the leaf print into a more upscale fashion. This use of the leaf appears to be an attempt to reject stereotypes and make cannabis elegant.

How designers are using these trends

Fashion designers are use sustainable materials like hemp in their lines. Designer Steven Tai used hemp materials for all of his designs during London Fashion Week 2018. Brands such as Nike and Levi’s are also incorporating hemp into their products.

Sheet-fed printing is also experiencing significant growth in popularity among designers. Just a few years ago, New York Fashion Week had several models in designer outfits with the leaf print. These high-end designs give the sheet a more sophisticated look, defying stereotypes of stoner culture.

The leaf print is used in subtle ways by designer Gela Nash-Taylor and her son Travis. Forbes recently covered their cannabis-centric clothing brand Powerful products, which sells high-end loungewear as well as bags and jackets. Their prints have a moody romance quality with the occasional use of the leaf, giving cannabis a more luxurious image.

This print has always been popular among cannabis users, but its adoption by the fashion industry could be seen as a sign of the growing acceptance of cannabis across the country.

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French fashion

Martin Margiela is back – The New York Times

More than 13 years after leaving fashion, Martin Margiela, the elusive and highly influential Belgian designer who changed the way we dress in the ’90s, is back. But not as part of a wave of nostalgic tendency. As an artist.

On October 20, Mr. Margiela’s first untitled personal exhibition opens at Lafayette Anticipations – Fondation d’entreprise Galeries Lafayette in Paris. Like Margiela’s clothes, which deconstructed notions of costume and beauty through unconventional materials and approaches, the exhibition creates wonder around the mundane through some forty sculptures, collages, paintings, installations and more. movies. It’s almost as if Mr. Margiela sees the world through the lens of a photographic negative, pointing out details most of us never see and demanding that they be reconsidered.

“I became obsessed with fashion very early in my life and developed my own vision by presenting it in the most conceptual way possible,” Mr Margiela, now 64, wrote in an e -mail. (The designer never showed his face or gave an in-person interview during his stint in fashion, and he hasn’t changed his approach now.) “

According to Patrick Scallon, artistic and communication director of Maison Martin Margiela from 1993 to 2008, Mr. Margiela’s transition to art is not unexpected. “The approach to the show, the invitation, the clothes themselves, have always been artistic,” he said of his time there. “But we have always been loath to call it art because it is limited to the use and function of clothing. We were in a commercial and industrial process.

It was Mr. Margiela’s decision to leave this process in 2009. “Everything was immediately broadcast on the Internet,” he explained in the 2019 documentary “Margiela in His Own Words.(Fashion group OTB, which acquired its company in 2002, renamed it Maison Margiela, and since 2014 its collections have been designed by John Galliano.)

By changing his creative field as fashion industrialized, he followed in the footsteps of famous designers like Thierry Mugler, who now describes himself as a director-perfumer-photographer (among others); Christian Lacroix, who used his tailoring skills to design opera and ballet costumes after losing the rights to his name in 2009; and Helmut Lang, who is now a full time artist.

In fact, it was Mr. Lang who kicked off Mr. Margiela’s next act by inviting him to present one of his first works of art – a plaster cast of a jacket that ‘he produced in 1989 – as part of an exhibition that Mr. Lang was curating. at the Deste Foundation in Athens in 2009.

“Whatever the original intention behind the play, it exemplifies Martin Margiela as the visionary man he always has been,” Lang wrote in the accompanying publication. “His work was much more than fashion or clothing. I also see the white surface of the plaster as a chance for a fresh start, which a stagnant industry will need to stay interesting and maintain a good appreciation for creative ideas to champion fashion derivatives.

To further guide him in his career transition, Mr. Margiela worked with Belgian art historian Chris Dercon, president of the French cultural association RMN-Grand Palais in Paris. Mr. Dercon, who oversees 18 museums as well as the glass dome monument on the Champs-Élysées and is one of the few people to have met Mr. Margiela in person.

Mr. Dercon organized the first exhibition of Mr. Margiela’s clothing in 1997 at the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam; in 2009 he brought the two-decade retrospective of Maison Martin Margiela from the MoMu Fashion Museum in Antwerp to Haus der Kunst in Munich; and in 2018, he met Mr. Margiela in person in his Parisian studio. Since then, he has continued to visit her almost every week.

“We have had a series of criticisms,” Mr. Dercon said. “I didn’t hesitate to say whether it was good or bad, necessary or unnecessary, a contribution or not. I showed him the work of other artists and warned him that he was not alone. He’s such a gifted designer and maker, but I encouraged him to push the boundaries of technique.

In 2019, they set up a private exhibition in an apartment and invite around twenty people. Frank Demaegd, the founder of Zeno X Gallery in Antwerp who now represents M. Margiela, was there, as was graphic designer Irma Boom, who collaborates with M. Margiela on the exhibition catalog. The apartment itself belonged to the Galeries Lafayette Group, which is how the current show was born.

At Lafayette Anticipations, visitors enter through the emergency exit behind the foundation, and access the different floors by a service elevator or stairs usually closed to the public. The layout is labyrinthine; some of the galleries are divided by floor-to-ceiling office shades.

“This show is about time a lot – the passing of time, the ways in which we resist time, or how we accept it,” said Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel, curator of the exhibition, “Martin really wanted to avoid producing what whatever would be related to his fashion.

One of the works, “Vanitas, ” for example, is composed of five silicone spheres imitating the skin, each implanted with hairs of different colors ranging from blond to brown through gray, to explore the effects of time on the body. For “Triptych, ” Mr. Margiela painstakingly reproduced an image of a package of beard dye in oil paint, each panel demonstrating the shade that can be achieved based on the natural color. (As the son of a hairdresser, Mr. Margiela has always had a special fascination with hair.)

Other works enhance the in-between of life. “Bus Shelter” is just that, only covered in a layer of faux fur and reverently installed inside a giant storefront. “Monument” wraps an entire foundation wall with a trompe l’oeil print of a building, like those used to hide historic monuments during a renovation.

“There is always a danger that people will look at his art and only see the famous designer,” Mr. Dercon said of Mr. Margiela. “But his work is so intriguing and precise.”

All of the works on display at Lafayette Anticipations will be for sale, with prices starting from around 10,000 euros (around $ 11,600) for small sculptures that come in an edition of three and up to around 120,000 euros (139,400 $) for larger -a-kind pieces.

“We have generated a lot of interest since announcing our performance of Margiela,” said Nina Hendrickx, Director of Zeno X Gallery. “But we would like to focus as much as possible on selling the work to art museums and public institutions, or at least to private collectors with public spaces, before the prices go up.”

The exhibition is scheduled to tour internationally, most likely starting in China, and Mr. Margiela is included in the Zeno X gallery booth at the FIAC art fair in Paris (October 21-24). Beyond that, the RMN-Grand Palais and the Louvre have commissioned an original work, and an exhibition at the Eenwerk gallery in Amsterdam is scheduled for later this year.

In this creative blossoming, like the release of “Margiela in His Own Words”, the art exhibition is yet another step for Mr. Margiela in reclaiming and shaping his own heritage. So, will he shock the world and make an appearance at any of the upcoming events?

“Martin will not be attending,” Dercon said. “His anonymity gave him absolute freedom. But I wonder how long he will be able to maintain it.

The works of Martin Margiela will be exhibited at Lafayette Anticipations – Galeries Lafayette Corporate Foundation from October 20 to January 2, 2022.

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Fashion brand

PEAK6 Investments acquires a minority stake in Fosun Sports

The investment makes PEAK6 a new strategic partner for Wolves, which will help Fosun Sports accelerate the club’s growth in North America by providing capital, expertise, visibility and activation opportunities for Wolves and Wolves Esports across the United States.

The Chicago-based company invests worldwide in a diverse range of asset classes to provide strategic support to forward-thinking entrepreneurs and companies, with core brands that include PEAK6 Capital Management, PEAK6 Strategic Capital, Apex Fintech Solutions and National Flood Services.

In addition, PEAK6 recently signed deals to acquire We Insure and Team Focus as it continues to develop its insurance operations subsidiary, and also claims ownership of Wolves’ esports powerhouse and partner, Evil Geniuses. , which they acquired in 2019.

In addition to esports, PEAK6 has a long-standing passion for traditional sports, with the company previously holding stakes in AS Roma, AFC Bournemouth and the NHL Minnesota Wild franchise.

The investment coincides with the official creation of Fosun Sports, a subsidiary of Fosun International and a community of sports businesses and investments built around Wolves and the Wolves brand.

The formalization of Fosun Sports provides clarity, collaboration and communication between companies that use the Wolves brand, such as Wolves Esports, Wolves Records and Chinese fashion brand WWFC, as well as a more solid platform for new business opportunities. investment and a clear sign of Fosun’s long term commitment to wolves.

The Fosun Sports family exists to stimulate innovation, foster entrepreneurship, win through excellence and propel the football club to its heart, on and off the pitch.

Both Wolves and Fosun Sports welcome representatives of PEAK6 in established board positions, with James Baboulas, associate general counsel of PEAK6 and member of the strategic capital team of PEAK6, who is expected to serve on the supervisory board of Fosun Sports, and PEAK6 capital management trader John Makowiec becoming a director of WW (1990) Limited.

Wolves Executive Chairman Jeff Shi said, “We have been in deep conversation with PEAK6 for over a year and are delighted to officially welcome them into the Wolves family.

“Our organizations have great synergy, from our mutual desire to challenge compliance, our openness to collaboration and of course our shared passion for sport, technology and success through hard work, intelligence and innovation.

“Earlier this summer, we announced a partnership with Evil Geniuses which allowed us to offer them a presence in China through our networks there, and now this partnership gives Wolves a strong foothold in all major regions of the world: the United States and the Americas, Europe and Asia. .

“In addition to great opportunities, we hope that PEAK6 can help bring the knowledge, wisdom and learning of Fosun Sports and Wolves, and help Fosun Sports to become a sports industry group with global influence and much of success.”

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Fashion style

From music to fashion, BTS is the icon of musical style

BTS poses at the United Nations General Assembly in New York on September 20. (Big Hit Music)

K-pop sensation BTS debuted in 2013 with high top sneakers, bandanas, sunglasses and snapbacks. While the style of boy bands in the K-pop scene was to put on cheerful rags, the industry did not know that the septet would be the leader of creative hijinks in the fashion industry.

And aside from having one of the highest net worths on the South Korean A-list, the group’s seven members are also known for their taste for adventurous fashion.

Last month, South Korean President Moon Jae-in appointed the globetrotter act to a cultural diplomacy role. And the group’s first official function as the President’s “Special Envoys for Future Generations and Culture” was an appearance at the SDG Moment, the second meeting dedicated to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

During the event, the group expressed support for the international community’s efforts to address global challenges such as climate change, and what the Seven wore during the speech became the topic of social media.

Although it may seem minor, the impact of people’s wardrobes on the climate is quite immense, as the fashion industry emits harmful gases while lacking proper disposal methods. The group donned upcycling suits on the catwalk to tackle the climate crisis, drawing many eyes to the lingering problem.

The companions of the group had eco-friendly fashion brand suits from Kolon Industries Re; Code tailored to reflect the purpose of the occasion.

The South Korean brand was established in 2012 and is considering the fashion of recycling, referring to taking old or worn out clothing to create new duds.

“To our surprise, Big Hit contacted our company and asked if we (Re; Code) could come up with nature-friendly suits for BTS. Both sides were on the same page in terms of climate change because our business is a nature-friendly business, which is why we wanted to be part of the difference, ”a Kolon official told the Korea Herald.

During the group’s seven-minute speech, J-Hope said, “Everyone agrees that climate change is a big problem, but it’s not easy to talk about the best solution. ”

Additionally, the group wore rainbow crystal Swarovski lapel pins representing the UN SDGs, as the brand partnered with a sustainable fashion project in 2019.

But this wasn’t the first time BTS has proven that small actions can have an impact. Although the boy group spends much of their time abroad, they never lost touch with their roots in spreading Korean culture around the world.

(Courtesy of Louis Vuitton Korea)

(Courtesy of Louis Vuitton Korea)

As Suga and Jungkook once said in an interview, they want to spread Korean culture to the global audience – artists have often embedded Korean traditions into their music and they like to wear hanbok, Korea’s traditional costume. .

With the megahit song “Idol,” the K-pop superstar began to spread K-culture globally.

Filled with traditional elements, they revealed the aesthetic of hanbok beauty to the world through the group’s black hanbok lined with gold. It was also later revealed that the modern style clothing was the work of famous hanbok designer Baek Oak-soo.

Three years ago, Korean Wave torchbearers wore the traditional hanbok during their 20-minute set at the 2018 Melon Music Awards. As the “Idol” tune passed, Jimin donned a modernized black version of the garment, appearing on stage and dancing “buchaechum”, a traditional form of Korean dance using fans. Jungkook mixed the old and the new by slipping into a pair of Nike Air Jordans.

