September 2021

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Gabrielle Union fashion line relaunched by new owners of New York & Company

The Gabrielle Union line features soft neutrals with pops of color. Photo: Timothy Sexton via New York & Company

Gabrielle Union announced the relaunch of its fashion line with New York and company under the Saadia Group, a multi-category product manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing company. The Saadia Group acquired the e-commerce business of New York & Company in September 2020 after the original parent company filed for Chapter 11 voluntary bankruptcy in July 2020.

The Gabrielle Union line was originally launched in fall 2017 and was available exclusively from New York & Company. The collection was well received by fans and the retailer saw immediate success. With the new collection, Union will bring its own style to the diverse brand portfolio of the Saadia Group.

The first version features key pieces of Union’s personal wardrobe, from runs to nightly dates and everything in between. The line features soft neutrals with pops of vibrant color and embraces luxurious textures and fabrics. The new fall collection will also introduce denim into its line for the first time.

“With every collection I design, I want to make sure that the clothes reflect my personality, my style and celebrate confidence,” Union said. “The September collection has it all, styles for work, chic and comfy knits and pops of color for a fun night out.”

The Gabrielle Union line will be relaunched with New York & Company and Lord & Taylor for fall 2021 with additional plans to launch future drops at Fashion to Figure, a leading plus size fashion brand. The relaunch of the range will consist of monthly launches, starting in September, and will cater to a variety of customers by offering sizes XS-XXL and US 0-20.

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Running out of Netflix shows to watch? Try these.

PARIS – The last year and a half of being glued to the small screen for work and pleasure, desperate for any new escape piece, be it a blockbuster, arthouse or d ‘a glossy series, must have forever changed our relationship to the moving image, raising the stakes and expectations. And while when fashion first went live, the idea of ​​turning a runway show into video seemed like a potential savior for the industry, it also exposed some of the limits of the fashion imagination.

Watching model after model walk around the screen, even with sophisticated camera angles, it quickly became very easy to look away.

This is especially true now that in-person shows – like big screen cinematic experiences – are making a comeback; now that video has become a conscious choice, rather than a necessity. For some, like Dries Van Noten, it is about health problems linked to a pandemic; for others, like Marine Serre, it is a creative imperative.

Whatever the motive, however, it has become increasingly clear that in order for a designer to opt for a mini-movie over a runway show, there has to be a specific reason for the video to be; something you can do onscreen and can’t do in person.

The medium must be part of the message. (My apologies to Marshall McLuhan.)

Ms. Serre, a designer who thinks deeply about the current state of affairs, has always understood this. (Well, she tends to be the first with a lot of things: an avid cyclist, she also made masks before masks were a part of everyday life, and she’s already gone from addiction to her logo to widely recognized crescent moon.)

She made two of the most successful fashion films from previous digital seasons, in part because each contained a narrative thread that, like her fashion, which relied on recycling long before it became a runway trend, was rooted in the world. . Not just the world of environmental policy, but literal everyday life materials.

To that end, she said, the film “allows me to go further than I can with a show, to break the boundaries of fashion in a certain way”, to show people not only how to wear his clothes, but how to live and how to act within them. .

She did it again this season, in a garden in the Marais, where her film, “Ostel 24”, could be premiered on the big screen. One day in the life of a single, tight-knit community, he showed them meditating, driving, kneading dough, eating, dancing alone in their rooms, crushing cherries to make candy. tincture, especially to look after each other. To take care. To pay attention.

Whether they wore clothes that were also deeply imbued with a sense of personal alchemy that can transform vintage Dutch sheets (embroidered napkins and tablecloths) into delicate tea dresses, or checkered terry cloth tea towels into lunch costumes. a la Chanel, or the ’90s popcorn tops that nobody likes anymore in extraordinary collages of prints and colors (sometimes 15 tops in a dress), were part of the story. A reminder that the choices you make are important, from what you put on in the morning, what you eat and who you share it with.

Like, in a different way, was Thebe Magugu’s “Genealogy”, like Ms. Serre, a relatively young freelance designer who found a more intimate voice through digital than in the resonant surroundings of the runway.

A sort of family memory / therapy session, as well as a surprisingly personal guide to his formative influences, the film showed Mr. Magugu leading a sort of round table discussion with his mother, Iris Magugu, and his maternal aunt, Esther Magugu, as he ‘they browsed through old family photos from their lives in the South African mining town of Kimberley and discussed their favorite clothes – which Mr Magugu had translated into his new collection.

So her mother’s prized trench coat became a beige and sky blue off-the-shoulder trench coat. A nurse’s periwinkle blue uniform became a neat shirt dress with trumpet sleeves, the hemline plunging down the back. Ditto for the cashmere print of a beloved dress, with a sophisticated rockabilly touch. As an expression of how the past informs the present (and the future), and how memories are contained in what we wear, it has been done with elegance and power.

And that gave Riccardo Tisci’s Burberry video a calculated and antiseptic aspect in comparison: a sort of mix and match version of the house codes (trench coats! Leather!) Which have become viral hits; butterfly and cow prints and plush faux fox tail accessories paraded through a landscape of rooms. Many of the more classic trench coats, as it turned out, were cut entirely at the back to expose the back. Shock! Transgression! Cold? Also: Why?

At least Mr. Van Noten’s discontinuous compilation of movements, colors and music communicated the intensity of the collection, which, seen in the accompanying photographs, looked like nothing but a stream in pure fashion: volumes and puffed seam ruffles. , rainbow fringe cascades, fuzzy fireworks prints, rhinestone covered denim – idea after idea, each one seeming more tactile and maximalist than the next.

In a conversation on Zoom, Mr Van Noten said he had thought of festivals, both Burning Man in the desert and India’s colorful Holi, and how people come together to express their joy. His clothes were all that. But it made the disconnect between what they represented and the fact that they were trapped, onscreen, particularly frustrating. When what the viewer should really feel was captivated.

Emotional and technological connectivity is not enough; you also need context. This is the place where the stories we tell ourselves weave into the fabric. This is when you hit rewind. And watch it over and over again, until it’s ready to wear.

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Designers team up with Milan Fashion Week Spring 2022

Courtesy of the designers; Prada: Emmanuel Wong

style points

Style Points is a weekly column on how fashion intersects with the rest of the world.

In the past, a collaboration was the height of credibility – from top married to bottom, luxury mixed into everyday life. But after this just concluded Milan Fashion Week, this kind of movement looks so much like 2020. Now the designers who once existed in their own competing, non-intersecting lanes are merging, with unexpected results. Perhaps the model for this was the Gucci / Balenciaga tie we saw during the Aria collection from the first in April, whose “pirated” pieces merged Alessandro Michele’s embellished maximalism with that of Demna Gvasalia. Matrix-front ready.

Milan fashion week spring 2022
Fendi by Versace

Courtesy of the designer.

“Fendace”, AKA Fendi + Versace, was the coat rack that became the talking point of this Milan Fashion Week. But since the exhibition notes for the collection were quick to declare from the start, “This is not a collaboration.” Instead, it was a meeting of the spirits, as Fendi’s Kim Jones and Versace’s Donatella Versace brewed a potent brew of the house’s iconographies. “This is a first in the history of fashion,” said Versace, “two designers with a real creative dialogue that flows from respect and friendship.” The first part, Versace by Fendi, featured the safety pins of the first cutting the double-F logos of the second, while the second part flipped and inverted it, layering Medusa prints over the familiar brown logo pattern. Two good tastes that taste good together!

Milan fashion week spring 2022
Prada spring 2022

Emmanuel Wong

Another fashion power couple, Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, continued their successful partnership, forged in early 2020 when Simons was announced as co-creative director of the house. Their first IRL show was, deservedly, on a double podium, with models marching simultaneously in Milan and Shanghai. The theme: “seduction through reduction”, pairing Prada’s talent for unconventional sexy with Simons’ masterful minimalism. They wanted to explore, the show’s notes explained, the “clothing history … the memory of a train, the bones of a corset, the curve of a bra”. So the trains came thin and single-paneled, as a Brutalist architect might envision, and the corset cords hung as loosely as shoelaces, reminders of a standard of antediluvian beauty whose shadow still hangs over us today. hui. Ms Prada’s sense of humor shone through in an oversized sweater that retained the slight silhouette of a first-wave bra, with sashes hugging the particularly erogenous zone of the upper arms. Let Prada create clothes that are both sexy and ironic.

Milan fashion week spring 2022
A Rave Review look from the Gucci Vault.

Courtesy of Gucci.

Michele, who took advantage of GucciFest last fall to support up-and-coming designers like Charles de Vilmorin and Gareth Wrighton, had a trick up his sleeve in embroidered velvet this season. No, he didn’t put on a surprise show, but he did unveil the Gucci Vault, an online concept store featuring looks from up-and-coming brands like Swedish sensations upcycling Rave Review and New York designer Shanel Campbell endorsed by Solange, as well as vintage Gucci pieces that Michele describes as “mutant relics”. Teaming up with those on the rise and letting them enter the Gucci world was a natural move for a designer who has always welcomed new talent. (“I was like, ‘Why can’t a fashion house with a creative director also have space for expressive, aesthetic and social contaminations?’ Michele explained in a statement.)

shanel campbell gucci vault
A look by Shanel Campbell from the Gucci Vault.

Courtesy of Gucci

This kind of “contaminations” between design talents with different perspectives makes sense not only on the client side, but also on the designer side. A simple logo might seem routine these days, and we’re all mired in collaboration fatigue, but the postmodernist, limited-edition appeal of two layered visions is the ultimate fashion joke for the hypebeast who has it all. In addition, the preciousness of brand holiness has collapsed and everything is now a fair game. As for the creators, they are no longer sitting alone in their workshops to pursue a singular vision. It is even possible that the solidarity rediscovered thanks to open source sustainable development efforts and the group’s commitments to change the industry will increasingly turn them into collaborators, and not competitors. And we’re all fancier for that.

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How global supply chains are going out of fashion

  • Benetton Shifts Production To Asia As Shipping Costs Rise
  • To boost manufacturing in Eastern Europe, Turkey and North Africa – CEO
  • Relocation helps control supply chain and shorten lead times – CEO
  • Similar issues facing many apparel and consumer sectors

MILAN, Sept. 30 (Reuters) – Fashion brands like Benetton are increasingly turning away from global supply chains and low-cost manufacturing hubs in Asia, in a shift that could prove a lasting legacy of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Italian Benetton is bringing production closer to his country, boosting manufacturing in Serbia, Croatia, Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt, with the aim of halving production in Asia by the end of 2022, told Reuters chief executive Massimo Renon.

Renon provided insight into the economy behind a trend affecting much of the industry as strained supply lines pushed up costs and shipping times, undermining a business model that has proven to be popular over the past 30 years.

“It is a strategic decision to have more control over the production process and also over transport costs,” he said, adding that the group had already transferred more than 10% of its production out of countries like Bangladesh, Vietnam, China and India this year.

“Today, a sea container that cost between $ 1,200 and $ 1,500 can cost between $ 10,000 and $ 15,000, with no certainty as to when it will be delivered.”

The tenfold increase in sea freight costs was due to the scarcity of available vessels, as many of them were inactive during the pandemic, as well as a resumption in consumer demand, said Renon, whose company achieves most of its sales in Europe but has shifted production to a lower level. wage countries since the early 2000s.

This shipping dilemma is upsetting several companies in the clothing sector, and more generally in the consumer sector. Hugo Boss is also looking to bring manufacturing operations closer to its markets, for example, while more immediately Lululemon, Gap and Kohl’s say they will rely more on much more expensive air freight to avoid stockouts during the season. holidays.

Renon, who took the helm of Benetton last year, is on a mission to revive the fortunes of the company that made a name for itself in the 1980s with its bold colors.

He said that even though production costs remained 20% lower in Vietnam and Bangladesh compared to Mediterranean countries, this advantage was offset by longer lead times caused by supply issues.

“From an average of 4 to 5 months, we can now reach 7 to 8 months (from Asia) given the lack of ships.

In contrast, when the clothes are produced in Egypt, delivery to warehouses and stores in Europe can be shortened to 2 or 2 and a half months, Renon said. In the case of woolen clothing, which it produces in Serbia and Croatia, it can take just 4-5 weeks, he added.

In these two countries, as well as in Tunisia, Benetton plans to ramp up on its own sites, while in Egypt and Turkey it is working with suppliers.


Strategies vary in the clothing industry, however. Market leader and fast-fashion pioneer Inditex, owner of Zara, bases 53% of its production relatively nearby – in its home market Spain, Portugal, Morocco and Turkey, according to its 2020 annual report.

By comparison, its main competitor H&M relies on Asia for about 70% of its production, according to analysts. Critics of this approach say it puts the company at a disadvantage over its more nimble rivals in terms of bringing new fads to stores.

H&M declined to comment before its quarterly results Thursday, while Inditex did not respond to a request for additional information about its supply chain.

For those players who decide to move manufacturing closer to their markets, or “nearshoring”, the investments involved mean that there is unlikely to be a reversal in the near future.

Consulting firm AlixPartners said the shift to more regional or even national supply chains is here to stay.

“The more global the supply chains, the more things can and will go wrong,” he said in his COVID-19 disruption report.

Hugo Boss new CEO Daniel Grieder said this month that he expected to produce more products closer to where they were sold in the future. He added that the company has its own manufacturing plant in Turkey, produces shoe parts in Italy and bespoke suits at its head office in Metzingen, Germany.

“We will expand this (nearshoring) considerably. Then we will also be able to react more quickly to trends and more flexibly to bottlenecks. It is a real competitive advantage,” he told Manager Magazin.


In some countries like Vietnam, plant closures have added to the pressure. Nike, which makes about half of its shoes there, lowered its sales forecast last week and warned of delays during the holiday shopping season. Read more

Lululemon said this month that he is working to move production out of Vietnam where possible, increasing the use of air freight and prioritizing production for major fall holiday styles so alleviate problems in its supply chain.

Gap says it is also investing in air freight as it faces inventory delivery delays due to transportation congestion and factory closures due to a pandemic in countries from which it sources.

It’s not cheap, however; Shipping an entire ocean container of cargo by air is more than eight times more expensive, while for small shipments it’s about five to six times more expensive than current ocean freight rates, said Judah Levine , head of research at the global freight reservation platform Freightos.

Retailers are primarily looking to use the overhead option for smaller, higher-margin products such as clothing, computers and accessories and small household items, data from research firm Cargo Facts showed.

There are also other factors at play in Asia’s nascent industrial drift.

Even before COVID-19, rising labor costs in the region were shaking its low-cost luster for Western brands.

Real wage growth around the world rose between 1.6% and 2.2% in the four years leading up to the pandemic, with growth in the Asia-Pacific and Eastern Europe regions surpassing that of the rest of the world. Europe and North America, according to the International Labor Organization. Global salary report 2020/21

“The cost gap has narrowed considerably,” said Lorenzo Novella, director at AlixPartners in Milan specializing in the retail sector, adding that the high turnover of factory workers in China also made the level of less reliable service.

Benetton CEO Renon said customers now also prioritize quality over price.

“The race among clothing manufacturers for the lowest prices now seems to be secondary. Consumers are more quality conscious and want their clothes to last longer,” he said.

For family business Benetton, based in Italy’s northeastern Veneto region, the change in production is part of an effort to return to profitability. The brand, which has around 4,000 stores including 1,500 own and the others franchised, has posted an annual loss for eight years.

Attempts to turn the tide have been hampered by the pandemic, though Renon said the group was confident they could have a “really good Christmas” and be back in the dark soon.

Reporting by Elisa Anzolin and Silvia Aloisi; Additional reporting by Emma Thomasson in Berlin, Corina Rodriguez in Madrid, Anna Ringstrom in Stockholm and Siddharth Cavale in Bangalore; Editing by Pravin Char

Our Standards: Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Shanaya Kapoor Puts Bold Fashion Cues For Date In A 6.6k Halterneck Dress | Fashion trends

The year 2021 was marked by the return of fashion trends, so no one was surprised when the iconic halter returned to the clothing radar this season, having first been popular during the Hollywood era. . The biggest and chicest trend of the season was Shanaya Kapoor who posed bold and daring evening fashion cues in a black halter neck dress.

Even before her big Bollywood debut, Shanaya turned heads and her sizzling look in Label Ritu Kumar’s black floral-print halterneck mini dress is enough to back our claim. Drawing on her social media, Shanaya had shared her sultry look that put fans and fashion enthusiasts alike into a frenzy.

The photo showed the diva wearing a fitted mini dress with a black hem adorned with brown floral prints and long sleeves cinched at the cuffs. The halter neckline added to the oomph factor as the dress ended with an asymmetrical hem, just above the thighs.


Completing her outfit with a pair of bling gold peep-toe heels, Shanaya left her luscious tresses open over her shoulders. She accessorized her look with a pair of huge metallic gold hoops and a black leather belt that kept the ensemble at her waist.

Dressed in a touch of coral lipstick, Shanaya amplified the glam quotient with rosy, highlighted cheeks, kohl-rimmed eyes with streaks of black eyeliner, mascara-laden lashes, and full brows. Striking a sultry pose for the camera, Shanaya showed fashionistas how to look super sexy the next night.


Completing her outfit with a pair of bling gold peep-toe heels, Shanaya left her luscious tresses open over her shoulders. She accessorized her look with a pair of huge metallic gold hoops and a black leather belt that kept the ensemble at her waist.

Dressed in a touch of coral lipstick, Shanaya amplified the glam quotient with rosy, highlighted cheeks, kohl-rimmed eyes with streaks of black eyeliner, mascara-laden lashes, and full brows. Striking a sultry pose for the camera, Shanaya showed fashionistas how to look super sexy the next night.

| # + |

The set is attributed to the eponymous label of Indian fashion designer Ritu Kumar, which boasts of everyday trendy and statement pieces inspired by Southeast Asia’s rich cultural heritage. The backless short dress in black floral print originally costs ??6,600 on the designer’s site.

Shanaya Kapoor Black Floral Print Halterneck Short Dress from Label Ritu Kumar (

Consolidating its roots in the 60s and 70s, backless dresses marked a nostalgic resurgence in the 2000s before making a comeback this year. From Marilyn Monroe to Zendaya, the rediscovered love of the retro trend, the halterneck dress, inspired us to include this classic but very slightly risky style in our fashion wardrobe.

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French fashion

The Fiji Times »Local brands graced the London scene

Fijian designer Eferemo Ramokosoi officially presented his fashion label – Ramokosoi Fiji – during London Pacific Fashion Week (LPFW) earlier this month.

Launched at the Royal Horseguards Hotel in Whitehall, London, UK, the exhibition also included the works of other local designers such as Hupfeld Hoerder, Niurua Creatives and Vulagi Design.

LPFW Director Ana Lavekau said Ramokosoi Fiji is also presenting a collection curated for the Fijian and Fijian military community – Bula Festival the next day.

“It ended with a final editorial shoot last weekend at our prime Southbank location overlooking the River Thames and the London Eye,” said Lavekau.

Meanwhile, a native of Ovalau, Mr. Ramokosoi who grew up in Levuka got his first fashion glimpse in 2019 after attending a workshop coordinated by Fiji Fashion Week.

“I then attended the workshop and later participated in the mentoring courses organized by Fiji Fashion Week in 2019,” said Mr. Ramokosoi.

“By the end of the mentoring courses, I had managed to produce 10 items of clothing which were all featured in the Emerging Designers category.

“One of the 10 clothes I made was presented at the launch of Ramokosoi Fiji and Fiji Fashion Week, 2019, at the residence of the French Ambassador in Suva.

“This year 2021, I had a great opportunity to present Ramokosoi Fiji, a collection of men’s clothing to the world stage by participating in the LFPW.”

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Anjali Phougat Honored to Design Outfits for Ohio State University Fashion Show Fundraiser for Victims of Domestic Violence | Bollywood

MUMBAI – Anjali Phougat partnered with Ohio State University as a designer for a fashion show on domestic violence and human trafficking. She said it was an honor for her to design outfits for a cause.

Phougat believes that true beauty is within and that people should grant privileges to others who really deserve it, but who do not have enough potential or resources to satisfy their desires. She felt honored when students from Ohio State University contacted her to design the outfits for this cause. They offered her money to design the outfits, but she refused. Funds raised through the show will go to educating victims of human trafficking and victims of domestic violence.

As a designer and fashion man, Phougat wants to send a message to the community that fashion is not just for exterior looks. She believes that members of her fellowship can still deliver wonderful messages, like using recyclable fabrics and providing a platform for people who deserve it. According to her, there are a lot of beautiful girls with a lack of resources and they can’t find the right platform. She thinks that design helps build self-confidence and helps someone build their personality, and going on stage wearing the right figure and the right clothes helps a lot in building self-confidence.

Phougat participated in the creation of the award-winning short film “Inclusion Through Unity” on inclusion and gender equality, which is a big issue within the South Asian community. She thinks a lot of people don’t talk about the LGBTQ community, including or breaking false beauty standards, supporting victims of domestic violence, and supporting victims of human trafficking.

The short film was also recently honored by the State of Ohio. Phougat shared the award with the film crew led by Alex Rogers. She sees recognition as a great accomplishment. The award went to the director and the whole team was honored.

The celebrity fashion designer and stylist has also taken many initiatives during the pandemic. She created a special designer mask and donated 100 cents in sales to an NGO that supports victims of domestic violence. She also donated numerous masks to frontline health workers in Ohio and provided PPE kits. Phougat has also tried to do something for the community which supports the education of children in the slums in India. She donates a percentage of the sales she gets from her website and social media to a cause.

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French fashion

Balmain Celebrates Creator’s Birthday With Live Show

PARIS, Sept.29 (Reuters) – French fashion house Balmain celebrated 10 years in the tenure of creative director Olivier Rousteing with a runway show featuring a host of famous models including Naomi Campbell, former French first lady Carla Bruni, Milla Jovovich and Natalia Vodianova.

Models strutted across the stage of a crowded music hall on the Seine in deconstructed clothing slit to show patches of bare skin, draped in chains and layered with bold shoulder jackets or floor-sweeping trenches.

At the end of the show, the designer bowed to the jubilant crowd, surrounded by a dozen models dressed in whimsical dresses covered with sequins.

The label welcomed thousands of fans to the hall for a two-day festival that included performances by Jesse Jo Stark, Doja Cat and Franz Ferdinand.

Dozens of brands are hosting in-person fashion shows during Paris Fashion Week, which runs through October 5, as slowing COVID-19 infection rates and easing restrictions have allowed events to resume interrupted during the peak of the pandemic.

Spectators at the Balmain festival could purchase food and drink as well as branded goods, including sneakers priced at 850 euros ($ 986) and bags of hair cosmetics.

($ 1 = 0.86 euro)

Reporting by Mimosa Spencer; Editing by Richard Chang

Our standards: Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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New York-based sustainable fashion brand presents eco-friendly and stylish new-age backpack at Kickstarter

CLE’s DREAM backpack is an incredibly stylish, practical and totally eco-friendly backpack that can be carried on any occasion.

The fashion industry, for all its pomp and glamor, is the second most polluting industry in the world. However, a handful of visionary fashion brands have taken over to enlighten the world on eco-friendly fashion which is strategically modeled to create stylish products without further harming the environment. One of them is New York-based sustainable fashion brand CLE which recently launched an advanced cruelty-free and eco-friendly backpack on Kickstarter. Entitled “DREAM Backpack”, the new-age backpack is driven by the philosophy that fashion is achievable without destroying the environment.

The DREAM backpack is made of 100% water, chemical, and cruelty-free vegan leather. The water-based synthetic PU leather used for the backpack has many advantages over ordinary synthetic leather, such as-

  • Fully water resistant
  • Free from destructive chemicals
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Comes with a 10 year lifespan
  • Holds up to 11 lbs
  • Displays a chic leather feel

“The fashion industry is one of the main culprits of the alarming problem of environmental pollution that we face today. Behind all the exotic leads, industry is largely responsible for 10% of carbon emissions, immense amounts of plastic waste and 20% of global wastewater. It is high time that we proactively take the necessary steps to stop the damage to the planet, otherwise the day of the apocalypse is right in front of us, ”said the spokesperson for CLE.

“We are a sustainable fashion brand and DREAM Backpack is one of our serious efforts to protect the environment with sustainable fashion without compromising the style quotient. Our latest backpack is whatever you want in your perfect backpack – it’s smart, stylish, sturdy, comfortable, versatile enough to match any garment or occasion, and of course durable. That’s why the name, ‘DREAM Backpack’. It’s time to change.”

The new-age backpack features a smart interior design to ensure easy organization of valuables. The internal part of the backpack includes –

  • 2 medium sized versatile elastic pockets ideal for a water bottle and umbrella
  • 2 slightly smaller open pockets for phones and other essentials
  • 1 large padded compartment for storing a laptop (13-15 “), a tablet or a diary

The inner liner of the backpack has been sustainably created from recycled PET plastic bottles.

Other important features of the DREAM backpack –

  • Adjustable air-cushioned shoulder straps provide ultra-comfortable fit and reduce shoulder strain
  • A sturdy loop on the top makes it easy to carry with one hand
  • Heavy-duty luggage strap ensures durability
  • Card holder features

“Our DREAM backpack will be your perfect partner, whether you are planning a trip, going shopping or driving for a corporate meeting. It’s incredibly stylish but also durable and environmentally friendly. In other words, this is “the” backpack you’ve been waiting for all this time. From now on, we plan to start mass production, hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will allow us to bring DREAM Backpack to life and make the world a better place to live.

Contributors will be rewarded with special Kickstarter discounts on DREAM Backpack units.

To show your support for the campaign, please visit Kickstarter.

Media contact
Company Name: KEY
City: new York
State: new York
Country: United States

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Tyra Banks’ craziest fashion moments on “Dancing with the Stars”

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Fashion designer

Cecilie Bahnsen Spring 2022 Ready-to-Wear Collection

The modern fashion industry is built for speed, sound, and transmission to perform best in a global arena. While many brands are stacking the amps and cranking up the volume, Cecilie Bahnsen has chosen to play acoustic. This Danish designer revels in the touch and sound of her fabrics, in “happy accidents”, and is open to sharing the stage, as she has done this season.

Bahnsen teamed up with Okay Kaya (Norwegian-American singer Kaya Wilkins) for their digital presentation; it presents its first line of bags, produced in collaboration with the Japanese company Chacoli; and she sent a box of clothes to photographer Takashi Homma, for him to photograph as he sees fit in his world. The results, Bahnsen said on a call, not only complimented his work, but “it has been a really good thing to learn how you, as a brand and as a young designer, become stronger by working. with people. And you become even more aware of your own identity and your own writing in what you do, and you gain confidence in it. All these elements will be presented in a gallery in Paris; the 30 dresses on mannequins.

Bahnsen’s cursive is readable, his universe well defined. While there is a dreamy and fairytale quality to her dresses, they are also of this world, a point that was reminded to me when I visited the designer’s studio and found that most of the The team lives and works in these dresses. It is the wearing of one’s own designs and seeing them in action that underpins Bahnsen’s work and prevents it from being seen only as a special occasion outfit. “It’s really the beauty of everyday life, like the way you roll up the dress when you ride a bike, or roll up your sleeves to protect it when you work and these different kinds of curtains and folds happen accidentally,” she says. “These little silhouette-changing accidents are so beautiful and can light up so many new ideas, which was really the starting point this season.”

The first sign of novelty is the palette, which goes from black and white to sky blue, rose petals and a tangy red. Among the raised, embroidered and floating cutouts is the shimmer of rubber, used to draw an abstract floral. Wilkins appears in the video wearing just the basics of a Bahnsen ensemble, a cutout, a drawstring top and pants, all reminiscent of how the designer constructs her look through layering. It’s a process she says she applied when approaching bag design as well.

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French fashion

History of Chanel n ° 5

Is there a corner of God’s green earth where a flask decorated with interlocking Cs and a single prime number does not elicit sighs of desire and cries of joy? This year marks the 100th anniversary of Chanel No. 5, the revolutionary fragrance that is perhaps Coco Chanel’s most enduring confection – an ode to modernism in a bottle that laughs at the passing of time.

If every woman alive wants Chanel # 5, maybe that’s because from the start the perfume represented a new woman – someone who threw off her corset, slipped into a little black dress and is part without fear to face the future. Its powerful appeal may never be fully understood (like love, can it ever be fully understood?), But there are clues in the backstory.

Coco Chanel in the 1920s. Her style defined the decade.

GIFGetty Images

It is 1920. The First World War is over, the flappers start to cut their hair and roll up their stockings, and Coco Chanel meets the Franco-Russian perfumer Ernest Beaux. She asks him to concoct a perfume that is neither sticky, neither floral nor sweet, as it was at the time. In short, she said to him, she wants a bouquet that evokes “the scent of a woman”. In a story straight out of a fairy tale, told at an exhibition this year at the Palais Galliera in Paris, Beaux travels the planet, even as far as the Arctic Circle, in search of ingredients that will bring life to life. with the aromatic fantasy of Coconut. He finds ylang-ylang in the Comoros, tonka bean in Venezuela, sandalwood in New Caledonia and, closer to home, May rose and jasmine, produced exclusively in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world. The essential aldehydes that give the perfume its legendary “clean” scent? For me there is a hint of arctic snow.

From these delicious elements, Beaux prepares several contestants to pose at Chanel’s delicate feet or, should we say, nostrils. According to the story, she selects the fifth sample, stating that five is her lucky number – she showed her collections on May 5, which is the fifth month of the year. And to make sure that women understand, she forgoes the traditional perfume bottle, typically adorned with Belle Epoque flowers, and introduces a bottle whose austerity is an elegant tribute to a symbol of the scientific method: the laboratory bottle. . And there you have it: Chanel, a pioneer in many other ways, becomes the first fashion designer to mark her name as a perfume, her ex machina perfume an immediate must.

photomontage by weegee
Coco Chanel asked perfumer Ernest Beaux to put the “perfume of a woman” in a bottle. Photographer Weegee rose to the challenge.

Weegee (Arthur Fellig) / International Center of PhotographyGetty Images

It was then. This does not take into account the hold that this ageless centenary still has on our imaginations. Like the multitude of petals of a May rose, the Beaux floral hybrid threw itself into the original formula (Rosa x centifolia to a botanist), there are a hundred reasons for the durability of No. 5, but a few other interlocking Cs come to mind: confidence, conviction, change. And while the individual ingredients of this potion haven’t been fundamentally changed in 100 years, his perception has been. Arriving first, # 5 put himself in our shoes and never left, a Promethean creation that set the standard for everything that followed. From that point on, there would be # 5 and all the rest. This pedigree aroused the most captivating of aphrodisiacs: envy. We want what we believe is the best, and we want to be the first to own it.

And then there’s that elusive quality we once associated with movie stars: mystique. “Gabrielle Chanel wanted a perfume constructed like a dress, both artificial and abstract, which gives it a mysterious dimension,” explains Olivier Polge, house perfumer and resident nose of Chanel. “There is always something in number 5 that you cannot grasp.”

We may not be able to grasp it, but who can blame us for trying? The truth is, it’s the rare thing – in fashion, in culture, in life – that retains all of its alluring modernity. Marilyn Monroe confessed in a 1952 interview that she wore “five drops of Chanel # 5” and nothing else in bed, and can’t you just hear her say it in her panting voice? It’s not just Monroe, the scent has been associated with women from Catherine Deneuve to Nicole Kidman. He even trapped a gentleman or two; Marlon Brando was said to be a fan, and Andy Warhol immortalized him in screen printing in 1985. Who can forget Brad Pitt’s gloomy black and white rhapsody in a series of commercials in 2012?

marilyn getting ready to go out
Marilyn Monroe dresses in Chanel No.5 before attending a 1955 performance of Cat on a hot tin roof.

Michael Ochs ArchivesGetty Images

To mark this centenary, Chanel presented a high jewelry collection inspired by this perennial four-quadrant beauty, a task not without daunting challenges. How do you take something as fleeting as smoke and translate it into precious, wearable works of art? The collection plays with five distinct elements – the signature cap, the geometric bottle, the number 5, the flowers at the center of the perfume and the invisible wake – to evoke the soul of the perfume, with one-piece diamonds dripping to suggest droplets. The most exciting specimen (not for sale) is a necklace that sports a 55.55-carat custom-cut diamond worthy of this rarest milestone.

