August 2021

Fashion designer

Francesca Hung on her favorite fashion designers, essential wardrobe pieces and post-containment style trends

What are the three essential elements of your wardrobe?
I’m not reinventing the wheel: a pair of high-waisted jeans – Zara or Ginger & Smart – white sneakers and a black Balmain blazer.

Must-have jewelry?
My Apple Watch and a big gold Amber Sceats chain.

Do you remember a favorite piece of clothing from your childhood?
When I was three, my dad went on a work trip to Texas and bought me a pair of cowboy boots. I did not want to take them off and refused to wear any other shoes in kindergarten.

What was your worst fashion mistake?
Don’t do a flash test before going to a David Jones event about a year ago. There are all these pictures of me in a see-through dress.

And your first fashion moment?
The first time I wore a piece straight off the catwalk – an amazing dress that was a white top with cutouts and a huge green, white and blue skirt – to a Tommy Hilfiger event in 2019.

Francesca is a big fan of German influencer Leonie Hanne’s use of bright, vivid colors.Credit:Getty Images

What’s at the top of your fashion wishlist?
I have the golf bug so I’m looking for a nice outfit to play on. Something preppy.

Is there a current fashion trend that you like? Because we’re stuck at home, I Instagram all these people overseas and love all the vibrant colors associated with it, especially the pink and green. This is something I want to try when it gets a little warmer and I’m allowed to go out!

What are you wearing in bed?
Peter Alexander pajamas.

Is there something you would never wear?
Doc Martens. I just think I’m not cool enough to pull them off.

What shoes do you wear the most?
Superga or Nike “Air Force 1” sneakers.

Who is your favorite fashion icon?
German fashion influencer Leonie Hanne. I love everything she wears and puts together – the beautiful bright colors, the pairing of silky dresses with combat boots…

“Because we’re stuck at home, I Instagram all these people overseas and love all the vibrant colors associated with it, especially the pink and green.”

What do you wear on a typical workday?
I tend to favor things that appear on screen or make a statement. I am always excited to try new things. For example, for the Fast Furious premiere I wore a gorgeous orange outfit from budding Perth designer Nilofar Khirzad.

What’s your favorite laid back casual Sunday look?
A teal blue tracksuit from Rozalia Russian’s collaboration with Atoir – it’s the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn.

This article appears in Sunday life magazine within the Sun-Herald and the Sunday age on sale August 29. To learn more about Sunday Life, visit The Sydney Morning Herald and Age.

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French fashion

Afghan Paralympians to compete in Tokyo after evacuation | Taliban news

Zakia Khudadadi and Hossain Rasouli, who were evacuated from Afghanistan last weekend to France, have arrived in Tokyo, the IPC said.

Two Afghan athletes have arrived in Tokyo to compete in the Paralympic Games, the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) announced on Saturday.

Zakia Khudadadi and Hossain Rasouli were evacuated last weekend to France from the Taliban-controlled country as part of a “major global operation,” the IPC said.

“Zakia and Hossain have continued to express their absolute desire to come and participate in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games,” committee chairman Andrew Parsons said in a statement.

“[They] are now in Tokyo to make their dreams come true, sending a strong message of hope to many others around the world, ”he added.

The couple arrived at the Tokyo Paralympic Village on Saturday evening, after spending a week in Paris at a French sports ministry training center, according to the IPC.

Khudadadi will compete in the women’s taekwondo K44-49kg category on September 2, and Rasouli will compete in the men’s T47 400-meter track and field the next day, he said.

The surprise announcement came after Afghanistan’s rapid fall to the Taliban earlier this month left the two athletes among tens of thousands trapped and unable to leave the country.

At Tuesday’s opening ceremony, the Afghan flag was symbolically displayed, carried by a volunteer.

The IPC said on Wednesday that Khudadadi and Rasouli had left Afghanistan safely but would not participate in the games as the focus was on their well-being.

“We always knew there was a slim chance that the two athletes could compete in Tokyo 2020, which is why the Afghan flag was paraded during the opening ceremony on Tuesday,” Parsons said on Saturday.

“Our number one priority has been and always will be the health and well-being of both athletes,” he added.

Learning that the couple couldn’t make it to Tokyo as planned “broke the hearts of everyone involved in the Paralympic movement and left both athletes devastated,” Parsons said.