V’s very early debut on the small screen also included hanbok. He appeared in the KBS drama series “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth”, which revolved around a story set during the Kingdom of Silla, in a supporting role.

Additionally, an unwashed hanbok worn by Jimin during a performance on NBC’s “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” was slated to go under hammer in April. The opening bid was set at around 5 million won ($ 4,480), but it was later withdrawn after designer Kim Ri-eul felt pressure to sell it too much.

And as the group gained popularity on the global music scene, BTS began to focus on the fashion industry. In April, the luxury brand Louis Vuitton chose the seven superstars as ambassadors for the house.

(Courtesy of Louis Vuitton Korea)

(Courtesy of Louis Vuitton Korea)

“I am delighted that BTS is joining Louis Vuitton today,” said Virgil Abloh, artistic director of Louis Vuitton for men, welcoming the group to its latest roster. He expressed his enthusiasm by explaining how he “looks forward to this wonderful partnership which adds a modern chapter to the House, fusing luxury and contemporary culture”.

The partnership with the famous atelier was no surprise as the pop icons hinted at a possible collaboration when they dressed in Louis Vuitton for the 2021 Grammy Awards. The reason was simple: BTS has maintained a vogue. which corresponds to their common status as stars of the music scene.

“I can’t wait to share all of the very exciting projects we are working on,” added the director.

A spin-off fashion film for the Fall / Winter 2021 menswear collection, which BTS modeled, marked the brand’s first major project.

(Screenshot by GQ Magazine UK)

In 2019, the French house Dior also plunged into the group’s stage outfits. BTS made the fashion headlines with bespoke Dior stage wear created by Kim Jones, the brand’s artistic director for the men’s collection. The group’s world touring outfit included jackets, cargo pants and shirts, and the harnesses were created with Japanese illustrator Hajime Sorayama.

By Park Jun-hee ([email protected])

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Fashion designer

History sewn into the dresses on display at North Carolina A&T

The work of Jim Crow-era seamstress Willie Kay, on display in the NC A&T University Galleries.

GREENSBORO, NC – There’s a bit of North Carolina history sewn into every dress on display in the college galleries of North Carolina A&T State University.

The artist behind all the beauty is Willie Kay.

The Raleigh native was born during the Jim Crow era, but that couldn’t hide her talent. She followed in her mother’s and grandmother’s footsteps by becoming a seamstress to support her five children after her husband’s death.

The Shaw University graduate has dressed women of all colors, including many North Carolina First Ladies.

Paul Baker, director of university galleries, said she doesn’t even use models. That’s how good she was at her job.

He said that one of his dresses made the cover of Life magazine and that just a few years ago one of his designs was found in a consignment store in Paris.

“She was beyond her time in many cases. Today she would be known as an international fashion designer, but because of Jim Crow she was relegated to the rank of dressmaker and dressmaker,” said Baker.

Kay also has ties to Aggie Pride. Two of her children and grandchildren are graduates of NC A&T, and her great-grandson will be on campus next month for his freshman tour.

Baker said a lot can be learned from his life and his legacy.

“She faced so many obstacles, but she was able to overcome them and become a successful businesswoman, become an entrepreneur because she had this stable guide. She was inspired by her mother, her grandmother, her sisters, so it all really turned into a huge hit for her, ”Baker said.

The exhibition “Made especially for you” will be on display until the first week of December.

You can go and consult it for free. The museum is open Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Saturdays by appointment only.

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French fashion

Beyoncé and Jay-Z attend the second wedding of Tiffany & Co. executive Alexandre Arnault

Beyonce and Jay Z took a trip overseas to attend a celebrity wedding this weekend.

The couple were pictured outside Alexandre arnaultthe second marriage of Geraldine Guyot in Venice, Italy, Saturday. Guyot is the founder of the French brand D’Estrëe, while Arnault is the son of the third richest man in the world, CEO of LVMH Bernard Arnault, and the executive vice president of product and communications at Tiffany & Co. Beyoncé and Jay-Z are currently featured in the jewelry brand’s “About Love” campaign.

For the occasion, the rapper wore a simple navy three-piece suit and sunglasses, while Beyoncé covered her Tiffany blue silk dress and heels with a Dolce & Gabbana double-breasted wool coat. She accessorized the look with a Marzook crystal handbag, Lorraine Schwartz white jade diamond earrings, a diamond ring, and a double row diamond necklace featuring a pear shaped diamond necklace. of 12 carats and a drop of 20 carat white jade diamonds.

And Beyoncé and Jay-Z weren’t the only A-listers at the event. Kanye west, Roger Federer, Pharrell williams, and a handful of other celebrities all attended the two-day celebration held at Cipriani on Giudecca, an island in the Venetian Lagoon. West too carried out some of his hit songs like “Runaway” and “Flashing Lights” during the evening, wearing a black Balenciaga suit and a sculpted face mask.

Arnault and Guyot had already married in a small ceremony in Paris in June. The bride wore a vintage-inspired JW Anderson silk gown with a high neck, puffed sleeves and floral embroidery, thanking the designer on Instagram “To make this special day even more unforgettable. The Tiffany & Co. executive also shared some photos from their first ceremony on social media at the time, writing: “It all started in 1998 … and now it’s YES for life.” The couple got engaged in December 2020 after dating for around a year and a half.

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Fashion brand

Why Jessica Simpson is the reigning celebrity fashion label – footwear news

Since Jessica launched her brand under Vince Camuto in 2005, it has become a rarity in the world of celebrity brands. So many people have come and gone, but his line has not only maintained itself, but has grown considerably to include a full range of lifestyle, including shoes, clothing, denim, sportswear. , accessories and household items.

“Vince told me early on to dream big,” said Jessica Simpson of the legendary shoe designer who died in 2015. “Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined being part of a true collectable brand. lifestyle that was at the peak of his game for 16 years, but Vince could. After six months in the business, Vince knew. He was a legend and a talent in many ways, but for me it was. was his vision and attention to detail that was most inspiring. He really cared about how a woman felt in her place, physically and metaphorically. I thought I was here doing a line of cow boots. -boy and that alone was exciting, but he said to me, “Never stop believing this will happen.” I took that advice and I think about his passion and endurance all the time. I miss Vince. with all my heart and I have been truly blessed by God to have the most wonderful mentor in him.

Over the years, the brand’s collections have evolved, just like Jessica has. At the time of her debut, Jessica was the ultimate style icon of the early 2000s, wearing the hottest trends of the era, from her ever-popular daisy dukes to platform pumps.

Now the Y2K fashion is back – we’re talking hipster jeans, miniskirts, Juicy Couture tracksuits, trucker hats and baby t-shirts. And this month, Jessica paid homage to the era with a new Fall / Winter 21 style seen in the Asire Red Fringe boot, a modern update to her very first delivery in 2005: the Daisy boot.

“My personal style is a reverence to all fashion because I like to go American with my denim, rock’n’roll with my t-shirts, classic with a nightie dress, resentful with my flannels, French with lace and ankle boots, Italian with my corsets, Western with my boots, punk with my platforms and glam for a red carpet, but of course slipping a little leopard and embellishment into every look I can, ”explained Jessica. “I marry her completely. I just see him as I do. The only decade that makes the star cringe is the 1980s.

She described the line as a mirror of her own life’s trajectory, noting the addition of maternity and baby categories when she was pregnant and became a mother. Next, Jessica will focus more on developing home offerings, having recently redecorated her home.

Mom and business partner Tina Simpson, however, has her eyes set on rebuilding the brand’s international business on all fronts, while exploring a boys’ line, as well as skincare, health, la beauty, wellness and weight management.

Jessica Simpson on the cover of the October issue of FN.

CREDIT: Adam Franzino for the Jessica Simpson collection

For fans of the brand, many are in entirely new stages of their lives and are almost 20 years older than when they first discovered his heels.

So what’s holding them back? Jessica said some aspects of the brand have remained consistent, while also acknowledging customer understanding and listening because she is too. “If I need it, I know they need it,” she said. “We know who we are. We are meticulous – at times, even thorough – about the details. My mom and I have our finger on every commodity that arrives on a shelf. “

Many, however, would say that it was Jessica, the person, who built this unwavering loyalty.

“Jessica’s brand was built on relativity, and it all came from her reality TV debut,” said pop culture expert Danny Pellegrino, host of the “Everything Iconic” podcast. Throughout her career in entertainment, as a singer and actress, and in the “Newlyweds” series, Jessica has been classified in many boxes, from sex symbol to giddy blonde, and like many of her early-stage counterparts. , like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, she has been a key target in the media attack on women. Years later, we see firsthand the damage done to these celebrities. Yet Jessica persevered and never backed down from this trauma, which she discussed in her 2020 memoir, “Open Book.”

“Like everyone, there are sides and layers to Jessica that we’re all still unraveling,” Pellegrino said. “Her book gave us a glimpse of those versions of her that we thought we knew, to learn even more about those early stages of her career. Much like how she wasn’t afraid to express the messier parts of herself during “Newlyweds,” the book also didn’t back down from her struggles as a mother and young entrepreneur. Jessica’s fan base will not only continue to grow, but to connect with her in a deeper way as she continues to find ways to show us all the parts of her that we relate to, especially the sides that other celebrities would try to hide in an effort to look perfect.

For Jessica, overcoming adversity, whether in business or in life, is one and the same. “I swore to myself to find strength in every challenge, to find beauty in pain and to find hope in the present. I have learned that if I am honest with myself and open with everyone, I can be my strongest. I am now leading with my mistakes and am gentler on myself, ”she said. “All I can do is keep going.”

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Fashion style

Bottega Veneta opens Squid Game-style maze in Korea: see photos

Bottega Veneta has plenty of unconventional ways of getting noticed, whether that’s by hosting secret fashion shows or ditching Instagram altogether.

Now, for some mysterious reason, the Italian fashion brand has launched a new art installation called “The Maze” in South Korea. The giant 16-meter-long maze, reminiscent of the confusing visual spectacle featured in the hit Netflix series Squid game, is located outside the parking space of the Grand Hyatt Seoul.

We say “mysterious” because The Maze doesn’t offer a single Bottega Veneta product. Instead, it picks up on the brand’s codes, as defined by Creative Director Daniel Lee. On the one hand, you will notice that it is entirely in the same shade of green (officially nicknamed “Perakeet”) as the brand’s cult bags, like The Pouch or The Jodie handbag endorsed by Kendall Jenner.

The maze is also shaped like a triangle, another key motif in Lee’s collections for the brand. The structure is lined with chain link fences, which you will need to navigate to enter the ultimate photo-taking area covered in strands of fur. You might remember this same texture appearing on several Bottega Veneta coats, most notably the one worn by Hailey Bieber. Once inside, you will also have to solve puzzles to discover the true meaning of the installation.

True to the secretive nature of its fashion events, Bottega Veneta didn’t say much about the art installation, the opening of which saw South Korean stars like Go Hyun-jung, Ahn Hyo-Seop and musician Code. Kunst. Still, you can scroll through the pop-up’s dedicated hashtag, #themaze, for a closer look or see more photos below.

Go Hyun-jung in THE LABYRINTH by Bottega Veneta
Come on Hyun-jung
DPR LIVE and DPR IAN in THE MAZE by Bottega Veneta
Bibi in THE LABYRINTH by Bottega Veneta

All photos are courtesy of Bottega Veneta.

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Fashion designer

Paris Fashion Week: Acne Studios and the debate on deconstructed fashion

It’s no surprise that high fashion label Acne Studios has made a comeback on the fashion scene.

The Swedish brand returned to Paris Fashion Week last week to host its first fashion show since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Acne Studios has launched a fall collection, filled with sheer fabrics, deconstructed silhouettes and vibrant colors.

Acne Studios founder and designer Johnny Johansson has decided to take a fresh approach with his looks this season. Johansson brought square leather jackets, lace-up socks and wooden platform shoes to the track. The designer also went for hues of orange, cerulean blue, pastel yellow and even bright spring green.

The collection had elements of deconstruction, as threads were deliberately hung from the sleeves of the models.

Plain mode writer Rachel Douglass spoke about the historical references within the collection. “Corsets played a huge role in the collection, some designed with Baroque floral designs, reminiscent of medieval-style clothing but with futuristic twists,” Douglass wrote.

This season, the introduction of these futuristic pieces gives way to the deconstructionist movement. To fall under the category of “deconstruction”, clothes must look unfinished or in the process of being finished. They can also be taken apart and put together to form something new through techniques such as mixing fabrics or cutting out already finished silhouettes. There may also be exposed seams, hanging threads, or even holes.

According to Yugen, The origin of deconstructed fashion comes from three designers from the “royal family without a crown of destruction”: Yohji Yamamoto, Rei Kawakubo and Martin Margiela.

During the 1980s, the fashion scene was overrun with designs considered refined and fitted. Yamamoto and Kawakubo sent frayed edges, tears, and layered fabrics to the catwalk, as well as loose, shapeless silhouettes.

These designs inspired designers like Margiela and Vivienne Westwood to create their own versions of deconstructed fashion, as Westwood would include rips and rips in its punk-inspired collections.

