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Fashion police? North Korea bans leather coats to prevent citizens from copying Kim Jong-un style: report, World News

North Korea has reportedly banned leather jackets and trench coats so that ordinary people don’t copy the style of their supreme leader, Kim Jong-un.

Radio Free Asia has reported, citing sources in the country, that North Korean authorities say it is disrespectful to copy the country’s leader’s fashion choices.

Therefore, they crack down on residents wearing trench coats and leather jackets in order to stop cheap knockoffs. The report also says fashion police patrol the streets and confiscate jackets from vendors.

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Leather trench coats became popular in the country in 2019 when Kim appeared on TV donning one. RFA said that initially, genuine leather coats were imported from China and were popular among the wealthy who could afford them.

But soon, local clothing manufacturers began to import faux leather for manufacture in the country, supplying it to customers at relatively lower prices. Demand increased further after another TV appearance by Kim this year.

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“During the military parade to the 8th Party Congress in January this year, the highest dignitaries and all senior officials were also shown wearing leather coats,” the source told RFA.

Kim Jong Un’s sister Kim Yo Jong also wore a leather coat. The source said the style has also become a “symbol for powerful women.” Police in Pyongsong recently started to confiscate coats from vendors and people wearing them in public.


After ordinary people objected to the fact that they bought the coat with their own money, authorities, according to RFA, said that wearing clothes designed to look like Kim Jong Un is an “impure tendency to defy the authority of the highest dignity “.

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Cherish takes fashion to a new dimension

When danger was near, Cherish Prasad flew to her hometown, the hidden paradise of Savusavu on Vanua Levu to be safe from the second wave of COVID-19.

His fashion talent couldn’t be ruled out, however, so when he found out Fiji Fashion Week was going virtual and CEO Ellen Whippy-Knight asked designers to seriously consider their ability to deliver, Cherish lifted the hand.

Yesterday, as he prepared to look at his collection, the 24-year-old who caught fashion’s attention as a high school teenager in Savusavu years ago was a wreck nervous.

Unlike the 14 other designers who showcased their creative talent on the Palmolive FJFW Virtual Show, the northerner did not even touch his collection of 15 garments.

He used video calls, messaging apps, and guts to produce his collection remotely.

“I can’t even sleep because I oscillate between worry and excitement. I can’t contain this feeling because it’s quite overwhelming to see my work unfold in front of the whole nation when I haven’t even touched it, ”he said before his collection was released on Fiji One last night.

Cherish, a graduate of the Australia Pacific Training Coalition Certificate in Applied Fashion Technology program that FJFW had lobbied for creation, followed what he knew.

A fan of denim, sheer fabrics and rayon, Cherish worked with fellow APTC graduate and fashion designer Susana Samuels to create her FJFW21 collection despite the barrier of distance, confinement, and physical distancing.

“I was there via video calls through everything from buying fabrics to reopening stores to selecting the zip and even through hairstyling, makeup and shooting my collection, I was there thanks to technology, ”Cherish said.

“I was on a video call through all the processes from zippers and fabric to all of that, Susana was video calling me through everything, even when she was cutting the fabric and she was calling me. was teaching the way he was cut and I felt part of the process. Even though I was far away.

The worst part, he said, was not being able to feel the fabric, “So I had to follow my guts looking at it and deciding things like hemming those video calls.”

After a successful showcase of her collection at the FJFW20 Oceans Gala, Cherish took Whippy-Knight’s comments to heart and worked on the new collection via remote control with Susana.

He was supposed to showcase his 2021 “Oi Au” (This is me) collection at another event and had marketing photo ops and other activities planned around it.

A combination of evening couture, resort wear and streetwear, Cherish used Whippy-Knights’ comments to make changes to existing silhouettes that he had not yet used.

“But this collection is very different from what I do every year and I think people will notice it,” he said.

After he was able to create the clothes, he worked with artisans from Savusavu to create accessories from coconut shells from Hidden Paradise to ensure that a part of him was in the style of the final collection.

He arranged for the Savusavu accessories, which were engraved with the Cherish Designs logo, to be brought to Suva.

With the entire collection in place, he again used communications technology to stylize each look with the production team, who photographed his clothes at the British High Commissioner’s official residence in Suva.

“From the moment my collection hit the site, I was on a video call making decisions on what looks good on who and what should be styled this way or looked more polished this way. . So all of these things were done via video calls. So when they were filming, I was actually on a video conference with Sue and the guys who were helping to dress the models, ”he said.

“I think the nervousness is that I wasn’t there and this collection is my most different from what I usually do. It’s a completely new genre that I’m drawing from.

