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A domain name is the part of your Internet address that comes after "www". For example, in the domain name is

A domain name becomes your Business Address so care should be taken to select a domain name. Your domain name should be easy to remember and easy to type.

Domain Extensions

The final letter at end of internet address is known as top level domain names. They are called top level because they are read from right to left, and the part after the dot is the highest in a hierarchy.

The following table shows the Generic Top-Level Domain names:

.comCommercial Business
.govU.S. government agency
.intInternational Entity
.milU.S. military
.netNetworking organization
.orgNon profit organization

Registering Domain Name

Registering a Domain Name is very simple. You can take following step to get your desired domain name registered:

  • Think of a name that justifies your business need. To find out the available names you can enter a name at commercial domain name registrar such as GoDaddy.

  • If the domain name entered by you is available, then select that particular domain name.

  • Now it will ask you for other additional services such as Email inbox, hosting etc. that host also provides. You may choose what’s best for you.

  • Now they will ask you for your personal information which is stored in WHOIS database.

  • It will then ask for payment information. Pay for the purchase you have made. Make sure you enter the correct payment information.

  • Once you are done with all above steps, you are ready to use their tools to upload your stuff to your site.

Domain Name Registrar

There are a number of domain name registrars available in the market.The following table contains some of popular domain name registrars:

S.N.Domain Name Registrar
Address Creation, LLC
Addressonthe web, LLC
101domains, INC
Atomicdomainnames, LLC
BigRock Solutions Ltd
Black Ice Domain, Inc
Block Host LLC
Domain Monkeys, LLC
Domain Mantra, Inc.
DomainName, Inc.
Dot Holding Inc.
DotMedia Ltd
Extend Names, Inc.
Extremely Wild
Fast Domain Inc.
Google Inc
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