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Hired to bring stability and enhance website performance, PHP developers are in high demand. Hypertext Preprocessor, also called PHP, is a programming language used in both back-end and front-end development. It is used to keep websites like Facebook, MailChimp, Slack, or Wikipedia up and running. Playing a crucial role in web development, these professionals are thriving. 

According to LinkedIn, the USA, UK, and Canada are in the top five countries with a high number of these developers. Why? According to Glassdoor, on average a PHP developer makes $95,401 annually. Based on the experience and designation, the monthly payout can be between $4,401 - $8,215.

Anyone with good knowledge in the tech aspects can enter this field. However, a professional with a relevant degree in a tech field is preferred. During the entry-level as a Software Engineer, working on PHP projects is an added benefit for career growth.

Fun Fact: 

"Recently, research estimated the hourly pay of these professionals to be 30 to 39 USD".

How to search for a PHP job?

Since more than 75% of websites use this language, there is always a high demand to fill PHP programmer jobs. Laravel developer jobs are especially sought after these days. 

Make this process easier and simpler. You can now apply for jobs anywhere in the world using this platform. This week witnessed openings of 100+ latest PHP jobs. 

How to find PHP jobs near me?
You are already on the right page. Follow the steps to apply for a job that suits you.

  •  Scroll to the top of this page
  • Click on the 'Search Jobs' box and enter PHP
  • Click on the 'Search Location' and type the name of the city you want a job in
  • After filling in the information in the above two boxes, click on 'Search'
  • Wait for the page to redirect and there you go. Browse through the PHP job list on the left and their descriptions on the right.

Trending PHP Jobs that you can Apply

Here are the industry standard skills you need for the in-demand jobs in PHP.

Full Stack PHP Developer

Desired skills: Advanced knowledge of PHP, Laravel Framework, Node.js, JSON, C++/C#, and My SQL database

Added advantage skills: Android programming, IOS programming, Bootstrap UI Framework, Ajax, JQuery, ORACLE, and JAVA

Laravel Developer

Desired skills: PHP, Laravel, SQL, MySQL, Bootstrap, Rest APIs, HTML, CSS, and Git

Added advantage skills: porting legacy PHP code over to Laravel

Software Developer (PHP)

Desired skills: PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, APIs, Laravel, CodeIgniter, PostgreSQL/ MySQL, GitHub, React Js, and Angular JS

Added advantage skills: Experience in software development life-cycle and best practices

Senior Software Developer

Desired skills: All the above with CI/CD, AWS, and DevOps.

Added advantage skills: Exposure to different projects that dealt with production deployment, server monitoring, production support, and automation.

Future Scope of PHP Jobs

We gathered the latest stats that sum up how PHP is a futuristic career option. 

  1. As per W3Techs’ data, eight of ten websites use PHP, making it irreplaceable.

  2. 34% of websites are powered by WordPress, with PHP at its core.

  3. The US Board of Labor Statistics estimates a 15% rise in this field.

Skills Required to Become a PHP Professional

From a bird's eye view, here is what is expected from a PHP developer with skills in Advanced knowledge of PHP, Laravel Framework, Node.js, JSON, C++/C#, and My SQL database. 

Our trending jobs in the PHP section covered the basics to advanced skills you need to make it as a developer in this field.

Qualifications required for a PHP job

A graduate-level tech degree is a massive plus in this field. Like any tech field, experience, and on-the-job solution providers are much more appreciated with abundant opportunities. 

Apart from the basic working knowledge of coding, frameworks, and databases, these professionals are highly valued for work experience on real-time projects. 

Are Certifications Required for a PHP Job?

For a better understanding of the recruiters, certification is proof of your willingness to keep up with the changing trends in this technology. Since its introduction in 1995, there have been many versions like PHP 7, PHP 7.4, PHP 5, or PHP 8. A certification really helps to know if you are well-versed with the latest updates in this technology.

To name a few, these are the top five skills to master that your resume needs.