With the ability to create a luxury collection from Savusavu via a remote control, Cherish is happy with what awaits her ahead of her already long career in Fijian fashion.

“I am always inspired by the beauty of the place where I live. The blue hues in my collection are what I see when I wake up in the morning and when I look out the window I just see the water from Savusavu Bay. I was inspired by the different shades of blue in my hometown, ”he said.

“I’m also very grateful to everyone who helped me create this collection in a truly virtual way, to everyone who brought me in via video call to make sure I was involved in this collection that I can finally see online. “

  • LICE MOVONO is a freelance journalist and public relations consultant.

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Pyrenex is the French brand of timeless technical clothing

Welcome to Brand To Watch, a style column from COMPLEX UK. Here we’ll spotlight the top emerging brands from the UK and beyond, asking them what sets them apart from the crowd, how they came through an unprecedented time and determining their vision for fashion and the future. .

As the outerwear market continues to grow, Pyrenex has been providing timeless technical clothing for over 160 years.

Founded in 1859, the family brand has always supplied the best down products and outerwear, sourced from the southwest of France. The family’s great-grandfather, Abel Crabos, harvested feathers from the markets and farms around his village at the foot of the Pyrenees, and it has been a family affair ever since.

The brand has gone from making sleeping bags and other gear designed for the negative conditions of their local community to creating coats that have come down from the mountains to the streets of today. This forward-looking aesthetic is evident in their Fall / Winter 2021/22 collection, which showcases the technicality and warmth of Pyrenex clothing on display in Manchester’s North Quarter and Roaches, in the Peak District.

Inspired by its range of colors on the rooftops of Paris, the new collection presents a multitude of the brand’s cutting-edge clothing through the lens of photographer Ian Wallman. The collection is as ready for country hikes as it is for city outings, with highly technical fabrics blending perfectly between the two environments.

Pyrenex’s new lookbook highlights pieces that emphasize exactly that. The oversized and chunky Sten Jacket is available in a shiny taffeta fabric, while the Masha Jacket is a perfect layering option for transitional climates, with the brand’s Spoutnic Jacket featuring a windproof and cut-off Mini Ripstop fabric. wind and natural down padding for ultimate flexibility in all conditions.

Pyrenex’s longevity in the game is proof of its technical prowess, with the brand’s heritage and tradition of engineering perfect quality clothing for today’s consumers. Having developed their expertise to create meticulously designed garments with cutting edge technology at their heart, Complex believes Pyrenex is a brand that should be on your radar. We met them to tell us about their heritage and their philosophy, and their plans for 2022.

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Flipkart Partners with Hopscotch to Operate Branded Children’s Fashion Segment

Flipkart, which is a local e-commerce marketplace, announced a partnership with Hopscotch, one of India’s leading children’s fashion brands, as it continues to create opportunities in the branded children’s fashion segment within the group. 0-14 year olds. The e-commerce platform will make a wide range of Hopscotch’s branded children’s clothing available across the country as parents continue to trust e-commerce for their shopping needs.

Over the past year, the e-commerce brand has experienced 60% year-over-year growth in the branded children’s fashion segment, with a majority of new customers coming from Tier II cities and beyond. The majority of customers who buy designer children’s clothing on the platform today tend to be in the 25-40 age group. This age group is more aware of the composition of fabrics and designer clothes for children.

“When it comes to shopping for kids’ fashion, parents don’t want to compromise on quality and we have seen a growing affinity for trusted brands not only in the subways, but also in areas of the city. level II. At Flipkart, we have focused on the children’s fashion segment, which has helped us to triple our business over the past 2 years, with growth mostly driven by new customers, ”said Nishit Garg, vice president of Flipkart Fashion.

With this partnership, the e-commerce brand has enriched its brand portfolio and continues to deepen its value proposition.

“When shopping for children, trust and safety play a key role and we continue to meet this demand with the best product selection from the largest number of vendors and partner brands. The launch of Hopscotch is in line with this and we believe their high quality children’s fashion products will provide immense value from a choice perspective, ”Garg added.

Over the years, buyers of children’s fashion have constantly searched for better quality, a variety of designs, more options to choose from, and a range of price options. With a growing number of online shoppers looking for a convenient shopping experience emphasizing affordable fashion without compromising on quality and style, the launch of Hopscotch on Flipkart offers a wide selection of the latest. children’s fashion to millions of consumers. Hopscotch specializes in selecting the hottest and most fashionable head-to-toe looks for infants, toddlers and preschoolers, through an amalgamation of style and function.

