Prompt Engineering Complete Beginner To Advanced Masterclass

person icon Hasaan Khan

Prompt Engineering Complete Beginner To Advanced Masterclass

Go from beginner to advanced in Prompt Engineering | Master ChatGPT Prompts & Optimizing AI Responses

updated on icon Updated on Oct, 2023

language icon Language - English

person icon Hasaan Khan

architecture icon Artificial Intelligence,Web Development,ChatGPT,Development,Machine Learning

Lectures -18

Duration -2.5 hours


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Course Description


Section 1: Master the Art of Prompt Engineering for Maximum Productivity

Discover the key to unlocking your full potential with the Complete A-Z Beginner To Advanced Guide on Prompt Engineering. This powerful tool empowers you to take control of your creative process and achieve unparalleled productivity.

Embrace Efficiency and Creativity

  • Enhance your workflow: Streamline your writing and problem-solving processes with advanced prompt engineering techniques.

  • Ignite your imagination: Stimulate creativity by leveraging carefully crafted prompts that spark innovative ideas.

  • Overcome writer's block: Bid farewell to creative stagnation as prompt engineering revitalizes your inspiration.

Boost Your Learning Journey

  • Personalized learning: Tailor prompts to suit your learning style, enabling faster and more effective knowledge absorption.

  • Retention and recall: Solidify your understanding and memory retention through well-structured prompts.

  • Continuous growth: Embrace lifelong learning and skill development with the aid of prompt engineering.

Section 2: Unleash the Power of Prompt Engineering in Problem-Solving

Empower yourself with the Complete A-Z Beginner To Advanced Guide on Prompt Engineering to conquer complex challenges and conquer problem-solving with finesse.

Navigate Complex Problems

  • Systematic approach: Break down intricate problems into manageable components through strategic prompt engineering.

  • Analytical thinking: Develop a structured and rational thought process to dissect and resolve various issues.

  • Innovate solutions: Generate out-of-the-box ideas through targeted prompts that push the boundaries of conventional thinking.

Decision-Making Made Simple

  • Data-driven insights: Use prompt engineering to gather relevant information and make informed decisions.

  • Risk assessment: Evaluate potential outcomes and mitigate risks with thoughtful prompts that explore various scenarios.

  • Confidence in choices: Trust your decisions by utilizing prompt engineering to verify and validate your chosen path.

Section 3: Achieve Mastery in Communication with Expertly Crafted Prompts

Elevate your communication skills to new heights with the Complete A-Z Beginner To Advanced Guide on Prompt Engineering. Become a master communicator, captivating your audience with every word.

Persuasive Messaging

  • Compelling language: Craft messages that evoke emotions and resonate deeply with your target audience.

  • Tailored for impact: Customize prompts to suit the preferences and interests of your listeners or readers.

  • Influence and inspire: Utilize prompt engineering to move hearts and minds, driving action and engagement.

Expressive Storytelling

  • Captivate with narratives: Weave compelling stories that captivate and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

  • Connect on a personal level: Utilize prompt engineering to create relatable content that forges strong connections.

  • Memorable communication: Leave an indelible mark with prompts that make your messages unforgettable.


What will you learn in this course:

  1. Introduction To Prompt Engineering & It's Importance
  2. Large Language Models & Basic LLM Settings
  3. Know the most important skills required and fundamental principles of prompt engineering
  4. Learn about the most used techniques such as Zero shot prompting, few shot prompting, Chain Of Thought, Self Consistency & Generate Knowledge Prompting
  5. Applications of Prompt Engineering such as creating detailed marketing plans, designing ecommerce chatbots from scratch & multi language translation tool.
  6. Learn to create fully functional AI Tool Website
  7. Learn about advanced prompting concepts such as Retrieval Augmented Generation, Automatic Prompt Engineering, Active Prompt, ReAct, Multi Modal CoT & more


What are the prerequisites for this course?

No prior experience required.

Prompt Engineering Complete Beginner To Advanced Masterclass


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Introduction To Prompt Engineering
5 Lectures
  • play icon Introduction & Course Outline 03:13 03:13
  • play icon Introduction, LLMS, Fundamental Principles 08:20 08:20
  • play icon Overview of Most Used Prompting Techniques 03:36 03:36
  • play icon Important Skills To Have For Prompt Engineering 04:28 04:28
  • play icon Basic LLM Settings, Prompt Elements, Basic Prompting Formula 07:13 07:13
Foundation of Prompt Engineering
6 Lectures
Prompt Engineering Applications
5 Lectures
Advanced Prompt Engineering Techniques
2 Lectures

Instructor Details

Hasaan Khan

Hasaan Khan

Teaches at Udemy about uses of Chat GPT, content creation, content marketing, e-commerce, business, and digital marketing.

A curious, friendly, and ambitious soul who believes that learning is the key to success.

The Founder of WORLD INFORMATION HUB, a global content publishing platform.

I'm experienced in running multiple online businesses such as Amazon KDP, content publishing websites, affiliate marketing, and more.

My area of expertise lies in the fields of e-commerce, business, marketing, and technology.

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