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The latest Job Search by Tutorials Point is the easiest job portal to use. You just have to go through the following steps:

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  • After entering the details, click on the ‘Search’ button.

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What are the highest-paying and trending Tech jobs?

Tech jobs are career-defining roles that are high-paying and ever-evolving. To make your job search easier, Tutorials Point has curated a list of high-paying tech jobs in popular cities in the US, UK, Canada, India, etc. It helps to know the popular tech jobs such as Python jobs that are currently high-paying and their responsibilities.

If you are wondering what trending tech jobs you can apply for, check out the list and pick the career path that is right for you with our all-new Job Search.

Software Engineering Manager

A Software Engineering Manager is one of the leading roles among USA jobs that is responsible for software engineers working under them. They oversee the design and development of software and applications ensuring that the output matches the business requirements.

The average base salary of a Software Engineering Manager in the US as of 2023 is $159,765 per year, according to Indeed.

IT Security Specialist

IT Security Specialists ensure that the digital system of a company is secure. They are responsible for securing the computer systems by understanding the cyber security threats, technologies, and implementing countermeasures.

The average base salary of an IT Security Specialist is $111,242 per year.

Development Operations Manager

A Development Operations Manager works closely with development teams to optimize daily operations and ensure a smooth workflow for project development. They are also responsible for strategizing business-level policies, budgeting, and procedures.

The average base salary of a Development Operations Manager is $100,200 per year.

Application Analyst

Application Analysts administer, monitor, and maintain software applications and company infrastructures. They are responsible for developing applications that meet the business requirements

The average base salary of an Application Analyst is $80,334 per year.

Machine Learning Engineer

A Machine Learning Engineer leverages AI ML skills, implements ML algorithms, design and develop ML systems, and conduct experiments. Along with a strong skill set in programming and AI, it is important for a Machine Learning Engineer to possess knowledge of data science and statistics.

The average base salary of a Machine Learning Engineer is $236,066 per year

Application Developer

An Application Developer is responsible for the well-being of an application. They also create and maintain the source code for new applications. They take necessary action in an application to improve the performance.

The average base salary of an Application Developer is $87,869 per year.

User Interface Designer

A User Interface (UI) Designer is responsible for the graphical user interface of a website, an app, or a device. They are responsible for enhancing the user experience by enabling them to quickly accomplish their goals.

The average base salary of a User Interface Designer is $89,774 per year.

User Experience Designer

A User Experience (UX) Designer is responsible for ensuring the app, website, or software is intuitive and user-friendly. They conduct effective research and strategize methods to elevate the user experience.

The average base salary of a User Experience Designer is $104,220 per year.

Business Intelligence Analyst

A Business Intelligence Analyst can contribute greatly to the business's success. They analyze the complex set of data in an organization to draw better insights and provide recommendations for business growth.

The average base salary of a Business Intelligence Analyst is $90,077 per year.

Software Test Engineer

Software Test Engineers test if the software developed functions the way it is designed. They need to be familiar with prominent testing tools and methods to evaluate the software and run various tests.

The average base salary of a Software Test Engineer is $102,056 per year.

Information Technology Manager

Information Technology Managers plan, implement, and maintain IT systems and strategies. They oversee all computer-related tasks, problems, and solutions in an organization. In some cases, they are also held responsible for the IT budget.

The average base salary of an Information Technology Manager is $98,940 per year.

Web Developer

Web Developers are responsible for building web pages and maintaining the capacity and performance of the website. A Web Developer needs to be able to work with prominent programming languages such as JavaScript, PHP, CSS, HTML, and more.

The average base salary of a Web Developer is $81,554 per year.

Cloud Engineer

A Cloud Engineer is responsible for maintaining the cloud infrastructures. They integrate and optimize cloud computing services that host the company’s data. Their responsibilities may also extend to cloud architecture, development, and administration.

The average base salary of a Cloud Engineer is $122,816 per year

Business Analyst

Business Analysts bring business and IT together to improve the processes and performance of organizations. A Business Analyst is responsible for research and analysis of business data and acts as a liaison between business and IT to draw desired outputs.

The average base salary of a Business Analyst is $100,102 per year.

Digital Marketer

A Digital Marketer leverages digital channels to drive campaigns that increase brand awareness and boost lead generation. They use their extensive knowledge of search engines, social media, websites, and online advertising to promote business and its products.

The average base salary of a Digital Marketer is $115,162 per year

Data Scientist

A Data Scientist is responsible for analyzing large amounts of unstructured data gathered from various sources. A Data Scientist identifies the patterns and draws insights to help businesses make better decisions.

The average base salary of a Data Scientist is $149,398 per year.

This is an exhaustive list of trending and high-paying tech jobs for you to get started. Check out Tutorials Point Job Search to explore even more opportunities that meet your expertise.

Tips to grab high-paying jobs

Now that we have covered the top tech jobs, let us look at how you can land the best role with a few tips.

  • Pick a specific area in an industry that you are interested in. Upskill and grow expertise in that area.
  • Focus on building a strong network with individuals who share similar interests in the industry.
  • Leverage social media platforms to show your expertise. LinkedIn offers a supportive platform to share your views and solutions.
  • Keep a look out for your desired employers and keep on researching for potential employers.
  • Adapt continuous learning to always stay up-to-date with the latest trends.
  • Always to land leadership roles. The expertise you build must make you a leader in the industry you choose.
  • Build a strong portfolio that reflects your expertise. Draft an articulate and compelling resume that speaks of your achievements.

Check out Job Search by Tutorials Point now and start looking for your dream job.