The term “deconstructionism” was coined by the French philosopher Jacques Derrida in the 1960s. From the fashion blog Make the unfinished, the term is “normally applied to text, but also describes breaking normal conventions and boundaries.” The term could not only be displayed through fashion, but also through architecture and music.

Even though deconstructionist clothing is made by elite fashion houses, the aesthetic has caught both fans and critics of the movement. The idea of ​​”looking poor” but selling the pieces for a high price made people not like the way the clothes were marketed.

In the 80s, The Washington Post recounted how Bloomingdale’s flaunted a “willow model in a dull colored, ragged and ragged dress”. A small demonstration of homeless people and their advocates formed outside the store. Their position accused the company of making fun of the poor just so the rich could dress like them.

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In 2015, Kanye West’s Yeezy line received the same reviews the distressed rapper-designer was selling sweaters for over $ 1,000.

Yet today there are more fans and critics via Twitter. Among those who support the movement, a Twitter user @samaradanielleb said: “The new deconstructed fashion is exactly what we needed. We are finally entering more futuristic designs.

On the contrary, the user @ sabrinaydm98 said: “Anti-fashion / deconstructed fashion can become a bunch of overpriced rags that are NOT worth the price.”

Ultimately, the era of deconstructed fashion is still here. From the 80s to the present day, we will see other collections highlighting the art of tearing and reassembling textiles.

[email protected]

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Fashion brand

Inside Conor McGregor’s fashion collection featuring tailor David August – the man who designed the infamous ‘F *** You’ costume – The Sun

CONOR McGREGOR has always been known for his pointy suits and sharp tongue.

And the Notorious has had a fashion line since 2018, working with A-list tailor David August Heil – the man behind the infamous “F *** You” costume.


UFC star Conor McGregor has his own clothing brand with tailor David August HeilCredit: August McGregor
    Heil has been McGregor's tailor for years - and designed the infamous 'F *** You' costume


Heil has been McGregor’s tailor for years – and designed the infamous ‘F *** You’ costumeCredit: Rex Features

August McGregor was first announced in 2017, ahead of McGregor’s hit boxing match with Floyd Mayweather.

The range was supposed to drop in the spring of 2018, but was delayed – the clothes finally hit the shelves last year.

McGregor, who hasn’t fought since suffering a horrific ankle injury in his loss to Dustin Poirer at UFC 264, has since been spotted wearing clothes from his lineup.

The first drop of product was quite small, with four t-shirts, two hoodies and two caps on sale.

But since then, the company has grown with new lines, including jackets and sweatpants.

    McGregor in another of Heil's costumes


McGregor in another of Heil’s costumesCredit: Getty Images – Getty
    Heil wants the collaboration to offer clothes at a lower price than his own collection


Heil wants the collaboration to offer clothes at a lower price than his own collection

The couple first thought about the idea as McGregor, who also ventured into the beverage business and made millions with his Irish Whiskey Proper No. Twelve, was in the process of being outfitted for the ‘one of his tailor-made costumes.

When the line was announced, the Irishman said: “We casually discussed doing a line together, but finally got serious over the last few months.

“I credit David [Heil] with creating the look that has become my signature and there is no other person I know who understands how fashion can change a person – physically, mentally and emotionally. “

Heil is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after tailors.

    Heil outfitted top stars including Sylvester Stallone and Robert Downey Jr.


Heil outfitted top stars including Sylvester Stallone and Robert Downey Jr.Credit: Getty – Contributor
    Basketball legend Kobe Bryant was one of Heil's loyal customers


Basketball legend Kobe Bryant was one of Heil’s loyal customersCredit: Getty Images – Getty
    David August Heil pictured with boxing icon Sugar Ray Leonard


David August Heil pictured with boxing icon Sugar Ray Leonard

He’s been in the business since 1989 and has dressed some of the world’s most famous stars.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Clint Eastwood, Sylvester Stallone, Will Smith, Robert Downey Jr, Elon Musk and Warren Buffett are just a few stars who showed up on a red carpet in a David August costume.

Heil has his own line of clothing but was interested in working together to offer his designs at a lower price.

The David August costumes cost almost £ 5,000 – while the full bespoke experience can cost almost £ 10,000.

Conor McGregor says Khabib Nurmagomedov may have wrestled bears – but he’s never faced an Irish gorilla
    A hoodie from the August McGregor collection


A hoodie from the August McGregor collectionCredit: August McGregor
    August McGregor t-shirts sell for around £ 40


August McGregor t-shirts sell for around £ 40Credit: August McGregor
    Caps are also around £ 40


Caps are also around £ 40Credit: August McGregor

McGregor regularly spends up to £ 10,000 on coats, while his colorful shirts cost almost £ 1,000.

Silk ties and t-shirts on David August’s website cost around £ 200.

The August McGregor range will be much cheaper, however.

T-shirts cost around £ 40 as are caps.

    McGregor, with son Conor Jr, wearing another David August three-piece suit


McGregor, with son Conor Jr, wearing another David August three-piece suit
    McGregor regularly spends tens of thousands of dollars on David August clothes - though the tailor told him the fur coat was a bad decision


McGregor regularly spends tens of thousands of dollars on David August clothes – though the tailor told him the fur coat was a bad decisionCredit: Splash News
    McGregor also created his own line of Irish whiskey, in which he and his partners then sold their majority stake for £ 400million.


McGregor also created his own line of Irish whiskey, in which he and his partners then sold their majority stake for £ 400million.
    David August Heil in a custom jacket he made for Kobe Bryant


David August Heil in a custom jacket he made for Kobe Bryant

August McGregor has also launched a collection of formal wear, with two-piece suits costing around £ 600.

Heil said in 2019, “By helping our celebrity and athletic clients use fashion as a platform to build their brand, I saw the potential to reach a wider audience for everyone involved.

“Our custom designs are expensive, so now we have the option of hiring someone younger.

“We will make this easy and affordable without sacrificing quality or fit.

    Heil revealed the pair got the idea while McGregor, here wearing one of the t-shirts, got adjusted for a suit


Heil revealed the pair got the idea while McGregor, here wearing one of the t-shirts, got adjusted for a suitCredit: August McGregor
    McGregor previously said he was 'really passionate' about fashion.


McGregor previously said he was ‘really passionate’ about fashion.Credit: Getty – Contributor

“I want every guy to experience the same power and confidence that Conor does when wearing one of our suits.”

On that famous ‘F *** You’ costume, Heil realized he was taking a risk: “It could have been really bad or really fantastic … and it turned out to be a grand slam.”

McGregor said of the brand: “Fashion is something that really excites me, and I’m excited to share exactly that with my fans by giving them a chance to share my iconic looks.

    McGregor is 'excited' to share his look with his fans


McGregor is ‘excited’ to share his look with his fansCredit: Getty Images – Getty
    Heil travels the world making and designing luxury clothing for high-end customers


Heil travels the world making and designing luxury clothing for high-end customers
What time is Conor McGregor vs.Khabib Nurmagomedov, what live stream and TV channel is it airing on, and what are the latest odds for the UFC 229 fight

“David and I have worked together for over a few years and I am proud of the brand and the signature styles we have created.

“We casually chatted about doing a line together, but we’ve finally gotten serious over the past few months. I know the public are going to love what lies ahead.”

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Fashion style

6 books on how fashion contributes to societal change

Snobs may laugh and say you have style or you don’t; fashion experts know better. They assure us that, like most things, dressing according to your personal style can be learned. What better way to do that than through books that follow trends and choose what’s cool or hot, and are full of stories about how unique ideas are born and translated into fabric as well as who influenced what. .

Fashion is a barometer of the times, with attentive designers, artisans and icons pulling threads from what they see and know and weaving them into garments that reflect what is happening around them, which it is rebellion, celebration or innovation. They embellish their designs with color and verve and wear pieces that people identify with and want to wear. After all, as Marc Jacobs said, “clothes are nothing until someone lives in them”.

The United States of Fashion: A New Atlas of American Style

Canceled catwalks and empty catwalks in fashion capitals last year have designers looking for inspiration in their own backyards, literally. An affirmative outcome of the pandemic is a chorus of fresh voices speaking about comfortable clothing, sustainable materials, caring for the Earth, pivoting to stay relevant, and reaching customers digitally.

Vogue America‘s The United States of Fashion captures the stories of new designers across the country who, through images and words, share how they interpret and identify with today’s fashion. The book is the result of a project of the same name launched by the magazine in February, to highlight locally flourishing creations and crafts.

Written by Vogue editors who have traveled from coast to coast, it lists the innovations and companies that define American fashion – which has evolved under difficult circumstances, with consumers wanting more conscious clothing and comfort but spending less, because the coronavirus is changing the way people live, work, shop and play.

Dressing the Resistance by Camille Benda

Focusing on what Mahatma Gandhi wore over the years, the Gandhi Book Center notes that he traded coats, pants and hats for a lungi (traditional garment worn around the waist), then a dhoti (long loincloth wrapped around the hips and thighs, with one end pulled up between the legs and tucked into the waistband) before moving on to a khadi wrap, a hand-spun cotton fabric, which symbolized India’s struggle for independence.

Clothing may not fit the man, but it can certainly spark activism and spur social change, writes costume designer and fashion historian Benda in Dress the Resistance (available from October 19). American suffragists marching to the beat of “Deeds Not Words” wore dresses made from old newspapers printed with voting slogans. Indian farmers wore their wives’ saris to stage sit-ins on the railroad tracks. Safety pins hanging from earlobes or attached to ragged jackets were considered “a cultural expression of angst, emotion and volume,” Billboard magazine said of the punk movement.

From rebellions in Roman times to women crying #MeToo today, clothing, textiles and costumes are seen as tools to agitate for change. Protest fashion – from uniforms and t-shirts to headbands and hats – galvanizes support and communicates discontent. A newspaper article titled “Dressing for Freedom” described Rosa Parks as “impeccably dressed in tailored clothing” when she was arrested in 1955 in Montgomery, Ala., For breaking a separate seating law in public buses. His calm style and dignified demeanor, emphasized by the organizers of the event, helped fuel the struggle for social equality.

Still, she wore it: 50 iconic fashion moments by Ann Shen

Women who dare, wear. In Nonetheless, she wore it, writer and illustrator Ann Shen takes us back to specific times in years gone by when people ignored social norms and chose clothes they liked and lifestyles that were appropriate, paving the way for radical change.

After World War I, American women joined the workforce in droves, gained the right to vote, and had easier access to mobility, thanks to the automobile. These factors are said to have shaped the flapper dress – straight, loose-fitting outfits with a waistline at the hips and a hem that falls between the calf and knee, leaving the arms bare. Young flappers flaunted their “outrageous and immoral” lifestyle in these dresses as they pushed for economic, political and sexual freedom.

The bikini introduced by French designer Louis Réard in 1946, the first war-free summer in years, was named after Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean where the United States tested the impact of atomic bombs on warships. Its liberating effect on women’s swimsuits has gone around the world. To quote French fashion historian Olivier Saillard, “the power of women, not the power of fashion” was the reason these outrageous pieces of fabric spread.

Long before #BlackLivesMatter, the voluminous Afro symbolized rebellion, pride, and empowerment during the Black is Beautiful movement of the mid-1960s. In the decades that followed, individuals made personal statements through fashion, either loud – Madonna flaunted her sexuality on stage in her Cone Bra corset designed by Jean Paul Gaultier – or quietly – the late United States Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wore elaborate frills over her black dresses that were saying the style and what she thought of some people in power. Between her “dissident” necklace and her “majority opinion” necklace, she has been seen, and surely heard.

Designing Motherhood: The Things That Make and Break Our Births by Michelle Millar Fisher and Amber Winick

This book had its seed in the 1956 [Einar] Egnell SMB breast pump made by the Swedish engineer that Millar Fisher, curatorial assistant at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 2015, attempted to acquire for his collection. Nothing came of it, but she, along with design historian Winick, began to examine the connection between reproduction and design. This led to the birth of Design motherhood, as well as an exhibition of the same title at the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia, USA, which opened in May and will run until next May.

The authors examine more than 80 objects designed as “iconic, conceptual, archaic, titillating, emotionally charged, or just plain weird,” including home pregnancy test kits, pregnancy pillows, the tie-up skirt. size that women wore in the 1950s for hiding. baby bumps, gender revealing cakes, baby carriers and babywearing in traditional cultures, wooden baby boxes that the Finnish government gave to pregnant women, nursing pods and, of course, breast pumps.

History and history, interspersed with historic photographs, drawings and advertisements, highlight how design and objects have shaped women’s reproductive experiences and the relationship between people and babies over the past century.

Extraordinary Voyages: Louis Vuitton by Francisca Mattéoli

Luxury travel and fashionable gear go hand in hand, and Louis Vuitton combines the two with panache. The brand itself had a foot in the journey, when its eponymous founder (1821-1892) left his hamlet of Jura, France, at age 13 and walked to Paris. The 400 km trip took two years and he did odd jobs to pay his expenses.

