Reiki Master Teacher Certificated+Attunements Home Study

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Reiki Master Teacher Certificated+Attunements Home Study

Learn How to Teach Others - Advanced Master Teacher Course - Develop Your Reiki Master Teacher Skills & Get Certified!

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Course Description

Receive an Advanced Reiki Master Teacher Attunement & Certificate so you can teach others!

====== PREREQUISITES ======

  1. Qualification Prerequisite: You must hold a Practitioner Certification (Reiki Level 2)

  2. Time Prerequisite: You must be a Reiki Practitioner for at least 6 months before receiving this course's attunement & certification.


* I recently completed my Reiki course. Izabela is very professional but also warm & welcoming. Izabela is so knowledgeable & insightful. She is very easy to talk to, the learning and later conversations flowed easily which I found great. Her passion for healing and teaching was clear to see and I will be definitely be going back to do other courses.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ~ Katie M

* Izabela was the first person that introduced me to Reiki Energy. I have completed the courses with her and now I m reading her great book about Healing Energy. She is very knowledgeable & professional in what she does. Highly recommended.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ~ Adrian

===== WHAT TO EXPECT ======

Are you having a burning desire to carry on with your Reiki Journey?

Are you feeling the pull to do more than just healing others?

Are you ready & open to develop your psychic abilities?

Are you ready & open to strengthen your intuition and grow spiritually?

Are you fancy to become a teacher and lead other by your own example?

If you answered YES ..

I believe is a time to develop your teaching skills to show others how to heal!

This course is designed to give you vast knowledge, plenty of practical tools & exercises, help to develop your confidence, strengthen your intuition and deepen your spiritual growth, so you can truly live the life of an Advanced Reiki Master Teacher!

It's time to experience true magic and spread your love further!

What's more, you'll be guided by Izabela on how to build your own course, then use her information (included in manual) to start building your own course material!

In a nutshell, what's this course like?

Firstly you start off by (1) further developing your experience by continued practice sessions (2) You will understand the importance of Spiritual Development. Next she (3) explains the role of Master & Teacher, followed by introduction to Reiki Master Symbols. (4) Izabela will check your Reiki level 2 Symbol's knowledge as well as (5) get you through the importance of  grounding, protecting & cleansing followed by exercises, and then (6) she will engage you into building your own course and developing your teaching skills and then (7) inspires you with her course materials so you can support yourself when creating your own course. Izabela (8) will introduce you to psychic surgery and famous psychic surgeon - Stephen Turoff. And as a bonus (9) she gives you few exercises that comes from her own book, as well as E-book for Additional Practices in Using Reiki or “Using Reiki that is not Usui Reiki” written by Vincent P. Amador.

====== WHAT'S INCLUDED ======

While anyone can enrol in this course, there are two major prerequisites required to receive your Advanced Master & Teacher certification: to have a Reiki Level 2 Certificate and to have been a Practitioner for at least 6 months. You can enrol in this course straight after completing your Reiki Level 2, however, you will need to wait and practice for at least 6 months to be attuned and certified as Master & Teacher. As with all Izabela's courses, this one is also self-paced and completely digital, which means you can go as slow or as quick as you wish.

Choosing the path to become a Reiki Master & Teacher is definitely exciting, however not the easiest one. It will requires your full commitment and preparation. It is very transformational journey that requires dedicated practice to ground the new energies that have been received on previous levels. It is very important to make a space for practicing new skills that will allow you to gain an important level of mastery. The attempt to move forward more quickly by talking the Reiki Master & Teacher training before this has happened will make it difficult for the more advanced energies to be absorbed and you will miss the deeper value that is possible

So the most important thing is to choose the path that feels right for you.

Once you get started, you'll be able to access your course manual, written by Izabela: Manual - Reiki Third Degree Manual - Master / Teacher and Master Certification (PDF), as well as the accompanying Video Exercises.  The manual is an important component as it's gives you all you need to know to become successful Reiki Master & Teacher and gives you confidence to progress through the course.

What's more, in addition to that, Izabela gives you all the basic teaching material you need to launch your course.

Izabela's comprehensive manual (which includes how to conduct your Student Attunement Ceremony across all three levels), meditations, exercises, example course material, additional books recommendations, Reiki Extras and learning tools will ensure you have everything you need, not just to become a Reiki Master Teacher, but to also master your mind, body and soul!