Eau de Parfum N ° 5


$ 80.00

“The difficulty was even to touch this icon. It’s a little intimidating. It’s risky, ”explains Patrice Leguéreau, director of the Chanel Haute Joaillerie Creation Workshop. He wanted, he explains, “to be inspired, to celebrate and to design something new, not only to replicate the bottle, but to touch his mind.”

And isn’t that what we all want: a touch of magic? Sneak into our Chanel dress, throw a cardigan over our shoulders, dab our cuffs with this elegant miracle and step out into the world as on a higher plane. The ancient Greeks had a word for it: ekstasis, the feeling of being spellbound outside of oneself. Sometimes it only takes five small drops.

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Fashion brand

Recover ™ honored at Fast Company’s 2021 Innovation by Design Awards for its mission to achieve circular fashion for all

LOS ANGELES–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Recover â„¢, a leading materials science company and global producer of high quality, low impact recycled cotton fibers and cotton fiber blends, received honorable mentions in two categories in Fast businessInnovation by Design Awards 2021. The company was recognized for its innovations in the Durability and Materials categories.

The 10th anniversary of the awards, which can be found in the October 2021 issue of Fast business, recognize the people, teams and businesses that transform businesses, organizations, and society through design. One of the industry’s most sought-after design awards, Innovation by Design is the only competition to honor creative work at the intersection of design, business and innovation, recognizing people, businesses and people. trends that have gradually brought design to the forefront of business conversation.

Recover is an innovative textile producer who has pioneered the field of sustainable materials and recycling since 1947. The company recycles post-industrial and post-consumer cotton waste, replacing the need to cultivate cotton, dramatically reducing waste. waste of water, limiting the use of dyes thanks to its RColorBlend system, and reduction of landfill textile waste. Recover is working with key industry players to drive change and establish a new circular supply chain that will allow it to devote a third of its production capacity to post-consumer recycling by 2025.

“My family has been innovating for generations to perfect the Recover process, which should be an exciting resource for the fashion industry as it strives to achieve sustainability goals,” said Alfredo Ferre, CEO of Recover. “We are grateful to receive an honorable mention at Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Awards, which is so positive as we pursue our vision of making sustainability more fashionable. ”

“Design is not just a beauty contest,” said Stephanie Mehta, editor-in-chief of Fast business. “This is something that can change the world and create solutions at a time when we face pressing global issues such as systemic racism, climate change and a global pandemic. Many of these entries present these challenges while offering hope for the future through their unwavering commitment to uplifting design. ”

The 2021 award winners were selected from the following categories: apps and games; Cities; Data design; Design company of the year; Experimental; Fashion and Beauty; Finance; General excellence; Graphic design; Health; Home; Learning; Mobility; Packaging; Some products; Innovation in retail; Social good; Spaces and Places; Sports and leisures ; Students; Durability; User experience; Well-being; Workplace; Best Asia-Pacific Design; Best Design Europe, Best Design Middle East and Best Design Africa; Best Latin American Design; and Best Design from North America. The new categories included advertising, branding, impact, materials, pandemic response, real estate, and years in business.

Judges include renowned designers from various disciplines, business leaders from some of the world’s most innovative companies, and Fast businessits own writers and editors. Entries are judged on the key ingredients of innovation: functionality, originality, beauty, sustainability, user perception, cultural impact and business impact.

Winners, finalists and honorable mentions are featured online and in the October issue of Fast business magazine, on newsstands September 28, 2021.

To see the full list, go to:


Recover â„¢ is a leading materials science company and a global producer of high quality, low impact recycled cotton fibers and cotton fiber blends. Its premium, environmentally friendly and competitive products are created in partnership with the supply chain for retailers and global brands, providing a sustainable solution to achieve circular fashion for all.

As a fourth generation family business with more than 70 years of history in the textile industry, Recover â„¢’s mission is to evolve its proprietary technology to have a lasting positive impact on the environment and to partner with brands / retailers and other agents of change to meet industry sustainability goals. Recover â„¢ was honored in Fast businessInnovation by Design Awards for 2021 in the Durability and Materials categories. For more information, visit and follow @recoverfiber on social media.


Fast Company is the only media brand fully dedicated to the vital intersection of business, innovation and design, engaging the most influential leaders, companies and thinkers on the future of business. The editor-in-chief is Stéphanie Mehta. Based in New York, Fast business is published by Mansueto Ventures LLC, together with our sister publication, Inc., and can be found online at

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Fashion style

How social media is the main fashion inspiration for Japanese Gen Z

Is this the end of trends? It may sound surprising, but a new study reveals that the trends are no longer of interest to young people in Japan, who prefer to choose their clothes according to their friends and family, the design, what they plan to do during the summer. day, or, of course, social media, rather than current brands or trends.

In the long term, fashion could become more a means of communication than a means of displaying one’s style on a daily basis.

The Japanese firm Shibuya 109 Lab looked at the relationship of the younger generations with fashion, by interviewing 205 people – 85 young men and 120 young women – aged 15 to 24, all affiliated to its network.

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Almost three-quarters of respondents (71%) clearly indicated that brands no longer have the same weight when it comes to choosing fashion items for the youngest, with the majority agreeing that they no longer take brands into account, focusing instead on their own tastes or style.

And when it comes to style, it seems young people don’t have just one style these days, but several.

From gothic to bohemian via rock or K-Pop inspiration, the styles are now multiple. A single style is not – or no longer – enough to define the tastes of an individual, or, more precisely, of a young generation Z.

More than a quarter of men (28%) and almost half of women (44%) say they alternate dress styles, indicating a lack of interest in trends.

Thus, men prefer the casual (59%), “clean and sophisticated” (25%) and streetwear (22%) styles, while their female counterparts prefer the “casual girly” (30%) and “casual boyish” styles. (27.5%) modes.

Further proof that trends as the fashion world perceives them seem outdated for this generation is the fact that more than two-thirds of respondents (67%) say they choose and coordinate their outfit (s) mainly according to of where they will spend their day. , before taking into account the tasks or activities they will perform (54%).

Read more: “The ambassador of non-conformists”: Amy Winehouse, seen by her stylist

But this younger generation also pays attention to what their friends wear (31%) – the idea being to match their style to that of their friends.

Also note that many Gen Z Japanese also use social media-based ‘body type diagnosis’ tools, allowing them to find the clothes that are best suited to their body type or shape, so they can be their best on social media.

Unsurprisingly, social networks play a major role in terms of inspiration.

When they need fashion information, more than eight in 10 respondents go directly to Instagram, while 40% go to video streaming services and 34% go to TikTok. – AFP Relaxnews

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Fashion designer

Filipino Designer Puey Quiñones Presents ‘The Sexiest Heels’ With LA’s Lenny Lu Shoes – Manila Bulletin

Filipino designer Puey Quiñones presents “The Sexiest Heels” with Lenny Lu shoes from LA

In Manila’s high society, Puey Quinones is known as a master couturier, producing fashion pieces that are beyond imagination. And after making bridal dreams come true with her Coco Melody workshop in Los Angeles and bringing her to Manila in 2019, and making protective gear for frontline doctors at the height of the pandemic, as well as a elegant for fashion scientists with his “Fashion for Protection”, the fashion designer born in Samar adds the title of shoe designer to his repertoire.

Puey is collaborating with Los Angeles-based shoe brand Lenny Lu to present a must-have Fall / Winter 2021 court shoe with the ‘The Sexiest Heels’ collection. Launched on September 23, 2021, the collection, with its play on softness and elegance, delicacy and daring, invites every woman to give up quarantine flats for a while and rediscover the magic of heels.

One of her flagship pieces is a pair of gold and red pointy toe shoes, with a name that will make you think of the ultimate blonde bombshell, Marilyn. Playful is the Liza with its metallic ornaments and feathers. The Cocoon and Pia mules present an elegant and artistic vibe. Whereas Lauren heels and Roz mesh boots are definitely pieces that look like me with their rows of knots.


“I am more than excited and happy to share this dream with you,” said Puey. “I still remember when I was a kid and had to beg my parents to buy me shoes, but unfortunately we couldn’t afford it. I have to borrow or wait for my relatives to give me shoes. And here I am, drawing shoes. I can finally tell my mom not to worry about her shoes because I can make one in any color and design. I am very grateful for this opportunity.

Discover the collection here.



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French fashion

Cathy Horyn Paris Fashion Week Spring 2022 review: Dior

From left to right: Dior, Kenneth Ize, Marine Serre.
Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Courtesy of Dior, Kenneth Ize, Marine Serre

When I first arrived in Paris as a fashion writer in 1987, Thierry Mugler was the impossible invitation – Mugler and, of course, Jean Paul Gaultier. I remember begging the publicists, who buried me in Gallic disdain. I was the novice, the boor, and, in their eyes, destined to remain so. Eventually, I made my way to Mugler, where I saw the great Lypsinka (aka John Epperson) playing and a fleet of gorgeous women, the most memorable Iman and Brazilian star Betty Lago, shed in feathers and satin or molded bustiers that looked like a shiny car. grids.

Carla Bruni at the retrospective, next to a first photo of her modeling Mugler.
Photo: Cathy Horyn

Tonight at the opening of “Thierry Mugler, Couturissime” at the Decorative Arts Museum, I came across the legends of the Mugler Farida Khelfa and Carla Bruni parades. But seeing the clothes, as well as an amazing display of fashion photography, I remember that whatever Mugler was as a designer, he was first and foremost human. He worshiped the body.

It is probably not fair to compare Mugler’s world – that is, the years between 1973 and 2002, when he left the company – with that of today. But it’s hard not to be struck by the differences between yesterday and today. One difference is that despite the perception that fashion is a colossal business, touching many lives across brands and social media, it has actually shrunk as a mode of creative expression. With a few exceptions, there is a clarification of ideas at the top of the industry that has accelerated over the past decade. Externally, the finery remains: great shows, historical prestige, craftsmanship. But it’s a bit like opening a huge box of disguises to discover, under the handkerchief, a correct T-shirt.

Photo credit: courtesy of Dior

This is what I felt today at Dior. The company erected a giant box in the Tuileries, with flashing disco lights and a round platform meant to evoke a dance floor, and yet, stylistically speaking, there wasn’t much inside the box. Maria Grazia Chiuri’s latest collection was obviously inspired by a 1961 collection by Marc Bohan, known as the Slim Look – because it featured crisp, clean lines and a young, sexy sensuality, in contrast to full-skirted, hourglass-shaped glamor from Christian Dior. New look.

The problem was, the designs, and the feeling behind them, seemed totally artificial. There are undoubtedly young, well-behaved women who might like a cheeky-looking mini sweater over a white blouse, or a sunshine yellow or navy spring coat, with patent black Mary Janes in gold heels. But beyond a certain type of cardboard miss, Chiuri doesn’t seem to think of a woman in the flesh. And what about a Dior customer who is over, say, 30 years old and doesn’t have a slim body? Imaginatively, they were excluded from this collection (apart from, perhaps, a few coats). And frankly, a lot of the costumes were so polished, and apparently based on classic Italian or American sportswear, that they looked like uniforms – say, for an airline or a high-end boutique.

Also, I didn’t understand the reference to the Roman nightclub, the Piper Club – as the show‘s notes say, “a sprawling and colorful place and an emblem of freedom”. Again, this seems absurd to me. Dior is above all a French house. It amazes me that its leaders allow Chiuri to incorporate so many Italian references into his presentations. The live music for this show was by an Italian band. But that’s not why the allusion to the club was absurd. It was that no one in that big extravagant box seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Marine Serre.
Photo: Courtesy of Marine Serre

In 2017, Marine Serre dazzled the industry with the boldness of its vision. She won the LVMH prize. In February 2019, Serre staged a show that imagined a post-apocalyptic world. It was in a tunnel. She then made a collection called Maree Noire, which means “oil slick”. Featuring black, clove-shaped hooded coats, its cheerful theme was mass destruction in the wake of climate wars.

No surprise then, perhaps, that Serre has an entirely different response to the pandemic. On Monday evening, in a pretty public garden in the Marais, she aired a movie that showed a bunch of “friends” – a mix of races, genders and ages – relaxing in a chalet. They did yoga together, baked bread, put towels on their heads in a playful way. She called the Fichu Pour Fichu collection. Damn has a curious etymology. On the one hand, it means a small scarf or a triangular stole. Scarf necklaces, in white linen or cotton, were great in the 18th century. And, on the other hand, it means “We’re already screwed, so why not?”

Serre’s vision isn’t the only thing that has changed. Most importantly, her clothes have evolved. They are simpler and easier to wear than in the past. “I want to serve a generation,” she told me in her studio earlier today. “And that means being able to take your clothes to the streets. So as not to be too complicated. She has already perfected responsible fashion; 45% of her collection is made from reclaimed clothing or household items – such as tea towels for a series of cute flower-embroidered white shirts and dresses – and 45% is made from recycled fibers, like a stylish jumpsuit in moiré. which was made from recycled fishing net. But its simple, everyday shapes also seem timely, and among the best was an alluring white table linen crochet tank dress, a patchwork dress made from a recycled crumpled material that Serre called “popcorn.” , Which was popular in the 1970s, and easy white cotton shirts and pants with humble Dutch-style embroidery and tatting. She also created jewelry from old cutlery.

Reflecting on the adult difference in his work, Serre said, “It’s not for nothing that I did all these doomsday shows.”

Kenneth Ize.
Photo: Courtesy of Kenneth Ize

You couldn’t be more anchored than the sandals in Kenneth ize‘s show, also on Monday, with double bands made from scraps of striped fabric he wove in his native Nigeria. Brightly colored Ottoman fabrics are as attractive as they were when Ize, who grew up in Austria, first exhibited in Paris almost two years ago, his label initially funded by a GoFundMe page. What has changed is the quality of the fit and the proportions. Classic sportswear – skinny pants, sarongs, a suit blazer layered over a light jersey waistcoat – can easily go bland, but Ize maintains a nice rigor and polish without losing comfort. The slip-on dresses and camisoles, including a cherry red with a diagonal cascade of thin pink to red fringes, looked particularly new.

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Fashion brand

George Malkemus, who pushed Manolos to new heights, dies at 67

Ms. Parker met Mr. Malkemus in the early 1980s; she was a young actress who worked in Los Angeles, and he and Mr. Blahnik were in town for a show.

“I didn’t have a lot of money,” she said in an interview, “but I bought a lot of shoes even though I wasn’t able to. I was delighted. when a few months later they arrived and Manolo had signed them. In my opinion and that of Pat “- Patricia Field, the costume designer of” Sex and the City “-” The Manolos were ‘the’ shoe, and when we did started doing the show, we came to George. “

George Dewey Malkemus 3rd was born on February 23, 1954 in San Antonio, Texas. His parents, George Jr. and Dorothy (Hesskew) Malkemus, were federal employees. The young Mr. George attended Baylor University in Waco as a medical student for a few years before moving to New York in the late 1970s. He met Mr. Yurgaitis, then a model, while he was working. as a salesman at Paul Stuart, the men’s boutique. They got married in 2013.

Besides Mr. Yurgaitis, Mr. Malkemus is survived by his father; one sister, Cynthia Malkemus Green; and two brothers, Perry and Mark.

Mr Blahnik and Mr Malkemus ended their partnership in 2019. In a statement reported by Women’s Wear Daily, Mr Malkemus said that Mr Blahnik’s niece, who ran the Blahnik business, had “offered terms unacceptable ”and that he and Mr. Yurgaitis had refused to renew their 37-year license.

He quickly closed the townhouse on East 54th Street, which they later bought in the late 1990s to house the store. Last year it reopened it as a Manhattan flagship for Ms. Parker’s brand. She and Mr. Malkemus were the designers, and the shoes – though feminine, pretty, and often sparkly – don’t look like Blahnik-misses.

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Fashion designer

The year of tribute is dedicated to the transmission and creation of isothermal bags

Courtesy of the brand

Antoine Manning is the 22-year-old fashion designer who founded Tribute Year, an emerging brand that was established in 2014. Manning, originally from the Bronx, NY, now resides in Atlanta, GA, where several young black entrepreneurs are making their mark. Being raised by two Jamaican immigrants made Antoine the first generation American in his family. After his father passed away, Manning realized that life was too short to live someone else’s dream, so he pursued his own and dove into fashion design.

The emerging designer’s passion for design stems from his love for fashion. “I’ve always loved fashion, but I couldn’t always afford it,” says Manning. The possibility of being told that something is inaccessible prompts him to refute this account, which has led him to design his own outfits. “I like being the underdog,” he added.

Homage Year is currently an accessories brand known for its egg-shaped handbags which come in a range of colors. While Manning manages to sell himself quickly every time he restarts the website, his followers flood the brand’s Instagram comments anticipating the next drop. The young designer is about to create the next “it bag” for fashion lovers and creatives. I remember walking the streets of New York City and seeing the bag twice in one day – the distinct design and bright colors are hard to ignore.

Now that Manning runs a business in demand, he has been fortunate to work with a team of equally talented individuals. “I was solo until this year, and now I work with a small team of consultants who help me cultivate the best brand experience,” he shares.

Along with the brand’s beloved bag design, supporters also relate to it on an emotional level. “The Year of Honor was created to honor my people,” Manning said. Behind each bag, which is frequently presented in a new colourway, is a message promoting a chosen virtue. For example, the two-tone green bag represents tranquility and the brown bag represents solidarity. Manning intentionally uses the brand to spark conversation and as a tool to advance his followers. “We are what we want to see in the world,” he says. “And I hope that the people who receive the love and the care will do the same in the future.”

Being the CEO of a rapidly growing company at the age of 22 can be intimidating, but Manning handles it well as he has noted that his work style aligns with trusting his intuition. His ideas go far beyond the simple sale of clothes, he is very attached to the community. and pay it in advance. Over the next few months, Manning will launch a Year of Honor initiative that will fund at least five entrepreneurs who have great ideas and need financial support. He hopes they will continue the movement and give it to the next entrepreneur in need.

Coming up, Manning connects with ESSENCE for a conversation about her journey so far and what to expect from the Year of Tributes in the near future.

ESSENCE: How does it feel to have a team now and see your business grow?

Manning: It feels really good. I almost feel validated if you know what I mean. There are people who take it seriously enough to invest their time in the brand. Like Antoine [Gregory], and Black Fashion Fair.

ESSENCE: It’s a “reap what you sow” moment, because you have invested your personal time and your vision in the brand. And now other people can see the value of vision as well.

Manning: Yeah, exactly.

ESSENCE: As a brand engaging in a deeper conversation through fashion, what is one of the main messages that you are promoting through Homage right now?

Manning: One of the main messages right now is selflessness. Especially considering the time we are in and everyone is super sensitive. My goal for those who are part of the brand and the community we build is to be more open and understanding towards everyone. Like “yes I count, but someone else matters too”.

ESSENCE: Where do you see your brand in five years?

Manning: Growing in RTW fashion. I would love to grow what we have with the bag with RTW. And also continue to support our community with creative funding and humanity issues like homelessness. And all in all just being a change in the world, not just a brand and clothes, but let’s create things that matter that will last beyond my life.

ESSENCE: Where do you tend to get inspiration from for campaign photos?

Manning: We try to fully understand the meaning of the product. I am very intuitive with my work process and I just trust my team and the people around me.

ESSENCE: I think it shines through in your business by promoting virtues such as abundance and tranquility and incorporating it into your business model by trusting your intuition – it literally indicates how your success has manifested itself . Anything you can share about future projects or versions of the Tribute Year for our readers?

Manning: Our short term goals are to create ready-to-wear, give back to our community, and do what feels good.

SUBJECTS: Year tribute to fashion Antoine Manning

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French fashion

Haunted by the carnage: French gendarmes testify before the trial of the Paris attacks

A commemorative plaque for the victims of the November 2015 Paris attacks can be seen near the bar and restaurant previously named Comptoir Voltaire in Paris, France, September 1, 2021. Twenty defendants will stand trial in the November 2015 Paris attacks from September 8, 2021 to May 25, 2022 at the Paris courthouse on the Ile de la Cité, with nearly 1,800 civil parties, more than 300 lawyers, hundreds of journalists and large-scale security challenges. Photo taken on September 1, 2021. REUTERS / Sarah Meyssonnier

PARIS, September 28 (Reuters) – Six years after a group of Islamist bombers and gunmen attacked Paris, gendarmes on duty that night told a court on Tuesday that they were still haunted by the sound of explosions, images of human flesh and the smell of blood.

Three suicide bombers blew themselves up outside the Stade de France where the national football team played against Germany as other Islamic State militants hit bars, restaurants and a concert hall in the center of the capital on November 13, 2015.

The attackers killed 130 people in total.

Philippe, who had been in the force for 33 years the night of the attack, told the surviving primary suspect’s trial how he heard an explosion right behind him, turned around and saw smoke and a bare leg.

“At first I thought, ‘But what is that display mannequin doing over there?’ … I can still see that leg very, very, very clearly, “he said in one of the earliest testimonies from witnesses and survivors of a trial that is set to last for months. Read more

He said he and other police officers on duty at the stadium had been trained to deal with extraordinary situations, but the carnage that night was beyond any training manual.

“That night, and that’s why it stays with me day after day, we were blowing up, and we first had to absorb the shock, figure out what was going on and improvise, before our reflexes kicked in. resume, “he said. .

“What still haunts me is that I was in charge that night… we did our best,” he said sobbing.

A second officer, Renaud, had returned to duty that night after a break on paternity leave. “It’s not over and I don’t know if it will ever be,” he told the court.

Pierre, now retired from the force, said he spent a month in a mental hospital and is still in treatment.

“I was rocked by the second explosion, saw a human trunk cut in half, pieces of flesh everywhere, and that smell of blood … when I got home my shoes and clothes were full. blood, ”he told the court.

He said he still had trouble eating and sleeping as he relived the footage of the attack.

“That night the terrorists spread terror not only among the victims and injured. My wife, children and all family members were injured by this attack … this is what the court must take into account, ”he said. .

The full names of the agents have not been released, in accordance with a court ruling.

Questioning of the defendants will begin in November, but they are not expected to testify on the night of the attacks until March.

Defendant Salah Abdeslam, 31, is considered by prosecutors to be the only surviving member of the Islamic State cell that carried out the attacks.

Thirteen other people, 10 of whom are also in custody, will be in the courtroom charged with crimes ranging from supplying weapons or cars to attackers to planning or participating in the attack.

Six others, mostly Islamic State officials, will be tried in absentia for helping to organize the attacks.

Reporting by Elizabeth Pineau, written by Geert De Clercq, editing by Angus MacSwan

Our standards: Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Fashion brand

Daily News: Is Your Little One Chic Enough For Rank, Tom Brady’s Brand New, Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala Outfit Could Be Your Next Halloween Costume, And More!

Read today’s dose of chic info here …

The Row is launching children’s clothing today

Ah, they’re growing up so fast: one day they’re in the sandbox and the next they’re in $ 520 cashmere crewneck sweaters. The Row’s Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen luxury industry keyrings revealed exclusively at W that they are launching children’s clothing, now available online. In the accompanying feature, which takes a behind-the-scenes look at Brooklyn’s highest children’s clothing photoshoot, the Olsens explain to editor Andrea Whittle how they acted on feedback from their mini-discussion group. . “Children give off a feeling of playfulness. They were very loud and opinionated about what they liked and didn’t like, ”said Mary-Kate. “We loved listening to their free spirits. The colorful, unisex collection is made up of cashmere pants, crewnecks, cardigans, hats, and velvet slip-ons and is priced from $ 390 to $ 790. A small (retro!) Cashmere hacky bag is also included. Proceeds from the collection will be donated to various charities that support children’s health, education and well-being, and the sisters said they plan to create a more robust philanthropy program to coincide with the line of children’s clothing in the future.

Tom Brady unveils eponymous fashion label

The most decorated quarterback in history enters the fashion world with the launch of Brady, alongside Skims and Frame fame co-founder Jens Grede, which is set to debut in November. Covering WSJ. Magazines In the men’s fall fashion issue, the athlete is pictured in pieces from Mario Sorrenti’s men’s training and sportswear line. “I think I’m finding my own voice again, you know,” the 44-year-old told Jason Gay. His wife Gisele Bündchen adds: “He loves clothes more than I do. He has great taste, understands and really cares about what people want, what can make them feel good. This is fashion. From his world-famous model wife, Brady hit back that Bündchen is “pretty good” for advice. We would believe it!

Tom Brady (Mario Sorrenti / WSJ. Magazine)

For Burberry SS ’22, Riccardo Tisci pays tribute to his late mother by taking the Bambi route

Riccardo Tisci always places his love for women and his strength in femininity at the forefront of his collections. After all, he was raised with his eight sisters by their single mother. The family matriarch, Elmerinda, passed away in August at the age of 93, so Tisci poignantly dedicated this “Animal Instincts” collection to her. For its final presentation, which took place digitally during the Milan calendar, majestic deer and wonder inspired the style of Katy England merchandise. Naturally, the house’s iconic mantel has been deconstructed and rebuilt time and time again, this time with an unexpected look. behind revealing iterations. The splashy cow print fringe dresses were a more literal animal reference, while the muted tawny and camel colors of the knits and bodycon pieces lent a softness to the collection. As for the accessories to take away? This season introduces the new Rhombi leather shoulder bag (wishlist alert!) And clutch styles, while the Olympia bag evolves with new iterations. Apart from that, baseball caps and square toe calfskin sandals that are both tall and flat are expected to become popular. As for the return toe rings, well, let’s wait and see!

See the highlights of the collection below:

Loewe’s new Amazona campaign features Gillian Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross, Liu Wen and many more!

Lensed by Juergen Teller, Loewe unveiled the global Amazona campaign. The series features talents from around the world, wearing their reinvented Amazona bags, in an effort to showcase their different cultures and identities. Those selected include Gillian Anderson, Arca, Justin Vivian Bond, Jamie Clayton, Úrsula Corberó, Tracee Ellis Ross, Anthea Hamilton, HyunA, Susanna Moore, Nabhaan Rizwan, Mika Schneider and Liu Wen. The Amazon was first launched in 1975, but rightly makes a comeback this season with three new updates, coinciding perfectly with the Spanish house’s 175th anniversary.

Zazie Beets is the recipient of the annual WIF Max Mara Face of the Future award

German-born American actress Zazie Beetz has been announced as the 16th recipient of the annual WIF Max Mara Face of the Future award. Receiving the nod in recognition of her distinguished acting achievements, as well as her personal style, the actress will travel to Milan to meet the Maramotti family. Emmy nominees Atlanta The star, Maria Giulia Prezioso Maramotti, said: “Zazie is a dynamic actress who personifies the face of women in the film Max Mara of the future of her professional and humanitarian efforts. Max Mara continually works to empower and inspire women through design and we are very proud to honor Zazie with this unique award.

Zazie Beetz (Courtesy of Max Mara)

Yandy has you covered with her Kim Kardashian West inspired costume

Scary season is just around the corner, and ditch the last-minute white sheet as your ghost costume: the best way to cover yourself up this year is to nod to KKW’s Balenciaga moment at the recent Met Gala. Yandy’s mystery gala guest costume features a semi-sheer black tube dress with sheer mesh cape, breathable black hood, opaque tights, and long satin gloves. All for only $ 99.99! Let them guess and buy the look here. (BYO Demna!)

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Fashion style

10 styles of eclectic prints this season to welcome fall 2021

If there’s a reason we love the fall season, it’s because of the styling opportunities it presents. From layering clothes to experimenting with prints, fall fashion is all about trying something new. In the prints department, there’s always something new – soft fall hues, intricate patterns reimagined, and a loose but structured sense of clothing. Our selections from the latest fall 2021 collections capture the very essence of prints.


The dichotomy of stripes is that it’s both the easiest and the hardest print to style. While both work in all shapes, sizes, and styles, it’s always a good idea to pick a piece that flatters you. Gaya’s AW 2021 collection is inspired by Kashmir wooden architecture with its intricate carvings and angular patterns. This horizontal striped Raya dress (Rs 12,500) breaks the monotony with its tiered silhouette, U-shaped neckline and fall colors.

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Fall 2021

The Indian iteration of the polka dot is tie-and-dye shibori spots as adopted by Pink City by Sarika. The Sanaz collection is a celebration of youth, and this is reflected in the exuberance of this indigo blue kurta with peacock embroidered farshi pants (Rs 25,200).

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Tribal prints

Fall 2021

For fall 2021, Saundh reinterpreted less explored heritage arts and translated them into stories printed on modern silhouettes. Among them is the Sohrai Khovar, which was traditionally used to decorate the marriage chamber in Jharkhand. Heralds of new beginnings and abundance, the prints have bohemian and tribal touches with vivid patterns and palettes. The mustard print Sohrai Khovar kurta set (Rs 5,995) is digitally printed on muslin fabric with fine pearls.

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Botanical prints

Fall 2021

Fashion gets a facelift with a printed pattern inspired by foliage. Ditch the old adage that nature-inspired prints are limited to spring when you go for darker hues and bolder patterns. Punit Balana’s cherry red print saree set (Rs 35,500) with padding and coins adds freshness to your ensemble.

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Abstract prints

Abstract or unrecognizable patterns are gradually becoming an important part of Indian designer clothes instead of more structured prints. This draped dress by Vedika M (Rs 13,500) is hand painted with a brush in one of fall’s favorite rusty hues and is fitted with a white belt.

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Baroque prints

The opulence of the Rococo era is unmatched and often results in gold prints with intricate designs and patterns. The Rococo collection from Prints by Radhika manages to capture this school of design beautifully on this handkerchief dress (Rs 18,000). Crafted from pure silk and embellished with stones and dana cut, this kaftan sleeve dress is a royal addition to a fall wardrobe.

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Bouquet prints

Flowers for fall are certainly revolutionary and a trend that is both sexy and feminine. Dark floral prints are a great way to break up the monotony and definitely stand out when it comes to Indian clothing. Geisha Design by Paras and Shalini captures this ideology with the Vivienne dress (25,900 Rs). A ruffle dress with knotted details and a romantic floral pattern for evening occasions.

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Cashmere prints

Fall 2021

It’s time for the cashmere print to escape the clutches of the men’s accessories section and make its way into mainstream fashion conversations. As Shanaya Kapoor becomes the face of Label Ritu Kumar, we love this black halter dress (Rs 6,600) she wears from the latest fall 2021 collection.

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Fashion designer

India Fashion Awards organize second season to celebrate ‘unsung heroes of the fashion industry’

The India Fashion Awards held their second season on September 25 to celebrate innovators in the fashion industry with judges including fashion designer Rocky Star and winners including designers such as Manish Malhotra, Tarun Tahiliani, Suneet Verma and many others.

The awards ceremony took place in New Delhi on Saturday and was designed to celebrate “the unsung heroes of the fashion industry”.

The initiative is a step towards creating a space where fashion can be celebrated. Fashion who’s who from across the country were present at the do either to receive the awards or to celebrate those who won.

Founder Sanjay Nigam said it was amazing to wrap up the second season of the India Fashion Awards as we believe every talent needs a pat on the back and we, the board of directors of the India Fashion Awards, let’s create this platform.

The jury consisted of Creative Director-Rocky S, Sonalika Sahay, Maneka Gandhi, Ravi Jaipuria, Prasad Naik and Varun Rana, Chairman of the Board India Fashion Awards Vagish Pathak. The nomination and winners were selected on the basis of their contribution to the industry as well as taking into account uniqueness and consistency.

The second season winners are: Pushpa Bector as Stylish Business Owner of the Year, MissMalini as Social Media Personality of the Year, Pujan Sharma for Coup De food presents the behind-the-scenes director of the year, Akshay Tyagi won the Artize Presents New Age Fashion Stylist of the Year Award, Lokesh Sharma for New Age Show Director of the Year, Maddy (Made Art) won the Cream Bell Presents Emerging Fashion Photographer of the Year Award, Richa Dave won Pepsi Presents New Age Model of the Year Ramp, Avanti Nagrath won Pepsi Presents Editorial New Age Model of the Year, Feat Artists won Blyss by B presents New Age Talent Management Agency of the Year, Siddharth Tytler won Noa Fragrances Presents Influential Model of the Year, Karan Torani won Rajnigandha Pearls Presents Sparkling Emerging Designer of the Year and Nitibha Kaul won the Havells Presents Fashion Setter of the Year award.