Extraordinary trips is far from the Louis Vuitton trek. This book edited by the house and Atelier EXB takes readers across the world by sea, rail or air and land, through 50 true stories from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. Adventurers drawn to modern modes of transportation have boarded trains, liners, junks, automobiles, half-tracks, zeppelins, airplanes and spaceships in search of new experiences. Those who traveled in style took with them trunks, suitcases and hat boxes bearing the iconic LV monogram.

Illustrated with Louis Vuitton archive images, old photographs and travel posters, Extraordinary trips travels alongside explorers, aristocrats, artists and hedonistic globetrotters who have taken to the skies “to escape into a world of dreams come true”, writes Mattéoli. It tells the story of travel and the history of the luggage of the French brand, since its founding in 1854 by the young Louis, who was 17 years the apprentice of master trunk-maker Romain Maréchal.

Peter Lindbergh: on fashion photography

When Peter Lindbergh (1944-2019) looked through his lens at women, he saw raw beauty enhanced by personality. When he pressed the shutter, he captured real people telling real stories. The German fashion photographer avoided stereotypical images of models, movie stars and celebrities and instead depicted them in natural settings and simple clothes and with minimal makeup, breaking the mold of perfect poses. weighed down by glitter, big hair and cosmetics.

In this book he talks about iconic images he took for various magazines, especially the first by Anna Wintour. Vogue America cover in November 1988 featuring Israeli model Michaela Bercu – he broke all the rules and Wintour felt “the winds of change” – and working with the biggest names in the industry as well as “extremely intelligent women with strong personalities who knew exactly what they wanted. They were also free from social conventions. ”He referred, in the online magazine LensCulture, to Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Tatjana Patitz and Christy Turlington, New Faces which he transformed into models with his series White Shirts shot on a Malibu beach in 1988.

This special edition of Peter Lindbergh: on fashion photography has over 300 images, many unpublished, collected from his 40 year career and a 2016 adaptation Vogue interview on his “great supermodel moment” and the personalities who personified the new woman of the 90s. The man who boldly changed the landscape of fashion photography has exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, at the Center Pompidou in Paris, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Berlin and the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow and various other venues.

This article first appeared on September 20, 2021 in The Edge Malaysia.

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Fashion designer

Fast fashion has arrived for Ireland, but we can resist its temptations

A friend ran into a famous Irish designer a few years ago and had a fangirl moment where she told him how much of an inspiration he had been when she was studying fashion. Had she become a fashion designer, he asked? She hadn’t. Well, he said with genuine desperation, she dodged a bullet. Since she was a student, the fast fashion machine had crippled the local industry and it was no longer viable to make clothes in Ireland.

The way we work has changed and work clothes are no longer pantsuits. As someone who has worked from home for almost two decades, the types of clothing that are still made in remote parts of Ireland are where my heart and purse strings tend to go. Not often, because these are not cheap purchases. But if I buy new, I buy local.

The Inis Meáin factory sends sweaters made on the less touristy Aran Island to high-end stores around the world. The Fisherman out of Ireland label puts the magnificent in geansaí in Kilcar in County Donegal. Their video lights on at the factory and machines roaring and spinning yarn-dyed wool ending in a finished sweater would rejoice your heart. My hat Liadain Aiken, from the talented Cork-based designer, received compliments. And I just designed my own “Made for You” sweater online from her color palette. Hello grass, lichen, wild rose and carnival yellow. Make yours at

These are clothes that you take care of. And in Reuse Month, there is a reminder of the role of tailors who still make or remake clothes in Ireland. They can breathe new life into an obsolete, damaged or tired item of clothing.

I unearthed one of my mother’s jackets from the 1960s and brought it to Roisin Boyce Cantwell in Kenchiku on Ardee Street in the Liberties of Dublin (, where student housing and office developments rise to join the old building where it has kept the lights on for over a decade. In Phibsborough, Kate Sliva of Kate’s Atelier ( provides a touch-up, repair and design service. The Zip Court (, a franchise launched 11 years ago, has stores in Ireland and Great Britain.

Reuse month runs through November and there is two excellent online offers for workshops. Joanne Butler of Ourganic Gardens will talk about vermicomposting and food waste composting on October 28, and Aoife Munn will have three craft projects: making soap, wax wraps and biodegradable jars on November 2. Creativity rather than consumption is where we can find so much joy.

Catherine Cleary is co-founder of Pocket Forests

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French fashion

Banh Mi Boys brings Vietnamese-style po’boys from New Orleans to Portland

Banh Mi Boys, a Louisiana-born restaurant connecting classic po’boys and Vietnamese banh mi, will be opening a restaurant in Portland this winter, founder Peter Nguyen told The Oregonian /

The next restaurant, a franchise registered in Portland’s Shani Ong’s name, will take over space from the mall that previously housed Doe Donuts at 8201 SE Powell Blvd., Suite B., sandwiched between 82 Powell Deli & Grocery and a Western Union. (Doe Donuts, Portland’s first all-vegan donut store, moved last year to 4110 NE Sandy Blvd.)

Viet-Cajun fusion is a big part of modern New Orleans cuisine, but the original ‘Vietnamese po’boy’ was simply a banh mi by another name, an effort of the first generation refugees from the Vietnam War. to entice locals to try a different kind of sandwich made on crispy French bread.

Yet more recently, a new generation of Louisians – Nguyen among them – have taken the mashup more literally. At Banh Mi Boys’ original location in the grocery store attached to his family’s Texaco statoin in Metairie, Nguyen offers both styles of sandwiches side-by-side, each with traditional toppings. For banh mi, this means cilantro, pickled carrots and daikon, cucumber plus a choice of Vietnamese ham, meatballs, grilled pork and more. Po’boys are served with lettuce, tomato, pickles, mayo and roast beef or fried seafood.

But the real pleasure lies in the chef’s specialties. Here, Banh Mi Boys stuffs sandwiches with braised pork belly, loco moco, bulgogi or deep-fried gulf shrimp mixed with a Sriracha honey sauce or Cajun garlic butter. Mixing and matching is encouraged, and customers can choose between Leidenheimer po’boy rolls and banh mi breads from Dong Phuong Bakery in New Orleans. The fries are seasoned, loaded with cheese, or topped with fried oysters and Rockefeller sauce. Chicken wings are available in 10 different flavors.

“We want to bring a fresh take on Asian cuisine with a Southern twist to Portland,” Nguyen wrote in an email. “Our food is bright, bold and tasty. There is something new for everyone to enjoy.

Portland has a lot of experience with Viet-Cajun cuisine. It’s been over 15 years since four Houston brothers started serving Vietnamese-style seafood porridge at My Brother’s Crawfish on 82nd Avenue Southeast. Several other restaurants and carts opened over the following years for similarly spiced seafood porridge including The Rockin ‘Crab & Boiling Pot next to the Fubonn Supermarket. Before it closed, New Orleans-born chef Anh Luu added many Vietnamese flavors to Tapalaya’s Cajun-Creole menu, including banh mi pork belly and stew enriched with shrimp paste, then had a pop-up success with a “phoritto”. : ”A burrito with beef phở flavors.

Look for Banh Mi Boys Portland which will open in the next two or three months at 8201 SE Powell Blvd., #B, in the heart of Portland’s banh mi zone, with Best Baguette drive-thru right across from Powell Boulevard. and the remaining location of Binh Minh on the other side of 82nd Avenue.

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Portland’s Tapalaya Adds Vietnamese Flavors to Cajun-Creole Cuisine

Tapalaya’s New Vietnamese Menu Makes Us Want More – Literally

Northeast Portland’s Tapalaya, known for its Cajun-Creole cuisine, will close

We blind tested and rated Portland’s best banh mi (2018)

Michael russell, [email protected], @tdmrussell

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Fashion brand

World’s largest fashion retailer to charge for paper bags in Spanish stores

Photo used for illustration purposes.

Gulf Report Today

Zara fashion brand owner Inditex will start charging 10 euro cents ($ 0.12) for paper bags starting next week at all of its stores in Spain as part of a campaign to sustainability and reuse of packaging, the company said on Friday.

The world’s largest fashion retailer will roll out the measure to more than 1,400 stores in its home country, which account for 14% of the company’s sales, and assess its expansion to other markets in the future.


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Rare disease turns Filipino teenager into elderly woman

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The bags will be charged at stores of all its brands, including Zara and Massimo Dutti.

This move follows the company’s commitment to eliminate plastic in all of its operations. It replaced all plastic bags in its stores and online orders last year with recycled and recyclable paper bags.

“This is one more step … We want to encourage customers to reuse the bags,” said a spokesperson for Inditex.

He plans to invest all the profits from the paper bags in environmental projects carried out by local associations in Spain.

Spanish newspaper Expansion, which first announced the Inditex plan on Friday, said the company recently made paying for paper bags a voluntary option in Germany.

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Fashion style

Isha Ambani and Manish Malhotra team up as Reliance acquires 40% stake in designer MM Styles

On Friday, October 15, Reliance Brands and Manish Malhotra announced a strategic partnership in the deal whereby the former agreed to buy a 40% stake in the 16-year-old designer MM Styles’ fashion house. years. This is one of the largest investments for Reliance Brands Ltd (RBL) and the first external investment for the Manish Malhotra brand, which was until now owned by the creator. Manish Malhotra is well known for his voluptuous creations and craftsmanship. Almost all the stars of the Indian film industry have at least one of his creations in their wardrobe.

“Our strategic partnership with Manish Malhotra is rooted in our immense respect for his craft and our deep commitment to Indian art and culture. As an entrepreneur, Manish, the man behind the brand, has always been agile and ahead of his time. Said Ms. Isha Ambani, Director of Reliance Retail Ventures Limited. Manish Malhotra, who will continue to lead the brand as CEO and Creative, said: “As the brand strives for international expansion, business diversification and renewed creative growth, there could have been no better strategic partner. to accompany us on this journey.

The partnership aims to expand physical retail both in India and international markets, creating a technological backbone for the business, developing phygital and experiential e-commerce opportunities. Reliance Brands is India’s largest luxury retailer and has partnerships with a handful of international luxury brands, including A list names like Diesel, Jimmy Choo, Kate Spade and Versace. Understanding the importance of the ethnic clothing space over Western fashion, the retailer aims to create a larger market for the designer’s MMM styles with a price adjustment although the size of the case may not have been disclosed.

Over the years, Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Ltd has acquired two designer owned companies, Sabyasachi and Shantanu & Nikhil. Now that Manish Malhotra has joined the movement, let’s wait and watch the retail emporium expand around the world!

For more Fashion & Beauty updates, follow @pinkvillafashion

Read also | Navratri 2021: Alia Bhatt to Shraddha Kapoor: 7 Celebrities Who Launched Purplish Looks For Dussehra Today

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Fashion designer

Cardi B escapes penalties in $ 5million lawsuit after being accused of misleading justice

Cardi B will not suffer any consequences after claiming that she was unable to travel to California for a trial, only to end up in Paris a few days later.

According to court documents obtained by Radar, a federal court judge dismissed a request demanding that Cardi be fined $ 8,310.

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Source: Mega

As we previously reported, Cardi is being chased by a man named Kevin Brophy Jr. He asks for $ 5 million to have his photo used on his mixtape Gangsta Bi-ch Music Vol. 1 without authorization.

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The cover features Cardi sitting in the back seat of a limousine with his legs spread. Heavily tattooed man is seen from behind giving a blowjob on the Bodak Yellow rapper.

Brophy claims that the use of her photo caused her emotional distress and caused her problems with her family. Cardi says the costume is nothing more than a shakedown and denies causing any harm to the man.

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The judge allowed the case to move forward despite Cardi’s demands that it be dismissed. The rapper recently asked for a trial date from October until next year. She said her doctor advised her against traveling from New York to California because she had just given birth to her son.

cardi b escapes sanctions million lawsuits mixtape paris fashion week

Source: Mega

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The judge was convinced by Cardi’s doctor’s note and postponed the trial until February. Brophy was furious and wanted it to start before 2022 but dropped the case.

That was until he saw Cardi partying in France for Paris Fashion Week. He accused her of lying in court about not being able to travel. He said: “There is no reasonable explanation for ‘Cardi’ to suggest that she couldn’t and didn’t want to leave New York because she needed to be with her children and he didn’t want to leave New York. was not sure to be in public places, only for her to appear two weeks later in Paris.

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Brophy asked that the trial be postponed from February 2022 to December 2021. He also wanted the $ 8,000 in penalties.

Cardi denied cheating on the court that the Paris Fashion Week opportunity arose after the judge pushed back the trial date.

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cardi b escapes sanctions million lawsuits mixtape paris fashion week

Source: Mega

She said famous fashion designer Mugler approached her with a concert and she couldn’t refuse it. “The opportunity to participate in an internationally renowned, widely publicized and prestigious event on behalf of one of the world’s greatest fashion designers was just too important, from a career standpoint, and too lucrative. , to be ignored, “wrote his lawyer. .