Once you've completed the entire course, gone through all the lectures and practiced when prompted, if you choose to, you'll be able to take Izabela's Advanced Reiki Master Teacher Attunement. After that, you'll receive a beautiful Advanced Reiki Master Teacher Certificate (PDF) via email!

Some of the additional benefits of this course include: building & strengthening your confidence, deepening your intuition, expanding your spiritual growth, uplifting yourself spiritually, as well as tips, exercises on how to remove negative energies from other people and around you. What's more when you vibrate at this high level of energy, life's synchronicities will occur more and more and even attract abundance into your life! You will be able to recognize them and understand their meaning.

And lastly, as she continues to add more helpful information to this course over time - you'll have lifetime access to it!

Best Wishes & Lots of Love form Izabela.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who already been attune to Reiki Level 1 & 2
  • Anyone who wants to become a Master
  • Anyone who wants to become a Reiki Teacher & teach others
  • Anyone who wants to grow and expand spiritually
  • Anyone who is intrestend in deepening psychic abilities / gifts
  • Anyone who wants to commit to spiritual journey


What will you learn in this course:

  • Reiki Master Teacher Program - Develop Your Advanced Reiki Master Teacher Skills & Get Certified! Learn How to Teach Others - Advanced Course for Reiki Masters

  • What will you learn in thr course?

  • The Importance of Spiritual Development: The Third Degree

  • Introduction to Master Symbols

  • Usui Master Symbol

  • Tibetan Master Symbool

  • Second Degree Symbols (revision) - Choku Rei, Sei He Ki, Hon Sha Zeh Sho Nen, Tibetan Fire Serpent

  • Three Pillars if Reiki

  • The importance of Grounding, Protecting & Cleansing

  • Grounding Exercise

  • Psychic & Energetic Protection

  • Aura Cleansing (Clearing Negative Energy)

  • Incense and Sage

  • Joshin Kokyuu-Ho breathing

  • Reiki in a chair

  • Quick Reiki Treatment

  • Attunements

  • How to prepare room for student comfort for Attunement

  • How to prepare the self and the student before Attunement

  • The Process of Attunement – How to Attune others

  • Intention for Attunement

  • Effects of Reiki Attunement

  • Traditional Usui Attunement for Reiki Level 1 (ours)

  • Traditional Usui Attunement for Reiki Level 2 & Masters (ours)

  • Tibetan Reiki Attunement for Reiki Level 1 – Single Attunement for Children

  • Tibetan Healing & Fire Serpent Attunement (ours)

  • The Process of Attunement and importance of adhering to it

  • The Role of The Master

  • Treatment of Animal

  • Psychic Development

  • Psychic Surgery

  • Psychic Surgeon – Stephen Turoff, Psychic Surgery in the Philippines

  • Reiki Course Planning = Plan for Reiki Training – Level 1, 2, 3 (Master/Teacher)

  • REIKI XTRAS PART I - Exercises from My Book “The Magic of Healing Touch”

  • REIKI XTRAS PART II - Additional Practices in Using Reiki or “Using Reiki that is not Usui Reiki”


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Understand that to be on Master Teacher level will require loads of practice, self-heling, healing others and commiting to own spiritual growth and development.

  • Prior Reiki Level 2

  • Reading Master / Teacher preparation article

  • Filling Reiki Master Task List

  • Be ready for deep and huge changes in life ( on all levels) that will develope with time

  • Internet Access

  • Be able to listen and watch video onnline (PC, Tablet, Phone)

  • Be able to access and download PDF files

  • Be able to download and listen to MP4 File (mp4)

Reiki Master Teacher Certificated+Attunements Home Study


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

3 Lectures
  • play icon Introduction to Reiki Level 3 Master Teacher Course 11:38 11:38
  • play icon The Importance of Spiritual Development: The Third Degree 07:22 07:22
  • play icon Introducton to Master Symbols: Usui Master Symbol & Tibetan Master Symbool 06:25 06:25
Revision of Second Degree Symbols
1 Lectures
The importance of Grounding, Protecting &Cleansing
3 Lectures
Reiki Healing Techniques
1 Lectures
All You Need to Know About Attunement Processes & How to Attune others
2 Lectures
Reiki Course Planning for Levels 1,2,3(Master/Teacher)
1 Lectures
3 Lectures

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Oediamond Academy

Oediamond Academy

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