Sahil Kochhar won the award for innovative designer in craft techniques, Abhishek Singh won the award for the most fashionable officer of the year, Namrata Soni won the award for makeup – artist of the year, Gautam Kalra won the Artize Presents Fashion Designer of the Year award, Arjun Mark won the Fashion Photographer of the Year award, Anu Ahuja won the Show Director of the Year award, Kanika Dev won the Editorial model of the year, Zander won the super model of the year award – Ramp, Sony Kaur won the super model of the year award – Ramp, INEGA won the management agency award Talent of the Year, Gaurang Shah won Designer of the Year – Handwoven & Textiles, Nikhil Shantanu won Rajnigandha Pearls Presents Shining Designer of the Year – Menswear, Gaurav Gupta won EBIX Cash Presents Designer from Bridal Wear – Fusion year, Tarun Tahillani won Ebix Cash Present s Bridal Wear Designer of the Year – Indian, Anamika Khanna won the Designer of the Year – Jury Choice award.

In addition, Conrad Sangma won the Sustainable Development Leader Award, Tarun Khiwal won the Country Legendary Photographer Award, Muzamil Ibrahim won the Legendary Super Model Award, Shobhita Dhulipala won the Fashion Icon for young people, Sunil Grover won the award for versatile personality of the year, Raghav Chadha won the award for stylish politician of the year, Vaishali S won the award for designer of the year – internationally renowned, Suneet Varma a won the Designer of the Year award (popular choice), Rohit Bal won the Legendary Fashion Designer award for his contribution to Indian fashion and Manish Malhotra won the Legendary Fashion Designer award for his contribution to the film and in Indian fashion.

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French fashion

Paris Retail District Vertbois hopes to become the next Williamsburg

PARIS While Parisian stores are reeling from the coronavirus pandemic, an area is emerging as a new retail center for the French capital.

The Quartier du Vertbois, or Vertbois district, in the Haut Marais district has seen an effervescence of activity, as new tenants join a list including Café Kitsuné, which this year opened its first European coffee roasting in the district, the clothing brand APC, the record store Rupture and a Philippe Conticini bakery.

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“It’s a bit like Shoreditch at the beginning, or Silver Lake in Los Angeles, or Brooklyn, when the first hipsters arrived,” says Thomas Erber, the former journalist and town man, artistic director of the project.

Except that it is not an organic development. The project is managed by real estate investment management company Patrizia, which initially acquired around 20 commercial leases in the neighborhood, with the aim of rejuvenating the neighborhood with a mix of food, fashion, art, design and music, after a separate failed project. a gastronomic hub known as La Jeune Rue.

The company has since built a portfolio of nearly 35 stores, 85% of which are leased, with future arrivals including a new branch of chef Jean Imbert and the entertainment force. Pharrell williams‘café-restaurant concept to share, according to Charles-Nicolas Tarrière, general manager of the fund management team at Patrizia.

“Vertbois is extremely original,” emphasizes Tarrière, specialist in risky investments. “I have been practicing this profession for twenty years and I have never seen anything like it. This is what we found exciting when we started this project about five or six years ago.

Recognizing that Parisians were fed up with cookie-cutter shopping streets, Patrizia opted for a mix of independent stores with smaller-scale chains, hoping to turn this hitherto sleepy neighborhood into a new destination. trendy retail store.

“More and more, the high streets are looking the same everywhere you go: whether you’re in Munich, Paris or New York, you see virtually the same retailers,” Tarrière said. “We decided to aim for originality by bringing in traders who, even if they have stores in other districts, come to the Vertbois district with a new store concept.

Erber, known for organization of a series of curiosity cabinets for the former Parisian concept store Colette, brought an equally eclectic approach to this business. In addition to recruiting trendy brands, he’s partnered with city-wide events like Le Fooding and Paris Design Week to put the region on the map.

“It’s mostly for fun, because I love Paris. I have always been active in the cultural life of the city, ”he explained. “Second, the idea is to bring traffic to the neighborhood, by partnering with established events that will bring the right kind of people into the neighborhood: people who love culture and beautiful things.”

To foster a sense of community, the neighborhood stores – loosely centered around rue du Vertbois, rue Volta and rue Notre-Dame-de-Nazareth – are part of a collective that organizes events, such as a Christmas market planned for the holiday period.

Among them are restaurants like Biche, Elmer, ISTR and Addommé, as well as art galleries Derouillon, Backslash and New Galerie, and a tattoo parlor, Drawtattoo.

“We are collectively trying to develop a small village in the heart of the world, something a little special and different from other neighborhoods,” said Erber, echoing his slogan for the project.

The district even has its own magazine, La Revue du Vertbois, and branded products, including an upcycled clothing collection produced by APC in collaboration with the eco-responsible concept store Front de Mode, and a selection of wines.

Among the more recent arrivals is Kilometer Paris, the travel-themed women’s clothing brand founded by Alexandra Senes, and upcoming openings include American independent fragrance company The Society of Scent. Meanwhile, Maison Morin, a hotel decorated by designer Matali Crasset, is slated to open in 2023.

There have been obstacles, including COVID-19 closures, which delayed the entire project for 18 months, and ongoing renovations on some dilapidated buildings, in what was historically a poor part of the district of Swamp.

“We are restarting the engine,” Tarrière said, estimating that it will take another six months to open the remaining stores. But he noted that even though Patrizia waived rents during the foreclosure, she continued to sign new leases. “Our rents are about a quarter or a fifth of what you would pay on rue Vieille du Temple or in other streets in the center of the Marais,” he said.

Despite the challenges, Erber said it’s crucial to make sure city centers stay alive, especially at a time when vacant stores are skyrocketing.

“If people aren’t careful, we’ll wake up in 10 years and realize that we live in ghost towns,” he said. “I find it really exciting, on a modest level, to have the opportunity to help try to transform the city into a neighborhood that I hope could become a case study for positive change. “

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Paris retains its appeal despite periods of confinement

Dover Street Market to mix culture, community and commerce in Paris

Modes will inaugurate its Parisian boutique in June

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Fashion brand

What can we learn from Gap and Benetton’s former dominance in fashion?

Source: Shutterstock / The Conversation.

In 1969, Don Fisher was struggling to find the right size of Levi’s jeans in traditional clothing stores. His solution was quite radical. With his wife Doris, he opened his own store, The Gap, selling a wide selection of products that Fisher had found so difficult to buy.

A year earlier, across the Atlantic, an Italian family business, Benetton, had opened its first boutique, entering the mass fashion market with a slightly different approach. Rather than designer clothes, Benetton started out by selling knits that they made themselves.

From those humble beginnings, The Gap and Benetton have grown into highly successful fashion retailers. At one time, their superiority within the industry was such that they claimed to be “category killers” – chains so big that they threatened the survival of smaller competitors.

A key feature of Category Killers – other famous examples include Toys “R” Us, Home Depot, and Staples – is the convenient availability of specific, affordable products. It is a retail format based on a clear understanding of what the customer wants and meeting that demand at low cost.

With the announcement this summer that Gap would be closing all of its stores in the UK and Ireland, and with Benetton no longer on the cool frontier, the idea that these brands were once so dominant seems rather odd.

But the influence of these category killers on the fashion industry today remains, with a story that is still relevant today for major current players like Primark, ASOS and Boohoo in an era of huge flux in the world. the retail landscape and immense pressure on established supply chains.

From the start, for example, The Gap had a clear vision of its clientele. By opening the first store near San Francisco State University, Fisher wanted to appeal to students and the counterculture generation.

To attract them, the first Gap stores also sold records, but these were quickly abandoned. Although the prices were not reduced, they were moderately and high enough to convince this core demographic to shop there.

Benetton, meanwhile, capitalized on its initial popularity by expanding rapidly in the 1970s. Having multiple stores in a small area meant the company could dominate local markets, generate high sales volume, and effectively manage its distribution network.

Take stock

A key difference between Benetton’s clothing and those available from their competitors (usually department stores) were Benetton’s bright colors. Last minute dyeing of clothes allowed the company to be flexible and responsive, reacting quickly to changes in demand.

The use of sophisticated inventory control and the organization of a network of suppliers, initially located nearby in northeastern Italy, was also critical to the success of the business. Being able to track inventory and know what was selling and where that meant Benetton could plan the store’s supply flow, while also designing and producing the clothes consumers wanted to buy.

In the United States, The Gap was transforming the way Americans shop and dress, from Levi’s jeans to ubiquitous khakis and pocket T-shirts. The stores have been redesigned, but the focus has been on a narrow range of products at affordable prices in convenient locations. Like Benetton, Gap’s adoption of computers to control inventory was critical to their superior ability to meet customer demand.

Of course, other retailers have sought to emulate some of these advances. In 1975, a Spanish clothing manufacturer, headed by Amancio Ortega, opened its first Zara store. Zara’s business model quickly focused on quickly meeting changing customer demand.

Then, as the power of technology accelerated rapidly and trade barriers continued to decline, the opportunity for retailers to source cheaply from Asia increased, leading to the formation of global value chains. focused on buyers in the garment industry.

The dizzying pace of change brought about by these developments has led to the global fashion industry as we know it today. It is fast (some would say too fast), practical and agile. Amazon has recently become the number one clothing retailer in the United States and the likes of ASOS are doing well.

As Gap and Benetton laid the groundwork for these changes, the power of these once daring and daring radicals has waned. New blockbuster fashion brands like Reformation, Sezanne and Rapanui are likely to mingle with brick and mortar retail online, and make sustainability a central part of their offering.

But The Gap and Benetton’s approach – solving a problem, being different, prioritizing convenience, reacting to change – deserves to be replicated for today’s industry innovators. As consumers become more aware of the environment and e-commerce accelerates further, the business acumen that has made these companies successful is unlikely to go out of fashion.The conversation

This article is republished from The conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.

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Fashion style

The best street style at Paris Fashion Week spring 2022

The fashion crowd traveled from Milan to Paris for the final stop of the spring 2022 season (in Europe, at least, there are more collections coming to Seoul, Shanghai and other cities). The Parisian program is filled with a mix of parades, intimate presentations, parties and virtual events, and we anticipate a lively street style scene. Acielle from Style du Monde is on the field to capture the best looks outside of Balenciaga, Dior, Chanel and more of the best catwalks in Paris; scroll through her latest photos here and check back for her daily updates.

Read the original article here

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Fashion designer

This designer creates stunning face masks that show your personality

Made in Vancouver is a collaboration between Vancity and Daily Hive. Together, we shine the spotlight on local businesses, organizations and individuals who help create a healthy local economy.

Since she was young, Liza Heider has known that she loves design.

From crochet at 8 years old, the The Canadian-American designer opted for fashion accessories and handcrafted women’s clothing in her East Vancouver studio.

As part of our Made in Vancouver series highlighting local businesses, we spoke with Liza Heider, owner of Liza Heider Design, about her philosophy and creations.

Vancity supports local businesses like Liza Heider Design with different programs. Until September 30, Vancity enviro â„¢ Visa * cardholders will earn 1.5 times more reward points at some businesses thanks to the Load locally program. To learn more, visit

Liza Heider has four main goals in her business: create fashion that sparks joy, elegance, originality and playfulness in the world, transform second-hand and fast fashion clothing into new and quality clothing, support local businesses and ship its products in recycled packaging and boxes where possible.

Rather than considering his simple clothing designs, Heider creates unique wearable works of art.

She often collaborates with Canadian artisans, designers and manufacturers, and even signed a third party agreement with the Gord Downie and Chanie Wenjack Fund due to the latest findings of children found in anonymous graves across Canada. For each Canada Love t-shirt sold, a donation of $ 5 will go to the non-profit organization Gord Downie.

Unlike most designers these days, Heider didn’t make his debut in fashion school. Instead, he came through an act of kindness.

“I decided to start creating clothes when I was called to call on a sewing group called YVMERS, an emergency response group to make PPE for healthcare workers during the pandemic of COVID, ”she told Daily Hive.

“I never thought I would sew again because I worked as a photographer for many years. Once I started sewing I decided to make masks and clothes. One thing led to the next and now I do craft fairs and have an online store.

In order to keep up with the ever-changing fashion world, Heider uses social media and magazines. She follows a lot of creators on Instagram and is even member of Business of Fashion, an organization that keeps her informed about working conditions of clothing, sustainability and waste in fashion.

What she currently prefers to produce are high quality three-layer face masks that meet both CDC and Health Canada guidelines.

“As we go into hiding again, I am happy to provide a product that is not only necessary, but fashionable and safe. I am so disappointed with the lack of understanding that non-medical paper disposable masks not only destroy the environment as these masks flood our oceans and strangle birds and wildlife, but these disposable masks do not keep people safer by compared to a reusable 3-layer cloth mask.

She told Daily Hive that a three-layer fabric mask with a non-woven filter “does the job and can be washed and reused dozens of times.”

Follow Liza Heider Design on Instagram to follow her latest work. His designs, including face masks and Canada Love T-shirt, can be purchased on its website

This content was independently created by the Daily Hive editorial team, with financial support from a sponsor.

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Fashion brand

“A first in the history of fashion”

MILAN – Milan Fashion Week ended with official confirmation of what could be the biggest trend in the fashion world right now – not bangs (although there are plenty of them) or bracelets biceps (ditto) or even bikini tops (still strong), but more like power mash-ups.

Introducing Fendace, aka Fendi by Versace, or Versace by Fendi, the pre-spring 2022 pop-up collections created by Kim Jones, artistic director of Fendi womenswear and Silvia Venturini Fendi, Fendi menswear designer, and Donatella Versace from Versace, in which the designers tried their hand at each other’s home and then showed the results on the runway. The name may have been created for fun, but it’s no joke.

“This is a first in the history of fashion,” Ms. Versace said, with some hyperbole, in a press release. She described the experience as “us swapping roles”.

Think of it as a collaboration raised to the nth degree (but don’t dare call it collaboration, because it was so 2019). Or the opposite of conscious decoupling, just the short-term style version. It’s when two brands in the same fashion category decide that, rather than competing, they will start playing with each other. Express and with permission.

Gucci pitched the idea in April when its designer, Alessandro Michele, “hacked” its sister brand Balenciaga (see, no “collaboration”) for the main Gucci collection; Balenciaga returned the favor in June. Then Jean Paul Gaultier, the brand not the man, announced that after Mr. Gaultier’s retirement, each fashion show would be created by a different guest designer interpreting the brand’s signatures: in July, it was Chitose Abe from Sacai; the next one will be Glenn Martens of Y / Project and Diesel. Ms Abe also teamed up with Fendi’s Mr Jones on his other gig, as artistic director of Dior Men’s, to create a capsule collection for men in June.

Unlike projects formerly known as collaborations, which tended to feature brands from different parts of the fashion world (haute couture and mass market names; haute couture and streetwear; haute couture and outdoor recreation ) and that worked because the match had such a bad -that’s-cool vibe, it’s a meeting of equals. Designed to probe the legacy and signatures of each, to better project them in a whole new light.

After all, it’s getting harder and harder to make these partnerships stand out, now that virtually all influencers have a collaboration and live in a collaborative house. You have to keep pushing the concept.

And in theory, Versace and Fendi took the idea and raised one: to unveil their swap-a-doodle at the last minute (although it’s been in the works since around February) on a supposedly secret show (except that the news had leaked quite widely the week before) and not as two brands in the same luxury team like Gucci and Balenciaga, both owned by Kering, but two brands in completely different conglomerates (Capri Holdings for Versace and LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton for Dior).

So funny! So cross pollination! So inside the fashion nod, given that it was rumored that Mr. Jones would get an official appointment as Ms. Versace’s heir in 2017, before he landed his job at Dior and that she decides to stay in charge a little longer.

And, in the end, so hard to tell the difference. It was even pretty hard to tell the difference between that and the Versace show earlier in the week.

Fendace’s biggest surprise was how unsurprising it was – and how overwhelming the Versace aesthetic was. Maybe there was a little more tailoring in the Versace by Fendi section, spliced ​​and inlaid with scarf prints; a little more attention to craftsmanship, especially in a rococo fan print strapless column mini dress encrusted with embroidery. But essentially, Fendi’s Versace looked very Versace – and Versace’s Fendi also looked very Versace. Although with more “F” logos.

This was, in part, because there are so many identifiable tropes associated with the house founded by Gianni: not just symbols like Greek key prints and baroque curves, but safety pins and chain mail. , black and gold, gender and stylus dominance (also hair, witness the Donatella wigs in the Fendi by Versace section). Whereas, if you scour the mind of the beehive in search of Fendi semiology, you mostly get a letter of the alphabet. Some complementary browns, two-tone. And fur, of course, which Versace has officially given up on.

Plus, both parties adore an original model: Shalom Harlow, Amber Valletta and Kate Moss closed the Versace by Fendi section; Naomi Campbell, the Fendi of Versace. Kristen McMenamy and Karen Elson have also made appearances, as have others.

In order for the collaborations – or, to be more precise, the “celebration of Italian fashion and an upheaval of the established order of things” described in the Fendace press release – to reach the level of greatness, there has to be a tension, rather than just the comfort, involved; a need for negotiation between opposing aesthetics which gives rise to a new way of seeing, pushing designers out of their comfort zone.

What makes these couples exciting is the meeting of two otherwise antithetical minds and stories, a fabric tug of war that creates a chimera so new that it could potentially become a myth.

Otherwise, it’s just mutual appreciation and marketing. Or a job audition.

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Fashion style

Good Morning Vogue tackles the fashion revival Y2K

For our last episode of Hello Vogue, we’re bringing you a special report on one of the most talked about trends of the season, live from the city that gave us J.Lo. (Grazie, Donatella Versace!)

The rebirth on the Y2K fashion catwalks at Milan Fashion Week – spotted everywhere from Roberto Cavalli to Missoni and, naturally, Versace – sets the stage for a new era of a flirty style phenomenon, but no one makes the years 2000 like Blumarine.

This time, those tongue-in-cheek butterfly designs, those go-out jeans and those The revenge of a blonde roses are “sexier, more bitchy, more colorful, more seductive,” explains the label’s creative director, Nicola Brognano. Vogue as he puts the finishing touches on his spring 2022 collection. Meanwhile, stylist Blumarine Lotta Volkova reveals her love for pop icons of the decade, including Paris Hilton, Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears and Anastacia (note the translucent specs rose-tinted), as well as his own metamorphosis into a modern Y2K muse. “I had black hair, [only] wore black and listened to industrial gothic music… ”she told me in Milan.

In the studio, Hello Vogue runs into current model and 2000s style lover Jordan Daniels, who is on hand to give us a crash course on buying a red carpet-worthy look at one of the most vintage stores. appreciated by Milan, Cavalli e Nastri. She also shares the secret to a 30 second updo.

The final say on the Y2K style, however, goes to Los Angeles native Devon Lee Carlson. Watch the full video for an exclusive tour of her wardrobe and her best pieces from the year 2000.

Hosted by Julia Hobbs
Nicola Brognano
Lotta Volkova
Jordan daniels
Devon Lee Carlson
Executive producer: Liv Proctor
Service production company: Olympèque Films
Executive producer: Tommaso Fajdiga
Producer: Elisabetta Zecca
Director: Filippo Castellano
Post-producer: Cecilia Terenzoni
Publisher: Fabio Spalvieri
Special thanks:
Management + Artist
Cavalli and Nastri
Next to communication
Roberto Cavalli – Pr e HC Consulting Platform
Marguerite Reville
VP Digital Video Programming and Development, Vogue: Robert semmer
Creative Editorial Director: Mark Guiducci
Post-production supervisor: Marco Glinbizzi
Associate producer: Jessica Schier
Production manager: Edith Pauccar

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Fashion designer

Fashion designers on the rise worn by Rege-Jean Page, Charlize Theron – The Hollywood Reporter


Dzojchen’s big moment came in 2018 when Chadwick Boseman, styled by Ashley Weston, wore a spectacular black and white patterned ensemble to the Asian premiere of Black Panther in Seoul. “It was literally a turning point for us,” said founder Chelsea Scott-Blackhall. “The brand was born out of paradox and duality. I like this synergy between East and West – and not going too far – but also just having nuances. And [Boseman] I get it. ”The Singapore-based brand, which also has offices in New York City, started out as a denim brand in 2009 before showcasing its now iconic kimono suit in 2014. It has started to gain the attention of Hollywood with its distinct bespoke tailoring. More recent celebrity moments include Regé-Jean Page on Saturday Night Live, Maluma at last year’s AMAs and silky pajamas for Michael B. Jordan (seen in viral vacation photos).


Before launching his brand in 2009, self-taught designer Nguyen Cong Tri was already one of the darlings of Vietnamese celebrities. His entry into the United States came when Rihanna and Katy Perry embraced his inventive silhouettes, dramatic drapes, and intricate cutouts, with Perry enlisting Nguyen to design costumes for his Witness 2017 tour. In January 2019, Cong Tri did. her debut at New York Fashion Week. A month later, Kate Bosworth wore a ripped canary yellow dress embellished with crystals at the Vanity Show Oscar party. Over the past couple of years, Cong Tri’s A-list moments have grown exponentially to include Beyoncé, styled by Zerina Akers, in gold ruched velvet at the Lion King premiere and Charlize Theron, with Leslie Fremar, in an ornate sheer blouse on Tonight’s Show with Jimmy Fallon. Working regularly with the stylist duo Wayman + Micah, Nguyen felt particularly moved by Kelly Marie Tran wearing Cong Tri twice during her Raya and the last dragon promotional tour. “The designs reveal the beauty of modern and powerful women. [Her] The ethereal pleated beige silk dress is powerful and luxurious, ”said Nguyen, who plans to open flagship stores overseas. “Kelly Marie Tran is an excellent actress and the pride of Asia. Its strength inspires me and embodies the spirit of my creations.


With roots in the Nigerian entertainment and fashion industries, former Marketing Director Mai Atafo has grown his brand into full collections of luxury menswear, womenswear and bridal wear over the past 15 years – and has become himself. – even an icon of the local style. Nigerian stars flock to her custom designs for tailoring expertise, a bold color scheme, and exquisite embellishments. During Arise Fashion Week in 2019, model Naomi Campbell closed her show. After South African actress Thuso Mbedu, dressed by Wayman + Micah, accepted her Hollywood Critics Association award for The Underground Railroad in her red tulle dress, the designer decided to expand his exposure to Hollywood, especially with bespoke men’s clothing. “When we get the chance, we’ll kill him,” Atafo says, adding, “We’re working on a fully hand-beaded velvet tuxedo, and it’s unlike anything I’ve seen there. “- FSH

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Fashion brand

5 interesting facts about fashion brand Comme des Garçons

When we think of Comme des Garçons, the first thing that comes to mind is the iconic heart-shaped logo in one of its clothing lines: Comme des Garçons Play. But if that’s the only thing you know about the brand, you’re missing out on the interesting stories behind this hugely successful fashion brand.

The legacy of Comme des Garçons began in 1969, when it was founded by Rei Kawakubo. Despite the fact that the brand was founded in Tokyo, its name was borrowed from a song recorded seven years before its premiere – “All the Boys and Girls”, written by French artist Françoise Hardy. Meaning “like some boys” in French, the brand focused on scrambling gender norms long before androgynous fashion took center stage in the sartorial world.

# 1 Kawakubo, the founder of Comme des Garçons, did not graduate from a fashion school

A graduate of Fine Arts and Literature from Keio University, Kawakubo actually started her job in the advertising department of a textile company. Later, she found her passion in fashion and gradually entered the industry as a freelance stylist. Despite the lack of proper training for a career as a fashion designer, the passion has taken Kawakubo far, as she is now the famous founder and creative director of Comme des Garçons.

# 2 Kawakubo doesn’t make clothes – she does works of art

Known for her imaginative and totally original approach, the Japanese designer has always let her abstract creations speak for themselves. When it comes to her collections, she doesn’t offer alternative silhouettes – on the contrary, she completely reconstructs the way we interpret clothing, resulting in avant-garde designs that exist somewhere between fine art and clothing. .

Like boys

# 2 Comme des Garçons is the first Japanese fashion brand to present at the Paris Fashion Show

For decades, Kawakubo’s pioneering spirit and unique designs have endured, leading the brand to achieve its coveted status over time. In 1981, the first Comme des Garçons fashion show was held in Paris, and this is how the Japanese designer became known internationally. It also marks the first Japanese brand at the Paris fashion show.

# 4 Comme des Garçons’ first collection was somewhat controversial and called “the black crows”

With its exaggerated silhouettes and usual dark color palettes, many newspapers and magazines have called Comme des Garçons ‘the black crows’. While Kawakubo tries to challenge the fashion industry, she tends not to feature wearable pieces in her runway shows. Instead, she reinvents them with her endless innovation and creativity. Although it was very controversial at first, the brand was later seen as uncompromising modernity while at the same time being alluring.

collection like boys, black crows

In 2017, the brand was presented at the Met Gala, with an extremely fascinating exhibition that resembles the fashion house itself. Entitled Art of the In-Between, it was only the second time in the history of the event, after Yves Saint Laurent in 1983, that a living designer was in the spotlight. With over 150 couture creations on display, the exhibition revealed the house’s extraordinary journey through the last decades, from the founder’s path and philosophy in fashion, to the broader context of her definition in art. and culture.

like boys collection

(All images: Comme des Garçons)

This story first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Bangkok.

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French fashion

Charles de Vilmorin: new star of Parisian fashion

undefined updates

There is no doubt that Charles de Vilmorin is a rising star of Parisian fashion. In April 2020, at the age of 23, he launched his eponymous label on Instagram, in the midst of a pandemic. Within months, the industry buzz around him saw one of his designs (a psychedelic bomber jacket) appear in an Apple commercial about American rapper Tierra Whack. Soon after, Jean Paul Gaultier sponsored him to be a scheduled guest at Paris Haute Couture Week in January this year. Two weeks later, he was appointed the new creative director of the famous French fashion house Rochas.

Founded in 1925 by French designer Marcel Rochas, the house was best known for its signature fragrance, Femme. After the death of the designer in 1955, the fashion branch of the company closed its doors, to be relaunched in 1990 under its perfume owner Wella, then acquired by Procter & Gamble. After four years of critical success under Olivier Theyskens as Artistic Director, P&G again shut down the brand’s fashion division from 2006 to 2008. Italian designer Marco Zanini then threw his hat into the ring, followed by Alessandro dell’Acqua whose departure in December 2019 led to a year in which the house was without a creative director.

De Vilmorin himself has an interesting heritage. Much has been said about the creator’s bond with the poet, novelist and socialite Louise de Vilmorin (her grandfather’s great-aunt), who was also a close friend of Hélène Rochas, wife and muse of the founder Marcel. However, neither de Vilmorin nor Rochas knew of their family ties when he was offered the appointment. And, yes, there is a castle that bears his family name, the Château de Vilmorin in Verrières-le-Buisson. But he never went. In fact, the designer says he spends most of his time crouching on his sewing machine on the floor of his Parisian maid’s room.

Charles de Vilmorin in a thoughtful mood. . . . © Matthieu Delbrève

. . . in his Parisian house © Matthieu Delbruve

“It’s true that my family, in general, is super creative and taught me a lot about art and culture,” explains de Vilmorin, whose mother is an art teacher and whose father is financial director. “In some articles, [it is written] that I come from a very rich family and that I am [at Rochas] because Louise de Vilmorin was a friend of Hélène Rochas, but this is totally false.

Aged 24 and very calm, de Vilmorin spices up his speech with charming Frenglish superlatives such as “mega”, “totally”, “super” and “crazy!” (crazy). He studied at the Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Mode et de la Couture, (followed by a master’s degree at the Institut Français de la Mode). De Vilmorin’s universe is dreamlike and fantastic, its exaggerated silhouettes and cheerful palettes, mixing surrealism with streetwise. “The Charles de Vilmorin woman is a bit shy, a bit ‘trashy’. She doesn’t know where she wants to go, but she goes. she corresponds [more] for me she is naive and a bit. . . ”He stops, searching for the word. “Clumsy!”

His first collection for his own brand, a series of ready-to-wear aviator jackets, was decorated with pictorial prints in acid shades hand drawn by the designer. These pieces evolved into its couture offering of leggings, chunky bombers and dresses with puffed sleeves, dripping with painted butterflies, rainbows and enticingly colored clown prints, inspired by Chagall, Dalí, Matisse. and Niki de Saint Phalle.

How will he reconcile this aesthetic with that of the more classic and elegant Rochas? “The Rochas woman and the Charles de Vilmorin woman are absolutely not the same. These are two totally different stories, ”he suggests. “The Rochas woman has a past. She is more confident, more sophisticated.

Rochas Resort 22 collection by Charles de Vilmorin

De Vilmorin says that the founder Marcel Rochas created the brand in the service of his wife Helene in 1925, but he wants “to tell the story of a more independent woman who does not need the help of her husband. I love Rochas’s story, but I think now we need the story of a super free woman.

This is a vision shared by Fabio Ducci, President of High Italian Manufacturing (formerly Onward Luxury Group), Rochas’ licensing partner. The brand’s parent company, Interparfums, announced the extension of its partnership with HIM for the Rochas women’s line on the day of Vilmorin’s appointment: its ability to embrace the brand’s past while guiding it towards a new one. time.

More looks from Rochas Resort 22

De Vilmorin’s first collection for the brand, Resort 2022, has not yet been marketed. Although the collection has only been shown to a few buyers, Ducci notes that it has generated interest. “This collection is a deliberate break with the past, and it resonates most with our business partners who are forward thinking and experimental,” he says. De Vilmorin’s second collection, which will be shown in Paris on Wednesday, will take the starting point of a woman in the middle of a house fire, throwing herself frantically into her wardrobe to save her precious Rochas. The flame burns flame prints on golden pleated lurex, a trompe-l’oeil jacquard that seems to drip from the heat, and flame-colored shoes and boots.

When asked why he thought Rochas had chosen him out of a handful of hopefuls, de Vilmorin said: “I think they liked the fact that I was not afraid to do a parade with clothes embroidered with erotic patterns and weird stuff. I proposed something more transgressive, while remaining in the codes of French couture.

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Fashion style

The 5 best fall fashion trends, chosen by a stylist

I always turn to celebrity stylist Dani Michelle for her take on directional yet wearable trends in which she regularly dresses clients like Kendall Jenner. These are really just outfits that I aspire to wear and I take so much inspiration from the looks she creates. Recently, I spoke with the stylist so that she biggest fall boot trends, the trendy basics that she recommends to all her clients, and the cool denim trends that will take 2021. With fall in mind, I also wanted to find out her take on the new season trends she is most excited about and we’ll see her clients dressed.

Here, I highlight the trends behind Dani Michelle this season, from the cool way to wear a suit now to the silhouette of the shoe that is a must buy. Coming up, check out the top five stylist trends to add to your wardrobe this season.

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Fashion designer

Katiyo-Mayhew at the Chengetedza Digital Fashion Show


LOCAL fashion designer and founder of Chengetedza brand Moline Katiyo-Mayhew has successfully launched Chengetedza National Digital Zimbabwe Fashion and Handcrafts.

The launch was honored by local designers and representatives of the Zimbabwe Cultural Fund, the European Union and the German Society.

“The digital and craft fair was intended to connect Zimbabwean designers to the rest of the world,” said Katiyo-Mayhew.

South African arts promoter and designer Masechaba Moloi, who was among the guests, said the world has learned from fashion designers.

“Fashion tells a story for every aspect of our daily life as witnessed by soldiers, pastors, schools and thus designates fashion as a language,” she said.

Ruvimbo Linda Chingoto of Sleek Missy Collections, who was one of the show attendees, said: “Working with Chengetedza was amazing. All of my fascinators were made using scraps of fabric, I was able to explore new techniques that I am using now and the advice will forever be invaluable.

Another emerging fashion and craft designer, Caroline Masvingise-Godzongere said, “When I got an invitation to enter the Chengetedza Fashion Show competition, that’s when I designed kimonos, handbags, sandals and skirts. “

“I use codes to create new products, curtains, bed runners, cushion covers and table runners.

Masvingise-Godzongere is gearing up for another showcase at the 2021 Harare Agricultural Show ahead of the Zimbabwe Dubai Expo scheduled for next year.

Designer Catherine Tanyaradzwa Mudzimu said the fashion show was an inspiring and overwhelming event that enabled networking and marketing for designers.

