jQuery Tutorial

jQuery Tutorial

This jQuery Tutorial has been prepared by well experienced front end programmers who are using Javascript and jQuery extensively in their projects. This tutorial has been developed for the jQuery beginners to help them understand the basics to advanced of jQuery Framework. After completing this tutorial, you will find yourself at a great level of expertise in jQuery Framework, from where you can take yourself to the next levels.

What is jQuery?

jQuery is a lightweight Javascript library which is blazing fast and concise. This library was created by John Resig in 2006 and

jQuery has been designed to simplify HTML DOM tree traversal and manipulation, as well as event handling, CSS animation, and Ajax.

jQuery can be used to find a particular HTML element in the HTML document with a certain ID, class or attribute and later we can use jQuery to change one or more of attributes of the same element like color, visibility etc. jQuery can also be used to make a webpage interactive by responding to an event like a mouse click.

jQuery is free, open-source software which comes under the permissive MIT License. As of Apr 2021, jQuery is used by 77.8% of the top 10 million most popular websites.

jQuery has been developed with the following principles:

  • Separation of JavaScript and HTML, which encourages developers to completely separate JavaScript code from HTML markup.

  • Brevity and clarity promotes features like chainable functions and shorthand function names.

  • Eliminates of cross-browser incompatibilities, so developers does not need to worry about browser compatibility while writing code using jQuery library.

  • Extensibility, which means new events, elements, and methods can be easily added in jQuery library and then reused as a plugin.

jQuery Online Editor

We have provided jQuery Online Editor which helps you to Edit and Execute the code directly from your browser. Try to click the icon Execute Program to run the following jQuery code to print conventional "Hello, World!".

Below code box allows you to change the value of the code. Try to change the value of Hello, World! and run it again to verify the result.
      <title>The jQuery Example</title>
      <script src = "https://www.tutorialspoint.com/jquery/jquery-3.6.0.js">
      <script type = "text/javascript">
         $(document).ready(function() {
            $("h1").html("Hello, World!");

Browser Support

As of April 2022, jQuery 3.0 and newer supports "current-1 versions" of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge as well as Internet Explorer 9 and newer versions. On mobile it supports iOS 7 and newer, and Android 4.0 and newer.

jQuery and Javascript Jobs

jQuery and Javascripts both are very high in demand and all major web applications are making use of jQuery in one or another way. We explored many major job websites before writing this tutorial and found that there are numerous openings across the world in multi national companies.

Average annual salary for a Javascript and jQuery developer is around $150,000. Though it can vary depending on the location. Following are the great companies who are using Kotlin:

  • Google

  • Amazon

  • Netflix

  • Zomato

  • Uber

  • Trello

  • Coursera

  • Basecamp

  • Unacademy

  • Byjus

  • Many more...

So, you could be the next potential employee for any of these major companies. We have develop a great learning material for jQuery which will help you to prepare for the technical interviews and certification exams based on jQuery. So, start learning jQuery using our simple and effective tutorial anywhere and anytime absolutely at your pace.

Before you Start

Before proceeding with this tutorial, you should have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Document Object Model (DOM) and any text editor. As we are going to develop web based application using jQuery, it will be good if you have understanding on how internet and web based applications work.

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