Websites Overview

Website is a location on web and is hosted on a web server. It is a set of related web pages. It is accessed using Internet address known as Uniform Resource Locator

Static Websites

Static websites are also known as flat or stationary websites. They are loaded on the client’s browser as exactly they are stored on the web server. Such websites contain only static information. User can only read the information but can’t do any modification or interact with the information.

Static websites are created using only HTML. Static websites are only used when the information is no more required to be modified.


Dynamic Websites

Dynamic websites shows different information at different point of time. It is possible to change a portion of a web page without loading the entire web page. It has been made possible using Ajax technology.

Server-side dynamic web page

It is created by using server-side scripting. There are server-side scripting parameters that determine how to assemble a new web page which also include setting up of more client-side processing.

Client-side dynamic web page

It is processed using client side scripting such as javascript. And then passed in to Document Object Model (DOM).

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