Katiyo-Mayhew is a woman with many creative skills who wears different jackets including designer, skills development consultant, visual arts, fashion and crafts trainer.

She is also a humanitarian worker, visual artist and passionate about fitness.

Katiyo-Mayhew said she was inspired and taught by her mother, a nurse by profession.

“I launched my fashion brand HB Designs in 2010 at the Delta Gallery in Harare. As a skills development consultant, I volunteer my time to mentor and develop fashion and craft skills for youth and women, ”she said.

“As a working designer, I bring a hands-on approach to my training with the help of other skilled volunteer artisans. “

Katiyo-Mayhew said his passion is working with young people and women encouraging them to use their God-given talents for joy and to earn income.

“Fashion is a career, a necessity and an entertainment. My designs are unique, simple cuts and those in the diaspora who love an African touch are also drawn to my clothes, ”she said.

“It would be interesting to see designers integrate ethical means to promote sustainable fashion. And also create styles that use locally produced fabrics and hand-printed materials to keep their designs unique. “

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic that hasn’t spared the creative sector, Katiyo-Mayhew said she was busy working on a collection and publication that would be the nation’s premier digital fashion and craft show. as part of his Chengetedza project.

“During these COVID-19 induced blockages, I have managed to work on a number of projects which include Our Handcrafts on the Catwalk which was selected as part of the second Call Creative Actions project supported by Culture Fund, Creative Actions and the European Union, ”she said. noted.

“The creative sector needs to earn an income, so live fashion shows need to be held so that we can see the clothes in person and when these are closed we now know that digital platforms will bring these shows to the comfort of. our home. “

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Fashion brand

An immersive and absurd spectacle to remember

From the start it was clear that this Marni show was not going to be like the others. Each guest was invited to wear some sort of Marni uniform – a recycled garment from an old collection that designer Francesco Risso and his team had hand painted with wide washes of stripes – and stop first at Marni’s headquarters for a fitting. Whether they’re the kind of person who generally feels drawn to the magpie, the high school art aesthetic that Mr. Risso brought home – or not.

I was given a navy blue dress with a large portrait taffeta / nylon neckline that rustled when I moved, and speckled with chartreuse stripes. The paint and fabric made it a bit stiff, so it tended to move on its own. When I tried it in the studio, I felt relatively ambivalent: as a reviewer, I found it pretty and interesting; as a wearer I felt like I was pretending and therefore a bit resentful about putting it on in the first place.

But when I got to the show on Saturday night, staged like a round theater, and there were stripes, stripes, everywhere you turned – in oversized shirts and pants and jackets and skirts, each one. with a white canvas patch framed in red reading “Marniphernalia: Miscellaneous Handpainted Treasures” and numbered (mine was 300/800) – I started to feel something different.

Then a conductor walked to the center of the stage. A Marni-clad choir spread throughout the space and began to hum a song composed for the show by Dev Hynes, the multi-hynes musical, titled “Guide You Home”. Models of all shapes, sizes and kinds and ideas of beauty descended from the top row of the arena, wearing ragged Aran knits and striped dresses taped around their bodies, as if cans of paint had been spilled. on their hair. Rapper Mykki Blanco emerged from the backstage, reciting a sort of spoken word that included the phrase “I am the primitive ejaculation of the mountains”.

A horde of fashion students who had been invited to attend emerged from the audience in the striped recycled clothes and began to ooze in and out as if being pulled by invisible strings. Singer Zsela, wearing a sky blue bra and long garland skirt, took the stage and sang. Other models appeared, in stripes and knits and daisy prints and daisy appliques. Mr Risso, the brand’s creative director, was among them, wearing a giant knit yellow and blue striped scarf draped over his shoulders and dragging to the floor, and yellow and white striped pants. He took his walk and then sat in the front row to watch the ebb and flow of the show. At the end, there were a lot of hugs.

Half the time, I felt like I was in a fashion substitute for the musical “Hair”. Half the time I thought I was on an events and performance art show with Wes Anderson. Most of the time, I didn’t know exactly what was going on and what role each one was supposed to play. Sometimes I just wanted to put my pen down, scratch my head and laugh.

It was ridiculous, rather charming, and totally devoid of irony. Also a subtly pointed retort to those who would say the clothes looked weird on the track, as much of the audience seemed comfortable in their gear. And quite impossible to escape the feeling that, like it or not, you had just been a part of something.

It could have gone wrong; fell into the category of exaggerated shows like the Moncler MondoGenius’ world event ‘, stretching from Milan to Shanghai and hosted by Alicia Keys (in Milan) and Victoria Song (in Shanghai) chanting lines like’ What only the truth?” while being accompanied by meaningful breaks and videos created by the brand’s 11 collaborators, including JW Anderson, DingYun Zhang and Gentle Monster, to showcase their artistic talent.

It would have been easy to play her calm and intimate, like Giorgio Armani with his Sunset-by-the-Med collection of liquid seaside costumes and nymph tulle dresses.

Or keep the old rules of the basic track like Salvatore Ferragamo (and, indeed, most designers so far this season) – although even the basic track is not without its risks, as it makes clunkers difficult. to hide. Like, for example, the totally mistaken idea that any adult woman might want to wear a diaper dress. Already. Ferragamo has been without a womenswear designer since Paul Andrew left in April, and it shows.

Instead, Mr. Risso de Marni did something else: he took the idea of ​​performance and in-person experience, which started in New York City with designers like Rachel Comey and Thom Browne, and took shattered the fourth wall between audience and performance – not just pretending to support the idea of ​​community or produce a fancy dress-up meditation on the idea of ​​the uniform, but to push “inclusiveness” to its natural conclusion and to remind everyone that dressing is a universal imperative.

This meant that whether or not you wanted to wear your outfit again (or like me, you had to return it according to the New York Times ethics policy), it made sense. Which is, and always should be, the goal.

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French fashion

Frenchman Alaphilippe keeps his men’s world title explosively

LEUVEN, Belgium, Sept.26 (Reuters) – France’s Julian Alaphilippe retained his men’s road race title at the cycling world championships after attacking relentlessly in the final, crowning a remarkable team performance on Sunday.

Alaphilippe took the decisive step in the short climb to Sint Antoniusberg 17km from the line and never looked back, becoming only the seventh rider to win back-to-back titles.

Alaphilippe reaped the rewards of the team’s tactics after the French scrambled the race throughout the race to exhaust their opponents, especially the Belgians, whose favorite Wout van Aert ended up empty-handed.

It was also Alaphilippe’s instinct that made the difference, beating the Dutchman Dylan van and the Dane Michael Valgren, who came in second and third respectively.

“In the final the fans asked me to slow down and they didn’t have any kind words … I want to thank them because it really motivated me,” said the 29-year-old, who has also won solo in Imola, Italy last year.

“I just wanted to shake it up, I didn’t think it would end up sticking.”

While the first French attacks were part of the plan, Alaphilippe’s late moves were not.


“I told Julian to follow the attacks and then block. He did the opposite, he attacked several times on his own. So it was his instinct that spoke. He scared me anyway, the stupid, “said team manager Thomas Voeckler.

Benoit Cosnefroy was the first notable rider to attack with 180 km remaining, aiming to wear down his rivals and avoid a sprint finish that would have favored the Dutchman Mathieu van der Poel, Van Aert or the Italian Sonny Colbrelli.

It was then Valentin Madouas who picked up the pace and formed a group of ten breakaways including the prodigiously talented Remco Evenepoel, 21 years old.

But the young Belgian sacrificed his own chances for Van Aert, who just didn’t have the legs to follow Alaphilippe when it counted and finished in a disappointing 11th.

Alaphilippe, who had already attacked earlier, attempted to go solo up the hill of Wijnpress but the move was foiled and when he went to Sint Antoniusberg again the group of favorites fell apart.

Four men – Van Baarle, Valgren, Belgian Jasper Stuyven and American Neilson Powless – were 10 seconds behind and it looked like Alaphilippe would be caught. But the Frenchman regained his second wind in the finals, stepping away to become the first man to retain his title since Slovakian Peter Sagan won his third consecutive rainbow jersey in 2017.

“I came here relaxed, knowing that I had good legs. But I didn’t even dream of winning a rainbow jersey again,” said Alaphilippe after the 268.3 km race between Antwerp and Leuven .

Only 68 of the 180 starters completed the course, which was marred by early crashes that also ended 2019 champion Mads Pedersen’s chances.

Report by Julien Pretot; Editing by Hugh Lawson

Our standards: Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Fashion style

Francesco Risso on Rethinking the Fashion Show

Francesco Risso has been Creative Director at Marni since 2016, mixing the explosive prints of the Milanese fashion house and chic but quirky silhouettes with his own daring and often playful aesthetic. On Saturday, 18 months after Marni’s last physical show, the former Miuccia Prada protege once again upped the stakes with an experimental live event. Here he explains why.

How was your Spring / Summer 2022 show so different?

This season, after so many months of variation, I wanted to cancel any division between the observer and the observed. In practice, this means that we decided to dress everyone attending our show on Saturday in a bespoke Marni ensemble. The fitting process started almost a week ago on Monday and has been magnificent. We played music. We had a large team that worked day and night. The guests who were trying on clothes with you again and telling you about how they were feeling, felt happy.

Isn’t organizing a normal fashion show a stressful enough experience, let alone adding hundreds of additional accessories?

We had about 500 people coming to the show so it was a big undertaking. But dressing people for moments in their lives – making clothes for them, their tastes and their personalities – is the foundation of what we do. So it gave us so many new moments of personal interaction, a chance to re-engage and bond and have discussions after so much time apart.

The experience reminded me of another older era in fashion, where masters really knew their clients, with designers putting on small shows with direct connections. I wanted to channel this.

Where did you find all these clothes?

It was difficult. I didn’t want there to be a division with the new collection presented, but it was also important for me to have the reorientation at the heart of the community involvement aspect. So the audience looks like they’re coming out of seasons past – recycled pieces where there might have been excess stock or production flaws, for example, and then we also used recycled nylon to knit shoes or create new patches or hems. Each has been hand painted, so no look is the same.

How much was this idea inspired by the lockdown?

I think in some ways the pandemic has propelled a closer feeling of a global Marni community. People have participated in a more active and creative way with our house. They wrote songs for Marni, composed poetry, painted their own prints on clothes, then shared that with us online. I loved it and wanted to engage this virtual mood, bottle it and make it happen. It’s almost like our own little ‘Marni-land’ and the show is a way for a bigger family to expand into this world we have built.

But I was also thinking about sport this season. It’s not a sports collection, but I’ve been thinking about the philosophy of how a team works – how interactive and healthy the relationship is between everyone who participates in a game. I wanted to integrate part of it. And the coach is not me. The coach is our heartbeat, bringing us together as one.

Is the pandemic forcing the fashion industry to change?

We all complained about the endless cycle before Covid. But for Marni at least, a hard stop made us slow down and think more about what we’re doing in a focused way. Specifically, how do we nurture relationships with our customers and those who have supported our brands when they suddenly feel so far away, through social media, through the cinema and now when we can potentially be reunited in person. The pivot to digital media has also sparked some very thoughtful creativity in terms of how the clothes are presented – it will be interesting to see where that goes.

Ultimately, however, when you do what we do, it’s hard to deny the importance of touch. And our practice is to do things with our hands. So getting together for a fashion show is once again a real joy and a privilege.

This conversation, first posted on Instagram Live, has been edited and condensed.

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Fashion designer

Vir Das calls on young designers to dress her impeccably for Emmys

Emmy-nominated actor-comedian Vir Das has taken to social media for a special request, and it’s understandably good. This not only shows his funny side once again, but also takes a slight attack on the other actors who end up not doing the same. So here’s what happened …

We all know that there are many actors and actresses who wear high end designer tailor-made clothes just to wear them to an awards ceremony. Few people dare to give newbie fashion designers a chance and prefer to stick with popular names.

Even when some actors or actresses ask a novice designer to make their dresses, it is to the peanut rhythm. Most of these transactions are based on a barter system where the designer doesn’t get paid but has their name displayed all over the news when the celebrity wearing the outfit tells the media what outfit she’s wearing. Photos are splashed all over the place and the celebrity talks about the creator but ultimately doesn’t pay him too much money.

Now that Das has to go to the Emmys, he wants to look presentable in a way that he sports an Indo-Western look. And he wants it to be done by a new designer or students who are in their later years to pass the styling course, etc. him drawings and their past work on a specified email id. He and his team will not only select one of these young talents to design his outfit for the Emmys, he’ll pay them for the outfit as well, and once the event is over, he and the designer will go ahead and put the outfit on. held at auction. and donate the proceeds to charity.

Here’s what Das wrote when revealing his noble gesture:

Das was nominated for an Emmy for his Netflix stand-up comedy special, “Vir Das: For India”.

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French fashion

A British menswear designer with Jamaican roots

Name: Bianca Saunders

Age: 28

Hometown: London

Currently lives: In his family’s home in South London, with his parents and four of his six siblings.

Claim to fame: Mrs. Saunders is a thriving British menswear designer who has collaborated with Gucci on a short film and won this year’s French award Andam Fashion Award. Her eponymous label has won acclaim for loose shirts and gathered dress pants inspired by her Jamaican heritage. Her clothes have a “borderline feminine feel,” said Ms Saunders, who she hopes makes “men look sexy because I feel like it is a bit lacking in fashion these days.”

Big cut: His fascination with fashion began at a young age. When she was 8, she hosted sleepovers where she and her friends made handbags with pillow cases. As an 18 year old student at Kingston University in London, she bought a ticket to the British Fashion Awards and made her own runway-ready dress for the event. At 24, a few months after graduating from Royal College of the Arts in 2017, she created the Bianca Saunders label.

Why men’s clothing? “When it comes to women’s clothing, I’ve always felt so engrossed in the beautiful images that I wish I had designed,” she said. Men’s clothing, on the other hand, “found it easier to find my own aesthetic and extend it beyond just sewing work clothes.”

Latest project: In July, Ms. Saunders won the Andam Grand Prix; past recipients have included Martin Margiela and Christophe Lemaire. Although the prize includes a grant of 300,000 euros, she described the mentorship of Cédric Charbit, CEO of Balenciaga, as “literally invaluable”.

Next thing: A capsule collection with Farah, the British heritage brand, was announced this month. “It’s all about quality and creating a feeling that will make a younger man feel mature and an older man will look younger, but appropriate,” she said. .

Gender lines: Although her brand is technically aimed at men, Ms. Saunders wants consumers to view her collections as unisex. In fact, Ms. Saunders is sometimes the model in shape of her mark in the moonlight. “I am quite tall and my arms are quite long,” she said. “So I try on jackets and sometimes pants because I have to know how someone is going to feel in them.”

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Fashion brand

Creative Content Producer (Storyteller) – Pedestrian TV

About GlamCorner

GlamCorner is a fashion technology company at its core with a unique circular fashion pattern. Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a more circular and sustainable fashion system by revolutionizing the way fashion is consumed.

We are a young company and run a lean and well organized business. We are fun, hardworking and pride ourselves on quality, professionalism and delivering results. We celebrate our customers every wear, everywhere and our vision is to be every Australian woman’s endless online wardrobe.

GlamCorner is a B Certified Company. We are committed to combining profit with purpose and sincerely believe that businesses can be a force for good in driving a brighter and more sustainable future for our industry and economy.

About the role

We’re looking for a visionary, agile, resourceful, and digitally savvy Creative Content Professional to deliver and execute transformational creative content strategies through storytelling our mission to accelerate the transition to a more circular and sustainable fashion system.

This exciting opportunity plays a central role in building an emotional, strong and lasting relationship with our customers and our community by influencing, shaping and reinforcing the product vision that defines our business through various channels.

The successful candidate will own and lead the content from scratch and champion GlamCorner’s brand, tone of voice, mission and values ​​in a single cohesive narrative across all platforms including, but not limited to, e-commerce platforms, mobile app, social media and email. customer-oriented channels, blogs and platforms.

This opportunity will be suitable for someone who has extensive experience as a highly skilled creative content producer in defining, implementing and executing the creative content roadmap, liaising with multiple stakeholders and producing memorable content that enhances the brand’s story.

Main responsibilities

  • Define, imagine, plan and implement the roadmap for storytelling and creation and content production and ensure its alignment with the mission and values ​​of the company
  • Lead the planning and execution of various campaigns ranging from high-end e-commerce to paid channels
  • Shaping and producing emotionally engaged content that reflects our mission and values
  • Establish and maintain a brand kit and ensure that brand assets and communications reflect our brand essence, mission and values ​​consistently across all platforms
  • Take ownership of the digital asset management process and procedures to ensure all content is properly tagged and archived
  • Review and audit creative content across all platforms to ensure that a single consistent narrative across all platforms is maintained
  • Work closely with our paid and email marketers to plan and produce the creative elements needed for their campaigns
  • Liaise with SEO manager to optimize and produce relevant stories and content to improve website visibility and increase search engine ranking optimization
  • Work closely with the Merchandise team to plan seasonal campaigns and e-commerce photo shoots
  • Liaise with the Head of Sustainability and Social Impact with the creation of value-driven brand assets and content that can be shared with various stakeholders
  • Work closely with product and customer service teams to organize regular brand focus group sessions to measure brand value
  • Work closely with digital marketing teams to track the performance of creative assets used in campaigns
  • Manage content quality with convenient management – from proofreading to editing
  • Liaise with third-party consultants from time to time to support creation and content projects
  • Support the talent selection process by liaising with talent agencies
  • Coordinate photographers, graphic designers and videographers
  • Manage the creation and content budget
  • Help recruit and retain talent for the team

About you

  • A trusted, agile and practical creative and content producer who has at least 5 years of experience in a creative or media agency, media production company or related field
  • 3+ years of professional writing and writing experience
  • Experience in using targeted storytelling to generate organizational impact and business value (a portfolio of past work will be requested)
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills are essential
  • Knowledge of storytelling on various media channels
  • Blog management experience
  • Proficiency in image and video editing software
  • A spirit of initiative with strong leadership and accountability skills with a demonstrated ability to be pragmatic and resourceful
  • Strong experience in digital consumer businesses, online retail and mobile products
  • A positive attitude, analytical mindset and problem-solving ability and demonstrated analytical success in relation to company goals
  • Experience with team building and establishing and monitoring performance benchmarks
  • Knowledge of digital marketing channels
  • Bachelor’s degree in English, Journalism or Communication
  • Excellent stakeholder management skills and the ability to understand and articulate roadmap plans
  • Understanding of GlamCorner’s products and retail landscape
  • Defend our ASPIRE values ​​- Agility, Altruism, Passion, Impact, Respect and Efficiency

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Fashion designer

Prada brings back miniskirt and pointy pumps for simultaneous Milan and Shanghai spring 2022 show

The legs and the feet are warned: next year, the mini and the pump are about to make a big comeback.

Both were in full display on Friday at Prada’s Spring / Summer 22 runway show, a show that took place simultaneously in Milan and Shanghai for a digital extravaganza at the IRL meet who showcased the women’s show look by look in two. different cities around the world. (a sign of the times not only in pandemic travel restrictions but also in the bifurcation of China and the rest of the world, in more than one way).

More New Shoes

For all those who tire of the long flowing nap dresses and pajama-style pants and sweatshirts of pandemic fashion, Prada’s collection presented the opposite in its silhouettes. It was a change of pace that Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons called “a seduction by reduction” (therefore read the opening line of the performance notes).

Pointed miniskirts and pumps, side by side in Milan and Shanghai for Prada's spring double show & # x002019; 22.  - <a class=Credit: courtesy of Prada” src=”–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTk2MDtoPTE0Mzk-/–~B/aD0xMDI0O3c9NjgzO2FwcGlkPXl0YWNoeW9u/″/>

Miniskirts and pointed pumps, side by side in Milan and Shanghai for Prada’s double spring-summer 22 show. – Credit: courtesy of Prada

Courtesy of Prada

The miniskirts featured a longer train in the back for a new twist on the high-low hem.  - Credit: courtesy of Prada

The miniskirts featured a longer train in the back for a new twist on the high-low hem. – Credit: courtesy of Prada

Courtesy of Prada

Other brands are also bring back the mini for spring ’22, but the Creative Co-Directors did it the Prada way, in satin with crisp lines and the duo’s now iconic color palette. Some of the miniskirts also came with straight, mid-length trains in the back, giving the high-low hem a new look (and a little more coverage for those who want to go back to the mini but need more. modesty). Other mini hems are offered in pastel shades, such as cotton candy pink or mint green satin (iconic hues from bar Luce de Prada to Fondazione Prada in Milan) with the brand’s triangular logo on the chest.

A pastel offset and logo placket & # x002014;  with matching logo pumps - in spring Prada & # x002019; 22.  - Credit: courtesy of Prada

A pastel offset and logo placket – with matching logo pumps – at Prada Spring ’22. – Credit: courtesy of Prada

Courtesy of Prada

All the looks were associated with the most pointed and pointed pumps. This is an apparent preference for Simons, because the form has slowly but surely making a comeback in the Prada collection since the Belgian designer joined Miuccia Prada as co-creative director of the brand in 2020 (despite the presentation last season of large bulky platforms). The pointy pumps were in smooth patent leather and in the same saturated colors. They also featured the brand’s triangular logo, which has cultivated a cult following among fashion enthusiasts around the world.

A lace midi dress and yellow pumps with patent Prada '22 spring logo.  - Credit: Courtesy of Prada

A lace midi dress and yellow patent logo pumps from Prada’s Spring / Summer 22 collection. – Credit: courtesy of Prada

Courtesy of Prada

A closer look at Prada's asymmetrical and over-the-top point-toe pumps for Spring '22 paired with an electric yellow satin dress.  - Credit: courtesy of Prada

Take a closer look at Prada’s asymmetrical and exaggerated point-toe pumps for Spring / Summer 22, paired with an electric yellow satin dress. – Credit: courtesy of Prada

Courtesy of Prada

Launch gallery: Prada Spring 2022 Woman Collection

The best of footwear

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Fashion style

Heather Locklear turns 60 – Her craziest retro fashion and beauty moments | Gallery

3:20 p.m. PDT, Sep 25, 2021

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Fashion brand

Gucci launches vintage site Vault during Milan Fashion Week

MILAN (AP) – Fashion houses trying to figure out how to reach new eyeballs after the pandemic’s long ordeal have focused around a singular idea: collaborations.

Many do it, in big and small ways. Gucci, which “hacked” Balenciaga last season, is now launching an e-commerce site featuring refurbished vintage Gucci products and capsule collections from young designers. The hatter Borsalino collaborates with the French brand Ami Paris and the equestrian-inspired brand Acheval.

If the fashion industry is going to change, now is the time, insiders say, even if the temptation to revert to old ways is great.

Highlights of the fourth day of the Milan parades on Saturday for next spring and summer:


Gucci launched an e-commerce site on Saturday featuring refurbished vintage Gucci pieces as well as capsule collections from young designers chosen by Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele.

Michele said the project grew out of his long-standing obsession with the fashion collection, including Gucci items even before joining the brand.

“Yes, I do this job to tell stories. But I also do it because I really like objects, ”he told reporters in Milan.

Young designers featured included London-based Priya Ahluwalia. Nigerian and Indian in origin, Ahluwalia’s recycled collections have already found a large following ranging from sports figures like Lewis Hamilton to middle-aged hipsters.

“Completely out of the blue, I received a message from Gucci. I thought it was advertising or spam, ”Ahluwalia said. “When I realized it was real, I was extremely happy.”

Michele said the brand has an extensive network of vintage Gucci sources, which it uses to reconstruct its archives. The launch includes a white Jackie bag meticulously maintained by its previous owner that he wanted to keep to himself.

Then, laughing, he said, “Who knows, maybe I’ll log on tonight and buy it myself!”

Gucci strayed from the Milan Fashion Week calendar, finding its own rhythms. Her next show will be on November 3 in Los Angeles, coinciding with the 10th LACMA Art – Film Gala, which Gucci is sponsoring.



Dolce & Gabbana wanted to shed some light on glamor with their latest collection – and they did. Their dazzling gazes lit up a searchlight that could easily be seen from orbit.

The silhouette was decidedly sexy, built around corsets, mini-dresses and sheer lingerie, fundamental elements of the brand’s creative language.

This season, designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have gone all out with light-reflecting embellishments, covering clothes with rhinestones, adding pearls and indulging in metallic accents and fringes. The models walked down a mirrored runway under traveling spotlights.

Jackets densely adorned with jewels contrasting with narrow camouflage cargo pants or distressed jeans. Jackets in one series had sculpted sleeves straight out of the fashion show. The pants were low waisted, leaving room for the studded lingerie to look through.

The designers said the collection was a “reinterpretation of the aesthetic of the 2000s”. They paid tribute to Jennifer Lopez with a pair of J-Lo T-shirts.

Calmer moments were reserved for on-trend little black dresses with lace accents and open fronts revealing almost sheer corsets, and even even smaller black jumpsuits.

The shoes were stiletto heeled sandals with laces, knee high boots and mid-calf boots, which helped the quick final a bit as the models slowed down to descend the stairs. The boots were in satin, denim, camouflage and crocodile.

Each Dolce Box handbag had a unique design.

Although in Milan for the show, the creators virtually appeared on a screen for their traditional post-show bow.



With the world almost at a standstill, Arthur Arbesser’s team kicked off their creativity by recycling shipping boxes into cardboard flowers and crocheting fancy hats.

The title of the collection “Lost and Found” makes concrete reference to inspirations found in a family attic that spark happy memories, but it can also mean things lost and found during the pandemic, such as the joy of doing things in homes. quiet moments.

“I realized that it’s so important to do something with your hands because you get some kind of satisfaction, and we need satisfaction,” Arbesser said.

In the wake of the pandemic, the Milan-based Austrian designer happily ditched the runway for more personal presentations, transforming a storefront in Milan’s luxury shopping district into a creative studio adorned with a bespoke mural and displaying a new line of tablecloths with its latest collection.

The details of the mural became a decoration on a dress pocket. The long, romantic silhouettes contrast with the crop tops. A black and white checkered mini dress was paired with a square print shirt, while a short tapestry skirt had a youthful appeal. This season’s prints include naïve designs, colorful checkerboard prints with a pixel effect, alongside gingham, retro checks and stripes.

“The most important thing to keep going,” said Arbesser. “We are happy because we believe that our own well-being and that of your team and the people around you is so important. “



Nothing like a stop in the event of a pandemic to rethink a business.

164-year-old Italian hat maker Borsalino took the time to focus on new collaborations, expanding the brand to leather goods and scarves through licensing deals, relaunching its digital presence, optimizing production and eliminating defects in machinery that might otherwise be unused.

“It was a great break. We made decisions which were not easy to take before, ”said Philippe Camperio, the manager of Haeres Equita behind the relaunch of Borsalino.

To reach new audiences and expand distribution, Borsalino collaborated with the Parisian brand Ami on a simple bell with a wavy edge and with Acheval on a raffia capsule collection with ribbons in the silhouettes of horses. The website now includes tutorials on how to cut and wear hats. And Borsalino is working with young designers from the Marangoni Fashion Institute to integrate hats into their stylistic language.

The Spring / Summer 2022 collection launched this week is a journey through Japan, Italy and South America. Dark denim baseball caps and bobs are personalized with charms or Geisha prints for a trendy Tokyo look. A hand-crocheted raffia hat represents Sicilian craftsmanship. And Ecuadorian influences shine through on the Panama hats with distinctive ribbons.

Each brand has a different response to how the pandemic has changed or challenged them.

“For us, it’s about embracing today’s values, being socially responsible, which includes sustainability and the circular economy, and diversity to attract everyone,” said the director creative Giacomo Santucci.



The Ferragamo woman for next summer is understated in an easy-to-wear silhouette with sexy moments.

Smocked dresses have a deep V and open backs, while more fitted wrap dresses feature suggestive slits. The pants were loose-fitting harem pants with wrapped details, associated, for example, with a crossover top.

“I wanted the collection to be feminine and sensual,” said design director Guillaume Meilland.

Men’s clothing included knit jumpsuits, low-rise pants with braided sashes, and bare-legged shorts under a coat jacket.

For women, the shoes have relaunched the Vara and Varina ballerinas in new materials including rattan, and an open toe sandal for him.

Brooke Shields, accompanied by her daughter Grier Hency, had a front row seat, along with American actors Ashley Benson, Madelyn Cline, Ashton Sanders and Ross Butler.

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Fashion style

Carole Middleton rocks daughter Kate’s favorite denim style and we’re in awe

Laura Sutcliffe

Carole middleton just featured in a fabulous new interview with the Daily mail, and looks stunning in the accompanying photographs.

READ: Alizée, wife of James Middleton, wore her stepmother Carole’s wedding dress – see photo

Looking much younger than her 66 years old, the mother of the duchess of cambridge sports a classic and modern outfit, including a crisp white ruffled shirt, brown ankle boots and a pair of cropped jeans. In another shot, she’s wearing a light blue denim shirt, the same jeans, navy blue pumps and holding a bunch of balloons. Gorgeous.

Loading the player …

WATCH: Kate Middleton’s all-white look

Commenting on her youthful appearance, Carole told the post: “I spend a lot of time with young people which can help keep anyone young! maybe you get older. I love hearing about fashion, sport and design trends. “

MORE: 11 Famous Moms Of The Brides Who Looked Amazing At Their Daughter’s Wedding

Speaking of denim, Prince William’s wife Kate is often seen in cropped jeans, always wearing them very well. In fact, in June, the mother-of-three was pictured getting her COVID-19 vaccine, dressed in a beautiful £ 65 pair from & Other Stories, known as the ‘favorite cut cropped’ which sold out as soon as she wore them.


Kate Middleton wears cropped jeans often

We wonder if Carole took tips from her daughter? After all, the pair love the same labels.


The Duchess wore a goat dress in 2017, and her mother wore a similar style

In 2018, Carole, mother of three, appeared in an interview with the Telegraph and wore not one, but two almost exact dresses that were once worn by the royal, although she insisted at the time that they were not entirely “the same”.

READ: Carole Middleton Launches Fancy Dress Line Her Royal Grandchildren Will Love

The dresses in question were a burgundy and red design from Kate’s go-to UK label, GOAT. Both were knee-deep, with high collars and long sleeves with ruffled cuffs that looked a lot like the one the Duchess wore in November and December 2017. Both ladies wore tights and boots with the dresses. Great minds think alike!

The selection of HELLO! is editorial and independently chosen – we only feature articles that our editors like and approve. HELLO! may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. To find out more visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

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Fashion designer

Pur3taha From Benghazi to Hollywood: Sons of Immigrants Riding Wave as Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur

In just a few years working in the fashion industry, Taha Elghanai has already caught the attention of several prominent celebrities, even before moving to Los Angeles in January 2020. Settling in a city of such magnitude is a bold move, even for those who may move there from another metropolis.

It is not for the faint of heart. However, for young creatives and entrepreneurs, LA is a city filled with endless opportunities to grow, network, and find inspiration. For Taha, whose fashion label PocketStar was already making waves on the music scene, moving to the heart of the entertainment industry made sense despite the uncertainty that accompanies such a move.

In all fairness, it may have seemed less intimidating to him considering the wide variety of experiences he has already had when he was only 21 years old. Son of Libyan immigrants, his childhood is shared between Everett, Washington and Benghazi.

In Libya, he saw with his own eyes the effects of the constant tension that became a tragic norm in the region and saw large parts of a city with centuries of history reduced to rubble. Living in Washington had its challenges; to assimilate to a different culture while preserving his Arab roots and his Muslim faith, to see his parents struggling to get under their feet as they started a new life.

“Growing up my family didn’t have much,” he recalls, “just food on the table and shopping for clothes once a year.” This reality gave Taha the desire to be successful from an early age. It also became evident from an early age that he had a strong creative streak and already had reservations about going the traditional college route to find a career long before his final year of high school. “I knew that a normal job was not going to work for me even when I was in school, I was always sure. I was fed up with my family struggling and I was always very ambitious growing up. The only thing I wasn’t sure was exactly what I was going to build.