  • Laravel
  • JQuery
  • Graphic Design Software
  • Web Servers
  • Project Management

 Roles and responsibilities of a PHP developer

A PHP programmer and developer is expected to 

  • Core product development encompassing everything, even testing and critical issue management
  • Contribute to building new features, and bug fixes
  • Transform this cutting-edge technology
  • Design modules and implement a capable set of services and APIs
  • Build reusable code and libraries

Do companies allow remote PHP jobs? 

This is one of the disciplines that offers flexible work hours. The most popular and opted for are Work-from-home or hybrid models. Companies like Meta, Amazon, and Coinbase are frequently hiring PHP talent to work remotely.  

Average salaries of PHP developers

As per Glassdoor, below are the average salaries of PHP developers in different countries. 

USA - $72K - $126K annually

UK - £33K - £56K a year

India - ₹492K per year

Australia - $107,620 per year

PHP Developer’s Career Path

Web Developer

As PHP has a wide range of scope, it is used extensively in web development. The core roles are to plan, create, design, test, and maintain a website or an application.

Sr. Web Developer

After proving yourself in overall web development for 2-5 years, you can reach this position. As a Sr. Web Developer, you are expected to work on website specifications. That includes but is not limited to hiring new developers, training them, handling the client side, writing code, and working with the creative team.

PHP Team Lead

With over 8 years of experience as a PHP developer, upskilling in management or leadership roles will make you a team lead. With strong architecture knowledge, you will be responsible for planning and executing prime-quality software projects. 

PHP Project Manager

With over 3 years of experience in leadership or management roles, you can get promoted as a Project Manager. You should now be equipped with skills to handle planning, developing, monitoring, managing issues, budgeting, evaluating, and a lot more teamwork. 

Top Companies hiring for PHP job roles

To name a few,

  •  Facebook
  • Slack
  • Tumblr
  • WordPress
  • Mailchimp
  • Skillshare
  • Flickr
  • JustCoded
  • Spotify
  • Trivago 

All the above and more hire Developers specializing in PHP skills. Find the perfect opportunities for you in this field by using our job search.

Are there any openings for Freshers in PHP?

According to our database, over 5k new postings are found in PHP, and almost 30% of them are for entry-level positions. If you like the profile but lack the skill, browse through our vast library to find just the right course to develop skills from scratch. Or access the free PHP tutorial here.

Most Commonly Asked PHP Interview Questions 2023 

Here are some of the most common questions our learners were asked. The answer that follows helped them bag more than one opportunity.

What is the purpose of php.ini file?

Ans. The PHP configuration file, php.ini, is the final and most immediate way to affect PHP's functionality. The php.ini file is read each time PHP is other words, whenever httpd is restarted for the module version or with each script execution for the CGI version. If your change isn.t showing up, remember to stop and restart httpd. If it still isn.t showing up, use phpinfo() to check the path to php.ini.

What is escaping to PHP?

Ans. The PHP parsing engine needs a way to differentiate PHP code from other elements on the page. The mechanism for doing so is known as 'escaping to PHP.'

What do you mean by having PHP as whitespace insensitive?

Ans. Whitespace is the stuff you type that is typically invisible on the screen, including spaces, tabs, and carriage returns (end-of-line characters). PHP whitespace insensitive means that it almost never matters how many whitespace characters you have in a row. One whitespace character is the same as many such characters.

How will you define a constant in PHP?

Ans. To define a constant you have to use the define() function and to retrieve the value of a constant, you have to simply specify its name. Unlike with variables, you do not need to have a constant with a $.

What are PHP magic constants?

Ans. PHP provides a large number of predefined constants to any script that it runs known as magic constants.

What is the purpose of a break statement?

Ans. break terminates the for loop or switch statement and transfers execution to the statement immediately following the for loop or switch.

How will you redirect a page using PHP?

Ans. The PHP header() function supplies raw HTTP headers to the browser and can be used to redirect it to another location. The redirection script should be at the very top of the page to prevent any other part of the page from loading. The target is specified by the Location: header as the argument to the header() function. After calling this function the exit() function can be used to halt parsing of the rest of the code.

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