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Welcome to my Art Therapy

Hello, I'm Tarana, an analyst by profession, I spend a lot of time behind the computer drowned in data and crunching numbers. When I am not pivoting tables or influencing key business decisions, I like to spend my time meditating and manifesting, reading books, socializing or experimenting with Resin Art. 

I’m a mountain baby and also own a homestay in rural India for all you travel enthusiasts. Check it out here: Nirvana Homes Rarta, where I also teach Epoxy Resin art in person.

Being a total control freak, going with the flow isn’t my cup of tea. Resin art has taught me the beauty that lies in the unpredictable. With most forms of art, you know what the final result will be. With resin art, every design is unique, every design is new and every design is beautiful.

Welcome to my art therapy

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