Taha says the answer was revealed to him in 2017, while he was still in high school. “I have always been a music lover. I love music, live concerts, the way music creates culture and trends. I went to concerts and saw Seattle’s greatest artists whenever I could. I too have always had a love for fashion. So I was going to these gigs, and at one point I realized I was going to the merchandising tables after the show ended and looking at the shirts and stuff they were selling and I thought the stuff was wrong. didn’t really look that cool. Like anyone could have conceived it. That’s when it occurred to me: launching your own brand of merchandise. A little later, the idea of ​​PocketStar came to me.

Once he saw the vision, Taha went straight to work. He found a job as a dishwasher, working the day to save the money needed to start his business and creating product designs at night on his way home.

The concept was simple, plain t-shirts with a chest pocket and an animated face of a famous rapper printed on the pocket. Taha ordered the shirts and drew the faces of artists like Drake, Travis Scott and Kanye West, printing the designs on the shirts himself. He started selling them locally, and PocketStar was born. “At first it was just word of mouth,” says Taha, “I started tossing the shirt around town and to my friends and stuff and eventually people I didn’t know would hit me up for them. That’s when I knew it could really work.

The initial success convinced Taha to go all out. He had started taking classes at the Art Institute in Seattle while he was working and launching his brand. But when the school announced that it would be closing its doors for good, instead of transferring to another school, Taha chose to accept the refund and put it in PocketStar. He started to look for ways to make PocketStar known and to integrate it to the general public.

A big break came soon after. “I knew celebrity mentions could be a good way to develop my platform, so I started branching out into the underground scene. I ended up going to a XXXTentacion concert wearing the X PocketStar shirt I had designed and having her DJ show her the shirt. X ended up wearing the shirt with his face on it and endorsed the brand.

This moment would prove to be the big break for Taha and PocketStar, as XXXTentacion not only endorsed the brand, but also made a deal with Taha so that he could make the X PocketStar t-shirt part of his official tour merchandise. . “After X showed love and brought the shirt on tour, it made PocketStar legit, and things started to move really quickly after that.”

Other great artists quickly followed. Tory Lanez endorsed the brand along with other artists including Playboi Carti and Smokepurpp. In 2018, Post Malone endorsed the brand and made the Posty PocketStar line part of the official cargo fleet for its Runaway Tour, which became the highest grossing tour of 2019. Now that it was fully established, Taha made the decision to move permanently to LA. .

Soon after, however, COVID-19 hit the United States, and like many, Taha had to adapt accordingly. With tour sales being PocketStar’s main source of income, Taha had to find other ways to apply his design and business acumen. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise and a great opportunity for growth. “I thought to myself that if I could create my own brand from scratch and on my own, I could do the same for other people. “

With this realization, Taha began to change focus. He started working closely with LA rap duo WAV3POP, who were among the first friends he made when he moved to LA and helped them launch their ONWAV3 clothing line. He handed over the majority of the maintenance tasks of PocketStar to his younger brother Modey, another aspiring entrepreneur, and started the company PUR3 Branding, which provides brand development, product design and derivative production services. to people looking to launch their own product lines.

It is clear that Taha is very proud of the success of his new business despite the pandemic. “At PUR3, we bring your vision to life. My goal is to make people’s vision come true. It is not surprising to hear him say this, since he has already experienced what it feels like to manifest a dream.

It has also given him the will to provide high quality service and not to take shortcuts, which is evident in the hours and attention to detail he devotes to each client. Although he now has many more resources than when he started PocketStar, Taha is putting as much effort into the brands he is currently developing as he did with PocketStar in 2017, still personally overseeing every step. of the development process. “I go from designing the fashion product to overseeing its handcrafted manufacture here in Los Angeles, creating websites and managing marketing campaigns. We run a full operation in-house for all your manufacturing needs, cut and sew products, sublimation and everything in between.

While Taha derives a clear sense of satisfaction from going into the details of the work he does, as well as the results, he exudes confidence rather than appearing arrogant; and with the performance of his business, he certainly deserved the right to enjoy success. So far in 2021, PUR3 Branding has developed over 18 brands and accounts, and Taha’s name is rapidly spreading in the fashion industry as a go-to person for branding themselves the right way.

While he likes to talk about his success and refer to himself as proof of what can happen when creativity is combined with hard work, Taha has not “gone to Hollywood” or forgotten his roots.

Despite all the demands he faces on a daily basis and being immersed in the largely secular and celebrity-filled LA scene, he still adheres to his Muslim faith and currently observes the month of Ramadan, fasting on all food and water from sunrise. at sunset, while maintaining the same level of productivity.

He attributes his success to his upbringing and not losing sight of his core beliefs as much as his own drive and work ethic. He is grateful for the lifestyle he has. “I dreamed big from the start. I saw it when I was doing the dishes, now I have worked with over a hundred celebrities. Post Malone, NLE Choppa, Trippie Redd etc. Don’t limit your success. Believe in yourself, I did it. As Taha continues to dream, he also wants his story to inspire others to follow theirs.

“It doesn’t matter who or what tells you that you can’t do something, if you see yourself doing it, then you’re going to do it. I went from broke and doing the dishes to making more money than I ever imagined. And not just the money, the lifestyle I can live. I work with my favorite artists and celebrities and I support myself financially. I can use my creativity to help others grow their brands and manifest their dreams like I have. Don’t sleep on your own, you can do it all.

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French fashion

Rocky Mountain football defeats Fort Collins in the dying seconds

The Lobos trailed the Lambkins 24-17 late in the fourth quarter before a touchdown and two-point conversion in the dying seconds helped Rocky Mountain to a 25-24 victory.

FORT COLLINS, Colorado – Maybe it was the end of the year.

And it turned out to be the 9Preps game of the week.

Rocky Mountain knocked out Fort Collins at French Field on Friday night, scoring a touchdown and a two-point conversion in the dying seconds to steal a 25-24 victory. In an electric atmosphere, the Lobos have decided to give up playing for the OT and let the game be decided in regulation.

With just 15 seconds to go, Zack Fine scored to bring Rocky Mountain down to one point at 24-23. Rather than throwing the extra point and playing overtime, the Lobos put together an epic game of turns to call the ball game.

In the two-run try, wide receiver Nate Eliason took over from a backhand from QB Gage Brook, he then threw the ball to Mac Marconi in the end zone to give Rocky Mountain the victory over bitter rival. Fort Collins.

“We just heard a lot about (Fort) Collins, and they’re a great football team, really great. They sort of run the city right now, so we came in as underdogs, but we knew as a team, we got it and we showed it tonight, ”Brook told 9NEWS after the game.

Rocky Mountain (3-2) will look to build on the momentum of the monster victory against Horizon next Friday night, while Fort Collins (3-2) face Westminster the same night.

>> Watch the video above and check out the highlights of the 9NEWS Prep Rally this weekend!

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Fashion style

News, trends and people of the month

Partners in adornment

The name of the game these days in fashion is collaboration, the latest Irish being between Katie O’Riordan, founder of Theo + George, and Silvana Landa, founder of Landa bags. The two discovered that not only did they share a love of fashion, coffee and affordable luxury, but that the inspiration behind their two businesses was their grandfathers.

Landa’s grandfather, Miguel, an Italian shoemaker, emigrated to Argentina after World War II. O’Riordan named Theo + George after his grandfathers, Curtis Theodore and George. Theo started his construction business at the end of WWII and George started his business soon after arriving in the United States with nothing but the shirt on his back.

The two businesswomen came together for their fall / winter 21/22 collections with cashmere pieces embellished with handbags in universal tones of beige, burgundy and nude – their common bond being their emphasis on heritage, quality and craftsmanship. Visit their sites and

Black plexichain Landa bag (€ 420), Theo + George skinny jeans (€ 249) and cashmere pullover (€ 279)

The “I do” costume

A new unconventional Irish bridal brand called Not Another White Dress launched by designer Carolyn O’Sullivan aims to do exactly what she says on the tin – specialize in alternative bridal wear made with the same precision and quality. same attention to detail as a conventional white dress. For example, the tailored “I Do” pantsuit is crafted from luxury silk brocade, a fabric traditionally used in white wedding dresses.

O’Sullivan, a graduate of the Limerick School of Art and Design spent 11 years in Melbourne, Australia honing her skills which she now brings to her new brand. “People need to visualize alternatives to white,” she says, adding that she has always loved color. She says some of the dresses she’s designed involve as much work in their foundations as a classic, handmade white dress would. And, of course, they can be worn over and over again.

O’Sullivan is particularly interested in customizing design for brides-to-be – customizing fabrics and colors as well as making to order from her existing looks. Visit his website .

Summer garden veil

Summer garden veil


Unusual socks attract attention and get you noticed. Anna Guerin’s playful latest issues of Sock Co-Op will certainly attract comments as one of the 11 new designs features images of the Poolbeg towers and lighthouse in Dublin.

Others include Sligo (Yeats and Ben Bulben), Belfast (Titanic H&W Cranes), Donegal (Fanad Lighthouse), Ancient East (Newgrange, Salmon of Knowledge), Limerick (King John’s Castle, Sarsfield Bridge), Wexford (Hook Lighthouse, Tacumshane Windmill), Waterford (Reginald Tower), Mayo (Croagh Patrick), Tipperary (Rock of Cashel) and Giant’s Causeway. They are € 9.95 per pair. What’s not to like? Visit

Poolbeg socks (€ 9.95)

Poolbeg socks (€ 9.95)

Aesthetic scarf

London-based Irish designer Rory Hutton has turned to William Morris and Oscar Wilde this season with a collection of silk scarves aimed at home decor enthusiasts.

The 90x90cm scarves refer to Morris’s famous quote frequently quoted by Wilde in his talks on taste and decor: “Have nothing in your house that you don’t know is useful or that you don’t think is beautiful.” Next to the quote is the classic Sussex chair based on vernacular furniture designed by Philip Webb.

Hutton is well known for giving classic themes a contemporary twist and is currently working with the Noël Coward Archives to create a range of commemorative coins to celebrate the playwright’s accomplishments as 2022 marks the centenary of his West End debut. The scarves are 105 € and can be found on

Rory Hutton scarf

Rory Hutton scarf

Stone hunt

“The finest treasures rarely come knocking on your door,” say Boodles merchants whose latest brochure lists the extraordinary 16-day world tour of Anthony Wainright, father of current President Nicholas, in search of stones remarkable. in 1962 – “and by Jove he did it in style”.

This globetrotting escapade was serious business, however, planned with military precision leading it to 10 points around the world in search of the finest diamonds, pearls and gems. The brochure not only showcases the company’s stunning new ring collection, including the exceptionally intricate Havana ring, but also tells how each ring reflects places of global significance 60 years later.

The icy white hardness of Patagonia “like a shard from the ice fields”, for example, was made with a central white diamond, a dazzling 10-carat square stone with six triangular-cut (triangular-type) diamonds on its shoulders. . Dream. Visit

Boodle ring

Boodle ring

Upstream knits

Designed during lockdown, Lucy Downes’ latest Sphere One collection allowed for increased experimentation with new concepts, design details, fabrics and finishes. The result is a gorgeous and serene knit group that reflects the natural landscape of the River Liffey in the Wicklow Mountains with tones called gorse, ferns, linden and wet road.

Ruffled Chiffon Shoulder Details in Capillary; the silk grosgrain belt and ribbon embellish the honor; while the Robin’s reverse-knit sleeveless cardigan is a tribute to the style of family friend, architect Robin Walker. The new collection is made from the highest quality Scottish and Italian cashmere, recycled Italian eco-friendly cashmere and baby alpaca.

A friend recently showed me a white Sphere One sweater that looks as new today as it did 20 years ago – the quality is second to none, so it’s no surprise the brand is in stock in shops around the world. Find Sphere One in Havana, Juju and Emporium Kalu as well as online at with free worldwide shipping on all orders. The Uppriver collection for AW21 is now on sale.

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Fashion brand

What the new greenwashing guidelines could mean for fashion brands

FFrom the beginning of next year, fashion brands risk finding themselves in breach of the law if they engage in

Following its findings in early 2021 that 40% of green claims made online could mislead consumers, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) published the “Green Claims Code”. Based on existing consumer protection legislation and applicable to “product advertising, labeling and packaging or other accompanying information… even product names”, the Code is designed to help businesses comply with the law and to reduce the risk of misleading buyers.

Brands now have a so-called break-in period until 2022, when the CMA will conduct a full review of misleading claims made both online and offline. While all products and services with green claims are affected, CMA must prioritize industries of greatest concern to consumers, with the fashion and textile industry at the top of the list.

The code could be formed around the 2008 regulation on the protection of consumers against unfair trades, but no specific guidance on environmental claims existed so far. This is why shoppers are entitled to dedicated “sustainable collections” showcases or Instagram posts on “green”, “responsible” or “better for the planet” fashion brands with very little information or evidence. to back up these claims. .

“Stakeholder demand has ensured that there is a checklist of things that organizations need to show they are working on to be considered sustainable, but many undermine it using terminology and pictures misleading in what they present to the public, ”says Tiffany Kelly, co-founder of the retail platform Beyond Bamboo.

Until fashion brands actively measure and disclose their impacts in a reliable and transparent manner, they must be held accountable for all sustainability communication.

Ruth MacGilp, Communications and Content Manager at Fashion Revolution

A quick scan of UK retailer websites reveals that examples of this are not hard to find. “Make sure [cotton] is supplied in a more environmentally sustainable manner ”; “… Ensure that 100% of products and packaging are made from more sustainable or recycled materials”; and “… we are striving to make a positive change by using materials from more sustainable sources” were among the statements made by leading UK brands to prove their commitment to environmentally responsible business practices.

Such statements seem impressive at first glance, but they leave questions unanswered. How do they make sure it comes from sustainable sources? What do they mean by sustainable source? What exactly matters as a more durable material?

“Until fashion brands actively measure and disclose their impacts in a reliable and transparent manner, they must be held accountable for all sustainability communications,” says Ruth MacGilp, communications and content manager at Fashion Revolution. “We need legislation that supports efforts like these to prevent greenwashing… with penalties for unsubstantiated claims by big brands.”

“For consumers to have the best chance of knowing that the clothes they buy match their values, we need to make sure that companies are telling the truth about their products and processes,” MacGilp continues. And thanks to the new guidelines, knowing what’s real and what’s greenwashing should be much easier.

The six principles of the Green Claims Code are: statements should be true and accurate, statements should be clear and unambiguous, statements should not omit or obscure important relevant information, comparisons should be fair and meaningful, statements must take into account the full life cycle of the product or service, and claims must be substantiated.

Greenwashing is eroding consumer confidence and means that truly sustainable brands struggle to be heard

Tiffany Kelly, co-founder of the retail platform Beyond Bamboo.

They may seem like basic expectations, but they risk tearing apart the way brands currently talk about sustainability. Claims like “we’re working to become more sustainable” won’t cut the mustard anymore unless they are backed up by evidence of exactly how it will happen. Using vague descriptions like “organic cotton jeans” won’t do the trick either. The marks should clearly state what percentage of the fiber is organic cotton and what the composition of the rest of the fabric is.

Claims that a product is’ greener ‘than an anonymous comparison are removed, and the use of general terms such as’ sustainable’ or ‘eco-friendly’ is also to be considered, as the CMA says they are ‘susceptible to be considered as suggesting that a product, service, process, brand or company as a whole has a positive environmental impact. And if a business cannot prove that this is the case, it risks enforcement from bodies such as the CMA and ASA, which can involve legal proceedings and paying reparations to affected consumers.

Until now, brands could use a single eco-friendly collection or the presence of recycled materials in a small percentage of their products as a shroud, distracting attention from overproduction, fossil fuel fabrics and endemic waste. They were able to leverage symbolic efforts to prove that they are sustainable from top to bottom. But the newly formulated expectations for evidence-based claims, clear language, meaningful comparisons, and full lifecycle considerations will expose which brands really do the job and which are only greenwashing as an exercise. public relations.

“Greenwashing erodes consumer confidence and means that truly sustainable brands struggle to be heard,” says Kelly. “We need to make conscious consumerism as simple and authentic as possible for our customers. They must be able to believe that what we are saying is true.

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Fashion designer

I’m a fashion editor and this is what I’m already wearing from Target’s new designer collaboration

I took Target’s new designer collaboration for a ride, and I promise it’s worth every penny


As I get older, there are only a handful of things that still fill me with the same excitement as in my early twenties. I have come to dread a wild night out and if I had the chance I would rather relax with the same small group of friends than be a social butterfly. However, when it comes to collaborations with the creators of Target – which have allowed me to purchase cute, avant-garde pieces affordably for years – I still feel the same old joy. Somehow they seem to get better with each new release.

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For fall 2021, the store announced that it is collaborate with four popular brands that I have grown to love during my years as a fashion editor: Nili Lotan, Rachel Comey, Sandy Liang and Victor Glemaud. Each name has a unique style of its own, so whether your personal preference is for bold colors and prints or classic basics, there is something for everyone. And since each coin drops to under $ 80, it’s possible to invest in multiple items without feeling that added guilt.

Personally, I still live in designer collaboration dresses which dropped last May, so when Target asked if I wanted to try the Fall designer collection and choose four items from each brand, I jumped at the chance. I was, of course, slightly suspicious of the quality (Nili Lotan, for example, has leather jackets that cost over $ 1,000 – could they really replicate similar items on a budget?), But I was pleasantly surprised. After trying every look, and even wear a few during New York Fashion Week (I am really impatient and it was a fashion emergency!), I can honestly say, set your alarm clock. Take what you can. Don’t miss this one when it launches on September 25.

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Campaign photos for Target’s Fall Designer Collection are undoubtedly mind-blowing, but sometimes it’s helpful to see what these parts look like on an average non-model human. To make packing easier on a trip to my parents’ house, I chose to store each Target look in a small suitcase, so now I’m going to show you some selfies of my bright blue childhood bedroom turned into a study and bedroom. friends.

For reference, I’m an XS and 0 at Target, but the range goes up to 4X.

Rachel comey

I took Target's new designer collaboration for a ride, and I promise it's worth every penny

I took Target’s new designer collaboration for a ride, and I promise it’s worth every penny


I won’t be picking any favorites for this collaboration, but I will say this look is extremely versatile and I have no doubt that I will be wearing each piece far too often over the next few months. I have already counted on the printed matching set for a very busy day running to fashion shows, as it was a look I knew I could adopt from work to a slightly fancy dinner party. The jacket is light, yet heavy enough for chilly fall weather, while the earrings are the simple yet statement-making pair that I personally always look for, whether I’m attending a wedding or taking a drink in a bar.

Buy now: Rachel Comey x Target

Nili Lotan

I took Target's new designer collaboration for a ride, and I promise it's worth every penny

I took Target’s new designer collaboration for a ride, and I promise it’s worth every penny


I’ll be honest: I still struggle when it comes to wearing real pants. I lived in bike shorts and get dressed all summer and really hate putting my legs in tight, stiff jeans. These olive pants, however, are so comfortable. They actually have an elastic waist and ankle so they are basically considered high sweats.

I chose to embrace the preppy fall vibe with a half-zip sweater, layering it over a floral-print shirt, and carrying an extra-large tote bag, all from the collaboration. . I almost feel collegial – like Rory in the later seasons of Gilmore Girls – and I say it in the best possible way. Wearing this outfit reminds me of orange leaves and hot drinks, which is my version of happiness.

Buy now: Nili Lotan x Target

Sandy Liang

I took Target's new designer collaboration for a ride, and I promise it's worth every penny

I took Target’s new designer collaboration for a ride, and I promise it’s worth every penny


It probably makes sense to set up a separate savings fund to purchase Sandy Liang’s Spring / Summer 22 collection. Everything is so good and best described as Y2k meets schoolgirl meets cottagecore (like, I saw clip-in pants in the mix, but there were also puffed sleeves, pleats, and matching quilted sets). In the meantime, we have at least this Target collaboration to hold us back, which has a similar vibe. For this look, I chose a printed sherpa jacket, as I always covet sweaters from this brand, along with a black tennis skirt and white puffer jacket that will surely get me through future 50 degree days (insert crying emoji here).

If you are looking for items under $ 20, I highly recommend these cute Sandy Liang hair accessories. The pack came with a set of four clips (three bobby pins, while one was more of a barrette), all of which added something extra to my messy ponytail.

Buy now: Sandy Liang x Target

Victor Glemaud

I took Target's new designer collaboration for a ride, and I promise it's worth every penny

I took Target’s new designer collaboration for a ride, and I promise it’s worth every penny


I fully admit that I splurged on a similarly patterned sweater, out of my budget, from this same designer, only because I’m a fan of the brand. And while this one might be a bit lighter, it’s actually pretty comparable overall.

I love how bright the rooms are in this particular collaboration – it’s a mood booster during dark fall and winter! – and I’m already finding tons of ways to wear this striped skirt, which I think can be both casual and dressy at the same time. To top off this already bold enough outfit, I went for a pair of orange sunglasses (fun!) And forgot to pack (but I recommend it anyway!).

Buy now: Victor Glemaud x Target

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French fashion

Remembering Richard Buckley – The New York Times

It was no secret that Mr. Buckley had been ill, on and off, for a long time. If friends managed to be surprised by his death, despite ample evidence of its inevitability, it was in large part thanks to the calm manner in which Mr Buckley dealt with him. Making tough things look easy was and is a trait of the Buckley-Ford family.

Mr. Buckley was born in Binghamton, NY, in 1948. His father was in the military; his mother, Mr Buckley said, was something of a narcissist and the “focus” was constantly changing. One year it was Germany, the next France, then back to the United States, where he was bullied at school because he was not, as he would later say, “athletic or athletic ”.

During his university studies and after his graduate studies, he dated women. Then, in the early 1970s, he accepted his homosexuality and left.

Mr. Ford first spotted Mr. Buckley while attending a David Cameron fashion show in the fall of 1986. Mr. Buckley was still working at Fairchild. Mr. Ford designed sportswear for Cathy Hardwick. Their eyes met on the other side of the track, but they failed to make a presentation, Ford said through a spokesperson. (Although he allowed friends to speak for this article, he did not speak personally.)

Shortly after, Mr. Buckley was on the roof of Fairchild’s New York City offices, preparing for a fashion shoot with his colleague Dennis Freedman. Mr Buckley spoke to Mr Freedman about this guy he had just seen, when the elevator opened and he got out, carrying samples of Cathy Hardwick for them to shoot.

‘It’s him,’ Mr Buckley said. “It’s the guy.”

They had their first date on Thanksgiving weekend. On New Year’s Eve, they had moved in together.

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Fashion style

17 easy-to-style long-sleeve fall dresses – starting at just $ 18

Us Weekly has affiliate partnerships, so we may receive compensation for certain links to products and services.

Some of you might not want to admit it, but short sleeve dresses and tank tops are going to take a back seat in our wardrobes in the coming weeks. You can still layer jackets and cardigans on top during this transition period, but once fall is in full swing, we’ll start wearing more long sleeve styles!

If you don’t have a ton of long sleeve dresses, fear not, we’ve got you covered. Check out our roundup of our favorite picks below, including relaxed day dresses and more chic finds to wear at night!

17 beautiful long sleeve dresses perfect for fall

Mini dresses for the day

1. Our absolute favorite: The wrap style and ruffles of this The Relipop dress combines to make it one of the most flattering and slimming silhouettes!

2. We also like: This The Lucky brand chiffon dress is modest enough to wear to work if you want to look professional!

3. We cannot forget: Shirt dresses like this one from Daily Ritual are another solid option if you want a relaxed, raised ensemble!

4. Best ruffle skirt dress: We love the way this Florens dress, cinched at the waist and flares out into a flowing, ruffled and ruffled skirt!

5. Best discreet dress: What better way to say you’re having the coldest day than by wearing a hooded sweatshirt dress like this from The Drop?

Casual midi and maxi dresses

6. Our absolute favorite: We can already imagine ourselves rocking it SweatyRocks bohemian style maxi dress for a weekend brunch with friends!

7. We also like: This knit dress from The Drop is perfect for those cooler fall days when you want to feel cozy and cute!

8. We cannot forget: The simplicity of this The KILIG midi dress offers you a chic canvas that you can dress according to your personality!

9. Best bohemian style fall dress: The two darker colors of this floral dress from R.Vivimos reflects the changing leaves of the fall season!

10. Best long wrap dress: Buyers say they love the “comfy and cute” look of this dress from NICE GARDEN!

11. Best everyday midi dress: Another dress popular with critics is this flattering, long-sleeved beauty from MEROKEETY!

Raised Cocktail Dresses

12. Our absolute favorite: This The Mansy Knit Dress is soft and comfy, but its dramatic batwing sleeves and slight off-the-shoulder neckline make it much more stylish!

13. We also like: If you want to make a dramatic statement, slip into this fit and flare midi dress from only puff!

14. We cannot forget: Another highlight of a dress is this ribbed knit bodycon midi number from SheKiss!

15. Best Classic Off Shoulder Dress: A timeless dress like this one from MISSMAY will always look glamorous whether you are going to a party or on a date!

16. We also like: This dress Simple Flavor is also a strong option if you are looking for a timeless and elevated style!

17. Best Flattering Bodycon Dress: The ruching on this The GRACE KARIN dress can hide any imperfections to create a sleek, sleek look that we think you’ll love!

Discover more of our choices and offers here!

This article is brought to you by the Shop With Us team at Us Weekly. The Shop With Us team aims to highlight products and services that our readers might find interesting and useful, such as face masks, self-tanners, Lululemon style leggings, and all the best gifts for everyone in your life. . The selection of products and services, however, is in no way intended to constitute an endorsement by Us Weekly or any celebrity mentioned in the post.

The Shop With Us team can receive products from manufacturers for free to test. Additionally, Us Weekly receives compensation from the manufacturer of the products we write about when you click a link and then purchase the product featured in an article. It does not determine whether a product or service is featured or recommended. Shop With Us operates independently of the advertising sales team. We appreciate your feedback at [email protected] Good shopping!

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French fashion

The famous masters of French perfume take you around the world with an exotic interactive tour

NOTEW YORK – International travel may still be a precious commodity as COVID persists, but it’s still one of life’s great pleasures to dream. Savvy retailers have taken note and are offering ways to evoke the spirit of travel without leaving the comforts of home.

To celebrate its 60 years, Diptych has created a lavish interactive tour of some of the world’s most exotic places. The legendary Parisian luxury perfumery has chosen five of its favorite destinations: Paris, Venice, Kyoto, Byblos and Milies, Greece – for his short story The Grand Tour collection, which was unveiled during New York Fashion Week during a pop-up shop in Gotham’s popular Meatpacking District.

Model Lily Aldridge showcased the limited edition collection of candles, perfumes, scented ovals and artwork during an opening night in the specially constructed space, which is Open to the public until October 10. The pop-up store features individual paintings from each destination and scent areas around each work of art.

Diptyque pop-up store in New York. (Photo courtesy of Diptyque)

The event was also notable for having masked servers circulating appetizers, each individually wrapped in a clear plexiglass container as an added precaution.

The company has also created a pop-up store in Paris, near the Louvre, which will remain open until October 24.

To showcase the new collection, the company has associated perfumers, with whom Diptyque has worked for decades, with five international artists who created original works of art that interpreted their vision of each place based on the fragrance created.

The collection includes a new candle depicting Paris – the scent is meant to evoke the sights and scents of a promenade along the Seine – and another candle showcasing Byblos – with notes of roasted coffee, cedar and cardamom recalling memories of a coffee in the old souk.

Other products include a fragrant oval with the scent of fig trees, cypress trees and the cool breezes of Milies, a mountain village near Mount Pelion in northern Greece; a trio of travel-size eau de toilette creating a fragrant Venetian vegetable garden; and a floral scent sporting a Sarayi patterned fabric celebrating Kyoto culture.

Prices for the special collection range from $ 70 to $ 190.

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Fashion designer

The 2021 Met Gala stars who embodied American independence

Each year, some of the world’s biggest stars walk the grand steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the heart of New York City. Directory Met Gala is a fundraiser for The Costume Institute, one of the museum’s most distinguished collections.

This year’s Met Gala coincided with the opening of a two-part exhibition – In America: a fashion lexicon.

The dress code for the event was “American independence», To be interpreted in collaboration between the guests and the fashion designers who invited them. The looks that the guests and their designers brought to the event generated a lot of controversy and talk. Many critics called the looks boring and accused the stars of ignoring the theme, while others took issue with some of the political statements that were made.

Despite these claims, this year’s Met Gala brought a myriad of particularly diverse interpretations, in a wide range of categories such as classic Americana, bold political statements, and contemporary reflections on what it means to be American.

Some of the guests were bold and fearless with their attire, while others took a more subtle approach to the “American independence” theme. One of the most advanced examples was brought by New York Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Her presence at the event and her sartorial choice drew heated criticism from both sides of the aisle.

She was wearing a white dress designed by Aurora James with the words “TAX THE RICH” splashed across the back. The dress has been vilified for being “performative activism” with people pointing out the irony of wearing this statement at an event displaying overwhelming richness.

Others have called Ocasio-Cortez a hypocrite, citing that someone who espouses economic justice would never attend such a lavish and ostentatious event as the Met Gala.

While the dress itself was a performance, it’s not fair to call out an active performative MP, especially Ocasio-Cortez who has spent her time in Congress fighting tooth and nail for tangible change.

Additionally, criticizing her participation on the basis of the luxury of the event ignores the fact that as an elected official she expects to attend fundraising events for museums and other cultural institutions. It is also reducing enough for the arts to dilute the Met Gala to a simple show of wealth, when there is so much more to understand about its purpose, as well as the hard work and creativity that characterizes both the event and its fashion.

While Ocasio-Cortez stole the show with her dress, other guests made more subtle statements on U.S. politics and social issues, including several looks channeling the Statue of Liberty.

Poet laureate that of Amanda Gorman look was by far one of the most meaningful and complex.

She wore a magical blue beaded gown by Vera Wang and a crystal hairpiece, resembling Lady Liberty’s iconic crown, but modified to symbolize the story of her title as Poet laureate. She was also holding a blue pouch with the words “give us your fatigue” on it, a line from the poem engraved on the Statue of Liberty itself.

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The words are a poignant reminder of what America should to be, but often fails to live up to, a place of opportunity and refuge.

Along the same lines, Timothée Chalamet reminded people of some of America’s most negative contrasts today. When interviewed on the mat, he reminded viewers that it is important “not to get lost in the glamor because a lot of people are in pain”.

Chalamet wore a luxurious white tuxedo jacket by Haider Ackerman and vintage Cartier brooches, paired with white sweatpants and a classic white converse. Some people criticized her look for being too simple, but the inspiration had a lot of depth.

In an interview, Ackerman told Vogue “Whenever I visit America, I am always struck by the wonderful clash of upscale and downtown cultures, music and sports, and all that energy that just mixes together… I wanted to create something something inspired by that energy. “

Although many political statements were made, some took advantage of the event to enjoy the most nostalgic and beloved parts of America.

Barbie was an unmistakable inspiration to many guests, as touches of pink were visible all over the red carpet.

Barbie and the color pink are beautiful examples enough to “American independence ” can mean for young women. So many girls are dishonored by their female interests at a young age because they are demeaned and deemed inferior to more male interests. For many women, reaching adulthood means feeling free to take back the things they loved as girls.

Kate hudson wore a pink two piece Michael Kors with a pink fur coat, Lily-Rose Depp wore a pink Chanel set with a vintage look, Nicolas peltz looked like royalty in a hot pink Valentino ball gown with lighter pink gloves and Lili reinhart wore a fantastic pink Christian Siriano gown adorned with the state flower from each of the fifty states.

Youtube star Jackie Aina dazzled in a pink dress from designer Fe Noel, who explained that “Jackie’s dress is the perfect mix of glamor meet the girl next door.”

Billie Eilish, who partnered with Oscar De La Renta on the condition that they stop using fur in all of their work, wore a stunning Holiday Barbie-inspired ball gown.

Eilish usually goes for less lavish styles, so seeing her in a luxurious dress was surprising to many. She has said in the past that she wears looser clothes to hide her figure after growing up seeing hypersexualized and disgraceful pop stars in the media. Eilish used this event to reinvent her own fashion as she enters adulthood in the limelight.

The looks of many participants winked at old Hollywood, or the “golden age” of Hollywood, which laid the foundation for many of their careers. Some found the looks in the category boring and over the top, but old Hollywood is essential to understanding the key elements of “American independence.