“This announcement sparked a major global operation that led to their safe evacuation from Afghanistan, their recovery by France and now their safe arrival in Tokyo,” Parsons added.

Chelsey Gotell, President of the IPC Athletes Council, welcomed them in a statement provided by the IPC.

“On behalf of their 4,403 Paralympic athletes competing in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games,” she said, “I welcome Zakia and Hossain to the Paralympic Village. This is their home for the next nine days and as a community we are 100 percent behind them.

The Tokyo Paralympic Games are being held under strict coronavirus rules and largely behind closed doors, after a year of delay due to the pandemic.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban have promised a more moderate regime compared to their first spell in power from 1996 to 2001.

But many Afghans fear a repeat of their blunt interpretation of Islamic law.

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Fashion brand

Brits want brands to sell more vegan fashion, study finds

The majority of Britons want to see more certified vegan clothing, bags, shoes and accessories both in stores and online, new research shows.

A report released earlier this month by the Vegan Society looked at consumers’ understanding of the different materials and supply chain issues within the fashion industry, and what shoppers are looking for in vegan fashion.

A survey in the report, aimed at those who buy new clothes rather than second-hand items, found that 95 percent of shoppers said they would like to see more vegan verified fashion, with almost half (48 percent) saying they want to see in all categories of fashion.

The survey found that 35% of respondents wanted to see more vegan options for items that typically use animal leather, such as jackets and boots, while 32% would like more bags and backpacks in vegan leather.

Thirty-two percent said they would like to see the use of leather (vegetable leather) extended to general footwear such as boots, heels and sandals, while 28 percent would be interested in vegan leather sneakers.

The new report comes as a growing number of fashion companies, from big brands to luxury houses, are moving away from animal products as the market for vegan alternatives continues to grow.

In the past three months alone, Canada Goose, Moose Knuckles and Nieman Marcus have announced their plans to go without fur, joining Macy’s, H&M, Gap, Urban Outfitters and J.Crew, Burberry, Prada, Gucci and Giorgio Armani.

The Vegan Society survey also found that 61% of respondents think the use of fur is cruel, while a tiny 57% feel the same about using animal leather. exotic ”.

Thirty-seven percent of those polled said the use of cowhide is cruel, with more than half (54 percent) “slamming the use of calfskin” – although the report did not clarified exactly what that meant.

Thirty-five percent said they wanted more vegan leather options, with almost three-quarters (74 percent) willing to pay more for non-animal alternatives.

More than half (55%) said they were interested in buying or already owning something made from vegetable leather, the highest percentages for all materials surveyed. Forty-two percent said they thought it was sustainable, 34 percent said it was ethical, and 31 percent said it was modern.

The study’s research was based on a survey of 1,000 UK adults conducted on the Attest consumer research platform between May 12 and 14, 2021.

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Fashion style

The real story behind Gossip Girl’s new 2021 style

In the first episode of the Gossip Girl reboot, one character denigrates another with the word “She has a blindfold”, an insult that sums up how far their world is from that of Blair Waldorf. This time around, permanent brushings have been replaced with trendy cuts; high socks with cowboy boots. In fact, aside from the return of costume designer Eric Daman – not to mention the caramel-sweet voice of Kristen Bell, who is reprising her role as Gossip Girl (or “GG”) – this is all new. private school preparation breed.

Luna La and Monet de Haan © BBC / Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

“They dress to reflect their views and are not defined or limited by old world values ​​and traditions,” Daman explains of the new aesthetic. “They make individualistic choices that are idiosyncratic rather than fit in.” It’s those choices – Balenciaga’s puffy sneakers over ballet flats, for example – that reflect how much has changed since the early days of Constance Billard St Jude, where a blog (remember that?), Deprived of its rights and in desperate need of a boost, decides to resurrect on Instagram.