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Now the judge has ruled and sided with Cardi on the matter. He dismissed the petition for penalties saying the evidence showed the rapper had not misled the court.

Additionally, the judge said she explained why traveling to Paris Fashion Week was different from traveling to trial. The order stated that Cardi was able to “leave her newborn baby in New York in the case of her mother and a nanny for the short trip to Paris, she was not able to make such arrangements. for the long journey necessary to prepare for and attend the trial in this case. ”

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The parties will face off in February.

cardi b escapes sanctions million lawsuits mixtape paris fashion week

Source: Mega

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French fashion

5 lesser-known surrealists are making their mark at the Met –

For years, the common misconception about surrealism was that it was primarily a European movement, with René Magritte, Salvador Dalí, Max Ernst and others as its leaders. Little by little, this notion is evolving. Feminists have added female artists like Leonora Carrington, Dorothea Tanning, and Méret Oppenheim to the Surrealist canon, and acclaimed inquiries outside the United States have drawn increased attention to figures like Wifredo Lam, Hervé Télémaque, and Remedios Varo. As a new kind of surrealism takes root among today’s young female painters, a new understanding of movement is also blossoming.

The current Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibition “Surrealism Beyond Borders” reflects this momentum. Hosted by Stephanie D’Alessandro and Matthew Gale with Lauren Rosati, Sean O’Hanlan and Carine Harmand, the show, which heads to Tate Modern in London after its stint in New York, aims to prove that surrealism was never not confined to Europe. On the contrary, this survey suggests that once surrealism made its debut in Paris in the 1920s, the movement’s influence could not be contained. Tendrils of surrealism made their way from France to the Philippines and back, and in the process attracted the attention of curious artists who sought to reproduce – and subvert – the Freud-inspired reverie of European surrealism.

“Surrealism Beyond Borders” features works by well-known artists – Dalí, Tanning, Lam and many others are well represented. Yet the overwhelming majority of the more than 300 works on display are by artists little known in the United States. And indeed, many of these artists come from far beyond Europe. Below is a look at how five lesser-known artists took surrealism into their own hands and made it again.

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Fashion style

Malaika Arora styles ₹ Bold 20k Teal Split Front Leather Dress with Bubble Braid | Fashion trends

Setting our screens on fire with her sizzling fashion style, Bollywood actress Malaika Arora left one and all struck by her sultry look in a split-front teal leather dress. Make hearts beat as she dolled herself up to shoot for an episode of Supermodel of the year season 2, Malaika made an appearance in a steaming teal leather dress that came with a bold front slit and styled it with an incredible bubble braid as our jaws dropped in awe.

Images flooding the internet from her latest photoshoot show the diva flaunting the scorching look, wearing the dress like a loaded gun and ready to kill. The photos showed Malaika donning the amazing teal dress that was cut from lightweight vegan leather. Sleek and durable, the leather dress features straps and a plunging neckline for oozing out.

Pulling her sleek mid-length braids back into an amazing bubble braid, Malaika accessorized her look with a trendy necklace from So Fetch, a stack of rings from Ineze and Fasaana Jewels. Completing her outfit with a pair of gold and silver heels, Malaika wore a pop of nude pink lipstick and boosted the glam quotient with highlighted cheeks, kohl-rimmed eyes with streaks of black eyeliner, a blush blue eyeshadow, mascara-laden eyelashes and full eyebrows.

Striking sultry poses for the camera, Malaika made the mercury soar. Needless to say, photos and videos have been sweeping the internet as the leather dress establishes itself as a fashion statement this fall.

The set is attributed to the Lithuanian-based dress brand Undress, which boasts of light, soft and elegant dresses with unique designs based on clear forms, a monochrome palette and an idea of ​​timeless simplicity. The teal blue dress originally costs € 229 or ??19,933 on the creator’s site.

The teal dress of Malaika Arora from Undress (

Malaika Arora was styled by famous fashion stylists Maneka Harisinghani and Chintan Shah.

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Fashion brand

Luxury brands must become peer-to-peer influencers

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Some of the most popular social media accounts today aren’t run by traditional influencers. Consumers are increasingly attentive to those around them, often made up of relatives and friends.

More than half of consumers (56%) say their favorite type of influencer to follow on social media is “the everyday influencer,” according to research commissioned by user-generated content specialist Bazaarvoice. These social media users include friends and family, as well as trusted online friends they may never have met. This type of influencer is trusted because they are or feel like a personal connection, as opposed to ambitious influencers and celebrities, who were more popular before the pandemic.

Over the past 18 months, the desire for more intimate and trusting relationships has also impacted luxury retailing, with an increase in one-on-one services. “Throughout the pandemic, our personal shopping service for our best customers has become more popular and important than ever,” said Sabah Naqushbandi, director of global marketing at Porter.

Going forward, a richer, more personalized engagement is here to stay. Operating in the timely intersections of personalization and social commerce, brands and retailers have the power to build communities and have conversations with customers. Among luxury brands such as Mr Porter, Telfar and Vestiaire Collective, the global payment and purchasing service Klarna is answering the call for a closer connection with its customers.

Study your movements

Being a more personalized brand goes beyond knowing what matters to your customer. Brands must build a peer-to-peer community rooted in societal movements that drive consumer values. For many luxury customers, the issue that forms the basis of conversations and preferences is sustainability.

“Sustainability is at the heart of what the luxury consumer wants,” says David Sandstrom, Klarna Marketing Director. He observes how sustainability shapes the purchasing choices of Klarna’s 90 million customers around the world. Data from Klarna’s recent reopening report shows that sustainability is already the # 1 consideration for its 20 million customers in the United States, representing 48% of Gen Z and 39% of Gen Y. “It doesn’t. is not new, says Sandstrom. “The difference now is people are willing to pay for it.”

Used platforms see shared values ​​and constructive connections between peer-to-peer buyers and sellers. Vestiaire Collective, for example, has “evolved beyond a brand to become a global community of fashion activists,” explains Arnaud Collin, Director of Revenue. The growing environmental concerns of the platform community are contributing to the growth of B Corp. A 2020 survey by the Boston Consulting Group co-created with Vestiaire Collective found that 70% of used buyers appreciate the sustainability aspect of second-hand consumption, up from 62% in 2018.

Superior quality drives conversational commerce

Luxury values ​​align with a more thoughtful and conscious approach to buying, leading to an increase in virtual retail spaces for intimate conversations and thoughtful buying discussions.

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Fashion designer

Gucci celebrates its centenary with the COMME des GARÇON collection

For the luxury brand’s centenary year, Gucci has brought a wave of collaborations – or “hackings” as they call it – to the runway. Earlier this year, Gucci partnered with Spanish luxury house Balenciaga for its first-ever partnership with high-fashion designer, Gucci Aria, featuring printed puffer jackets and branded ‘Jackie’ bags, the ultimate dream hypebeasts. Gucci also unveiled a Cadillac Seville mini collector car as part of a collaboration with Hot Wheels and launched its online digital concept archive, the Vault, which doubles as an e-commerce website. Today, the famous luxury house took to Instagram to tease the release of its next project: a capsule collection with Comme des Garcon.

On October 11, Gucci published an announcement on its Instagram story about their next “hacking” with the Japanese house Comme des Garcon. Gucci has confirmed that the first drop will feature an updated take on their co-branded tote bags, which will be released exclusively on the Gucci Vault. The design of the tote has yet to be revealed, and Gucci continues to tease us with a movie from the Gucci x CDG box on the vault site.

Although the upcoming design has been kept a secret, the association’s first iconic tote was released in 2018, featuring PVC-wrapped paper tote bags bearing Gucci’s famous red and green stripe detail. at the top of the CDG logo. The following year, the same PVC bag fell with the famous Gucci flowers. Both bags sold out almost instantly, and we expect the same from the next drop.


gucci x cdg tote bag


The new Gucci x Comme des Garcon tote bag will be available on Friday, October 15.

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French fashion

A new wellness brand that harnesses the power of the garden

Even when the creative director Scott Formby was working around the clock for fashion and interior brands like Ralph Lauren and Frette, he would find a way to put himself outside. “I would have a photoshoot in the middle of a garden on the Amalfi Coast,” he recalled recently from his home in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles. When he bought this 1920s Spanish colonial-style home 15 years ago, his 2,500 square foot terraced garden, on a connected but separate lot, was a big part of the draw, and after the drought which hit the region in 2014, he transformed it to reduce its water needs. “I kept the old lemon trees but added a lot of cacti and, inspired by the Mediterranean, fig and mandarin trees,” he said.

About two and a half years ago, Formby’s frequent trips between New York (where he has an apartment) and Toronto for his then job as creative director of Canadian bookstore chain Indigo – and the lack of of garden time that resulted – was beginning to exhaust it. To distract himself, he started talking with his colleague Jennifer De Klaver, who is now his business partner, about the idea of ​​working together on a small wellness business that would celebrate the beauty and healing properties of plants. “Just talking about it seemed like oxygen to me,” he recalls.

When he finally quit his job at the end of 2019, Formby decided to spend more time in Los Angeles, where he hoped to recharge and putt in his garden. Weeks later, the pandemic hit the west coast and, due to the lockdown measures, he had more free hours to tend to his plants than he had ever imagined. At the end of that spring, he had a bumper crop of citrus and avocados and started selling them at local farmers’ markets. Sometimes he would just leave a basket of lemons by the side of the road with a sign saying “Free Vitamin C!” “It was like therapy for me,” he said. “It was also around the time when we decided to turn our idea into something real.” He and De Klaver found a lab in Colorado to help them formulate the natural, herbal-laden oils and creams they’d envisioned during their years of commuting – products that would combine the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabinoids with powerful organic ingredients, like Echinacea and Evening Primrose, and combine Old World herbal knowledge with cutting edge science.

The visual concept for Apothecary Figaro, as the pair named the brand, later focused when Formby saw an image of “Landscape with a Cowbird,” a serene rendering of the Italian countryside painted around 1637 by French artist Gaspard Dughet, online. “Jennifer and I wanted to talk about the healing properties of art, in addition to those of plants, and this painting became a definitive starting point,” he said. In fact, they liked it so much that they decided to allow the work to be used in their branding. Much of the packaging in the wellness area, Formby said, is “white, clean and clinical and we felt it didn’t work visually for our serums, which are so filled with organic herbs.”

This month, the line will launch its first two products: the Botanical Serum and the Relief Balm. Both formulas contain a potent combination of organic green echinacea extract from a farm in upstate New York and CBD; some research has shown that the two ingredients can work favorably together to reduce inflammation of the skin and muscles. “We don’t market ourselves as a CBD business,” Formby explained. “But Echinacea is a powerful booster for CBD and its properties may work well on the skin.” He says the serum, which includes 30 other botanical ingredients such as wild geranium and patchouli, improves radiance and has a calming effect, while the balm, which includes arnica and extracts of mint and wintergreen. , can soothe muscle aches and pains. Coming up, and expected to arrive in the spring, a moisturizer for the face and a tincture infused with ginger, turmeric and elderberry which is designed to help the immune system and improve the quality of sleep.

All the while, Formby continued to tend his garden, even adding a new area for medicinal herbs such as wild marigold and chamomile which he describes as a “kind of laboratory.” He also found new uses for his abundance of products. Last Christmas he made a huge batch of fig compote and sent 50 jars to friends and family on the East Coast and Texas, where he grew up. The recipe, which he shares below, was inspired by a version he tasted years ago in Turin, Italy, and he likes to use it as a garnish for yogurt or toast, serve it with hard cheeses or pour it over rose ice cream. “As a child in Texas, I never knew what a fig tastes like, ”he said. “If you had said 15 years ago that I would make my own herbal jams and tinctures, I would have rolled my eyes and said, ‘What are you talking about? But the garden has become a real refuge for me. I realized how healing and empowering it is to watch things grow, especially during such a tragic time.

1. Place the figs, balsamic vinegar, orange zest, orange juice, sugar, salt, vanilla bean, rosemary and cinnamon in a medium heavy-based saucepan. Cover and bring to a boil over medium heat. (It may look dry, but don’t worry.) Boil for 1 minute, stirring to dissolve the sugar.

2. Lower the heat, add the bourbon and simmer, uncovered (you want the little bubbles to be visible throughout the pot, not just around the edges) for 45 minutes to 1 hour, stirring occasionally, until until the figs fall apart and the mixture has the consistency of red fruit jam.

3. Discard the vanilla bean and serve or refrigerate the compote. It will keep for about two weeks in the refrigerator.

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Fashion style

Coach will stop destroying unwanted property after TikTok outrage

Written by Megan C. Hills, CNN

Luxury brand Coach has announced that it will no longer destroy damaged or “unsaleable” products returned to its stores, after a viral TikTok video claimed the label intentionally “cut” unwanted items for tax purposes.