In the early 1900s, we saw a shift to the five-day work week, and many Americans now had the means to relax. Hollywood was born out of this because Americans could use their time to go to the movies on weekends. Over time, movies have become a means of escape during tumultuous times like the Great Depression and the World Wars.

This golden age of Hollywood allowed Americans to take ownership of their time and imagine a new and more exciting world. It also paved the way for American fashion as we understand it today as people now had Hollywood starlets to mold their fashion sense.

So many of these looks were simple, but captured the glitz and glamor of that era beautifully.

Gigi hadid in Prada, Barbie ferriera to Johnathan Simkhai, Anok yai and Kaia Gerber both in Oscar De La Renta, Yara Shahidi at Dior, and Megan you stallion in Coach, all of them gave beautifully realized views of the Hollywood glamor of the Golden Age.

Kendall jenner, however, was the star of the evening in this category. She looked captivating and elegant in a gorgeous crystal-embroidered sheer dress by Matthew Williams for Givenchy. The look was a modern take on Aubrey Hepburn’s iconic look in “My beautiful lady”(1964).

Often referred to as the Super Bowl of fashion, the Met Gala is an important and highly anticipated event each year, playing a huge role in shaping fashion in the years to come and sparking a dialogue on the topics discussed each year.

This year’s guests and their designers did a fabulous job of thoughtfully responding to what it means to be American through the lens of costume. The looks are the culmination of thousands of hours in workshops and offices, planning, conceptualizing, designing and constructing every intricate detail of these looks.

This year’s gala was filled with dazzling displays of fashion and creativity, sparking conversations and controversy over competing ideas about how the theme should have been portrayed. The hundreds of guests went in many directions, but each was meaningful to the theme in a unique way as they all represented different aspects of what American independence means.

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French fashion

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s Favorite Vintage Dealer Takes Over Paris

When Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen decided to offer an exquisite selection of vintage clothing alongside their quintessentially minimalist spring collection on The Row’s e-commerce site in January of this year, there was only one woman they trusted to co-cure it: Marie Blanchet.

French in origin, raven hair and talkative, the Vestiaire Collective and William Vintage alum is a vintage hunter par excellence. After launching her own business, My Vintage, in November 2020, she almost immediately started sourcing copies from the past decade from Chanel, Comme des Garçons and Issey Miyake in collaboration with Mary-Kate Olsen.

Now she has Paris in her sights. On September 22, Blanchet launched what she called the largest vintage edition in a department store in the world, when it took over the entire seventh floor of the legendary Printemps Haussmann. Over 1,300 restored and authenticated pieces – from Versace bondage costumes to Chloe tiger-embroidered jeans courtesy of Phoebe Philo’s tenure – will populate the shelves of the newly renovated 10,000-square-foot space, just in time for Fashion Paris Week.

Marie Blanchet.

The Mon Vintage edition, which covers a wide price range, from collectable to affordable, includes pieces according to Blanchet “say something about fashion now” but which are also endlessly portable. It is a treasure for Gaultier obsessives in particular. “We took a little leap of faith, and we found an incredible Jean Paul Gaultier collection from a single female wardrobe,” says Blanchet. “She had a real range of pieces, from the most affordable to the best show items.” A highlight: the Spring 1998 JPG cameo necklace titled “Homage to Frida Kahlo”, which Madonna wore in the opening scene of her 1998 music video for “Frozen”.

Other goodies: An original Yves Saint Laurent safari tunic in navy blue velvet from the fall 1969 collection, worn by Jane Birkin in British outfit Vogue at the time; original Yves Saint Laurent safari belts made famous by Veruschka in his Franco Rubartelli 1968 Vogue Paris Pull; as well as a strapless Yves Saint Laurent velvet dress with a silk bow from the fall 1983 haute couture collection. (Saint Laurent, as you might have guessed, is a concern of Blanchet. She is a woman who marked what the French call “the start”, the start of September, with an Yves Saint Laurent evening dress from the early 80s. “I had it altered, so it’s now a mini-it looks like ‘he could have gotten off the Vaccarello track, “she says.” I wear him obsessively. “)

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Fashion brand

The American Saadia Group to acquire the luxury shoe brand Aquatalia

Saadia Group, an end-to-end multi-brand US platform known for being a leader in the manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing and distribution of products, has agreed to acquire the assets of its leading fashion brand from luxury, Aquatalia, from Global Brands Group. The acquisition was approved by the US Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York.

The deal is expected to be finalized in the coming weeks.

The Saadia group acquires Aquatalia with the vision of entering the luxury footwear market. With Aquatalia’s history of style and craftsmanship, the Saadia Group considers it the perfect label to start its portfolio in the luxury fashion world, the companies said in a joint press release.

Saadia Group, an end-to-end multi-brand US platform known for being a leader in the manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing and distribution of products, has agreed to acquire the assets of its leading fashion brand from luxury, Aquatalia, from Global Brands Group. The acquisition was approved by the US Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York.

Founded in 1994 and made in Italy, Aquatalia is renowned for the best combination of fashion, craftsmanship and comfort in luxury footwear – celebrating “functional luxury, versatile style and portability”.

Jack Saadia, director and co-founder of the Saadia group said, “The addition of Aquatalia to our growing family of brands strengthens our reach and our ability to serve additional consumers. We look forward to developing this brand and are excited to continue adding to our portfolio in the luxury market.

Fibre2Fashion Information Office (KD)

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Fashion style

COS Fall / Winter 2021 introduces a new angle to contemporary fashion

COS Fall / Winter 2021 combines high fashion with everyday casual wear to bring you the ultimate must-have pieces for your wardrobe.

COS Fall / Winter 2021 recently debuted during London Fashion Week which was broadcast live around the world to set a new direction for the brand. With an emphasis on the concept of ‘rethinking the future’, it reinvigorates wardrobe classics with elevated design while providing simplicity and functionality. It’s now becoming an obsession for the fashion crowd, and here’s why.

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: COS]

Image Credit: COS

Sustainability is at the heart of the collection

With an ongoing commitment to sustainable development, COS Fall / Winter 2021 explores new ways of understanding contemporary culture through the prism of fashion. While material innovation and sustainable design are the main themes of the collection, the brand takes a careful approach to the production process to limit the use of natural resources. This includes making the most of organic and recycled materials as well as recycled fabrics.

Image Credit: COS

Clothing for women and men with a nod to retro influences

This season’s women’s clothing features relaxed, layered styles of oversized cuts and knits. They’re a nod to ’90s mod culture and minimalism, which emphasizes slimmer proportions, tailoring, and pinstripes. On the other hand, a relaxed and effortless approach endures in the collection of men’s clothing. Inspired by 1970s graphic jacquard, earthy landscapes and textures, the pieces perfectly refer to streetwear with a utilitarian style.

Image Credit: COS

Tonal but refreshing shades of color

The COS Fall / Winter 2021 palette explores tone-on-tone dressing; cool neutrals are paired with rich fall undertones. Winter whites, camel and stone are lifted by vibrant yellows and royal, dusty and light blue hues. Additionally, a fresh take on checks, stripes and houndstooth also helps to upgrade heritage prints.

Image of a model in COS outfit for the COS Fall / Winter 2021 article
Image Credit: COS

Complementary accessories

When it comes to accessories, the style versatility continues as a yellow faux fur clutch, leather gloves, scarves and hooded hybrids inject bursts of color into the COS Fall / Winter 2021 collection. Plus, the shoes feature an assortment of styles including chunky brogues and high shank boots. It’s a stylish take on modern classics that is sure to enhance and refresh your ready-to-wear wardrobe.

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Fashion brand

New York-based fashion brand Arch XI offers genre-less catalog

Is shopping separated into men’s and women’s sections a thing of the past? Russ, the founder of fashion label Arch XI thinks so.

Arch XI is one of the few fashion brands to offer a full line of products not categorized by gender. Its founder, Russ, believes that the future of retail is a shopping experience without any gender segregation.

“We maintain a gender-neutral catalog because we believe there is no room for gender-neutral shopping in retail in the future,” said Russ.

The New York-based store promotes fashion that can be enjoyed by anyone. With their distinctive style, Arch XI dares to introduce a new concept of luxury fashion, one that is all about comfort.

The brand continually seeks to develop its selection of clothing with a human-centered approach. All products are designed to provide their users with features that fit into their daily lives. After experiencing comfort, Arch XI customers embrace it as their everyday fashion choice.

The store’s Castaway slides, for example, are one of its most popular products. In some reviews, customers state that they initially purchased the item for indoor use in their home, but end up wearing them almost everywhere they go.

Arch XI proudly specializes in sunglasses that the company calls “shades”. Its eyewear category lists premium sunglasses that feature both aesthetics and functionality.

The Island Shades in the collection are constructed with UV400 polarized lenses and a specially designed wooden temple that is both anti-static and lightweight. On the other hand, the Watchmaster Shades showcase a unique design inspired by a Swiss watch and are available exclusively in the Arch XI online store.

Fashionistas in search of comfort also appreciate the store’s selection of clothing. In its Shop Lifestyle category, Arch XI currently offers products such as footwear such as slippers and moon socks, sweaters, shirts, hoodies, shorts and jogging pants.

Arch XI has a rapidly growing customer base despite opening last year in July 2020. Its Instagram account, @arch_xi, has over 16,000 users.

Although their selection is 100% gender-neutral, a detailed size chart is available on the Arch XI website for the benefit of customers. The online store offers free shipping on all orders within the United States. Buyers have several payment options including Amex, Master Card, Visa, Apple Pay, Discover, Amazon Pay, and more.

Arch XI is exclusively available on their website and is aimed directly at consumers.

More information on Arch XI is available at

Media contact
Company Name: Arc XI
Contact: Russ
E-mail: Send an email
Country: United States

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French fashion

Lily Collins Shows Off Her French Fashion In ‘First Look’ Of Season Two Of Netflix’s Emily In Paris

Emily is back in Paris!

Lily Collins took to Instagram to share a “first look” at her French fashion in the upcoming new season of the hit Netflix series Emily In Paris.

The 32-year-old daughter of musician Phil Collins will reprise her role in the hit series as American expatriate and social media scholar Emily Cooper.

Good morning! Lily Collins took to Instagram to share a ‘first glimpse’ of her French fashion in the upcoming new season of the hit Netflix series Emily In Paris

‘Finally, a first glimpse of @emilyinparis Season Two !!! So excited to share the screen with this amazing cast, ”Collins wrote in a social media post.

Adding: “I can not wait for you to see everything that is to come. You will have a blast. Until then, kisses kisses !!…. ‘

The brunette beauty has shared a series of snaps from the upcoming season, showcasing some of her character’s jaw-dropping fashion choices.

Collins posed in a cornflower blue ruffled high-low dress in the first photo alongside her best friends on the show.

Season 2: Emily Cooper, American expatriate and social media scholar, returns for a new season and with a whole new French and retro-inspired fashion

Season 2: Emily Cooper, American expatriate and social media scholar, returns for a new season and with a whole new French and retro-inspired fashion

Yes, yes: In the second season, it looks like Emily is fully embracing the classic French style.  She appears in a mustard yellow beret at one point - which matches a Prada leather handbag

Yes, yes: In the second season, it looks like Emily is fully embracing the classic French style. She appears in a mustard yellow beret at one point – which matches a Prada leather handbag

Ashley Park dazzled in a school bus yellow ruffle bra top with a wide brimmed hat and purple high waisted shorts and Camille Razat looked chic in a white double breasted suit dress with sunglasses roses.

Legendary costume designer Patricia Field, who was behind the groundbreaking style of Sex and the City, lent her talents to the Netflix show. Emily’s sets in the first season were in the headlines and – some say – the best part of the show.

In the second season, it looks like Emily is fully embracing the classic French style. She appears in a mustard yellow beret at one point – which matches a Prada leather handbag.

Another scene shows the American transplant talking to her tough French boss played by Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu wearing a French classic, a black and white striped sweater.

Iconic: Legendary costume designer Patricia Field, who was behind the groundbreaking style of Sex and the City, lent her talents to the Netflix show

Iconic: Legendary costume designer Patricia Field, who was behind the groundbreaking style of Sex and the City, lent her talents to the Netflix show

“I can't wait for you to see what is to come.  You will enjoy.  Until then, kisses kisses !!…. '

“I can’t wait for you to see what is to come. You will enjoy. Until then, kisses kisses !!…. ‘

Retro vibes are also adopted this season with Collins rocking her brown hair styled in a ’60s bouffant with a silky white headband and an orange patterned button-down dress.

She poses with the newcomer in the series, Lucien Laviscount, who will play Emily’s new love, Alfie.

“Now more grounded in her life in Paris, Emily is improving her navigation in the city but still struggles with the peculiarities of French life,” the season two diary read, as reported by TVLine.

“After falling into a love triangle with her neighbor and her first true French friend, Emily is determined to focus on her job, which gets more complicated every day. In French class, she meets an expatriate comrade who both exasperates and intrigues her.

On Camera: The show stars Ashley Park, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Lucas Bravo, Samuel Arnold, Camille Razat and Bruno Gouery

On Camera: The show stars Ashley Park, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Lucas Bravo, Samuel Arnold, Camille Razat and Bruno Gouery

“Now more grounded in her life in Paris, Emily is improving her navigation in the city but still struggles with the peculiarities of French life,” the season two diary read, as reported by TVLine.

Although the first season of the series was nominated for several Golden Globes, the series baffled many fans and angered true Parisian critics who dubbed the series “cliché”.

French commentators criticized the offer for apparently including all the tropes and traits about the French in the series.

Lily and her castmates announced that production began in the second season in the spring with a funny video on Instagram.

Fans love it!  Although the show's first season has been nominated for multiple Golden Globes, the show has baffled many fans and angered true Parisian critics who dubbed the show a

Fans love it! Although the first season of the series was nominated for several Golden Globes, the series baffled many fans and angered true Parisian critics who dubbed the series a “cliché”.

“Annnd we’re back! Beyond delighted to be officially back on the set of season two of @emilyinparis !! More soon. Much more!’ Lily captioned the message.

The show stars Ashley Park, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Lucas Bravo, Samuel Arnold, Camille Razat and Bruno Gouery.

Collins had just finished filming season two in August when she focused her attention on her personal life.

She and her new husband Charlie McDowell tied the knot in a private ceremony in Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado earlier this month.

Happy together: Lily and her new husband Charlie McDowell tied the knot in a private ceremony in Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado earlier this month

Happy together: Lily and her new husband Charlie McDowell tied the knot in a private ceremony in Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado earlier this month

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Fashion style

Is Wario a fashion icon? We asked an expert

Here’s the thing with Wario’s style: Whether you like it or not, you have to respect it. The dude knows how to choose a signature look, and he’s dedicated his life to that look. His existence has always been in contrast to Mario, which is frankly unfair. Yes, her signature look is just a color variant of Mario’s plumber’s uniform, but the guy has passed the stage of inverted Mario and has become a style icon in his own right.

Over the years, Wario has become a fashion trendsetter for Nintendo franchises. People started to recognize Wario for his looks recently when he debuted his golf outfit in Mario golf, but he’s actually been bringing it for a while. To prove it, I asked a fashion expert to help me analyze Wario’s looks. Peter Nguyen is a private personal stylist in New York City who specializes in helping men with “really look good” tech, as he puts it on his website. He runs a blog and newsletter alongside his private styling department as a business called The Essential Man. Because Wario is, after all, an essential man, I thought there was no better expert to help break Wario’s fashion.

The original Wario

Image: Nintendo

You know Wario’s original outfit. This is the most iconic: purple overalls, a yellow t-shirt and hat, green shoes and white gloves. Of course, there’s also Wario’s purple W, which is a different shade than his overalls. Under his big red nose, Wario also sports a devious mustache. In this outfit we get the clearest representation of Wario’s personal style.

“Wario is only consistent, and that consistency is good for his fashion,” Nguyen said. “Choosing a signature color is a great way to bring consistency to looks. My signature color is brown, which I like to wear in the form of sweaters, socks and small things like bracelets.

However, Nguyen immediately noticed that Wario has some variation in his classic look: short sleeves, for example – a sign that, perhaps, Wario wants to look more intimidating by showing off those huge guns. One point for Wario. But where he loses that point is in his shoes.

“Mario and Luigi chose smarter shoes with brown,” Nguyen said. “Wario’s green shoes really compete with its intense signature colors. “

Golf Wario

Wario on a podium

Image: Nintendo

Wario’s outfit in Mario golf is one that you just can’t ignore. And no one did. This is one of the first major cases where people started to recognize Wario as a fashion icon. Building on his classic outfit, Wario wears a yellow polo shirt with purple accents, paired with a stunning pair of yellow and purple patterned golf pants. For accessories, he always has the green shoes, plus a cowboy hat.

That’s a lot, and it works. “I like that Wario dresses appropriately for the occasion,” said Nguyen. “Waluigi, on the other hand, is completely overdressed with a suit waistcoat and pants.”

He continued:

“Polo shirts are commonplace on the golf course, and Wario achieves this by wearing one in his iconic colors,” said Nguyen. “While diamond check pants are hilarious, there is actually a golf brand that makes diamond patterned golf pants. A hat is a great idea on the course for protection from the sun, and I appreciate it. the fact that Wario went strong with the western details with the hat and the buckle. And if you look closely you will notice that Wario’s shoes have spikes! which means they are designed for the golf course!

Wario man

wario man holding garlic and wearing purple cape

Image: Nintendo

It’s almost unfair to me to put Wario Man on this list because he is Wario’s worst outfit. You can’t deny it. But, again, it’s iconic. And I needed to know what a pro mode expert thought.

“When I think of Wario, I think more of yellow than purple, the same way we identify Mario and Luigi by the colors of their hats,” Nguyen said. “Wario has the right idea when it comes to dressing monochromatically by varying shades of purple. But I think this costume is a bit flat and would be stronger with more yellow.

In Wario’s failure here, you can learn something about dressing in a more elegant way. Nguyen said that you can make your outfits less flat if you use pops of color, like yellow. As a non-expert currently wearing a stained NASA T-shirt, I have to say that I would like a (unstained) T-shirt with a yellow garlic pattern.

Biker Wario

an image of Wario in Super Smash Bros.  he stands and flashes a peace sign but with three fingers up?  I don't know, it's funny.

Image: Nintendo

I’ll start off by saying that I’ve absolutely worn this outfit before, probably without the helmet, gloves, and goggles. He’s totally my style, so I’m biased towards him. Here, Wario has a cropped denim vest, a darker purple t-shirt, and pink pants. It is, quite simply, very good. Nguyen thinks so too, which means that I can also be proud to be a fashion icon.

“The cut denim vest, hot pink jeans and orange belt are bold choices,” Nguyen said. “These are items that few people would wear, let alone pair. Wario isn’t someone who tries to keep a low profile, he wants to be seen.

Nguyen pointed out that Wario has kept his signature colors for the gloves and helmet, which is a far cry from his typical choices. “His gloves and helmet are the only pieces in his iconic color, but it really helps to understand that this is a Wario look without going overboard,” Nguyen said. “When it comes to your signature colors, less is more. You don’t need a full suit when a pair of socks (or gloves) will do.

Cowboy Wario

wario and his friends on a scooter

Image: Nintendo

by Wario Mario golf outfit has a nod to cowboy culture, but in Mario kart To visit, Wario relies on Western aesthetics. In my opinion, it would be easy for Wario to make it look like he’s wearing a suit with this look, but, because he’s a fashion icon, he pulls it off. It is a look that it is thought In regards to. As Nguyen said, it’s * the chef’s kiss *.

“The yellow plaid and the purple scarf,” Nguyen said. “The cowboy hat, the suede waistcoat, the denim jeans, the ankle boots with spurs!” Wario could have done too much by opting for a yellow hat and purple jeans, but he made a smart move by keeping the hat, vest, jeans and boots in classic colors.

Want to dress like Wario? Here is a tip.

“I always tell my clients to think of their outfit like pizza,” Nguyen said. “A classic outfit is your staple, like cheese pizza. Then you can add some “toppings”, ie trendy or signature pieces, to make it more personal. “

Hiker Wario

wario hiker wearing a beanie

Image: Nintendo

Again, Wario thought about his outfits in Mario Kart Tour. Like the biker outfit, I’ve worn it before. The good news for me is that Nguyen, our style expert, thinks it’s a good one. Two points for me!

“I think this is Wario’s most wearable and strongest look,” Nguyen said. “It is extremely functional with the hat, vest and lined hiking boots. I love the patterned sweater under the cardigan for extra warmth and a hint of its signature color. I literally have no rating on this one! “

Do you want to be cool like me and Wario? “Don’t think that you have to go for something boring like black or gray when looking for more functional clothes,” Nguyen suggested. “You can find functional pieces that match your personality. “

Wario at the Olympics

wario and waluigi in tennis outfit

Image: Sega Sports R & D / Sega

Wario has no nipples. We found out when he went shirtless in Mario and Sonic at the Tokyo Olympics. It was a shocking find, but it wasn’t the only information we could glean about Wario in this game. Wario has a number of different outfits during the Olympics, but the ones I chose for input from Nguyen are Wario’s equestrian suit and tennis cup. They’re pretty basic compared to the others on this list, which is surprising. But Nguyen said that these looks to do, indeed, say something about Wario.

“I would say these are the simplest and most anticipated outfits for Wario,” Nguyen said. “He wears appropriate golf and riding clothes. The equestrian outfit isn’t even in her signature colors (other than the addition of her hat), which can be a bit of a shock but illustrates a good point.

wario on a horse, celebrating

Image: Sega

He continued, “Sometimes the best style choice is not to try to stand out or be creative, but to stay classic. For example, black tie events where a black tuxedo is expected. I’m not a huge fan of the creative tuxedos you sometimes see at the Oscars. Wario donning these uniforms tells me that despite his quirky style, Wario knows when to stick to the rules of style and stay classic.

Unfortunately, I forgot to ask Nguyen if he had any thoughts about Wario’s lack of nipples.

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Fashion designer

American Girl® Launches World by Us ™ Dolls and Books Line to Advocate for Equality and Promote Unity

MIDDLETON, Wisconsin – (COMMERCIAL THREAD)–Today, american girl, a cornerstone of the Mattel (NASDAQ: MAT) portfolio of determined brands, introduces a new cast of contemporary characters —Makena Williamsâ„¢, Évette Peetersâ„¢, and Maritza Ochoa â„¢, whose stories reflect several important social issues, including racial equality, environmentalism and immigration, as well as the value of working together to create a better world. As a unique series of overlapping stories tell, the three young friends become passionate peers by championing the causes they hold dear. Shared scenes told from multiple angles showcase each girl’s perspective and emphasize the importance of friendship, respect, fairness and inclusion.

“American Girl has been built on diverse and inclusive stories, stories that have empowered an entire generation of girls to stand up for what they believe in with courage, resilience and kindness, ”said Jamie Cygielman, CEO of American Girl . “We created the new World by us line to accelerate our progress in diversifying our characters and stories to better reflect what it means to be an American girl today. Thanks to Makena, Evette and Maritza, as well as future characters to come, we hope our fans will learn that they are never too young to contribute to the larger conversation and help make the world a more inclusive and unified place. .

To bring the World by us characters to life, American Girl has engaged the following acclaimed writers:

  • Angela Cervantes author of Maritza: Lead with your heart. Maritza is a caring and responsive girl who enjoys celebrating her Latina heritage, from delicious food to music festivals in her community. A leader on and off the soccer field, she finds her passion in advocating for the interests of others, particularly in helping to keep immigrant families together.
  • Denise lewis patrick author of Makena: see me, listen to me, know me. Makena loves art and her close-knit family, with ties dating back to Kenya, but her real passion is fashion, which she uses to express her opinions. After experiencing a racist incident in her own backyard, Makena uses her style to speak out against injustice.
  • Sharon Dennis Wyeth author of Evette: The river and me. Evette enjoys vintage clothing, recycling, and protecting nature, including the Anacostia River near her home. When she finds racism in her own Métis family, she works hard to heal her world: her family, her friends, the river and everything.

The following team of advisers also collaborated on the project, offering real-world information and reviewing the manuscripts and product line for cultural authenticity and accuracy:

  • Katrina lashley: Program Coordinator at Smithsonian’s Anacostia Community Museum and Leader of the Women’s Environmental Leadership Initiative
  • Yasmine Mabene: California State Director of March for Our Lives, Social Media Coordinator of Earth Uprising and Student at Stanford University
  • Mr. Lucero Ortiz: Deputy Director of Kids in Need of Defense, Mexico, and human rights lawyer who has represented migrant families and unaccompanied children before the departments of internal security and justice
  • Dr Deborah Rivas-Drake: Professor of Psychology and Education at the University of Michigan, who studies how adolescents approach issues of race, ethnicity, racism and xenophobia
  • Deanna singh: Founder of Flying Elephant, a consultancy that helps women and people of color become social entrepreneurs, and author of four children’s books on racism, including the new American Girl’s Smart Girl Guideâ„¢: Race & Inclusion
  • Naomi wadler: teenage activist focused on racial justice. At 11, she was the youngest speaker at the March for Our Lives 2018 rally in Washington, DC.

Product of the world by us

New characters come to life via beautifully detailed 18-inch Makenaâ„¢, Évetteâ„¢, and Maritzaâ„¢ dolls, as well as a signature outfit and accessories for each. American Girl’s product designers consulted with authors and advisors who weighed in on critical design elements for each doll, including skin tone, hair type, and face shape to capture unique looks, like the exclusive sculpting of Makena’s face and the twist braids and all of Evette – new textured curls. The extension of the play value is the world of the size of a doll by us Community center inspired by where friends first meet, featuring a high-end transformational structure that offers 360-degree play options. By mixing and matching the colorful furniture, reversible cushions and rugs, and many accessories, such as lamps, cushions and posters, children can design their own unique environment for hours of imaginative play.

American Girl Fashion Show Event

To celebrate the debut of World by Us and the 35th anniversary of American Girl, the brand is hosting a special American Girl Fashion Show on Thursday, September 23, 2021 at American Girl Place.™ New York and via direct. Created in partnership with The Harlem Fashion Line (HFR), the first design agency to bridge the gap between brands and designers of color in fashion, the show will feature reimagined girl and doll designs for the original historical figures of American Girl — Felicity™, Josefina™, Kirsten™, Addy™, Samantha™, and Molly™-by the force of fashion Carly Cushnie. Bold and modern looks inspired by Makena, Evette and Maritza and created by famous HFR designers will also be on the runway. Nicolas lynel, Samantha Black, and Kristian Loren.

As part of the event, American Girl is supporting HFR’s non-profit organization, ICON360, with a donation of $ 25,000 to help raise awareness and fund the next generation of BIPOC fashion leaders. Additionally, American Girl is donating the Cushnia doll models which will be auctioned by eBay for the benefit of Girls who code and its mission to bridge the gender gap in technology. The World by Us-inspired doll clothes will be on presale during the event and available for purchase at American Girl retail stores from March 2022.

“HFR and American Girl understand passion and purpose, ”said Brandice Daniel, Founder and CEO of Harlem’s Fashion Row. “For our young people today, this partnership is about the possibilities and what it means to stand tall and dream big, no matter your race, culture, gender or background. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the incredible potential of every child and inspire them to create positive, lasting change in their neighborhoods, communities and beyond.

Kicking off the event is a world famous fashion designer Prabal Gurung, known for embracing diversity, inclusion and justice in his work. Prabal, who partnered with American Girl for her Spring 2022 runway show during New York Fashion Week, will introduce the designers and celebrate with fans. The closing event is the exclusive premiere of an original World by Us song and dance written and performed by a 14-year-old hip-hop artist. this girl lay lay. The clip will be available on American Girl’s Youtube and YouTube channel for children from September 27, as well as a new series of stop-motion dolls, featuring new characters from World by Us and other adventures.

Beyond the special event, the children’s fashion brand Janie and Jack launches three exclusives World by us-inspired outfits – one for each character – in a very first collaboration with American Girl. The Janie and Jack outfits will be available September 24, 2021 at American Girl retail stores in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Dallas, and via and

Charitable donation

With her roots in children’s publishing, American Girl has long championed the belief that strong readers become strong leaders. This fall, to further support children’s literacy and provide more diverse books to American schools and public libraries, American Girl is donating $ 60,000 worth of World by Us books to the following organizations: Reader to reader, Children need to read, and Small free library Read in color Initiative. This donation is in addition to the $ 500,000 in various American Girl titles donated to these same organizations over the past year. And, since June 2020, the brand has made available its many stories written by black women and featuring black heroines through its free online library to help educate, empower and spark important conversations.

The World by Us collection is available today on and American Girl Retail Stores at national scale. The World by Us books ($ 7.99 each) can also be purchased from retail booksellers.


American Girl is a premium brand for girls and a wholly owned subsidiary of Mattel, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAT,, a leading global children’s entertainment company specializing in the design and production of quality toys and consumer products. Based in Middleton, Wisconsin, American Girl offers an inspiring world of dolls, content and experiences that nourish a girl’s mind and help her develop her strength of character. Top selling lines include Truly Me â„¢, Girl of the Year â„¢, Bitty Baby®, WellieWishers â„¢ and classic American Girl historical figures. The company sells products through its award-winning catalog, on, at its exclusive experiential retail stores in the United States, as well as specialty retailers nationwide. By inspiring girls to be the best they can be, American Girl has earned the loyalty of millions of people as well as the praise and trust of parents and educators. Connect with American Girl on:

Facebook: @american girl

Twitter: @American girl

Instagram: @americangirlbrand

Pinterest: agofficial

Youtube: american girl


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Fashion brand

Local clothing brand is making waves in Omaha

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) – Bill and Emmanuel Oyet have been passionate about fashion from a young age.

“We grew up with fashion. My mom made sure we dressed well all the time. We went to church on Sundays. You know, we always wore costumes and everything, ”Emmanuel said.

They developed their own unique styles, and in January came together to share that with the people of Omaha.

“It was in our forties when we had time to think and didn’t really have a job, and we were like, ‘Okay, we’ve got to do something,’” Bill said.

Their Black Phoenix brand was born with a simple goal: to create quality clothing and build a positive community.

“What Black Phoenix is ​​to me is more like family. We’re all different people, different states, different countries, and we all have different ideas. And what we love to do in Black Phoenix, it’s bringing everyone together, ”Emmanuel said.

Every item of clothing, from shirts to jackets to shorts, is tailor-made. People can even come up with their own idea and the brothers will make it happen.

“I don’t think there are any conceptions in the city like ours and I think it’s more because we really connect with individuals to make sure they get what they want,” he said. said Bill.

Black Phoenix recently moved into its first store, providing a safe space for people to shop, socialize, and create.

“It feels good because honestly it all started in our bedroom. So like, being able to grow and be in this space is amazing. We can connect more with our customers, ”said Bill.

Bill and Emmanuel are working hard to expand their reach across town, hoping to eventually partner with schools and sports teams.

“It’s a good feeling because we are impacting people in the right way and I know my mom is happy,” Emmanuel said.

The Black Phoenix store is located in Ujamaa Vendor Collective, off of 83rd and Maple Street. The store is open Monday to Saturday from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Visit the Black Phoenix Facebook page here. Their clothes can also be purchased online here.

On October 2, Ujamaa Vendor Collective will organize a market near the 30th and Farnam from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. A variety of vendors will be on hand to sell merchandise.

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Fashion style

Nensi Dojaka is the Rihanna Approved Designer Bringing Back the Sexy

With ’90s Helmut Lang and Tom Ford-era Gucci now making a comeback in fashion, it seems like the time is right for Nensi Dojaka to arrive.

The London-based Albanian-born designer is behind many of the skin-wearing looks you might have seen lately, from the asymmetrical cutout dresses worn by Rihanna and Hailey Bieber on their dates. with sheer mesh and peekaboo tops. worn by Dua Lipa.

Nensi Dojaka’s sultry pieces are rooted in lingerie, which the 27-year-old designer was trained in before expanding her skills in women’s fashion in Central Saint Martins. Her other obsession, of course, is’ 90s fashion – in the vein of Helmut Lang and Maison Martin Margiela, who championed the kind of minimalism you will now find in Dojaka’s designs.