“With increasing exposure to the latest trends, Indian parents continue to seek out cutting-edge choices for their children that also offer great value for money. Seasonal collections are in high demand, especially in Tier II and Tier III cities, but access is limited. Hopscotch fills this void by offering the trendiest children’s fashion catalog at the most affordable prices. Our partnership with Flipkart will further enable us to reach millions of these consumers across the country, ”said Rahul Anand, Founder and CEO of Hopscotch.

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These four outfit formulas will solve your Christmas party style dilemmas at work

The annual Christmas at Work party raises a host of style puzzles. Sure, you want to look classy and wear something glitzy, but when you mingle with everyone from your manager to the office manager, you’ll also want to look suitably modest, all the while ticking off. the festive box.

Combine that with the fact that you’ll likely be stepping out straight from your desk, which means you’ll need something that works day or night, and that your job was probably completely missed last year due to the pandemic, so you’re not in the habit of dressing for that anymore, and it’s enough to send you off in a sartorial twist.

Fear not, because I’ve come up with four chic outfit formulas that will suit any type of Christmas party at work. Here’s what you need to know:

The silk skirt + the evening knitwear + the ankle boots

A bias-cut zipper skirt is an easy way to achieve understated luxury, which is a sure-fire vibe to aim for at a work night where a bold top or sequin skirt can look overdone.

Opt for a jewel-colored skirt and combine it with a festive knit: think lurex or with an embellished pattern. Heeled leather boots are great for day or night, and with a medium or square heel they are suitable for the office. Throw a tweed blazer over the day for the perfect work look.

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Here are the top 12 things to do in Houston this weekend.

Thanksgiving weekend has arrived, Houston. Whether it means time with family and friends or time alone, look for plenty of events to burn that pumpkin pie and salad dressing.

Have a safe Happy Thanksgiving. Here are your best bets for the weekend.

Griff’s Thanksgiving Party
If you don’t have family and / or friends to hang out over Thanksgiving, Griff’s is here for you. The pub will have turkey and ham and all toppings, including Layne’s world-famous broccoli cheese casserole.

The best part about everything – other than being with your Griff’s family – is that it’s all free. It starts on time and ends when the food is gone. So come celebrate with the folks at Griff’s and have a great vacation. 12:30 p.m.

33rd Annual Uptown Holiday Lighting
Here’s another holiday light show happening. It will begin with the illumination of 300 custom 20-foot Uptown vacation trees along Post Oak Boulevard from the West Loop to Richmond Avenue.

The family event will feature holiday shopping and treats, unique street entertainment and the sights and sounds of the holiday season, as well as a special appearance from Santa Claus.

After the Uptown Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, the evening will end with a fireworks display, followed by a light show. 4 p.m.

The Riot Comedy Show presents Live LAUGH Love Thanksgiving special
It looks like this monthly tradition will have a Thanksgiving theme this time around.

The evening will feature stand-up comedies from some of Houston’s funniest comedians who will share their take on dating and vacation relationships.

Relationship questions will be answered by comics during the comic panel panel. If you’re looking to get away from family for a hot minute, these comics are here to release that tension for you. 8 p.m.

Friday November 26

TFTI – Houston Selfie Museum
This interactive selfie experience will grab the attention of Houston vacation shoppers with a limited-time experience opening at The Galleria. The original and fun activation will offer over 15 quaint themed studios designed specifically for Instagram feeds.

The exhibit features a range of ready-made rooms such as the seasonal Upside-Down X-Mas Tree Room, Pillow Fight Room, Infinity Mirror Room, DJ Confetti Room, Space Room and more. . Until Wednesday January 1 at 10 a.m. (11 a.m. Sunday).

Downtown District presents Thing-A-Ma-Jingle
On Friday, the Houston Downtown Management District (Downtown District) closes Main Street for the return of this night of festive fun. The giant block party will feature a night market, carol-oke, photo ops with hipster Santa, lighting projections and more.

Event enthusiasts will appreciate the special food and drink and live music at the bars and restaurants in the area. This event is recommended for ages 21 and over. 5 p.m.

The great Christmas show
Will hearn Great Christmas Show is a raucous, catchy, and one-of-a-kind musical starring the Americana Blue Water Highway. The retro radio show features Christmas comedy and classics on a traditional Christmas Eve show, conducted by the Radio Orchestra and Nick Brown’s Gospel Singers.