Julien and Audrey

Julien Calloway and Audrey Hope © BBC / Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

With Black Lives Matter, TikTok, #MeToo, and the crop cancellation all coming after the original show ended in 2012, diversity and genre fluidity are finally part of the new. Gossip Girl conversation. Take Aki Menzies’ cherry blossom pink hair or Max Wolfe’s insanely sheer lace shirt. “Max identifies as male and pansexual,” explains Daman. “Being able to dress her in a ‘ladies’ blouse and look sexy AF, broadens the dialogue about what gender norms are and how we can have that conversation through clothing. If I had put a woman’s blouse on Chuck Bass, that would have been a joke. ‘

Julien wears high boots and a varsity jacket

Julien calloway © Getty

And that’s something else. These Gen-Zers might still adore the designer brands their privilege offers them – Julien Calloway wears a Louis Vuitton Capucines, a status symbol costing over £ 3,000, on his first day back to school – but the clothes vintage and streetwear are now billed equally. “These kids love to be aware of their impact on the environment, but also love a unique piece of their own that comes with a heritage story,” says Daman, whose moodboard refers to models from the 90s and in the early 90s. 2000s MTV Video Music Awards, as well as Destiny’s Child, J-Lo, Aaliyah, Rihanna, En Vogue and Distraught.

Luna and Julien

Luna La and Julien Calloway © Getty

Julien’s custom uniform is Cher Horowitz meets Bella Hadid, another key reference for Daman, mixing pinstripe school blazers with leather belt bags for a totally cheugy-free vibe. Savannah Smith’s character, Monet de Haan, has a look inspired by a ’90s Naomi Campbell. “Monet is very consistent with her style. She wears Chanel, lots of accessories, miniskirts, giant heels, ”says Smith.

Monet and Julien

Monet de Haan and Julien Calloway © BBC / Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

“All of these kids have a nonchalance in their style that feels effortless but totally thought out and very expensive,” says Daman, who has featured rising star designers (like Christopher John Rogers, LaQuan Smith, Telfar) alongside the brands established powerhouses (Dior, Gucci, Saint Laurent).

The new cast of Gossip Girl

© BBC / Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

The items sell out as soon as they hit Instagram, according to Daman, where @gossipgirlstyleguide has diligently documented everything worn. As the girls tell Zoya Lott, Julien’s half-sister, on her first Dumbo House party: “Do your best because you’ll be watched. With the first six episodes releasing today on BBC iPlayer, it promises to be a different (but equally dramatic) ride.

Lovecraft Country

1 of 14

Science fiction and fashion can go hand in hand (as evidenced by Strange things). Lovecraft Country, HBO’s shiny new show, takes place in 1950s America – cat-eye sunglasses and hourglass-accentuating shorts – against a backdrop of segregation.

Emilie in Paris

2 of 14

His last grande dame did not do so well in Paris, but maybe his next one will do better. Darren Star’s new show, Emilie in Paris, stars Lily Collins. She’s a wide-eyed marketing executive with a killer wardrobe because – go figure – Patricia Field, the famous costume designer of SATC, is also on board.

friends cast

3 of 14

The six best friends in the world gave us awesome clothes + comedic gold. Who could forget that Joey wore everything Chandler owned (“I’d better not do any slits!”), Rachel’s babydoll dress (“My boobs are out!) And Ross’s leather pants (“ My God) , these pants, I burn. ”))?

gossip girl casting

4 of 14

Preppy plaid skirts and velvet headbands Gossip Girl Compulsive viewing for aspiring teens circa 2007. Both are back, for your information, so dig up yours. XOXO.

city ​​sex and casting

5 of 14

Now’s the time to dive head first into the famous quartet’s wardrobes, and if you have some spare time, do a Carrie clean-up yourself.

next in fashion

6 of 14

Next in fashion has drama, a truly impressive design, and some surprisingly heartwarming moments. If that doesn’t get you hooked, stick with Tan France and Alexa Chung’s outfits. Our favorite? The latter’s knit bra and buttery cardigan. Delicious.

Western world

7 of 14

The character of Tessa Thompson in Westworld, Charlotte Hale, is an executive director at Delos Destinations (aka, a total boss) and has read the power outfit rulebook cover to cover.

the good wife / the good fight

8 of 14

Diane Lockhart for the presidency. Am I right? The attorney’s wardrobe of pointy-shoulder blazers is an oval office trick.

sex education

9 of 14

His penchant for silk blouses predates that of Shiv (remember The fall?), and now Gillian Anderson is bringing her famous je ne sais quoi to Netflix Sex education. Jean Millburn = our hero in a shirt dress.

the wonderful mrs mail

ten of 14

If you need to cheer yourself up – and fast – watch The wonderful Mrs. Maisel. It’s set in 1950s New York, miles away from the Myriad of Worries of 2020, and features Rachael Brosnahan as Midge Maisel, a Jewish housewife who becomes upright after her husband is unfaithful. Spot the most charming costumes – and comedies – of the century.

the crown

11 of 14

We still fantasize about the tiaras and ball gowns belonging to Princess Margaret. The fourth season of The Crown is fast approaching and features a very elegant arrival in the form of Princess Diana. Mark your calendars for November 15th.


