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"Globally 100,000 plus Students + 121 Countries + 50 plus Languages + 200 plus Courses designed on Business, General Management, HR, Process Management, Quality Management, Project Management, MBE Essentials, Office Productivity and Leadership"

About HandE learning

Human Resource, Leadership, Career, Life skill and self-development coaching through E Learning, Consulting, Management books , Workshops and Organizational development. Partner with multiple international learning platforms, Universities, and groups. Human and Emotion and its eminent consultants has 100K plus course enrollment, 15 plus readymade courses for more than 100 plus hours, 100 plus ready to deliver courses related to Management and HR. HandE has more that 80k global students and 5k plus global communities and an average rating of 4.5 out of 5. HandE offers 20+ T&D and Organizational development services, 100+ HR, L&D, OD and Business Projects.

Human and Emotion is your Ideal partner for Complete Training Management of Leadership and Management, Complete Competency Mapping and Assessment, Complete Learning and Development Process Management, Leadership Development or MDP, IDP and Upskilling, Complete HR and Business Digital Transformation, HRBP Process Management and Implementation, Organizational Design and Analysis, Complete Merger and Acquisition Management, LMS, PMS, ATS, Assessment Centre Implementation and many more

HandE Learning Team

2 Full time Bestselling Authors and Instructional designer, 5 full-time world-class Trainers and 20 plus consultants with presence over 1000+ global communities. We have 10+ global collaborations and conducted 100+ Global workshops for 100K plus students.

HandE Instructional Design and Curriculum Development:

We have Designed and Developed more than 20 Specialized Post Graduate Master Degree courses for International Business Schools. Our core expertise is in the area of corporate entrepreneurship, organizational development, process streamlining with quality standardization, professional management development and learning. We are working as a business and IT consultant to over 50 very successful start-up businesses along with strategic planning, Digital and IT management support for Global clients. We have designed, developed, and hosted more than 200+ Corporate Learning Management Solutions and Digital Transformation in the last few years.

HandE Organizational Development and Strategic Intervention:

Merger and acquisition of regional location with the corporate entity. Preparing Global Skill Matrix, Competency Mapping Framework. Implementation of ISO standards, documentation, and migration/merger for HR at a global level. Complete revamp, review of Global HR Policy and Process. Creating HR Asset register, Potential assessment & Succession planning model. Revamp and implementation of Global HRMS system and digital transformation. Creating Hierarchy structure and Leadership development at a global level. Fresher hiring plan plus model and aligning with Capacity building. AI driven Interview, engagement, and communication process. Implementation and creating the complete HRBP Framework, matrix and programs. Creating a Complete High Potential Assessment Centre and Development Centre. DPO: Review and implementation of Data Privacy mode aligning GDPR, POPIA, CCPA

HandE Learning Services:

We provide comprehensive Learning Content Development, Asynchronous Learning, Data with Real Insights, Curriculum Design & Course Development, Rapid Transformation, Technology Infrastructure, Customer Education, Workforce Learning Pathways, Digital Learning Infrastructure and Learning Process Optimization. In education technology we are into End-to-End Product Engineering for Education and Learning – from Vision to Market, Custom Solutions, Cloud - Fundamental to Digital Transformation strategy, Data Analytics - Power your Education/Learning Business with Data Driven Decision Making and Insights, Consulting and Accessibility Testing Services. In corporate training and development, we provide complete Digital Transformation, Training and Development Managed Services, Engaging and Interactive eLearning, End-to-end learning development. We cover every step of creating high-quality training solutions, including Instructional design, UI, visual and learning design, Creative asset development, Voiceover and video recording, Animated video creation and Programming and QA.

HandE HR Services

We provide end to end service in Explore the HRM Scope, the Processes and Role, Implement Hiring, Training and Development, Performance Management Modules, Manage, ER, HR Operation, Policy and Compensation, Create Motivation Process and Retention Strategies, Strategic Human Resource Management, Leadership Development, Organizational Development and HR Business Partnering

HandE Products

We provide and offer offline 10 complete Post Graduate Diploma program in Business Management, HR Management, Process Management and Business Communication. We independently run 3 Corporate Training Academy meant for complete training, development, assessment, assignment and on the job training. We run a flagship leadership development academy which has more than 20 different leadership development programs and frameworks. We invented and held the copyright on 3 different leadership and personality competency assessment frameworks for students and professionals. We created a complete subscription-based management learning model for unlimited access to course, live classes, assessments, and instructor community connect.

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