Without directly referring to the claims, the American brand wrote on Instagram on Tuesday that it had “stopped” destroying returns in store and would seek to “responsibly reuse, recycle and reuse excess or damaged products.”
The move follows claims from TikTok user Anna Sacks, who filmed herself unpacking Coach products that appeared to be rendered unusable. In the one-minute video, Sacks, who goes by @thetrashwalker, said Coach’s policy was “to order an employee to deliberately cut (junk merchandise) so that no one can use it.”

Holding torn bags, shoes with cropped suspenders and a jacket with large rips, Sacks alleged in the video that the practice was part of a “tax loophole” that sees the brand write off products “as if they were accidentally destroyed “. Neither Coach nor its parent company, Tapestry, responded to CNN’s requests for comment.

The video, which first appeared on TikTok on Saturday, has been liked over 560,000 times at the time of writing. The social media backlash intensified on Tuesday when Diet Prada, an influential fashion watchdog, posted the allegations on Instagram alongside videos appearing to show Coach’s items recovered from a dumpster.

The luxury brand has said it will no longer destroy unsaleable or damaged goods returned to its stores. Credit: Budrul Chukrut / SOPA Images / LightRocket / Getty Images

Industry practices

The label is by no means the only luxury company to intentionally destroy unwanted inventory. This practice is generally aimed at preventing excess inventory from being sold at lower prices and harming the exclusivity of brands.

In 2018, Burberry announced that it would stop burning unsold goods after discovering it had destroyed clothing and perfume worth more than $ 36 million the previous year. Various fashion houses, watchmakers and clothing companies have faced similar charges in recent years.

But critics of Coach’s alleged policy have drawn attention to the brand’s (Re) Loved program, a repair service and resale platform marketed as “a cheaper way of doing things.” In the video, Sacks said she intends to send the damaged items for repair to see if the label will fix them for her.

Coach’s Instagram statement said the brand is “committed to sustainability” and “dedicated to maximizing the reuse of these products in our Coach (Re) Loved and other circularity programs.”

Tapestry, which also owns brands such as Kate Spade and Monique Lhuillier, said in its 2020 Corporate Responsibility Report it had repaired 28,258 Coach items – 85% of those sent to the brand that year. – and that it “continued to develop scalable products. solutions ”for the remaining 15%.

Speaking to CNN via WhatsApp, Sacks hailed Coach’s response as “a start.”

“I want to stress again that Coach is the brand that has been publicly caught this time, but it remains a widespread practice in the fashion industry,” she said. “My fear is that other brands, instead of taking production sizing seriously, continue to overproduce and destroy only now with great care in hiding the evidence.

“This could include the use of compactors, locking dumpsters and requiring employees to sign punitive (non-disclosure) agreements. It would be a shame, and to the detriment of our planet, if it is. the lesson the fashion industry learns from Coach Incident. It’s my biggest fear in exposing destruction. “

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Fashion designer

The Muscular Dystrophy Association is teaming up with Advertising Week on how innovative platforms are changing the way we live – for good!

Posted: October 13, 2021 at 5:25 p.m. EDT|Update: 2 hours ago

NEW YORK, October 13, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) today announced that Chief of Staff Kristine Welker will be presenting at Advertising Week New York 2021 on the DCI Track at Marketplace Stage presented by Walmart Connect on Monday, October 18 To 3:30 p.m. ET, Register here.

Joining Welker on the panel will be Mindy Scheier, Founder and CEO of The Runway of Dreams Foundation and Gamut Management, and Tiffany Meehan, vice president of marketing for Inclusively. During their panel, Welker, Scheier and Meehan will explore how we can join forces and use technology to create inclusive employment opportunities and create lasting change for good.

MDA has been known for its innovative approaches to fundraising since the organization partnered with the media industry and made history with the very first 24-hour telethon, hosted by the giant the comedy. Jerry lewis. This legendary event changed the world for good, raising mission awareness and spotlighting people with disabilities – the largest minority group in the United States Since then, MDA has continued to promote adaptive and accessible living by collaborating with Twitch ( Amazon) and brands. like Verizon and Unilever to amplify awareness.

Today, MDA empowers people through innovative platforms including games, streaming and social channels as a pipeline of promises. By joining Advertising Week, Welker hopes to shine a light on how media and brands are turning narrative into a narrative of ability.

“Everyone has the right to feel beautiful, which is why inclusive design is a factor that manufacturers must take into account to allow access for all,” said Khadija Bari, in Women’s Health magazine. Bari is the Student Careers Coordinator at VISIONS, Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Scheier, a veteran former fashion designer, was inspired to start Runway of Dreams after her muscular dystrophy son Oliver dreamed of wearing jeans like everyone else. After its launch, Runway of Dreams partnered with Tommy Hilfiger on the first line of adapted consumer clothing for children and continues to work with numerous consumer brands such as Kohl’s, Target, JC Penny and Zappos. Founded on the basis that clothing is a basic human need, Runway of Dreams develops, delivers and supports initiatives to expand the reach of consumer adaptive clothing and to promote people with disabilities in the fashion industry.

People living with disabilities represent the largest untapped talent pool in the United States today. Innovative technology platforms hold the key to bridging the gap between talent and the goal-oriented organization to drive progress.

About the Muscular Dystrophies Association
For 70 years, the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) is committed to transforming the lives of people with muscular dystrophy, ALS and related neuromuscular diseases. We do it through scientific innovations and innovations in care. As the primary source of funding for neuromuscular disease research outside the federal government, MDA has committed more than $ 1 billion since our creation to accelerate the discovery of therapies and remedies. Research we have supported is directly linked to life-changing therapies for several neuromuscular diseases. MOVR from MDA is the first and only data center that consolidates clinical, genetic and patient-reported data for several neuromuscular diseases to improve health outcomes and accelerate drug development. MDA supports the largest network of multidisciplinary clinics providing top-notch care in over 150 of the country’s top medical facilities. Our Resource center serves the community with one-on-one specialist support, and we offer educational lectures, events, and materials for families and healthcare providers. MDA advocacy supports equal access for our community, and each year thousands of children and young adults learn life skills and gain independence in summer camp and through recreational programs at no cost to families. During the COVID-19 pandemic, MDA continues to produce virtual events and programs to support our community when in-person events and activities are not possible. COVID-19 guidelines and MDA virtual events are posted on For more information visit

About the Runway of Dreams Foundation
The Piste des Rêves Foundation is a non-profit organization working for a future of inclusion, acceptance and opportunity in the fashion industry for people with disabilities. Founded on the basis that clothing is a basic human need, the Runway of Dreams Foundation develops, implements and supports initiatives aimed at expanding the reach of adapted clothing and promoting people with disabilities in fashion. Through adaptive parades, awareness campaigns, wardrobe grants and scholarship programs, the Runway of Dreams Foundation gives people with disabilities opportunity, confidence, independence and style.

About GAMUT Management
GAMUT management is a market where businesses and industries can connect with people with disabilities (PH). GAMUT represents models, actors, sports figures and artists – including those who have no professional experience. GAMUT also provides expert advice to the entertainment industry by deploying people with disabilities to provide authentic casting, messaging and advertising portrayed in media and pop culture. In addition, businesses and industries are using the GAMUT market to integrate people with disabilities in every phase of their business – innovation, research, design, marketing, advertising and sales – to create new products and revenue streams for growth. . GAMUT continues to support the mission of Runway of Dreams, the company’s 501c3 partner.

About inclusively
Inclusive is the technology-driven professional network and employment platform. Our modern recruitment process connects disabled, mentally ill and chronically ill job seekers with inclusive employers who are committed to providing the necessary accommodations in the workplace. We are committed to boosting employment within the disability community as a matter of both human dignity and economic urgency. 1 in 4 of us have, or will have, a disability during our working years. We work with candidates who benefit from workplace accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), including mobility / physical, visual, auditory, neurodivergent, cognitive, speech, chronic disease, mental health issues and intellectual disabilities.

(PRNewsfoto / Muscular Dystrophy Association)
(PRNewsfoto / Muscular Dystrophy Association)

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SOURCE Muscular Dystrophy Association

The above press release has been provided courtesy of PRNewswire. The views, opinions and statements contained in the press release are not endorsed by Gray Media Group and do not necessarily state or reflect those of Gray Media Group, Inc.

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French fashion

European equities climb thanks to strong results from SAP and LVMH

The DAX chart of the German stock index is pictured on the stock exchange in Frankfurt, Germany on September 29, 2021. REUTERS / Staff

  • STOXX 600 hits two-week high
  • US inflation up sharply in September
  • LVMH up after Q3 results
  • Apple suppliers stumble upon iPhone report

October 13 (Reuters) – European stocks rose on Wednesday as bullish earnings forecasts from German software group SAP and robust quarterly sales from French luxury goods maker LVMH helped ease inflation concerns.

After some weakness at the opening, the pan-European STOXX 600 (.STOXX) index hit two-week highs and closed 0.7% higher, as did the German DAX (.GDAXI). The French CAC 40 (.FCHI) rose 0.8%.

A decline in banks (.SX7E) led the UK FTSE 100 (.FTSE) to gain just 0.2%, while the heavy lender indices of Spain (.IBEX) and Italy (.FTMIB) ) are behind schedule. JPMorgan (JPM.N) kicked off its third quarter results in the United States with better than expected earnings, but its stocks and the banking industry as a whole (.SPXBK) fell. Read more

SAP (SAPG.DE), Europe’s most valued technology company, rose nearly 4% after raising its full-year outlook for the third time after a strong quarterly performance as more and more customers move their IT operations to the cloud. Read more

French luxury goods maker LVMH (LVMH.PA) grew 3.2%, as sales in its fashion and leather goods division rose sharply in the third quarter, but overall revenue growth in Asia and the United States declined. slowed down after excellent performance in the first half. Read more

Data showing that Chinese export growth accelerated unexpectedly in September also helped morale. Read more

At the same time, inflation data in the United States showed a solid increase in September, keeping the Federal Reserve on track to start declining in November. U.S. federal funds futures forecast a hike in interest rates by September 2022 after the data. Read more

“Inflation is the main factor capable of changing stock markets in the coming months,” said Alberto Matellán, chief economist of Spanish insurer MAPFRE Inversión.

“The recent rebound is due to external shocks … In responding to external shocks, the spike in inflation should be temporary and subside when those shocks do.”

Worries about central banks exiting their pandemic-era stimulus package, a global energy crisis and signs of high prices have all dampened prospects for an economic recovery, with the STOXX 600 slashing its monthly gains for s ‘trade up about 1% after stumbling 3.4% in September.

Third-quarter profit for STOXX 600 companies is expected to rise 46.7%, according to data from Refinitiv IBES, following a 152.6% jump in the previous quarter, with energy and industrial companies making the biggest gains.

Earnings estimates gradually increased as the earnings season approached

Suppliers to Apple Inc (AAPL.O), including STMicroelectronics and AMS, fell after Bloomberg reported that production of the iPhone 13 would likely be cut. Read more

Britain’s largest homebuilder Barratt Developments (BDEV.L) added 6.3% after saying forward sales for the past three months exceeded pre-pandemic levels. Read more

Reporting by Sruthi Shankar and Anisha Sircar in Bengaluru; Editing by Sriraj Kalluvila and Ed Osmond

Our standards: Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Fashion brand

What brands of clothing does Kate Middleton wear? A complete look at the Duchess’s must-have designers

Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge has an eye for fashion, and that’s putting it lightly. Whether Kate Middleton is strolling through one of London’s famous parks with her children or performing official royal duties, there’s no denying that she still looks perfect from head to toe.

Even before joining the royal family in 2011, she still managed to look great, sporty outfits such as jeans and casual sweaters or cute dresses with wedge sandals.

Kate Middleton | Max Mumby / Getty Images

Now she takes looking gorgeous to a whole new level, and when we see the future queen stepping out in one of her latest looks, it can be widely assumed that all heads are turning in her direction.

So, let’s take a look at what most people want to know: What brand of clothing is Kate Middleton wearing? Here’s a full rundown of the Duchess’s must-have designers.

Kate has several high brand preferences

It’s pretty obvious that Middleton has a signature style. She still looks stylish and fully assembled, and it’s no surprise that she has some great brands to help her with that.

So which brands are among the Duchesses’ favorites? According to Insider, several.

She adores Jenny Packham and has worn looks from her line on several occasions. LK Bennett is responsible for the design of some of her favorite shoes and dresses, like the one she wore in 2018 during an official visit to Evelina London Children’s Hospital.

Middleton is also a huge fan of Mulberry, the designer of a few coats we’ve seen her keep warm in, as well as Alexander McQueen, who royal fans know was the mastermind behind the iconic wedding dress. long-sleeved shirt that she wore to get married. Prince William over a decade ago.

The Duchess also has a few affordable favorites

Middleton may have access to the best designers in the world, but that doesn’t stop her from loving affordable brands like the rest of us. The Duchess knows a good deal when she sees one, and Independent reports that it happens more often than some realize.

What does the mother of three love to wear? She’s an Astley Clarke fan and wore a very reasonably priced jacket on a video call in 2021. Boden is another of her staples, and their clothes are as fashionable as they are affordable.