It’s also around this time that Bella Hadid is constantly benchmarked for in her street style, which is why it’s no surprise the model wears a head-to-toe Nensi Dojaka ensemble at the 2020 MTV VMAs. Hadid, consisting of a sheer off-the-shoulder top layered over a bra top, as well as a pair of low-cut pants and what appeared to be a sticking out thong thong, was bold, sexy, and playful – all of it. is what we’ve wanted to wear ever since we got bitten by the 2000s fashion bug.

Nensi Dojaka may not have launched her namesake brand until 2017, but it has already taken off thanks to Hadid and all the other famous clients that have followed. And there are big things in the future for the designer, who was recently awarded the prestigious LVMH Prize by a jury made up of Virgil Abloh, Jonathan Anderson, Marc Jacobs, Kim Jones and Stella McCartney.

Fresh off her London Fashion Week debut, check out all of the best Nensi Dojaka designs you can add to your wardrobe right now.

Header photo credit: Getty Images


For the uninitiated, a T-shirt would be a good piece to start. Of course, being designed by Nensi Dojaka, it must be in transparent viscose jersey, with slits along the shoulder. Pair it with the bra below, as well as a pair of jeans.

Cutout T-shirt

Buy here

Draped triangle bra dress


For date nights, consider a seductive draped dress like this one, exclusive to SSENSE. Crafted from stretch silk crepe that will perfectly hug your figure, it features thin straps and cutout details that are intrinsic to Dojaka’s designs.

Draped triangle bra dress

Buy here

Transparent bra top


Don’t expect too much support from this silk bra – it’s designed uniquely to satisfy the brand’s aesthetic, with its crisp, bold lines and see-through construction.

Transparent bra top

Buy here

Long sleeve blouse


Not fully sold on risky designs? You can consider wearing this long sleeve silk blouse layered over a black tank top. With its cuffs and wide cuffs, it will add a touch of originality to an otherwise everyday outfit.

Long sleeve blouse

Buy here

Pleated panel tights


It’ll take some attitude to pull on these striking nylon mesh tights, which feature gathers, gathers, and ties to create a raw and sultry effect.

Pleated panel tights

Buy here

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French fashion

SoftBank invests $ 209 million in Vestiaire Collective

French online fashion platform Vestiaire CollectiveThe $ 1.7 billion valuation rose to $ 1.7 billion after a fundraiser that included $ 209 million from the private equity arm of SoftBank Group Corp. SoftBank Vision Fund 2, according to a Bloomberg report Wednesday, September 22.

Other investors in Vestiaire’s latest round of funding include Generation Investment Management and existing shareholders, including Condé Nast and Eurazeo. The company raised the same amount in May in a fundraising effort that included the owner of Gucci, Kering SA and Tiger Global Management.

Chief Operating Officer of SoftBank Marcelo Claure will join Vestiaire Collective’s board of directors as part of its investment.

Vestiaire Collective will use the new influx of cash to improve its technology and enter new markets, according to the Bloomberg report. Business leaders also want to build a “more sustainable fashion industry“, including encouraging local transactions to reduce the carbon footprint of deliveries, according to the report.

These logistics represent “our largest share of carbon emissions; we are really working to reduce this ”, said the CEO of Vestiaire Collective Maximilian Bittner noted.

Vestiaire said its global orders grew 90% in the past 12 months and doubled in the United States. The company is making further progress in Hong Kong, Singapore and other Asian markets.

Related: The second-hand market presents a ‘big opportunity’ for retailers ahead of the holidays

Marcus Shen, chief operating officer at Stock, told PYMNTS that demand for second-hand items “has gone crazy” during the COVID-19 pandemic as the world moves more and more online and disruption supply chain were causing a continuing shortage of some new items.

A report from thredUP and GlobalData earlier this year predicted resale to grow 11 times faster in the apparel industry than the broader retail apparel industry over the next five years, with the second-hand market reaching $ 77 billion. dollars by 2025.

“This younger generation – Generation Z, Millennials – are all a lot more aware of what companies are doing with products and merchandise and things like that,” Shen told PYMNTS.

The idea of ​​buying second-hand no longer has as much stigma among consumers, he said, “and so they can get good quality products, durable goods, at lower prices than they are. retail “.

PYMNTS research, conducted in collaboration with LendingClub, showed that 125 million American adults, or 54% of consumers, live on paychecks, including 70% of millennials and 53% of people who earn between 50,000 and 100. $ 000 per year.



On: Eighty percent of consumers want to use non-traditional payment options like self-service, but only 35 percent were able to use them for their most recent purchases. Today’s Self-Service Shopping Journey, a PYMNTS and Toshiba Collaboration, analyzes more than 2,500 responses to find out how merchants can address availability and perception issues to meet demand for self-service kiosks.

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Fashion brand

The retailer must promote the new Freestyle option

The Stitch Fix logo on a smartphone displayed in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York, United States on Saturday, June 5, 2021. Stitch Fix Inc. is expected to post earnings on June 7.

Tiffany Hagler Gear | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Now that Stitch Fix has launched a new way for shoppers to buy clothes, the online styling department must use the coming year to market it to the masses.

“It will take time for consumers to know that it exists,” CEO Elizabeth Spaulding said in an interview Wednesday with CNBC’s Sara Eisen.

Stitch Fix is ​​known for its subscription offering, which sends customers bundles of handpicked clothing and accessories. The selections are guided by the company’s AI. Now, Stitch Fix is ​​extending a direct purchase option, known as “Freestyle”.

“We will be launching a lot of new features, more brands and custom stores,” Spaulding said. “We want to give ourselves the time to really make this big transition to becoming the destination for personalized shopping and style.”

Stitch Fix stock closed on Wednesday up more than 15%, at $ 41.01, after falling nearly 30% year-to-date.

Investors have rallied around Stitch Fix’s strong fourth quarter financial results released after the market closed on Tuesday. But many are also looking to the future potential of the business, as Spaulding directs Stitch Fix in a new direction with a potentially bigger market opportunity.

Spaulding said she expects the changes to help the company grow its addressable market. Previously, customers had to subscribe to Stitch Fix to purchase clothes or shoes from its website. From now on, direct purchase is accessible to the public.

But Spaulding also said that Stitch Fix will need to invest heavily in “Freestyle” advertising to a larger audience who might have resisted listing in the past.

The hope is that direct purchase sales will increase its profitability in the long run. The company said “Freestyle” is already increasing the amount active Stitch Fix customers spend on average. In the last quarter, this metric surpassed $ 500 for the first time.

Stitch Fix now has nearly 4.2 million active customers, who are people who have either ordered a “Fix” subscription or purchased an item directly from their website in the 52 weeks leading up to the last day of the quarter.

A “significant test” to come

Still, most analysts remain cautious. Spaulding has less than 100 days in his role as CEO. And after taking over from founder Katrina Lake on August 1, she is already moving the company away from a subscription-based model.

Against relatively low expectations, Stitch Fix had a better-than-expected fiscal fourth quarter, Wells Fargo analyst Ike Boruchow said in a research note. But the company doesn’t appear to be “pulling all the cylinders,” he said.

On the one hand, the outlook for the online styling service is poor. Stitch Fix forecasts revenue growth in fiscal 2022, its current fiscal year, of at least 15% over the prior fiscal year. Boruchow notes that this is below the company’s multi-year average of more than 20% year-over-year increase, despite increased investment in marketing.

“The online clothing dynamic has been stronger than that,” Boruchow said.

Stitch Fix stocks are also around 80% above 2019 levels, which could end up weighing on earnings, he said. Wells Fargo is underweight Stitch Fix stocks, with a price target of $ 35.

Some analysts see potential, but want to look for signs of progress in the coming quarters.

“We believe that ‘Freestyle’, which has been very successful with existing customers to date, now faces a more significant test in its ability to successfully lead new customer acquisition,” said the analyst. from JPMorgan, Cory Carpenter, in a research note.

And there are other red flags. Carpenter noted that Stitch Fix only added a network of 58,000 active customers in its last three-month period, the lowest in six quarters. He expects a similar and disappointing level of net additions in the first half of fiscal 2022.

Spaulding dismissed this concern on Wednesday, saying the summer months tend to be slower for user growth.

“We kind of saw exactly what we thought we were seeing,” she said.

For JPMorgan to be more positive on the stock, Carpenter said, the company’s earnings must “turn around in a sustainable way after several years of squeezing.” JPMorgan has a neutral rating on Stitch Fix stocks, with a price target of $ 45.

Stitch Fix has a market value of $ 4.4 billion.

– CNBC Michael bloom contributed to this report.

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Fashion style

The stylist behind Grimes’ futuristic look

For last week’s Met Gala, Grimes wore a dune-inspired reptilian dress and carried a steel sword made from a melted AR-15 rifle. The woman who put the set together is a stylist named Turner, a former accessory editor at Jane magazine, who was Grimes stylist for six years.

Raised in Alexandria, Va., Turner (her last name) studied graphic design at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, where an instructor told her she was clearly a stylist. While her roster includes Kim Gordon, Kesha and other musicians, her most loyal client is also her first: Grimes. They met in 2015, days after Turner, 40, moved to Los Angeles and a Nylon magazine fashion editor asked her if she would style Grimes for a cover. The two hit it off and have worked together ever since. Turner shared a glimpse into Grimes’ style.

What was the idea of ​​the sword?

That’s still Grimes’ idea. But his manager was the person who brought in MSCHF [the Brooklyn artist collective that designed the sword]. We also knew that bringing a sword to the Met Gala was going to be tricky. I persisted in trying to get permission for this sword. When I brought her to the mat, there was a security guard who said, “I’m sorry, you can’t bring this.” And I had to say, “No, the sword has to come in. It has been cleaned up.

Grimes wore a futuristic silk dress from Iris van Herpen, who is Dutch. Did you intentionally sidestep this year’s theme of American independence?

No. I had a conversation with Grimes: What is American fashion? What does it mean? Is it a fence? Is it a horse? Is it the flag? She said: “I really identify with Dune, the American book, then the American film.” Iris submitted a sketch which was perfect – it looked like all the references Grimes had sent. There is no other designer who does what Iris does. She’s so technically brilliant: she had 3D printed silicone reptilian scales that were stuck on. Who else does this?

What about the boots?

It is in fact Marc Jacobs. I got them through an amazing collector named Johnny at Pechuga Vintage here in LA. The shoes must work. It must be something they can walk on. In the case of Grimes, you need a lot of height and a lot of ankle support. It lends itself to this warlike atmosphere.

And she wears metal elf ears.

These ears weren’t the ones she was supposed to wear. Originally we had elven ears custom made by Lillian Shalom, who spent 90 hours on them, but they weren’t sitting properly on the ear. And we were crushed, but we had a save, because Grimes pulled another pair out of his bag. It is just personal jewelry for her.

So why a sword?

Looks like it’s an extension of her. We have already seen it in videos. It’s a direct reference to everything she dreamed of in her next vision for her next cycle.

Its cycle?

His next cycle of records. In the months leading up to a record’s release, there is a bible that she created of what she imagines herself to be, where she will take her music, where her music will live, who she will go with. collaborate. She’s like the creative director. She has to put together a team, a squadron if you will, of people who are going to do the job.

And are you in uniform?

I wish that. I come from a military family. My father was a photographer on an air base. I watched my dad take some great pictures of people. Not celebrities. Just normal guys. He taught me how to style a portrait, like how to tuck the shirt in so that it was super tight and didn’t leave any creases around the waistline. He told me which colors went well with people’s skin tones.

Have you always been interested in fashion?

In high school, I saw this episode of MTV’s “House of Style” with Anne Christensen working in the Vogue fashion closet. I watched it over and over on VHS because we didn’t have cable. I saw a bunch of shoes and clothes shelves, and that’s when I realized there was a job where you can put clothes on people. When I arrived in New York, I got an assistant job at T: The New York Times Style Magazine under the direction of Anne Christensen. This is the most exciting thing that has happened to me.

What is the story behind this name: Turner?

When I was 10, my best friend Kristina Buddenhagen and I met in elementary school. Our two mothers are Vietnamese, and we had the same name but a different spelling: I’m Christina. She started calling me “Turner”, my last name, because our mothers were calling one of us and we were both running. And it followed me. It’s not like I’m trying to draw attention to myself, but it’s been a really good branding.

How has Grimes’ look evolved over the six years you’ve worked together?

When I first met Grimes, she was buying stuff on Depop and Etsy, and I think she still does. She was very used to dressing up, and over time there is a lot of confidence. She made me bring designers, like Iris. She is in her thirties now. It’s not a girl. She is a representation of a powerful woman.

Who else do you work with?

I worked with Kim Gordon for a long time. She’s a neighbor, and I go there every two weeks and we plan her wardrobe and it’s surreal. Kim has great relationship advice. I have also just started working with Kesha. I believe in her.

What attracts you to these strong women artists, and them to you?

I respect their vision. I hear them. I’m getting to know them. Also I am a nice guy. My core mission is to help my clients say what they want through the visual and tangible medium of what they wear. I would like to think that I give them armor to take over the world.

The interview has been modified.

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Fashion designer

Get 15% off designer items at Farfetch, from Balmain to Marc Jacobs

Our team is dedicated to finding and telling you more about the products and offers we like. If you like them too and decide to buy through the links below, we may receive a commission. Prices and availability are subject to change.

When you were a child, have you ever gone back to school shopping for new outfits? Well, September 22 is the first official day of fall, so give your adult permission to spruce up your wardrobe for the new season. From now on, Farfetch offer 15% off a selection of designer clothing at full price, shoes and accessories – no promotional code required.

You will see lower prices on items from Balmain, Marc Jacobs, GANNI, Salvatore Ferragamo and more at checkout. If you don’t, it’s not sure to sell. Truth be told, it can be a bit confusing, as not all of the items listed on the 15% Off page appear to be on sale. Alas, there is still a lot to buy.

Farfetch also stores fashion influencer– favorite brands like Reformation, VEJA, AGOLDE and Canada Goose. You can seriously give your entire wardrobe a makeover, from your workout outfits to your office outfits.

If you’ve never shopped there before, Farfetch is an Anglo-Portuguese online luxury fashion retailer. It sells over 700 unique brands and designers from all over the world, so you can see that your items are shipping from a few different countries at checkout. However, it offers for free delivery and free returns on all orders.

However, there are currently 105 pages of sale items listed on Farfetch. You can scroll for a few hours, search by your favorite brands, or sort items by price: bottom to top.

Your best bet, however? Take a look at some of Farfetch’s top In The Know picks below (which are definitely on sale). Buy the offers now, but only for a limited time!

1. Balmain logo-print cotton T-shirt, $ 340 (Original $ 400)

<a class=Credit: Farfetch” src=”–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTcwNTtoPTk0MQ–/–~B/aD0xMDI0O3c9NzY3O2FwcGlkPXl0YWNoeW9u/”/>

Credit: Farfetch

Buy now

Keep it simple with a black and white logo print T-shirt. This one also has three gold buttons on the shoulder for an added touch. Pair it with jeans, leather pants, a skirt, anything. It’s versatile enough that you can wear it with anything, but you will always stand out.

2. Reformation Long Sleeve Fitted Mini Dress, $ 85 (original $ 100)

Credit: Farfetch

Credit: Farfetch

Buy now

The reformation is really effective in making the basic silhouettes more chic. Concrete example : this fitted henley-style dress. Wear it with sneakers and a leather jacket or a longer coat on cooler days.

3. GANNI thick leather Chelsea boots, $ 378.25 (original $ 445)

Credit: Farfetch

Credit: Farfetch

Buy now

Put on these leathers GANNI Chelsea Boots for the seasons and even the years to come. The classic style will stand the test of time.

4. Marc Jacobs The Snapshot camera bag, $ 276.25 (original $ 325)

Credit: Farfetch

Credit: Farfetch

Buy now

You can’t go wrong with a all black handbag, especially the one you can wear casually with sweatshirts and jeans or dress up with skirts and dresses.

5. Emilio Pucci Vortici print silk scarf, $ 395.25 (original $ 465)

Credit: Farfetch

Credit: Farfetch

Buy now

Dress up a basic T-shirt or sweater with this Emilio Pucci scarf. The 70s-inspired pastel print can add a pop of color to any outfit.

6. VEJA Esplar low-top leather trainers, $ 102 (Original $ 120)

Credit: Farfetch

Credit: Farfetch

Buy now

Celebrities and influencers to Instagram (and even Meghan Markle) have been seen wearing VEJA sneakers. The vegan leather sneakers are known for their classic V print on the side. Pick up this black and white style while it’s on sale.

7. Merritt Canada Goose Hooded Parka, $ 773.50 (Original 910)

Credit: Farfetch

Credit: Farfetch

Buy now

When it’s cold and snowing outside you’ll be happy to be wrapped in a Canada Goose coat. These coats are incredibly warm thanks to their feather filling. This parka is specifically windproof, covers your buttocks and has ribbed cuffs to protect you from the cold.

If you liked this story, go see three of the biggest trends at NYFW.

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The post office Get 15% off designer items at Farfetch, from Balmain to Marc Jacobs appeared first on Aware.

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French fashion

“Paris of the North”, a new exhibition in Stockholm, shows the Nordic connections of Parisian haute couture

It was through NK’s French couture studio that the work of designers such as Coco Chanel, Cristóbal Balenciaga, Madeleine Vionnet and Christian Dior arrived in the Nordic region. Patrons were offered three categories of clothing: original pieces of Parisian haute couture; licensed copies of French designs; and custom looks from NK. Each set in any category was selected or designed by the salon chef, who numbered three in 64 years. Madame Suzanne Pellin, French milliner, ran the operation from 1902 to 1913. Her successor, Kurt Jacobsson, who apprenticed at both Pellin and internationally renowned designer Lucile, held the position from 1917 to 1965 Working alongside Jacobsson from 1923, and succeeding him, was Pelle Lundgren, who had worked in Paris with Lucien Lelong. These three, Strömquist explains in an email exchange, “belonged to a select group of foreign buyers who, each season, were invited to order original creations from Parisian haute couture houses. The price included a license which covered a limited number of reproductions for private customers in the domestic market. This business arrangement generated considerable income for the fashion houses at the same time as it consolidated Paris as the fashion capital.

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Fashion brand

Dubai-based fashion brand to debut at Paris Fashion Week – Emirates Woman

Dubai-based fashion brand Ms Keepa is set to debut at Paris Fashion Week.

The brand, founded by the Franco-Egyptian designer Mariam Yeya, was invited to be part of the “Welcome to Paris” initiative of the Federation of Haute Couture and Fashion with the Arab Fashion Council.

The brand’s SS22 “Harmonious Chaos” collection will be presented on September 28, as part of the official Paris Fashion Week events calendar.

Breaking the news on her official Instagram page, Mariam shared her enthusiasm for the achievement for which she “worked so hard”.

She also said she “still can’t believe this is really happening”.

Since her creations border on ready-to-wear and couture, Mariam creates pieces designed to celebrate the female form by playing on different proportions, patterns, volumes, etc.

The “Harmonious Chaos” collection, which will be showcased at Paris Fashion Week, gives a contemporary and cool feel with evening dramas and easy-to-wear basics with edgy details.

Cutout and strappy long skirts, wide-leg camouflage cargo pants and larger-than-life sleeves are all at the heart of the collection.

The show will take place at 1 p.m. at the Palais de Tokyo, Club Yo-yo in Paris, presented by the Arab Fashion Council.

For all the details, visit

– For more on the luxury lifestyle, news, fashion and beauty, follow Emirates Woman on Facebook and Instagram

Feature image: provided by SemSem

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Fashion style

FASHION: Three trends this season

CQ Today columnist Helena Sant discusses the trends for the coming season.

By Hélène Sant

Are you the trendy type? Well, this article has all the latest information on current seasonal trends that you might already have in your wardrobe. One of my favorite trends this season is gingham which has been around for a few years and is definitely making a comeback in different shades and styles. I love the gingham print and the versatility it brings to the wardrobe as well as being a pattern most can wear for any occasion.

Let’s start with number three …

Monochrome magic.

A monochrome bandage means wearing separate garments of the same color that have different textures and / or similar undertones of that color for an overall tonal look. When you keep your overall outfit in the same shade of color, the result can be just as striking as wearing a bold pattern or a bright color and can be really classy.

Number two… Wide Glide.

For confident fashion, wide leg pants are a must this season. From printed palazzo pants and wide leg cropped jeans to bell pants, they are a great way to inject some volume into your wardrobe. A great way to draw your waistline is to pair wide leg pants with a cropped jacket or fitted blazar. There are so many gorgeous prints out there and this trend is easily converted from day to night.

And number one… Oversized shirts prevail!

While the shirt is a classic wardrobe staple, no matter the color, style, fit, pattern or print, this athleisure look is available almost everywhere right now. Pair a loose shirt with another fitted item such as pants or jeans and you’ll be ready to take to the Parisian catwalks. All that is needed is either adding sneakers with a shoulder bag for a casual look or adding a pair of pumps or heels ready for a night out on the town.

So which one do you choose or incorporate all 3 into one outfit, the choice is yours!

Good hairstyle!

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Fashion designer

Rebecca Minkoff’s spring 2022 show sold NFTs for the first time

At the height of the coronavirus pandemic, questions about the future of New York Fashion Week – and the industry as a whole – were hard to evade. Some have wondered if Fashion Week could even maintain relevance in a landscape that changes so rapidly.

“I’m really annoyed when people say that,” Rebecca Minkoff told Bustle. “There is a whole industry and ecosystem whose livelihood depends on these fashion weeks. Nothing will ever go fully digital. “

Yet Minkoff sees value in the intersection of fashion and technology, recently becoming the first major American designer to enter the booming NFT space, according to WWD. NFTs, or “non-fungible tokens,” can be used to represent different types of art, such as photos, videos, audio and digital versions of fashion designs.

“I think the worlds are going to merge even more,” says Minkoff. “As we explore these NFTs, there is a world where you will have your avatar in the Metaverse. You’ll go shopping, play your video game in your new Rebecca Minkoff outfit, but then that same outfit will arrive at your house.

Investing in new types of technology allows Minkoff to reach an ever wider audience with his designs, which include wardrobe basics like leather jackets and little black dresses with cutting edge details, studs and from chunky chains to zippers and fringes.

Rebecca Minkoff

Even if you’ve never visited New York City to visit the Rebecca Minkoff store, you can still get an idea of ​​what it’s like to shop there, thanks to augmented reality.

“There are creative ways for these worlds to blend together more seamlessly and just create new retail experiences for customers,” Minkoff said. “This is where the real opportunity lies.

On September 10, the veteran designer presented “I love New York», A capsule collection inspired by the city that helped shape its eponymous brand.

Complete with punk combat boots, fitted jumpsuits and Rebecca Minkoff’s iconic leather jacket, her new “I Love New York” collection is both a tribute and a summary of everything she’s built over the years. Last 20 years. (The brand was officially established in 2005, but Minkoff began producing his own designs in 2001.)

“It takes a lot of classic items, makes them oversized, and embellishes them with things the brand is known for, be it stones, eyelets or zippers,” she says. “And although [my signature] Morning After Bag started 16 years ago, we thought, let’s bring it back in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Rebecca Minkoff

This season, she teamed up with Magnum Ice Cream to design a new accessory: A limited edition personalized cooler handbag that has all the classic Rebecca Minkoff touches – plus the ability to keep ice cream cool. “And when you have eaten it all, it will continue to contain things, but in a fashionable way,” says the designer.

An ice cream cart handed out frozen treats during the presentation, which functioned as a gallery-style event where various NFTs of designs were on display and sold.

“We wanted to be [among] the first American brands to sell NFTs, ”says Minkoff. “Each print is sold as NFT and the proceeds from its sales go to businesses founded by women affected by the pandemic in New York City. [I wanted to] support things that I am passionate about.

More than ever, says Minkoff, people want to know what you stand for as a brand. “I think of trying to approach everything we do through this lens. So when you close your eyes you know the aesthetics, values, and brand promise of what you get by supporting this designer.

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French fashion

Fashion Sakala: I’m back in good shape and regained my confidence – I have a lot to offer the Rangers

MODE Sakala has expressed hope he can provide Rangers with a well-deserved advantage up front after recovering from the groin injury that sidelined him last month and opening his account for the Ibrox club.

Sakala, a free signing from KV Oostende to Belgium in May, scored on Sunday in a 1-1 draw with Motherwell at home, which put the Scottish champions a point ahead of the Premiership lead .

However, manager Steven Gerrard was disappointed that his men, who dominated the 90 minutes, were unable to convert more of the opportunities created in the final third and win the game.

Rangers also lost their Europa League group opener to French rivals Lyon 2-0 on Thursday night after failing to take full advantage of the scoring chances they carved out for themselves.

The 24-year-old Zambian forward, who was only on his second start this weekend, is keen to contribute more now that he’s in top form and add to his record for the 2021/22 campaign.

“I think that was the start of my self-confidence,” he said. “It was a good feeling. So I was very happy when I scored, but after the game I was disappointed because we didn’t win.

“I am in a learning process. I can’t say I’m the answer, but as a striker I know my mission. And the mission is always to help the team. It’s something we always do in training. All of the strikers are still working together to make sure we deliver.

“Scoring goals is very important not only for me as a forward, but for all forwards. We know what we want and we always work in training to give results to the team. important for us as attackers to score and help the team win games.

Sakala added: “I try to adapt to the Rangers style. I also try to bring what I know. With the quality of the players we have here, I think I can get better. It’s the process for me to learn how the Rangers play and how the coach wants me to play.

“I am very happy to be honest. Since I arrived here, I have been very happy, very excited. Everything seems bright. I had an injury a few weeks ago. I think this is the only issue that got me a bit frustrated. Now I am really happy. I’m back in great shape and regaining my self-confidence. I think I have a lot to offer the club.

Sakala played in the middle on Sunday because his Rangers teammate Alfredo Morelos suffered a slight blow from the Lyon game – but he stressed he was happy to play anywhere in the top three.

“I would say I’m a striker,” he said. “It’s my position, but looking at how we play here, the top three always change positions. I can also play as a winger, which is good, I have no problem playing as a winger. “Winger. Playing as a main striker or a winger both suits me. I’m not affected at all.

Sakala missed Zambia’s first World Cup qualifiers earlier this month with an injury – but he hopes to do well enough that Rangers will be called up by his country in the weeks to come.

“The dream is always to play for the national team and I think it is a very important honor to play for the national team,” he said.

“Looking at the current situation with Covid, it’s a bit difficult because Zambia is a red zone country. I can’t go to Zambia now to play there, but we have a match in Equatorial Guinea and I can go because it’s a green zone and I can go there to play a match.

“This is something where a good job has to start at the club. I have to make sure that here I am performing and that I work hard for the club and that I get the results. What if I continue to work well here? , it will be easier for me to play for the national team.

Fashion Junior was speaking at a Premier Sports Cup event. Premier Sports is available on Sky, Virgin TV and Premier Player. Prices start from £ 12.99 per month.

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Fashion brand

How 12-year-old Ariella Maizner brought her theme brand to Walmart – WWD

Ariella Maizner is already making a name for herself in the fashion industry, becoming one of the youngest entrepreneurs to partner with a national retailer.

The 12-year-old fashion designer is behind the Theme label, which she created in 2018 to continue her love of fashion and tailoring. Her tie-dye and flowery pieces have developed a loyal following and celebrity clientele, and helped grab the attention of Walmart, which hired Maizner to create a clothing collection this year.

“It was a dream come true,” Maizner said of the partnership. “I have always dreamed of creating a collection for every aspect of a girl’s life. I also love that Walmart is accessible to so many people. It is a huge honor to have such a large organization that believes in me and my design abilities.

Maizner started in fashion design at a young age, saying she started dressing at the age of two and sewing at the age of six. She started making clothes for herself for school and events and her family and friends started asking her for special requests, which encouraged her to make more pieces. It was her tie-dye pieces that first resonated with clients and helped her develop a following that includes Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, Whitney Port, Eva Chen, Rebecca Minkoff and others.

Since launch, Maizner has been working on the brand after school and slowly growing with more collections and partnerships. She has teamed up with other companies, such as clothing brand Terez, sold pieces in pop-ups and was featured at New York Fashion Week in 2019.

Maizner’s Walmart collection debuted earlier this year and features several of her signature styles, including matching sets in tie-dye and floral prints. The collection also includes pieces such as t-shirts, tops, dresses, skirts, shorts, sports bras and swimwear with tie-dye, floral and animal prints. Sizes range from seven to 16 for young and teenage girls. She is working on another collection with Walmart which will be released this fall.

“I just wanted to put my fashion forward and make other girls feel good wearing my clothes,” Maizner said of Theme. “It’s just a big passion for me and I really love to design.”


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Fashion style

New fall looks

Question of the dayWhat old school games are you good at?

Games Galore Pt. 2Tina Macuha is in Citrus Heights showing us a family that has games galore! From arcade games to pinball machines, this family is made up of all the fun everyone needs and more!

Games galore!Tina Macuha is in Citrus Heights showing us a family that has games galore! From arcade games to pinball machines, this family has all the fun everyone needs!

Here’s what you missed on today’s show!

WikiWho?Is this another edition of Wikiwho? Do you know your facts about; Hannah Waddingham, Brett Goldstein and Jason Sudeikis? …. All featured in “Ted Lasso”.

New fall looksAre you looking for the latest trendy fall styles? Look no further! We’re at Blackbird Boutique in Stockton and they have the coolest, trendiest fashion clothes for you!

Pregnancy and the COVID vaccineDina Kupfer speaks to a local doctor about the concerns of pregnant women getting vaccinated.

Music for teens – 9/21DJ Tina T is in the house for Today’s Teen’s Tune! She’s spinning all the hits from the ’70s and’ 80s … play with us, and after we “fade to black” to finish the segment, stick around to sing it!

Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm in Wheatland is open!A Sacramento Fall Tradition is open for the season! Lori Wallace is at Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm in Wheatland, checking out the baked goods!

Pumpkin season 2021Lori Wallace is in Wheatland at Bishops Pumpkin Farm and they are getting ready for pumpkin season! See the assortments of pies they have as well as their delicious pumpkin pies! Find out how you can get your own pie for your enjoyment.

John and Dina’s College Football Bet – Finally the Win!A few weeks ago, John (Fresno State alum) and Dina (Oregon alum) made a small bet on who would win the football game between their two schools. Well, Oregon came out on top (but didn’t cover, bad luck, John), so John is trying to pay the bet by getting his little girl to wear an Oregon shirt. It didn’t go well, but Dina seems satisfied!

Mobile Bar BagWhy go for a party when the party can come to you? Julissa is in Granite Bay and is checking out the Mobile Bar Bag!

I love the fiftyJulissa Ortiz is in El Dorado Hills where they are giving Love for the Fifty! It’s a movement where a local church provides food for the Highway 50 corridor. See how this church helps those in need!

FBI crossingOn CBS, you can watch an FBI crossover episode and to give us a taste, actors Missy Peregrym and Zeeko Zaki! Be there to see this 3-part crossover!

Joke of the dayCheck out today’s dad joke of the day, hosted by John Dabkovich

Promotional programCongressman Josh Harder joins us today to explain the Promotoras program, where Spanish speakers are trained in mental health awareness.

Dress code for the operationLori Wallace is in Sacramento at the Red Salon where they honor the dress code for the operation. Designed to help and benefit women veterinarians in our country, Operation Dress Code is here to help veterinarians in need.

Trailer carrying tomatoes overturns in Yolo CountyNo injuries were reported.

Question of the day – 9/20Tina ends a Monday show with a question: Which celebrity would you like to get in the limo to go to the Emmys with? Have a nice Monday and thank you for spending time with us today! See you tomorrow morning at 4.30am!

Court’s Fashion Forum – The Emmys! – 9/20Courtney is here with an edition of the Fashion Forum Emmy Awards and … IS IT 14 MINUTES LONG? Yes, it lasts 14 minutes, and WORTH EVERY SECOND! Not everyone gets a “pass”, just to let you know. Let’s see … receive … JUDGY.

Just Win Baby Recap with Johnny the SerbianWell, well, well… look who made it three-on-three in the NFL clashes on Sunday! Johnny the Serbian insider was a LEAD PIPE LOCK on games, and of course he’s here to celebrate! (Legal Disclaimer: Johnny the Serbian and his “NFL Insider” are not REAL “NFL Insiders”, and he is providing his picks for entertainment purposes only. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-522 -4700. But seriously, if you’re getting gambling tips from a guy on a morning TV show with a fake mustache that lets his little one choose games, there might be more to your problems.)