12 of 14

Rainbow (Johnson) by name and rainbow by nature. The character of Tracee Ellis Ross in Blackish serves a fad of well-being – and in abundance.

the day before the murder

13 of 14

Villanelle’s many faces never cease to shock, amaze and, frankly, make us envious that an assassin’s salary gets you clothes from The Vampire’s Wife, Rosie Assoulin and Molly Goddard. Hurry, season three!


14 of 14

Issa, the adorable lead in Unsafe, has a wardrobe inside out (which she buys from time to time and then turns over, don’t judge).

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Fashion designer

“Made in Afghanistan” once symbolized hope. Now it’s fear.

Haseeb Rahimi, a 30-year-old Afghan entrepreneur, and his younger sister, Rahiba Rahimi, a designer, had big plans for 2021.

This was going to be the year they took Laman, their five-year, international fashion brand. Already, they had organized a parade at the American Embassy in Kabul, equipped the candidates with “Afghan Star” (a local version of “American Idol”) and organized a parade in Milan in 2019. Bring their creations to Oslo (where Mr. Rahimi was in business school planning to open a showroom), Dubai and beyond would mark the next step in their dream of creating Afghanistan’s first modern luxury brand – one that would combine heritage. aesthetic of the country with contemporary styles, using the language of fashion to recast the image of their country in the global imagination.

The siblings had developed a network of 500 artisans, including 50 at the headquarters in Kabul, all headed by a woman. They wanted the “made in Afghanistan” label, sewn into every piece they sold, to mean something new both inside and outside the country.

But on August 15, the day the Taliban entered Kabul, they told their staff they were shutting down.

“Everything is wiped out,” Rahimi said by phone from Norway, referring to the company’s equipment, inventory and investments. (Ms Rahimi and her family fled to Turkey at the start of the summer, and she was suffering from “severe depression,” he said.) “This is what happens when you dare to hope in a hopeless place. “

“Hope” rather than “style” or “money” or “the trend” might seem like a strange word to associate with fashion. Almost as strange as writing about fashion against the backdrop of a war-torn and anguished country.

Yet he comes back again and again in times of trauma. In Afghanistan, fashion, with its low barriers to entry, is not so much a symbol of complacent indolence as it is a lever for advancement. It is a path to financial self-sufficiency, especially for women who have been excluded from the formal academic and professional ladder. It’s participating in the global conversation and reframing a cultural narrative.

And there, his essential role of self-expression and antidote to horror is evident. The drive to create beauty even in the worst of times is a universal human impulse – a statement of belief in what is possible.

As Ms Rahimi put it in an interview with The new humanitarian newsletter in 2017, “Fashion in a way helps our women come out of their shell and say to society, ‘Here I am. Look at me. Hear me. ‘”

This is so, for example, in Ukraine in 2014, when fashion week was held in Kiev as Russian forces loomed at the border. In Israel and Gaza, where fashion shows were held during the attacks of the same year.

And so it has been for the past 10 years in Afghanistan, as NGOs and private entrepreneurs have turned to fashion as the way forward. This is in part because it is a job that many women could do at home while looking after their families and traditional roles (even in areas already controlled by the Taliban).

And in part because of the country’s legitimate history and heritage as the center of the Silk Road, with its associated textile and embroidery art, and later “the Paris of Central Asia” – a nickname given to Afghanistan in the stable period from 1930 to 1970, when the “Afghan coat” became a staple in Western fashion. (Indeed, in 1969, Vogue held a fashion shoot titled “Afghan adventure. ”)

“Handicrafts have always played a vital role in defining communities and cultures as well as economic opportunities,” said Rebecca van Bergen, founder of Nest, a non-profit organization focused on building an economy world of manual workers. Nest has been present in Afghanistan since 2015 and works with a network of 6,700 artisans in the country, 89% of whom are women.