Designed for lovers of music and comedy, this homage to American Christmas traditions cleverly and progressively blurs the lines between heartfelt nostalgia and satire of contemporary pop-culture. 7:30 p.m.

saturday 27 november

Pop-up Trill Burgers
Bun B’s Trill Burgers will be hosting a pop-up at Sticky’s Chicken this weekend. The pop-up will include Trill Burgers’ new vegan smash burger – a 100 percent plant-based Beleaf burger made with Impossible Meat – plus the “OG Classic” burger and Grilled Onion Smashburger.

Burgers will be available on a first come, first served basis in the restaurant while supplies last. Vegan burgers should sell out quickly. 2 p.m.

Water parks in concert
On the back of their highly anticipated album The biggest hits, the pop-punk trio Waterparks bring their infectious energy to the road and they’re ready to rock in Houston, where it all began.

This group enthusiastically mixes genres – oscillating between outbursts of rock, alternative and electronics with pop ambition and hip-hop’s daring and blatant disregard for the rules. They have garnered huge cult following and amassed over 195 million streams and over 175,000 album sales in the United States to date. 6 p.m.

Unlimited meeting tour
No Limit Records was an American label founded by Master P. The label included artists such as Snoop Dogg, Silkk the Shocker, Mystikal, Mia X, C-Murder, Romeo Miller, and more.

The label is often considered the ancestor of the rise of southern hip-hop and the creation of a plan for independent ownership of rap music. And now they’re back on tour, with Master P, Mystikal, Slikk The Shocker, Mia X, Fiend, Mercedes and Mr Serv-On. 7:30 p.m.

Sunday November 28

Hanukkah Film Festival
The Hanukkah Film Festival will celebrate the Hanukkah season with eight nights of new, exclusive and award-winning films.

The Austin Jewish Film Festival joins film festivals, synagogues and Jewish organizations across the United States and Canada in partnership with Menemsha Films in this new virtual holiday celebration.

Opening night will feature the world premiere of the animated short Hanukkah The broken candle. Until Sunday December 5. 9 a.m.

Parkway to Regent Square Market Days
In partnership with The Art Cellar of Houston, the popular series of outdoor local artisans’ markets brings you gifts for the holidays.

Grab a bite from one of the on-site food trucks and a cocktail from Jo’s Mini Mobil Bar, while listening to the sounds of Keith Vivens Due and browse selected vendors selling specialty jewelry and accessories, artwork, candles , culinary treats and more.

It’s free, and the first 25 participants will have the opportunity to decorate a kite to fly in nearby Buffalo Bayou Park. 2 p.m.

Youth Soul Love presents Sounds of the city
This show is presented by Art of Soul and Wear Models and hosted by Houston hip-hop artist / fashion influencer Youth Soul Love.

Expect a vibrant cultural experience that revives the urban music scenes of the cities that gave birth to musical culture today and highlights the influence of music on the fashion and art created in the periods. respective.

Fashion designer Nicholas Phat Nguyen’s Mysterious line will be in the spotlight, while Love, Julian Caesar and other artists will perform. 6 p.m.

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Nordstrom Black Friday 2021 offers: Ugg, Zella, Sorel and more

Looking for more offers for the holidays? Visit our Cyberweek guide to see all the bestsellers to do before and during Black Friday.

NordstromThe first Black Friday sale kicked off last week and continues through the weekend – and although the initial offers have already been purchased, the retailer has just added a ton of new inventory to brands for clothing, beauty and the home.

You can find a huge selection of Kiehl’s skincare, cute pairs of Timberland boots, great deals on Zella workout clothes like leggings and t-shirts and lots of kids’ shoes on sale, as well as discounts on Staub cookware and Casper bedding. Read on for some of our favorite picks from the new additions, then shop the sale at Nordstromthe site of.

Timberland Courmayeur Valley Water Resistant Hiking Boot ($ 96, originally $ 135;


Timberland Courmayeur Valley Water Resistant Hiking Boots

Whether you are on a trail in the urban jungle or on a real trail, these hiking shoes will accompany you in style and keep your feet dry. They look just as good with jeans and a chunky knit as they do with a winter sweater dress.

Zella High Waist Studio Lite Pocket 7/8 Leggings

Zella High Waist Studio Lite Pocket 7/8 Leggings

A customer favorite, these 7/8 leggings are a perfect length all year round, and the moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and comfortable during workout classes and yoga asanas.

Sweaty Betty Essentials Sweatshirt

Sweaty Betty Essentials Sweatshirt

It’s the oversized crew-neck sweatshirt you need in your loungewear arsenal: it has an oversized fit and a hem that drops just below the buttocks for a legging-friendly length.

