Bootstrap 5 - The Complete Guide

person icon Stefan Omerovic

Bootstrap 5 - The Complete Guide

Learn Bootstrap 5, by Using it's Every Feature and by Building Real-Life Projects with HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap 5

updated on icon Updated on Aug, 2023

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Duration -10.5 hours


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Course Description

This course starts from scratch so you don't need to know any previous version of Bootstrap.

Bootstrap is a type of technology that evolves every year and it will continue to evolve in years to come. Each Bootstrap version came with new features, better implementations, and a variety of examples, but not a single version holds this much content as Bootstrap 5 holds.

Join me in this journey and let me teach you every feature that Bootstrap 5 has to offer, its classes, components, and utilities. Be prepared to learn, but also be prepared to build. This course is full of real-life projects that will prepare you and set you on the right track in becoming a Web Developer.

This Complete Guide will start slowly, as you will learn first basics of Bootstrap, a little bit of its history, and other versions. As you progress with the course, the content will change to more complex sections and in the end, it will cover every feature, step by step that Bootstrap 5 has to offer. 

The entire course is set with clear goals, to teach you about the framework, about the technology itself but on top of that, to prepare you and turn you into a professional Bootstrap developer capable of using the framework on an extensive level, building portfolio projects, admin panels and even whole professional websites.

The best way to learn is to learn by building.

From the very start of this course, you will realize that course will be paused from time to time, as it will require you to work with skills that you acquired to develop and build real-life projects. Talking about those projects, you can expect around 6 projects on different scales.

- You will Create a Simple Blog Layout
- You will Create Movie Album
- You will Create Masonry Grid Gallery
- You will Create Admin Dashboard Panel
- You will Create Full-Form Validation
- You will Create a Full Professional Website

Why Bootstrap 5?

We all know as Web Developers that we can choose from a variety of different frameworks specific for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but none of those has been popular like Bootstrap is. Bootstrap is around for more than 10 years and through those years of experience and its versions, it gained in popularity. We as developers would mostly work on projects that are based around Bootstrap and on top of that, other frameworks also learned from Bootstrap, and by that, learning Bootstrap will secure knowledge that you will be able to reuse for other similar Frameworks.

As Bootstrap is often a skill that belongs to Front End Developers, it will also lead developers into better job positions and also higher salaries. According to PayScale Front End Developers can expect Salaries in the range of $45k to $92k. So learning Bootstrap will definitely move you into a higher bracket.

Take a leading role in your life.

Don't wait much, through your life you will have a lot of obstacles, but you are the only one who can help you and the best way to do that is to lead yourself. Lead Yourself and make sure to take this course today. This first step will get you in front of many, so pay once and benefit for a lifetime!


What will you learn in this course:

  • Learn Every Feature that Bootstrap 5 has to Offer
  • Learn Bootstrap 5 Components, Grid System, Utilities, Classes, Widgets, and Much Much More
  • Learn to Create Fully Responsive Websites, Admin Panels, Galleries
  • Learn to Create High-Quality Real Life Website using HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap 5
  • Learn how Properly to Use HTML5 and CSS3 using Semantic and Modern Techniques


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • HTML5 and CSS3 Knowledge is not Required but Suggested
  • You don't need requirements in any Older or Current Version of Bootstrap
Bootstrap 5 - The Complete Guide


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Course Introduction
4 Lectures
  • play icon Course Introduction 01:34 01:34
  • play icon How to Get Most Out of This Course 01:27 01:27
  • play icon Course Roadmap 03:52 03:52
  • play icon What Will We Use Trough Course 01:25 01:25
Bootstrap in a Nutshell
6 Lectures
Installing Bootstrap
6 Lectures
Typography and Helper Classes
7 Lectures
Grid System
6 Lectures
First Project
5 Lectures
4 Lectures
7 Lectures
Image Gallery with Masonry Layout
4 Lectures
Bootstrap 5 List & Groups
8 Lectures
Admin Panel with Bootstrap 5
8 Lectures
Bootstrap 5 Components
20 Lectures
Forms in Bootstrap 5
9 Lectures
Form Project with Validation
4 Lectures
15 Lectures
6 Lectures
Building a Professional Website
23 Lectures
Course Roundup
3 Lectures

Instructor Details

Stefan Omerovic

Stefan Omerovic

Started at age of 18, at the usual starting point for Front End. For the first 2 years mostly coded static websites with Front End Frameworks like Bootstrap. After that, explored the next point on my path to becoming a Full Stack Developer and entered into Web App Development. Started openly coding in Angular and handling everything regarding the Front End Side of multiple projects. Currently, I am a MEAN Stack Developer with 7 years of experience.

Started my way as a Self-Taught Developer, I never stopped learning new Web Development Technologies and I plan to learn and become even better with those. Through a few more years I plan to move into Mobile Development with Flutter.

Experience as Instructor

The reason why I got into teaching Web Development was at first place to pass my knowledge to others, as I honestly think that I can look at technologies from other angles and pass to my students all those responses that they needed in the first place to start or upgrade their skills.

Next to Udemy Courses, I am also leading the Omerko YouTube channel that is based on Web Development.

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