“Many craft businesses in Afghanistan started and flourished after the fall of the Taliban in 2001, which shows how the empowerment of women is directly linked to economic development and cultural preservation,” said Ms. van Bergen.

In 2016, for example, Simone Cipriani, the founder of the Ethical Fashion Initiative, a program of the International Trade Commission, a joint agency of the United Nations and the World Trade Organization, launched a program in Afghanistan focused on the cultivation of local saffron production. and silk and executed according to the principles of the International Labor Organization. Sixty percent of the 3,500 employees are women.

This fall was to herald the start of the next stage when, in November, a major Italian luxury brand – Mr. Cipriani did not want to say which one, but admitted that it belonged to a large French group – would sell 2,000 bristles. shawls created in Afghanistan with the support of the Italian textile manufacturer Ratti (of which Louis Vuitton is one of its clients). He hoped it was a deal that would open a pipeline for future business, legitimizing Afghan crafts at the highest levels on the world stage and creating a new form of industry in the country.

In 2019, the EFI initiative also linked Jeanne de Kroon, a Dutch designer who had launched a line called Zazi Vintage, with a workshop in Afghanistan, to better recycle the country’s sumptuous textiles into extraordinary coats designed and sold by Mrs. de Kroon.

It was the same year that USAID, the United States’ international development organization, helped set up an exhibition in Milan at the Salone dei Tessuti to showcase the country’s luxury crafts (products being created partly by a network of 15,000 women). It featured a parade of four brands, including Laman, all founded by women and all dedicated to various iterations of the same mission: empowering their female base and rebuilding their country.

And that was right before Hila and Wana Limar, two Afghan sisters who immigrated with their families to Germany when they were young, began to prepare a jewelry brand called Sevar. It was designed to sell gold and lapis designs created and purchased in Afghanistan and is based on a program to teach a trade (and business and marketing skills) to young women who drop out of high school. The first collection was due out this fall, and the first class of young women had applied and been selected to begin their apprenticeship during the fall of Kabul.

Now, like Laman, all of these initiatives are on hold, the stories they represent are whispered with fear, the women who work with them are too afraid to continue.

EFI has removed all web pages related to its work in Afghanistan and released the declaration: “Until the situation becomes clearer, we have decided not to release any personally identifiable information related to our work in Afghanistan. Thank you for your understanding. ”USAID’s pages on their show in Milan have also disappeared.

“Many of our artisans have deactivated their IG accounts and requested that their names not be mentioned anywhere out of fear for their safety and that of the artisans they employ,” said Ms. van Bergen of Nest. “With women’s rights at best questioned and artisan businesses feeling the need to shut down social media accounts and websites, the economic and cultural spillovers are all in question. It’s scary.

According to Ms. de Kroon de Zazi, the government has told the country to return to work. But while male employees return to their workshops, most women stay away for fear of retaliation if they show up. Hila Limar said she received text messages every day asking for help and had contacted the German government in an attempt to get names on evacuation lists. She was well aware of the fact, she said, “that I could be one of those girls. It is our responsibility to support those who have not had the chance to leave. And who now cannot.

“Someone asked me if there was hope,” said Mr. Cipriani of the Ethical Fashion Initiative. “I don’t know the answer. But there is a possibility of hope.

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French fashion

Good to know: Minnesota artist known for his vibrant clothes and deep faith

Jim Wegner wore a love of color on his sleeve.

Along with his paintings and other artwork, the Austin, Minnesota resident was known for his vibrant sartorial style. Friends and family remember that he often wore brightly colored or intricately patterned shirts and sweaters, some of which were sewn himself.

“If he couldn’t buy it, he did,” niece Susie Putzke said in an interview.

Described by those close to him as caring and generous, Wegner was known in Austin and elsewhere for a lifelong career in the arts and arts education. He taught until recently at the Austin ArtWorks Center oxygen tank in hand before dying on August 4, 2021.

He was 91 years old.

Jim wegner

Jim wegner

James Noel Wegner was born July 25, 1930 and raised in Paynesville, Minnesota. He graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth with a degree in Arts Education in 1953. After two years in the US Army, he embarked on a 38-year teaching career. He began teaching at Austin Public Schools in 1956. That same year he married Catherine Brown, whom he had known from kindergarten.