Zella Performance T-shirt

Zella Performance T-shirt

Both for yoga class and layering under a jacket for running, this performance t-shirt gets top marks for its moisture-wicking fabric and anti-chafe design. It is also on sale in a long sleeve version for just under $ 20.

BP 50mm Round Blue Light Filtering Glasses

BP 50mm Round Blue Light Filtering Glasses

Designed to block the blue light from your screens and devices (which we are on pretty much all the time), these round wire glasses are designed to protect your eyes, reduce fatigue and look great.

Nordstrom Men's 3-Pack Tongue Socks

Nordstrom Men’s 3-Pack Tongue Socks

Whether you choose black or gray, your feet will thank you for swapping out the holey pairs you’ve worn this year. Buy this pack of three invisible socks for only $ 2 a pair.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer 50mm Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Wayfarer 50mm Sunglasses

These iconic shades are currently at 40% off, and thanks to the classic lines and tortoise shell colourway, you can be assured that they are as stylish in winter as they are in summer.

Sorel Kezar Waterproof Chukka Boot

Sorel Kezar Waterproof Chukka Boot

We love rain boots that don’t look like rain boots, and these Sorel chukkas keep your outfit in place while keeping your feet warm and dry. The grippy sole also gets bonus points on wet and slippery sidewalks.

Our Place Serrated Slicing Knife

Our Place Serrated Slicing Knife

Slip through crispy loaves of bread and plump tomatoes with this serrated knife from Our Place, the makers of the famous Always Pan. The blade is made of German steel and the wooden handle is ergonomically designed for good balance.

Staub 7 quart enameled cast iron round casserole dish

Staub 7 quart enameled cast iron round casserole dish

The French-made Staub enameled cast iron casserole dish is perfect for braising, roasting, soups and sauces. An advantage over the Crucible, the lid is designed to retain moisture, meaning anything you braise stays nice and moist throughout.

Hawkins New York Papilio terrycloth washcloth

Hawkins New York Papilio terrycloth washcloth

A pretty pattern not only brightens up a plain linen background, but hides any traces of makeup that might have come off during (face) washing. Three mottled colourways of mustard, terracotta and gray also coordinate with any larger bathroom color palette.

Casper Hyperlite Duvet Cover

Casper Hyperlite Duvet Cover

Designed to be breathable, this duvet cover is a plus for warm sleepers: it’s woven from ultra-light Tencel lyocell, which allows air to circulate as you catch your zzzs.

All-Clad 8-inch and 10-inch Brushed Stainless Steel Non-Stick Frying Pan Set

All-Clad 8-inch and 10-inch Brushed Stainless Steel Non-Stick Frying Pan Set

NordstromAll-Clad 8-inch and 10-inch Brushed Stainless Steel Non-Stick Frying Pan Set

All-Clad makes some of the best cookware on the market – the pros swear by that – and right now you can score two incredibly handy frying pan sizes to add to the holiday baking rotation.

Kiehl's Ultra Face Cream

Kiehl’s Ultra Face Cream

This Jar Winter Skin Recoverer is a rich moisturizer perfect for chilly gusts and dry air. A little goes a long way with this one, so it will last you through the cold months to come as well.

Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser Set

Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser Set

Keep one in the shower and one as a backup in the closet for the rest of the season: this two-pack glycolic foaming cleanser is ideal for gently dissolving the dry, scaly skin that comes with the wind and weather of this period. of the year.

Jack Black Jack and Carry Set ($ 48.75, originally $ 65;

Jack Black Jack and transport set

Jack Black Jack and transport set

Found only at Nordstrom, this all-in-one set comes in a great Dopp kit and contains travel essentials: cedar and cardamom dual-use body wash and shampoo; lip balm SPF 25; and, of course, deodorant.

Benefit Hello Happy Air Stick Foundation SPF 20

Benefit Hello Happy Air Stick Foundation SPF 20

This stick foundation applies where you need it, not where you don’t – and it’s designed to be buildable for the coverage you need. In addition, it also includes sun protection for your skin with an SPF 25.

Kiehl’s Grapefruit Liquid Bath & Shower Body Wash ($ 22.40, originally $ 28;

Kiehl's Grapefruit Liquid Bath & Shower Cleaner

Kiehl’s Grapefruit Liquid Bath & Shower Cleaner

Start the day with a touch of citrus: This gentle cleanser from Kiehl’s uses humectants to lock in your skin’s natural moisture, and the subtle scent will gently linger once you’re wiped off.

Ugg Classic II Glitz Kids Boots

Ugg Classic II Glitz Kids Boots

A classic choice – and among the most comfortable boots for kids – these Uggs also feature a touch of sparkle on the heel.

