CSharp Online Training Course

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CSharp Online Training Course

Expand your C# programming skills with practical online training

updated on icon Updated on Oct, 2023

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person icon Anadi Sharma

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Lectures -60

Duration -6.5 hours


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Course Description

CSharp Online Training is designed to aid those who are new to C# programming.

A straightforward, contemporary, all-purpose, object-oriented programming language called C# was created by Microsoft as part of its.NET strategy under the direction of Anders Hejlsberg. These tutorials will walk you through both the fundamentals of C# programming as well as a number of more complex ideas.

CSharp Online Training Overview

Working across operating systems is simple with the versatile and extensive libraries C# programming language provides you with. Because of this, organizations like Microsoft and Stack Overflow frequently employ it. Building your foundation in C# is essential if you want to create websites, apps, video games, or virtual reality. You will study the fundamentals of C# in this course, allowing you to expand your programming skills.

Although C# is an object-oriented programming language, its constructs closely resemble those of conventional high-level languages like C and C++. It shares many characteristics with Java and has powerful programming tools that appeal to many programmers throughout the world.


What will you learn in this course:

  • Learn how to create a number of programs and applications

  • Understand how data variables are combined with functions into a single unit.

  • Learn how to improve backward compatibility

  • Learn how to build web and console applications using C#

  • Understand class libraries in C#


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Basics of C or C++

  • Knowledge of the OOP concept is a plus

CSharp Online Training Course


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

C# Basics
22 Lectures
  • play icon C# - Introduction 08:22 08:22
  • play icon C# - Environment Setup 02:32 02:32
  • play icon C# - Program Structure 03:36 03:36
  • play icon C# - Basic Program 03:23 03:23
  • play icon C# - Data Types 16:47 16:47
  • play icon C# - Type Casting 05:12 05:12
  • play icon C# - Nullable Type 03:17 03:17
  • play icon C# - Operators 15:36 15:36
  • play icon C# - Control Statement 01:18 01:18
  • play icon C# - Conditional Statement 01:02 01:02
  • play icon C# - If else Statement 07:57 07:57
  • play icon C# - Switch Statement 08:25 08:25
  • play icon C# - Loops / Iteration Statement 05:16 05:16
  • play icon C# - For Loop 08:44 08:44
  • play icon C# - While Loop 04:52 04:52
  • play icon C# - Do While Loop 04:06 04:06
  • play icon C# - Jump Statement 06:36 06:36
  • play icon C# - Arrays 14:35 14:35
  • play icon C# - Methods 19:31 19:31
  • play icon C# - String 11:22 11:22
  • play icon C# - String Builder 02:41 02:41
  • play icon C# - Preprocessor Directive 01:49 01:49
OOPs in C#
19 Lectures
C# Advanced
18 Lectures

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