It was at Riverland Community College, however, that Wegner left his mark. The art gallery there is named after him, and Wegner was one of many instructors in the late 1980s to found the college’s travel studies program, which at the time took participants to London and Paris.
Bonnie Reitz, a friend of Wegner’s and former French instructor at Riverland, called it a “fascinating program.”

“It was such a fun thing to do because, with Riverland being a community college, we could have not only students but people from the community who could travel with us, and we took 20 to 30 people every year,” said Reitz. said in an interview. “And what we really liked was that we usually took people who had never been to Europe before.”

Wegner continued to be involved with Riverland until the COVID-19 pandemic, friends and family said. He continued his own artistic training at the U of M Duluth, eventually earning a master’s degree in painting and art history, and studied with artists at the University of Colorado.


Known primarily for his work in acrylics, Wegner was also a talented sculptor, potter, photographer and printer. He also loved music, having helped the Austin First United Methodist Church choose an organ and sung for years in the church choir.

Samples of Wegner’s artwork can be found at the church to this day, including paintings that adorn its hallways and banners that hang high on the walls of the shrine.

Reverend Dr. Donna Dempewolf was still getting to know Wegner, having started at church only two years ago, but said faith was “an important part of her and Brown’s journey, especially the aspect. worship of faith “. Wegner and Brown donated to the Wesley Foundation, according to Dempewolf, which is The United Methodist Church’s campus ministry program, and attended foundation services while in college.

Putzke, an ordained pastor and hospital chaplain in St. Cloud, Minnesota, said Wegner was also generous with his art, giving paintings to family members for special occasions.

“Everyone had an original piece of art or a watercolor for a wedding gift,” she said.

Wegner is survived by his wife and siblings.

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Fashion style

Here are five chic ways to wear your boyfriend jeans

Fashion has long since entered the fluid phase. Now there are more fun ways to style your hair and it will only evolve from now on. A pair of jeans is something that’s always going to stay on trend, and if you’re looking for ways to style your boyfriend jeans – which are both loose and ragged, and typically worn with stilettos and a cotton-inspired sweatshirt. luxury – for example, Ridhi Jain, a fashion and beauty designer on Trell gives some chic style tips. Read on.

Offbeat look

Pair a loose printed shirt with BF jeans. When it comes to shoes, it’s a question of balance. Everything looks good, but if the jeans are too ragged, don’t wear them with stilettos. Instead, go for simple shoes, sneakers, flat sandals.

Ready for pajama party / brunch

Pair any tie-dye top with BF jeans for the perfect weekend sleepover or Sunday brunch. Boyfriend jeans are a staple for everyday events, for weekends, for casual looks, and they pair perfectly with sneakers, giving the wearer a glamorous look for a comfortable day out.

Ditch the heels and opt for simple shoes, sneakers instead, like actor Disha Patani here. (Photo: Varinder Chawla)

Stay relaxed

A long-sleeved jacket paired with boyfriend jeans is a versatile choice. The soft and fuzzy feel makes it both warm and comfortable to wear; Wear it with banded cuffs or a trendy belt to complete your look. Wear a crop top or black top to complete your outfit.

Bold and daring

The trickiest part of getting the right boyfriend jeans look is making sure they flatter you. Add a fitted top for a bold and confident look. It might sound unnatural, but the key to pairing boyfriend jeans is to give yourself room for that signature casualness and your daring.

Chic appearance

A plain crop top or a fitted t-shirt over boyfriend jeans is a good choice. Remember that this outfit is avant-garde. Trendy necklaces or a long, delicate chain are great options to add the final feminine touch to the look. It’s a chic outfit perfect for your shopping day with your best friends.

For more lifestyle news, follow us: Twitter: lifestyle_ie | Facebook: IE Lifestyle | Instagram: ie_lifestyle

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Fashion designer

Hot Hotels: The Standard, London

The location

The Standard team has a knack for establishing itself in the hottest places in the world. Standard “seals of approval” have been awarded to Miami Beach, Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles, East Village in New York, The High Line and even the Maldives. While none of these destinations need help promoting themselves, The Standard further strengthens its status as a must-see and in London it’s no different. While years of regeneration have made King’s Cross a new destination for many, “KX” and neighboring Camden have long been haunts for the alternative, bohemian and those on the fringes of society.