Nordstrom Baby Print Bunting

Nordstrom Baby Print Bunting

Quilted and super comfy fabric, a desert pink color and a cute floral design keep little ones warm and adorable during the colder months. We also love the folded up mittens. And did we mention the adorable hood?

Nike Sportswear Kids Club terry jersey shorts

Nike Sportswear Kids Club terry jersey shorts

French terrycloth shorts are comfortable for winter lounging and perfect for play in the spring and summer to come. Stock up on a pair (or two) while they’re $ 12.

For bigger Nordstrom offers, see CNN coupons.

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Mosaic Brands: Fashion group behind Katies, Rockmans and Noni B reveals huge expansion plans

The fashion group behind brands like Katies, Rockmans and Noni B have revealed epic new expansion plans and the products buyers are going crazy for.

The fashion group behind well-known brands like Katies, Rockmans, Noni B and Rivers have revealed epic new expansion plans, going international online and racking up major additions to their product line.

Mosaic Brands chief executive Scott Evans gave investors an overview of the plans at the group’s recent annual general meeting and provided extensive details on Wednesday.

Shareholders have heard that Mosaic, which also has Millers, Autograph, W. Lane, Crossroads, Beme and EziBuy in its stable, will launch into the US market in the coming months, with Evans claiming it will be “a slow burn. “sowing the seed for years to come.

He told NCA NewsWire it would be “fully digital” with the UK also being targeted and Noni B and Rockmans now available to US buyers.

“Certainly in the calendar year 2022 they will all be there,” he revealed.

“It’s big but it’s going to grow. We’re not going to take millions of dollars there on day one – it will be a two or three year build.

“We’ll be in marketplaces, we’ll have our own website… we’re not opening stores there, certainly not.

“Starting from a standing start will be really tough and that’s why we’re not shouting from the rooftops about it.

“What we’re saying is that there is a market there, we have to figure out how to sell into that market… we may have to acquire a local business and then use it through that. I don’t know the answer yet, but we have some great things to offer them.

“We just have to find a way to reach them. “

Mosaic plans to double the number of categories sold to 60 over the next three years, offering products that customers are currently purchasing from others.

This strategy is already well underway, its brands selling household items are now going “crazy”.

Even the $ 1,500 outdoor dining sets were selling fast, Evans said.

“The more we put in, the better we do,” he said.

“So far this week we have sold 5,922 sheets.

“Last week we sold 10,000 hair straighteners.”

Air fryers in particular were going “completely nuts.”

“Four years ago we were selling tops and dresses, which we still sell and that’s our core business, but nearly 6,000 sheets in two days? It just does not make sense, ”said Evans.

“He’s just going to keep growing. Unlimited.”

Over the next three years, Mosaic plans to expand its store area up to 300 locations to accommodate the widest variety.

Its first new concept of Rivers mega store in Lismore, NSW is slated to open by March, offering top international brands like Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, New Balance, ASICS, Puma and Levis – at low prices, of course. – through a Format of 1000 m².

Rivers has been selling some of these brands since fiscal 2020 and they have been purchased by customers.

The group is broadly in the process of shifting to a department store strategy, saying “short rental terms” allow it to close stores where owners have “pre-Covid rental expectations”.

Mosaic Brands closed 242 stores in the previous fiscal year and 66 more in the first four months of 2021-2022.

Mr Evans says another 50 to 100 people could close their doors.

“If you have a landlord who can see the future and understand what is happening online, those days are gone when rentals were X amount per square meter, if they look at what’s going on in the world of business. ‘today you can get an economic deal,’ he said.

“And the bigger the store, the better the performance.

“We will increase the size of our stores when they are renewed. ”

And while continuing the boom in online shopping is clearly the group’s goal, it hopes to open its first EziBuy brick and mortar store around April.

“We can transform a 600-700 square meter EziBuy store into a shopping center,” Evans said.

“About 15% of what you will see inside the store is what we offer, 85% will be exclusive to online sales… which is not normal for Australia. It will be a first.

“Almost like showcasing the best of what we have, or an available selection of what we have and the rest is available through the online channel. “

While EziBuy bridges a 35 to 55-year-old market gap, other brands in the group are targeting those 50 and over – a cash-in and e-commerce-friendly age bracket overlooked by other fashion retailers and ” sort of invisible in many ways, ”Evans said.

“They are an unloved generation. Nobody wants to tackle the over-50s market… everyone wants a new take on new youth fashion, ”he said.