Let’s not forget Marks & Spencer, the designer who provided some of Middleton’s best looks including a pair of white sneakers, a blue floral print dress and an absolutely stunning pink pantsuit.

Some of Kate’s most iconic looks

As the future Queen Consort, it’s only natural for Middleton to have iconic looks that no one will forget. Most recently, she wore a jaw-dropping all-gold ensemble, and Town & Country reports that the pink Beulah London dress she wore to the last few matches of the Wimbledon men’s singles was one of her best looks of the year. the year.

Emilia Wickstead has also created some of the Duchess’ most iconic looks, such as the green midi dress she wore to the Wimbledon women’s single final in July 2021. In Scotland, Middleton chose a design by Catherine Walker during the ‘one of his appearances.

The Duchess also chooses Hicks & Brown on occasion, such as when she attended Sunday church services in January 2020. The Duchess is also known to turn to Oscar de la Renta, the designer of her unforgettable magenta November skirt suit. 2019.

There is no doubt that Kate Middleton’s taste is impeccable, and it is good to know what her favorite brands are.

RELATED: Kate Middleton Wears Stunning $ 5,000 Dress to James Bond Premiere

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Fashion style

Fall / winter 2021 fashion revives old trends, looks to the future

As October approaches, fashion houses are starting to release their most influential fashion shows of the year for the spring / summer lines, giving us a glimpse of the next trend cycle. It starts with the September issue of Vogue, the most influential issue of the year, and extends to New York Fashion Week and beyond.

While fashion houses are the technical creators of the trends by launching their own versions of what should be popular for the upcoming cycle, it’s the people who put them together. Fashion week is a great time to get a glimpse of new designs as well as to get inspiration from fashion enthusiasts. These are a few trends we’ve noticed for fall / winter 2021 on and off piste, in no particular order.


The fashionable waistcoat and diamond test last spring paid off. As we continue into the cooler seasons, the old college look is a must-have. Stemming from 1930s youth fashion, it was inspired by a unisex look of Oxford shirts, moccasins and pants. Since then, the preppy look has taken off to give off an old-fashioned Americana flair, including athletic wear, tailored silhouettes, neutral prints and conservative silhouettes.

The rise of the preppy look can be strongly attributed to this summer’s theme of the chalet core. In the nightmarish era of the pandemic, a rise in fairytale escape came at an easier and less stressful time, like in a childhood novel. Perhaps academia is its fall / winter counterpart of the personification of a storybook-like life.

To discover: moccasins, tennis skirts, pants, blazers, buttons, trench coats, cardigans, neutral prints, matching sets, rugby shirts or looks inspired by Gossip Girl. See examples of streetwear from Milan Fashion Week and the Alo Yoga brand.


With the rise of loungewear replacing casual workwear, people are tired of parading in the same stained sweatpants. The ballet / ballerina style is a new take on athleisure, adding a delicate and neat look while maintaining comfort. We can see his inspiration mainly in sportswear but also in casual streetwear with the integration of cardigans and flowing skirts.

Look for: ballet skirts, cardigans / shrugs, flats, wrap tops, and unitards. See examples here.

Experimental alternative

Each decade has its own style that plays on the divergence from the mainstream. The current alternative style has gained popularity during the pandemic. It takes on aspects of asymmetry, deconstruction, negative space and ‘do it yourself’ attitude, reflecting the unconventional character of a home lifestyle combined with the creativity of experimenting for the sake of it. first time.

This style also carries an Asian influence from Korean and Chinese fashion. East Asian technology has transformed rapidly over the past decade and this futuristic outlook is also reflected in clothing and style. This background, coupled with rapid trend cycles, created the style.

Watch out for subversive basics, asymmetry, mesh, platforms, cutouts, DIY style and restyling. See examples of streetwear Hyein Seo, Dion Lee and Paris Fashion Week.

Renaissance of the 60s and 80s

Once again, we are back to even decades. Fashion has been said to follow a 20 year rule of going from trendy, cheesy, horrible, nostalgic, back to trend. So let’s go back to the trend of the 60s and 80s, here we go. During this season we have seen many prints of waves, checkerboards, space dyes and flowers. This, paired with more vintage cuts like mid-thigh shorts, biker shorts, and A-line dresses, apply modern takes to ’80s trends and shapes.

To discover: kitsch jewelry, vests, checked shorts, skirts, tights, leather, space knits, Jean Paul Gaultier, psychedelic prints and Pucci. Check out examples from the Lisa Says Gah boutique, the Dior 2022 Paris show and looks from the Chanel Spring / Summer 2022 show.

Technical clothing

This year’s menswear has found the middle ground between utilitarian and futuristic aesthetics. Arc’teryx is the brand illustrating the technical clothing of the moment, offering clean and uncluttered jackets with a completely waterproof fabric.

Small emerging brands, such as Acronym, are also gaining attention because of their emphasis on the care and quality of their products. However, it would be impossible to name a men’s fashion trend without mentioning Nike or Yeezy. Sneaker trends evolved into a more blunt form, with a bounce from New Balance. This shape is inspired by hiking shoes. Yeezy also created more experimental forms with futuristic and tech-inspired aspects.

Look for: utility-inspired clothing, workwear, black, futurism, and tech-influenced fashion. Check out examples of Travis Scott’s Nike Air Max 1, the Palace x Arc’teryx collection, the Y-3 x adidas Terrex collection, and men’s streetwear from the New York Fashion Weeks of recent years.

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Fashion designer

‘Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams’ opens at Brooklyn Museum

While recent discussions around the city have focused on the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, just across the East River, the Brooklyn Museum has brought an equally (if not grander) exhibit to life. which takes guests on a wonderful journey through the history of the iconic Dior fashion house.

“Christian Dior: Creator of dreams” is separated into two sections: an exterior section retracing the history and heritage of Dior and an interior “Enchanted Garden”. As guests enter the exhibit, they are greeted by Dior’s signature New Look, her iconic dress that features round shoulders, a voluminous skirt and a cinched waist. The look, which debuted in 1946, quickly became a favorite among women around the world.

Then take a look at the collections of Dior’s successors, starting with Yves Saint Laurent, whose designs were considered provocative at the time due to their bold silhouettes. Next come the beautiful ornate dresses by Gianfranco Ferré located next to the daring creations of John Galliano. The dramatic beaded dresses by Raf Simons and the collections of Maria Grazia Chiuri, Dior’s first female creative director, are also in the spotlight. Each section is complemented by works of art from the museum’s permanent collection.

Perhaps the most magical part of the exhibition is the breathtaking “Enchanted Garden. Once you step into the garden, the fashion and the exhibition merge into one, creating an immersive experience like no other. Dresses float up to the ceiling as clouds and birds dance on the walls. The layout not only provides a beautiful backdrop for these works of art, but also gives every fitted ball gown, suit and jacket the chance to be admired up close. You can get so close that even the smallest details, from their intricate embroidery to the trims and lace adorning them.

“Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams” is on view at the Brooklyn Museum until February 20, 2022. Student tickets cost $ 16.

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Fashion brand

Karishma Kapoor supports costume jewelry brand Sukkhi

Sukkhi, a leading online fashion jewelry brand, has chosen Bollywood actress Karisma Kapoor as their brand ambassador.

Announcing the appointment, Bhavesh Navlakha, Founder and CEO of Sukkhi, said: “Karisma Kapoor has always been a well-known face across India. Timeless beauty, Karisma Kapoor has her own unique style that resonates with Indians and expresses her glorious true self which aligns with Sukkhi’s ethos of being fashionable and trendy. At Sukkhi, our goal has always been to make the best of designs available to our customers for any occasion or celebration. We believe that new age women are looking for stylish yet affordable jewelry options that not only enhance their beauty but also help them stay up to date with the rapidly changing industry and its ever changing trends. We are extremely happy to partner with Karisma Kapoor for our various branding initiatives in the markets, our website, our offline touchpoints and ATL BTL marketing across India. ”

Commenting on the collaboration, Karisma Kapoor said, “I am delighted to collaborate with Sukkhi as the brand has a large collection of jewelry that complements modern Indian women and their style. Personally, I’m always on the lookout for versatile pieces that I can combine with multiple outfits. Jewelry gives women confidence and brings out their true personality. I am delighted to be a part of Sukkhi Jewelery.

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Fashion style

Homer Simpson was made for fashion

Applause, whispers, camera slamming, questionable music: these are the sounds of a classic fashion show. Laughter ? These are less frequent.

Yet several were heard last Saturday night, circulating in the 19th century Parisian theater where the great and wealthy house of Cristóbal Balenciaga jumped the traditional podium and screened a special 10 minute episode of “The Simpsons”.

It was a surprise lasting over a year, and the result of a sometimes grueling collaboration between two demanding creative entities known for their attention to detail. So far, it has been viewed over five million times on YouTube.

In the episode, Homer writes to Balenciaga (“Dear Balun, Balloon, Baleen, Balenciaga-ga,” he says as he struggles to pronounce the famous fashion name) on Marge’s birthday, explaining that his wife always wanted to own something by the brand.

He asks for the cheapest item, which the Balenciaga team interprets as “one of those American gags that nobody has” and sends him a dress that costs 19,000 euros. After wearing it briefly, Marge returns the dress with a note saying that she will “always remember those 30 minutes of feeling a little bit special”.

Back in Europe, Balenciaga Artistic Director Demna Gvasalia says her rating is “the saddest thing I have ever heard, and I grew up in the Soviet Union.” This is exactly the kind of woman I want to reach! He then goes to Springfield and decides to “save” the “styleless” by inviting them to model his clothes in Paris, explaining that he wants “the world to see real people in my show“.

The 10 minutes are filled with Easter eggs for die-hard “Simpsons” and Balenciaga fans. A Balenciaga private jet has a landing gear that resembles the brand’s famous sock sneakers; Waylon Smithers chooses a dress to wear when given his choice of outfit; Lisa initially recognizes that walking on a track is “superficial”, but then benefits tremendously.

The collaboration began in April 2020, when Mr. Gvasalia sent “Simpsons” creator Matt Groening an email about the collaboration.

Mr Gvasalia, 40, who was born in Georgia and watched the show when he was growing up, said the idea came to him during the first lockdown of 2020. He has a penchant for inserting Balenciaga into the trends of the mass market: Under his leadership, the brand collaborated with other American sensations, such as Crocs and Fortnite.

About the ‘Simpsons,’ he said, ‘I’ve always loved the wry humor, romance, and charming naivety of this one.’

‘The Simpsons’ executive producer and screenwriter Al Jean said that when he learned of the Balenciaga Project in January, “my response was,’ What is Balenciaga? “” He turned to Wikipedia for answers.

Her first pitch at Balenciaga had a similar setting to the one they ended up going with – Marge’s birthday wish – but diverged with Mr. Gvasalia’s character deciding that the brand’s next show would take place in Springfield. When the Balenciaga plane lands there, its models are not allowed into the United States because they are too thin and too good-looking. The people of Springfield become the role models, their nuclear power plant is the trail, and the ghost of Mr. Balenciaga appears.

But Balenciaga preferred that Springfield be brought to Paris, Mr Jean said. From there, the story was revised and edited – to the point that the writers joked about “Draft 52 of the Balenciaga script” – until two days before the screening in Paris.

Mr. Gvasalia made specific contributions to the scenario, Mr. Jean said. For example, the episode ends with Homer kissing and singing “La Mer” at Marge on a party boat after the show on the Seine. But Mr Gvasalia wanted one last joke, so he demanded that Homer’s jacket be set on fire by a Frenchman smoking a cigar. Mr Jean then suggested to Anna Wintour, who had appeared in the front row of the fashion show, to try and put out the fire with expensive champagne, which Homer would try to drink instead.

“She said, ‘Please don’t let me do this,’ so it became Demna,” Mr. Jean said. (Ms. Wintour otherwise approved of her likeness being used but declined to express her character, he said.) And that previous line about Mr. Gvasalia who grew up in the Soviet Union? The “Simpsons” team had decided to cut him, but Mr. Gvasalia demanded that he be reinstated.

He also asked, the day before the show, to change the color of a tear that Ms. Wintour sheds while looking at model Marge. The tear was too light and wouldn’t be readable on screen unless it was a darker blue. Mr. Jean and director David Silverman agreed.

“They were definitely our game in terms, down to the last detail, to make sure everything was perfect,” said Jean. “The animation team is the hardest thing they’ve had to do since ‘The Simpsons Movie’.”

Mr Silverman, who directed this 2007 film, said the biggest challenge was getting the “necessary precision in clothing,” which involved inventive post-animation effects to capture the distinct textures and movement, for example, from Marge’s runway look: a gold metallic ball gown.

Balenciaga sent the “Simpsons” team 15 looks to choose from for the final show, all based on designs from the past five years. But putting them on the bodies of these universally recognizable cartoon characters wasn’t that simple.