Coal Drops Yard, a short walk from The Standard, is home to lively shops, bars and restaurants, as well as historical relics like the old Granary Building (now home to the internationally renowned art school, Central Saint Martins ) and the Victorian Gothic Revival style St. Pancras International The station and adjoining Renaissance hotel now occupy a prominent place in the neighborhood.

Following the local trend of regeneration and reuse, The Standard occupies the former annex of Camden Town Hall, a brutalist monument that has been lovingly restored by the architectural firm Archer Humphryes, with a three-story extension of the space age capping the structure. Going up outside is a new mini landmark in itself, a red phone booth-shaped elevator that serves the 10th-floor restaurant, Decimo. Inside, Shawn Hausman, a longtime Standard collaborator and interior designer, continues to nod to the building’s 1970s heritage.

The rooms

The Standard has 266 rooms in 42 unique styles with a range of packages to suit all inclinations and whims. There are Cozy Core windowless pods, perfect for a wild night’s sleep, as well as light-flooded terraced suites with stunning city views and everything in between. Once again, Shawn Hausman and Co. have worked their magic in every nook and cranny of every room while fashion designer and Central Saint Martins alumnus Craig Green has also made his mark. In addition to designing the enviable collection of Standard Team uniforms, guests can dress and stay in custom Craig Green bathrobes, cut from the most comfortable terrycloth cotton.

Designer dresses need space to relax and there’s no shortage of Zen here. Rich textures and natural details including wool, leather and wood are sprinkled throughout. Large room-service TVs face even larger beds with plush Italian bedding and plush pillows.

The food

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Fashion brand

5 designer tops every fashion and designer girl should add to her wardrobe right away

Most of the designer clothes we buy are too over the top and can’t be worn just about everywhere. But we certainly don’t want to spend that much and then save it for “special occasions”. Here we have a list of some versatile branded tops that you can literally wear anytime, anywhere and style in countless ways.

Guess round neck t-shirt

The most basic item of clothing that every girl should have in her wardrobe is a white t-shirt with a round neck, because it is extremely comfortable and super versatile. This crew neck t-shirt from Guess is made from pure cotton, making it a comfortable choice in warm weather. You can pair this t-shirt with your favorite pair of distressed jeans, shorts or even a skirt with classic white sneakers.

Price: Rs. 1679

Buy now

Off-white Guess Print Top with Bow Detail

A printed sleeveless top is a must have for summers and monsoons. It can be styled in a number of ways and will give you an elegant look with minimal effort. This top from Guess has a very unique and glamorous back. It features a tie detail at the back, a round neck with a tie detail at the back and adult short sleeves. It would look great when paired with blue jeans or black leggings.

Price: Rs. 5999

Buy now

Guess Yellow Top

The knit top trend is raging this year and looks to be here to stay. So if you haven’t added a knit top to your wardrobe yet, now is your chance. This lemon yellow knit top is both elegant and glamorous. The sleeveless top is embellished with lace and beaded details along the front neckline. You can pair this top with skinny jeans and a pair of heels and you’re ready to go out in confidence!

Price: Rs. 3999

Buy now

Guess blue print top

A breezy tank top will act as your savior on dark days when you’re just too lazy to put in the effort. This blue print tank top offers an extremely comfortable fit that will make it your favorite in no time. The printed mesh sleeveless top features a round neck and a curved back hem that is longer than the front. You can wear it with your favorite jeans or tuck it in with a skirt.

Price: Rs. 2699

Buy now

Guess white semi-sheer top

If you are looking for a versatile top that you can wear on a casual day or at the beach or for an intimate party at home, then you have found the perfect match! This white semi-sheer woven top with adjustable straps that form a round neck on the front and a crossover detail on the back. The top is embroidered with lace details to the front and an asymmetrical hem with the front hem shorter than the back hem. You can literally pair this top with any bottom you want. You can also opt for sneakers or heels depending on the outing.

Price: Rs. 3699

Buy now

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Fashion: Six clothing trends to get you through the end of summer

IF YOU’VE spent all summer browsing the same two or three dresses, you might be excited about the colder weather and the opportunity to break out your winter wardrobe again.

However, we would say now is a great time to really dress for hot weather. After all, when the sun goes down, we bet you’ll miss the picnic dress and sandal season – so you don’t want to waste it.

Some trends have been strong all summer – such as meadow vibes and pastel colors – but new styles are catching our attention as well. We are normally taught to buy our summer clothes at the start of the season, to “make the most of them” – but now is the time when we want to refresh our wardrobe. After all, you can still layer these outfits with tights and cardigans during the colder months, and take them out triumphantly next year.