“This is the market opportunity that we are playing in. “

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Keeping Cool: How To Take Care Of White Shirts | Fashion

AAn old friend once described his style to me as “like an apple, crisp and fresh”. The description was appropriate for this time in our life (early 20s) and although a decade has passed I still think about it every time I put on a white shirt.

The wardrobe classic looks great when it’s just that: crisp white, crisp and fresh. But keeping it that way isn’t always easy.

The lifespan of the shirt will be in part determined by its composition. Jade Sarita Arnott, creative director of slow fashion brand Arnsdorf, recommends choosing natural fibers like organic cotton, linen, hemp or Tencel. She says, “Stay away from synthetic fabrics or synthetic blends as they attract odors and trap bacteria.”

Steve Anderton, a laundry expert with LTC Worldwide Consulting Group, explains that this is because “polyester tends to cling tenaciously to oily contamination. [including skin sebum]”, As well as greasy food stains caused by” dressing, chicken fats and fish oils “.

Watch out for deodorant

Anderton warns that the chemicals in deodorant stains make them “virtually impossible to remove.” To avoid them, he suggests waiting until your deodorant is completely dry before putting on your shirt.

While not particularly popular in a hot Australian climate, wearing an undershirt will also help absorb sweat before it reaches your shirt.

Choose the right detergent

Both Sarita Arnott and Anderton suggest keeping white clothes away from all other colors when washing. Sarita Arnott explains that this prevents dyes in other clothes from tinting whites.

An all-white wash will also allow you to choose a specialty detergent that may not be as gentle on other colors. Anderton recommends choosing a higher quality detergent with a suspending agent like sodium silicate salts, so that after the dirt is removed from your shirt in the machine, it will stay in the water and out of the fabric for the. rest of the wash. This prevents the shirt from turning gray.

He says your detergent should contain an emulsifier, such as citric acid, to solubilize greasy food stains (this will help even stained polyester). A mild oxidizing agent such as sodium perborate will help discolor plant dye stains from things like coffee, tea, red wine, beets, or grass.

The other thing to watch out for is a detergent that contains enzymes like protease or proteinase, which will digest food and drink stains and perform well in low wash temperatures. If this is all a bit technical, Choice has performed lab tests to determine which detergents are the best.

Pre-treat problem areas

Often times, the collars and cuffs are the first places to turn yellow. Anderton says this is because “grime tends to build up on the fabric which is repeatedly rubbed against the skin during normal wear.”

He suggests pre-treating the collars and cuffs to keep those areas white by following these steps: “Wet them and scrub for a few seconds with a medium-hard natural bristle brush dipped in liquid detergent”.

If this does not work, unfortunately the fabric may have been discolored by skin oils from a previous wash, where they were not removed, “either with the heat of a previous drying, or with ironing, or simply over time ”. To avoid this, Anderton advises to pay “special attention to the pre-treatment of the yellowed areas, otherwise they will not fade.”

If you need to iron, do it while the shirt is still slightly damp and start at the back of the collar. Be careful not to iron the stains, as this may make them impossible to remove in the future. Photograph: Ian Logan / Getty Images

Although sweat and skin oil can be more complicated, he says, “most food and drink brands will rub off very easily, provided they have a cold pre-wash (below 40 ° C). ) to prevent the formation of spots “.

Sarita Arnott recommends targeting the stains by making a paste from baking soda and water, applying the paste directly to the oily stains and leaving it overnight before washing the garment. After this treatment, Sarita Arnott recommends using “a cold or gentle machine wash at 30 ° C”. She says, “You can also add baking soda to your regular wash load to lighten the whites and make them look fresh.”

Sunlight helps

To dry white shirts, Sarita Arnott suggests hanging them outside in the fresh air because “sunlight can also brighten whites.”

It should be even more impactful if you’ve used a detergent with an optical brightener, says Anderton. It has to “grab onto the cotton fibers and convert the invisible, ultraviolet part of natural daylight into a brilliant white light” that will make the shirt glow.

Urgent situations

Sarita Arnott says you can avoid ironing “if you hang the shirt on the line or on a hanger” to dry, as most creases will fall off in the process. But she cautions, “if you’re using a hanger, make sure you use one with light wood or metal or plastic rather than dark wood which can transfer color.”

If you need to iron, Anderton recommends doing it while the shirt is still slightly damp, using an iron on medium heat. Turn it inside out, start with the back of the collar and the yoke on the shoulders, then work your way up to the sleeves and finally work around the body. It says to avoid squeezing hard folds in the sleeves or pleats, to maximize the life of the fabric.

Do you have a garment care riddle that you would like to cover in this column? Send an email to [email protected] with the requests.