“It was difficult for us to grasp that balance between caricature and the integrity of the clothing,” said Mr. Silverman. “You translate the appearance of real clothes, real designs on these figures that are not exactly human proportions.”

Mr Silverman, who joked, but not really, saying this was how he spent his summer vacation, studied the footage from the parade to determine what the audience should wear and how the lighting should hit the podium.

The script also had to capture the peculiar absurdity of the luxury fashion world and Balenciaga’s stature in this world – something that cannot be absorbed on Wikipedia. Mr Jean said that in addition to the crash course at Balenciaga earlier in the year, watching the Netflix series on Halston, who was a big Balenciaga fan, helped him understand the excessive and evergreen culture of the fashion.

The secondary characters are also based on real people and animals, including Mr. Gvasalia’s husband, Loïck Gomez; their two dogs; Creative Director Martina Tiefenthaler (speaking); and the workers of the Balenciaga workshop who end the collection on the plane by singing “formidable, formidable”.

This is one of Mr. Gvasalia’s favorite scenes in the episode, he said, “It makes me so happy every time I watch it.”

As for Mr. Gvasalia’s voice, “we had to try to convince him to play himself, but he didn’t want to,” Mr. Jean said. He felt this was consistent with Mr Gvasalia’s recent decision to completely hide his face and body during public appearances, creating confusion among observers as to whether it was really him.

When asked why he wanted to align Balenciaga with “The Simpsons” and if he thought the brands had something in common, Mr Gvasalia replied that “it’s more personal to me”.

“I didn’t want to line anything up or make sense of anything. I just wanted to create an iconic visual story.

While the novelty of the collaboration made it surprising, the brands share a similar philosophy. They appreciate self-referentiality, break the rules of presentation (broadcast of an episode with live animation, turn a red carpet into a parade without telling anyone) and bridge the gap between the intellectual and the intimate. Mr. Jean called Mr. Gvasalia “an excellent collaborator” and Mr. Gvasalia described the experience as “the highest level of collaboration” and “a dream come true”.

“I didn’t realize how complex it is to create a 10 minute episode, so immense respect for that,” he said.

Whether the act is meant to challenge the seriousness of fashion or the public’s notions of luxury – bringing Balenciaga to the suburban masses or bringing the suburban masses to Balenciaga – is something it will let critics debate.

What did he want from that? “A smile and a good dose of pleasure.

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Fashion designer

This weekend bag made from a Volvo interior is actually quite stylish

Admittedly, access doesn’t seem like the easiest thing in the world, as it seems like you have to unfold the top first. and Unzip it to access the interior, but other than that the design is quite attractive. It’s not particularly gendered, which means anyone can wear it. What I like most is that there is no garish VOLVO badge stamped on it. The only place the brands have made a name for themselves is an inconspicuous fabric flap along one side of the bag, which reads their names in light-colored letters. Subtle! I like it!

But what I really as is that this bag does not use leather (provided it can withstand the usual wear and tear). While there are good, sustainable solutions out there, there really is no reason to keep using leather. It’s just because all of my leather bags get ripped after awhile and need to be thrown away. Talk about unbearable.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be a bag that you can just walk into a store and buy, as Volvo says: “Although the bag is not available for purchase due to the Exclusive limited edition, people may have the opportunity to source a limited number of bags through local market initiatives such as contests, charity auctions and giveaways.

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French fashion

Chinese group Fosun Fashion Group renames itself Lanvin

MILAN, Oct. 11 (Reuters) – Chinese group Fosun Fashion has changed its name to Lanvin Group and may continue its acquisitions as it seeks to build a global portfolio of luxury brands, the company said on Monday, while announcing the arrival of new investors.

“We’re actually quite open about potential acquisition targets,” said Joann Cheng, president of the Lanvin Group, which, in addition to French brand Lanvin, also controls Italian luxury shoemaker Sergio Rossi and high-end tailor Caruso. , the Austrian hosiery and underwear specialist Wolford and American brand of women’s clothing St. John Knits.

The executive cited the group’s focus on high-end labels with a heritage and a history of craftsmanship as a continuing focus, but also indicated an interest in new brands strong in fashion technology, as well as Chinese labels that could complement the group’s existing brands.

“We are open to all the right targets, we have no restrictions on whether they are Western or Chinese, young or old – we are open,” she said, noting that luxury brands have been resilient during the COVID-19 crisis, driven by demand from middle-class consumers looking for high-quality products.

Cheng declined to provide a range of values ​​for potential acquisition targets, but noted that the group is backed by its largest owner, conglomerate Fosun International.

She noted plans to grow the group through retail expansion, e-commerce and product line expansion.

Chinese buyers are the biggest buyers of luxury goods in the world, and China also has its own fashion companies. But Chinese companies, including those that bought established European labels, have so far struggled to take off in Western markets. Read more

Fosun Fashion Group, established by Chinese conglomerate Fosun International Limited (0656.HK) in 2017, added that it has two new strategic investors, Japanese business conglomerate ITOCHU Corporation (8001.T) and luxury shoe maker Stella. International (1836.HK), as well as an investment from the private equity firm Xizhi Capital.

Reporting by Elisa Anzolin and Mimosa Spencer Editing by Louise Heaven and Mark Potter

Our standards: Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Fashion brand

5 local brands that upcycle

With waste becoming an alarming problem for the environment, sustainability has become a big (and urgent) movement, especially in the fashion industry.

As major global brands take steps to adopt environmentally friendly practices, small local businesses are more aware of their environmental impact and are taking a ‘slow fashion’ approach, recycling waste, dead stock and waste. discarded fabrics for their designs.

To look stylish while helping Mother Earth? It sounds like a win-win for us. If you want to advocate for a more sustainable future in fashion while supporting local designers, here are five awesome brands to check out:

PROJECT. (@ project.jectph)

Enhance your everyday outfits with PROJECT bobs, made from recycled flour sacks. These are available in a few colors (showing the original design of the bags), with small and large brim variants. If the standard circumference of the hats is too small for you, they will also respond to custom orders. Visit her Shopee page to buy.

Pride (@ pride)

This forward-thinking streetwear brand is known for its commitment to sustainability in fashion. A new collection, which will be released soon, will feature pieces crafted entirely from panels of fabric printed on the trial run and cutouts from sweater and t-shirt productions. In true Proudrace style, expect reverse stitching, contrast stitching, strategic panels and fun graphics. Follow his Instagram page for updates.

Atomic rework (@atomicrework)

An offshoot of It’s Vintage Vintage, a popular pre-loved clothing supplier based in Manila, Atomic Rework takes vintage t-shirts and breathes new life into them by transforming them into strappy tops and form-fitting corsets, which are one-of-a-kind pieces, which means that they are literally singular unique garments. Visit to shop.

Alyanna Ferrer (@alyannaferrer)

This young designer takes clothes from stock and re-imagines them as stylish and modern wardrobe staples. Key pieces in Volume 1 of her debut ‘Reissue’ collection feature neat cuts and masculine silhouettes, as seen on a mixed denim blazer, two-tone chore jacket, paneled polo shirt, and more. Consult the complete catalog at

RIOtaso (@riotasoclothing)

From dresses and dungarees to bags and hats, the brand champions sustainability by taking discarded fabrics and transforming them into stylish fashion pieces. If you love a funky patchwork print moment, RIOtaso’s style might just pique your interest. Go to and browse. Additionally, there is an ongoing clearance sale with selected parts up to 60% off.

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Fashion style

Australian creatives explain how to style the corset trend

Here you, here you.

It’s a rare moment of sartorial wonder when a piece of clothing has historically been favored by 18th-century aristocrats, bodice-ripping prostitutes, Madonna and – recently – all the young hipsters on Instagram. Once widely regarded as “an instrument of patriarchal torture that distorted the female body,” corsets are the latest fad to take the internet in a choke (or waist cincher, more appropriately).

Kick off with 2020 Bridgerton Renaissance ‘Regencycore’, corsets quickly became a structured staple in the wardrobes of all of global fashion. And instead of crushing our ribs and pulling our breasts up next to our ears, the modern corset comes in a variety of playful new iterations, designed to comfortably fit a range of body sizes included.

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After the long history of your old darlings before us, it is only fitting that the controversial corset has finally gained a place in our cold, jaded and feminist hearts. For more information on how to join the renaissance, I asked Australian designers to show us how they style corsets.

Steph, co-founder of Goodspace

I really love everything that comes from Dyspnea and this corset was the first piece of clothing I have ever owned. I love that despite the pink sequins, this is a super versatile layering piece and adds a sexy contrast to a more casual outfit. Add chunky mules and you have an outfit!

@ stephanielouise

Uma, founder of Re.Uma

I love to let my corsets do the talking, so with this outfit I decided to pair my bold cobalt blue Re.Uma corset with monochrome basics. I also like to play with the timeless femininity of the corset by pairing it with an oversized masculine boyfriend blazer, tailored suit pants and a crisp white shirt, accessorized with gold jewelry.

Corsets are my favorite wardrobe item and I love wearing them in different ways: baggy Levi’s and sneakers or a mini skirt and knee high boots.


Wendy, ceramicist and designer

I wear a handmade denim corset from Brisbane sister brand Bulley Bulley. I layered a Clan Clan Clan shirt underneath with this gorgeous desert landscape print and completed the fit with vintage off-white denim jeans and Hoka sneakers.

It’s a simple look and helps make the otherwise ultra-feminine corset more casual and androgynous. It kind of makes me feel like I’m wearing armor.


Madeline, Customer Service Manager at En Gold

I dressed my Dion Lee corset with a tailored jacket and a mini skirt. I find that wearing a blazer makes me feel like I’m self-sufficient in a very chic and effortless way; I love the minimalist aesthetic of this look. Adding a corset is one way to make a structured outfit a little more fun.


Jameen and Rachel, founders of Dyspnea

Jamean: A corset makes every beige outfit stand out and adds an instant touch. They are so flattering and always give the right attitude.
Rachel: As a more curious girl, I can be a bit picky when it comes to tailoring my outfits. I don’t like anything too loose or awkward – which can be hard to find. A corset gives me definition, so I can wear a loose t-shirt while showing off my curves.


Wen, jeweler and content creator

I think corsets are definitely a staple in my closet. I generally like to pair them with unisex items like cargo pants, baseball caps, slacks, and sneakers, just because I prefer a more androgynous look.

For this cut, I went for an earthy palette and mixed up different textures like the mesh top, black leather shoes, canvas bag, and shiny silver chain – everything I love.


Madison, hairdresser

If I’m being honest this is actually one of my best friend Mima’s corsets as we often share clothes. She got it from the Melbourne brand Mess Bags, which specializes in handmade leather goods. I paired it with my boyfriend’s Hoddle t-shirt and Telfar sweatpants designed for the Liberian Olympic team.

Corsets are a great addition to the outfit for shape, interest and sex appeal. The whole “sexy regardless” trend is very much present right now.

@ madisonbymadison22

Raquelle, content creator

My look combines elements from different eras. We have the 60s style mini skirt, the 70s flare sleeve top, early 2000s sunglasses and a renaissance corset. I love to create eclectic outfits using contrasting textures, styles and patterns. More is more. Minimalism ? I do not know her.


Jasmin, model

This is one of my favorite looks – my Dion Lee corset, vintage Levi’s and a pair of all-white Tabis. Celestial! My favorite way to wear a corset is to pair it with something slightly understated, like jeans or pants.

I particularly like Dion Lee’s corset; it’s androgynous, edgy and totally sexy. It adds just enough drama and makes it a surprisingly wearable statement piece.

@ jasmine.amma

Find more ways to make corsets work in your wardrobe here.

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Fashion designer

Banksy’s painting Sunflowers from gas station to be auctioned


A Banksy painting inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers will be auctioned.

The painting, titled Gas Station Sunflowers, is sold by fashion designer Sir Paul Smith

The work reinvents Van Gogh’s painting like a bouquet of wilted sunflowers that have lost their petals.

Sir Paul Smith (Matt Crossick / PA) / AP Archives

It was valued between £ 8.8m and £ 13.2m by auction house Christie’s.

Sir Paul said: ‘What initially drew me to Banksy was his confidence and clarity in communicating something exactly as it is, I was so impressed with his observations on what was going on in the world and this remains true of the work he does today.

“His political statements are very relevant, really deep, really courageous and always delivered in a modern way.

“I was delighted to have the opportunity to own some of his work and the sunflower itself presents a brilliantly unique way of thinking about it.”

Katharine Arnold, Head of Post-War and Contemporary Art at Christie’s Europe, said: “Following the record-breaking sale of Game Changer in March – another major oil on canvas from Banksy – we are delighted to offer Sunflowers from the gas station in November.

“Owned by legendary British designer Sir Paul Smith, the work is an icon in Banksy’s work, capturing not only his ease as a painter, but also the ironic humor he brings to global issues.

“Here, the pure comedy of withered flowers bought in a gas station becomes a way of highlighting our relationship to art and the environment: both, he recalls, are ephemeral.

The painting will be sold on November 9.

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