If you really want to celebrate the end of summer, here are the looks to adopt …

1. Crazy hook

It looks like the spirit of making and fixing the first lockdown in 2020 lives on, and high fashion has really made its way into everyone’s favorite quarantine pastime: crochet. After all, if it’s good enough for Olympic champion Tom Daley, it’s definitely good enough for us.

Loose-knit dresses are everywhere, from the Valentino Spring / Summer runway to a Salvatore Ferragamo yellow minidress we immediately fell in love with. Knits and hot weather don’t really mix well, but thanks to the chunky stitches and strappy cuts, these dresses will keep you cool even when the mercury is rising.

If you are going to the office, choose a chocolate-colored midi, or for a picnic in the park, be short, seductive and brightly colored.

Oliver Bonas black crochet knit mini dress, £ 30 (was £ 59.50)

ASOS DESIGN Multi Color Crochet Zig Zag One Shoulder Mini Dress, £ 25; London Square My Accessories Sunglasses with Embellished Tinted Lenses, £ 9.80 (was £ 14)

2. Feel fuchsia

Sometimes the sweltering heat this time of year can make you lethargic, and all you want to wear are muted tones fading into the background.

However, in August, we recommend bringing a little color to your fashion: namely a vibrant shade of fuchsia. Whether you are wearing a dynamic mini dress or a floating number, this is an easy and immediate way to put you in a good mood.

Monsoon Kali Tie Dye Hanky ​​Hem Rose Dress, £ 34 (was £ 49)

George Pink Textured Midi Dress, £ 18 (sandals out of stock)

3. Cutouts

The boldest trend this season is showing off a bit of skin, but in an unusual way. Instead of your classic slit skirt or neckline, think of more unique ways to wear the cutout trend.

Christopher Esber and Alexander McQueen were among the fashion houses playing with interesting panels – from balls of fabric taken from the collarbone to geometric cutouts on the side. The best thing about this risky look is that you can really show off as much skin as you want – even a simple sheen of flesh will do.

To really pull off this trend, combine it with other great looks of the season – for example, a crochet dress with cut out panels or an unusual fuchsia number.

Zara midi dress with cutout detail, £ 29.99

Pretty Little Thing Lime Rib Off Shoulder Bodycon Dress with Binding Detail, £ 25

4. Declaration pockets

Bigger really seems to be better when it comes to sleeves. We’re talking puffed shoulders, draped arms – anything that brings a bit of drama to your look.

The trend has even caught on in bridal wear – Lady Kitty Spencer recently got married in a Victorian-inspired Dolce & Gabbana gown with exaggerated shoulders, but you don’t have to go as far as she. For a more wearable take on the trend, take advantage of the cottagecore vibe and lean towards floaty materials and whimsical styles for the perfect picnic dress.

Chi Chi Curve Plus Size Puff Sleeve Day Mini Dress in Green, £ 55, very

River Island Rust Cotton Oversized Dress RI Studio, £ 45 (was £ 60)

5. Disco fever

Sparkles and glitter tend to be reserved for the December holiday season, but who says you can’t bring a little fun to summer? Designers like Celine, Balmain, Burberry and Ashish made the catwalk shine – and you can too.

Put some 1970s glamor into your summer outfit – you’d be surprised how well a sequined or shimmering dress pairs well with a relaxed denim jacket and cool sneakers.

ASOS Reclaimed Vintage Inspired Taffeta Silver Smocked Mini Dress, £ 15.75 (was £ 35; boots not available)

Oliver Bonas Pink Wavy Sequin Wrap Mini Dress, £ 35 (was £ 115)

6. Mix your monochrome

If you just can’t bring yourself to go for glitter this season, luckily there is a trend for every style. Instagram’s fashion pack has also invested heavily in monochrome looks, meaning all in black and white.

You can tailor this trend very well to your personality: maybe you wear a loaded pattern or you want to keep things simple and geometric. If you start to return to the office and have forgotten how to dress, monochrome dresses will help keep you cool and comfortable.

V by Very Tiered jacquard dress in monochrome, £ 30, very

Hobbs Clarice Dress, £ 69 (was £ 129), Kaleidoscope

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