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French fashion

Homage to Dana Grote Teeter, 1964-2021, with French macroons and very good memories

Five weeks ago, on October 18, Dana Grote swing died surrounded by her family. She was 57 years old. On Saturday, November 20, a celebration of the life of the Evanston resident was held in the Crystal Ballroom on Chicago Avenue, an event attended by nearly 300 of her closest friends and family. Ordinarily, a statement like this would sound like a hyperbole, but in Dana’s case, it could well be an understatement.

Except for the excruciatingly sad reason for the gathering, it was like a fabulous party that only Dana could have planned. Fresh, vibrant flowers, lovingly supplied by her uncle, have been elegantly arranged on each table, adding a much needed splash of color in the blandly colored grand ballroom. Hand-sized sandwiches that could be eaten without making a mess. Many desserts that one could try without needing utensils. Abundant amounts of delicate French macarons and tiny Eiffel Tower charms to remind everyone of their favorite city. Boxes of tissues on each table. The queue to sign the guestbook that never gave up.

Friends and family of Dana Teeter gather by the lake on November 21 for a memorial march in her honor. (Photo by Andrew Krause)

In addition to her loving family who traveled from Lexington, Ky., To attend the private church service leading up to the celebration, the room was packed with friends of Dana. Women she had known from primary and secondary school. College friends and sisterhood sisters of Vanderbilt University. Girlfriends from when she was single and worked for Marshall Field’s. Evanston’s beloved neighbors and church friends. Other parents whose children – also present – had been in class or on baseball teams with one of Dana and Chuck’s sons. Friends of the book club and the garden club. The people who accompanied her when she was training or walking (with or without the family dog, Zoey). His clients. The people she worked with at the New Life Interim Shelter in Rogers Park. Even his favorite oncologist, who had of course become a close friend and spoke to him regularly even though he had moved to California – he flew to be there. He told Amy, Dana’s close friend and neighbor, “I wouldn’t have missed this for the world. Of course I entered.

The slideshow her devoted sister Allison curated and presented, summing up Dana’s far too brief life, was beautiful, funny, festive, and made those in attendance miss her even more, as if possible. There were a lot of tears. After her conclusion, ending with a beautiful video clip of her preparations for her wedding day, several people approached the microphone to share their special memories of Dana. There were several common threads running through each unique and personal praise.

She was thoughtful. Dana remembered the details, the dates, the cards sent, the baked cakes. She listened. She was fully present when she spoke to you. She made you feel special. She was a problem solver and a hard worker. She was the unofficial big sister of so many people. Allison shared, “There was no one better to talk to when you were having a bad day, needed a second look at a presentation, or a good pep talk.” Her cousin Tiffany described Dana as “our modern millennial version of Mary Tyler Moore, with a dose of Carrie Bradshaw’s passion for fashion for good measure.” Another speaker greeted Dana’s grieving parents, Joyce and Charles, saying, “You have raised a wonderful daughter. Look around this room. See what impact she has had on so many people.

Kelvin Johnson, social worker and program director at New Life Interim Shelter where Dana was a dedicated volunteer and board member, described how, at one point, he was particularly disheartened by the issues he was having at the shelter. , and he prayed to God, ask, “Why am I here?” What is my goal ? Soon after, he realized that there was this lady who came to his office all the time, and for every problem he shared with her, she had a friend who maybe could, and often did, help him find a solution. Over time, plans for a renovated shelter that languished like drawings turned into a real construction project. Johnson said Dana always focused on the babies who were in the homeless shelter. It wasn’t their fault that they were there – what could we do to make things better for them? Focusing on babies renewed her mind and sense of purpose. Johnson is convinced: “God sent me Dana.

Towards the end of her remarks, Tiffany summed up the cornerstone of Dana’s life. “Her philanthropic accomplishments were extraordinary, but her crowning achievement was the beautiful family life she built with Chuck, Ben, Luke and Zoey.” Of all the words used to describe Dana, “wife and mom” were the most important to her. She savored every achievement of her two sons, enjoyed every game, celebrated every success and suffered every disappointment. Her family was her world and the reason she was willing to try any treatment that would allow her to spend more time with them.

Towards the end of her remarks, Allison quoted Dana, who may have quoted Audrey Hepburn, as saying “Paris is always a good idea.” On Sunday morning, a healthy-sized crowd gathered by the lake for a brisk 3-mile walk in memory of and honoring Dana. joy of living. Despite previous weather reports announcing possible rain or even snow, the sun was shining. How could he not? May his memory be a blessing.

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