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10 Villains Who Wear Underwear Outside

Villains are supposed to be suave and cool. They wear suits or tuxedos, even threatening masks or helmets. However, not all villain costumes are as intimidating as the villain might hope. In fact, some costumes look downright silly, especially ones with underwear on the outside.

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Readers are used to superheroes wearing underwear outside of their costumes, but that’s certainly less common with villains. When a villain wears an undergarment outside of their costume, it’s sure to draw attention – for better or for worse! However, regardless of their wardrobe reasoning, it’s never a good idea to get on the bad side of a super villain, no matter how goofy they look.

ten Electro’s yellow briefs are an interesting choice of outerwear

A classic Spider-Man villain deserves a cool costume. Unfortunately for Max Dillon, he doesn’t. Of course, the lightning bolts zigzag across the costume, and the lightning bolt mask is neat; however, the bright yellow Electro sports briefs are confusing at best. It makes sense to break up the field of green on her bodysuit, but it seems silly. In fact, the lightning bolts on Max’s chest look like yellow garter belts, which only adds to the comedy of errors. Still, one shouldn’t point out the obvious weirdness without wearing rubber-soled shoes.

9 Mr. Freeze’s Costume Wasn’t Always So Cool In DC Comics

Victor Fries and his suit made their first appearance in Batman #121, written by Bill Finger with art by Sheldon Moldoff. Unfortunately, Mr. Freeze’s wardrobe leaves a lot to be desired. His trademark glass helmet is present, but it’s the only aspect that carries over to his more recognizable blue and black suits.

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In his debut, Victor’s costume is yellow with red/pink accents, including a pair of underwear that shames Superman’s red fashion statement. However, no matter what his costume first looked like, readers should be thankful that Mr. Freeze ended up looking much cooler in later comics.

8 Hobgoblin slipped into orange underwear for fashion

Roderick Kingsley is a fashion designer – a fashion designer! – who became obsessed with being a masked supervillain after stumbling upon one of Norman Osborn’s secret lairs. Kingsley made his fortune selling his fashion designs, but his expertise didn’t translate well to his portrayal of Osborn’s Green Goblin. When Roderick created Hobgoblin, he stole much of the Green Goblin’s outfit, but decided to add orange briefs to the costume. It’s such a strange choice, it’s laughable. Kingsley’s main goal was to avoid the madness plaguing Norman, but unfortunately he couldn’t avoid the fashion faux pas of Hobgoblin’s outfit.

seven The mercenary, Deathstroke, prefers his underwear outside

Slade Wilson is the original comic book mercenary with the last name of Wilson. It first appeared in New Teen Titans #2, written by Marv Wolfman with art by George Perez; however, his costume was nowhere near the iconic orange and black suit that readers love. One such iteration of the classic Deathstroke look came with a pair of striking orange briefs. Wilson may be a dastardly tactician and conniving mastermind, but the orange boxer shorts undermined his authority somewhat. It was an odd choice for his otherwise imposing presence.

6 Thanos remains undecided on his underwear choices

Thanos is one of the greatest villains in the Marvel Universe, but he can’t decide on his costume. In several instances, Thanos is seen in what can only be described as “golden cod.” For a man who is obsessed with death – so much so that he falls in love with Mistress Death – golden briefs are a crazy choice. Readers see Thanos take on the greatest of superheroes and emerge victorious, but no one wins with golden underpants.

5 Bizarro copies the classic red slip like a good clone

The OG of wearing underwear outside of a costume has to be Superman. Clark Kent arguably pulls off the red underwear better than any other superhero in the multiverse. So when Bizarro made his first appearance in Superboy #68written by Otto Binder with art by George Papp, it was natural to give him the exact same costume as Superman.

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Often seen in slightly different or darker colors than Superman, Bizarro is a good clone when it comes to staying true to the original blue and red color theme. What readers love about Superman’s costume is present in Bizarro’s, which means another feature for those iconic red briefs.

4 The armless tiger man has a weird costume for a weird character

Gustav Hertz was working in a mechanical factory in Nazi Germany when his arms were caught in a machine, resulting in their amputation. During his recovery, Hertz learned to use only his mouth and legs, gaining incredible strength while harboring a hatred of all machines. The Nazis heard his story and sent him to America to undermine the defense systems of the United States. The armless tiger man used his strength to destroy machinery for the Nazis while moonlighting as a cannibal. However, the weirdest thing about Gustav is his bright yellow bodysuit with black underwear. That’s all he’s got and all he needs.

3 Signalman Proves Solid Color Underwear Is For The Weak

After Phillip Cobb mocked his lack of a villainous reputation, he went on to create the character of Signalman. The costume he created was inspired by road signs and symbols that control society. This resulted in an interesting costume, made even funnier by Cobb’s striped underwear. Sure, it looks like a construction board, but yellow and black striped briefs? Oh good? What a bold decision! However, despite his confident wardrobe, Batman never had a problem defeating Signalman. The next time Phillip decides to turn pro, he might think twice about wearing striped underwear.

2 Magneto, the mutant MVP, also wears underwear outside

It’s sometimes hard to tell if a costumed character has underwear on the outside of their outfit or if they’re just a bit darker. This is not the case for Magneto. Since his first appearance, Magneto’s most iconic costume has been his helmet, cape, and all-red suit outfitted with a pair of purple underwear.

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To be fair, the underwear brings the whole costume together; however, it is apparent that Erik is putting on a pair of underwear over his pants. It’s an odd choice, even if it makes his costume look cooler, but Magneto isn’t someone worth teasing, so the silly purple underwear is best ignored.

Metal underwear still counts as underwear, which is exactly what Anakin Skywalker wears when he’s Darth Vader. One of the most ruthless men in the galaxy has a whole contraption on his chest to help control his breathing and other vitals, but Dark still needs a pair of underwear outside. of her outfit. Why? Nobody knows. However, it adds an interesting element to an iconic costume. With an all-black outfit, it’s hard to break it down and make it look better, but black underwear does a good job of standing out enough to pull the whole outfit together. Readers have to wonder if Vader wears the metal outside to stop the chafing, but no one would risk a quick choke by asking.

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