Vacaville Arts WeekCelebrate the art of Vacaville during Arts Week! Visit Vacaville CEO Melyssa Reeves joins Dina to tell us how you can participate!

Iranian sweets in ModestoIf you are looking for something sweet and unique, look no further than Irani Sweets! Owner Lillian Lankarani joins Tina and Courtney to show us what they have to offer!

Have a nice day Rewind – 9/20Here’s a quick recap of some of the fun times you might have missed on today’s show! It’s a good rewind day!

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Fashion designer

Maison De Mode hosts the Future of Fashion Summit 2.0

The concept of sustainability is at the forefront of many contemporary fashion conversations, and Maison de Mode – a sustainable fashion platform co-founded by Amanda Hearst and Hassan Pierre – is no stranger to triggering these kinds of crucial discussions. On September 10, Maison de Mode hosted its second annual “Future of Fashion” summit, hosted by Nicky Hilton Rothschild on the 44th floor of the Hearst Tower.

Hassan Pierre.

Daniel Ma and Miriam Arroyo.

Publishers, fashion designers and other leaders in the fields of technology and culture have come together to discuss topics ranging from high fashion in an ethical framework to environmental responsibility in consumer affairs, and even the task of balancing aesthetics and durability. Speakers at the summit also engaged in conversations about the impact of ethical reviews in relation to people’s choices and social behavior.

And the ultimate goal of the event was to leave a significant impact on the attendees and to further inform the younger generation of designers and consumers. “The world is producing far too much, far too fast. It is not sustainable. We all need to do our part to make sure we leave this world a better place for our children, their children and so on, ”said Hilton Rothschild.

Nicky Hilton Rothschild speaks at the Fashion Futures Summit
Nicky Hilton Rothschild.

Daniel Ma and Miriam Arroyo

Collina Strada & Quannah Chasinghorse Speak Out on Top of Fashion's Future
Collina Strada and Quannah Chasinghorse.

Daniel Ma and Miriam Arroyo

In addition to the informative discussions, the Future of Fashion 2.0 summit included stimulating Q&A moderated by a range of fashion industry stakeholders including CGVStellene Volandes editor-in-chief, luxury fashion designer Gabriela Hearst, model and activist Quannah Chasinghorse and many other personalities.

Erin Dempsey Lowenberg and Stellene Volandes Speak Out on Top of Fashion's Future
Erin Dempsey Lowenberg and Stellene Volandes.

Daniel Ma and Miriam Arroyo

gabriela heartst speaking on top of the fashion future
Gabriela Hearst.

Daniel Ma and Miriam Arroyo

One of the summit speakers, activist and creative director Marina Testino, shared a powerful opinion that we all need to think about: “Today more than ever, sustainability must be innovative and creative to stand out and stand out. engage with consumers … Having campaigns that break down the complexities of sustainability in a fun, artistic and cool way while still being informative is crucial these days. We need to spread creative messages around these topics to achieve a more sustainable future. “

Adam Lippes and Marina Testino speak at the Fashion Future Summit
Adam Lippes and Marina Testino.

Daniel Ma and Miriam Arroyo

After a day of transformative conversations, speakers and friends of the Maison de Mode brand celebrated their successful event with a dinner at Times Square EDITION, where Tanqueray cocktails and herbal dishes were served. Special guests included actress Rosario Dawson, fashion designer Esteban Cortazar, Broadway star Paloma Garcia Lee and many more!

paloma garcialee at the Fashion Future Dinner
Paloma Garcia-Lee.

Christos Katsiaouni

top speakers and friends from the fashion house have dinner together
Summit speakers and friends from Maison De Mode dine together.

Christos Katsiaouni

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French fashion

How designers are returning the Swatch to the Toile de Jouy

How exactly did a thick cotton fabric scalloped with frolicking shepherds, haystacks and pastoral merriment in general become one of today’s greatest design fasteners?

We’re talking toile de Jouy, the classic 18th-century French printed textile with single-color repeating patterns. Before delving into its history, we know that you are asking yourself: what is the difference between the toile and the toile de Jouy? None, really, at least in France. Full name Jouy canvas refers to the fabric of Jouy-en-Josas, a city on the outskirts of Paris, where Christophe-Philippe Oberkampf opened a factory producing the fabric style in 1760, and where today there is a museum of the toile de Jouy. (Although Oberkampf was the main manufacturer at the time – their factory printed 30,000 different designs between 1760 and 1812 – there were many other manufacturers.)

In France, toile de Jouy has become the accepted generic name for the style. In most English speaking countries, the style of fabric has been shortened to the word canvas. But, out of purism, let’s stay in toile de Jouy (pronounced zhoo-ee) here. The style was also prevalent in Ireland and India in the 18th century. It was Marie-Antoinette who helped to make the toile de Jouy trendy during her iconic reign. Considering the connection to the late queen, it is only natural that the fabric – used as wall covering and upholstery – was, in its early days, the decor of the aristocrats’ house.

Fast forward a century or two, after the Revolution, fabric was still a reliable shortcut to chic French interiors. But less among the castle as a whole (those who still had their heads, anyway) and more on the budding middle class. In the mid-1950s, you would be more likely to find the fabric cladding walls in the small Parisian hotels on the left bank. Think about the room Audrey Hepburn’s character retreated to in the 1963 film Charade with nothing but her Louis Vuitton luggage in her name, after her supposedly millionaire husband abandoned her. The play was not fabulously rich, but strangely charming and very French.

The Toile de Jouy has continued to convey a certain design credit over the decades. Remember Zooey Deschanel’s charming Los Angeles pad in 500 summer days, the first dream apartment of every millennium? The walls were covered with toile de Jouy. The classic model has rarely declined in popularity. (Master class even offers a course on the toile de Jouy.) It’s also a fashion moment this year, as evidenced by Dior Spring 2021 collection of candles, tableware, tote bags and clothing in a classic print. (French heritage children’s t-shirt brand Petit Bateau’s the new toile de Jouy print on the underwear was another favorite reinterpretation this year.) But it was rapper Lil Nas X’s drama outfit for the BET Awards, a magnificent ball gown by the Italian designer Andrea Grossi, that put the fabric in the spotlight.

Although people assume it is about grazing sheep in the countryside, the truth is that the web has always been used to criticize or comment on contemporary socio-political events. The growing popularity of printing in the 18th century sparked a trend for figurative designs depicting important news and current events. Oberkampf took advantage of consumers’ thirst for the craze. Coupled with the cutting edge production techniques (for the time) of his textile factory, he created a buzzing name for himself with his canvas prints depicting the important events of the day. When the first hot air balloon took off, a Hot Air Balloon print with balloons became very popular.

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Fashion brand

Kolkata Fashion Brand HAŃSHU Turns Hand Printed Holiday Wear Into Everyday Wear

Versatile, anti-fit and reusable statement pieces created with natural fibers are the hallmark of Kolkata brand HAŃSHU. With vacation pullback at an all-time high, now you can at least feel like you’re on vacation, worry-free, when you slip into one of those luxurious silks whenever you need to step out (or in). My Kolkata caught up with Neelanjana Bhattacharya to discuss the allure of minimalism and the ease of flowing silhouettes, whether traveling or staying.

Look for the brand here:

Tell us a bit about your journey with Hanshu? Why and when did you create the label? What was your main inspiration?

HAŃSHU was not born from design but by default. In the fall of 2016, I took over a hand block printing unit in Serampore, left by my mother-in-law, which was about to shut down. I quit my law practice and was happy to pick up something that was never in my plan. I quickly realized that it was anything but easy as every transition comes with its share of obstacles, but at the same time, my mother-in-law had left behind thousands of beautiful hand blocks that she had. – even designed and felt that the unit had immense potential. The karigars who worked for my mother-in-law for years were extremely talented and I learned a lot from them about the art of prints, colors and the whole process. They were my first teachers in this profession. They showed me the beauty of colors, because before that, I had never touched colors and only wore black or white.

They also introduced me to the weavers of Sonamukhi, a small town in West Bengal, and there my love affair began with this beautiful hand-woven silk that looks like butter on the skin even on a hot summer day. summer. We now work regularly with the weavers. I used hand-woven silk to create simple, easy-to-wear silhouettes, using the gorgeous hand blocks we had, in vibrant colors. I have shown them to other brands and labels to make them understand how unique these hand blocks are, so maybe we can help them print their clothes by hand. I also happened to show it to Richa Kanoi, owner of Bombaim, who liked the aesthetics of it and agreed to keep the line in his store and thus started HAŃSHU’s journey.

How would you describe the look of the label?

In my head, I am constantly traveling. Sitting in Calcutta, my mind often drifts to beautiful places in the world where I have traveled or would like to travel. I think clothes should have a connection with their environment. For example, a silk kaftan is wonderful for a beach vacation in Amalfi, Santorini, Goa, etc. A summer dress or silk overlay, casually worn over jeans, is perfect for strolling through the stylish surroundings of Paris, Jaipur and the like, on a beautiful sunny day.

When traveling to beautiful destinations or just strolling around a beautiful city, you need comfortable clothes to float, but also to look and feel luxurious. HAŃSHU is a luxury resort brand for stylish strollers and discerning travelers.

What are the silhouettes that define Hanshu?

I gravitate towards effortless silhouettes with a luxurious look and feel. I like to float in relaxed silhouettes in an elegant environment. Stylish clothes, which don’t dominate the personality but compliment it, are more my style. So, as you can see on our Instagram page, the silhouettes are simple, unstructured, easy going with a carefree charm.

What is your design philosophy and how has it evolved over time?

Designs that stand the test of time! Apart from that, simple and elegant styles. I think the brand is constantly evolving in terms of presenting new silhouettes and colors every time it hits stores. I love geometric patterns, so we see how we can play with these in different ways.

Do you think that “resort clothing” could now be part of our daily clothing?

Sure! And I am already seeing this happening. Stylish loungewear or streetwear is an important part of our daily life, and resort wear easily meets this need as well. A kaftan can be casual day wear for getting in and out of the house, but it can just as easily transform into a stylish evening outfit, with a little bit of accessories. It is interesting how the wearer can get the most out of a single garment and make it look different depending on the time of day.

The pandemic has also sparked meaningful conversations about sustainable fashion. What is your personal vision for sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion is a complex subject, but an important one. The conversation around sustainable fashion has been around for some time, but the pandemic has made us step back and see every aspect of life differently. It definitely made us more aware of our lives and the impact we have on each other and on the planet. The global fashion industry is extremely energy intensive, polluting and wasteful. Despite some modest progress, fashion has not yet taken its environmental responsibilities seriously enough. I think the world’s biggest brands have a greater responsibility for sustainability because they have the resources to do it. Although in the immediate term it is not possible for brands (especially smaller brands) to be 100% sustainable, the mere fact that brands are taking steps in this direction is in itself a step forward. good direction. If we look at history, changes for improvement did not happen overnight but over a period of time, through continuous advocacy. I think all of these conversations around sustainability shouldn’t die or be taken lightly so that we (brands) remain aware of the positive changes we can make as we evolve.

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Fashion style

The 7 most expensive fashion pieces from Kareena Kapoor’s closet

There is nothing too basic for Bollywood and even the most basic things in a Bollywood celebrity’s closet have a certain touch of luxury. Kareena Kapoor, for her part, makes even the most basic things in her closet look so beautiful and dare to believe they don’t have hanging luxury prices. From handbags to sunglasses, Kareena Kapoor is obsessed with everything designer-related and she certainly has a fabulous collection under her belt. We already know how effortlessly chic her style is, but it’s her love for luxury that we’re going to delve into on her birthday today. Handbags, t-shirts and everything in between, Kareena Kapoor’s love for luxury never ends.

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Handbags of course have a special place in her closet, no surprise. The Hermes Birkin handbag is a Bollywood favorite for obvious reasons and the Rs 7 Lakh is a classic tote for Kareena’s travel or shopping dates. If his Christian Louboutin New Very Prive is worth Rs 64,440.

Kareena Kapoor at Manish Malhotra.

There isn’t a single day during either of her pregnancies that she hasn’t killed off by looking like a real style diva. The olive green one-shoulder Deme Love she wore for one of her nights on the town lives in our heads without rent. Sure, the thigh slit turns heads, but we have our eyes set on her Louis Vuitton Monogram Eclipse clutch worth Rs 2.1 Lakh.

A tote is one of the most practical handbags imaginable and Kareena thinks her Christian Dior Saddle Tote Rs 3 Lakh bag is just what she needed when traveling to the Maldives or on special occasions. tropical vacation.


Kareena Kapoor at the airport

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It is no surprise that Kareena Kapoor adores her designer handbags and we are sure she has a soft spot for the classic Dior monogram as we spotted the Dior Bobby worth Rs 2.8 Lakh it n not too long ago when she spent a “perfect Sunday” with her best friends.

Kareena Kapoor has a huge collection of handbags and the more we discover her, the more envious we become. Her handbag choices are actually a great excuse for her to pair up with her sister as when they were both spotted carrying matching Balenciaga Neo Classic handbags in London priced at Rs 2.2 Lakh.

To be Kareena’s best friends all you need is a Gucci tank top priced at Rs 56,727 and while it may seem like a distant dream, there is no tax on dreaming big. not?

Bollywood is obsessed with Louis Vuitton’s basic black, but even if it’s just a simple black mask, the price is anything but that. Rs 26,000 is the price of this basic black mask and if it goes well with any monochrome look, we totally support it!

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Is there more space to fit in another Louis Vuitton handbag worth Rs 3.4 Lakh?

We wish Kareena Kapoor many years of stylish happiness in the Maldives and beyond.

To shop for fashion on Amazon, click here.

Disclaimer: The Swirlster Picks team is writing about things we think you’ll like. Swirlster has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

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Fashion designer

Latinos who have succeeded in the fashion world

The fashion industry has always been a demanding, closed and difficult to access environment. Only the best manage to stand out. However, being successful in a country that is not the same as the country of origin often makes the task even more difficult, but there are several Latinos who have taken the names of their countries high in this world full of glamor.

Carolina herrera

María Carolina Josefina Pacanis Niño, better known as Carolina Herrera, is a Venezuelan fashion designer who founded her own fashion house in 1981 and is now recognized as one of the most influential in the fashion world.

Carolina quickly found success, standing out for the inclusion of feminine, classic and elegant silhouettes in her designs. Just a year after its launch, in 1982, it was already dressing Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia, Duchess of Feria, Countess Consuelo Crespi, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, Ivana Trump, Kathleen Turner and Nancy Reagan. In addition, for twelve years, she dressed Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, wife of John F. Kennedy and made the wedding dress of her daughter Carolina Kennedy, establishing her as one of the best bridal designers.

Oscar de la Renta

De la Renta was born in the Dominican Republic, but when he was very young he traveled to Spain to study fine arts. It was in this European country that he met Cristóbal Balenciaga, with whom he made his first steps into the world of fashion.

After moving to Paris and increasing his popularity as an emerging designer, he decided to move to New York to make his debut as the Creative Director of Elizabeth Arden. In the United States, he decides to create his own brand under his own name and instantly becomes one of the most recognized designers on both sides of the Atlantic.

Today, the Oscar de la Renta brand represents a true emblem of the industry, handling feminine and stylish cuts.

Nina Garcia

The Colombian, who stands out today for being the editor-in-chief of one of the country’s most important fashion magazines, ELLE magazine, calls herself “an anti-establishment rebel” because she never liked to follow the laws of industry. . On the contrary, she has always been known to leave her mark on what she does.

At the age of 15, Garcia emigrated to the United States to live with his sister, trying to escape the guerrilla warfare and drug trafficking that was suffocating his country at the time.

Nina Garcia’s career in the fashion industry began in the early 1980s when she started working in Perry Ellis’ public relations department.

Adriana lima

Adriana is a Brazilian model, best known for being one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels from 1999 to 2018.

Lima started her modeling career in 1990. In her early days, her career consisted mainly of fashion editorial work and also catwalks.

The worldwide recognition of this Latina came when she arrived on the Victoria’s Secret catwalks in 1999 with 19 years old, as one of their angels. She was in charge of the opening of the fashion show in 2003, 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2012.

Lauren Santo Domingo

Lauren is one of the Colombian engines of this generation of Latin fashion which is conquering New York.

Santo Domingo is co-founder of Moda Operandi, distributor of exclusive Latin brands such as Mercedes Salazar, Isolda, Magnetic Midnight or Carmelinas ….

Narciso Rodriguez

Narciso Rodriguez is a designer son of Cubans who rose to fame for the dress he designed for Carolyn Besset for her wedding to John F. Kennedy Jr.

“No one makes a simple line as extraordinary as Narciso,” said Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine.

Other celebrities who have worn Narciso designs include Michelle Obama who in 2008 wore a spring dress when Barack Obama first appeared as President-elect of the United States, Salma Hayek, Claire Danes, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel Weisz and Jessica Alba.

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Fashion brand

28 denim brands to buy and add to your jean vocabulary

Every day is a good day when you wear your favorite jeans. But before I find the one, you probably had to sift through the many denim brands on the market and embark on a journey of trial and error. When you know who makes your perfect jeans, the task becomes that much easier.

Some brands focus on sourcing durable vintage fabrics that won’t lose their shape over time, while other groups focus on providing a personalized fit by weaving elastic fabrics into fine fibers. more structured cotton. In addition to the fit, there are also the ever-changing silhouettes, cuts and colors to consider.

Without getting too technical, we’ve rounded up the best denim brands to stay on your radar. Whether you’re looking for a bargain at Gap (our Accessories Director never stops singing the praises of this pair) or you’re ready to invest in a high-quality option from Khaite, there is something for everyone. Be sure to bookmark this page and add these labels to your fashion vocabulary before your next shopping date.

If you’re looking for a pair of jeans with sophisticated ease, cool California vibes are woven into every denim piece from Boyish.

Boyish the Ziggy at sunrise

The jeans Boyish The Charley in Greed

No need to borrow from the boys. Raye specializes in androgynous cuts, like those perfectly baggy styles.

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, Denim and Jeans

Raey pleated loose-fit organic cotton boyfriend jeans

Image may contain: Clothing, Clothing, Pants, Denim, Jeans and Khaki

Raey cropped organic cotton straight-leg jeans

As Mother has expanded into a full collection of ready-to-wear clothing, it’s their jeans that keep us coming back. Perhaps you’ve seen this brand’s coveted denim yarns on stars like Meghan Markle and Katie Holmes.

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, Denim and Jeans

The jeans Mother The Runaway Step Fray in Not Guilty

Mother Rider Skimp high waist jeans


For handmade denim, turn to Frame. The brand pays great attention to details, such as subtly emphasized and refined stitching, barely distressed.

Mount The High Straight in Billups

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, Denim and Jeans

Frame The Italian Flare Rinse

Vintage lovers, this one is for you. As the name suggests, Re / Done takes retro silhouettes and updates them with a modern twist. We also offer bonus points for the eco-friendly system used in the dyeing process to minimize water wastage.

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, Denim and Jeans

Loose 90s Re / Done jeans

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, Denim and Jeans

Loose Fit 90s Re / Done High Rise Jeans

If you love the way stretch jeans hug your body, but are looking for something that looks as structured as a vintage pair, Gap’s beloved jeans are sure to become a favorite.

Gap High Rise Straight Cheeky Jeans with Washwell â„¢

Gap Sky High straight jeans

For timeless and effortless silhouettes, call on Rag & Bone to expand your denim collection.

Rag & Bone Dre Slim Boyfriend Ankle Jeans

Rag & Bone Dre Low rise slim fit jeans

Everlane has become a staple for jeans created using renewable energy and air-drying techniques that reduce CO2 emissions.

Jean Everlane The Way-High

Cheeky 90s Everlane The Curvy Jeans


Chic and polished jeans from Khaite will enhance those laid back moments.

There’s no better brand to turn to for vintage ’90s-inspired jeans than Agolde; the brand dominated the decade and continues to breathe new life into the iconic, relaxed silhouette.

Balloon Agolde high-rise tapered jeans

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, Denim and Jeans

Pinch Waist ’90 Agolde Organic High Waist Straight Leg Jeans

With sizes from 00 to 32, Good American has prioritized creating jeans with almost any body shape since day one.

Image may contain: Clothing, Clothing, Pants, Denim, Jeans and Tights

Good American Good Legs High Rise Skinny Jeans

Good American Good ’90s High Rise Wide Leg Jeans

For jeans with a chic French touch, turn to L’Agence’s luxuriously constructed denim pieces.

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, Denim and Jeans

L’Agence Marguerite cropped high-rise skinny jeans

Image may contain: Clothing, Clothing, Pants, Khaki, Denim and Jeans

L’Agence Margot cropped high-rise skinny jeans

While sustainability is at the forefront of Jeanerica’s design philosophy, it is the timeless silhouettes that will keep the brand’s designs in rotation for years and years to come.

High waist flared jeans Pyramid Jeanerica

Jeanerica Eiffel high waist bootcut

Get all your premium casual needs from Citizens of Humanity. And if you like stretch, the brand’s elastic jeans are designed to withstand multiple washes.

Libby Citizens of Humanity high-rise bootcut jeans

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, Denim and Jeans

High-waisted organic jeans Libby Citizens of Humanity

Don’t forget the proven American Eagle blues. The brand is responsible for creating some of the most comfortable jeans around.

American Eagle High-Rise Crossover Stretch Mom Jeans

Loose mom jeans American Eagle

Join fans Kate Moss and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and achieve the model look with a pair of Goldsign jeans.

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, Denim and Jeans

The Peg Goldsign high-rise tapered jeans

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, Denim and Jeans

Goldsign Morgan high-rise straight-leg jeans

The Tokyo brand Tu es mon Tresor leaves no stone unturned when creating their hand-finished jeans, made in Japan.

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, Denim and Jeans

Tresor Emerald cropped high-waisted straight-leg boyfriend jeans

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, Denim and Jeans

Straight high-waisted rigid jeans with turn-up Tresor Cornaline You are my

You can build the backbone of your wardrobe with R13’s basics like her reliable hoodies, comfy flannel shirts, and – the reason we’re here – her coveted jeans.

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, Denim and Jeans

R13 distressed boyfriend jeans

R13 distressed boyfriend jeans

Here’s proof that jeans don’t have to be boring. Made in Tomboy plays with remarkable pleats and seams to add an interesting touch to its denim designs.

Wide high waist jeans Made in Tomboy Felisa

Wide high waist jeans Made in Tomboy Enea

For jeans made in Los Angeles, turn to Slvrlake’s bespoke denim pieces, which come in a plethora of colourways.

Slvrlake Savior high waist straight jeans

Slvrlake Hero cropped high-rise straight-leg jeans

Keep up to date with the latest news by shopping for Grlfrnd’s selection of trendy jeans.

Grlfrnd Bella low-rise boyfriend jeans

Grlfrnd Hailey low rise slim jeans

Nothing is lost in the process of making ELV Denim jeans. Deadstock and straps come back to life in the brand’s enduring creations.

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, Denim and Jeans

Boyfriend jeans ELV Denim The Contrast

ELV Denim The Twin cropped straight-leg jeans

Once trendy and a wardrobe staple, 7 For All Mankind’s jeans have a strength that will stand the test of time.

7 For All Mankind B (AIR) Authentic Denim Dojo jeans in Destiny

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, Denim and Jeans

7 For All Mankind The Skinny Jeans in Balance Blue

There is nothing quite like a classic, and Levi’s trustworthy styles have truly stood the test of time. Try out his iconic 501s or try out his new styles of jeans for dad.

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, Denim and Jeans

High waisted dad jeans Levi’s

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, Denim and Jeans

Levi’s Authorized Vintage 501 Original slim straight leg jeans

If buttery soft jeans are at the top of your wishlist, look no further. Madewell’s denim finds have become synonymous with comfy jeans.

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, Denim and Jeans

Madewell The Mom jeans in Foster Wash

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, Denim and Jeans

Madewell The Perfect Vintage Cropped Straight Jeans In Edendale Wash

Whether you go to dinner or go shopping, you will find a style that will adapt to every moment in the AG collection.

AG Deven high-waisted wide-leg jeans

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, Denim and Jeans

High-waisted, straight-leg AG Alexxis jeans

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French fashion

Joe Biden’s challenge at his first United Nations General Assembly: convincing his allies that he is not another Trump

To world leaders who were alternately baffled and amused by former President Donald Trump – who once encountered mocking laughter from the UN crowd in the midst of his grand speech – Biden represented the hope of an era different in American foreign relations. He spent his first overseas trip in June declaring across Europe that “America is back”.

He continued this message during his first appearance in New York when he met UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

“The strong partnership between the United States and the UN is based on common values ​​and principles, and right now those ties are more important than ever. America is back and we believe in the United Nations and their values, ”Biden said.

In his first address as president to the General Assembly, Biden will seek to allay those fears, advocating for a collective approach to latent global issues like the Covid-19 pandemic and climate change. He will plead for a global recalibration of priorities, away from the wars of the last two decades and towards the emerging threats today.

The president is expected to advocate for “rallying allies, partners and institutions to face the major challenges of our time,” a senior administration official said. As in almost every aspect of its foreign policy, China will be prominent, and Biden will warn in his speech against the world’s shifting towards a new Cold War that divides the world into spheres of influence.

Yet the growing distrust of once-enthusiastic allies is not lost on the president or his aides.

“I think the point of view of the president, who has been on the world stage for 50 years, is that you always have to work on your relationships. This includes world leaders,” said press secretary Jen Psaki. “He believes our relationship has continued over several decades, and every step he has taken since taking office was with the intention of rebuilding alliances and rebuilding the partnerships that have frayed over the past four years. years. “

Psaki said that does not mean countries will always agree with each other, but argued that in the long run, global relations will be strengthened by Biden’s approach.

A highlight on the world stage

The annual appearance at the UN is one of the most high-profile occasions for any president to state his agenda abroad, although this year’s meeting has been reduced due to the pandemic. Biden will not participate in the usual flurry of withdrawal sessions in the halls of UN headquarters on the East Side of Manhattan and will return to the White House by Tuesday afternoon.

Officials view Biden’s speech and other events surrounding him – including a Covid summit on Wednesday and a Pacific leaders meeting on Friday – as a critical moment for the president to express his foreign policy vision and expose what he thinks should be the world’s priorities.

He arrived in New York shaken by setbacks in his quest to restore American leadership. France rants over a deal to equip Australia with nuclear-powered submarines, which deprived Paris of a lucrative contract for conventional submarines and, according to French officials, came as a total surprise to the older one. ally of the United States. Biden has asked to hold talks with French President Emmanuel Macron soon to lower the temperature.

The uncertainty surrounding Biden’s national agenda will have ramifications for his plans to harass the global climate change initiative. Democrats remain divided over the massive spending bill that represents the bulk of Biden’s plan to cut carbon emissions.

And his decision to end the war in Afghanistan, which resulted in a disorderly evacuation, created waves of refugees in Europe and the United States and left some allies frustrated with the way the exit was planned. Biden’s vows to continue effective counterterrorism efforts were undermined by the revelation last week that a US drone strike in the final days of the war killed 10 civilians instead of ISIS-K targets .

Still, Biden won’t hesitate to make his decision to end America’s longest war during his speech, according to senior administration officials. Instead, he will put the end of the war at the center of his message, arguing that it was a necessary decision to propel the world into a new, more cooperative era to face today’s challenges. .

“The president will essentially get the message across that the end of the war in Afghanistan closed the war-focused chapter and opened a chapter focused on determined, effective and intensive US diplomacy,” a senior administration official said. preview of the speech.

Biden aims to show a shift in priorities

Downplaying emerging divisions with foreign allies, the White House said Biden’s multiple summits this week – on Covid-19, climate change and the Indo-Pacific partnership – were evidence of a multilateral approach which contrasts directly with the approach of the previous administration.

And the announcement on Monday that the United States would ease travel restrictions on all fully vaccinated foreign visitors, replacing a patchwork of bans that had started to stir up fury in Europe, was applauded in foreign capitals.

The travel ban was expected to be a major point of contention during a Tuesday afternoon meeting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who will make his first visit to Biden’s White House.

Biden also plans to convene a virtual Covid-19 summit on Wednesday, calling on leaders in developed countries to step up vaccine-sharing commitments and increase the global supply of oxygen. And he will end the week by hosting his first in-person summit of QUAD nations – Japan, Australia and India – to discuss the pandemic and security in Asia.

The summit underscores Biden’s broader goal of diverting attention from places like Afghanistan and onto the threat from China, whose military and economic movements have caused a deterioration in ties with the West.

Biden’s decision to partner with the UK and Australia on nuclear-powered submarines was a sign of his willingness to look beyond traditional alliances – such as with France – to better meet challenges. security in Asia.

Spitting with Paris surprises the White House

This approach was not well received in Paris, where officials accused the Biden administration of operating in secret to deprive France of important defense contracts. France’s overreaction surprised some in the White House, and one official said France’s behavior, including recalling its ambassador for consultations, was too dramatic a response to the split.

For now, there is a general belief that the dusting off will not permanently damage relations with France, but officials acknowledge that the feud remains in its infancy. Biden asked Macron to call to address the matter “directly”, an official said.

“We understand the French position,” the official said. “We don’t share their take on how it all developed.”

The underwater spat highlights larger differences between Biden’s approach to China and the views of some European leaders, who have sought a more conciliatory approach with a major trading partner. These divisions were exposed at this summer’s G7 summit, although the group eventually emerged with a collective statement berating China for its human rights violations.

In his speech on Tuesday, Biden will seek to stress that the United States is not seeking to come into conflict with China or its leader Xi Jinping, whom he spoke with by phone earlier this month.

“President Biden will communicate tomorrow that he does not believe in the idea of ​​a new cold war with a world divided into blocks. He believes in vigorous, intensive and principled competition that does not tip into conflict.” , said the official.

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Fashion style

Fashion East Spring 2022 ready-to-wear collection

Although he lived in London for nearly a decade, earlier in the year and amid the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes around the world, Goom Heo decided to return to Korea to focus on his job. “I’m not trying to be political,” she told Zoom at 2 a.m. from Seoul. “Suddenly I felt uncomfortable and needed a change. It was this anxiety, however, that spurred the initial inspiration for spring, but, in classic Goom style, there had to be a quirky contrast.

“Chaotic, but in a comfort zone” is how the designer described the vibe this season, looks 53 to 71. “That’s where my mental state was when I started the collection. . ” This juxtaposition was reflected in the clothes: gathered, knotted drapes that wrapped frantically around the body were in stretch jersey and layered with soft pieces of cane suede. Faded indigo blue denim that deceptively mimicked a trompe-l’oeil effect wrapped around and around the legs. Clever cutouts that mimicked the details of her eyes were also on the hips. What really stands out, however, are the digitally printed pleated knit bodycon looks. The palette was mostly dark shades of gray and purple, with bursts of red, green, and blue, not straying too far from familiar territory.

Although Heo, who graduated from Central Saint Martins MA in 2019, has become known for her subversive approach to menswear, following the successful introduction of womenswear last season, she has chosen to continue to do more this. times. “I was confident in the quality of the welcome, so it seemed natural to me to continue,” she said. “But I didn’t really think about gender when I was designing. —Alex Kessler


This season, Hannah took inspiration from swimsuits. The British designer, who prefers to wear her first name, looked at the consistency and pageantry of the competitive side of swimming. Using her main accessory mount and via a Y2K lens, she delivered parts that looked like literal prices. Even the metallic pigskin bags were in the colors of the medals: bronze, silver and gold. “I’m pretty pious when it comes to items, so I wanted everything to feel like precious talismans,” she said.

There was also an introduction to real swimsuits, from one-piece looks with cutouts to separate swimsuits with elasticated edges that are cleverly applied to include the waistline. She also showed off large rimless sunglasses, some of which had rhinestone studs in the middle. “It’s very JLo 2001, isn’t it?” said Anne. Let’s not forget the shiny and resistant nylon cups that can also be worn as a scarf or simply as a bandeau top. Everything had decorative hardware logo details, further establishing HRH’s growing brand identity.

With her spring offer, looks 72 to 81, the designer wanted to bring more than accessories, but rather a complete look. What’s the next step for HRH? It’s too early to tell, but expect development on more and more recognizable signatures. —Alex Kessler

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